New London Talent Show 2022

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NEW LONDON TALENT SHOW FINALE Music By: Levester “Junior” Jones, Jaren Wilbur, John Void, & Matthew Hopkins

Associate Producer & Marketing Coordinator: Frank Colmenares

Director: Curtis K Goodwin

Hosted By: Comedian Dame FK Dedication to Levester “Junior” Jones

Act I Shelumiel Franco Villa Alexis Duyan Amir Thomas Benjamin Myers & Cat Mauer Luan Cadahia & Karissa Denigris Roodley Merilo Crazy Confused Teenagers: Alina Skrabacz, Taina Smith, Nomar Rodriguez, Shea Quashie, and Cortlin Jones

Act II Christmaela Bouquet Anthony Saucier Luis Rodriguez Krystalia Arroyo Rap Cypher Joi-Aaliyah Garrett Kevin “Big Lux” Lowther


In Loving Memory of

Levester “Junior” Jones

Thank you for all you have done to impact our talent show family and our community. Your work and dedication to our youth will seed our future for years to come.

Staff, Coaches & Volunteers: Curtis Goodwin- Director of Engagement, Garde Arts Center Frank Colmenares- Reel E Media Levester “Junior” Jones- Music Director- In memoriam Juliette Parker- Assistant Aaliyah Staten- Assistant Dominque Silva- Production Assistant Don Hall- Production Assistant Caroline Taner- Production Assistant LaChale Gillis- Photographer Moe Steele- Coach Nanci DeRobbio- Judge Alyssa “Pebbles” Engdahl Jeanne Sigel- Volunteer Special thank you to Ken “Kenny” Kitchings, all of our sponors, the Garde Arts Center Staff and volunteers and a special thank you to our village for over 11 years of support.