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June 2017 N.2 Margarida’s School Newsletter


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MARGARIDA’S SCHOOL Estoril’s Language School

38 Years of Language Learning Excellence We provide a comprehensive level of excellence in multiple language courses. Our bilingual and native language teachers provide a welcoming and stimulating classroom environment allowing you to focus on developing your language skills.

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elcome to New Life Portugal International Group! If you’re new in Portugal or have lived here awhile and you’re looking to connect with new people, share new experiences, promote a new business or simply start a new life in Portugal, take a few moments to discover New Life Portugal. We’re a social and business networking group open to everyone of all ages and nationalities. We aim to bring together people interested in meeting like minded individuals whether for social, business networking or both! We offer an international platform where our social members and business associates can promote an activity or a business event through our network. All New Life Members and Associates have the opportunity to organize a social or business event and also participate in a multitude of activities and receive discounts on advertising through our multimedia platform. We are located in the heart of Estoril and have our own facilities to host any type of event, workshop, presentation or social gathering. Every month you’ll receive our newsletter What’s New?! to inform you of our recent and upcoming activities which can also be consulted on our Facebook page New Life Portugal International Group. What’s New?! Community is also a public local services page where you can post an ad, service or request information. All proceeds from our events go towards, specifically to Butterfly - Art Studio and After School Actvities, a free learning center for underprivileged children in the Watsvay Village of Cambodia. We hope that you enjoy your membership and we look forward to living the New Life with you!

New Life Portugal International Group Av. Portugal 616, Estoril

Cover Photos: Portuguese Teachers at Margarida’s School Top Left: Teresa Palmeirim Top Right: Guida Gonçalves Bottom Left: Madalena Pestrello Bottom Right: Guida Neto

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Do you feel a strong yearning inside yourself that there has to be something more to life? Do you desire to live a more rounded, textured & vibrant life? Do you want to feel at peace that you are doing what you came

with Margarida Alberty Morning and Afternoon Sessions + 2 Sightseeing Days

June 18th – 25th 2017 •

to this planet to do?

Explore your Purpose – the gifts you were given at birth, you’re meant to use to make the world a brighter place - through art journaling exercises breadcrumb clues that will help you map your purpose and gain clarity on how to live a more joyful life. Paint a GRATITUDE Canvas - based on your art journaling discoveries - with colors, symbols, and power words that mean something to you to remind you to live your purpose daily. Extend this new perspective of your True Self through painting, what inspires you and makes you curious during a sightseeing day-trip. You’ll use your renewed self-perception to create a one-of-a-kind souvenir painted by you!

Paint a Portuguese-inspired tile and visit a tile factory. Portugal is famous for its beautiful tile art. Create a deck of SoulCollage ® cards representing aspects of your unique Soul and personality guided by your facilitator Margarida Alberty. Discover Sintra and Lisbon, 2 magical and amazing places!

What an exciting way to take in the sights, colors, tastes and textures of Portugal! The Gratitude Art Workshop is for all art levels, so if you don’t feel super artsy… no problem!

Julho 2017 Margarida’s School Av. Portugal, 616 A Estoril

m e o ! d Tu glês In

das 9h30 às 13h30

Programa de Férias 3 - 7 de Julho “Toy Shop” 10 - 14 de Julho “Fairy Tales” 17 - 21 de Julho “A Trip to Asia ” 24 - 28 de Julho “Art Market”


dos 5 aos 15 anos Tel: 214 681 571 Tm: 962 645 467

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Solte a criatividade e descubra o artista em si!

Release your creativity and discover the artist in you!




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Margarida’s School Av. Portugal 616, Estoril • • 214 681 571 / 962 645 467

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Rosa!!! 60 Anos!!! Muitos Parabéns de nós todas na

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June 2017

In June, Lisboa is celebrating Festivity, Music and Sardines in the city's historic neighbourhoods Street entertainment, concerts and shows, folk festivals are held throughout the city. Year after year, during the month of June, Lisboa's most charming districts (Alfama, Bica, Bairro Alto, Castelo & Mouraria) follow the party tradition, with music on the streets to celebrate St. Anthony. And, as tradition dictates, grilled sardines, "caldo verde" kale soup, bread with sausage, basil, beer, red wine, great music and entertainment are all in plentiful supply. The festival's highlight is the parade on Avenida da Liberdade where the various districts of the city are represented in a competition for best folk parade and the St. Anthony's Brides, a ceremony featuring several weddings at Lisboa's Sé Cathedral. |

No Santo António enfeitado Há cravos e manjericos Sardinhas de cheiros encantados Para os pobres e para os ricos.

Em Junho todos bailam Assim é a tradição As ruas estão enfeitadas Lá de cima até ao chão.

Every weekend from May to September, in the city's public gardens and landmarks. Out Jazz Festival offers music in the gardens and other key areas of Lisboa, with a cycle of totally free jazz concerts. Until sunset, jazz groups and a DJ will perform notes of sophistication and freedom under the sunny, leafy canopies and puff seats in the capital's most charming gardens. Music will fill Lisboa's public squares and historic streets, parks and belvederes, hotels, museums and even municipal markets.

P ortuguese C lasses online

Learn Portuguese from the comforts of your home or office. Sign up for online classes with teacher Teresa Palmeirim at Margarida’s School. • • 214 681 571 / 962 645 467

20 Authentic Portugueses Phrases In celebration of Dia de Camões also known as Dia de Portugal or Portugal Day, here are twenty quirky idiomatic expressions commonly used by native Portuguese speakers. 1. A Portuguese does not “give up,” he “takes his little horse away from the rain.” (Tirar o cavalinho da chuva.)

his boots.” (Onde Judas perdeu as botas) Or, he will tell you to “go away and comb monkeys.” (Vai pentear macacos)

2. A Portuguese does not “have a problem,” he “is done to the beef.” (Estou feito ao bife!)

12. A Portuguese does not “wake up angry,” he “wakes up with his feet outside.” (Com os pés de fora.)

3. A Portuguese does not want you “to leave him alone,” he wants you to “bother Camões.” (Vai chatear o Camões.) 4. A Portuguese does not “cause problems,” he “breaks all the dishes.” (Partir a loiça toda.) 5. For a Portuguese, you are not “sexy,” you are “as good as corn.” (Boa como o milho.) 6. A Portuguese does not “work a lot,” he “gets water up his beard.” (Água pela barba.) 7. A Portuguese does not “talk about the same thing over and over again,” he “turns the record and plays the same song”. (Gira o disco e toca o mesmo.)

13. A Portuguese is not “upset,” he is “with olive oil”. (Estar com os azeites.) 14. A Portuguese is not “experienced,” he has “spent many years turning chickens.” (São muitos anos a virar frangos.) 15. A Portuguese does not “think you have strange ideas,” he “thinks you have little monkeys inside your head.” (Ter macaquinhos na cabeça.) 16. For a Portuguese, something is not “really simple,” it is “bread to bread and cheese to cheese.” (Pão, pão, queijo, queijo.)

8. A Portuguese does not do something “to show off,” he does it “so the English can see it.” (Para inglês ver.)

17. A Portuguese does not “die,” he “goes from this one to a better one.” (Ir desta para melhor.) Or, he “goes off with the pigs.” (Ir com os porcos.)

9. A Portuguese is not “shameless,” he has “a rotten face.” (Cara podre) Or he “has a lot of cans”. (Ter muita lata.)

18. A Portuguese does not “feel suspicious,” he “has a flea behind his ear.” (Estar com a pulga atrás da orelha.)

10. A Portuguese does not just “shut up and listen to things he does not like,” he “swallows frogs.” (Engolir sapos.)

19. A Portuguese is not “worry free,” he “is sitting under banana tree.” (Estar a sombra da bananeira.)

11. A Portuguese does not tell you to “piss off,” he tells you “to go to the place where Judas lost

20. A Portuguese is not “clumsy,” he “looks like a silly cockroach.” (Barata tonta.)

Want more? Find out how you can speak like a native at Margarida´s School! • • 214 681 571 / 962 645 467

E D U C A T I O N Give a child a pencil and see what they can do..

Monthly spon allows un der sorship of a child free e ducatioprivilege d children learn an d devn an d a chance to offere d in pu elo p skills not blic scho ols. A regular mo just 10â‚Ź can nthly donation of difference, onmake a BIG e child at a t ime.

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