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We started our new activity at NewLife® as we realized that foreigners coming to Indonesia and specifically to Lombok, consciously or not, run many risks in the programming of their activities and in the life of every day, because of their ignorance of the Indonesian laws and procedures.

A foreigner who decides to settle in Indonesia, whatever is his plan, obviously doesn’t have the proper knowledge of laws and procedures to be followed in any occasion. A foreigner should never judge the rightness of an action on the basis of his own experience in his home country. The lack of experience, led to misunderstand and underestimate some situations/actions that may be considered illegal under the Indonesian law.

There are everyday actions that are mistakenly considered irrelevant or administrative formalities by foreigners but by the Indonesian legal system lead to be indicted for criminal acts against the State and the Indonesian people. Although these situations are normal practice in their home countries, foreigners are required to know correct procedure because Laws infringement are not tolerated and are punished with temporary or permanent expulsion from Indonesia in case of less serious cases while more serious cases are punished with heavy fines, imprisonment and subsequent expulsion. These are the reasons that led NewLife® to offer advice, assist and actively represent those who wisely want our help.

Even recently, there are many cases of expulsion of foreigners unaware of the fact they broke the laws. A prime example, it is to purchase even small stocks of diesel fuel for generators and / or marine engines. While it is permitted to supply their cars without any formalities, it is prohibited without the proper authorization and payment of surtax, buy from the gasoline stand, diesel fuel in jerry cans. This action hits completely unprepared, unaware foreigners that are punished with immediate arrest and subsequent indictment without any mitigating circumstance. We consider our primary duty to avoid unpleasant consequences to the implementation settling on Indonesian territory and we wish to help you to establish and maintain your activities. One of our tasks is to get your company and your life in Lombok on the path to success. Our target is to make your stay in Lombok safe, easy and productive. Therefore Strategize, Organize, Make it easy are the keywords.

Advise, Assist and represent. Our expert Lawyers will guide you

into your path to organize the correct way to start your activity and help you to solve any difficulty may arise during your stay.

For all the given reason, at NewLife® , our Immigration specialists team, is closely assisted by the team of expert Lawyers and Notaries. It is neither productive nor necessary to take risks when you can easily avoid them completely thanks to our assistance that we have raised to our primary task. At NewLife® we want to be the people you can trust, which then becomes our ultimate target.


Office : Jl. R.A. Kartini, 65 Monjok, Mataram, 83122 - Lombok, (NTB) Phone: +62 817-0940-911 Email: WEB:

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We consider our primary duty to avoid unpleasant consequences to the implementation settling on Indonesian territory and we wish to help you...

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