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Second Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition July 1 - October 12, 2002 Granville Island, Vancouver, BC, Canada Dates and Locations: July 1 - October 12 New Leaf Editions 1370 Cartwright Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8 Tel. 604 689 9918 July 1 - August 31 Dundarave Print Workshop 1640 Johnston Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2 Tel. 604 689 1640 September 17 - October 12 Malaspina Printmakers Society 1555 Duranleau Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3S3 Tel. 604 688 1827

BIMPE II would like to thank the following sponsors:

Benwell Atkins Cordillera Okanagan Wines Dindoise Granville Island CMHC Inkworks Ltd. Northwest Graphics NWZone Opus Framing and Arts Supplies Origins Coffee Prospera Credit Union Shaggy Dog Story

ABOUT THE BIMPE The concept of a Vancouver biennial miniature print exhibition was the brainchild of Peter Braune, owner of New Leaf Editions, aided by Debra Yelva, the then-president of the Dundarave Print Workshop. The goal of this exhbition was to give greater exposure to the art of the print and, by virtue of its lack of size, affordability and transportability, to be able to exhibit many at 3 different small venues on Granville Island. As a tourist mecca, thousands of people visit the island every year; they also visited the exhibition and purchased prints. New Leaf Editions is a custom print workshop where artists collaboratively work with master printers to create etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and whatever else is in the realm of possibility. Printing continued throughout the exhibition so that interested persons could see the process in motion and ask questions Dundarave Print Workshop and Malaspina Printmakers Society are both non-profit printmaking cooperatives, each with a separate gallery space., where members are provided with fully equipped, affordable, and safe studio space. An opening reception was held on July 5th at both New Leaf Editions and Dundarave Print Workshop, at which time the winners were announced and prizes awarded. First place winner Yoko Kawazoe from Bloomington, Indiana, was awarded $ 1,500.00, and second prize winner Tomoyo Ihaya from Edmonton, Alberta, was awarded $ 1,000.00. On September 25th, an opening reception was also held at Malaspina Printmakers Society. It is the aim of the exhibition with each successive BIMPE, to embrace all printmaking techniques from traditional to hyper modern, and to expand and access a broader, more international base of artists. Please spread the word. We welcome any comments, suggestions and recommendations you may have. Thank you for your participation; Les organisatrices: Katie Dey and Marijke Nap New Leaf Editions 1370 Cartwright Street Vancouver, BC V6H 3R8 Canada tel. 604 689 9918 website:

Juror's statements On June 1, 2002, three jurors spent an afternoon selecting (and rejecting prints) for the exhibition. Their varying backgrounds allowed for lively discussions and a wide array of prints to be selected. Kitty Blandy Artist, printmaker, sculptor The mandate for the BIMPE II jury was one of inclusion. The prints by nature of different techniques and origins made a varied and full exhibition. The works were presented only in the context of the two or three submissions from an individual and among the congregation of prints submitted as a whole. As much thought and work go in to the making of a successful small print as in a larger work, perhaps because of the scrutiny in editing the marks made within a small frame the resulting images become increasingly acute. Considering that there were no supporting statements for the works, my selection was based on three criteria; aesthetic appeal/composition, content and technical achievement. No doubt time plays a factor in the jurying process and that the arrangement for viewing works can influence how they are perceived, just as colours affect each other in proximity so too will whole images; some benefiting others not. The submissions were international and the media used reflected this diversity, though no particular print form was favoured by artists of any one country and all types were represented. Thanks to the BIMPE II co-ordinators for continuing to bring an international printmaking endeavour to the Pacific Northwest public.

Wayne Eastcott Printmaker, instructor, artist Despite the size restrictions of this competition, it was encouraging to note the tremendous diversity of the individual approaches to the image making. This, of course, increased the difficulty in distilling a quality, representative selection of works. However, precisely because of this variation, the final BIMPE II miniature print exhibition is an optimistic demonstration that good art always transcends size, media, age or culture. I found my participation to be an enriching, informative and pleasant experience. Davida Kidd Printmaker, instructor, artist Wayne Eastcott, Kitty Blandy and I were honoured to jury the BIMPE International Miniature Print Exhibition this year. Many hours were spent trying to narrow down 147 prints which included 2 prize winners (from the U.S. and Canada), and 10 honourable mentions from 96 artists from around the globe. Jurying artwork from other countries is a difficult task, particularly in terms of assessing content, experimental work in the context of a particular location and technical advantages and/or restrictions, We tried as hard as we could to represent a broad spectrum of what is possible within this compact and sometimes dense format. We started by eliminating works that were not technically well executed. After a few hours, the work that we considered the most challenging in terms of process, concept and subject matter kept rising to the top. Some works were also wonderfully humorous or conservative in content but technically virtuosic. Print continues to be a wonderful format for the global sharing of varying visual languages and culture. It is interesting that this has been going on within the global print community long before the internet took hold! Congratualtions to the winners, and to those who didn't get selected... keep trying! Judging by the numbers of submissions, there is no doubt that the BIMPE print exhibition is growing in reputation. We look forward to another excellent showing next year. Thank you as well to Marijke and Katie for impeccable organization.

First Place YOKO KAWAZOE Just passing by Intaglio USA

Second Place TOMOYO IHAYA Turtle cove Etching, chine collĂŠ Canada

SUSAN LOWDERMILK Dust devil Relief Engraving

JAMES GREER Highland lovers Wood Engraving



CATHERINE STEWART Alter ego I Solar Plate, Chine Collé

AMANDA SCHEIRER Everyone i know Etching and chine collé



ANNIE FINCH Memory II Digital print Canada

VAPPU JOHANSSON Not the same rain 3 Aquatint, relief Finland

The following artists' prints were also selected for the exhbition by the jury: HAYK GRIGORIAN (Armenia) The way of pilgrim I - Intaglio The way of pilgrim II - Intaglio In vito veritas - Intaglio BETTY PRITCHARD (Australia) Beside the river - Etching JEAN-MARIE DECONINCK (Belgium) Mont Aigual - Digital print MITCH MITCHELL (USA) Reprise - Intaglio and chine collé HEATHER ASTON (Canada) Veil 1 - Monotype chine collé Veil 2 - Monotype chine collé Veil 3 - Monotype chine collé ALINE CARREAU (Canada) Un temps pour gémir - Digital print Un temps pour prier - Digitial print GENE CHU (Canada) The beauty and the skeleton - Lithograph DEBRA DEDYLUK (Canada) Absence of body - Intaglio, chine collé, serigraphy Posture - Intaglio, chine collé, serigraphy LORI DOODY (Canada) Sing, sing, sing - Drypoint BETTY JEAN DRUMMOND (Canada) Forest floor - Collagraph

LESLEY DUBEY (Canada) The unknown - Mezzotint ANNIE FINCH (Canada) Memory I - Digital print Memory II - Digital print Memory III - Digital print PETER FREY (Canada) Aberration - Digital transfer print Skybird - Digital print DENISE GEISS (Canada) A corner in the garden - Intaglio Peas - Hand coloured etching, chine collé HELEN GERRITZEN (Canada) Rubber box, gilt - Etchomg. relief, lithography and chine collé Ball, wood - Lithography and chine collé JUDE GRIEBEL (Canada) A seagull - Etching, aquatint MARK HEYWOOD (Canada) Self - Drypoint TOMOYO IHAYA (Canada) Cells - Etching, chine collé Willow witching - Etching, chine collé LIZ INGRAM (Canada) Cross - Photo-intaglio Source - Photo-intaglio HANNAMARI JALOVAARA (Canada) The sentinel I - Etching and aquatint

FRANK JALSOVSKY (Canada) Ex libris Peter Kocak - Aquatint Moonlight - Aquatint LAUREL JOHANNESSON (Canada) Red #1 - Image transfer Red #2 - Image transfer Red #3 - Image transfer SHEILA JONAH (Canada) Untitled - Etching, viscosity DIANE JUTRAS (Canada) O ciel! Terre - Etching MICHELLE LANTEIGNE (Canada) Chant - Etching with chine collé Ode - Etching with chine collé LOUISE LAVIGNE (Canada) Torse I - Lithograph JANET LOWRY (Canada) Yellow brick road - Etching ANDREW LUKETIC (Canada) Pleasantville - Engraving Sissi's tuffet - Engraving Green gelding - Engraving ANN McCALL (Canada) Luminous point - Collagraph Sous terre - Collagraph WENDY MOROSOFF-SMITH (Canada) Weathering the storm - Watercolour monotype

LIZ INGRAM Aquascape Photo-Intaglio Canada

JUDE GRIEBEL Down the hole in the floorboards Linocut Canada

ROSAMOND NORBURY Mano Photo intaglio

HELEN GERRITZEN Slabs, moon cycle Lithography, etching, relief, chine collĂŠ



ALEXIA TALA (Chile) Petroglifos - Aquatint ZORAN DURBIC (Croatia) Graphic II - Woodcut Graphic III - Woodcut LEENA GOLNIK (Finland) Labrus ossifagus - Plastic engraving Zeus faber - Plastic engraving ANNELI HILLI (Finland) Silence I - Softground, aquatint Silence II - Softground, aquatint Silence III - Softground, aquatint VAPPU JOHANSSON (Finland) Not the same rain 1 - Aquatint, relief Not the same rain 2 - Aquatint, relief SUSANNA JUDIN (Finland) Hope - Photogravure Salt desert III - Photogravure MARIA KAVSALAINEN (Finland) Press release I - Etching, drypoint Press release II - Etching, drypoint Press release III - Etching, drypoint SATU KIURU (Finland) My previous life as a horse - Aquatint MARKKU LAITAKARI (Finland) Plaza - Digital print JARVA LEENA (Finland) The frost - Linocut

VIRVE LILJA (Finland) The queen - Photoetching, chine collé The king - Photoetching, chine collé The soldier - Photoetching, chine collé ANNA-MAIJA MATTILA (Finland) Su - Etching, aquatint Jotakin samaa - Etching, aquatint HEIKKI PITKANEN (Finland) Working in the morning - Woodcut JOUNI SALONEN (Finland) History - Aquatint, photoetching, softground ALLI SAMMI (Finland) Oustinkjin - Lithograph SUSANNA SUIKARI (Finland) Gone with the stream - Etching and aquatint Signal - Etching and aquatint PANU THUSBERG (Finland) Professor - Aquatint MERJA YLITALO (Finland) Portrait II - Polymer gravure Portrait III - Polymer gravure CATHERINE GILLET (France) Infirmes - Burin IRENE JENSEN (Iceland) On the move I - Etching On the move II - Etching BEENA HEMKAR (India) Noble invasion - Etching Subcutaneous entwine - Serigraph

SEELA PETRA (the Netherlands) No endings - Drypoint CHRISTINA CUNHA NERY (Portugal) Untitled - Mixed MARIA NICHITA (Romania) Love letter - Drypoint Elegy (II) - Drypoint JAMES GREER (Scotland) Knock! - Wood engraving GILL TYSON (Scotland) Standing stones - Wood engraving The house so quiet - Wood engraving BERKO (Slovenia) Gladiola 560224 - Silkscreen Gladiola 560223 - Silkscreen SUSAN LITIOS (Switzerland) Foliage - Mezzotint, chine collé Waiting - Mezzotint JANIS GOODMAN (U.K.) Rookery - Etching/aquatint SHU-SHING YEH (U.K.) Harmony I - Drypoint and aquatint Harmony II - Drypoint and aquatint MIGUEL ARAGON (USA) Two: 1 - Woodcut, serigraphy, chine collé NATHAN BAILEY (USA) Compressor - Intaglio

WILLIAM CAMPBELL (USA) Broccoli vs. beef - Intaglio Broccoli vs. beef - Intaglio ADRIENNE CULLOM (USA) Conversation - Burin engraving MIGUEL ESCOBEDO (USA) Apuro - Reductive linocut JACOB FELDMAN (USA) Figure 124542620.02 - Etching RICHARD FINCH (USA) A partial view - Intaglio Set, VI - Monoprint BARBARA FLAMM (USA) Daphne - Intaglio/chine collé YOKO KAWAZOE (USA) Two - Intaglio SERGIO GONZALEZ-TORNERO (USA) Artefacto - Drypoint Hokhokw - Drypoint HEDI KRAUS (USA) Red table - Drypoint and watercolour SUSAN LOWDERMILK (USA) Twister - Relief engraving THOM O'CONNOR (USA) The bowl - Inkjet Bowl in stripes - Inkjet M. CLAUDIA WILLIS (USA) Graph I - Lithography, polyester plate Plot I - Lithography, polyester plate

We would like to thank our most gallant volunteers without whose help this event would not have been made possible: Special thanks to Andrew's many contributions, always accompanied by irrepressible enthusiasm and energy. Denise Geiss Noboyu Iwasaki Andrew Luketic Frankie "Pone" Lyman Nigel Reeves Nomis Semaj Barb Snyder

BIMPE II Catalogue  

The Exhibition Catalogue for the Second Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition

BIMPE II Catalogue  

The Exhibition Catalogue for the Second Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition