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the tenth biennial international miniature print exhibition Vancouver bc, canada 2018

Front cover image: Fluffy I, Janne Laine, Polymer gravure Used with permission by the artist Front and back cover, and catalogue design by Alejandra Montes de Oca Special thanks to Jocelyn, Raine, & Kathy Introduction by Rollin Milroy, Heavenly Monkey BIMPE photos by RedOranjes Jury photos provided by the artists The back cover stamps are from various BIMPE entries throughout the years Printed at West Coast Reproduction Centres LTD

ISBN 978-0-9782396-9-5 All rights reserved

Publisher: SCWOP The Society for Contemporary Works on Paper 1370 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC Canada


Presented by The society for Contemporary works on paper

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Peter Braune’s Acknowledgements




Jurors’ statements


Prize winners


Honourable mentions


Selected works


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tirelessly on the production of BIMPE X Jackie Nickolas for getting the process off the ground; Gail Fromson for the scanning of the chosen prints; Damon Baldwin who colour corrected images; Alex, who did the lion’s share of work to bring the catalogue to press; Dana, Marsha, Rosalind, and Lisa for their help with framing, and their conversation; Marsha McCall for the lovely Ikebana flower arrangement for our opening; and the Craft Council of BC for providing us with a home base when the New Leaf Editions studio was destroyed.

Thank You


While thinking about who to thank for making BIMPE X a reality, we are struck by the realization that we have been organizing the BIMPE exhibitions for 19 years! And as with all long-lived grassroots projects, so many people have been essential to its continued success; therefore, it is important to take a moment to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to all of those involved.

Dana framing the first prints

It is hard to remember all the volunteers that have been board members of the Society of Contemporary Works On Paper (SCWOP) over the years, but it is their continued encouragement that helps realize each BIMPE exhibition – they have been invaluable! Over these ten BIMPE iterations, there have been 30 artists from Canada and the USA who have been jurors. It has been a great pleasure to see all the jurors meet each other for the first time and to be flies on the wall as they review the submissions to create each BIMPE exhibition.

We would like to thank the many talented volunteers, and staff without whose expertise and time, the exhibition would not have happened. A heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone who has worked so 6

We’d like to thank this year’s artists for traveling to Vancouver to jury BIMPE X:

print work from all over the world. Thanks to these suppliers of high quality products that artists use in the production of their work:

Annalise Gratovich, from Flatbed Press, Austin, Texas Michael Barnes, Printmaking Professor at Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois

Opus Framing and Art Supplies, the main art supply store in British Columbia; Gamblin Artists Colors, producers of great ink and a constant supporter of print projects; and Awagami Factory, our most recent supporter and maker of beautiful Washi.

Briar Craig, Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, UBC Okanagan Campus, Okanagan, British Columbia A big thank you to the Granville Island Hotel, who generously supported BIMPE X by helping out with accommodations and dining for the jurors. Their staff has been wonderful, and their service has been a much appreciated reward after a day of deliberations.

We would like to thank CMHC Granville Island for their contribution and support of this and all the past BIMPE exhibitions. Of course, in the end we would have nothing to show if artists did not submit their work to this exhibition - so thanks to all of you who continue to provide us with a glimpse of the very best in printmaking from across the world.

We also appreciate the Granville Island merchants’ support: Zara’s Pasta, Dussa’s, and Longliner Seafood, who generously provided treats for our jury and the openings; to V&J Plant Shop who provided amazing flowers for the opening and to Liberty Wine Merchants who have helped out with libations along the way. Thanks to the all the venues, and their staff, that hosted BIMPE X: Federation of Canadian Artists, Dundarave Print Workshop, University of BC Okanagan, and Society of Northern Alberta Printmakers, (SNAP). These venues have been a great vehicle to exhibit and promote BIMPE, while also creating a greater awareness of the wide varieties of 7

Peter Braune’s Acknowledgements

This is the tenth edition of our exhibition, spanning 20 years, and we never imagined how things would change over this time. From sending posters out to promote the first exhibition, to today’s social media outlets; from cash to paypal. We had at one point thought it would be great to send the catalogue out on a CD - now, new computers can’t even read CDs. However, I still feel it’s important for printmakers to see the real work of other artists, which is why we still print a paper catalogue.

be grateful to our friends and community members who have made BIMPE possible. As I reflect on the past 20 years, I personally would like to take a moment to remember some of the early supporters that we have sadly lost along the way: Marijka Nap, who worked hard to set up and manage the first Bimpe exhibition, along with Katie Dey and Debra Yelva. Marijka stayed involved as a volunteer and participant until she passed away in 2011. The first prize is awarded in her name.

It was initially the first BIMPE jury with Lyndel Osborn, Bill Lang and Noboru Sawaii that encouraged our ongoing production of the 10 BIMPE exhibitions. Their contacts around the world allowed us to get the word out about our exhibition, and their support was pivotal in getting BIMPE I off the ground. We will always

Beans Justice, who was a local architect and artist, was a generous supporter of BIMPE and the local arts community until his passing in 2006. His positivity and passion has stayed with us. He became a good friend and is missed by all who knew him. 8

Noboru Sawai, an inventive printmaker and professor of printmaking at the University of Calgary, worked with papermakers in Japan to create beautiful papers that allowed for the printing of his Mokuhanga prints and etchings. He founded his own Mokuhanga printmaking studio and produced prints with some of Canada’s most prominent artists. He also shared his knowledge and enthusiasm with his many students and fellow printmakers until he passed away in 2016. Finally, Kent Lovelace, who was one of my earliest mentors, and who was a juror for BIMPE III. I worked for him at Stone Press in Seattle on special projects, and often to work on his many building projects. Kent was one of the people I relied on for advice on how to run a collaborative print studio and learned so much from him as we worked together to solve many a technical problem. BIMPE X is an occasion to look back at these 20 years, during which many people have come and gone, and celebrate the indelible marks that each and every one of them has left on our mini print show.


acquiring art, developing and trusting their eye, and curating their personal collection, new worlds open for them. Soon enough the challenge becomes not what to buy, but where to hang new acquisitions; again BIMPE provides a unique solution, allowing collectors to continue adding without requiring significant wall-space for new pieces.

Introduction Written by Rollin Milroy Publisher, Heavenly Monkey

Printmaking, unlike painting, shares a history with the graphic arts, which has been the path into fine art for many people. For me, selecting a painting – of any size – seems a much more fraught endeavour than bringing home a print. I don’t know why. The word “print” is often used casually and incorrectly, usually in reference to a reproduction. There’s nothing inherently wrong with reproductions, but they are mechanically reproduced – a picture of a piece of art. A true print is the mark left by some surface – the matrix – that has been cut, scratched or otherwise altered by the artist, inked, and pressed into a piece of paper. There is no original, just the piece of wood, copper or whatever medium the artist chooses. Outside of photography, digital prints occupy a tricky spot between traditional prints and reproductions. If the digital file is a scan of a piece of art, it’s a reproduction. If the digital file is itself the matrix — if the piece being printed was created entirely in cyberspace — I would argue it is a genuine print.

Few people have an excess of both wall space and money. In Vancouver, many people have neither; some are lucky to have one or the other: loose change (to buy art) or empty walls (to hang it). BIMPE is a rare event that bridges the divide. It holds an uncommon place in the modern art market, and plays an important role for artists, collectors, and, perhaps most important, people who would like to collect art but aren’t sure how to start. The sheer number of participating artists from around the world, representing all of the traditional printmaking techniques, ensures that everyone will see something that appeals. By focusing on the smaller format, the show also provides a welcoming entré for the uninitiated: a few small prints can be had for not much money, and once people discover the joy of seeking out and

From the outset, the show’s dimensional limitation was primarily logistical: it makes soliciting, shipping, organizing, hanging and managing easier. There is, however, also an aesthetic advantage: many printmaking 10

Assembling your own art collection however limited or expansive is an act of self-expression. Going out to see new art — and when the opportunities arise, purchasing some — opens new doors to local and broader communities, engaging you in conversations that might not otherwise have happened. BIMPE is an excellent place to join in.

techniques benefit from the focused attention imposed by a smaller format. Take the time to look very closely at the prints, to see and think about how each line was created. The skill in printmaking lies not just in how that medium is worked on by the artist, but also how it is printed. Most of the prints in BIMPE will have been printed by the artists, but not all; there is a long tradition of artists collaborating with master printers to realize their prints, with the printer providing technical suggestions to help the artist achieve their desired result. New Leaf Editions’ Peter Braune, the driving force behind BIMPE, is exactly this sort of master printer, and it is thanks to his reputation, connections, and tireless work that BIMPE now enjoys its tenth iteration, with entries from 193 artists representing 36 countries.

The Count, materials best not shared


on Granville Island, that BIMPE is a highly regarded exhibition and overall event, spoken highly of by everyone. It was a real pleasure being a part of such a vibrant community event, if only at the beginning of the entire production.

Jurors’ statements

The quality - and amount - of submissions was truly wonderful. There was a rich selection to jury the exhibition from. Michael and Briar were both wonderful company though this process; it was a pleasure to work with them both. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing the exhibition catalogue and following more BIMPE exhibitions in the future. Thank you to Peter, Jackie, and the artists of Granville Island for all you do!

Annalise Gratovich Annalise Natasha Gratovich lives and works in Austin, Texas. She is the Associate Director of Flatbed Press, and she is on the Board of Directors of PrintAustin, a month-long, citywide printmaking event for which she has helped organize exhibitions and special events, curate the PrintAustin Invitational, and has participated in artist and curator talks, and panel discussions. She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Her work is included in numerous publications including Flatbed at 25, a UT Press monograph on the publisher. Joining Michael and Briar for the BIMPE X jurying process was a wonderful experience and opportunity; being hosted in the beautiful city of Vancouver for the duration of the process was a dream. Borderland by Annalise Gratovich Woodcut, 2018

It was apparent, through meeting the artists 12

professional experience offered interesting multiple perspectives, which we often discussed over the various pieces selected, especially when it came to the awards. In the end, I feel we selected a powerhouse exhibition and congratulate all of the artists included. This being one of the first times I have been to Vancouver was an added experience, and to work with Peter and Jackie at New Leaf Editions was especially enjoyable. They should be commended on all of the work that they put into the organization of the exhibition, from beginning to end, and for the immense benefit it brings to the Vancouver community. Thank you to all for this opportunity, and again, congratulations to all of the amazing artists included in this exhibition.

Michael Barnes Michael Barnes received his MFA from the University of Iowa. He is an Associate Professor of Art and is the Printmaking Area Head for the School of Art at Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL. It was an honor and pleasure to be one of the jurors in the selection of work for the BIMPE X. The format of this exhibition, which allows for actual work to be sent, made this process even more rewarding. Seeing the actual prints and being able to hold them up close to examine details of the lines and textures was especially valuable to the experience and to inform our selection of the best work. The array of work was all inclusive of print techniques and included a broad international representation. Working with two other jurors was a wonderful process, which I am sure is not always the case. It was a great pleasure to work with Briar and Annalise, as their

Optimist by Michael Barnes Lithograph, aluminum plate (photo plates, drawings on textured mylar), 2012 13

astonishing was the volume of really strong works that captivated and drew me into the artist’s ideas, as well as their imaginative (often strange) and convincingly expansive worlds beneath the picture plane. It seems that for many artists the miniprint has increasingly become a format of choice capable of everything, from the very subtle to the grandest of statements and everything in between. Perhaps the limitations of scale presented by the mini-print format provide artists with restrictions within which they can react and create in ways that are both idiosyncratic and meaningful. As an artist who has often succumbed to the idea that bigger is better, I found the immersion into a literal sea of miniature prints infinitely illuminating in part because of the intimate proximal relationship that tiny works demand and in part because so many of the prints on view were so involved in their content.

Briar Craig Briar is currently a professor of Printmaking, Photography and Drawing at the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies in The University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus. His research interests include contemporary printmaking theory and practice, popular culture, interactive installation, innovation sustainability and safe practices in printmaking, as well as curatorial practices.

Apparently, the three of us worked differently from previous BIMPE juries in that we went through all of the works together as a group rather than looking at them individually. What resulted from this collective approach was the chance to have short discussions about each of the works we were viewing and to learn from alternate takes concerning content, materiality and what might be positive or not so positive about each print. Printmaking has often been called a most ‘democratic’ of art forms in part because of its ability to be shared broadly. Each of the BIMPE exhibitions has come to epitomize that sense of community and sharing; and, this particular jury process

Having been lucky enough to serve on the jury panels for a few International exhibitions, I entered New Leaf full of confidence that jurying BIMPE 2018 would provide a mix of familiar imagery and technical processes along with the occasional surprise from the works submitted. What I can say without reservation though, is that viewing the vast number of submissions provided many, many more surprises than I could have anticipated. The sheer volume of works at hand immediately suggested that we were going to see a lot of different ideas, materials and processes at play but what was most 14

was in large part about sharing – sharing thoughts, experiences and opinions. It was a pleasure to have been so thoroughly engaged.

Post Truth by Briar Craig Ultra-violet screen print, 2017


Prize Winners

F ish J umping

C uckoo C lock

Engraving by burin

Engraving by burin

Masaaki Sugita Japan


F ace

to face

Engraving by burin 19

T okyo

fruit conversion plan



T okyo F ruit conversion Lithograph



fruit conversion plan


Ayane Sato Japan Second Place

T okyo 20


A.W.C. 1

A.W.C. 2



German Aparicio Spain Third Place

A.W.C. 3 Intaglio


S omething /S omeplace VI

D ream T ree

Etching , digital, screenprint, Chine-collĂŠ

Wood Engraving

Vanessa Hall-Patch Canada THE OPUS PRIZE

Kayoko Moriyama Japan THE AWAGAMI PRIZE


H azard

Mezzotint & Drypoint

Hedieh Jafari Iran THE GAMBLIN PRIZE


Honourable Mentions

Michael DeVito

Catherine Gillet

Kalli Kalde

Antoni Kowalski

N ight B urden Etching , Aquatint , USA

A bandoned V illages II Intaglio , Estonia

C ommencements ( b ) Burin , France


F reedom Mezzotint , Poland

Karen Kunc

Janne Laine

David Morrish

Reneta Murauskaite

S plashes Etching Aquatint , USA

F luffy I Polymergravure , Finland

W rapped H orse

Photopolymer gravure & Chine-collĂŠ, Can ada


T able Etching , Lithuania

Miriam Rudolph

Anna Trojanowska

M igration II Intaglio, Chine-collĂŠ , Canada

R ebase _03 Lithograph , Poland


Selected Work

Merja Ala-Olla F ragile Etching , Drypoint, Aquatint, Finland

Suzie Allen R eflets IV Etching, Canada

Suzie Allen R eflets VI Etching, Canada

Mariko Ando A lphabet “M” Intaglio, Canada 32

Mariko Ando A lphabet “Y� Intaglio, Canada

Claire Auszenkier B lue D og Mezzotint, France

Claire Auszenkier G renade Mezzotint, France

Kate Baillies C onnecting the D ots Intaglio, Canada 33

Jo Barry F rosty F ires Etching, UK

Jo Barry H oary H eaded F rost Etching, UK

Jo Barry A B lue F rost B right D awn Etching, UK

Margaret Becker F eathered H en Drypoint, Ireland 34

Marcelle Benhamou R adiolaire I Ink, China paper, France

Georg Bothe CNG XV ( e . a . II/VI) Tetra Pak Engraving, Germany

Paulina Buzniak D ad is watching Lithography, Poland

Paulina Buzniak C himera Lithography, Poland 35

Mariela Canchari M emory I Etching , Drypoint, Burin, France

Mariela Canchari M emory II Etching , Drypoint, burin, France

Mariela Canchari M emory III Aquatint, Etching , Drypoint, burin, France

Ed Catley E dward Etching, England 36

Elvira Cerda E nvolees E n M er Photo polymere, Chine-collé, Belgium

Mitchell Chalfoux T umble dry gentle Monoprint, Chine-collé, Fibres, Canada

Mitchell Chalfoux H and W ash Monoprint, Chine-collé, fibres, Canada

Mitchell Chalfoux D o not bleach Monoprint, Chine-collé, fibres, Canada 37

Nastazja Ciupa H alda Lithography, Poland

Jane Cooper H alcyon B lue VI Monotype on 22k Gold Leaf, USA

Jane Cooper H alcyon R ed I Monotype on 22K Gold Leaf, USA

Jane Cooper H alcyon R ed II Monotype on 22 k Gold Leaf, USA 38

Margot Cormier Splane W e survived T rump Serigraph, Canada

Margot Cormier Splane A ngry B irds Serigraph, Canada

Margot Cormier Splane Y ou are being watched Serigraph, Canada

Sabrina Costa I nsomnia Drypoint, Italy 39

Sabrina Costa T eeth Drypoint, Italy

Jack Craft U ntitled CMY Y,M Steel plate Intaglio, USA

Robert Creighton F ar S tone Mixed Intaglio/Chine-collé, Canada

Robert Creighton B eyond T his Mixed Intaglio/Chine-collé, Canada 40

Pal Csaba S ix plates 01 Drypoint, Hungary

Pal Csaba S ix plates 02 Drypoint, Hungary

Pal Csaba S ix plates 03 Drypoint, Hungary

Lukasz Cywicki P erson of T ime -26 Linocut, Poland 41

Lukasz Cywicki P erson of T ime -29 Linocut, Poland

Lukasz Cywicki P erson of T ime -28 Linocut, Poland

Theo Damsteegt U nititled Linocut, Netherlands

Mehdi Darvishi L amp Mezzotint, Iran 42

Pamela de Bri W aiting Etching, Ireland

Pamela de Bri W atching Etching, Ireland

Bernabe Del Castillo P aysage 1 Engraving on plaster, France

Bernabe Del Castillo P aysage 2 Engraving on plaster, France 43

Bernabe Del Castillo P aysage 3 Engraving on plaster, France

Martine Desilets L e V oilier Collagraphie, Canada

Martine Desilets L a F orĂŞt Collagraphy, Canada

Michael DeVito B efore everything else Etching , Aquatint, USA 44

Nicole Dore Brunet N ordet Woodcut, Canada

Lorraine Douglas P ool Sugar Lift Etching, Canada

Narda Doyle M onster II Aquatint, Canada

Narda Doyle M onster III Soft ground, Canada 45

Teddi Driediger

Teddi Driediger

The Clouds are Square Today Larissa Claire

Searching for floomooroos in a Deliquesce forest

Block Print, Canada

Block Print, Canada

Agata Dworzak-Subocz S pace _1814 Digital, Poland

Agata Dworzak-Subocz S pace _1914 Digital, Poland 46

Agata Dworzak-Subocz S pace _4377 Digital, Poland

Olesya Dzhurayeva P uddle Linocut, Ukraine

Olesya Dzhurayeva 300 G rams Linocut, Ukraine

Susan Early K nocknarea T ree Etching & Aquatint, Ireland 47

Victoria Edgar REPRIVE T ales Etching, Canada


Victoria Edgar ARISE T ales of G ood Etching, Canada

G ood & E vil

Eve Eesmaa XY Intaglio, blockprint, Estonia


Eve Eesmaa XX I Intaglio, Blockprint, Estonia 48

E vil

Eve Eesmaa XX II Intaglio, blockprint, Estonia

Steven Foutch F alling B ack Engraving , relief print, USA

Steven Foutch T he D evil and his W ife Engraving , relief print, USA

Steven Foutch M oving F orward Engraving , relief print, USA 49

Alison Frank S nowball C atapult A ssistance Intaglio, Canada

Alison Frank M ending F light P ath Intaglio, Canada

Tsuboi Fusano S hining W orld #1 Etching, Japan

Tsuboi Fusano S hining W orld #2 Etching, Japan 50

Tsuboi Fusano F lowering P lanet Etching, Japan

Allison Gaines 1386 N icola S treet Screen Printing, Canada

Renee Gelinas M igration no .1 Linocut, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Renee Gelinas M igration no .2 Linocut, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada 51

Renee Gelinas M igration no .3 Linocut Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Colin Gillespie V ote F or M e Collage/Relief, UK

Colin Gillespie L ook - T here ’ s a D rone Collage/Relief, UK

Catherine Gillet C ommencements ( a ) Burin, France 52

Catherine Gillet C ommencements ( c ) Burin, France

Roberto Godoy E l C orista S olista Etching & Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Roberto Godoy L e L oft Serigraphy, Canada

Jerzy Gorbas S elf - portrait with Linocut, Poland 53

his hands

Barbara Graham T he W atchers III Etching, New Zealand

Barbara Graham T he W atchers IV Etching, New Zealand

Mark Graver I ntroduced B irds - S parrow Inkjet, New Zealand

Mark Graver I ntroduced B irds - C haffinch Inkjet, New Zealand 54

Mark Graver I ntroduced B irds - S ongthrush Inkjet, New Zealand

Colette Greco-Riddle M eticulous A ttention Etching, Canada

Carol Grespan I lha G rande Ething, Brazil

Carol Grespan N uvens Etching, Brazil 55

Aditi Gupta L ayers Etching, India

Aditi Gupta W ild C ard Etching, India

Aditi Gupta R eserved T raits II Etching, India

Alicja Habisiak-Matczak U rbino L unettes I Salt Aquatint, Poland 56

Alicja Habisiak-Matczak U rbino L unettes III Salt Aquatint, Poland

Vanessa Hall-Patch S omething /S omeplace IV Etching, digital, screen print, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Vanessa Hall-Patch S omething /S omeplace V Etching, digital, screen print, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Lacey Hawthorne S ounding L ight II Etching , Aquatint, Canada 57

Sylvie Heslot L e T orchon Mezzotint, France

Sylvie Heslot U ntitled Mezzotint, France

Yoon Hong L ego 1 Wood Engraving, South Korea

Yoon Hong L ego 2 Wood Engraving, South Korea 58

Yoon Hong R ollei Wood Engraving, South Korea

Tomoko Horiguchi F aces 24 Monotype Drypoint, Japan

Tomoko Horiguchi F aces 25 Monotype Drypoint, Japan

Tomoko Horiguchi F aces 26 Monotype Drypoint, Japan 59

Bill Horne A urora I Silkscreen; glow in the dark ink;VE, Canada

Bill Horne A urora II Silkscreen; glow in the dark ink; VE, Canada

Jeff Huckeby F issure Intaglio, Relief, Hand Colouring, USA

Marcel Huguet M asque Lithograph, Canada 60

Anita Hunt L odge XIV Etching , Aquatint, USA

Anita Hunt R oot C ave Etching , Aquatint, USA

Anita Hunt L odge XV Etching , Aquatint, USA

Louise Hunt D iamonds Monotype, Canada 61

Eeva Huotari T ools Etching , Aquatint, Finland

Eeva Huotari A rtist ’ s B rushes Drypoint, Finland

Eeva Huotari S towaway Mezzotint, Finland

Ayako Iguchi V iew -29 Etching & Aquatint, Japan 62

Ayako Iguchi V iew -30 Etching & Aquatint, Japan

Kiyoharu Ishimoda B on V oyage ! Mezzotint, Japan

Kiyoharu Ishimoda N atural L antern Mezzotint, Japan

Kiyoharu Ishimoda O kayama D enim Mezzotint, Japan 63

Suzuna Iwasa F issiparity 1 Monotype, Japan

Suzuna Iwasa F issiparity 2 Monotype, Japan

Suzuna Iwasa F issiparity 3 Monotype, Japan

Cecilia Jackson 35° 45’ 25.0”S 150° 10’ 03.7” E Linocut, Australia 64

Cecilia Jackson 38° 55’ 22”N 077° 05’ 03” W Linocut, Australia

Tibor Jaeger A pproaching 1 Digital and Screenprint, Sweden

Tibor Jaeger A pproaching 4 Digital and screen print, Sweden

Alexandru Jakabhazi M arks in the G arden Aguaforte, Relief print, Romania 65

Michéle James Petites écritures animales/Small Animal Writing

Etching & Polymer, France

Mich_le James R êve de liberté /D ream of F reedom Etching and polymer, France

Anu Juurak U ntitled 3 Lithography, Estonia

Anu Juurak U ntitled 4 Lithography, Estonia 66

Kalli Kalde A bandoned V illages I Intaglio, Estonia

Kalli Kalde A bandoned V illages III Intaglio, Estonia

Tomoko Kanzaki S urface Mimeograph, Japan

Søren Kastalje P rivate V iew 4 Linocut, Denmark 67

Søren Kastalje P rivate V iew 5 Linocut, Denmark

Søren Kastalje P rivate V iew 6 Linocut, Denmark

Maura Keating J apanese A nemone Etching, Ireland

Emily Kester T hree P hase Etching, Canada 68

Hyun-Jin Kim B eyond -8 Woodcut, Taiwan

Hyun-Jin Kim B eyond -9 Woodcut, Taiwan

Hyun-Jin Kim B eyond -10 Woodcut, Taiwan

M. Simpson King G enetic O verload Linocut Reduction, Australia 69

Maggie Kitching B essie Vinyl Cut, UK

Maggie Kitching N ext D oor N eighbour Vinyl Cut, UK

Judith Klugerman N oel 2013 Etching, Canada

Te Knudsen A utumn Mokuhanga, Canada 70

Ariel Kofman S creen TV W atcher Waterless Lithograph, Argentina

Ariel Kofman TV watcher ’ s gastrophile Woodcut, Argentina

Ariel Kofman L ittle gastrophile Woodcut, Argentina

Yui Koike C ross the B ridge Mezzotint, Japan 71

Yui Koike W ait for a B us Mezzotint, Japan

Yui Koike T ake a T rain Mezzotint, Japan

Yuta Konno U ntitled Etching , Engraving, Japan

Yuta Konno E lement 2 Etching Aquatint, Japan 72

Yuta Konno E lement 3 Etching Aquatint, Japan

Antoni Kowalski S ky Mezzotint, Poland

Agnieszka Koziarz E n P lein A ir Screenprint, Embossment, Digital, Canada

Edith Krause A re we there yet ? Screenprint, Drypoint, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada 73

Edith Krause W here to land ? Screenprint, Drypoint, Chine-collé, Canada

Edith Krause A liens Screenprint, Drypoint, Chine-collé, Canada

Claire Kujundzic W ildfire W oman Silkscreen; VE, Canada

Sana Kulic M onstera Digital Print, Serbia 74

Karen Kunc B lue N ight Etching and Aquatint, USA

Yolaine Labelle H azard Monoprint/Collage, Canada

Yolaine Labelle -3ยบ C Linocut, Canada

Janne Laine F luffy II Polymer gravure, Finland 75

Janne Laine F luffy V Polymer gravure, Finland

Katherine Laird N ight M oves I Etching, Canada

Katherine Laird N ight M oves II Etching, Canada

Katherine Laird N ight M oves III Etching, Canada 76

Clara Laratta B loom I PhotoEtching , Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Clara Laratta B loom II Photo Etching , Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Francoise Legris T rio Lithography, Canada

Francoise Legris A da Lithography, Canada 77

Jose Leite Z eppelin S obre Woodcut, Brazil


Victor Lipkin E xodus I Reductive Relief, Israel

G uanabara

Victor Lipkin E xodus II Reductive Relief, Israel

Adriana Lucaciu G raphic S pace CGD, Romania 78

Bernadette Madden Y ellow G orse Screenprint, Ireland

Bernadette Madden D ark green sea Screenprint, Ireland

Bernadette Madden E arly S unlight Screenprint, Ireland

Armelle Magnier E n C hien D e F usil Drypoint, mezzotint lyno, France 79

Armelle Magnier E closion Mezzotint Lino, France

Armelle Magnier S ur un lit de plumes Burin Lino, France

Paule Mainguy N o title (H ead of K ingfischer ) Etching, Canada

Paule Mainguy P aruline B leue (B lue W arbler ) Etching, Canada 80

Paule Mainguy B ird is a bird is a Etching, Canada

Samuel Maita Argote M artyr II Woodcut, Bolivia

bird is a birdรณ

Samuel Maita Argote M artyr III Woodcut, Bolivia

Bernadette Marechal E closion Aquatint & Mezzotint, Belgium 81

Bernadette Marechal S ans T itre Aquatint, Belgium

Bernadette Marechal S ans T itre Aquatint, Belgium

Maryse Marpsat E rrances U rbaines 7 Mezzotint, France

Monique Martin J ust B ecause ... Monoprint, Canada 82

Monique Martin G ames of Y esteryear Ink & Silver Leaf, Canada

Marie-Louise Martin D ream I Etching, Ireland

Marie-Louise Martin L ove L etter Etching, Ireland

Marie-Louise Martin D ream III Etching, Ireland 83

Henri Martraix 180115 Digital Print, France

Henri Martraix 180122 Digital Print, France

Henri Martraix 180128 Digital Print, France

Atsushi Matsuoka S ound of the P acific Wood Engraving, Japan 84

Atsushi Matsuoka T he D epth of P upil Wood Engraving, Japan

Atsushi Matsuoka P aper C rown Wood Engraving, Japan

Lily May B etter T han O ne Vinyl block print, Canada

Ann McCall A rborescence XI Collagraphy, Canada 85

Amanda McKenzie T ilefish jig Silkscreen, Canada

Nicole Milette

Nicole Milette N uit /N ight Drypoint, Canada

Kay Miller L andscape II Etching/Aquatint, USA

V ienne

la nuit sonne l ’ heure /T he night falls and the hours ring

Mezzotint, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada


Kayoko Moriyama V essel with B ubbles Wood Engraving, Japan

Kayoko Moriyama B reeze Wood Engraving, Japan

David Morrish T rap Photopolymer gravure, Canada

David Morrish S kull Photopolymer gravure, Canada 87

Setsuko Moulton Y ou Woodblock print, Canada

Eric Mummery F ace to face with one Wood Engraving, Canada

Eric Mummery F ace to face with T wo Wood Engraving, Canada

Eric Mummery F ace to face with T hree Wood Engraving, Canada 88

Reneta Murauskaite T he S ystem Hardground Aquatint, Lithuania

Reneta Murauskaite G love Etching, Lithuania

Luc Nadeau M ieux que ça tu Etching, Canada

Luc Nadeau Et si on se mangeait la laine sur le dos Etching, Canada

serais là


Barbara Neu S haring T ree Etching, USA

Barbara Neu S econd R ing , S eventh C ircle Etching, USA

Franciszek Niec F ield XV Linocut, Poland

Franciszek Niec F ield XVI Linocut, Poland 90

Franciszek Niec F ield VI Linocut, Poland

Kristina Norvilaite M eetings in an O cean I Linocut, Lithuania

Kristina Norvilaite M eetings in an O cean III Linocut, Lithuania

Elisabeth Odmann B efore Drypoint, Sweden 91

Elisabeth Odmann B etween Drypoint, Sweden

Elisabeth Odmann B ehind Drypoint, Sweden

Jyunko Ogawa T he B lack Y ork of S pace Wood Engraving, Japan

Jyunko Ogawa A fter the rain Wood Engraving, Japan 92

Jean-Pierre Pain S peech S ettles /L a parole se décante Drypoint, Aquatint, Etching, France

Jean-Pierre Pain

Barbora Paulovicova M usic from S ambu Etching and mezzotint, Slovakia

Audrey Pearson S hallow D ip Etching, Canada

On a Nave of Astonishment/Sur une nef d’étonnement

Drypoint, Aquatint, Etching, France


Audrey Pearson S oft W ax and S and P aper Etching, Canada

Audrey Pearson C offee S leeve C rater Etching, Canada

Rolande Pelletier E chafaudage Drypoint, Canada

Rolande Pelletier C onstruction Drypoint, Canada 94

Taras Plishch J oyful W oman Drypoint, Czech Republic

Taras Plishch W oman on a H orse Drypoint, Czech Republic

Taras Plishch I llusionists Drypoint, Czech Republic

Nicolas Poignon N ight and L ight Linocut, Germany 95

Nicolas Poignon A t D ay Linocut, Germany

Mareu Pospiech S ign VXI Intaglio, Poland

Henry Pouillon É rotisme d ’A thènes 2 Digital Print, Belgium

Henry Pouillon É rotisme d ’A thènes 3 Digital Print, Belgium 96

Jaco Putker G irl and S wan N o .1 Photopolymer Etching, Netherlands

Jaco Putker G irl and S wan N o . 3 Photopolymer Etching, Netherlands

Jaco Putker G irl and S wan N o . 5 Photopolymer Etching, Netherlands

Suzy Quirke G oats in W inter S now Etching, Ireland 97

Suzy Quirke S pringtime G oats Etching, Ireland


Ross Racine N umber 22 s Digital, Canada

C herry B lossom

Farzaneh Radmehr L onging -S uperstition Mezzotint, Iran

Farzaneh Radmehr L onging -S uperstition II Mezzotint, Iran 98

Simonida Radonjic G olden S ilence Etching, Serbia

Simonida Radonjic A bout S ilence Etching, Serbia

Vladimir Ranković L ola ’ s gift Intaglio, Serbia

Kurt Ries G eometric M oment Etching, Germany 99

Sandra Ritter R ucksack Linocut, UK

Sandra Ritter P edestrian Linocut, UK

Sandra Ritter P edestrian II Linocut, UK

Gervasio Robles Hurtado R ocio I S tage II Mezzotint, South Africa 100

Sue Roe A lchemy II Collagraph, UK

Sue Roe A ncient V essel Collagraph, UK

Hermann Rommel S puren 1 Etching , Aquatint, Germany

Hermann Rommel S puren 2 Etching , Aquatint, Germany 101

Hermann Rommel S puren 3 Etching , Aquatint, Chine-collĂŠ, Germany

Christie Rosenberg P assages Photo Etching , Aquatint, a la poupee, USA

Christie Rosenberg W atershed Photo Etching , Aquatint, a la poupee, USA

Miriam Rudolph M igration III Intaglio, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada 102

Miriam Rudolph M igration IV Intaglio, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Dom & Jean Paul Ruiz ni 1240 Engraving/linocut, France

Iwona Rypesc-Kostovic B ridging the G ap II Digital Print, Poland

Iwona Rypesc-Kostovic Q uite unprepared II Digital Print, Poland 103

Iwona Rypesc-Kostovic U nforgiven II Digital Print, Poland

Awni Sami B odies 1/3 Etching, Northern Iraq

Awni Sami B odies 2/3 Etching, Northern Iraq

Awni Sami B odies 3/3 Etching, Northern Iraq 104

Amy Sands C onstellation X Monoprint, Serigraph, lasercut, USA

Amy Sands C onstellation XXIII Monoprint, Serigraph, lasercut, USA

Amy Sands C onstellation I Monoprint, Serigraph, Lasercut, USA

Anita Seltzer G ranville I sland Photopolymer Intaglio Etching, USA 105

Anita Seltzer A night in M obile Photopolymer Intaglio Etching, USA

Anita Seltzer H omage Photopolymer Intaglio Etching, USA

Deirdre Shanley T rees Drypoint, Ireland

Christopher Shore R ooster Etching, USA 106

Toshiaki Shozu A ll are vanity . 18.4.7-1 Photogravure, Japan

Toshiaki Shozu A ll are vanity 18.4.7-2 Photogravure, Japan

Janis Sinclair E arly B irds Photocopy transfer, Canada

Amaryllis Siniossoglou #918 Relief, USA 107

Amaryllis Siniossoglou #919 Relief, USA

Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska D iffusion B1 Mixed technique, Poland

Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska D iffusion B2 Mixed technique, Poland

Alicja Snoch-Pawlowska D iffusion B3 Mixed Technique, Poland 108

Lena Spencer W heel W omen Digital, USA

Tsvetelina Spiridonova S ymphony Drypoint, monotype, Bulgaria

Tsvetelina Spiridonova A mour Mezzotint, Drypoint, Bulgaria

Tsvetelina Spiridonova A llegro Drypoint, Monotype, Bulgaria 109

William Steinberg I’ m T elling A S tory Intaglio, Canada

William Steinberg F ull H ead of S team Intaglio, Canada

Kelsey Stephenson C avern Mezzotint, Canada

Kelsey Stephenson E ddies Mezzotint, Canada 110

Kelsey Stephenson S moke S creen Etching , digital, Canada

Motoko Suenaga S phere I-1 Etching/Aquatint/m’special, Japan

Motoko Suenaga S phere III-1 Etching/Aquatint/m’special, Japan

Linda Suffidy C urrencies N o . 10 Lino Embossment, Canada 111

Linda Suffidy C urrencies N o 13 Lino Embossment, Canada

Linda Suffidy L egacy ( study ) N o . 1 Lino Embossment, Canada

Gatoku Sugimoto S hijimi Linoleum, Japan

Gatoku Sugimoto T ai Linoleum, Japan 112

Roger Sutcliffe O rbital M otion Electro-Etching, Canada

Roger Sutcliffe U nder the S urface Electro-Etching, Canada

Roberta Pyx Sutherland G oing the D istance Drypoint with Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Roberta Pyx Sutherland D istance III Drypoint with Chine-collĂŠ, Canada 113

Svetlana Swinimer O ctopus Electric Etching, Canada

Valerie Syposz T o N ot B e Wood Engraving, USA

Valerie Syposz B oxes Wood Engraving, USA

Valerie Syposz R eflection Wood Engraving, USA 114

Silvia Taira P ucón -V illarica Woodcut, Brazil

Yasufumi Takano L ight V erse Drypoint, Japan

Yasufumi Takano C hattering Etching, Japan

Catherine Tam T ile 10 Intaglio, Chine-collé, Canada 115

Shoko Tanaka A T ale of L 1 Lithogr pah, Japan

Shoko Tanaka A T ale of L 2 Lithograph, Japan

Shoko Tanaka A T ale of L 3 Lithograph, Japan

Andrew Testa F ound and T aped


H old


P lace

Photopolymer gravure, Chine-collĂŠ, oil paint, Canada 116

Veronique Trimming T hreshold Engraving, France

Veronique Trimming L etter to a distant friend Engraving Etching, France

Anna Trojanowska R ebase _01 Lithograph, Poland

Anna Trojanowska X Lithograph, Poland 117

Zita Uiterwijh B etween S paces Etching, The Netherlands

Zita Uiterwijh B etween S paces Etching, The Netherlands

Zita Uiterwijh B etween S paces Etching, The Netherlands

Susan Underwood T hree G races Sugarlift Etching, Canada 118

Susan Underwood C etona Aquatint Etching, Canada

Rafal Urbanski QR 15 I nteractive Digital Print, Poland

Jozina Van Hees S tillive B Inkjet Printing, Netherlands

Jozina Van Hees S tillive C Inkjet Printing, Netherlands 119

Manuel Vermeire I l C inghiale Wood Engraving, Belgium

Manuel Vermeire S koda P opular M onte C arlo Wood Engraving, Belgium

Manuel Vermeire J ana Wood Engraving, Belgium

Smets Vincent J eudi M atin Serigraphy, Belgium 120

Smets Vincent D imanche 9H Serigraphy, Belgium

Smets Vincent D imanche 15H Serigraphy, Belgium

Irma Vodeva J ourney VIII Drypoint, Bulgaria

Irma Vodeva J ourney IX Drypoint, Bulgaria 121

Irma Vodeva J ourney X Drypoint, Bulgaria

Kazumi Wakayama F lower C hafer I Plywood Lithograph, France

Kazumi Wakayama F lower C hafer II Plywood Lithograph, France

Claudia Waters M onarch Etching Aquatint, USA 122

Claudia Waters G ood F ortune Etching Aquatint, USA

Claudia Waters B umble B ee Etching Aquatint, USA

Jim Westergard B ig H air Wood Engraving, Canada

Jim Westergard D ove D ove Colour reduction wood Engraving, Canada 123

Jim Westergard P roboscis M onkey Wood Engraving, Canada

Cleo Wilkinson E ntropia Mezzotint Print, Australia

Cleo Wilkinson F ruit Mezzotint Print, Australia

Cleo Wilkinson B eyond Mezzotint Print, Australia 124

Roy Willingham O btuse L andscape #1 - B uilding Linocut, UK

Roy Willingham O btuse L andscape #6 - C hurch Linocut, UK

Roy Willingham O btuse L andscape #8 - S quare Linocut, UK

Laurent Wilmet V oodoo D oll Linocut, Belgium 125

Laurent Wilmet G runge C ouple Linocut, Belgium

Laurent Wilmet G irl , I nterrupted Linocut, Belgium

Sylvia Wong L ifeblood II

Tracy Wormsbecker T ether Intaglio, Chine-collĂŠ, Canada

Relief, Collagraphy, Chine-collĂŠ, Thread, Canada 126

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Ala-Olla, Merja Allen, Suzie Ando, Mariko Aparicio, German Argote, Samuel Maita Auszenkier, Claire

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C Canchari, Mariela Catley, Ed Cerda, Elvira Chalfoux, Mitchell Ciupa, Nastazja Cooper, Jane Cormier Splane, Margot Costa, Sabrina Craft, Jack Creighton, Robert Csaba, Pal Cywicki, Lukasz

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D Damsteegt, Theo Darvishi, Mehdi de Bri, Pamela Del Castillo, Bernabe Desilets, Martine DeVito, Michael Dore Brunet, Nicole Douglas, Lorraine Doyle, Narda Driediger, Teddi

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Ishimoda, Kiyoharu Iwasa, Suzuna

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Early, Susan Edgar, Victoria Eesmaa, Eve

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B Baillies, Kate Barry, Jo Becker, Margaret Benhamou, Marcelle Bothe, Georg Buzniak, Paulina

Dworzak-Subocz, Agata Dzhurayeva, Olesya

Foutch, Steven Frank, Alison Fusano, Tsuboi

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G Gaines, Allison Gelinas, Renee Gillespie, Colin Gillet, Catherine Godoy, Roberto Gorbas, Jerzy Graham, Barbara Graver, Mark Greco-Riddle, Colette Grespan, Carol Gupta, Aditi

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H Habisiak-Matczak, Alicja Hall-Patch, Vanessa Hawthorne, Lacey Heslot, Sylvie Hong, Yoon Horiguchi, Tomoko Horne, Bill Huckeby, Jeff Huguet, Marcel Hunt, Anita Hunt, Louise Huotari, Eeva

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I Iguchi, Ayako

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Jackson, Cecilia Jaeger, Tibor Jafari, Hedieh Jakabhazi, Alexandru James, MichĂŠle Juurak, Anu

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K Kalde, Kalli Kanzaki, Tomoko Kastalje, Søren Keating, Maura Kester, Emily Kim, Hyun-Jin King, M. Simpson Kitching, Maggie Klugerman, Judith Knudsen, Te Kofman, Ariel Koike, Yui Konno, Yuta Kowalski, Antoni Koziarz, Agnieszka Krause, Edith Kujundzic, Claire Kulic, Sana Kunc, Karen

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L Labelle, Yolaine Laine, Janne Laird, Katherine Laratta, Clara Legris, Francoise Leite, Jose Lipkin, Victor Lucaciu, Adriana

75 27, 75, 76 76 77 77 78 78 78

Q Quirke, Suzy

M Madden, Bernadette Magnier, Armelle Mainguy, Paule Maita Argote, Samuel Marechal, Bernadette Marpsat, Maryse Martin, Marie-Louise Martin, Monique Martraix, Henri Matsuoka, Atsushi May, Lily McCall, Ann McKenzie, Amanda Milette, Nicole Miller, Kay Moriyama, Kayoko Morrish, David Moulton, Setsuko Mummery, Eric Murauskaite, Reneta

79 79, 80 80, 81 81 81, 82 82 83 82, 83 84 84, 85 85 85 86 86 86 24, 87 27, 87 88 88 27, 89

N Nadeau, Luc Neu, Barbara Niec, Franciszek Norvilaite, Kristina

89 90 90, 91 91

O Odmann, Elisabeth Ogawa, Jyunko

91, 92 92

P Pain, Jean-Pierre Paulovicova, Barbora Pearson, Audrey Pelletier, Rolande Plishch, Taras Poignon, Nicolas Pospiech, Mareu Pouillon, Henry Putker, Jaco

93 93 93, 94 94 95 95, 96 96 96 97

97, 98

R Racine, Ross 98 Radmehr, Farzaneh 98 Radonjic, Simonida 99 Ranković, Vladimir 99 Ries, Kurt 99 Ritter, Sandra 100 Robles Hurtado, Gervasio 100 Roe, Sue 101 Rommel, Hermann 101, 102 Rosenberg, Christie 102 Rudolph, Miriam 28, 102, 103 Ruiz, Dom & Jean Paul 103 Rypesc-Kostovic, Iwona 103, 104

S Sami, Awni Sands, Amy Sato, Ayane Seltzer, Anita Shanley, Deirdre Shore, Christopher Shozu, Toshiaki Sinclair, Janis Siniossoglou, Amaryllis Snoch-Pawlowska, Alicja Spencer, Lena Spiridonova, Tsvetelina Steinberg, William Stephenson, Kelsey Suenaga, Motoko Suffidy, Linda Sugimoto, Gatoku Sugita, Masaaki Sutcliffe, Roger Sutherland, Roberta Pyx Swinimer, Svetlana Syposz, Valerie

104 105 20 105, 106 106 106 107 107 107, 108 108 109 109 110 110, 111 111 111, 112 112 19 113 113 114 114

T Taira, Silvia Takano, Yasufumi


115 115

Tam, Catherine Tanaka, Shoko Testa, Andrew Trimming, Veronique Trojanowska, Anna

115 116 116 117 28, 117

U Uiterwijh, Zita Underwood, Susan Urbanski, Rafal

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V Van Hees, Jozina Vermeire, Manuel Vincent, Smets Vodeva, Irma

119 120 120, 121 121, 122

W Wakayama, Kazumi Waters, Claudia Westergard, Jim Wilkinson, Cleo Willingham, Roy Wilmet, Laurent Wong, Sylvia Wormsbecker, Tracy

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