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Welcome to Part 2 of this article series on the key features of “All On 4®” implants. In our previous article post, a dental implant expert in New York explained the first two features: that this “breakthrough” protocol boasts a fantastic success rate of 95% over a period of 10 years and typically avoids the need for bone grafting surgery before implant placement. This latter point is largely responsible for the next key feature we will be discussing… 3. All On 4 Implants Allow the Patient to Immediately Get New Teeth “In the absence of bone grafting, patients can usually come straight to the dental implant center and have their implants and new teeth placed,” says the dental implant expert in New York. “This can typically be done in a single procedure, thus enabling patients to get a brand new set of immediately functional teeth in just one day! “All On 4” implants have an unprecedented treatment time thanks to their ability to skip the need for bone grafting in nearly all of the oral rehabilitation cases.”

4. High Aesthetics and Functionality “Of course, few patients would consider a teeth replacement technique if it didn’t enable them to eat, speak and smile with confidence! “All On 4” implants support a customized prosthetic dental bridge that is non-removable (fixed) and virtually indistinguishable in function and aesthetics from a complete set of natural, healthy teeth. With these teeth, patients are able to enjoy most of their favorite foods and need never worry about contending with the discomforts and challenges typically associated with removable dentures.” 5. High Hygiene Maintenance Capability “All On 4 implants support replacement teeth that are cleaned similarly to a set of natural teeth,” explain the dental implant expert in New York. “They are non-removable, so you’ll never need to take your teeth out for cleaning after meals or at nighttime again, as is the case with dentures. Furthermore, All On 4® implants support a bridge that doesn’t usually harbor food debris and bacteria as dentures tend to. It’s easier to keep clean and feels far more natural, hygienic and pleasant for patients to wear.” 6. All On 4® Implants are a Low Cost Option for Patients It might be counter-intuitive to think of the newer dental implant protocol as less expensive than its predecessors, but in reality, All On 4 implants can save patients tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of getting new teeth! Not only does this protocol require far fewer implants (four per jaw instead of six, eight or even 10), it can almost always also be completed in a single surgery and typically without the need for bone grafting. Traditional techniques on the other hand typically require bone grafting, a lot of dental hardware and multiple surgeries. The costs of all this add up quite tremendously. “All On 4 implants can provide patients with new teeth at a much lesser expense and within a much narrower time frame,” say dental implant expert in New York. “This is why we almost always recommend this treatment over other, more traditional approaches to teeth replacement and fixed oral rehabilitation.”

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The Key Features of All On Four Dental Implants in New York, PART 2  
The Key Features of All On Four Dental Implants in New York, PART 2  

This two-part article series provides an overview of the “All-On-4®” dental implant technique and the key defining features that set it apar...