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This article describes the ‘All on Four’ dental implant technique and the benefits and advantages it affords patients suffering from tooth loss and edentulism as a result of advanced periodontal disease. All on 4 Bridgeport Dental Implants: An Overview ‘All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants’ are an incredible innovation in fixed oral rehabilitation and dental implantology that have changed the lives of tens of thousands of previously edentulous (not having any of their original adult teeth left) and near edentulous people. Can you even imagine for a moment what it must be like to be forced to live without your teeth? How your ability to eat all the foods you love and speak properly must be compromised? But most of all, how your self-consciousness and low self-esteem must cripple your day-to-day existence? For millions of people in the United States, edentulism requires no imagination… it is a reality with which they are forced to live. Even removable partial or full dentures come with a whole host of challenges and repeated costs that can only slightly improve upon your standard of living if you no longer have any of your original adult teeth. Thankfully, All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants provide modern day solutions for a problem that has plagued the human race since its very beginnings: tooth loss. All on 4 Bridgeport Dental Implants: About the Protocol All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants is a tooth replacement solution that far exceeds any of the benefits and advantages offered by the archaic piece of dental technology known as, removable dentures or false teeth. Through the use of only four dental implants to support a fully customized prosthetic dental bridge, an entire set of missing or failing teeth can be replaced with a permanent (non-removable),

immediately functional and aesthetic solution! Furthermore, because All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants were innovated with the patients who present with advanced periodontal (gum) disease and bone loss in the jaw in mind, the protocol almost never requires the lengthy, costly and painful procedure of bone grafting surgery beforehand. This means that All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants make it possible for patients to get a brand new set of teeth in as little as a single dental surgery of only a few hours! All on 4 Bridgeport Dental Implants: Halting the Progression of Bone Loss While the advantages patients might most appreciate are complete restoration of oral aesthetics and the ability to chew effectively once again, All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants promote good jawbone health too. Periodontal (gum) disease is a chronic and acute bacterial infection of the jaw and soft tissues in the mouth. If left untreated, this terrible oral affliction causes tooth loss and the subsequent atrophy of bone tissue results in a loss of bone volume in the jaw. You see, when you lose teeth, the fundamental source of stimulation the jawbone requires to maintain its volume - through the natural forces and pressures associated with eating, etc. – are also lost. As a result, the bone tissue atrophies and this re-absorption by the jawbone results in an overall loss of volume. Because All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants replace both the tooth roots and the visible crowns, they restore this fundamental source of stimulation, thus promoting the health of the jawbone. A Final Note on All on 4 Bridgeport Dental Implants With All on 4 Bridgeport dental implants and their comprehensive and long-term solutions, the terrible challenges associated with edentulism and wearing false teeth no longer need to be endured. The tens of thousands of successfully treated patients will attest to this!

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The All-on-4 in Rutherford: Modern Solution to Historical Oral Problems