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Teeth In One Day Experts Talk About the Cost of Oral Rehabilitation with the All-On-4 Technique, PART 4 This four-part article series explains how patients can save tens of thousands of ™” dental implant dollars on the cost of new, fixed teeth with the “All-On-4 All-On-4™” technique. Welcome to the final installment of this four-part article series on the “All-On-4™” technique and all the many ways this “breakthrough” procedure undercuts traditional dental implant techniques and teeth replacement technologies in costs and performance. In this article, we shall be speaking to a Hoboken dental implants expert who provides a final comparison between “All-On-4™” dental implants and traditional teeth replacement technologies - partial and full removable dentures. But first, let’s briefly recap what’s been covered in this article series thus far... A Brief Recap In Part 1 and Part 2 of this article series, “Teeth In One Day®” experts in New Jersey explained the three key reasons the “All-On-4™” undercuts the cost of traditional dental implant techniques: 1.

The “All-On-4™” only requires four implants per jaw as opposed to six, eight or ten, 2. The “All-On-4™” only typically requires a single surgery as opposed to multiple, 3. The “All-On-4™” almost always avoids the need for bone grafting, saving patients thousands of dollars on this additional procedure and many months in recovery. Then, in Part 3, “Teeth In One Day®” experts explained to us the key cost differences between fixed oral rehabilitation using dental implants and the conventional approach to replacing missing teeth: removable dentures. In this article, the final installment of the series, we shall be explaining one of the biggest ironies in New Jersey residents’ choice to go with dentures out of a concern for finances.

Dentures Cannot Last New Jersey Residents a Lifetime If you currently wear removable dentures, you will know that they are far from a one-time expense. Every few years or so, dentures that once fitted snugly often need to be thrown in the bin and replaced with new teeth that fit the contours of your changing mouth better. This is caused by atrophy of the jawbone, which is no longer being kept stimulated and healthy by natural tooth roots (or dental implants). “The ironic thing is that most patients opt for removable dentures because this technology initially comes at a lower price,” explain Hoboken dental implants experts. “What they don’t realize is that, in the long run, the jawbone will atrophy to such an extent that not even dentures will be able to provide them with a functional set of teeth. Eventually, the jawbone will be so weakened and fragile, that a patient’s diet and youthful facial contours will have changed permanently. At this juncture, traditionally you can either continue to live without any teeth at all, or you can undergo bone grafting and have dental implants placed.” The Ultimate Irony... The irony is that the New Jersey residents who choose removable dentures will eventually have to get dental implants placed if they want to be able to eat properly and smile with confidence. “We always encourage our patients to make the smartest investment they can in their oral health right off the bat, because it will affect their quality of life for Teeth In One Day the rest of their lives,” say “Teeth Day” experts in New Jersey. “Dental implants and the modern treatment protocols used to place them offer just about anyone a sophisticated and long-term solution to tooth loss, whereas dentures come hand-in-hand with endless repeat expenses and daily challenges. In the long run, dentures can end up costing you more and they certainly don’t offer the same aesthetic value and function!”

Teeth In One Day Experts Talk About the Cost of Oral Rehabilitation with the All-On-4 Technique, 4