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Rutherford Dental Implants: Offering Comprehensive Solutions "This article explores the effects tooth loss has upon our self-esteem and confidence. It then continues to discuss what dental implants are and the many benefits they offer."

Rutherford dental implants offer patients presenting with single and multiple missing teeth a comprehensive and long-term tooth replacement solution. Our teeth, as strong and resilient as they may seem to us, are vulnerable to general wear-and-tear, decay, dental caries and of course, accidental trauma. Consequently, as we age (although trauma received to the face and mouth is not age-discriminating), we may find that we start losing some of our original adult teeth. Now, we need not think long and hard about the impacts missing teeth have upon the aesthetics of the smile, not to mention the overall functionality of the oral cavity as a tool for chewing and articulation in speech. It can be socially crippling. Not only are you painfully aware that you have a ‘gappy’ smile, but struggling to eat and speak properly also has severe impacts upon your confidence and self-esteem. The most important advancement dental science has made in recent decades is Rutherford dental implants, which are capable of completely restoring oral aesthetics and functionality! Rutherford Dental Implants: How They Work Rutherford dental implants are artificial ‘tooth roots’ made from the incredibly strong, durable, noncorrosive and lightweight metal, titanium. The choice of this metal in dental implantology dates back to pioneering work done by Swedish professor and orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Brånemark, who found that titanium displays the unique property of ‘osseointegration’. This is the process whereby a strong biological bond with bone is established, thus enabling Rutherford dental implants to remain ‘anchored’ in the bone of the jaw without the support of surrounding teeth and gums. This finding completely revolutionized the field of both medical and dental science as it essentially enabled surgeons and implantologists to repair and replace bones and joints (and of course, teeth) in the human body. So, the conception of Rutherford dental implants in the early 1950’s led to massive technological and scientific developments in subsequent decades to the point we are now; capable of replacing single and multiple missing teeth, even in one day:

Rutherford dental implants function much like the tooth/teeth they are replacing so that you may return to your normal eating habits once healing has properly taken place. They facilitate a much stronger bite force than traditional tooth replacement technology, such as dentures.

Rutherford dental implants are virtually indistinguishable from the tooth/teeth they are replacing: One of the main reasons patients seek out Rutherford dental implants is to restore the aesthetics of their once full and beautiful smiles! As a result, a great amount of precision, effort and time goes into the fabrication of each implant so that it not only fits snugly in the jaw bone, but it is also virtually indistinguishable from the tooth it is replacing.

Rutherford dental implants feel similar to natural healthy teeth: after healing, typically there is absolutely no pain or discomfort in the mouth. Furthermore, being anchored in the jaw allows them to feel as secure as their original tooth/teeth when they were in a healthy condition.

A Final Note…

Rutherford dental implants offer patients a long-term solution to single and multiple missing teeth that, if looked after, can last as long as 20, 30 years or more! Don’t opt for inferior dental technology when a much improved quality of life is afforded by these ingenious dental devices.

Rutherford Dental Implants: Offering Comprehensive Solutions  
Rutherford Dental Implants: Offering Comprehensive Solutions  

Rutherford dental implants offer patients a long-term solution to single and multiple missing teeth that, if looked after, can last as long...