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New York Dental Implants: Filling the Gaps in Smiles Dental Implants are a highly successful treatment for broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth. They are non-removable and function, feel and look like real teeth. New York dental implants are filling the gaps where rigorous cleaning and care sometimes fail. Many people traditionally think that if they look after their teeth floss regularly and go for their bi-annual check-ups at the dentist, that they will enjoy their twilight years with their full set of original teeth. This is indeed the theory and while there are always exceptions, in practice, few people do! High standards of oral health and hygiene can prevent decay, periodontal disease and bacterial infection, but it only takes one unfortunate mishap for someone to get one or many teeth cracked, irreparably damaged or even dislodged completely. The Need for New York Dental Implants Proper dental care and hygiene don’t always keep the dentist at bay. Here are some of the most common reasons why people need New York dental implant: 

Physical trauma: An unfortunate fall, an accident or a bite into something a little too hard can easily result in a cracked or damaged tooth. In some cases of extreme and irreparable damage, the dentist may recommend extracting the remaining tooth structure (if any is left) and replacing it with New York dental implants. Teeth can also be accidentally dislodged through physical trauma received to the mouth.

Periodontal disease: Unfortunately, bacteria will always accumulate in hard-toreach places between the teeth and beneath the gum. Periodontal disease is essentially chronic inflammation and infection of the gums surrounding the tooth and this can lead to decay of the tooth root and the loss of the supporting bone tissue. Periodontal disease is one of the main causes of tooth loss in the United States. New York dental implants enable qualified and experienced oral surgeons to completely clean away the infection and replace unhealthy or missing teeth with a new and permanent (non-removable) substitute.

New York Dental Implants: The Procedure Most people facing the prospect of receiving New York dental implants are concerned about what the procedure involves. Essentially, the oral surgeon will place a titanium screw (dental implant) into the jaw bone where the missing tooth is located (or first remove the old tooth if it is irreparably damaged or decayed). A qualified and experienced professional, known as a Prosthodontist, will then attach the ceramic crown, which looks feels and functions like a natural healthy tooth. The procedure is performed under anesthetic and – optionally - with the help of a sedative so the patient feels no pain, discomfort or anxiety. Complications arise where bacterial infection and tooth loss has caused atrophy of the jaw bone (as can be the case with advanced periodontal disease). This can necessitate bone grafting surgery before dental implants can be placed. Having said, this modern surgical placement protocol for New York dental implants – namely, the “All-on-4” - enable experienced oral surgeons and prosthodontists to provide patients with complete oral rehabilitation almost always without this painful and lengthy procedure. A Final Note on New York Dental Implants Although most people are immediately concerned about their physical appearance when losing or breaking a tooth, the need for New York dental implants goes beyond the aesthetics of restoring the complete smile. Missing teeth pose a dire problem to the proper processing of food in the mouth prior to swallowing. Furthermore, proper speech and articulation can be impeded, especially if multiple teeth need replacing. New York dental implants therefore, provide a comprehensive solution that can last as many as 20, 30 years and longer.

New York Dental Implants: Filling the Gaps in Smiles  
New York Dental Implants: Filling the Gaps in Smiles  

Dental Implants are a highly successful treatment for broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth. They are non-removable and function, feel a...