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New Jersey Dental Implant News: Half the World World’’s Population Suffers from Major Tooth Decay! This article discusses the shocking findings of a global health survey looking at the incidence and severity of gum disease and tooth decay. It’s a shocking realization to come to, but a report published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Dental Research lead by Professor Wagner Marcenes of the University of London, has indicated that the number of people suffering from severe untreated tooth decay lies in the billions! In fact, this report states that more than half the world’s population is affected. Considering that population is approximately seven billion people, the estimated number of those with serious oral illness is around 3.9 billion!

“When you consider that even those with a decent education and economic background fail to look after their teeth properly and go for regular dental appointments, these statistics come as no surprise,” say New Jersey dental implant specialists. “Gum disease is a very real problem and one that is prevalent amongst North American society, not to mention the world.” What is so strange is that so many people don’t seek treatment for conditions that not only lead to quite severe discomfort, but visibly wreck their smiles. To make the situation even stranger is the fact that gum disease, tooth decay and dental caries (cavities) are wholly preventable. With simple, good hygienic measures and regular dental appointments, you can keep your teeth and gums in excellent lifelong condition. Then why does half the world’s population find this impossible to do? Research Findings The international research project carried out by Professor Marcenes was a part of the Global Burden of Disease (GBD) 2010 study. His interest was concerned with understanding oral health and its connections with whole body health. This peer-reviewed study revealed that:

Close to four billion people suffer from untreated oral ailments and conditions that could be causing severe toothache, discomfort and difficulty sleeping. We’re not even talking about surface cavities and mild gum infections that can be readily ignored. “What this indicates is that there is a critical lack of regard for the importance of good oral health and hygiene,” say NJ dental implants specialists.

Of all the major illnesses and diseases considered by the GBD 2010 research study (291 in number), cavities or tooth decay of a patient’s adult teeth was found to be the most common. In fact, 35% of the world’s population struggles with the disability of having teeth that are riddled with decay - a condition that can be extremely painful and difficult to eat and sleep with.

The study continued to reveal that there was an appreciable link between those who were at a moderate stroke or heart failure risk and rampant tooth loss and decay. “There is a very real connection between oral health and overall general health,” say dental implants specialists in New Jersey. “This connection is serious and potentially fatal.”

Additionally, the oral health problems mentioned in the study were estimated to cause the loss of 224 life years for every 100,000 people considered! Who would have thought that neglecting to brush and floss could lead to a lower life expectancy!

“Unfortunately, the situation doesn't seem to be getting any better, which is surprising considering our increased awareness of the importance of good oral health and hygiene,” comments NJ dental implants specialists. Between 1990 and 2010, Professor Marcenes' study found that the global incidence and severity of these oral ailments had increased by a substantial 20%. Furthermore, the average health issues being considered are no longer mild gum infection and surface cavities, but rather severe periodontitis (gum disease) and rampant tooth loss. The Professor had this to say: "The findings of the GBD 2010 study highlighted that an urgent organized social response to oral health problems is needed. This must deal with a wide array of health care and public health priorities for action." What you can do in the meantime is brush more thoroughly, more frequently and for longer; floss your teeth every day and give your dentist a call. It’s probably time you went for a check-up!

New Jersey Dental Implant News: Half The World’s Population Suffers From Major Tooth Decay!  

This article discusses the shocking findings of a global health survey looking at the incidence and severity of gum disease and tooth decay.

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