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Dental Implants in Rutherford and the Frightening Statistics of Tooth Loss

This article briefly describes the statistics of tooth loss and gum disease in the United States before explaining how dental implants can offer an aesthetic and functional tooth replacement solution. Facing the need for dental implants in Rutherford is only a matter of time for most people. Or at least that’s what statistics released by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons indicate quite strongly. At present, approximately 70% of people between the ages of 35 and 44 are missing at least one of their original pearly whites. A further 30% of people entering into their late adulthood (age 65+) do so without a single original adult tooth left in their mouth; a state referred to as edentulism. The primary driving force behind these incredible statistics is periodontal (gum) disease; an acute and chronic bacterial infection of the soft tissues surrounding the teeth that – in spite of our fancy medical technology and heightened health awareness – is still a pervasive problem in the United States. But perhaps scariest of all is that, according to the American Academy of Periodontology, three out of four people suffer from some form or stage of gum disease! From these frightening numbers, we can glean this fact: losing one or more of our teeth during the course of our lifetimes is an eventuality. So what are we to do?

Dental Implants in Rutherford: Long-Term Comprehensive Solutions Whether you have already lost one of your teeth, or still have a full set of healthy pearly whites, considering the need for dental implants in Rutherford is something you will ultimately have to prepare yourself for. You don’t need to have poor standards of oral hygiene to lose teeth. Factors such as accidental trauma, tooth decay, a failed root canal, certain medications, chronic illness (such as diabetes) and genetics can all result in your once beautiful smile becoming decidedly ‘gappy’. Thankfully, dental implants in Rutherford constitute a fantastic solution to single and multiple missing teeth; regardless of how they went missing in the first place

( So, what are they?

Dental implants in Rutherford are essentially tiny titanium screws that are inserted into pre-drilled sockets in the jaw bone at the site/s of the missing tooth/teeth. So, in effect, they are placed by an oral surgeon or implantologist to assume the role of the absent tooth root. To the abutment of the implant, an artificial ceramic tooth crown is attached. This is the only component that will be visible above the gum line, so don’t worry about the appearance of any metal; dental implants in Rutherford leave patients with beautifully restored smile aesthetics! The material from which the crown is fabricated is very durable and with the incredible support provided by the titanium screw, enables you to bite down with an increased force. What does this mean? Once your dental implants in Rutherford have healed, you can return to your normal diet (which is hopefully a balanced once).

Dental Implants in Rutherford: For Your Oral Health Over and above smile aesthetics and bite functionality, dental implants in Rutherford have proved themselves time and again to be extremely beneficial to one’s overall oral health. Not only do they help prevent bone atrophy in the jaw, but they also stabilize the adjacent teeth. So you see, while the loss of one or more teeth may be an eventuality, at least there is something incredibly effective that can be done about it ( ).

Dental Implants in Rutherford and the Frightening Statistics of Tooth Loss