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This article describes how dental implants can be used to immediately restore smile aesthetics, while promoting the natural youthful contours of the face in the long term. If one of your teeth happened to get accidentally knocked out, or become irreparably damaged due to decay or infection, what would your very first concern be? Most people would rush straight to the mirror to examine their new, altered smile. Unfortunately, there is nothing fetching about a ‘gappy’ smile and it only takes a single missing tooth to really compromise its natural appeal. As it was said; most people are concerned about their aesthetic appearance when they lose a tooth. So, if the solution you want has to be the best and most sophisticated on the market, then look no further than Connecticut dental implants! About Connecticut Dental Implants: What Are They? Connecticut dental implants are tooth replacement devices that consist of three components. The first is a tiny titanium fixture or screw that is carefully inserted into a predrilled socket in the jaw bone at the site/s of the missing tooth or teeth. Once the oral surgeon has placed this fixture, which is exceptionally strong and non-corrodible, he will attach an abutment or ‘collar’ to the top of it. This second component is used to secure a non-removable replacement tooth (or crown) in place, which is fabricated from the highest quality ceramic material. Or, if multiple dental implants are placed, a non-removable bridge can be secured, even replacing all of your natural teeth and missing gum tissue. The first two components of Connecticut dental implants are typically not visible so you don’t have to worry about any unsightly metal showing in your teeth when you smile. The only part your friends, family and colleagues (and everyone else for that

matter) will be able to see when you flash your smile is the durable ceramic crown or aesthetic bridge. And this is uniquely manufactured to be virtually indistinguishable from any of your other healthy natural teeth. The color of your new crown or teeth on your bridge is even custom-blended to match that of the rest of your teeth, so it won’t stand out as unnatural. The Long-Term Aesthetic Benefits of Connecticut Dental Implants The aesthetic benefits of Connecticut dental implants can, of course be immediately enjoyed. By filling the gap or gap/s in the dental arch, you can once again eat, speak and smile with confidence. But Connecticut dental implants have other advantages that benefit patients in the longer term. Unlike traditional tooth replacement technologies, such as dental bridges and removable dentures, Connecticut dental implants help replace the entire missing tooth, from the root to the crown. By restoring that essential source of stimulation provided by the tooth roots to the underlying jaw bone tissue (via the forces associated with chewing and grinding), Connecticut dental implants essentially keep the jaw alive and healthy. Jaw bone atrophy is caused by the loss of stimulation to the hard tissue, which in turn is the result of tooth loss gone untreated. The longer you ignore such a problem, the greater the loss of bone volume in the jaw at the site of the missing tooth or teeth. And it is this atrophy that causes that sunken and aged appearance we typically associated with the elderly and with denture-wearers (see above picture). By replacing single and multiple missing teeth with Connecticut dental implants, you not only get to enjoy the immediate benefits of a fully-restored smile, but you also allow the health of the underlying jaw bone to be promoted, which in turn preserves your natural youthful facial contours. A Final Note on Connecticut Dental Implants Connecticut dental implants really do offer patients the most sophisticated and long term teeth replacement solution available today. Your smile is one of your most important physical assets, so don’t allow single and multiple missing teeth to compromise its natural beauty and all the confidence it brings.

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Connecticut Dental Implants: Your Beautiful Smile and Confidence Restored  

This article describes how dental implants can be used to immediately restore smile aesthetics, while promoting the natural youthful contour...

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