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Bronx Dental Implants Surgeon's Advice Column On Maintaining Optimal Oral Health, PART 3 Welcome back to this four-part article series in which we speak to a Bronx dental implants surgeon about what it takes to achieve and maintain a beautiful and healthy smile. We ended off our previous article installment, Part 2, with some final tips on the necessary preventative care for good oral health. Now, we shall veer into the various bad habits and addictions that can lead to the early demise of your beautiful, youthful smile...

Let's turn our attention now to bad habits that destroy good oral health. In your experience, what is the most frequent cause of tooth loss in the patients you see?

"That would most certainly be bad oral hygiene and generally, an unhealthy lifestyle. We find that the people who lose most of their teeth in their mid-to-late adulthood haven't just made one mistake as far as caring for their teeth are concerned, but many. For example, they have rarely if ever flossed, they seldom brush their teeth, they may be smokers, they have too much sugar in their diet and they haven't seen a dentist and oral hygienist in

decades! Your teeth are composed of the strongest substance in your body and it takes a fair bit of abuse to destroy them, but they are not invulnerable. This is unfortunately something all of our patients have discovered the hard way," says the Bronx dental implants surgeon.

Smoking is an addiction... so what if someone wants to quit and is trying, but in the meantime they want to make sure they do as little damage to their teeth as possible. What would you recommend? "First of all, any smoker needs to be commended on his or her resolution to kick the habit," says the dental implants surgeon in New York City. "We are fully aware that it is an addiction and so it isn't just a matter of flushing one’s cigarettes down the toilet. Smoking damages your teeth and gums in many ways, some of which you can offset in the short term. It causes "dry mouth" and since your saliva is your body's defense mechanism against bacteria, this has the potential to lead to decay and gum disease." "What we would recommend is more frequent brushing and flossing... you need to accommodate for the fact that your mouth isn't as resistant to infection as a non-smoker's, so be more thorough in your approach to keeping your teeth and gums clean. You may also want to make use of an anti-bacterial mouth wash and chew sugar-free gum between meals, as this will stimulate the production of saliva." "Additionally, no matter how embarrassed you are about your habit, make sure you see your dentist and oral hygienist twice per year," urges the Bronx dental implants surgeon. "Taking a more aggressive preventative approach to keeping your mouth healthy may stave off the oral diseases associated with smoking for longer. But it won't prevent them and it certainly won’t prevent oral cancer."

What other addictions are bad for your teeth? "Is there any kind of addiction that isn't bad for you? Binge drinking is bad for your teeth, not to mention your entire body. The acid and sugar content of most alcoholic beverages destroys dental enamel, while the alcohol irritates soft tissue and causes dry mouth. Drug abuse - no matter what it is - obliterates oral health. Most illegal drugs are incredibly acidic and corrode your teeth," explains the Bronx dental implants surgeon. "Also, eating disorders can lead to the early loss of teeth: a lack of proper nutrition leaves you more vulnerable to infection and frequent exposure to stomach acid causes healthy teeth to become terribly damaged." Stay Tuned for Part 4 For more advice from the dental implants surgeon in New York City on how to maintain optimal oral health for life, stay tuned for the final installment of this four-part article series.

Bronx Dental Implants Surgeon's Advice Column On Maintaining Optimal Oral Health, PART 3  
Bronx Dental Implants Surgeon's Advice Column On Maintaining Optimal Oral Health, PART 3  

This four-part article series provides the advice of a dental implant surgeon on how to best care for your teeth and what terrible habits/li...