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Yesh Din Following a petition by Yesh Din, the

Supreme Court halted a bill that would have legalized illegal outposts in the West Bank. Yesh Din also held dozens of legal workshops in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, ensuring that Palestinians know their rights and can push back against confiscation of land and other resources.

Breaking the Silence To mark 50 years of the occupation, Breaking the Silence hosted “Black Mirror,” a five-hour public reading of over 300 newly published testimonies of soldiers who served in the occupied territories. Hundreds of Israelis participated, including former Knesset Members and Israel Prize laureates.

B’Tselem Following months of research,

B’Tselem published major reports on the confiscation of Palestinian land for the use of settlements and the detention of Palestinian teenagers in East Jerusalem. B’Tselem also produced a groundbreaking exhibit called “50 Years: 50 Photographs of Palestinians Born in 1967,” which was widely covered in the Israeli media and was viewed by over 1,000 people.

Ir Amim

To secure a sustainable and just future for Jerusalem, Ir Amim advocates against the expansion of Jewish settlements in East Jerusalem. In 2017, Ir Amim successfully thwarted two major construction plans.


two states, one hope rally in Tel Aviv.

Profile for New Israel Fund

New Israel Fund 2017 Annual Report  

A Story of True Partnership

New Israel Fund 2017 Annual Report  

A Story of True Partnership