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2011 Annual Report



The New Israel Fund The New Israel Fund (NIF) is the leading organization advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis. We believe that Israel can live up to its founders’ vision of a state that ensures complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants, without regard to religion, race, gender, or national identity. Widely credited with building Israel’s progressive civil society from scratch, we have provided over $250 million to more than 800 cutting-edge organizations since our inception. And we are more than a funder; NIF is at philanthropy’s cutting edge thanks in large part to Shatil.

Shatil Shatil is New Israel Fund’s Initiative for Social Change. Shatil provides NIF grantees and other social change organizations with hands-on

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Social and Economic Justice

10 Democracy, Human, and Civil Rights 16 Religious Pluralism and Tolerance 20 NIF Projects and Key Partnerships 21 Shatil projects

assistance, including training, resources, and

22 Financial Statements

workshops on various aspects of nonprofit

25 Planned Giving

management. Today, NIF/Shatil is a leading advocate for democratic values, builds coalitions, empowers activists, and often takes the initiative in setting the public agenda.

26 2011 Donors 32 Get Involved


Friends 2011. What a year. Never has the New Israel Fund faced the challenges and opportunities we now confront in Israel. No fewer than 44 anti-democratic laws were proposed by ultra-nationalists in the Knesset last year, ten of which passed. Laws that would defund or penalize our family of progressive organizations. Laws usurping the independence of the judiciary, trammeling the free press, curtailing freedom of speech. Racist and exclusionary laws. Working with our flagship grantee, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, NIF/Shatil’s Center for Policy Change beat much of this back, at least temporarily. Our leadership of the pro-democracy forces in Israel found support overseas, with thousands of people including leaders of the American Jewish community weighing in for democracy and justice. And then, suddenly, the landscape changed. Almost out of nowhere, a street protest against high housing costs in Tel Aviv became the largest nationwide movement for social justice in Israel’s history. Our support for the protests in Israel’s periphery and Shatil’s assistance to the fledgling movement made a big difference — and NIF U.S. was the only organization outside Israel to raise funds to help. By the end of the year, the rising tide of religious extremism and the growing exclusion of women from the public sphere commanded headlines in Israel and worldwide. Secretary of State Clinton weighed in, and we found ourselves at the center of new efforts for women’s rights and a tolerant, pluralistic Israel. Through it all, you were there. With activism, reaching out repeatedly to Israel’s leaders. With financial support, making it one of our most successful years ever. And with the understanding that the battle for Israel’s future is now engaged, cannot be shirked, and must be won.

Naomi Chazan President

Daniel Sokatch Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Liel Executive Director in Israel

One special note: After four years of volunteer leadership during the most challenging time in NIF’s history, Naomi Chazan is stepping down as NIF’s Chair. Brian Lurie, a lifelong leader in the American Jewish community, assumes that leadership in 2012. The entire NIF family thanks Naomi for her tireless and brave efforts, in the face of virulent personal attacks, and reassures everyone that she will remain a leader in the NIF family. Our thanks to her — and to you. Daniel Sokatch/Rachel Liel

Would the U.S. government pay attention if 18 million people turned out for a protest in Washington? Seen Here: Hundreds of thousands take to the streets in Israel’s largest-ever demonstration.

9.3.11 10:32 PM


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Founded as a socialist nation, Israel’s income gap between rich and poor is now among the highest in the developed world. Young couples find it difficult to buy a home and establish a family. In 2011, Israelis successfully protested a range of economic issues from the low royalties paid by natural gas companies to the price of cottage cheese. | 2011 Annual Report


Social and economic Justice

It all started with a woman and her tent. Fed up with the soaring costs of housing and having lost her sublet apartment,


Dafni Leef pitched a tent in Tel Aviv in protest. She didn’t have any idea that she was about to spawn the largest protest in the history of Israel.

8.11.11 9:54

Along the sea of tents on Rothschild Boulevard, the air was electric, the vibrant


atmosphere contagious. Under the canopy The Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz named Israelis “who in the summer of 2011 took their fate into their own hands” as the most influential ‘person’ of 5771.

of palm trees, tens of thousands of Israelis — Ashkenazim and Mizrachim, religious and secular, citizens from the center and the periphery, Jews and Arabs — joined together in a burgeoning movement for social justice. Israel’s middle class is shrinking and the gaps between rich and poor Israelis are growing. Since December 2007, average Israeli home prices have risen nearly 50% with a 15% rise during the first half of last year alone. Despite Israel’s impressive economic growth, an increasing number of Israelis cannot afford to buy or even rent a home. Costs for education and healthcare are increasing while the social safety net has been shredded by years of government pullbacks and budget cuts.


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

NIF U.S. was the only organization outside of Israel to fund the protest movement. While the protest began as an autonomous, grassroots movement, NIF distributed 40 emergency grants to protests outside Tel Aviv, advised protest leaders on sustaining and enlarging demonstrations, and initiated media and advocacy strategies. Thirty NIF grantees were integral to the movement.

Working to ensure that the calls for social justice were heard, the NIF family lobbied members of Knesset, drafted guidelines and demands for solving the housing crisis and provided legal advice. In response, the Trajtenberg Committee recommendations, which gathered input from NIF grantees, resulted in more governmental support for affordable housing and early childhood education and some rearrangement of budget priorities.

Selected Grantees

What the organization does

NIF involvement/financial support

Periphery Forum

Activists from the geographic and social periphery focus on placing the issue of affordable housing on the public agenda and promoting solutions to decision-makers.

The sole funder, NIF provided an emergency grant for the summer protests and a follow-up grant to continue their work.

Coalition of Affordable Housing

Promotes innovative solutions for affordable housing that also respond to the social needs of mixed-income neighborhoods.

NIF funding is used toward lobbying efforts, campaigning and organizing. The Coalition played a key role in the summer protest.

Socio-Economic Studies Association

Works to influence socioeconomic policy in Israel by educating the general public and social activists through its college.

In addition to our grant, NIF provided a $4,000 emergency grant for courses to activist groups in the periphery following the social protests.

Movement for Dignified Living

Grassroots organization working to enable all citizens of Israel to exercise their right to housing.

NIF’s grant provided a salary to the founder and hired a fund raising director. An emergency grant was made to work with tent cities in Be’er Sheva and throughout Israel over the summer.

NIF Grant as % of Organizational Budget





Israelis march for their rights at a rally in Tel Aviv under the banner “Israel 2011.”

What’s next

9.3.11 8:45 PM

Eight months after the protests ended, NIF counted at least 132 new initiatives resulting from the movement. The social justice protests turned ordinary Israelis into activists, led to new thinking about democracy and social justice and, above all, ushered in a new era of hope. NIF continues to work with protest leaders who are transitioning the movement to positive social change. | 2011 Annual Report


Social and economic Justice

NIF’s long-term goal is to reduce social and economic gaps by working to empower Israel’s most disadvantaged citizens. NIF works with grantee organizations to foster a broad culture of citizen action, and promote workable policies and programs addressing poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and urban decay in low-income communities, especially in the geographic and social periphery.

2011 Achievements n

In September, 450,000 Israelis marched in

In a major victory for social justice, the Sheshinski

Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and across the country

Committee’s recommendations to raise the royalties

demanding social justice. Originating as a protest

on Israel’s newly found natural gas fields from

for affordable housing, the movement grew to

33 to 55-65% were approved. Prime Minister

encompass the high cost of living, growing social

Benjamin Netanyahu said that most of the extra

and economic gaps, and accountability and fair-

billions of dollars collected by the government will

ness in government, and has already changed

be allocated to education. NIF, Shatil and Israel’s

government policy and budget priorities. NIF-U.S.

social change movement campaigned hard for

was the only organization outside Israel to sup-

higher royalty rates to be used towards increased

port the movement. The NIF family continues to

expenditures on education and social welfare.

play an integral role strengthening the movement and championing legislation and policies in support of socioeconomic equality. n



In a verdict that validated Israel’s democratic institutions and demonstrated that no one — not even Israel’s leaders — is above the law, former

Following a petition by NIF grantees ACRI, Kav

Israeli president Moshe Katsav was convicted for

Laoved-Workers Hotline, Hotline for Migrant

rape and sexual harassment. Following a plea

Workers in Israel and Physicians for Human

bargain agreement, which would have allowed

Rights, Israel’s High Court of Justice cancelled

Katsav to plead to lesser charges, Kolech/Religious

a government order requiring foreign workers

Women’s Forum, the Association of Rape Crisis

to leave the country with their babies within

Centers, and other groups appealed to the

three months of giving birth. According to the

Supreme Court to cancel the plea bargain. NIF

overturned order, the female workers would

grantees also used the case to illuminate the

have been allowed to retain their work visas

wider social problem of sexual harassment in

only if they returned to their home countries,

Israel, and encourage women to come forward

abandoned their infants, and then returned to

when they are victimized.


NIF offers expertise and training to help refugees speak for themselves, to the media, to the politicians, and to all of Israel.


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Selected Grantees

Social and Economic Justice Adva Center

Provides policy analysis, advocacy and public education on issues of inequality among various population groups in Israel with a focus on gender. Awareness for You

Empowerment activities for Arab women in the Triangle region. Coalition for Affordable Housing

Promotes innovative solutions for affordable housing through community organizing, advocacy, legal activity and raising public awareness. Em Habanim Smechah

Economic empowerment activities for ultraOrthodox women who are single parents. Food Security Center

Advocacy, community organizing and public education to reduce food insecurity in Israel. Follow-Up Committee for Arab Education

The leading organization representing the Arab public vis-à-vis the education system, advancing equitable allocation of resources and greater autonomy in education for the Arab sector. Haokets

A political-social-economic blog aimed at expanding the public and media’s discourse and creating a media platform for civil society. Hirak

Increasing access to higher education for the Arab sector, representing young Arabs in the social justice protest movement and empowering Arab students in institutions of higher education. Israeli Human Rights Organization of People with Disabilities

Promotes the rights of persons with disabilities in Israel.

Mahapach: Education, Housing, and Livelihood

Narrows social gaps and develops local leadership among disempowered populations by establishing neighborhood centers in disadvantaged villages; tutoring children; empowering residents and cultivating local leaders. Noar K’halacha

Prevents ethnic discrimination in the Haredi education system. Periphery Forum

Activists from the Geographic and Social Periphery place the issue of affordable housing on the public agenda and promote solutions to decisionmakers. Physicians for Human Rights: Civil Forum in the South

Bridging the gaps in the availability, accessibility and results of healthcare and promoting the rights of underprivileged sectors, with a focus on the Negev. Sisters for Women in Israel

Works for the economic and personal empowerment of women, with a focus on Mizrachi, Ethiopian and other disempowered groups, and runs Israel’s first fair trade stores. Supportive Community

Activities aimed at promoting and training women who own small businesses. Wikirights

Setting up a website in the format of Wikipedia with the assistance of professional developers, writers and organizations, to increase Israelis understanding of their social rights. Women Lawyers for Social Justice

Works to narrow social and economic gaps through public education and legal activities designed to link feminist discourse with social justice. This is a partial list. For a complete listing of NIF grantees, please visit | 2011 Annual Report


Imagine the outcry if Jewish prayer books were burned like this.

Seen Here: A convoy of Israeli Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, and secular Jews visited the Galilee village of Tuba Zangaria, where extremists had torched the mosque a few days before. It was organized by the NIF-supported coalition Banish the Darkness, which combats religious racism.

10.2.11 11: 45 PM


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

“Political extremism involves two prime ingredients: an excessively simple diagnosis of the world’s ills, and a conviction that there are identifiable villains back of it all,” John Gardner wrote. Ultra-nationalism and religious extremism are challenging Israeli democracy and threatening the prospects for a shared and peaceful society.



Democracy? 73.4% of Israelis think Israel today is democratic to a suitable degree

Source: The Guttman Center's Israeli Democracy Index | 2011 Annual Report


DEMOCRACY, human, and civil rights

Extremism Is No Virtue The Bedouin of the Galilee village of Tuba-

1.18.12 1:13

Zangariya have long served in the Israeli army. But that didn’t save their mosque from


arson and desecration in a “price-tag” attack last October. These vigilante attacks by extremist settlers, retaliating for government shutdowns of illegal outposts, are now happening inside Israel. Violence is only a small part of Israel’s new ultra-nationalism. More Several thousand rallied in front of the Knesset protesting legislation to prevent property from being sold or rented to Ethiopian-Israelis.

frequent are attempts by right-wing politicians and their allies to throttle free speech, shut down dissent, and vilify Israel’s democratic institutions. The Knesset passed laws restricting freedom of expression. One law penalizes those calling for boycotts of goods from West Bank settlements. Another reduces government funding to any town or organization that commemorates the Nakba, what Arab Israelis call their trauma of 1948. Still another new law allows small towns to exclude minorities on the grounds of “social unsuitability.” More than 20 other laws repressing minority rights, politicizing the High Court, or blocking funding for human rights organizations remain under legislative consideration. The good news is that the new ultra-nationalism has its counterpart — an awakening of support for democratic values and social justice throughout Israel.


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Thanks to the dedicated staff at Shatil’s Center for Policy Change, and the partnership with ACRI, NIF has been the leading proponent for democracy in the halls of the Knesset. Last year we helped defeat a legislative “inquiry” into the human rights community. Our supporters across the world, too, have helped make a real difference. Through NIF’s action-alerts, our supporters have influenced legislators and impacted legislation. Many proposals have been reworked or shelved indefinitely.

In October, over 1,000 rabbis from around the world signed onto an NIF-initiated statement condemning the arson of the mosque in the Bedouin village of Tuba-Zangariya. And over Chanukah, led by the moderate Orthodox coalition Banish the Darkness, our organizations held a series of candle-lighting events at sites where price-tag attacks have occurred.

Selected Grantees

What the organization does

NIF involvement/financial support

Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

NIF’s flagship grantee, ACRI is Israel’s oldest and largest human rights organization.

NIF’s grant provided salary to core legal and support staff throughout the organization, making it possible to continue a multi-pronged strategy of strategic litigation, public advocacy, education, and campaigning to safeguard human rights, equality, democracy, and social justice in Israel.

BRIT HOSHECH LEGARESH (Banish the Darkness)

A broad coalition of diverse organizations working to combat manifestations of racism, in part by modifying attitudes and generating active opposition on-the-ground.

In addition to core funding, NIF provided grants for democracy education and programs opposing the price-tag attacks.


Adalah is the leading organization specializing in the legal defense of the rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel vis-à-vis both the legal system and Israeli decision-makers.

Additional grants funded work on land issues and legal defense in the Negev.

Grassroots political movement that promotes civic and social equality, solidarity, and reasonable living conditions for all citizens of Israel.

NIF grants worked to help greatly expand the organization, including adding new student chapters. An emergency grant went towards legal defense.

Democracy Defense Fund (Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement)

Candle lighting on the second night of Chanukah as part of an NIF-sponsored series of events to counter the extremist price-tag attacks.

12.21.11 6:52 PM

NIF Grant as % of Organizational Budget





What’s next With a diminished opposition in the Knesset, the growing democracy movement will continue to keep our vision of a pluralist, tolerant Israel, governed by the rule of law, at the forefront of the public agenda. | 2011 Annual Report


DEMOCRACY, human and civil rights

NIF works to protect and promote the rights of all citizens of Israel, and to establish a shared society. From women’s and LGBT rights to the controversial issues of synagogue/state and minority rights, NIF has founded, funded, trained or led a coalition of every significant human and civil rights organization in Israel.

Achievements n

In July, the Knesset voted to reject a proposed

selection committee had been discriminatory

parliamentary inquiry into human rights

in determining that the Zabidats, were ‘not

organizations in Israel. This was a decisive

suitable’ to become residents of the village. The

victory for Shatil’s Center for Policy Change

petition was submitted by NIF grantee Adalah:

and our flagship grantee the Association for

Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.

Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), who are leading

While in this instance Rakefet discriminated

the fight against anti-democratic legislation

against Arabs, village selection committees

in the Knesset. Over 1,800 North American

systematically discriminate against a range of

NIF supporters contacted four wavering Likud

minority groups including Mizrachi Jews, gays,

leaders to urge them to vote against the

and single parents.

measure. This was the Knesset’s second rejection of a McCarthyite investigation designed to shut down the human rights community, and sent a decisive message to ultra-nationalist forces in the Knesset rejecting their repression of dissent. n

NIF’s Kick Racism out of Israeli Soccer Campaign contributed to an impressive 39% decrease in racist chanting during the 2010/2011 soccer season. Counter-racist actions, including booing and silencing fans who act in a racist manner,

Israel’s High Court of Justice ordered Rakefet,

have increased by 18% due to NIF activities, our

a Jewish village in the Galilee, to accept Arab

efforts have resulted in increased media attention

Israeli couple Fatima and Ahmed Zabidat

and educational awareness, and helped outlaw

as members of their community and issue

racist behavior in sports stadiums.

them a construction permit to build their home. The court decided that the village’s

Thousands of Israelis took part in an anti-racism demonstration in Jerusalem.



Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Selected Grantees

Democracy, Human and Civil Rights African Refugees Development Center (ARDC)

Led by African refugees, ARDC works to advance the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel through legal assistance and public advocacy.

Ma’an - The Forum for Bedouin Women’s Organizations

Advances Bedouin women’s leadership and status, facilitates cooperation among local organizations. Mossawa

Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI)

Litigation, counseling, monitoring, education and legislative consultation to establish and protect civil and human rights in Israel. NIF’s flagship grantee, ACRI is the leading civil rights organization in Israel. Banish the Darkness

Coalition of Jewish, largely religious organizations that leads public, legal and educational activities to combat racism in Israeli society. Bimkom: Planners for Planning Rights

A Jewish-Arab organization that engages the public in planning processes with a focus on East Jerusalem, the Negev, mixed cities and other marginalized populations. Breaking the Silence

Raises public awareness about the moral dilemmas faced by soldiers serving in the occupied territories by collecting and publishing soldiers’ testimonies, public events and advocacy. Council for Peace and Security

Former senior IDF officers who advocate an end to the occupation and a peace agreement with the Palestinians from a security perspective. Democracy Defense Fund (Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement)

Grassroots organization working towards civil equality within Israel and an end to the expropriation of property in East Jerusalem. Equal Access to Health Services

Promoting culturally competent and linguistically accessible medical services for all residents of Israel. Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel (Adalah)

Litigation and advocacy efforts to ensure the rights of Arab citizens of Israel.

Policy analysis and advocacy efforts to ensure equality in government budgets and policies for Arab citizens, and Jewish-Arab activities to combat racism. Negev Coexistence Forum

Promotes cooperation between Jews and Arabs in the Negev, with a focus on the problems of unrecognized Bedouin villages. Our Heritage

Promotes democratic values amongst Russianspeaking immigrants concerning issues of equal rights, Jewish-Arab joint living and peace. Public Committee against Torture in Israel

Works to prevent all forms of torture and police brutality, and to expand public support for human rights. The Freedom of Information Association

Promotes the implementation of the Freedom of Information Law through awareness raising and litigation activities. Tmura: Israeli Anti-Discrimination Legal Center

Fights discrimination against Mizrachim, Ethiopians, and other disempowered groups through establishing legal precedents and public campaigns. Women Against Violence (WAV) – Nazareth

Leading Arab women’s organization which opposes violence, and advances employment opportunities and leadership roles for Arab women. Women’s Fund for Human Rights (Machsom Watch)

Prevents violations of Palestinians’ human rights in the territories through monitoring IDF and Border Patrol checkpoints. This is a partial list. For a complete listing of NIF grantees, please visit | 2011 Annual Report


A sign asking women not to loiter in a public space.

11.30.11 2:30 PM


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

In Israel, not everyone believes women should be seen and heard.

Seen Here: NIF launches our “Women should be seen AND heard� campaign.

Using extreme interpretations of the traditional Jewish virtue of modesty, some ultra-Orthodox leaders have accelerated efforts to exclude or segregate women on public streets and buses, in advertising and in egalitarian settings including academic conferences and the Army.

= Reform Conservative


2 out of 3 Israelis agree Conservative and Reform Movements should have equal status with the Orthodox.

Source: Guttman Center’s “A Portrait of Israeli Jews” report | 2011 Annual Report


Religious pluralism and tolerance

A courageous woman refuses to sit at the back of the bus In a simple move that made headlines

11.7.11 :19 12Photo

around the world, a courageous woman refused to sit at the back of the bus. In


Beit Shemesh, an 8-year-old girl was spat upon for her “immodest” attire — her school uniform. And a prominent settler rabbi told religious soldiers it was better to die than to be subjected to the sounds of women soldiers singing at an IDF event. Defaced poster of Roni Hazon-Weiss, an activist with NIF grantee Yerushalmim.

Freedom of — and from — religion has always been at the core of NIF’s mission. And with extremists in the ultraOrthodox community becoming increasingly brazen in acts of religious coercion, NIF has been busier than ever. In January, NIF grantee Israel Religious Action Center won a prolonged legal battle, which ruled that public buses could not compel gender segregation. Despite the ruling, the practice has continued and throughout the year men and women — including senior Likud politicians — have ridden the buses in protest “freedom rides.” It’s hard to say exactly when it started, but with the governing coalition dependent on ultra-Orthodox support, there is no end in sight.


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

In response to advertisers acquiescing to the demands of the ultra-Orthodox by dropping images of women from ads in Jerusalem, NIF launched the “Women Should Be Seen and Heard” campaign. Hundreds of supporters sent in their photos, which were compiled in more than 50 posters displayed In Jerusalem to restore images of women to the public sphere. The Washington Post published a column about the campaign and the ongoing problems of religious coercion. Citing the article the next day, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed her concern about women’s rights in Israel, sparking a series of

defensive comments from the Israeli government. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and CNN International, among a dozen major news outlets worldwide, reported on the story. And after years of protest, NIF grantee Kolech and other women’s groups persuaded the Israel Medical Association to forbid its members to appear at a religious conference on women’s fertility issues — a conference that banned women experts from presenting or women from speaking.

Selected Grantees

What the organization does

NIF involvement/financial support


Works to turn Jerusalem into a pluralistic, tolerant, and open city. Yerushalmim plays a central role in the campaign against gender segregation.

In addition to a core grant, NIF provided $6,000 for work in gender segregation and monitoring Jerusalem’s public sphere.

The first Orthodox Jewish feminist organization in Israel, Kolech aims to increase public awareness and bring about change in Israeli religious society.

NIF made a core grant as well as an additional grant for work on gender segregation including a hand-out to 4,500 synagogues on the issue.

Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC)

Promotes religious freedom, social justice, civil rights, and government accountability.

An NIF grantee for 20 years, IRAC is the leading force promoting religious pluralism in Israel. In addition to our grant, Shatil helped guide IRAC in a strategic planning process.

Be Free Israel

A young, vibrant grassroots movement that works to promote religious freedom in Israel.

Be Free Israel played an important role in the SHATIL coalition on the exclusion of women. An additional 2011 grant funded several public protests on gender segregation.


An immigrant from the Caucasus runs her own store with business skills learned in an NIFfunded program.

NIF Grant as % of Organizational Budget





What’s next NIF-sponsored and supported demonstrations against gender segregation continue to make headlines and garner increasing support. And our lobbying and legal efforts are working to ensure justice and equality in the eyes of the law.

Religious pluralism and tolerance

Selected Grantees

Religious Pluralism and Tolerance 12 Heshvan: Promoting Tolerance in an Orthodox Context

Develops schools and youth movements for the National Religious sector that promote openness, pluralism and tolerance, and works to combat antiArab racism within Orthodox Judaism. Be Free Israel

A media-savvy grassroots movement that works to promote religious freedom in Israel. Bina

Conducts pluralistic educational and social justice activities such as the world’s first Secular Yeshivas in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, as well as pre-army preparatory programs. Center for Women’s Justice

Litigation and advocacy activities advancing the status of Jewish women whose rights have been violated as a result of the legal system’s reliance on religious law. Fishka - Young Russian Speakers Community in Israel

A social club for Russian-speaking new immigrants that conducts programs on Jewish identity and culture, holiday events, and provides leadership development. Hiddush For Religious Freedom and Equality

Works to realize the Israeli Declaration of Independence’s commitments towards equality and freedom of religion and to promote these values by various means, with the cooperation of Diaspora Jews. International Coalition for Agunah Rights

Campaigning for the rights of thousands of women in Israel who cannot obtain a writ of divorce in the religious courts.


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Israel Religious Action Center (Reform Movement)

Legal and advocacy strategies to promote religious freedom, social justice, civil rights, and government accountability. Mavoi Satum (“Dead End”)

Working to establish an alternative Rabbinic court to deal with issues of marriage and divorce. Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah

The leading moderate Orthodox organization that promotes a commitment to democracy and the rule of law, progressive religious education, opposition to ultra-Orthodox hegemony over religious affairs, social justice, and women’s rights. Religious Women’s Forum (Kolech)

Efforts by Orthodox women to advocate for women’s rights within the framework of halacha, with special regard to marriage and divorce. The Masorti (Conservative) Movement

Works to broaden the movement’s exposure by reaching out to new target audiences, developing congregations, and cultivating leadership, with the goal of promoting recognition of non-Orthodox forms of Jewish practice in Israel. Women and Horizons (Nisa Va’fak)

Promotes the status and rights of Arab women through traditional and modern interpretations of Islamic religious practice. Yerushalmim

Young Jerusalem activists fighting gender segregation in public spaces, and promoting a pluralistic Jewish identity for the city. This is a partial list. For a complete listing of NIF grantees, please visit

Thousands of Israelis participated in 35 NIF-funded Shavuot events in June.

NIF aims to promote freedom of and from religion in Israel, and to encourage a more tolerant society that embraces the rich diversity of Jewish identity, expression and practice. Our grantees work to foster diverse expressions of Jewish identity and practice; change the legal structure that limits religious freedom; advocate for equal allocation of resources to non-Orthodox Jewish services and education; strengthen liberal elements within Orthodoxy; and combat religious extremism including the exclusion of women from the public sphere.

Achievements n

In a new program emphasizing religious


In a precedent-setting ruling, the Tel Aviv District

pluralism, NIF initiated Torah study sessions

Court awarded nearly $200,000 compensation

in honor of the Shavuot holiday throughout

to a woman whose husband refused to grant her

Israel in June. The sessions, many of them

a divorce. The woman was represented by NIF

sponsored by groups not previously associated

grantee Center for Women’s Justice. In Israel,

with NIF, reflected the complex composition

there is no civil marriage or divorce. According

of Israeli society and the daunting range of

to Jewish, and thus Israeli, law a woman who

moral issues confronting the country. The

does not receive a religious divorce from her

sessions ranged from a rabbi, imam, and priest

husband is known as an agunah, or “chained

speaking about interfaith dialogue to a study

woman,” and cannot remarry.

session led by novelist A.B. Yehoshua and M.K. Shelly Yachimovitch to a program in a Reform synagogue on Jewish discourse and human rights. In addition to the financial support underwriting the events, NIF provided study materials written by leading Secular, Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative leaders. | 2011 Annual Report


NIF Projects and Key partnerships Social & Economic Justice In addition to our work supporting hundreds of civil society organizations, NIF proactively tackles some of the most difficult issues facing Israeli society though projects we sponsor alone or with partners. From expanding the civil rights bar in Israel to fighting racism to teaching civics education, NIF projects are making a real difference.

The Social Justice Fellowships enable a cadre of post-college Jewish young adults to spend 10 months immersed in the movement for social change in Israel. These fellowships place young Jewish activists in Israeli NGOs for a year of in-depth contribution and learning.

NIF/Shatil Social Justice Fellowships (Project)


Green Environment Fund (partnership)


NIF’s partnership with the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Samuel Sebba Trust, and the Morningstar Foundation aims to protect and preserve Israel’s environment, promote environmental justice, and strengthen the country’s environmental movement.

NIF sponsored a number of activities that promoted democratic values and citizen participation. The 2011 “Shared Cities” project - in partnership with Bezalel Arts academy — focused on issues of racism and discrimination in the mixed cities and culminated with a major exhibit in Tel Aviv.

Democracy Education (Project)

$ 42,736

Democracy, Human, and Civil Rights

Israel-US Civil Liberties Law Program (partnership)


Inaugurated in 1980 in partnership with American University’s Washington College of Law, the program provides academic and professional experience to Israeli lawyers specializing in civil rights. The 50-plus program graduates are the core of the civil rights bar in Israel — as academics, community organizers, founders of non-profit organizations, and litigators.

NIF’s program has helped reduce racism and violence in Israeli soccer (a notorious arena for anti-Arab incitement) by raising public awareness and successfully advocating for new legislation and law enforcement procedures to crack down on perpetrators.

New Voices in the Stadium Campaign Against Racism in Soccer (Project)


Campaign for Democracy (Project)

NIF initiated a special program designed to tackle the most immediate needs of the democracy movement, including the fight against racism and a legal defense fund.

$1,300,000 The Social Justice Fund is a grantmaking partnership between the Ford Foundation and NIF to promote peace and social justice in Israel. It focuses its grant making within three areas: civil and human rights in Israel, equity and equal opportunities for the Palestinian minority within Israel, and promoting a peaceful resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Social Justice Fund (partnership)

$ 4,491,000

Religious Pluralism and Tolerance

Orthodox Women’s Seed Pool (partnership)

$125,000 20

This initiative, a partnership with the Nathan Cummings Foundation and the Leichtag Family Foundation, works to advance the rights and status of Orthodox women through leadership development, advocacy, and cross-sector collaborations, and gives religious women the opportunity to create community-based programs that address the needs of Orthodox girls and women.

Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Lopatin Fund to Promote Jewish Pluralism (partnership)


Established in 2009 to strengthen NIF’s grant making capacity in the area of Jewish pluralism, the Lopatin Fund has a focus on Jewish identity and social justice initiatives. The Fund also supports Shatil’s work in this area.

Shatil Projects In addition to providing consulting and training to social change organizations and campaigns, CPC took the lead, with our flagship grantee ACRI, in defeating anti-democratic legislative initiatives aimed at weakening progressive civil society.

Shatil is Israel’s leading organization providing training and hands-on consulting to hundreds of non-profits. Shatil also addresses specific problems through its own projects, which span the breadth of NIF’s issues and impact the lives of thousands of Israelis.

Shatil’s Center For Policy Change (CPC)

In addition to its well-regarded consulting and training programs, in 2011, Shatil designed and implemented innovative trainings for human rights and social justice organizations, guided refugee organizations in media outreach, and trained grassroots activists to operate more effectively in the summer’s social justice protests.

Shatil continues to empower residents of Israel’s mixed cities to fight for basic housing rights through policy change, public advocacy and more. SHATIL placed a special focus on engaging women and youth in community activism in the center of the country.

Networking and Strengthening Activists in the Social Justice Protests

From new immigrants to Arab Israeli communities, Shatil worked to engage diverse populations in the social justice protests that engulfed the country in the summer of 2011. Shatil also ensured that grassroots activists and prominent academics offered alternative policies regarding social and economic gaps to government decision-makers.

In 2011, Shatil began intensive outreach to the traditionally right-wing Russian community, working to promote values of democracy, peace, and a shared society within that sector. And a pilot Russian language bloggers’ course gave young adults the tools to begin to influence Russianlanguage discourse in Israel.

Combating Gender Segregation

Cutting-Edge Capacity Building

Bringing New Constituencies to the ProDemocracy Movement

Shatil assembled a coalition of feminist and pluralist organizations battling the ongoing exclusion of women. The coalition successfully campaigned against a ban on female presenters at a conference on women’s fertility and sexual health, and most of the male presenters backed out of the conference in solidarity with the effort. Shatil, together with the International Coalition for Agunah Rights, is also working to ensure that women are represented on the Rabbinic Courts’ Judicial Appointments Committee.

Environmental and distributive justice

Shatil was at the forefront of the fight to ensure that the public receive its fair share of royalties from the new offshore natural gas discoveries. Shatil also continues its efforts to ensure public access to Israel’s natural resources and green space. And the Shatil-coordinated Forum for Responsible Planning won an early victory against the anti-democratic and environmentally devastating planning reform bill.

As a result of Shatil trainings, Bedouin women have been increasing their community activism and entering previously male-dominated arenas such as forums on Bedouin education and unrecognized villages. For the first time, women took a leading role in ongoing demonstrations against home demolitions in unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev.

Vision for a Shared Society

Efforts to equalize land rights in Israel’s mixed Jewish-Arab cities

Empowering Bedouin women

Shatil-led Arab-Jewish groups in Haifa and Akko are developing visions for shared living in mixed cities. Shatil’s Conflict Transformation Management Center also promoted shared society through its Dialogue at Work program and the JewishPalestinian Dialogue Initiative. In two predominantly Jewish villages, Shatil is assisting Arab Israeli residents to lobby to correct inequities and formulate a new, shared identity for the towns. | 2011 Annual Report


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Moments of Change | New Israel Fund










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The statement of financial position of New Israel Fund as of December 31, 2011 and 2010 and related statements of activities and changes in net assets for the years there ended have been derived from the audited financial statements. Copies of the audit reports and the complete financial statements are available upon request to Anthony Fullington, Chief Financial Officer at 330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001. | 2011 Annual Report


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Planned Giving The following individuals have generously provided for the future of the New Israel Fund by naming NIF the beneficiary of a will, life insurance policy, retirement plan or by establishing a charitable gift annuity or trust.

Endowed Funds + Planned Gifts John and Betty Ann Altman

Gerald and Carol Halpern

Doris Pfeffer

Robert and Judith Appelbaum

Ellis and Ellen Harris

Dan M. Pulcrano

Tzvee and Shoshana Harris

Laurayne Ratner

Maurice and Flora Atkin Ruth Auslander Hillel Ausubel Diane and Jean-Loup Baer David and Margorie Ballo Joan I. Berger Howard and Dorothy Berger David W. Berkowitz Michael Bien and Jane Kahn Deborah Blank Dr. Ellen Borenfreund Martin and Geraldine Brownstein Norman L. Cantor Frederick Cezer Claudia I. Chaves Gloria Cohen Max Cohen Murray and Miriam Cole Mary I. Coombs John W. Cotton Ilana d’Ancona Stephanie Davis Alan Chad DeChant Shulamit Decktor Stanley and Beverly Diamond Joy G. Dryfoos Douglas E. Duckett Elaine Durst

Ruth Harrison Sheldon Hearst Shirley Heiman Juliane M. Heyman Suzanne R. Hirsch

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Miriam E. Jencks Linda Kacser Karen Kalish Michael Kaplan

Howard Rosof Jane Rubin Gerard and Lela Sarnat Daniel D. Schechter Hanna and Allen Schepps

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Sharon Kleinbaum

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Henry and Betty Landsberger

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William E. Leavitt Irma and Allen Leboff Pauline W. Ledeen Ruth Lederman Emanuel and Pauline Lerner Neil and Jane Levy Jan Abby Liff Martin Lowenstein and Inbar Telem Margit Lowenstein Ruth B. Lurie Mitra Makbuleh, Ph.D. Bernard and Roberta Marcus

Roberta Elliott

Barbara J. Meislin

William L. and Barbara Fairman

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Gail A. Foorman

Leon Reinharth and Francoise Rothman

Nathaniel and Lotte Hoffman

Audrey Eisenstadt

Glenn R. Fleischman

A. David and Esther Redding

Shirley and Mitchell Miller Patricia A. Miller

Estates and Trusts NIF recognizes the following individuals whose generous estates have been received in 2011.

Edith Atkin

Herbert Z. and Rita Gold Fund

Samuel J. Bellin

The A. Hiatt Fund

Elaine Durst

Toby and Nathan Jelinski Fund

Richard E. Golub Martin Hamburger Mrs. Carla Harris Miriam Bazelon Knox Joan Lipnick The Lowitz Family Charitable Lead Trust Donald N. Meyers

Naomi Kies Endowment Fund Miriam Fligelman Levy Cross-Cultural Prize Yaffa London Fund

Henrietta Rosen

Linda B. Miller Endowment

David and Lea Soifer

Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation

Raquel Newman Fund for Professional Development

Ellen Soren Beda

Sylvia Scham

Hilde Staniulis

Elias Skovron

Elizabeth Stein

Daniel A. Talonn

Anita Steiner

Leon B. Van Leeuwen

Josephine Bay Paul Endowment for the Center for Law and the Child

Bruce Temkin

The Agnes Varis Charitable Trust

Sandy and Bob Temkin Elizabeth Vorenberg

Marcia Wachspress

The Pomegranate B Fund The Hirsch and Braine Raskin Endowment for Youth and Education

Paul and Dorothy Wachter

Beverly Wolfe

Radov Family Philanthropic Fund

Benjamin Ward

Endowments, Philanthropic & Memorial Trusts NIF is grateful to many individuals and foundations for establishing endowments, family endowments and memorial funds. These funds honor or memorialize individuals whose lives and values are reflected in the work of the New Israel Fund.

Esther Leah Ritz Fund

Kayla M. Weiner, Ph.D. Raymond and Marilyn Weisberg Ginia D. Wexler Stephen S. Winter Gail Bates Yessne and Peter Yessne Bobette Zacharias Janet Zobel

Anne P. Mintz

Sanford and Linda Gallanter

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss and Charles Weiss

Leonore B. Gerstein

Jamie Natelson

Ghita D. Ginberg

Roberta R. Oliff

Marjory Goldman

Henry and Sophie Olshin

Sylvia Goldstein

Rachel Oriel Berg, Ph.D.

The Mitchell and Esther Fisher Law Fellowship

Rena G. Golub

Estelle Nachimoff Padawer

Ford Foundation ACRI Fund

Allan and Jane Paulson

Ford Foundation Endowment Fund

Helen Mayer Hacker

Kahal Foundation Special Fund The Karsten Family Fund

Martin Katz

Sonia Fuentes

Arthur Peck

Dafna Izraeli Fund

Adrienne S. Baranowitz

Theodore and Marylyn Miller

Richard and Lois Gunther

Phyllis K. and Howard A. Friedman Fund Gallanter Family Philantrhopic Fund

Irmgard Allen

John A. Franken

Frank and Bette Gruskay

Ford Foundation Shatil Fund

Elizabeth Selig Fund Clara Spitzer Lauder (Tanaka) Fund Wendy Weiker-Gordon Memorial Fund Marianne Wolman Endowment Fund Rudolph & Sarah Wyner Fund

Rosalyn Amdur Baker Endowment Fund Moshe & Tzippora Ayalon Fund Edith S. Coliver Human Rights Fund | 2011 Annual Report


2011 Donors $100,000+ Anonymous (5) Kathryn Ames Foundation, Inc. The Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies Naomi & Nehemiah Cohen Foundation Nathan Cummings Foundation Nasser Damaghi Barbara & Eric Dobkin Dorot Foundation Paul & Joanne Egerman The Everett Foundation Franklin M. Fisher & Ellen Paradise Fisher Fohs Foundation


Donor Impact

Jackson and Irene Golden 1989 Charitable Trust Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund William and Serra Goldman Stella & Charles Guttman Foundation, Inc. Mimi and Peter Haas Fund The Hiatt Family Caroline and Brian Lurie Joseph And Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds Moriah Fund, Inc. The Rita Poretsky Foundation Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation Sylvia Sabel & Joel Rubinstein Skoll Global Threats Fund Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation


Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum George S. Warburg Alain Wertheimer Ruth B. Ziegler

$50,000$99,999 Anonymous (7) S. Daniel Abraham Foundation The Louis & Anne Abrons Foundation Robert Arnow Estate of Samuel J. Bellin Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation The Morton K. & Jane Blaustein Foundation, Inc. Bloomberg Philanthropies Joel Coen

The Morningstar Foundation Open Society Institute Theodor Schuchat Segal Family Foundation Isaac and Miriam Shepher Alan B. Slifka Foundation The Agnes Varis Charitable Trust Drs. Carol and Terry Winograd Carole & Saul Zabar

$25,000$49,999 Anonymous (13) Samuel I Adler Family Supporting Foundation Izhar Armony and Naomit ArmonyErel

Three $50,000 gifts allow us to fund a cadre of fellowships that immerse young activists in the Israeli social change movement.

Lois & Richard England Family Foundation The Feldman Family Foundation The Moses Feldman Family Foundation Sanford & Linda Gallanter Germanacos Foundation Estate of Jonathan Grossman Stephen Gunther and Linda Essakow Walter & Elise Haas Fund Juliane M. Heyman Michael Hirschhorn & Jimena Martinez David Hochberg Foundation Joan and Irwin Jacobs The Zanvyl and Isabelle Krieger Fund Luis & Lee Lainer Lisa & Yaron MinskyPrimus

David M. Becker & Leslie C. Seeman David Berg Foundation Beverly Foundation The Bydale Foundation The Cannon Family Foundation Jonathan Cohen & Eleanor Friedman Combined Jewish Philanthropies CREDO Mobile Barbara & Maurice Deane The Fine Foundation Fischman Family (Steve, Nancy, Laura, Ben and Wendy) Fox Family Foundation Frankel Family Foundation Claire Frankel The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation Jane Gottesman & Geoffrey Biddle

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Sally Gottesman John & Kathryn Greenberg Lois & Richard Gunther The Irving Harris Foundation Dr. Jacqueline Heller Victor & Lorraine Honig Marvin Israelow & Dorian Goldman The Jewish Women’s Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago Landau Family Foundation Jan Abby Liff David & Barbara Lipman Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis Maor Foundation Key Foundation Yaffa & Paul Maritz The Purple Lady/ Barbara J. Meislin Fund Leo Model Foundation, Inc. Harriet MouchlyWeiss & Charles Weiss Stacy & Keith Palagye Kathleen Peratis and Richard Frank Rita Poretsky Memorial Fund, Inc. Repair the World Norman Rothfeld Lela & Gerard Sarnat Frederick P. Schaffer Rosel & Elliot Schewel Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation Shelley Levine and Larry Schwartz Daniel & Sheila Segal Joan and James Shapiro Peter Shapiro & Bryna Linett Shepard Broad Foundation Rose L. Shure Sun Hill Foundation Tikkun Olam Women’s Foundation of Greater Washington Bernard and Jack Weingarten

$10,000$24,999 Anonymous (22) Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos Sheldon Alster Ronald M. Ansin Madeleine & David Arnow Peter & Lucy Ascoli Nan Bases Alvin H. Baum, Jr. Richard & Eileen Bazelon Melissa A. Berman and Richard Klotz Mindy Berman & Andrew Sumberg Michael Bien & Jane Kahn Gay Block Harvey Bock Sally Weiskopf Bock Jon and Bobbe Bridge Olive Bridge Fund Howard N. Stern Philanthropic Fund of the United Jewish Federation Cogan Family Foundation Congregation Rodeph Sholom Michael & Rhoda Danziger Professor Natalie Zemon Davis Ilana DeBare & Sam Schuchat Daniel & Alisa Doctoroff Edward & Rose Dreyer Dina Dublon Isabel P. Dunst William & Jane Schloss Family Foundation Forrest & Miriam Foss Thomas & Ann Friedman Funding Exchange Elaine & Murray Galinson Claude P.J. Ghez, M.D. Sarah & Seth Glickenhaus Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund Sylvia Goldstein Robert & Doris Gordon Lela Goren Mark & Janet Gottesman

Carol & Allen Gown Terry E. Grant Joseph and Beth Green Thomas C. Green Alexander Greenbaum Estate of Martin Hamburger Ellis and Ellen Harris Harry Kramer Memorial Fund Anne Heyman and Seth Merrin Howard G. & Samita B. Jacobs Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs & Ms. Susan K. Freedman Juel Janis & Roger Langsdorf Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches Amos Kaminski The Karsten Family Foundation Gerald & Jane Katcher Steven & Priscilla Kersten Paul & Susanne Kester Frannie & Michael Hall Kieschnick David L. Klein, Jr. Foundation Eve Biskind Klothen & Kenneth Klothen The Nathan & Helen Kohler Foundation Murray Koppelman Jim & Catherine Koshland Barbara N. Kravitz Linda & Frank Kurtz Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation Elliot & Frances Lehman Paul Lehman & Ronna Stamm Sue Lehmann Lew & Laurie Leibowitz Lewis C. Levin Cynthia & Sanford Levinson Peachy and Mark Levy Dr. Russell M. Linden Susan Liss Andrew & Sara Litt Theodore R. Live

Helen Lowenstein in memory of Louis Lowenstein Walter S. Mander Foundation Marcia Kramer Mayer & Michael Eisenbud MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger Janice Meister Ilse Melamid Beth and David Meltzer The Milton and Sophie Meyer Fund The Mills Family Charitable Foundation Andrew Nagel & David Brodsky Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy Eilberg Raquel H. Newman Barry L. Nobel Bonnie Orlin Rose Ostrovsky Vivian Ostrovsky Lisa Messinger & Rabbi Aaron Panken Dina Pomeranz Michael & Jo-Ann Price Lisa & John Pritzker Charles H. Revson Foundation David W. Rintels and Victoria Riskin The Rita and Herbert Rosen Family Foundation Lyle & Gloria Rosenzweig Rothman Family Foundation Nancy and Miles Rubin Ruderman Family Foundation Sagner Family Foundation Steven Salop & Judith Gelman Bettylu & Paul Saltzman Renee Samson The Else & David Schnur Charitable Trusts Charles and M. R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc. Ben & Norma Shapiro Joan Blum Shayne Alan Sieroty

FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds Peter J. Silverman & Janet Heettner Karen Sloss Gary B. Sokol Herbert & Elene Solomon Sparkplug Foundation Henry Steiner Hazel S. Stix Susan R. Stockel Sandor and Faye Straus Mr. & Mrs. Edward Streim The Tilles Family Sidney & Lillian Topol Diane Troderman Karen Tucker & Jerome Avorn Emily & Frank Vogl Paul & Dorothy Wachter The Chrysalis Fund John Weinstein & Heidi Stewart Earl L. Wiener, Ph.D. Otto & Marianne Wolman Foundation Rudolph & Sara Wyner Prize Fund at the Boston Foundation Marcie and Howard Zelikow

$5,000$9,999 Anonymous (21) William & Susan Abrams Karen Adler & Larry Greenwald Sari K. Agatston Alpern Family Foundation Amcha For Tsedakah Aronson Foundation, Inc. William & Donna Barrows Oz Benamram & Gali FreedmanBenamram Froma & Andrew Benerofe Alice Benston Sandra J. Berbeco Linda Lipsett & Jules Bernstein The Wexler-Beron Family Foundation

J.B. Margaret Blaugrund Foundation Ernest & Rita Bogen David Braun, M.D. Hon. Minna Buck Nick Bunzl & Judy Bernstein-Bunzl Beth Burnam


Donor Impact

Amy L. Cahn Central Synagogue Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation Alan Cohen & Robert Bank David Cohen & Ellen Goodman Marshall & Shirley Cohen The Silver Tie Fund, Inc. Yehudah B. Cohn Sandra Coliver Columbia Foundation Ben N. Teitel Charitable Trust, Gerald Cook, Trustee Gerry and Charles Cristol Doron Davidov Benjamin Diament Reuben & Rivka Dori Peter Edelman David & Audrey Egger Catherine S. England Richard and Lois England Ms. Lisa Erdberg & Mr. Dennis Gibbons Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective Jerome & Nancy Falk Robert & Marjorie Feder Concepcion & Irwin Federman Lois & Irving Blum Foundation Melodye Feldman and H. Joshua Gould William Forbath Naomi C. Franklin

David Friedman & Paulette Meyer Barbara and David Fromm The Generations Fund Nathaniel L. Gerber Aliza Geretz and Ben Mayer

Robin Kosberg Louis Krupp Edward Labaton Becky and David Landis Howard Langer & Barbara Jaffe The Leiter Family Foundation

Six $10,000 gifts allow us to raise awareness and reduce racism in soccer.

Candice Gold and Edmond Russell Frances E. Goldman Natalie & Stephen Goldman Lynda M. Goldstein Thomas J. Goldstein Robert & Ruth Goldston Robert Goodman & Jayne Lipman Dorothy & Ozzie Goren Archie Gottesman & Gary DeBode David & Rita Gottlieb Jeffrey & Beth Green Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Hadassah Foundation Dan Harari and Barbara Keller Lenore Hecht HEKDESH Fund James & Marlene Henerson Anita Hirsh Marvin Hoffman & Rosellen Brown Martin Indyk Dr. Sherry Israel Morton and Merle Kane Alan & Carol Kaplan Charles and Joann Kaplan Chaim and Shulamit Katzman Gerri Kay Tracey Keij-Denton & Eelco Keij Keren Keshet Sara & Jonathan Klein Lauren Kogod & David Smiley Leslie S. Kogod

The Renaissance Foundation, Irving Levin and Stephanie Fowler Lisa J. Lieberman Robyn Lieberman & Asher Kotz Robert B. Lifton & Carol Rosofsky Diana Lipton and Chaim Milikowsky The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation Albert E. Marks Charitable Trust Daniel & Lenore Mass Dale S. Miller William Mindlin Robert & Dale Mnookin The Matching Gifts Program of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Anita Navon Newman Family Foundation Fred and Gilda Nobel Arthur & Judith Obermayer Robert Pindyck & Nurit Eini-Pindyck Justin Pollack The Honorable Stuart & Lee Pollak TUW Posnack Foundation Jill J. Prosky and James R. Posner Posner-Wallace Foundation Daniel C. and Lisa R. Price Yale & Barbara Rabin Miriam Arfin (z�l) and Robert Rebitzer

Elaine Reuben Robert S. Rifkind Steven M. Riskin and Claudine Isaacs David Roberts & Sue Fischlowitz Shai & Judy Robkin Aaron Roland and Annelise Goldberg Irwin & Cecilia Rosenblum Joyce Zinbarg Rosenthal & Steven Rosenthal Lynne & Mason Rosenthal David & Phyllis Rothman Phyllis Rubinstein Christine Russell & Mark Schlesinger Fain Malsky Charitable Foundation Lisa Orlick-Salka & Corey Salka Donald Schapiro Laura L. Scheuer Steven & Bonni Schiff Mark & Isabel Schiffer Philip Schild & Shirley Dichek Schild Harriet & Leonard Schley Stanley & Kay Schlozman Renata & Jack Schwebel Benjamin H. Shaiman Deborah Shapira & Barry Stern Louis & Jean Sloss Daniel Sokatch and Dana Reindardt Bruce, Steven, Gerald and Diane Solomon Fund Leo Spiwak Edith & Arthur Stern Strear Family Foundation Lloyd & Lassie Ulman Underdog Fund Sanford and Beth Ungar United Jewish Fund of St. Joseph Drs. David Wahl & Carol Traut Barry & Elsa Waxman Denis Weil Bruce F. Whizin Ann F. Wimpfheimer Frances A. Wolgin | 2011 Annual Report


2011 Donors $5,000-$9,999 Contd. Fredric Woocher and Wendy Dozoretz Stanley Wulf & Linda Press Wulf Irene and Alan Wurtzel Genevieve & Justin Wyner Allan & Ray Ellen Yarkin

$2,500$4,999 Anonymous (20) Ruth & Henry Aaron Stephen & Joanne Abel Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation The Lassor and Fanny Agoos Charity Fund Almoney Fund Hubert & Joan Alpert Deena Aranoff Frank K. Bamberger JoAnne & Michael Bander Barry & Elizabeth Bar-El Barg & Walkow Harvey & Sonya Barsha Ruth Belzer Julie and Jeffrey Bercow David Berger David & Rachel Biale Hannah (z’’l) & Ernst Biberstein Robert A. Billstein Irene & Asher Birnbaum William & Ellen Blair Sue & Benjamin Boley Joseph L. Bower Brandeis Hillel Day School Bureau of Jewish Education Adam E. Carlin Dennis & Jane Carlton Zipora Cedar The Chasin Family Peter & Barbara Cohen Saul & Miriam Cohen The Common Sense Fund Inc. Renee Cooper Mark Davidow


David Edelstein & Jennie Berkson Rabbi David and Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson Leroy and Edna Mae Fadem Carol and Jack Feder Fred Feigenson Leonard Fein David Ferry Foundation For Middle East Peace Tom & Myrna Frankel Barbara & Herb Franklin Barbara Freedman Ernest Fried and Laura Barbanel Bernard Friedman and Lesley Hyatt

Samuel & Marlene Halperin Herman Foundation Michal & Jack Hillman Dale & Stephen Hoffman Harry Hutzler Simon & Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc. Peter & Karen Jakes Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Beatrice & Robert Kahn Linda & Thomas Kalinowski Leslie Kane & M. Manuel Fishman


Three $10,000 gifts enable NIF to support young activists in the North who are developing an innovative model of affordable housing.

Donor Impact

Michael S. Friedman Phyllis K. Friedman Larry Garber & Gayle Schwartz Jeffrey Gaynes Janice Gepner & Eric Newman David Gildin Judith F. Goldberg Nathalie & Emanuel Goldberg Advised Fund of Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester Bruce N. Goldberger & Esther Sperber Jerome & Linda Golden Marcia & John Goldman Meredith J. Goldsmith Susan Goldstein and Andy Kivel Betty B. Golomb Dr. James S. Gracer & Rabbi Judy B. Shanks Bennett & Marcy Grau Barry Green & Jennifer Altshuler Steven Greenberg & Avra Goldman Linda and Richard Greene Brenda Gruss & Daniel Hirsch

Gayle & Jerry Marger Jesse Margolin Judith & Michael Margulies Silvia Marx The Mazur Family Foundation Howard Metzenberg Charles and Nola Miller George & Roslyn Miller The Mishan Family Jane and Norman Moscowitz Maxine Myers Morey & Sondra Myers Jane Newman & Amy Lange Jeffrey Newman

Rita J. & Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc. Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Sonia and Lawrence Klein Stella and Leonard Kleinrock Roger L. Kohn Arieh Konigl & Alice Roston Victor & Sarah Kovner Susan & David Kraemer Charles & Naomie Kremer Pnina Lahav Betsy & Donald Landis Elizabeth and Scott Lassar Richard Lavenstein Dr. Joel L. Lebowitz Terry & Margaret Lenzner Suzanne Lerner Robert & Bonita Levin Rochelle S. Levin Bernard and Lory Levinger Charlotte Lindon Carla Lynton Michael and Maxine Mantell

Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Sharee and Murray Newman John & Kayla Niles Samuel Norich and Deborah Ugoretz Kimberly C. Oxholm William R. Padnos Julia Parzen & Daniel Johnson Lili Perski Judith Plaskow The Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation Anonymous Donor Advised Fund, McKenzie River Gathering Foundation Arleen & Aaron Priest Suzanne and Harvey Prince Roy R. Raizen & Family David Reisen & Ann Peck Reisen Elsbeth Reisen & Mark Dyen Paul Resnick & Joan Karlin Sidney Robbins June & Marvin Rogul Dan R. Roin Tobey H. Roland Susan Romer & Donald Ungar Barry A. Rosen

Howard & Kathy Rosof Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation Jerry & Bernice Rubenstein Peter Rukin & Sharon Djemal Dr. Margrit Wreschner Rustow Adene Sacks & Joseph Hellerstein Louis & Barbara Savrin Alice & Robert Schloss Leonard & Celia Schuchman Jean & Charles Segal Joshua Segal & Jennifer Geetter Harold and Myra Shapiro Greg Sharenow & Julie Gersten Lauren Moskovitz and Scott Sholder Sandra & Charles Simon Aviam Soifer and Marlene Booth Philip and Gaby Solondz Marvin Sparrow Eugene & Marilyn Stein Peter & Abbe Steinglass Sidney Stern Memorial Trust Jerry V. Sternberg Thomas H. & Donna M. Stone Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Tartell Jeffrey Thomases United Jewish Fund and Council of Greater St. Paul, MN Michael & Marion Usher Milton and Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation Andrea and Arthur Waldstein Michael & Judith Walzer Emanuel & Anna Weinstein Foundation Weiser Family Foundation Elaine & Maynard Wishner Chic Wolk Max Yaffe Peter & Gail Bates Yessne

$1,000$2,499 Anonymous (51) Steven W. Abrahams Sonia S. Abrams Fund Nancy Abramson and Mitchell Glenn Karen Abravanel Jonathan A. Adelsberg Herbert M. Adler, M.D. Patricia & Ronald Adler Brian G. Albert Richard Almond, M.D. & Barbara Almond, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. Myer M. Alperin Joel & Barbara Alpert Norman and Jane Alpert Liora Alschuler John & Betty Ann Altman Fred H. Altshuler & Julia W. Cheever Beulah & Ezra Amsterdam Gary Angel and Sharman SpectorAngel Michael Appel & Ruth Kraut Aryea Aranoff Paul & Barbara Arenson Walter & Diane Ariker Dan Arnon & Tao Kai Lam Noah and Tamara Arnow The Altman Aronow Charitable Foundation Howard I. Aronson Dorothy Rose Ascherman Bennett Ashley & Ruth Weinreb Eileen Auerbach & Lawrence Burgheimer Maia Azubel Michael & Charlotte Baer Lawrence Bailis and Susan Shevitz Judith Bain Ziona & Edwin Balaban Ephraim Baran Joshua & Beryl BarLev Bartenura Foundation Maggie Bar-Tura Harry and Lore Bauer Howell Baum & Madelyn Siegel William & Debbie Becker Irwin & Ruth Been

Howard Belfer and Laurie LeventhalBelfer Ruth Greenspan Bell & Joseph Bell Eileen T. Berets Marc & Elizabeth Berger Mark Berger Robert L. Bergman M.D. Berkowitz Family Foundation William Berley Jim & Diane Berliner The Berman Family Charitable Fund Nancy Berman and Alan Bloch Amy Bermar Kerrin & Peter Bermont Marge Hiatt Bernstein Eve Bernstein & Alex Gersznowicz Nancy Bernstein & Robert Schoen Beth Haverim Shir Shalom Temple Liba Beyer Peter Bickel and Nancy Bickel Marsha & Brian Bilzin Richard and Elaine Binder Rita & Irwin Blitt Rabbi Bernard & Bailey Bloom Shirley Bob Leona Lee Bohm Lloyd and Adriana Bonfield Jeffrey Bornstein Rabbi Jill Borodin Sheila & Edward Braun Richard & Barbara Braun Brener Family Foundation Naomi Brenner & Ari Berger Martin I. & Shirley B. Bresler David Bressler & Susan AdlerBressler Leona & Murry Brochin Meryl Brod Alison Sirkus Brody and Michael Brody Richard Broms Rabbi Les Bronstein and Cantor Benjie Schiller Shifra Bronznick Rabbi Sharon Brous and David Light Bruce Brown and Amy Rifkind Laura S. Brown, Ph.D. Katherine Browning

Rabbi Gustav & Sheila Buchdahl Marcia Burnam Mark Burstein & David Calle Shepard Broad Foundation Burton & Shulamith Caine Maria Cancian and Charles Kalish Norman L. Cantor Earl M. & Margery C. Chapman Foundation Charitable and Educational Trust Rabbi Kenneth Chasen & Allison Lee Bonnie and Mervin Cherrin Chicago Sinai Congregation Michael J. Churgin Albert and Debra Cohen Alice S. Cohen Gale Mondry & Bruce Cohen James Cohen and Cleison Roche Jonathan & Victoria Cohen Marcia & Elias Cohen Melvin Cohen and Molly Senor Stephanie & Charles Cohen Stephen B. Cohen Steven Cohen & Elsie Stern Jonathan Cohn Congregation Beth El Tzedakah Hevra Rabbi Andy Bachman Mary I. Coombs Cooper Fabrics Rabbi Rachel B. Cowan Paul & Valerie Crane Dorfman Barbara & Larry Cuban Michael Curtis Charles & Ada Beth Cutler Ilana d’Ancona Ira Dauber Charles & Jonis Davis Joel Deitz & Barbara Berko Dengrove Family Foundation Stanley and Beverly Diamond Nancy Dickenson Dorothy & Yale Doberne Ruth Donig-White and Robert White Gayle Donsky and Morton Stein

Rabbi Elliot and Marlynn Dorff Kenneth Douglas Foundation Barbara and Daniel Drench James Dubey Dan Dubiner Durham-Chapel Hill Jewish Federation Robert Dyk Harriett M. Eckstein Rachel C. Efron Jack Eiferman and Fern Fisher Jenny Eisenberg Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Inc. Diana Engel Clement & Caroline Erbmann Deborah Falik Dr. David S. Fankushen Leonard & Stephanie Farber Ellen Farbstein Meyer H. Fedida Edward Feinstein and Sally Kalson Leslee and Wayne Feinstein Sumner Feldberg James E. Fenn Marc and Gail McClelland Fenton Albert Feuerwerker


Donor Impact

Harriet & Michael Finck Mark Finklestein & Janet Penn Harriet and Albert Fishlow Leora Fishman Michael Flamm & Jennifer McNally Samuel Fleischacker and Amy Reichert Nancy M. Folger Carl & Leonore Foorman Gary and Amy Forman James and Adele Forman Betty Fox Diane & Charles L. Frankel Daniel & Ruth Frankfurt

Bob Frankston and Eleanor Elkin Dr. Morrie and Carol Fred The Honorable & Mrs. Frederick A. Freedman Henry & Helen Freedman Lynn P. Freedman Deborah M. Freund Drs. Ruthellen Fried and Lawrence Boxt Morris F. Friedell Benjamin M. Friedman Rabbi Dayle Friedman and David Ferleger Diana L. Friedman Howard Friedman and Sherry Leibowitz Rabbis Stacy and Frank Friedman Robert & Janine Frier Rabbi Dara Frimmer Daniel and Rosele Frishwasser Joseph & Maya Froomkin Dr. Jonathan D. Fuchs Richard M. Fuchs Dr. Victor R. Fuchs Barry and Joan Gaberman Dennis Gaitsgory Elkan & S. Zelda Gamzu David and Marla Garfinkle

Avram and Carol Goldberg Donald J. Goldberg & Dr. Bettyruth Walter Edward Goldberg & Barbara Saidel Harold Goldberg and Alisa Israel Goldberg Milton & Jean Goldberg Nancy Goldberg Victor J. Goldberg and Patricia A. Waldeck Laura Goldblum Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg and James Talbott Goldenberg-Malina Foundation David Goldhaber and Ilana Gordon Debbie J. Goldman Irle Goldman & Janet Yassen Judith Goldman Karla A. Goldman Margery Goldman Phyllis and Alvin Goldman Robert & Rebecca Goldman Helen Goldstein Jeffrey & Doris Goldstein Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein

Five $5,000 gifts enables NIF to launch a Rapid Response Media Campaign, such as the “Women Should Be Seen And Heard” Campaign, which restored images of women to the public sphere in Jerusalem.

Howard Garoon and Family The Joseph and Anna Gartner Foundation Stephen & Rhea Gendzier Bob & Veronique Gerber Charles Getz Anat S. Geva Ellen Berland Gibbs Atherlie K. Gidding Jack Z. Gilad & Douglas D. Hauer Ran Gilad-Bachrach Marian and Arthur Glasgow Myron & Penina Glazer Linda Gochfeld Alfred and Joan Goldberg

Abner and Roslyn Goldstine Peter J. Gollon Estate of Richard E. Golub Louise Goodman Rabbi Donald M. Goor & Cantor Evan Kent Roberto & Evelyn Graetz Richard & Mary Gray Barbara & Isaac Green Sherri Greenbach and David Goldstein Audrey & Arthur Greenberg Frank & Judith Greenberg I. Melbourne & Louise Greenberg Jack & Deborah Greenberg Peter Greenberg

Drs Peter and Suzanne Greenberg David Greenfield Liz Greenstein Robert Greenstein Win & Jerry Greenwald Marc and Diane Greenwald Ted and Catherine Greenwood Natalie and Charles Grigg Diane Asseo Griliches Ellen Grobman Leon Gross & Zana Milovanovic Susan E. Grosser Martin & Audrey Grossman Mildred Guberman Philip and Judith Hahn Joel Handelman & Sarah Wolff Handelman Dean Hansell Eliyahou & Britt Harari Helen Harkaspi Dorothy Gitter Harman Herbert & Stella Harris Alan & Barbara Haubenstock Robert & Carol Hausman E. Hayes-Gainor Inez Hedges and Victor Wallis Rabbi Shai and Rachel Held William H. Helfand Michael and Juliet Helft Alice H. Henkin The Louis J. and Ruth G. Herr Foundation Judith N. Herr Herst Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Frederick Hertz Neil Hertz Willard J. Hertz Sandra D. Hess Jeffrey Hessekiel Howard Hiatt Leonard Hill Linda Lurie Hirsch Sally Hoffman Lynn F. Holstein Paul Homer Howard Horowitz & Alisse Waterston Larry Horwitz & Naomi Pinchuk Sylvia Horwitz Elie Housman Grace A. Hughes Arthur Hurwitz Frank Hytken | 2011 Annual Report


2011 Donors $1,000-$2,499 Contd. Rabbi Micah and Erin Hyman Toby R. Hyman Daniel Jackson & Claudia Marbach Peggy Jacobs Adam Jacobson & Beth Levine Miriam E. Jencks The Jewish Federation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee The Jewish Theological Seminary of America Arthur & Lorie Juceam Barbara & Clive Kabatznik Daniel and Katherine Kaberon Arieh and Aviva Kadosh Max Kahn & Kathy Lampe Rachel Kalikow and David de Graaf Michael & Jacqueline Kallay Sheila B. Kamerman Grace Kamins Rabbi Emma KippleyOgman and Benj Kamm Murray Kane and Norma Kane, z�l Marcella Kanfer Rolnick and Josh Rolnick William and Phyllis Kantor Doris C. Kaplan, in memory of Martin N. Kaplan Norman and Audrey Kaplan Paula E. Kaplan BFK Foundation Stephen and Rachel Kaplan Stan and Toba Kaplowitz Karuna Foundation Richard Kass & Elaine Soffer Kates Diamond Family Foundation Ben and Cheryl Katz Rebecca Katz Richard & Heidi Katz Dr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Katz Derek & Leora Kaufman Elie Kaunfer & Lisa Exler Dennis and Barbara Kessler Harry & Doraline Kesten David M. Kies


Mark and Raquel Kislinger Samuel and Francine Klagsbrun Naomi R. Klayman, PhD Adina Sue Kleiman Karen Wilk Klein Ricardo Kleinbaum Daniel and Lisa Klerman Robert and Joan Klivans Ellen Klutznick, Psy.D, LCSW Allegra Kochman Janet L. Kolodner Alan R. Korest Rabbi Emily Faust Korzenik Harry Kosansky Nathan & Mary Lynn Kotz Ruben Kraiem and Elizabeth Leiman Robin Kramarow Albert H. Kramer Daniel Kramer and Judith Mogul Jeffrey & Kandy Kramer William Kramer and Judith Duffield Jesse & Maris Krasnow Marvin and Gerry Kraus Arthur Kreiger & Rebecca Benson Doris and George Krevsky David Krikun Samuel & Marilyn Krimm Susan G. Krinsky Jules and Lynn Kroll The Kronhill Pletka Foundation Joseph B. Kruskal Michael & Carolyn Kulakofsky Anita Altman and Gil Kulick Arnold and Victoria Kupetz Hilary Kushins & Scott Herscher Rabbi Lawrence and Karen Kushner Patrick Lacefield and Dinah Leventhal Dr. Barbara Lafer Ruth & Peter Laibson Ellie and Mark Lainer Susanne and Bruce Landau John Lang Marvin Langsam Suzanne & David Larsen Morelle Lasky Levine Elliott & Phyllis Lasser Roslyn Latto Gary & Laura Lauder

Michael and Marcia Lawson Stacy Lawson & Steven Sarkowsky William E. Leavitt Allen Leboff Susan Morse-Lebow Ann Lederer & Robert Hickler Kenneth & Lucy Lehman Jonathan and Shelah Lehrer-Graiwer Robert and Ellen Leibenluft Jacques & Donatella Lennon


Donor Impact

Bruce and Diane Lercher Stephen O. Lesser Yossi Levanoni Steven M. Cohen Herbert & Bernice Levetown Irwin & Rachel Levin Jeryl Levin Joshua Levin and Debra Fried Levin Leonard & Beryl Levine John L. Levinsohn Leonard & Joyce Levitan Paula & Joel Levy Jack Levy and Judith Bass Geoffrey Lewis and Amy Caplan Judith A. Libow Jeffrey & Anna Lieblich Lawrence and Joyce Light Alan Gordon Lipson & Judith D. Harris Channing T. Lipson, M.D. Steven & Judith Lipson Alan & Sharon Lipworth Sarah Liron Amy C. Liss Barry and Paula Litt Gordon Litwin & Anne Luzzato Stuart Litwin and Laura Baskes Litwin The Milton S. and Corinne N. Livingston Foundation, Inc.

Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Ellen Livingston & Jason Brown Jeremy Lizt Henry & Elsie Loeb Gerald & Selma Lotenberg Lowenstein Brothers Foundation David Lowenstein Mark and Judith Lowenstein Steven Lubet and Linda Lipton Osnat Lubrani Alvin Luebeck Steven Lurie

Ruth W. Messinger and Andrew Lachman Noa Meyer J.S. & S. Michaan Foundation Rabbi Rachel and Mark MikvaRosenberg Rabbi Shira Milgrom and Prof. David Elcott I. William & Diane Millen Muriel G. Miller Pear Marjorie & Morgan Miller

Six $2,500 gifts allow NIF to provide legal defense to activists threatened with lawsuits designed to silence them.

Lynchburg Jewish Community Council Richard & Helen Lynn Philip & Carol Lyons Bernard Lytton, M.D. Dagny Maidman Gadi and Marlene Maier Russell Makowsky and Melanie Katzman Ellen R. Malcolm Michael & Anita Malina David Malman and Ellen Shireman Carol Malnick Judith A. Mann Jerome A. Manning Paul & Annette Marcus Judith Margolin and Seth Schwartz Adele and Sidney Margulies Kenneth and Marlene Markison Jonathan Markowitz & Ruth Wenger Paulina K. Marks Stuart Marks Henry Massie Steven Matthews & Rebecca Stein Daniel & Karen Mayers Nancy McGregor Martha T. Mednick Mehlman Family Fund David Mehlman & Arlene Alpert Mehlman Joseph A. Meis Daniel Meltzer & Ellen Semonoff Beth Merfish

Norman and Shirlyn Miller Shirley & Mitchell Miller Vicki F. Miller and Warren Zinn Jonathan I. Mishkin Judith Mishkin Joel and Elana Morgenstern Rabbi Leon A. Morris & Dasee Berkowitz Elizabeth K. Moser David & Jenifer Mumford Ellen & Michael Mundell N. James and Ellen Myerberg David Myers & Nomi Stolzenberg Judy W. & Jay A. Nadel Jonathan M. Nadler Allan and Joan Nathan Gerson Jack Needleman Nelco Foundation Inc. Bettyrose Nelson Jean & Nerenberg Carol and Saul Nesselroth Adina and Norman Newberg Myra & Bruce Newman Ilana Nossel & Jordan Kolar Charles & Richard Oestreich Foundation, Inc. Edward D. Ohlbaum & Karyn L. Scher Darren Orbach Abe & Esther Orlick

Sheryl Parker and James Grayer Gregg H. Passin Richard & Martha Pastcan Bill & Janet Pauli Karen Paul-Stern and Jonathan Stern Wendy Peikes Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits and Rachel Weber Avigdor Pemper & Dr. Mark Rabiner Samuel and Ruth Perelson Dan Perlman and Lili Zohar Daniel & Felice Perlmutter Lori Perlow Joel & Jean Perwin Geoffrey P. Picket William & Karen Podolsky Bertrand and Letty Pogrebin Gerald A. Pollack Lana Pollack The Jean and Henry Pollak Division of the Lucile and Maurice Pollak Fund Adam Pollock and Michal LewinEpstein-Pollock Betty Ann Polse Marc B. Porter Frances R. Posel Sharri S. Posen Sylvia Posner Adena Potok The Isaac & Leah M. Potts Foundation, Inc. Irving Pozmantier Lawrence Prager and Linda Myszak Russell & Joni Pratt Dr. Grant J. Price and Dr. Fraces Y. Wu Ken and Leslie Pucker Irving and Varda Rabin William Rabinowitz Edward Raboy Paula J. Rackoff Elisa Rapaport & Michael Schoenbaum Jack Rapaport Maurice and Rose Rapkin Elinor G. Ratner Julie Ratner Alan & Nancy Raznick Daniel Reich & Maya Benton Michael and Lynn Reichgott Joseph and Gail Reimer Fred N. Reiner & Sherry Levy-Reiner

Paula & Daniel Reingold Julian & Frieda Reitman Eugene & Libby Renkin Marjorie & Stephen Richards Drs. Barak & Laura Richman David Richman & Janet Perry Dorothy Richman & Michael Steinman Joseph Richter Robert and Ellen Rinsky Dan J. Roberts Abby Rockefeller and Lee Halprin Norma L. Rose Harold L. Rosen Professor Robert E. Rosen Diane Rosenberg Lucille and Jack Rosenberg Joseph B. Rosenblatt Rabbis Jennie and David Rosenn Gerry Rosenstein Elden & Marjorie Rosenthal Sheldon & Rose Rosenthal Bob Roth Charitable Fund Edwin Rothfarb Steven Rothman & Kathleen Tierney Jennie Rothschild Marshall and Francoise Rothstein Judith and Michael Rowland Ann Rubin & Family Toby and Robert Rubin Jeffrey Rum David and Kitty Rush Jonathan L. & Barbara Ryder Moshe Safdie Walter and Marjorie Salmon Steven J. Samuel Alfred & Marta Samulon James P. Sanogueira David N. Saperstein Dene A. Sarason Claire Satlof & Jeffrey Bedrick Daniel C. Schaffer Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin and Alison Mayersohn Jim & Emily Scheinman Margaret K. Schink Jean Schiro-Zavela & Vance Zavela Leonard and Paula Schneiderman

Lisbeth B. Schorr & Family Amy Schottenstein S. Ruth Schulman Eric and Sarah Schulmiller Jolie Schwab and David Hodes Thomas and Lois Schwab Amy Schwartz & Eric Koenig David Schwartz Alan Ballinger and Deborah Schwartz Deborah R. & Howard L. Schwartz J. Sanford & Susan Schwartz Jodi J. Schwartz Mark Seal & Margo Bloom Lynn & Paul Sedway Emily Segal & Andrew Ellis Stephen Segal Joseph & Randee Seiger Renata and Edward Selig Rita R. Semel Karen & Alan Senter Arkady and Ella Serebryannik Margaret & Howard Shainberg Risa Shames & Neil Silverston Stanley & Gertrude Shapiro Betty & Stanley K. Sheinbaum Samuel & Jill Deane Sheppard Michael and Sara Sher Rochelle E. & Jesse Shereff Reuben & Leona Shevitz Jerry and Cecile Shore Hannah P. Shostack Judd and Susan Shoval Rabbi Andy Shugerman Harriet and Clement Shugerman Edwin & Ellen Sue Shulkin Lee and Judy Shulman Steven and Nancy Sicher Ariella Sidelsky and Roy Alcalay Marvin S. Siegel Peter Siegel & Hope Stevens Rachel J. Siegel Gabrielle Sigel and Howard Epstein Jane A. Silverman Lawrence E. Silverton

Ernest & Eve Simon Daniel and Maxine Singer Ellen Singer & Don Simkin Ruth Slater Steven Slutsky Ronda Small and Ira Wolfman Seymour Smidt Malcolm and Betty Smith Richard & Greta Smolowe Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow Irwin & Ceevah Sobel Eugene Sofer & Judith Bartnoff Rabbi Felicia L. Sol May Soll Robert S. & Jean M. Solomon Arleen Sorkin Rabbi Abigail N. Sosland Abby Sosland & Mark Goodman Marcia Cohn Spiegel Martin Spiro Helen & Thomas Spiro Alfred & Ruth Sporer Susan Stahl Marc and Wendy Stanley Carol Stein Fredric & Nikki Stein Harold & Vera Stein Robert & Elaine Stein Adele H. Steinberg Edward Steinhouse Dale H. Stern Harold and Sandra Stern Harriet W. Stern Jane R. Stern Kenneth Stern and Linda Stein Naomi Stern Susan and Jeffrey Stern Nancy Schwartz Sternoff


Donor Impact

Audrey and Richard Steuer Robert Stillman and Janet Surkin Leah Stolar Rabbi Ariel Stone Betty L. Stone David P. Stone

Michael Strassfeld and Joy Levitt Martin Strauss and Anna Gilbert Walter I. Strauss Margot Strom and Terry Strom Joan & Steve Subrin Laura Sutta Richard & June Swartz Joel M. Sweet Jose Szapocznik, Ph.D. Laura Talmus Steven & Sheila Taube Ingrid D. Tauber Anna Newman Taylor Morton I. Teicher David & Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund Inc. Arthur Telegen & Abigail Ostow Rayla G. Temin, in memory of Howard M. Temin Bruce Temkin Bob & Sandy Temkin Judith Tenzer Benn William Terry, MD Gregory and Rachel Tertes Ariel and Melissa Tesher David and Betsy Teutsch Susan Thal The Bronfman Youth Fellowships in Israel The E Walsh Management Corp. The Florence and Fred Thomases Foundation Walter (z�l) & Anne Tick Paul Tischler Lawrence Title Jay & Joan Topkis James Torczyner Gary & Evelyn Trachten

Richard & Gail Ullman D. Jean Veta & Mary Ann Dutton Rabbi Burton Visotzky & Sandra Edelman Barbara Volin Elizabeth Vorenberg David Waksberg & Ellen Bob Drs. Robert Waldinger and Jennifer Stone Miriam-Simma Walfish and Michael Rosenberg The Sarah Wall Memorial Trust John H. Walter Ron& Marilyn Walter Mary Ann and David Wark Mark S. Warnick Joan Warshaw Cecille Wasserman David Wasserman & Susan Ginsberg Laurie J. Wasserman Henry Webber & Christine Jacobs Marilyn Weiker Penny K. Wein and Bruce J. Wein Alan Weiner and Nancy Maizels Sanford & Karen Weiner Stephen Weiner Mr. and Mrs. Weisberg Marilyn & Raymond Weisberg Roger Weisberg & Karen Freedman Mortimer & Barbara Weisenfeld Dr. David & Estare Weiser Charlotte Weiss Donna & Jerry Weiss Jed Ariel Weiss and Ilana Braun Weiss Jeff & Paula Kramer Weiss Jeri Weiss and Walter Baer Lenard Weiss

Ruth Wielgosz & Benjamin Edelman Louise W. Wiener Jonathan Wilkenfeld and Suzanne Stutman Jeffrey Winkler and Michele Reimer Mordechai & Barbara Winter Doug Wissoker and Alys Cohen Iris Witkowsky Estate of Beverly Wolfe, z�l Susan & Robert Wolfe Robert & Joan Wolff Brenda A. Wolfson Michael Wollowitz Linda Yenkin Michael Young and Debra Raskin Josephus Youngerman & Ronnie Scharfman B. Andrew Zelermyer & Daniel Romanow Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz Elaine Leitner and Steve Zieff Jonathan F. Zimman Stanley Zimmering Alan and Monica Zimmerman Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman Zuckerman Family Fund of Tides Foundation

Three $1,000 gifts allow us to fund an emergency grant like one that helped save a Tel Aviv library for refugees and foreign workers.

Martha Gross and Robert Tracy Joan L. Treiman Mazel Foundation Steven Tulkin & Sydney Kapchan Judith Tuller David & Bonita Turner

Richard and Barbara Weiss Henny Wenkart Richard and Beatrice Wernick Rebecca Westerfield Deborah & Peter Wexler | 2011 Annual Report


How You can Help The New Israel Fund is a powerful engine for democratic change in Israel. NIF believes that Israel is strengthened by its diversity, and by fulfilling its promise of equality and dignity to all of its citizens. It is also a network of people around the globe who work together in common purpose. When you join together with NIF — as a donor, volunteer, advocate, or activist — you help make change possible.


• Make a contribution • Make a recurring monthly gift • Honor a friend or loved one with a tribute gift, or in memory of a loved one • Ask your company about a matching gift • Donate appreciated stock • Leave a lasting legacy through planned giving

Travel Go behind the newspaper headlines and television sound bites to examine the realities of contemporary Israeli life. Meet the leaders of Israel’s dynamic social change movement. Through personal encounters learn about key challenges facing Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and the steps Israelis are taking to meet these challenges. Tour participants come back energized partners in the joint effort to build a more just society in Israel.


Moments of Change | New Israel Fund

Donations can be made easily and securely online at Please call 1.888.988.3863 to speak with a member of the NIF staff, or mail your contribution to: New Israel Fund PO Box 96712 Washington, DC 20090-6712 NIF can work with you to tailor your giving to your philanthropic interests. Whether it is an unrestricted gift for NIF, a gift underwriting an area of work or a project, or a donor advised gift to a specific organization, a gift to NIF is a potent way to express your democratic values. Donations internationally may be subject to different rules. Please contact one of our offices for more information. NIF has received an “A+” rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.

Learn + Act Stay informed about what is happening in Israel and what you can do to help. Join us for educational events, sign up for our bi-weekly e-newsletter, receive action alerts, lead study sessions, and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

NIF Board of Directors Naomi Chazan President Jerusalem, Israel Stephen Gunther Treasurer Santa Monica, California Noam Lautman Vice President in Israel Tel Aviv, Israel Brian Lurie Vice President in North America Ross, California Peter Shapiro Secretary South Orange, New Jersey Elah Alkalay Kfar Mordechay, Israel Yifat Bitton Ramat Hasharon, Israel Deborah Bussel Miami, Florida Peter Edelman Washington, District of Columbia

Paul Egerman Weston, Massachusetts

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