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Spyware Doctor, very prominent software developed by PC Tools, is a spyware eliminating product for Microsoft Windows. It scans for examining files, spyware existing on the hard disk and then tries to remove or quarantine those documented threats. Spyware Doctor is very effective spyware remover software as it scans for more than 430,000 malware component. It also provides real-time protection facility which confirms blocking threats from being stored, add-ons and toolbars detection and doubtful programs running etc. It is generally purchased as an annually subscription which consists of the newest updates and versions. It is available in retail stores as well as online. Like the other spyware removal companies, for example, Microsoft with OneCare, Symantec, MacAfee, PC Tools has implemented a routine updating procedure so that customer can renew the products yearly if they wish. It is obviously not a freeware but a free version is proposed for the product's promotion. But, the free version only provides immediate protection and spyware scanning. Only, the full version Spyware Doctor has the capability of eradicating the spyware. The starter edition of Spyware Doctor was present in the March 2007 edition of Google Pack. When the fifth version of Spyware Doctor was released, the software problems were the cause of many complaints. PC Tools was blamed by some clients for its problems then. This edition is totally a dissimilar product from its previous versions such as Spyware Doctor 4.0. The company remodeled its flagship product from the foundation over many months period. It was developed at the same time when the Spyware Doctor 4.0 was being developed. In order to deliver a faster, supercharged and smaller product. Vista compatible product was rewritten from a scratch. It shows some problems which is expected in the first version. The antivirus module, developed by PC Tools, was developed in-house entirely. It is already awarded Checkmark certification by West Coast Laboratories for detecting and removing virus. ICSA Labs testing is currently in progress. As both the spyware and virus scanning are totally integrated, the biggest difference a user will experience is the longer time consumption for the full scanning process. So it is not faster and supercharged in any means. Spy Sweeper 5.2, having almost the same features as the Spyware Doctor, requires only 25 minutes for full scan but, it takes about 1 hour 15 minutes to scan fully. It was hit by another complaint of slowing the testing system down, especially the ones which are infested by malware. Launching a program takes more time than the usual required time and Internet Explorer also

loads slowly after installing Spyware Doctor with Antivirus 5.0. It makes use of many steps of protection to keep a system malicious software free such as, File Guard, Keylogger Guard, Site Guards, E-mail Guard, Startup Guard, Network Guard and Browser Guard etc. These layered security system usually keep the system free from most malware. Although Spyware Doctor is a longer time consuming spyware blocker and remover software, but it is certified as a good product.

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==== ==== Hi, you will need this new gift ! ==== ====

Review of Spyware Doctor Anti Spyware Program  

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