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Getting started all begins by submitting a contact form through the website: or calling us at 414-604-6413 and scheduling a complimentary 15 minute phone consultation at a time that is convenient for you.


Integrative Contemporary Psychotherapy New Insights, LLC! 1845 N. Farwell Avenue, Suite 104! Milwaukee, WI 53202!


There are only two mistakes one can make



along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting. -Buddha!


Milwaukee Bus Routes makes New Insights, LLC conveniently accessible from the Downtown and North Shore neighborhoods, utilizing the Route 30 Sherman Wisconsin Route. Bus stops are less than 2 blocks away for #30 and #GRE buses. Convenient free 2 hour street parking is available on both sides of Farwell Ave, angled parking on Kane Pl, and also E. Royall Pl. 2 hour metered parking is available immediately in front of the East Side OďŹƒce Plaza main entrance.

New Perspectives for Personal Growth

G E T T I N G S TA R T E D The Phone Consultation During this time, you will speak with a clinician who will briefly inquire about your presenting concerns or reasons for seeking treatment as well as a brief assessment to determine if our services will best meet your needs and goals for treatment. This is also a time where you may ask any questions you may have about starting therapy, the therapy process, or anything that may Perhaps you are seeking treatment for

help you feel more comfortable about entering your first session. !

depression, stress or anxiety. You or your

At the end of your phone consultation, you will then be scheduled for an initial appointment. In rare

family may be considering counseling or

circumstances, the clinician that you speak with may believe that there are other providers in the area that might

therapy to improve the quality of important

best serve your immediate needs. Should this be the case, you will be provided with referral options to other

relationships. There are many reasons people turn to counseling. If you are reaching out for

Before Your First Session

help from a therapist, know that you are not

If you are a new client and to save time during your first session, please complete the Client Information Form and

alone. !

Confidentiality agreement. These forms will also be available to you in the waiting area.

The therapy process begins long before you meet with a therapist. It begins with your exploration of treatment options, and your decision to seek help. Sometimes asking for help can be the most difficult step in the process. Many people often judge themselves for their own struggles: “I should be able to handle this” or “I don’t deserve help.” The

Your First Session Your first session, typically called the intake session, is a chance for your clinician to get to know you as well as a chance for you to get to know your clinician. Your clinician will review with you the intake forms and confidentiality agreement that you completed prior to this session. Your clinician will also ask you a series of questions about yourself, including your presenting concerns, family history, and relationship history among other things. You will also be asked about your goals for therapy and your clinician will collaborate with you to develop a plan on how to work together.!

simple truth is that if you have come this far,

While this first session asks for a lot of information about you, this is

and perhaps someone has recommended

also your opportunity to begin developing an open and trusting

seeing someone, that is evidence you may

relationship with your therapist. It is encouraged that you ask questions

want to talk to someone and that you deserve

if you have them and actively engage in the therapeutic process. While

to be heard and cared for.!

any question is always welcome, your clinician may also choose not to answer at that time if it is in the best interest of your goals for therapy and the therapeutic relationship.

Getting started with us  

Essential information for starting your therapy experience at New Insights, LLC

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