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The first automated medicine storage system in Israel is ready – opening in June! The first automated medicine storage system in Israel has now been installed and made ready for use at the Meuhedet Pharmacy. The new pharmacy, to be opened in Jerusalem in May, received an 11 metres long Iso-Fixu, equipped with a feeding module.

The parts for the Iso-Fixu were shipped out to sea towards Israel in October. The first installations were carried out in December, after which the work continued in February. – This is an entirely new pharmacy building, which is why we had to install the Iso-Fixu in two parts, in accordance with the construction schedule, says Marketing Director of NewIcon Oy Jori-Matti Savolainen. The building is almost complete and the pharmacy will be opened in May. An opening ceremony will be held in June, and the people of New­ Icon will be among the attendees.

Invited guests include representatives of the local Ministry of Health, influential people in the hospital and pharmacy industry and the media. – Meuhedet Pharmacy is the first pharmacy chain in Israel to acquire pharmacy automation. We are already negotiating about additional orders for other pharmacy sites. Meuhedet Pharmacy is a rapidly growing pharmacy chain that also owns private clinics, health centres, laboratories, retirement homes etc. across Israel. The opening is sure to generate interest in Israel, Savolai­ nen says.

The Iso-Fixu was installed without problems. The installers say they were surprised by the fact that the work week in Israel ends at Friday noon. The Hebrew-language traffic signs also created some problems. The most enjoyable aspects were the delicious food and the pleasant, helpful people.