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Installer vs. cleaner

Alone on the job for the first time I was commissioning an Iso-Fixu system by myself for the first time in Huit­ tinen in January 2015. I was somewhat nervous, as I was not so sure about connecting our machine into a pharmacy system. I was also nervous about the software side, as I am not an expert in that field. During the commissioning process, you are bound to face situations where you simply do not know enough about everything: robots, logic, machine sight, software etc. Luckily, I can always call our skilled on-call group, who will help me with anything I need. If they do not know something themselves, they will look into the matter. The group has proved valuable on many jobs. Additionally, I was not sure how I could clearly explain the operation of Iso-Fixu to the people of the pharmacy, who did not necessarily have a technical background and who were seeing the machine for the first time. However, we received good feedback from Huittinen and the customer was satisfied, once again.

The job in Moscow was a memorable one. It was my first summer working for the company, and I immediately got to go to Moscow, where we also had time to become acquainted with the city with the help of a local tour guide. We installed an Iso-Fixu system and a 12-metre cash register conveyor at a pharmacy. The conveyor has a funny memory related to it, even though it was not funny at the time. What happened was that the cleaner working at the pharmacy tore my floor tapes off, twice, right under my nose. I had spent a couple of hours measuring the attachment points for the conveyor and marked them on the floor with tape, so that I could use a laser to project them onto the ceiling. After the cleaner’s shenanigans, I decided to attach the tapes directly onto the ceiling. She did not bother to remove them from there.

With a glint in an eye Here at NewIcon, we laugh a lot together and play small pranks on our co-workers with a glint in an eye. It is a sort of funny and witty type of situational humour without offending anyone. It is refreshing to be pranked on and then laugh with the others. One time, I left my coffee cup unguarded and found out that it had received a generous helping of salt. I thought the coffee tasted funny, and then I realised what had transpired. “So that’s what they thought up this time,” I thought to myself. Another time, my computer was struck by a “virus”, whereupon the mouse cursor darted around the screen every time I tried to do something. Luckily, it was only a prank.

ANNELI MEKLIN Sales Secretary Worked at NewIcon for 3 years

TONI RUOTSALAINEN Installer Worked at NewIcon for about 3 years

SIMO HINTSALA Commissioning Engineer Worked at NewIcon for about 2 years