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Morning Glory Stories Fall 2019 Report to churches and individuals

A NIMA Publication Vol. 36, Number 4

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“For God so loved…He gave” Herb Pinney 1 Peter 1:18, “For you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life, inherited from your fathers, not with perishable things like silver or gold, 19 but with the precious blood of Christ, like that of an unblemished and spotless lamb. 20 He was foreknown before the foundation of the world but was revealed in these last time for you. 21 Through him you believe in God,…so that your faith and hope are in God…” I have reared a houseful of girls. These girls were a gift from God, created in the image of God. Perhaps it is easier to understand God if we understood little girls as they grow into womanhood. Perhaps it is easier to understand the heart of God if we can understand the heart of a little girl as she blossoms into a woman. What father has not watched with glee his little girl having tea with her dolly. I watched as Lori and a rag doll were having tea and cookies; her imagination was going wild. I believe she was a queen of somewhere; the rag doll was a princess. The “dialog” was real, totally controlled by Lori. The problems were real, the solutions satisfactory. At last, Lori gave baby doll a hug, saying, “Hug mama, give me a kiss, tell mama you love her; it is nap time.” The doll responded at once. Soon both were napping side by side. Let’s leave Lori napping, and move on to another four-year-old going on to twenty years of age, later in the life now, a lovely young Christian lady. The lovely young lady is walking slowly, a handsome gentleman beside her; it has been a wonderful date. They reach the front porch. Disregarding the bright porch light, she turns facing the young man of her dreams. She desperately wants to return to the simple days of yesteryear, take his arms and wrap herself with them, saying, “Kiss me good night.” However, she knows better. As badly as she wants to hear, “I love you”, she wants the words, and she wants the meaning, to be his. She waits, he puts his arms around her, whispers in her ear, ”I love you”, and kisses her goodnight. Somewhere in the distance, she hears wedding bells. Of his own free will he kissed her, and told her he loved her. Let’s backtrack many millennium. The Trinity is discussing creating man and woman in their own image. Now, to understand our God, we understand he is a God that loves; indeed, he is love. They are also a God that desires love in return. Thus the Imago Dei must not be a rag doll responding automatically to the will of a “puppet master” superior being. The Imago Dei must have actual free will to decide things on their own.


That would require God to be very risk taking. For the free will to say, “I love you”, is the free will to say, “I hate you.” The free will to do good is the free will to do evil. If God created his Imago Dei with free will, he could be unleashing a perpetual motion machine that could go berserk, creating a hell on earth of his Paradise. With that possibility, God must plan a counter-attack when his perpetual human motion machine goes berserk. God knew it would. Peter records the plan, “For you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life, inherited from your fathers, not with perishable things like silver or gold, but with the precious blood of Christ.” God’s plan was Calvary, and the open tomb. The whole redemptive plan of God was about giving. God led the way. While I was writing this I received a phone call on the office phone; it was a Morning Glory child sponsor from Wabash, Indiana, seeking the methods of sending Christmas and birthday gifts to students at Morning Glory. One of the reasons I love the sponsorship program, it generates gifts of love not only for the school, but for the students and teachers. We recommend a limit of $25 (that is equal to Q187.50 in Guatemala) for special gifts. The checks for the gift often comes with a card or note from the giving family; heart love is written all over the page. At the close of October I sent out the assignment to Guatemala and the trustees for the Christmas edition. I realized it was approaching time to print a fall and Christmas edition of MGSTORIES. I had made the assignments, but I needed nearly two cases of paper, two boxes of 6x9 white envelopes, labels, color printing for the cover, and enough postage to finance the government for a while. The money was not in the mission account, in the church account, or in my account. I was pondering whom to short. As I was talking to God, my office phone rang. It was old time friends in Albuquerque, a husband and wife that are on our political journal subscriber’s list wanting to send me a check to help with “All you do; do we make the check out to the church, or to you personally?” I directed them to make it out to the church. MGSTORIES is paid for by either the mission, by me, or by church budget. This was a gift directed by God of love and thank you. What an exciting way to live. This leads us to the 2020 Morning Glory budget. Every year the Christmas catalog edition gives us a turbo boost onto the coming school year. This year I am running a month behind in salary and expense budget. I am praying we will do better than just catch up. No matter how regularly I pray, the amount of money that comes across my desk for Morning Glory is up to you and God. Saturday evening is Jennifer and my shopping day. As we “walked” into our destination store last Saturday evening, a twenty-foot tall Christmas tree was in the entrance way; as we shopped, every walk way was lined with gift suggestions. The big box stores don’t mind making suggestions for your holidays gift giving, so neither do I in the name of Jesus. In my eighty-five years of life, and sixty-eight years of active ministry, I have been a trustee of two Bible colleges and personal adviser to the president of another. There has never been a time each college did not


need new equipment and supplies. There is also a time to put up with old and worn out stuff for the sake of paying salaries and expenses. That is where we are today at Morning Glory. You all need to know that we are praying for your prosperity. l know the more that the Lord blesses you, the more you will bless Morning Glory. But let me be as bold as the big box stores. They are ready to guide you into debt with their Christmas packaging. I am persuaded you are going to make a Christmas gift to Morning Glory. Let’s go all out in solid Christian stewardship. Say you can only afford to give us $25.00. However, there are ten friends you want to gift and $25 won’t buy that much today. You send the additional $250 to Morning Glory and we will send all ten a beautiful Christmas card from us in your name, a commemoration of a much needed cash gift to educate the children of Morning Glory. Now, your cash gift to Morning Glory is $275.00, your friends are blessed, and the amount of the gift is between you and God. If you can do $100 from you, and the same for ten friends, you have just blessed Morning Glory with $1,100. You can write a check, and send the names and good postal address to NIMA, PO BOX 15133, LAS CRUCES, NM 88004-5133. Or go to to donate, select electronic choice; they accept the four major credit cards, and debit card. Send your money gift, then e-mail me at giving me your instruction, names and good addresses. I WILL DO THE REST. Some of you could send a major gift in the thousands, and still do your Christmas shopping with us. Being very straightforward with you, we have never needed your help more, especially now going into the 2020 school year.

Christmas greetings Merry Christmas to the Faculty and Students at Morning Glory Christian Academy. On Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, but we cannot celebrate His birth without remembering why he came here in the first place. He came so that He could one day bear the burden of all of our sin so that we may live forever. This time of year we especially think of the many people who have come into our lives and made a difference. You, my friends, have made a difference in my life, and I just want you to know what that means to me. My thoughts and prayers are continually with you even when I cannot be there physically. Now, have a Birthday Party for Jesus and praise Him always. Your Friend, Tony Pagano



The Give Is All It Takes S. Dean Pinney Long before the sun rose, Jahum was awake. Today was the big day; the day when he finally would be able to go on an adventure by himself. Last week was his 13th birthday, and his family celebrated his sacred Bar Mitzvah. Finally, he could go to the synagogue and see for himself what he had been studiously learning about all these years. But today, he had something very different in mind. He had been hearing about this famous carpenter-turned-preacher who had strange and intriguing teachings. He was a Jew, but he didn’t teach like a Jew. No, he taught like a prophet, loved like a priest, and led like a king. And today, he was going to be here in Capernaum. He and his Dad had a great day fishing yesterday and caught a boat full. That meant that they could take today off. Dad had some chores around the house to take care of and gave Jahum permission to go to Capernaum to see this Jesus for himself. Dad said that seeing this Jesus for himself would help him to see that he was nothing more than just another false messiah; the third one this year! But Jahum HAD to see for himself. The stories of healing, forgiveness, of…compassion; No one seemed to have compassion anymore! Everyone was so quick to judge, and no one cared about the fringe. That was the most intriguing thing about this Jesus—He cared about the fringe. All the other prophets, priests, and kings were busy catering to the important and powerful people; but Jesus, and you must believe this, pursued the broken and disposable people! Jahum understood what it was like to be disposable. He had a terrible speech impediment, and was used to people making fun of him, or treating him like he was stupid. Deep down, he secretly hoped that Jesus really could heal people; because if he could then maybe he could heal his tongue and make him normal? “Jahum”, his mother called interrupting his thoughts. “Here, take some food with you; you will surely get hungry out there”, his mother reasoned. “M-m-mom!” said Jahum, “P-P-P-LEASE d-d-d-don’t m-m-make me take a l -l-lunch! E-e-everyone al-al-already m-m-makes f-f-fun of me, I d-d-don’t need to give them a r-r-reason to d-d-do m-m-more.” But she insisted that if he wanted to go, he would have to take a lunch. She had just fried up some of the fish they caught and had made some fresh bread. He had to admit, it sure did smell good. So, he took his book bag and emptied it and placed his lunch in it and headed out the door for town. He wanted to get there early because he knew there would be tons of people wanting to see and hear Jesus.


As the sun rose, he noticed the crowds had already formed. But he could hear several of them talking about something, and it seemed serious. As he got closer, he could hear Mr. Joisin talking about Jesus’ cousin John— the prophet. They called him, “John the Baptizer” because he preached about redemption from the scrolls of Isaiah as he baptized in the Jordan river. But something terrible had happened. Apparently, last night he was killed. His head was brutally chopped off and served to the provincial king on a platter—literally! When Jesus got the news, he left Capernaum in a small boat intending to be alone. But the crowds could tell where he was going and they were rushing on foot to beat him there, and so Jahum went with them. When Jesus arrived at Tabgha, a small village on the northwestern shore of Galilee just a few miles from Capernaum, Jahum and the crowd were all waiting for him. Not caring about Jesus’ grief or concern for his privacy, the crowds pushed in begging for healing, and wanting to hear more from this zany prophet. But Jahum just wanted to get close enough to see if maybe, just maybe, he could convince Jesus to heal HIM. But the crowds pushed and shoved, and forced their sick, blind, deaf, and mute friends and family on Jesus to be healed. “In all honesty, they need healing more than I do”, Jahum reasoned. And because he was small, he got shoved further and further away from Jesus. But none of that mattered when Jesus began to speak. His words were amazing, and those eyes…it was as if he could see right into your soul! Hours passed, but it seemed like mere minutes as Jahum hung on every word that Jesus spoke. After Jesus had healed a blind man, one of his apostles went up to him and suggested that he send everyone home. Afterall, it was getting late and no one had eaten all day. He reasoned to Jesus that it would take a fortune to feed them all and they just didn’t have the resources. Eat…oh, yeah! Jahum was so interested in listening and watching Jesus that he forgot that he had a lunch with him. He had ignored his stomach’s grumbling and reasoned that he didn’t want to miss a thing. As he peered into his make-shift lunch bag he could smell the aroma of the fresh fish and bread his mother had made for him. As he was pulling a loaf of bread out to make a sandwich, he was approached by one of the Apostles, Andrew. Jesus had sent them around to see if they could find any food. As he came to Jahum, he was tempted to hide his lunch and hope he would just pass him by. He didn’t have enough for hardly anyone else, and he didn’t want them to see him eating while they were hungry. He was just going to go over to the shore and eat by himself. But Andrew stopped when he got to Jahum, “Do you have any food in that bag?” he asked. Jahum’s heart raced, “I don’t want to lie, but I also don’t want to lose my food.” He thought. But there was something about the message that Jesus had been preaching that tugged at his soul. Those words, “If a m an ask s for a fish, w ill his father give him a snak e? So, if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you.


is the essence of the Law and the Prophets.” * Jahum cleared his throat, hoping not to stutter too badly as he answered the Apostle. “Y-y-yessir. I-I h-h-have some f-f-f-ood. N-n-not much, b-but I c-c-can share.” Andrew shouted across the crowd to Jesus, “This boy has some fish and bread”. Jesus called back, “Ask him if we can have it.” Jahum froze. “Have it? All of it?” Then as suddenly as fear surfaced, peace overcame him. “Y-y-yesir, t-t-tell him h-h-he can h-h-have it all.” And the lunch that was once his was now gone. Have you ever been in a situation like that? You didn’t have much, but what you had was yours? And just when you were about to enjoy it, God comes calling. And He has the audacity to ask for it ALL! “Couldn’t he get it from someone else? Surely there is someone else who has more than they need? Why me? What will I eat if I give mine away? Why should I give mine away?” we insist. And we hope that he just passes us by. But, He doesn’t. He stops right in front of us and asks again, “What do YOU have?” Suddenly, the blood rushes from our fingertips as we grasp our bag ever so tightly. We can feel the heat leave our body as fear overtakes us. “Why should He take mine”, we reason. In my life, this battle happens more often than I would like to admit. Sometimes it’s not my lunch, it’s my time. More often it’s my money; MY hard-earned money! “With all the bizzillionaires in the world, why take the little I have?” I murmur. And I, like that little boy from so long ago, can hear Him say, “If he asks for a fish, will his father give him a snake? So, if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him! In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you. For this is the essence of the Law and the Prophets”. And I have to ask myself, “What am I hanging on to that Jesus is asking for?” Usually, it’s my will. I want to spend my time on what I want. I want to spend my money on what I want. I want to spend my love on what I want. I want to spend my compassion on what I want. I want to spend my life on what I want. And so it goes. As my knuckles turn white from the grasp I have on my things. My things. That in itself illustrates just how ignorant I can be. What do I have that God didn’t provide for me? Is it a mind? Is it a heart? Is it lungs, or breath? Is it stuff? Is it money? I came into this world naked. Broke, timeless, mindless, sleepless and he gave… and gave…and gave. And all He asks of me is that I give too. He even gave first! And, truth be told, He gave most! But it is only when I loosen my grip on what I have erroneously called my own that I can see Him give even more. And if you are anything like me, you have some white knuckles as well. It only costs $1.45 a day to sponsor a child at Morning Glory. Most of us have that in loose change. Others of us spend twice that a day on a cup of coffee. We all spend more than that feeding ourselves each day. Is God asking you to share YOUR lunch with them? I know he has asked me to share mine. If each person reading this would commit to sponsor ONE child, we could have EVERY child sponsored by Christmas!! Is there a better gift you could give this


Christmas then to change a child’s life forever? But the story doesn’t end here. The Apostle disappeared with his lunch and took it to Jesus. The others were confused, “What good is one kid’s lunch going to do for thousands of hungry people?” they mumbled under their breath. And then something amazing happened. Jesus blessed it. He didn’t offer some great show of strength. He didn’t call fire from heaven, or power from hell. He simply blessed it; and then he broke it. He broke it. The mysterious Greek image here is not of division, as one would do when you break a piece of wood into splinters. But of multiplying, as one would do when you duplicate something over and over again. Jahum watched in awe as Jesus had the disciples get everyone into groups of 50 and they passed the fish and bread. Hundreds of times over, they passed the two fish and five loaves. Every man, woman, and child ate until they were full. And when they were finished eating, there were 12 coffin baskets full of leftovers. Oh, and by the way, guess who got to eat his fill? Jahum. That’s what happens when you give God your all—He makes sure that you get dinner too. Right before he left to go home he went up to tell Jesus how much he loved him. As he approached, Jesus called out to him, “Hey, Jahum, thanks for giving me your lunch!” Jahum smiled, “Your welcome!” he blurted. WAIT! No stutter, no fear, no timid voice. Had he been healed? Jesus winked and turned to hug someone else.

That 30-minute walk home that night seemed like nothing as Jahum thought about what he had seen that day. He couldn’t wait to tell everyone that He found the Christ. He didn’t find him in the healing. He didn’t find him in the teaching. He didn’t even find him in the eating. He found him in the giving. This Christmas, will you find Christ in the giving? You might just discover that the give is all it takes. ___________________________ * Matthew 7:10-12 NIV


Our children at Morning Glory Christian Academy need a “life Saver”; this is your big chance.

To keep Morning Glory healthy and active, our new trustees need 50 new $45 Premium sponsorships and 20 $35 standard sponsorships. The trustees are each seek ing to sign up five sponsors. We have two challenges for our readers. First, if you are a sponsor, w ould you agree to sign up at least one more sponsor between Thanksgiving and December 31st? The new sponsor, or you for them, just needs to send first month's payment with name and mailing address, along with your desire for a girl or boy. Some prefer to send a year in advance, $540 or $420. The premium includes books and uniforms. Believe me, you will be a “life saver.” Second, if you are a reader and w ould lik e to be a sponsor, follow these instructions. Send money and information to NIMA at PO BOX 15133, LAS CRUCES, NM 88004. Or to send money by computer, go to to donate and follow the prompts. Then e-mail your info to For help or information, call Herb


Moving On... Tabitha Nij

Dear Readers: Hoping you are enjoying abundant blessings from our Creator and asking God to always fill your homes with peace and harmony. I know that many of you have the same doubts that I have: How to continue with Morning Glory? How to continue with Lory's legacy? And many more questions. But today I can tell you that even in the midst of all my weaknesses and frustrations, because many of the times I don't know the answer to many of my doubts, I firmly know that I must continue this legacy. For many days my mind was preparing for the moment when my mother became a Beautiful Angel [ed. note: humans do not become angels] and although my heart told me it is not time yet, she will improve, she will get well, she is strong, I saw how little by little her light was dwindling and the moment came when those green eyes would not give me that intense look, that face would no longer smile at me, and that sweet voice would not tell me more come chucho (eat a dog)! In the blink of an eye God took her hand and took her away, leaving me without my reason for being, without the engine that drove me every day, to put one foot in front of another and continue; he took my confidant, my advisor, and most importantly my warrior, yes, my warrior! That woman who taught me to fight for my dreams, to fight my battles by bending my knees, taught me to breathe to millions before reacting, taught me that even with the strongest pain I should stand up and face life with my forehead in high [sic] and with dignity. My mother one day told me when my stories end, and I will put an end to it, it will be my last day and the story must continue, with a new chapter that must begin. And so the end came and the story had to continue, even in the midst of pain in the soul and in our hearts we had to face a new challenge— a new story would start when returning from Easter holidays, where that armchair in the main office would be empty, entering every morning and the students would not listen anymore, “hey hey, were is your uniform?” !!! “You have arms; you can wash it your self!” From the smallest to the oldest students, even the new ones who did


not share time with their Principal, felt that emptiness; the teachers hid many of them, their tears, and made them up with the teachings that she left us each. We all have a saved teaching in our hearts and memories of some scolding or advice; memories invade us when we ask ourselves the reason for many things. Everyone tells us we must continue the work as she did, we must do things as she did, but when we fall into reality, the truth is that we cannot do things as she did them, because we are not her and the wisdom that God had given her or as she said those 35-year-old gray hairs of missionary were many knowledge [sic], and without a doubt the close and close relationship that she had with God were the reason why her legacy and her dream came so high. But now it is time that we open our wings and take the flight, and stop looking for answers that we will not find, passwords that we will not discover, and embark on the trip to the chasm (valley) that she so longed for, now is our story, our book in white pages that we must begin to write. It is time that we join forces and hide our pain with a smile and change lives, that we leave teachings of life and values in those brown-eyed children, for whom my mother gave her life. I cannot deny that there are days so dark that all I want to do is cry and stay at home hugging one of my mom's favorite blouses to feel her presence, and that is where I remember, and in my mind I hear her saying, Tabí, get up; you are strong. I taught you better than that.

Remember, this is just a storm and it will soon happen, that you are like the eagle when they get older and look for a cave in the mountain gap and for a while undergoes changes to its feathers, beak, and claws— they fall and are renewed; it is a painful process and but at the end the eagles are renewed and when the sun rises from a new day they leave the cave, open their wings and undertake a new flight, and that biblical appointment that reminds me that “those who trust in the Lord, will renew their strength and fly like eagles” (Isaiah 40.31). I fully trust that my [inner] forces are being renewed and that the year 2020 brings new challenges, new teachings. Today I can tell you that in the process I will make mistakes, that I will stumble over and over again, that I will shed many more tears, but I know that the grace and goodness of God will sustain me and I will stand up and correct my mistakes. And in the midst of all this pain God has a plan. I always say that God takes a long time, but he never forgets. *** And now that thanksgiving and Christmas time is approaching: My biggest reason for thanksgiving is my mother's life and all the teachings she left me, which I have kept in my heart. The life of my children and because God allows me to be able to be with the children of Morning Glory. I want to thank each of you who have not stopped trusting our work to continue with Lory's legacy (my mom). And have continued to support with your donations [and] the most important thing with your prayers. Thanks to each one who has taken the time to write us or even come to


visit us and show us affection for my mother; these samples of love are stored in our hearts and memories. And especially in each of the smiles of the children of Morning Glory, and without a doubt also in our prayers. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you make possible. Undoubtedly by this time everyone is weighing on Thanksgiving, Christmas, even where to receive the year 2020. I can answer that question without hesitation; at the home of your parents, or best friends, in your own house with your family or even in a church or shelter. My children ask me, “mommy, what are we going to do for thanksgiving, are we having Christmas this year?� They, like many of the children in Morning Glory, ask the same thing because for anyone it has been a secret that the year 2019 for the Nij family and Morning Glory has not been easy. Today, writing this, my 10-year-old son Kenivan who faced death a few months ago, saw me with tears on my cheeks and hugged me and told me, “Mommy, Emma takes care of us from the sky, and although we don't have a Christmas gift or eat turkey in thanksgiving, we have ourselves and that is the most important thing. God has in his hands everything; he is in control. Now that everyone is already starting to prepare the list of gifts for their loved ones, I want to ask you from the deepest of heart to include Morning Glory Family in your list of gifts; your help for us is very valuable and important. My desire is that peace and love reign in your homes; may God pour many blessings on each one. I want to invite you to come together to the chasm of this legacy, to face together those giants that we each have, to fight together those battles, to erase together the pain and guilt that the year 2019 has left us, that together we remember that death has been defeated and that our King lives. And that on Thanksgiving and Christmas night, each one of us with our families hold hands; may we from the pace of our homes be able to raise a Hallelujah at the same time. With Love, Taby Nij


We are offering a few hard items needed at the school, for those of you that prefer to buy items for the campus. These are selected by Rob as the most important. What the trustees want you to know is to catch up our cash shortage. For help in doing your Christmas shopping here, reread the Publisher's page at the front of MGSTORIES. As you select an item, put the item number on check or electronic gifting.

2019-1 — Desks for primary ($20/each) 300 needed. 2019-2 — Chairs for secondary seating (3 for $20) 400 needed. 2019-3 — Online database for student records. ($600) one needed.

Greatest needs for school: 2019-4 — 2019-5 — 2019-6 — 2019-7 — 2019-8 — 2019-9 — 2019-10 — 2019-11 — 2019-12 — 2019-13 — 2019- 14 —

$ 5,000 toward school debt. $ 4,000 toward school debt. $ 3,000 toward school debt. $ 2,000 toward school debt. $ 1,000 toward school debt. $ 500 toward school debt. $____ toward school debt $ 250 toward school debt. $ 200 toward school debt. $100 toward school debt. $ 50 toward school debt.

Go to for credit card use. For bank wires, call for information and instructions: 575 647-2168 or 575-650-3915. Mail checks and money orders to NIMA P O Box 15133 Las Cruces, NM 88004


A Change in Direction Herb Pinney Stretching out in all directions on the Llano de la Virgin community is the Morning Glory Christian Academy campus that includes Community Christian Hospital, and a dozen small and large buildings, sports field and common area. This area could be called, ”Lori’s Dream.” Many decades ago on Denver Street in Vidor, Texas, Lori is waiting up for me to get home from hospital calling. Lori is laboring over Bible college catalogs. Highschool graduation was a few weeks away. She is busy selecting a Bible college. For the last year she has been children’s church director at First Christian in Vidor. We talked over her dream of directing a Christian school; this is all she could talk about. We selected Dallas Christian College. Six years later she was back home in Vidor directing Children’s church. College at Dallas and Cincinnati was behind her; she had sent rèsumès to Christian schools everywhere—no response. She was managing a small café in Beaumont, and getting more discouraged every day. It was her day off; she was home talking to her mother. My phone rang at my business office in Beaumont. It was my buddy, Dean Cary, at Colegio Biblico in Eagle Pass. He was needing a pedagogy teacher and Dean of women. The job had Lori’s name written all over it, except for one thing: Lori has sworn she would never be a missionary. I clued Dean in, gave him the house number, told him to go heavy on “Teacher.” “I will raise the mission money after you hire her.” We had a change in direction. Several years later, it is Christmas time and our house is packed with kids from everywhere. I am in my Vidor home office and a nervous Lori and an older student from Guatemala wants to talk to me; everyone else has gone to bed. Lori leans forward, saying, ”Let me translate so you don’t miss a word.” Queno began about his home church in Guatemala; he is to return home as their preacher. In the college process he has fallen in love with Lori. He has a problem. He has promised his church he would return to be their preacher. If I would not approve of Lori moving to Guatemala, he would have to love her and leave her. He would have to keep his word. I responded, “What more could a father ask than a son-in-law that kept his word.” We had a change in direction. A year later I got a call from Lori about a home on the Llano that was for sale with some land. A member of First Christian in Vidor and I pooled our money and bought it for the Nijs. This became the first building and land of the school. At last we were moving in the direction of Lori’s dream.


Now Lori and Queno are living in rental property in San Raymundo, and they were working with doctors from First Baptist in Texarkana, Texas, to build a community hospital on our property, with our written guarantee that the hospital would always be open to all the medically needy. The hospital was right next to our one-room school. The direction broadens. Our needs were an expanding school, and a permanent home for the Nij family. Queno wanted to build a home for the Nijs, drill a deep well, and have a hospitality center for the mission. We were building on the campus at the expense of the supporters. The banks in Guatemala were all too glad to loan at nearly 40% APR. Herb went to First State Bank in Vidor. I told my banker, Gwen Busby, I want to build one of my kids a small home; I need $$$. Gwen was agreeable until I mentioned it would be a signature loan, and with a hold on my savings account. Gwen asked me to give him time to talk to the bank president. Fifteen minutes later he retuned with a smile, “Okay.” As he was drawing up the paperwork, he asked me which of the kids? I smiled and said, “You don’t really want to know.” With each land purchase, each building built, the campus grew until this last spring we had a major change of direction—Lori was called home. After struggling for a few months, we are ready to form a new budget, and plough into unproven land. We are at a tipping point. The teachers are requesting we form a buffer of two months expenses in the bank account to back the budget, that we have the budget money on the account ready to wire on time. No one would be more happy to do that than I would, but it requires money. We have laid out a program to accomplish all this in this MGSTORIES. We, with the help of God, can do it all; it is a workable plan. Everyone just needs to do a little. The other choice is a change in direction that we are not ready to take. There is much more to Lori’s dream. —hp


Anthony Pagano (Tony) wrote: “It may not seem like much but with Christmas approaching the money could add up. I just purchased some items from and they donate a portion to N I M A and I pay with PayPal and they donate a dollar per transaction to NIMA. If we could get that word out to our supporters that would help some. A little bit adds up.� Thank you `Tony, let's all take advantage of this. Here are the prompts. Shop at and choose NIMA/ Morning Glory Christian Academy as your designated charity. Type this address into your web browser:

Writing Checks For the past several years I have requested in every MGSTORIES that when you are writing checks, please make out the check to N.I.M.A. or New Iberian Mission Assoc. If you want to mention Morning Glory, mention it in the Memo space in the lower left hand of check. We are still getting checks made out to Morning Glory. Bank of America has been allowing me to write in the payee line NIMA. UNDER THE FEDERAL LAW THEY SHOULD REJECT THE CHECK, forcing us to send it back for a rewriting of the check. We are dealing with federal banking laws. Please make out the check properly. This will save banking time, and protect your gift.


Christmas greetings from Guatemala Elizabeth Stephens I am so thankful to be a part of the Morning Glory Story. I have learned so much in this year, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Morning Glory. This year has presented its challenges especially with the passing of the woman I called my GuateMom, Lori Nij. Honestly I was worried about how the school would continue on, but God simply reminded me that He has everything in control. It is thanks to you all who support financially and in your prayers that this school will continue! Thanks to you all, Lori's dream and call to reach the brown-eyed children will continue forever! Thanks to you, children's lives have been changed! I pray that God blesses each and everyone of you just as you have blessed Morning Glory!

Rob Courtney Friends, Family, supporters, and fellow Kingdom workers: I still haven't found the best word to describe this year. Almost like an inspiring scene from a movie we suffered a great loss. But in the moments of despair and confusion, we have been able to look at the path ahead and see how we want to continue the course laid in front of us. We have dedicated ourselves to the hundreds of brown-eyed children Lori loved so much. All of us who decided to be leaders have been challenged, but we have grown into it. I've said it before, but it has a more profound meaning now: Thank you so much for joining with us in the Morning Glory Story. I am so excited about the new plans we have to continue growing what we do and who we are. May God bless you how you have blessed Morning Glory leadership, staff, students, and my own family. May God grant you the happiness you deserve this Christmas. 17

Harold E Fowler MAY 7, 1937 – AUGUST 28, 2019

Clifford D Shaw

FEBRUARY 17, 1943 – OCTOBER 16, 2019

Two life-long supporters of Morning Glory that were graduated to Heaven. 18

Merry Christmas from the Las Cruces office Christmas has become a much quieter celebration as I move into the last half of my eighties. Now that the family is scattered around a portion of the world. Christmas at home is much quieter for my granddaughter and I. Agape Church is much smaller than First Christian in Vidor, Texas, and not nearly as many children and youth. A much smaller work load for Christmas for Daniel and I. Our Christmas center the past few years has been around our raising funds at Christmas time for Morning Glory Christian Academy. This is strategically important this year. For the past thirty-five years my help in raising funds for a growing mission on the Llano de la Virgin in Guatemala has come and gone, at times leaving Daniel and I alone at the helm. With Lori’s graduation to heaven, Dean has come on to take over half of our work. Now C.E.O., Dean has selected a crew of trustees from major corporations and mega churches in America that are fastacting, fast-thinking type-A drivers. Now, Daniel and I will have to be in the ball to stay up. This is why we have changed our Christmas catalog to center on raising money gifts to get us back in a financially-sound position as we enter into a new budget and school year for 2020. In the 1960s, struggling to find the best and most efficient way to be a successful bi-vocational minister, I had made a serious mistake, thinking I would have more time for the Lord if I went into business for myself; I became a Chrysler/Import dealer for N.W. New Mexico. This accomplished several things besides exhausting me. One, it was an excellent on-the-job training school for me for years to come in the import auto world. Next, it did for me what every minister needs. It threw me smack-dab right in the middle of the secular world; this was great for Aztec Christian, for N.I.M.A. and our beginning work on the Navajo reservation. I got very involved in the Aztec Chamber of Commerce. I was the new kid on the block. During the November meeting they needed a volunteer to be Santa Claus for the Saturday shopping days in December. Someone else suggested that it would be good, since we are inviting the reservation people in to shop, if our Santa could be tri-lingual. Before long, without raising my hand, I had been volunteered. Now, I murder several languages, including English, but hardly proficient in any one of them. I remember the feeling as I walked to my car. It was just how I feel today; I know what to do, but was going to need a lot of help from God to do a good job. The one good thing about me and the Santa suit, I didn’t take a lot of padding. The December Saturdays came and went okay; the church people got a great glee out of kidding me about being Santa. And as so many other Christmas times has passed into my loaded memory bank of wonderful days gone by.


During those happy days of yesteryear I remember the kids all watching my car coming home at Christmas time to catch a glimpse of Christmas gifts I might be sneaking into the house. Then gathering around me to ask what I might want for Christmas. Gifts were never my love language, but I went along. Today if someone would ask what would I want for Christmas, I would quickly answer, �A good response from our Christmas catalog.� One of the important results that is coming alongside of the Christmas giving season is the joint effort of the trustees and the crew in Guatemala to write a satisfactory budget for Morning Glory and the churches in Guatemala for 2020. This budget is our gift to the supporters, and the school. However, there will me no Christmas for Morning Glory without the 120% support from all of you folks meeting the budget in all the months of 2020. You have always been wonderful; so, Daniel and I want to wish each one of you a merry Christmas and a blessed year to come. Love, Herb Pinney


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MG Stores, Volume 36, Number 4 (2019-11)  

This issue of Morning Glory Stories is a quarterly report sharing the work of our mission outreaches to Guatemala, namely Morning Glory Chri...

MG Stores, Volume 36, Number 4 (2019-11)  

This issue of Morning Glory Stories is a quarterly report sharing the work of our mission outreaches to Guatemala, namely Morning Glory Chri...