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February 01, 2014

Worship at New Hope

Community at Worship 10:30 a.m. & 12:30 p.m. | Kingdom Kids Worship (Rm. 121)-10:30 a.m | Middle School Worship (Feb. 8) 10:30 a.m.

Praise and Worship Katina Chappell


connect. serve. grow.


Hope Part IV: The Choice is Yours Pastor Mike Speegle


Community Life

Community Life

Marty Chappell (First Service) Ruthie Vasconcellos (Second Service)


Closing Thought

! Next Week: Help! I'm a Parent! ! Family Tools

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Pastor Mike Speegle

New Hope Goes Red for American Heart Month Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and it doesn't discriminate: People of all ages and backgrounds can get the condition. One tip to help protect your heart: Take a brisk 10-minute walk, three times per day, five days per week. Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (

community february life 5 ! Welcome to New Hope! We're here to help you grow in your spiritual journey. This page highlights some exciting ways for you and your family to make meaningful connections and grow your relationship with God. 

Ignite your prayer life and deepen your relationship with God. 7:30 p.m. Theme: Jesus is the center of it all.

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Church Office Hours Mon-Thu 9a-5p, Fri 10a-2p

Phone/Text Message 410-541-6394





Connect with your community and help serve a meal to homeless men, women and children at Grassroots, a walk-in crisis shelter here in Columbia, Md., 4-6 p.m. All are welcome! For more info, contact Nathan Taylor at 478-737-4224.



If there is anything we can do to support you on your journey, let us know.



Restore, a worship gathering for young adults, meets from 7 to 9 p.m. at the church. Join us as we fulfill our purpose and mission: to gather and experience Sabbath together and be restored by God through worship and fellowship!


Welcome, guests! We’re glad to have you here today. You can find out more about New Hope in Seven Minutes or Less, a brief information session after today’s worship service by coming to the first two rows in the front left of the worship center!

This year, you will receive your tithe and offering receipts via email. Text RECEIPT with your full name and email address to 410-541-6394, or email to request your receipt.! Calling all photographers! Professionals, amateurs and beginners ages 16+: Join the New Hope photography team! For more info, email! Game Night, Feb. 22, 6:30 p.m. Come out for a fun night of Minute-to-Win-It-style games. The Pathfinders (co-ed scouting group) will sell food and drink to raise funds for their big trip this summer.!


Craft Night, 6 p.m. Bring your craft supplies and work on projects together. Various craft demonstrations available. For info, contact Denise: 443-812-1805 or

FAMILY MINISTRIES! The children's Bible lesson for today The children's Bible lesson for today is found in Matthew 5:1-12, “Jesus Teaches the Beatitudes to the People.” The Bible verse for the month is Matthew 7:7-8.

YOUNG ADULTS ! Connect, a Bible study group just for young adults, meets Sabbaths from 11 a.m. to noon in the trailer. Let’s explore the life-changing teachings of God’s Word.



Starting Point, a small group and safe place for conversation and questions about God, begins. The class meets Sabbaths at 10:30 a.m. Register at startingpoint.

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Got a heart for young people? We have opportunities for you to serve in our youth department. Make a lifelong difference in someone’s life! Pick up a flier at the AskMe Desk or contact Pastor Ann at

Generation Rain 2014, a spiritual weekend for high school students, Feb. 21-23 at Mt. Aetna Camp. Cost: $40. For details, pick up a brochure in the high school portable building or contact Pastor Ann at

Mix and Mingle, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., second floor. Meet new people, hang out with old friends or just enjoy some snacks between our first and second worship services.

Prayer of a Praying Man Starts Feb. 15 Real men pray! Consider joining this small group for men for monthly meetings at 9:30 a.m. in the Prayer Room.


For more info, email Jose at


Next Week: Our New Pastor Arrives!!

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Starting Next Week: A ! Class Just for Parents


Here are some facts from a national survey of the state of families in America:


• The majority of parents reportedly believe that raising children today is more complicated than it used to be.

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• Most perceived that the quality of American family life is declining.

• Of the parents surveyed, 55 percent expressed a concern that they were not doing a very good job of parenting.


The study concluded that parents today feel there is “no clear map that charts the path for nurturing the next generation of adults.” The future seems complex and terrifying, and parents are at a loss for how to prepare their children to face unprecedented issues.


But there is hope for parents! There is a map — a map that charts the path for parents based on timeless and relevant principles of parenting: the Bible.


Help! I’m a Parent! Christian Parenting the Real World is a 10-week study to inspire, encourage, motivate and support parents in the exciting challenge and blessing that is parenthood.


This study will address real-world issues facing our children today. Parents will be able to:


• discuss their challenges and concerns; learn how to find and incorporate biblical principles into the home;

! ! ! !

Welcome our new pastoral family to New Hope, Feb. 8, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., second floor. Take a few minutes to greet Pastor Jason, Heidi and the boys!! =============! As part of our welcome, let's give them the opportunity to enjoy our wonderfully diverse food scene: Pick up a gift card to your favorite local restaurant ($25 or more suggested), and write a separate card explaining why it's your favorite. Drop off your cards in the locked dropbox near the Ask-Me Desk.!

• learn how to raise children to be lifelong followers of Jesus Christ;

• understand the prevailing culture that children are facing; and

• find support and encouragement from each other.

The study is led by Parenting Ministry Director Edwina Neely. Neely is a wife, mother, educator, author, presenter, trainer, children’s ministry specialist and lover of children. Neely was an advisor in developing the Help! I’m a Parent! Curriculum, which was developed by the Family Ministries department of the North American Division of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The class begins Feb. 8 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 201.


For more information, visit

Sabbath School Teachers Needed Kingdom Kids Sabbath School needs teachers for its grades K-1 and grades 2-3 classes. Don’t miss this opportunity to serve! For more information, email Tina at



The Back Page follows the Bible lessons that children and youth are studying and serves to help kids and adults continue the spiritual discussion at home and establish patterns of a devotional life.

Thought for the Week The Beatitudes describe the characteristics that Jesus expects of those who follow Him. Each description is accompanied by a pronouncement of blessing on those who demonstrate that characteristic. Some Bible translations use the word happy instead of blessed. But happy doesn’t convey the full meaning of what’s intended here. This blessing by God involves joy that doesn’t depend on circumstances; it is based on what God has done for us.

Poor in spirit: those who recognize they are in need of God’s help.

Theirs is the kingdom of heaven: God grants them entry into His kingdom because they trust Him.

Those who mourn: people saddened by their own sin and the sin around them.

They will be comforted: One day God will dry all their tears.

The meek: those who do not assert themselves over others to further their own agendas in their own strength.

They will inherit the earth: because they trust in God to direct the outcome of events.

Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness: those who recognize God is the ultimate source of real righteousness, so they long for His righteous character.

They will be filled: They will be satisfied by responding to God’s invitation to be in relationship with Him.

The merciful: those who humbly realize they don’t deserve God’s mercy, but having received it, strive to extend it to others.

They will be shown mercy: As they extend mercy to others, God will grant more mercy to them.

The pure in heart: people who continue to focus on Christ and don’t let other allegiances contaminate that relationship.

They will see God: One day, they will see the object of their worship face to face.

The peacemakers: those who live at peace and seek to make peace among others.

They will be called sons of God: By seeking to bring peace to others, they will show that they are God’s children.

! God’s Daily Word Use the following passages to explore additional biblical perspectives on the characteristics presented in the Beatitudes.

Those who are persecuted because of righteousness: people who suffer for standing up for God.

Theirs is the kingdom of heaven: Those who endure in faith are assured a place in the kingdom.

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Ann Roda Pastor for Families

Isaiah 57:15; Isaiah 61:2-3


Psalm 37:11; Isaiah 55:1,2



The reviled, persecuted and falsely accused...on Jesus’ account: Jesus experienced opposition and persecution, and His followers can expect the same.

Great reward in heaven: Reward may not come on earth, but it surely will come in heaven. What happens to us on earth will seem insignificant in light of the rewards we will receive for faithfully honoring God in our earthly lives.

Adapted from FaithWeaver Leaders Guide and ESV Study Bible notes.




Each day this week, read the entire Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) together for family worship. Use a Bible version that children can easily understand such as the New International Readers Version (NIrV) or New Century Version (NCV).

Find us: 12350 Hall Shop Road, Fulton, MD 20759 ! Call us/ send a text message: 410-541-NEWH (6394) ! Email us: ! Visit us online:

James 2:13 Psalm 24:3-6; Hebrews 12:14 2 Tim. 2:12; 1 Peter 3:14 Matthew 10:22; 1 Peter 4:14

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