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Edition: January 17, 2020

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Community Insider Edition: January 17, 2020

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Promoting Independence

by Christina Seti

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The number one goal at New Hope Community is to provide the highest quality of life for the people we support. With that, promoting independence is our number one goal. By increasing someone’s independent living skills, we are putting their long-term, wellbeing first. It is important to support someone with a task and not control the situation. The more you are managing the situation, the less responsibility others will take on, and the more reliant they will become on you as their staff or family member. Instead of seeking to manage every interaction and decision, begin to find ways that you can gradually switch to a mode of offering support instead. Sometimes the shift from “control” to “support” can be as simple as some small tweaks to the language you use. Instead of telling someone what to do, ask him or her, what they would like to do.

We also need to keep in mind that we need to search for meaning, rather than judging someone’s behavior. Remember that we are all different and we all see the world through a different lens. That lens is shaped by our situation, our upbringing, our lifestyle. This means that your interpretation of a situation or behavior could In be significantly different to that of the person we are supporting. If you feel yourself The moving towards judgment, take a deep breath and try to look at things from a Know different perspective. Take a moment to view the world through their eyes, and try to understand why they are doing whatever it is they are doing. Another very important step is to lead with positivity. Emotions are contagious. Feelings like fear, anxiety and negativity can be felt by those around you, even when you don’t put them into words. They can grow like wildfire in the wrong hands. Emotions such as hope, happiness and positivity are just as catchy and contagious and make it easier for everyone involved to embrace change. The journey toward independence can be a slow and challenging one, so celebrate the small wins. Be positive and convey positivity at every opportunity. Others will feed off your energy and build confidence and independence as a result. “Independence is happiness.” -Susan B. Anthony

Supported Employment

Supported Employment Celebrates the Holidays!

Every year the Supported Employment Program acknowledges the commitment and hard work of the people we support. The employees in SEMP attend an Annual

Artwork Unveiling

Macramé is the art of using knots to create a type of textile. Used by several early civilizations to decorate clothing & by sailors during long voyages to barter, macramé made a comeback in the 70’s in the form of clothing, wall hangings, planters & jewelry. Our LAC group used macramé techniques to create wall hangings. Although only a few knots are used, the coordination needed was very challenging. We started out using a fine cord and knotting on a macramé board. After we started to get better at some of the patterns, we switched to larger & longer cords, tied to a dowel and c-clamped onto the tables. We also took some time to create beads out of FIMO clay that we baked in a toaster oven, sealed and then used to decorate the macramé. Sebastian & Liz, the art staff, were often researching and trying new techniques. Their enthusiasm really inspired everyone in the class. Towards the end I often heard “Are we tying knots today”, as the guys were really enjoying the project. You can see our latest creations outside the LAC office by the MPR. - Sue Petry Community Insider: Edition: January 17, 2020: Page 3

Holiday party and are given a certificate. This year the certificate recognized the length of time they have worked. Everyone enjoyed food, dancing, fun and realized that hard work pays off!

Health & Wellness

10 Great Foods For Good Gut Health

Source: Jodi Helmer

The 100 trillion microorganisms living in your gastrointestinal tract make up the gut microbiome. Building a collection of good bacteria has been linked to fewer health issues ranging from metabolism, arthritis and depression to cancer, cardiovascular disease and lifespan. “Gut health impacts so much more than digestion,” says Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, a registered dietitian nutritionist. “A healthy gut microbiome is important to your overall health.” Sugar, red meat and processed foods can wreak havoc on the gut microbiome, but a healthy diet rich in fiber that includes these 10 foods can restore gut health: Apples: Pectin, the soluble fiber in apples, improves insulin resistance, lowers cholesterol and slows down digestion, helping you feel full. Bananas: Bananas are known to have high levels of potassium, and they contain two kinds of fiber: pectin, which helps with digestion, and resistant starch, which serves as food for beneficial gut bacteria. Beans: Beans are among the fiber-rich foods that have been shown to improve intestinal barrier function or the ability for your body to fight against disease-producing compounds. Chickpeas: Thanks to the protein and fiber, chickpeas are a great source of plant-based prebiotics. Skip canned chickpeas, which have lower levels of prebiotic fiber than dried chickpeas. Kefir: The fermented milk drink, like yogurt, contains probiotics. Kefir is made by adding kefir grains to milk. The nutrient-rich drink contains protein, calcium, magnesium and vitamin B12; it also contains 61 strains of bacteria and yeast that contribute to good gut health. Nuts: Almonds, walnuts and pecans are all good sources of fiber, which helps gut bacteria break down foods while providing important nutrients your body needs for digestion and overall health,

Sunchokes: The root vegetable, also known as a Jerusalem artichoke, is considered a prebiotic, which is a type of dietary fiber that feeds good gut bacteria. Sunchokes could help lower blood cholesterol, prevent cell damage and manage blood sugar. Sunflower Seeds: Unsalted seeds, including sunflower seeds, are excellent sources of fiber, which aids in digestion. Sunflower seeds also contain antioxidants like selenium and vitamin E to help protect cells and prevent chronic disease. Whole Grains: A diet rich in whole wheat, bulgar, oats and brown rice helps improve gut microbiota. Research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that wholegrain diets helped increase the variety of gut bacteria, boosting the immune system and reducing inflammation compared to a diet rich in refined grains. Yogurt: Yogurt is a probiotic powerhouse that contains good bacteria like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, which help maintain digestive health. Yogurt is also chock full of calcium, protein and vitamin D.

February 22, 2020

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Select Human Services Happenings

The Out N’ About group had such a fun night taking the train to Valhalla Crossing for dinner. They are always so great to us and we love their gluten free menu.

Andrea is excited about her new Elton John record she received for Hanukkah.

Celebrating Christmas morning at 205.

Jay making his shot at the water pong table on New Year’s Day.

Lynn enjoying the water pong table competition on New Year’s Day.

Recently Heiden hosted a dog therapy session at the house and made homemade dog biscuits for Bear. They were made with peanut butter, egg, pumpkin puree and whole wheat flour. Everyone had a GREAT time making them and made a bunch extra that we would like to give out to anyone who has a dog at home. Please let us know if you would like some, and we’ll either deliver them to you in person or place them in your mail box! Special thanks to Paige and Sam, and of course Bear, for making this such a fun experience for everyone.

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Recent Happenings

Work With Us

Monthly Informational Update

January Information Update With winter upon us, Kristen Pignatelli, Coordinator of Corporate Compliance, discusses safety for cold weather, snow and ice. Call: 845-434-8300. You can either enter extension 440 or listen for the prompt (#3). Call in each month for a new update!

Do you have a friend or family member looking for a job? Are you looking for a new position? New Hope Community is currently hiring for the following positions. Remember – refer a new hire and receive a cash bonus. Please contact Lisa MerrittSmith in the Human Resources Department should you have any questions or would like additional information at: lmerritt@ or ext. 217.

NHC Executive Director Foundation Quality Assurance Auditor Assistant House Manager 1 Maintenance Associate Graduate Nurse/Nurse In Training Assistive Technology Specialist Day Program Direct Support Professional 1 Direct Support Professional 1 Non-Driver Relief Direct Support Professional 1 Registered Nurse Relief Direct Support Professional House Manager 1 Volunteer Intern

As a way for staff to anonymously report compliance issues or concerns, a new box has been mounted to the wall above the shredding bins near the Compliance/ QA offices. Staff are encouraged to provide their name when reporting so appropriate follow-up can be completed. (We understand that not all staff may feel comfortable doing so.) The box is secured by a lock and Kristen Pignatelli is the only one who can access the box. Please note the box is checked on a regular basis. However, this may not be daily. There are Compliance Reporting Forms on the top of the box for your use or you can print a copy of the form from the portal. You do not need to use the form to make a report. However, it may be useful to ensure you have detailed all of the information needed to thoroughly investigate the issue/concern.

Plant Sale

in the greenhouse

Friday, January 31. 10:00am – 3:00pm prices are $5 and less We Will be selling basil, cilantro, dill and more

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Congratulations on Your Promotion

Happy January Birthday! Join us in wishing a very Happy Birthday to our January friends! Nancy Noel Ricky Brian Daniel Jeannette Jeremy Jake Daniel Jay Mark Lee Andrew Robert Nikoll

Jared Malone on your promotion from a Direct Support Professional 1 to a Direct Support Professional 2 at 411 Larry’s Way. Venis Kevii on your promotion from a Direct Support Professional 1 to a Direct Support Professional 2 at WOW.

On your promotion

Pave the way Today! Order Now! Please call: 845-434-8300 x301 or Visit sensorygarden/

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Every Friday, the Community Bistro will offer a different special: January 17 January 24 January 31

Roasted Veggies & Quinoa Salad Stuffed Mushrooms California Rolls

In The Bistro

Rangers vs Flyers Hockey Trip Sunday, March 1, 2020

Community Corner

A SYBO (Select Your Benefit Organization) Trip

Exclusive Offer – Save $20 pp

Special Group Packages*

Section 318/319 Package ONLY $199 pp* (regular $219)

Section 214 Package ONLY $214 pp* (regular $234) * *minimum group of 4

Rangers/Flyers Hockey Trip Philadelphia Flyers vs NY Rangers at Madison Square Garden

8 AM departure from Liberty Pickups along the Route 17/I-86 corridor 12:00 PM Game Time Special group package prices starting as low as $199 per person

Its Organized, Hassle Free & Fun!

All Packages include

¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥ ¥

R/T Motorcoach Ticket to game Fresh buttered bagel CD Trips snack pack CD Trips escort Raffles & Prizes All tolls & parking fees Feature movie Bus driver gratuity So much FUN! BOOK TODAY! 845 295-9500

CD Trips, LLC is a proud member of the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce, Goshen Chamber of Commerce, Sullivan County Visitor’s Association, & Greater New York Chamber of Commerce.

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On This Day!

On this day in 1706, Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston.

Additional Ways to Reach Out If you are unable, or uncomfortable for any reason to go through your immediate contacts to get answers to questions or concerns, we have created a new e-mail address as another way to be heard and receive feedback. Please reach out to: If you are looking, or know someone who is looking to learn more about services New Hope Community provides, please reach out to our Service Navigators at New Hope Community, Inc. 5 New Hope Community Drive Route 52, P.O. Box 289, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759 Tel: (845) 434-8300, Fax: (845) 434-5105 Community Insider: Edition: January 17, 2020: Page 9

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We’re so glad you found us Imagine a place where your loved one feels valued as a community member; a place where they are supported whil...

Community Insider 011720  

We’re so glad you found us Imagine a place where your loved one feels valued as a community member; a place where they are supported whil...