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Edition: August 16, 2019

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Community Insider Edition: August 16, 2019

Sullivan Catskills Dove Adventure

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by Christina Seti

• In The Know by Christina Seti • Health & Wellness Corner • Recent Happenings • August Information Update • Monthly Informational Updates • Work With Us! • Dreaming by Laurie Chase • Congratulations on Your Promotion! • Corporate Compliance Box • Employee Referral Contest Extended • Computer Training with Robyn VanLowe • Songfest 2019 • Family BBQ • In the Bistro • Community Corner • Flashback Friday

This year Sullivan County is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Festival. To commemorate the Anniversary, the Sullivan County Visitors Association launched a Dove Trail. On permanent display, the exhibit includes 50 individual doves that were installed around Sullivan County. Hand-painted by a professional local artist using a 1960’s color palate, the doves reflect the spirit of the festival, the essence of Sullivan County and the character of each community. The Visitors Association initiated a contest encouraging community members to take a photograph with each dove and upload them to their Passport page. Once the entire trail is completed, participants will receive a special gift. Our WithOut Walls program has been busy doing just that! On their journey to different parts of the county, each group makes sure to check the Dove Map to see what doves are in the area to snap a quick photo. Currently, one group has officially finished visiting all 50 doves and other groups are not too far behind!

Keep it up WOW and let us know what your special gift is!

In the Know

Health & Wellness

2-Ingredient(ish) Sweet Potato Pancakes

Ingredients: Yes, you can make sweet potato pancakes with just two ingredients (give or take)! They’re simple enough for weekdays, yet feel indulgent enough for weekend brunch. Roast a couple of sweet potatoes ahead of time, and try it.

• 1 medium sweet potato, roasted, cooled and peeled. • 2 large eggs, beaten • a dash of cinnamon (optional) • a dash of allspice (optional) • Cooking Spray How to Make It: Step 1 Place sweet potato in medium size bowl; and mash. Whisk in eggs and spices (if using)

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(Credit: Cooking Light)

Step 2 Heat a griddle pan over mediumhigh heat. Coat it with cooking spray, (oil, or butter). Spoon out 1/4 cup of batter onto the griddle. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes. Step 3 This is the tricky part! These pancakes do not bubble like typical pancakes, so you have to really rely on the timer. Second, it helps to use two spatulas to flip, so that they stay together. Once you’ve flipped, set timer for 3-5 minutes, remove, and serve.

Recent Happenings

Cooking at Lebed-Italy night

Howard, Barry and Richard from Hatch had a great time during their trip to Claws ‘N’ Paws Animal Park.

Brittany, Jastana, Monique, and Stacey enjoyed the day at the Mountaindale Pool.

Rusty enjoyed his day at the Wayne County Fair

The Callicoon Street Fair was where you’d find the Colonial crew this past weekend.

The folks from Colonial caught some sunshine at Hanofee Park.

Barry, Lisa, Richard and Rosemary from Hatch recently attended the Wayne County Fair. They had a lot of fun and won prizes at the games!

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Monthly Informational Update

August Information Update Lisa Merritt-Smith, Director of Human Resources, provides an update on staff benefits and initatives. Listen in!

Call: 845-434-8300. You can either enter extension 440 or listen for the prompt (#3). Can in each month for a new update. We encourage you to listen!

Dreaming by Laurie Chase The Institute on Disability / UCED Durham, NH, has selected Laurie Chase’s art piece “Dreaming” to be included in the 2020 IOD Calendar. Congratulations Laurie!

Work With Us

Graduate Nurse/ Nurse In Training RN Assistive Technology Specialist Direct Support Professional 1- Non Driver Relief Direct Support Professional 1 Non Driver

Per Diem Registered Nurse Maintenance Associate Assistant House Manager 1 Day Program Direct Support Professional 1 Direct Support Professional 1

Do you have a friend or family member looking for a job? Are you looking for a new position? New Hope Community is currently hiring for the following positions. Remember – refer a new hire and receive a cash bonus. Please contact Lisa Merritt-Smith in the Human Resources Department should you have any questions or would like additional information at lmerritt@ or ext. 217.

Monthly Informational Updates

Laurie Chase Watercolor Pencils over Black Linear Design

Now you can stay up-to-date and learn about what is going on at New Hope Community. Call in for the Monthly Informational Update to receive updates on everything New Hope: hot topics, educational information, event information and so much more. Call 845-434-8300. You can either enter extension 440 or listen for the prompt (#3). Call in each month for a new update. We encourage you to listen!

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Congratulations on Your Promotion

Kati Parisella on your promotion from a House Manager 1 to a House Manager 2 at Colonial. Sherrie Shaw on your promotion from a House Manager 3 at Lake View to a Coordinator of Residential Services. Molly Stabile on your promotion from a Direct Support Professional 1 to a Direct Support Professional 2 at 306 Stupell Circle. Jennifer Wormuth on your promotion from an Assistant House Manager 1 to a House Manager 1 at Vista. Marsha Daniel on your promotion from a Direct Support Professional 2 to a Direct Support Professional 3 at Colonial. Tanisha Younger on your promotion from an Assistant House Manager 3 to House Manager 1 at 204 Michael’s Court. On your promotion Community Insider: Edition: August 16, 2019: Page 6

As a way for staff to anonymously report compliance issues or concerns, a new box has been mounted to the wall above the shredding bins near the Compliance/QA offices. Staff are encouraged to provide their name when reporting so appropriate follow-up can be completed. (We understand that not all staff may feel comfortable doing so.) The box is secured by a lock and Kristin Pignatelli is the only one who can access the box. Please note the box is checked on a regular basis. However, this may not be daily. There are Compliance Reporting Forms on the top of the box for your use or you can print a copy of the form from the portal. You do not need to use the form to make a report. However, it may be useful to ensure you have detailed all of the information needed to thoroughly investigate the issue/concern.

Computer Training with Robyn VanLowe With all of the changes in paperwork, technology and equipment we would like to offer you what we hope will be a lifeline. I will be available to offer some assistance in areas of Therap, eMARS, Staff Action Plans, Excel, etc. The next opportunity will be: September 16, 2019 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Room 505 If you are struggling and feel you would benefit from some more personalized guidance, this is designed with you in mind. We will have computers available for your use. Please let me know if you will be in attendance on the above date and time.

Every Friday, the Community Bistro will offer a different healthy special: August 23 Hummus veggie wrap with salad August 30 Quinoa Salad with Tuna September 6 Eggplant Rollatini September 13 Stuffed Mushrooms September 20 Super Salad with Couscous and Roasted Garden Vegetables In The September 27 Oriental Stir Fry with Bistro Quinoa Noodles Community Insider: Edition: August 16, 2019: Page 7

Community Corner

where to get Your Measles Vaccine Your Healthcare Practitioners should be your number one choice to administer your measles vaccine. If you do not have a healthcare practitioner and/or you do not have insurance coverage or are under insured, there are a few places in Sullivan County where you may receive the vaccine. 1. Sullivan County Public Health is offering “Free� measles vaccines to the public every Wednesday 2pm-5pm through the months of July and August at 50 Community Lane Liberty NY. To sign up go to HTTP:// Please register only for a clinic marked “SCPHS MMR CLINIC� 2. Hudson River Healthcare Community Health, located on Lakewood Ave. Monticello, NY. Please call 794-2010 to set up an appointment. This is not a free clinic, it is based on income and insurance. HRHC are giving vaccines Monday – Friday 9am-12pm. If you have any questions regarding Measles or the Measles vaccine reach out to your nurse and/or Muriel Cypert RN ext. 286 or Karen Kerendian RN Director of Health Services at ext. 268.







Morningside Park: 845-434-5877 AVAILABLE: CANOES, PADDLE and ROW BOATS

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Flashback Friday

On this day in 1977, Elvis Presley died at Graceland, his Memphis, Tennessee, home, from heart failure at the age 42.


Additional Ways to Reach Out If you are unable, or uncomfortable for any reason to go through your immediate contacts to get answers to questions or concerns, we have created a new e-mail address as another way to be heard and receive feedback. Please reach out to: If you are looking, or know someone who is looking to learn more about services New Hope Community provides, please reach out to our Service Navigators at New Hope Community, Inc. 5 New Hope Community Drive Route 52, P.O. Box 289 Loch Sheldrake New York 12759-0289 Tel: (845) 434-8300 Fax: (845) 434-5105

AUGUST 3,10,17,24 MOVIES START AT 9:00

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