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Going  the  Distance A  Perennial  Passion Get  Fit  and  Focused

A Perennial Passion By Laura Goss

Meet Tym Furrer, the new horticulturist updating and beautifying the New Hope Christian College campus. His first job this summer was changing out the landscaping on the north side of Hornshuh Hall. He saved money by using rented equipment from a drainage project. Furrer also kept the boxwood plants from the EBC logo to landscape other parts of the college. “At that size they were worth about $20 each and make a great border,” he said. He also plans to thin out some of the overgrowth on the east side of campus and redistribute some of the native plants and trees around the campus.“We’re giving the whole place a facelift starting at the top.” Like the trees he is working with, Furrer, pronounced “fur”, is a Eugene native. An avid gardener, he started mowing lawns when he was eight. He first came to the college campus in 1988 when he was working with Olympic Landscaping Company. He has since owned his own company and worked for Shadowhills Golf Course. Despite his allergies to pollen he is committed to living and working in Eugene. “I love this place, “ he says, “At age 45, I am glad to be working outside, getting a tan and a free workout. I am getting to do what I love.” Furrer met Wayne Cordeiro about two years ago when he was hired to do some work at Cordeiro’s residence. Furrer worked for him for two weeks before he knew Cordeiro’s occupation. One day, by chance, Furrer saw him on television. Raised in a Catholic family, Furrer had rejected religion as a teenager. He said that what Cordeiro said on television struck a chord with him. “People ask me what church I go to, and I say, ‘I go to New Hope on TV.’” Last February, Furrer traveled to Hawaii to attend the Doing Church as a Team conference. While walking on the beach he gave his life to Christ. Furrer said he encountered God personally.“He said, ‘Are you ready?’ I looked around and no one was there,” said Furrer. Now he is happy to come full circle and work at the college again. This year he plans to put in more flowering perennial plants so they can be harvested year-after-year. “It comes with a responsibility, but the pride after seeing it grow ten years later--like a kid you nurtured along the way,” he said. “I reap so much reward.”

“At age 45, I am glad to be

working outside, getting a tan

and a free workout.”

Photos by Laura Goss

Bringing over 25 years of athletic experience with him, Coach Sean McCartin is creating New Hope Christian College’s first cross country running team. McCartin has coached football, basketball, track and field, and cross country. He coached for five years at Northwest Christian University with coach Dave Lipp, and served three years as a chaplain in the athletic program at the University of Oregon. “I’m excited to work with students,” said McCartin. “I love running, and working with the U of O track team.” About coming to NHCC, he said, “I’m excited to be on the ground floor where there is a culture of excellence and possibility.” In cross country, runners compete over various terrain, such as grass, mulch path, hills and woodland. A typical team has seven runners, and in a race, only the fastest five runners have their time counted toward the score. “Cross country is one of the purest sports there is,” said McCartin. “Because of the way it’s scored, it’s both an individual sport and a team sport.” McCartin wants to build a habit of fitness in the students at NHCC. “We want to get strength into you so we can get speed out of you,” he said. McCartin brings a wide variety of experience with him, having founded and pastored Eastside Faith Center in Eugene from 1994 to 2009, and in addition to all his coaching and athletic experience, he is a commercial insurance broker. Since moving on from his position at Eastside, McCartin is looking forward to the next chapter in his life. “It’s giving me a chance to get some fresh perspective. It’s made me look back and self-evaluate,” he said.

Get Fit and Focusedby jim degroot

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“For physical training is of some value….” I Timothy 4:8 NIV Be balanced! Here at NHCC we believe exactly what I Tim. 4:8 says, that physical fitness is of some value. We believe that keeping our bodies active is a vital part to life, not only while you are here as a student, but as a continued lifestyle. Developing a lifestyle of fitness relieves stress, clears the mind, helps us learn better and feel better about ourselves. Therefore, we offer a number of ways to be fit. Collegiate Sports If you have played varsity sports on the high school level and would like to be a student athlete here at NHCC, look at what we have to offer and contact one of our outstanding coaches: Men’s Basketball – Coach Dave Lipp; Women’s Volleyball – Mike Heckard; Men’s and Women’s Cross Country – Sean McCartin; Men’s and Women’s golf – Tyler Hunt. And the list is growing …

Team Sports The NHCC City League teams include Men’s Flag Football (fall), Men’s and Women’s Soccer (spring) and Coed Volleyball (spring). Coed Intramurals One month seasons with a tournament at the end of each. The sports include disc golf, ultimate frisbee, dodge ball, 3-on-3 basketball, volleyball and kickball.

McCartin attends Eugene Faith Center, his church home before he pastored Eastside. For the coming semesters, McCartin says his first order of business is “getting a team together, and building a championship environment. Athletics helps to develop the whole person. Athletic fitness can make a real contribution to spiritual leadership.”

Physical Fitness Training NHCC’s fitness trainer is a former Navy SEAL. Twice a week, Micah Stowe offers a one-hour fitness class. Whether you are super fit or need help in this area, Micah is there to train you and make sure you are using proper technique … and nudge you a little if you need it.

“athletics helps to develop the whole person. Athletic fitness can make a real contribution to spiritual leadership.”

You can also work out on your own in our weights and cardio facility, along with the many running and biking trails Eugene has to offer. Go Deacons!


Returning to the Roots of Faith and Community

eturning to the Roots of Faith and Communi

Story by Laura Goss


ands clapped and arms waved as a crowd of 1400 celebrated their freedom in Christ on the last night of Radix. From the opening song of “My Redeemer Lives” with a worship band and 75-voice choir, to the closing communion service and prayer, the night was electric.

“It was beyond our expectations,” said Sandy Silverthorne, Director of New Hope International which put on the series, “Watching churches come together was great and I was surprised.” Over 4,000 people attended the Radix summer growth series held three successive Wednesday nights in July at Willamette Christian Center in Eugene, Ore. The series was advertised on television, radio, in the newspapers and through a pastors’ breakfast. The word radix means “root” in Latin. With about 1100 in attendance the first night, 30 people raised their hands at Pastor Wayne Cordeiro’s invitation for salvation. The first night was called a vertical radix and the songs, skits, dances and message centered around people’s relationship with God. There were about 1000 in attendance the second night with 15-20 people responding. Its focus was on relationships with other people. The first two nights featured dancers and singers flown in from Hawaii, the home base of New Hope Oahu. The final night was dedicated to worship and there was a choir comprised of people from the local community. “The third night something was broken and released over the city,” said Silverthorne, speaking of the spiritual climate. Silverthorne sees many long-term possibilities from the series. First, he is pleased about the relationship between New Hope and Willamette Christian Center’s pastor Van Clements. Second, he hopes that the community will come together and worship through a community choir that will continue. Finally, he would like to see the local congregations encouraged to incorporate more of the arts and raise the bar for excellence in their own presentation of the gospel. Willamette Christian Center plans to host Cordeiro on the first Friday of each month beginning September 3rd for “Fire by Night,” which will feature music, dance and spoken message.

Photos by Gary Hisaoka and Laura Goss

It’s all about Greek by Laura Goss


his year David Buttacavoli will be teaching New Testament Greek 1 and 2 and Advanced Bible Study.

His goals are to assist developing the students’ personal lives to serve Jesus Christ, and second, to write a new first year New Testament Greek grammar. As an instructor he has not been satisfied to just teach the same thing year after year, but has attended conferences to update his own knowledge base. Some of the new things students can look forward to are “the process of God’s grace in learning to give themselves to the Lord, and developing spiritual discipline as they study the Word of God here at New Hope Christian College.” “I am most excited about the new direction and vision for the students (as well as myself!) as they prepare their minds and hearts to be used by God in these last days,” he said.

Illustration by Sandy Silverthorne

“Jason wished he had taken contemporary Mission Strategies before he moved to Japan.”

The Ignite Staff and Contributers Cover: Ryan Bluebaugh | Editor: Laura Goss Copy Editor: Timothy Bemis | Writers: Jim DeGroot and Timothy Bemis Photographers: David Delaney, Gary Hisaoka and Derrek Miyahara © New Hope Christian College 2010 |

by Laura Goss

Going the Distance: New Online Program


oon, There will be students in several places around the country watching live lectures at NHCC over the Internet.

As the new Director of Distance Education, Aaron Friesen is developing an online program for the fall. The college would like to launch twelve courses that are a combination of required and elective courses for certificate. Some will be from President Wayne Cordeiro’s four-step video series and some will be filmed live this Fall. “I am excited about the content. It’s the stuff young pastors and leaders can use and apply immediately to the context of ministry,” says Friesen. Aaron Friesen is originally from Bend, Ore. He studied engineering for a year at Oregon State University before he felt called to study to go into the ministry. Aaron attended New Hope Christian College (Eugene Bible College at the time) and graduated in 2002. He continued on to Fuller Theological Seminary where he earned his Masters of Divinity. He is currently finishing his PhD in theology from the University of Wales. Friesen and his wife Heather have been married for ten years and they have two sons, ages three and one. They recently moved from Iowa where he was an intern and assistant pastor at Lifehouse Community Church for four years. Paul Leavenworth, the Executive Director of Leadership Development for Open Bible, mentored Friesen and together they looked for ways to help more churches get the training and development they needed. He came out to the college last Christmas to talk to President Wayne Cordeiro about creating online courses, both live and on-demand. NHCC has received Association for Biblical Higher Education approval for a six-course certificate program, and Friesen will continue to pursue online Associate of Arts and eventually a full online bachelor’s degree program for the college. Right now, about five or six churches are promoting the courses for their members to use in groups. “They can digest the material together and duplicate the classroom setting,” said Friesen.

“I am excited about the content. It’s the stuff

young pastors and leaders can use and apply immediately to the context of ministry.”

Community Education Courses Offered Want to develop your ministry while keeping your day job? Starting August 30th, New Hope Christian College will begin three new evening community education classes. The classes will run for 15 weeks and cost $150 per course. The courses include “How to Study the Bible” on Mondays from 7-8:15 p.m. with Gary Matsdorf. “Ministry Essentials” on Tuesdays from 7-8 p.m. with Wayne Cordeiro. “How to Study the Bible” on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. with Larry Powers. Interested community members can go to and click the Community Ed link. Enrollment deadline is August 27th.

The Ignite - August 2010  
The Ignite - August 2010  

The Ignite - August 2010