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M I S S I O N S • What is Faith Promise/How does it work • Guidelines for Missions • How to Pray for a Missionary

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Eva ng e l i s m & C hu rc h P l a nt i ng Brazil

• Central Brazil Mission (Earl & Ruth Anne Haubner) • Christ for Sao Luis (John & Ruth Navis)

Costa Rica

• River of God (Timothy Jones Family)


• Mid-India Christian Services (Jay Henry Family) • South India Church of Christ Mission (David Morris family)

New England

• Restoration House (Dan Clymer)


• Hispanic Christian Ministries (Glen & Sherrie Russell)


• Philippines Mission (Jeannie Hoffman)


• Polish Christian Ministries (Wayne Murphy)


• East Africa (Don & Rochelle Buckner)

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Ed u c at i on & Lea d e rs hi p • Alexander Christian Foundation (Scholarship for training in Christian ministry) • Ball State University Campus ministry (Christian Student Foundation) • Cincinnati Christian University (Bible College) • Hanging Rock Christian Assembly (camp) • Lincoln Christian University (Bible College) • Perdue University Campus Ministry (Perdue Campus House)

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Speci a l i z e d M i ni s t ri e s • IDES (International Disaster Emergency Services)


W h at Is Fai th Promise?

It’s a promise to God.

A promise to give a specific amount to missions through the missionary program at New Hope.

It’s a promise that requires faith

You must believe that without Jesus a person is lost (John 14:6; Acts 4:12). You must believe that we are responsible for sharing the message about Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:20). You must trust God to supply the material resources that will enable us to carry out His Great Commission (Zechariah 4:6).

It’s a personal commitment between you and the Lord. No one but the Lord will know what you have promised to give. No names are required.

It’s a blessing

Accepting the challenge to reach the lost will lead you to a closer walk with the Lord as you trust Him to do more through your life (Acts 20:35)


How Does It Work? A promise card will be given to you and we ask that you prayerfully determine what you, with God’s blessing, can commit to missions. This is to be a promise made once a year of what you will give for the coming year (January to December), whether you give per week, per month, or per year. This is a commitment made in addition to what you are giving to the church through the general fund, benevolence, etc. Each time you give your offering, mark on the offering envelope how your giving is to be divided between general fund, missions, etc. This is a corporate commitment where you join with other members of the New Hope family in supporting missionaries around the world as they endeavor to share the good news about Jesus with people of other cultures. This is why, on Faith Promise Sunday, the cards are collected and totaled, to see what we as a church have promised to do in the coming year for our missionaries. Our mission team will determine the missionaries we support and this total will let them make their plans for the coming year.

Guidelines For Missions 1. A mission or missionary shall be any person, group of persons, or agency that shall be

actively engaged in preaching or teaching Christ, or through whose labors the gospel of Christ is promoted; who, by the very nature of their work, cannot be self-supporting and must rely upon the Christian giving of churches and individuals.

2. In determining which particular ministries to support the missionary team shall consider the following criteria:

a. To maintain a balance between home and foreign missions

b. To acknowledge the various kinds of work needed under the following catergories: • Evangelism/Church Planting • Education/Leadership Training • Medical Assistance/Emergency Relief • Specialized Care – Disabled/Abused

c. T  o insure the mission supported will reflect the convictions and beliefs of New Hope Christian Church

d. To assess the financial responsibility and accountability of each ministry

e. To evaluate the purpose and strategy of each mission and their ability to achieve these f. T  o restrain the number of works supported to that which can be properly monitored and funded g. To establish a personal connection with the supported mission


How T o P r ay Fo r A M i s sio na ry A. Pray for their Spiritual Life 1. That they will have time to read the Word of God for their personal edification and time to pray 2. Pray for protection against discouragement and that God will put in their lives any fellowship and counsel from other Christians they may need.

B. Pray for Social Adjustments 1. For their ability to learn a new language, new customs, and a new culture. 2. For good interpersonal relationships with the nationals and with fellow missionaries. 3. Pray for their family, that God will strengthen their marriage and enable parents to raise godly children.

C. Pray for their Physical Needs 1. For their health, safety in travel, adaptation to a new climate and new foods. 2. For their ability to learn to transact business in a new culture and protection against disease.

D. Pray for their Ministry 1. That God will prepare the heart of the people with whom they have contact. 2. For the missionary’s boldness and skill in using the Word of God. 3. That their ministry will bear lasting fruit.

E. Pray for their Mental and Emotional Needs 1. Help in dealing with homesickness, culture shock, depression, mental fatigue and loneliness. 2. Pray for inner peace and stability.




B ra zi l Ev an g e li s m & C hu r c h Pla nting

Ce n t r al B r a zi l M i s s i o n

Ch rist for Sao Luis

Earl & Ruth Anne Haubner are now completing 40 years of ministry in Brazil. Since 1973 they have lived in Goiana, a city of 1.5 million people located in the central part of this vast country. Their mission statement is, “to make disciples, make better disciples and make more disciples.” Their ministry in Goiana and the surrounding region has 50 churches with over 6,000 members and all of these congregations have national Brazilian preachers and leaders.

John and Ruth Navis have been missionaries to Sao Luis, Brazil since June of 1990. John’s first challenge was to learn the language so he could effectively minister to the people of Sao Luis. The church has seen steady growth in attendance at its weekly services as well as with its annual Vacation Bible School program.

Since the year, 2000, the Haubners have expanded the outreach of this mission to the north along the Amazon river. They use a boat equipped with medical and dental supplies and each month travel up one of the many tributaries of this mighty river to reach people who previously had no contact with the outside world. Bringing doctors, dentists, nurses, construction crews and evangelistic teams, the Haubners are bringing the hope of a better life and showing the people along the Amazon that it is Jesus who makes this abundant life possible.

In addition to taking Christ to Brazil, many of the churches in Brazil have now sent missionaries to other third world countries

John has several Bible study groups with men of the church and those he is seeking to evangelize and continues to train them to preach and teach. John is actively involved in teaching and preachVENEZUELA ing, and leads several mid-week bible studies. Ruth also continues to train members to teach and has two evangelist Bible studies. GUYANA




Boa Vista

John has stated getting people to church is easy, it is changing lives through Jesus Christ that is hard. Amapa





John and Ruth have a special connection to New Hope, they were married here. They have two children, Caleb and Maria. Manaus

Santa Ines







Ceara Rio Grandedo Norte






Key Contact:

Earl & Ruth Anne Haubner Phone: 011-55-62-3942-8263 E-mail: Website:

Forwarding Agent/Treasurer: Michael Haubner PO Box 420 McCoy, Virginia 24111 (540) 633-2419

Report on the mission at:


Forwarding agents:

Brent & Sylvia Klomps Pleasant Grove Church ofPERU Christ 4713 Co Rd 140 SE Stewartville, MN 55976



Porto Velho



Gurupi Vilhena

John & Ruth Navis Rua Mirador Quadra19, Casa 9 Parque Pindorama 65041-192 Sao Luis, Maranhao, Brazil



Mato Grosso


Vitoria deConquista

DistritoFederal Brasilia




Montes Claros



Minas Gerais



EspiritoSanto BeloHorizonte

Campo Grande


Mato Grosso do Sul Sao Paulo






Alagoas Sergipe



Contact Info:

Pernambuco Juazeiro


Rio Branco

Phone: 011559832751925

Joao Pessoa



Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Sao Paulo Santos



Santa Catarina Florianopolis


Rio Grandedo Sul Porto Alegre



Report on the mission at: 06

Costa Ri ca

Ri ve r of G o d

Mid-India Ch rist ian Se rvice s

The work that began with Aziel and Marian Jones continues through the lives of three of their sons and their respective families; Timothy, Philip and David. These three brothers have continued to minister to the mountain people of Costa Rica. The work includes Bible translation, teaching the written word in Cabecar and Bribri (local languages), teaching and ministering to the hearts of these people. They also battle practices of shamanism and tribal culture, and train them in vocational skills.

New Hope member Jack Folden is on the board of directors for this mission. If you have any questions or you are being led by the Holy Spirit to join in this harvest for the Kingdom of God, please contact Jack. There are several short term mission trips each year to this mission, it is a great way to get involved.

Home to 1.8 billion people India is the second most populous nation in the world. Jay Henry and his wife, Romola, work from the city of Damoh, located in the state of Madhya Pradesh which sits in the center of this large country. They share the gospel through a number of different ministries. With the Bethlehem Bible College they train young men to preach and be leaders in local churches. They help widows by teaching them skills so they can eventually support themselves and while being taught they provide their children with school supplies and clothes so they can attend school. They sponsor animal husbandry projects to help improve the economic conditions in the villages. The mission is furnishing cows, goats, chickens, and sewing machines to families in the village churches so they can sell milk and eggs and do sewing for others to earn money and be able to provide for their own. The mission has launched a number of preschools in the local villages and uses the schools as a platform not only to educate but to be a facility from which they can provide medical services too. Colossians 1:6 states, “…All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing…” and for a number of years, in spite of intense persecution from religious extremists of other faiths, the mission of Mid-India has grown and flourished under the direction of Jay & Romola Henry.

Contact Information:

Key Contact:

The vision for the River of God organization is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the mountain people of Latin America. Through the unity of the Holy Spirit, we will assist the local missionary families in their work to reach people for Christ.

River of God, Inc. P.O. Box 406 Zionsville, IN 46077 (317)769-7266


Jay Henry MICS P.O. Box 119 Bethel, OH 45106 E-mail:

Field Representative

Ind i a David & Becky Conover 3707 Spring Grove Rd. Bethel, OH 45106 Phone: 513-734-6175



Sou t h I nd i a C h u r c h o f C hris t Mis s io n




Jammu and Kashmir

HimachalPradesh Simla



Sikkim Ganglok

The mission continues to face persecution in carrying out the Lord’s work. The Morris family covets your prayers for safety and strength for both themselves and the mission. Agra




David & Philomina (Arthur) Morris





Madhya Pradesh


Veraval Diu



Cuttack Bhubaneswar Puri

Daman Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Forwarding Agent:

Mrs. Peg Peters PMB #148 7915 South Emerson Ave, Suite B Indianapolis, IN 46237



West Bengal Calcutta

Vishakhapatnam Hyderabad AndhraPradesh Goa

Panaji Mormugao




Bangalore Mangalore

Pondicherry Cuddalore Calicut

Tamil Nadu



Trivandrum SRILANKA

20 Sioux City Randolph

Red Cloud

Manipur Ajal

The focus of the ministry has been to identify key populated areas of New England that have potential for a thriving church. Once an area is identified a church planting team is recruited and put in place to start a church within 12 months. As a result of this plan hundreds of people now know Jesus Christ and are growing in their relationship with him. These churches are now lighthouses for Christ in their communities and offering a number of influential programs and support services to the spiritually lost.


Besides your prayers for Restoration House and its team of evangelists there are seasonal opportunities for you to assist in New England. If you are interested please let someone on New Hope’s staff know or contact Restoration House directly.


Email: or Website:




BANGLADESH Agartala Tripura

Nagaland Kohima


Shillong Meghalava


Ahmadabad Gujarat

Ledo Itanagar





Key Contact:









Restoration House was formed in 1996 by a consortium of existing New England churches committed to spreading the Gospel to communities throughout this critical and under-evangelized area in the Northeast. They knew that they could not accomplish this task by themselves and called Dan and Linda Clymer from the staff of Lincoln Christian College (now LCU) to lead the work. They were later joined by Curt and Linda Nordhielm, also from LCC, who have led the cross cultural outreach to the multiple nationalities represented in the Northeast region.


Uttar Pradesh




Disaster Ministry is the Mission’s newest ministry, formed in response to the tsunami, December 26th, 2004. Participants in the Disaster Ministry are volunteers from the churches of the Mission, church leaders from lay-people to elders to preachers who have personally experienced surviving a disaster and being a caregiver during that or following disasters. This means each knows how to witness for Jesus through leadership and organizing small groups of survivors to physically and spiritually transform during the chaotic time of a disaster. New Delhi




RestorationAlliance House 2Ministries is a hub for evangelism within the six275New England states: ConNorfolk Thedford Hyannis 77 385 26 Scottsbluff necticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. West With Point the Restora275 81 tion House itself located in Manchester, NH, this ministry has281started 12 new Christian churches 2 Blair 71 26 83 30 Oshkosh Broken Bow (8 English speaking and 4 cross cultural plants) and a campus ministry reaching 10 college Fremont and 385 Columbus Ansley Omaha Kimball 80 St. Paul 81 Ogallala 80 universitySidney campuses in Boston. A new church will be started in Providence County, RIWahoo in OctoNorth Platte 30 Platts2 mouth ber 2009 with another to follow in the fall80 of 2010. 183 The House also hosts college classes (offered Grand Island 80 Lincoln Lexington through Lincoln Christian University), college internships, training sessions for6 church Nebraska leaders Hastings Kearny City Fairmont Imperial 6 6 77 and other programs designed to help 83churches and their members deepen their relationship and 281 Holdrege Auburn 81 Arapahoe Beatrice ministry for Christ. 75 Hebron 183 34 McCook

The College is in the 3rd year of its relocation to its new campus as part of the long term plan to upgrade the College to a “B.D. college”, that is, a college with a graduate program equivalent to the M.Div in America. This upgrade will bring Southern Asia Christian College on par with the American Restoration Movement Bible Colleges in terms of accreditation/affiliation.

Chandigarh Punjab





The goal of the Direct Evangelism Ministry has been, since 1994, to plant 1,000 Restoration Movement churches in the slums and villages of south India by 2015. To date, by August, 2008, the Mission has planted 972.



Re st orat ion House Minist ries:


David and Philomina Morris currently serve as leaders of this mission, originally founded by David’s parents Art and Ruth Morris in 1950. The mission consists of ministries that include 6 Children’s Homes with over 300 children, Disaster Ministry, Medical Ministry, Direct Evangelism, Leadership development and training with the Southern Asia Christian College.





I n di a



Contact information:

1300 Wellington Road Manchester, NH 03104 (603) 668-8808


Ph ilipp ine Mission

Glen and Sherrie Russell have been serving in the country of Panama since August, 1997 and have been New Hope’s living link missionaries since May, 2001. In Panama they work with two different people groups. In the city of David they work with a church comprised mostly of Latin, Spanish speaking people. In the mountains Glen and Sherrie work with around twenty- five Ngobe churches. The Ngobe are a Native American indigenous people who speak their own language as well as Spanish.

Having grown up in a missionary family Jeannie Hoffman has spent the majority of her life in the Philippines. Her work is centered in the city of Manila (which is the capital city with a population of over ten million people) on the island of Luzon (which is the largest of the islands that comprise the Republic of the Philippines). She works with other missionary families to oversee the following ministries which have led to:


Hi span i c C hr i s ti a n M i n is tries

Glen and Sherrie’s ministry includes leadership training, Sunday school material distribution, preaching and teaching in the David church, coordinating projects and events in the indigenous churches, and meeting whatever needs present themselves, and they are varied and many.

There are opportunities for a short term mission trip to Panama. Each year New Hope assists the churches in Panama with a Vacation Bible School (VBS) program. This mission trip usually comprises of 10 people, lasts a week and takes place in the February time frame. Over the summer months, a “work” trip is usually planned. These trips are a great way to get to know our missionaries and the people of Panama. All trip participants always come backed blessed.

Living Link Missionaries: Glen & Sherrie Russell #PTY-5131 PO Box 025207 Miami, Fl 33102-5207 Email:

For Support:

Hispanic Christian Ministries PO Box 766 Lebanon, IN 46052

For Packages:

Glen & Sherrie Russell Apartado 1196 David, Chiriqui, Rep. Panama


• An

average of over 500 baptisms per year

• Planting • Prison


• Campus • Manila • VBS

Churches (over 50 congregations established in the last 5 years)

Ministry (1.5 million students in Manila)

Bible Seminary (over 140 Filipino’s training for ministry)

Clinic (training teachers to lead programs that reach over 60,000 children each year)

Key Contact:

P h i l i ppi neS

Jeannie Hoffman

Contact Information: Central Luzon, Inc. P.O. Box 2774 1099 Manila Phillipines






POLAND Poli sh C hr i s ti a n M i n i s t ries

Gat ew ay Ch rist ian Development Init iat ive

Wayne Murphy, Executive Director

Buckner’s in Tanzania

This mission began in 1954 by a native of Poland, Paul Bajko.

Don and Rochelle Buckner, along with their two kids, Danielle (5) and Joey (2 1/2), minister in Tanzania, East Africa since 2004. The Buckner’s are sent by Gateway Christian Church, St. Louis, Missouri, and serve with Haven of Peace Christian Church in the city of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is an evangelistic, Bible-based, indigenous and self-sustaining church. Since 2004, there have been added 15 sister-churches or church plants in Tanzania and another 30 in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The dream is to see Christian churches planted all over Poland, churches that are self-supporting and reproducing. Currently they are supporting 35 ministers and one of these churches has just become self-supporting. Purchasing property and constructing/buying buildings is a challenge. Poland is a nation of Roman Catholics, but now there are approximately 2,500 people in worship regularly throughout the 37 Christian churches in Poland. They also have a far-reaching ministry on the radio in Polish, Russian, Ukrainian languages. The missions translate and publish Christian literature and send tons of clothing, medical supplies, and food to the people in Poland.

Our prayer: May the church in Poland continue to grow in faith, hope and love and may their witness bear much fruit for the kingdom of God.

Contact Information:

Polish Christian Ministries 2410 Creswell Road Suite 103 Bel Air, MD 21015-6508 Telephone: (410) 836-6102 Fax: (410) 836-6103 Website: E-Mail:

The work primarily focuses on teaching, and assisting the churches in any areas of need: leadership training, training of children’s teachers, pastoral care, becoming self-sufficient, raising up the next generation of leaders, etc. Other activities include hosting short-term mission teams from the USA, visiting the village churches and visiting church members in their homes. Don serves as a church elder and teacher of the adult class as well as preaching in rotation. Rochelle has transitioned from being the only children’s teacher to guiding four national teachers in the children’s classes. They are also try to bring in teaching materials and special guest speakers to lead teaching seminars. The Buckner’s anticipate returning to the US for their next furlough around July 2010.

Forwarding Agent:

Gateway Christian Church C/O Jane Salman PO Box 190171 St. Louis, MO 63119 Email: Don & Rochelle:

Tanz ani a 13


Educ at i o n & Le a d e r s hi p

Ale xan de r C hr i s ti a n Fo u ndatio n:

Alexander Christian Foundation (ACF) is a non-profit charitable scholarship foundation established in 1964 to encourage Indiana’s finest students into a full-time Christian ministry or the mission field upon graduation from Bible College. To qualify, the students must be residents of Indiana, members of and attend an independent Christian Church or Church of Christ, and attend school full time.

Since its inception, ACF has given scholarships to over 700 students, totalling more than 1.5 million dollars. Most financial support for ACF comes from individuals and churches of Indiana. ACF also holds an annual golf outing to provide more scholarship funds. New Hope member Jerry Hurst is on the board of directors. New Hope has also started an endowment fund through ACF in memory of Clyde Bymaster. Clyde was a long time elder at Traders Point Christian Church when his large Boone County bible study group was encouraged to start a church in Boone County. This bible study group became New Hope Christian Church in 1973. Clyde served as an Elder and teacher until his death in 1996. He was always encouraging “the flock” in their Christian walk and it is appropriate that his name would appear on a fund used to train future preachers and missionaries.

Contact Info:

Alexander Christian Foundation PO Box 246 Greenfield, IN 46140-0246

Ch rist ian St udent Foundat ion at Ball Stat e Universit y

The Christian Student Foundation serves Ball State University students with the gospel of Jesus Christ, offering Sunday worship services, Wednesday bible studies, prayer groups and disciple80 South ship groups. CSF provides housing opportunities with two apartments andBend two houses for rent80to Waterloo students. CSF’s ministry with international students includes a 6Friday fellowship6 dinner, field trips Valparaiso and a bike ministry. 400 students are served each year through participation in weekly meetings Columbia 69 30 41 City and outreach events. 65

Fort Wayne



CSF also provides a housing ministry for 12-15 students through two apartments in our Campus Huntington KentLogansport House, a house for men (Riverside House) and a house for women (Beechwood House). In addiland 24 Decatur Wabash tion to weekly meetings, we offer retreats, mission trips (three in 2009) and local service opportu27 Marion nities. Our focus is on strengthening Christian students, evangelism to students not know Kokomo who do Portland Lafayette Christ and training students to be leaders.

Contact information:




Mark Pike



65 74





Leslie Baim, Administrative assistant

Christian Student Foundation 1411 W. Riverside Avenue Muncie, Indiana 47303









New Albany

41 64



Seymour Bedford at Ball State University since 1966



Bloomington Bonnie Atkins, International student ministry & women





Terre Haute

Office phone is 765.289.7133







Ci n c i n n ati C hr i s ti a n U niv ers ity

Hanging Rock Ch rist ian Assembly, Inc.

Founded in 1924, Cincinnati Christian University is composed of the Graduate Seminary, the Undergraduate College, and the College of Adult Learning. Through the prayerful and financial support of individuals and churches, CCU is proud to offer relevant programs equipping thousands to reach millions.

Hanging Rock is a year round Christian Camp and Retreat center providing facilities for over 10,000 youth and adults each year. It was established to teach the Good News and afford recreation and spiritual adventure in a Christian atmosphere. Hanging Rock is located near Covington, IN with 201 wooded acres and Redwood Creek running thru the center. It has year round facilities with accommodations from dormitory-style housing to motel style housing; from primitive campsites to sites with electrical hook-ups. There is food service, meeting facilities and all kinds of recreation activities. A pool, a 5 acre lake and a beautiful setting for worship times are the hallmark of the grounds. The new Leadership Development Center, the wilderness area, and facilities for overnight group retreats make it perfect for a Christian get-away. Recreation activities include: baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.; plus zip-lines, cliff repelling and a low input challenge course.

BI BLE COlle ge

The mission of CCU is to teach men and women to live by biblical principles and to equip and empower them with character, skills, insight, and vision to lead the church and to impact society for Christ. To build Christian leaders to serve the church and change the world.

The school exists to:

• New and established churches need faithful, creative, well-informed leaders to preach God’s word and serve God’s people • The workplace needs Christian Leaders with high ethical standards • Our city and our world needs well-educated Christian citizens who can communicate God’s grace and truth interpersonally and cross-culturally • Students need opportunity to study under faithful, Bible believing professors who will shape their world-view and motivate them to honor God in all their endeavors. Toledo 80 Maumee


The schools vision is to reach millions by teachingBowling thousands. 6

Contact Information:




2700 Glenway Ave PO Box 4320 Cincinnati, OH 45204-3200 Website:

Mansfield Bucyrus






Wally Rendel, 70 (513) 244-8114




22 50

70 22

Washington Court House





Cincinnati 25




Portsmouth Ironton

Our campaign –Debt Free in 3 is just starting. We are working hard to get out of debt in three years. It would take 300 churches giving $30 a month for 3 years to be debt free and that is our need and our prayer. New Hope has sent many youth to Hanging Rock as well as adult camp counselors. The camp schedule is at the Youth Center and we challenge our youth each year to try this camping experience.

Contact Information: PO Box 218 West Lebanon, Ind 47991 Phone: 765.893.4581

CAMP Gary Baker, Executive Director -






Lancaster Circleville


East Liverpool










Marysville 4









Key Contact:








Fremont Fostoria 4



Mentor Cleveland






BIBL E CO llege

Lin c oln C hr i s ti a n C o l l ege:

Purdue Campus House

After 65 years of service Lincoln Christian College & Seminary became Lincoln Christian University on September 1, 2009. This name change reflects the reorganization of the college into three schools: a college with undergraduate programs for traditional college students, a graduate school focused on graduate theological programs for traditional seminarians, and the new Hargrove School which offers professionally-oriented undergraduate and graduate programs for working adults. While LCU has not changed its purpose or focus on preparation for ministry, these changes will allow the college to expand its impact under the unifying and highly respected name of “university.”

Purdue Christian Campus House is a campus ministry proclaiming a saving knowledge of the grace of God in Christ at Purdue University since 1966. We are a community of Christ followers from diverse backgrounds devoted to the Worship of God, the Word of God, the people of God, and giving Witness to Christ in God’s World.

One of the more exciting parts of this plan is the establishment of the Hargrove School, named in honor of Earl C. Hargrove, founder of the college. Originally known as the “LincUp” program, this program already has extension sites in Danville, IL and Las Vegas, NV where students are able to complete degrees in specialty areas. This model is taking Christian education to the people to make it more accessible and affordable for those who cannot leave their current setting to pursue undergraduate or graduate work. LCU continues its unique educational approach to training church leaders by building its core curriculum around the Christian worldview. The school also maintains its work with ministries around the world by sending students on mission trips and service projects throughout the year. With this in mind, LCU is dependent on the partnership it enjoys with churches like New Hope in order to better steward resources on the campus and provide opportunities such as ministry internships for its students. The college thanks New Hope for its ongoing support and looks forward to years of partnership together.

At the heart of Campus House is a desire to reach Purdue students with the good news of Christ, to prepare them to love and serve God with their whole lives, and then to mobilize them out, literally all over the world, with the compassion and truth of Jesus to change the world for His glory. Our goals are to help each student that walks through our doors pursue an intimate, dynamic relationship with God, to encourage them to practice using their individual gifts for the Kingdom, and to instill God’s heart for the Nation’s in every student.

Ministry Activities: Campus House provides a diverse ministry program to the students

at Purdue including: 4 Sunday worship services, large group Bible studies and small community groups, relational ministry and fellowship, local and global mission and service projects, community housing, counseling and discipleship, and a coffee house ministry.

Contact Information: 1000 State St. West Lafayette, IN 47906 (765) 743-3612

Contact information: 100 Campus View Drive Lincoln, IL 62656 (217) 732-3168




Spec i ali z e d M i n i s tr i e s

Not es


In t e r n at i o n a l D i s a s te r E mergency Se rv ices Offering Help and Hope to a Hurting World is the purpose of IDES. Since 1973 IDES has served as a channel through which Christian churches meet the needs of suffering people around the world. Their purpose is to provide benevolent evangelism. IDES is based in Kempton, Indiana. Rick Jett is the Executive Director. IDES literally provided for thousands of people in 34 different countries that were beneficiaries of 228 projects through 127 different missionaries in 2008. Their major projects are development, disaster, hunger, and medical, all tied into evangelism. IDES celebrated their 35th anniversary in 2008. Some of the projects they have provided- food, clothing, and shelter to tsunami victims, built 36 houses for Katrina victims in Pearlington, MS, supplied food for hunger victims in Haiti, India, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, medicines for clinics in India and the Philippines, wells in Kenya and Bibles and song books for people in Myanmar, Kosova, and many other places. Each and everyday people around the world are giving thanks to God for receiving help and hope from IDES. PO Box 60 Kempton, IN 46049 (765) 947-5100



N ot e s


NHCC Missions Booklet  
NHCC Missions Booklet  

Here is a booklet detailing the missions that NHCC supports