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Students & Parents, On Sunday, July 28 all 1st - 5th graders are invited to go to the Avon Splash Island - my treat. If you have older or younger children who would like to attend, I would ask that you pay for them. We need to have 50 people to receive the discounted rate. We will leave after Jr. Church, get a quick lunch, and be back at the church by 4:00pm. On the back of this newsletter are the rules that must be followed at Splash Island. Please email or call me with the number of family attending. I have arranged for a bus to take the group. If you have a child who will need a life jacket, please let me know and I will see if I can reserve some. Please let me know at: 317-769-3647 or by July 22 if your child and/or you plan to go.

Project Collect & Connect The church is having a clothes drive August 11 - 18. Any 1st - 5th grader who would like to stay and help with the sorting and bagging of clothes on Sunday, August 18 are welcome. This will be a service project for us. We will eat lunch then go out to the shelter house to help sort and bag. A reminder will be sent later. The offering that has been collected in Jr. Church is being used to purchase items to donate to the backpack attack. Beginning today, Sunday, July 14 any offering collected will go towards shopping for and filling shoeboxes for “Operation Christmas Child� that is held in November. We will be filling at least four shoeboxes to be delivered to children in another part of the world.

Please ensure your group provides the proper adult to child ratio; children ages 6 to 17 ratio is 1:10 adult to child, kids 5 and under the ratio is 1:5 with all children under the age of 9 needing to be within arm’s reach of an adult (18 or older). 1.) Guardians are responsible for supervising their children. Lifeguards are responsible for responding to emergencies. Follow the direction of the lifeguards at all times. 2.) Splash Island is a family facility; no inappropriate behavior, language or apparel. 3.) Proper swim wear must be worn while swimming. Basketball shorts are NOT allowed in the pool per Board of Health rules. 4.) **Guests 8 years of age and younger and who cannot swim must be within arms reach of an adult guardian (18 years old or older) at all times. 5.) Guests under 13 years of age may not be at the facility alone. 6.) Counselors must accompany children into the building while using the locker rooms. 7.) We ask that whistles NOT be used by counselors while at our facility. Our lifeguards use whistles for signals. 8.) Guests riding water slides must be at least 48” tall. Guests using diving well must know how to swim well. 9.) Other than US Coast Guard approved, properly fitted lifejackets, no flotation devices are permitted in the water. A limited number of lifejackets are free and available for guest use. 10.) Do not bring valuables or excessive cash into the park. Quarter lockers are available. 11.) Plainfield Parks and Recreation is not responsible for, is not insured for, and will not reimburse guests for property loss or damage while visiting Splash Island. 12.) All guests must wear shoes, be dry and have shirts or cover ups on when entering the Recreation Center. 13.) You may bring in your own food however; nothing can be in glass containers and no alcohol. Coolers will need to be stored in our “Cooler Corral”. A concession stand is also available at Splash Island.

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