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Millside Shay Lane, Wilsden, West Yorkshire, BD15 0DJ Marketing suite details Opening hours: Friday to Sunday 10.30am-5.30pm

Site contact: 01535 273973

Site plan


Millside Shay Lane, Wilsden, West Yorkshire, BD15 0DJ

Development description ✓ House to sell? We could buy it! ✓ Need a mortgage subsidy or better rate? We’ll arrange it! ✓ First home? Pay only 75% now! ✓ Want a discount? Up to £15,000 available now! ✓ Can’t afford moving costs? We could pay them! ✓ Want to move now? We could carpet you home and include interior upgrades!

Local information for Millside We guarantee to get you moving this weekend! Train Station: 2 miles

Primary Schools: 0.5 miles

Main Roads: 0 miles Motorways: 0 miles

Secondary Schools: 1.5 miles Airport: 8 miles

Nearest Town: 0 miles

Hospital: 2.5 miles


Promotions relevant to this development Part Exchange Our 100% Part-exchange Scheme enables you to buy the house of your dreams – 100% worry-free!

Parent Payback Mum and Dad help with your deposit, you repay them with love and affection...(and 5% interest).

Helping hand 80%-20% We'll help you buy the home you want, today. Own 100% of the property.


Persimmon Homes - Millside