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New Faces速 Sponsorship Package 2009

About New Faces® ( New Faces® was established in 1995 as the internet’s first online portfolio and community site for talent. Founded by a professional model, Hilary Rowland, New Faces® has built a long-standing reputation as a legitimate talent site and ranks consistently high in Google and other search engines for all relevant Industry keywords. Boasting an extensive network of over 400,000 members, generates very high traffic, including 650,000-800,000 unique users and 12 million pageviews per month. Most recently, New Faces® has embarked upon an expansion campaign of new initiatives, advertising and press coverage which should result in rapid growth over the next six months. New Initiatives New initiatives include modeling and acting boot camps, runway shows, contests, member discounts, newsletters, Industry blogs, New Faces® merchandise and updated resources (modeling/acting guides). Along with these new initiatives, New Faces® provides unique and unmatched exposure to a target audience of up and coming talent. Members New Faces members are the faces and names of tomorrow; they are the top trendsetters and are both impressionable and receptive to new products, ideas and services. Sponsoring events or contests, contributing to advice sections, offering discounts to upgraded members or advertising in New Faces’ newsletters are excellent ways to capture this audience. New Faces provides exposure to all demographic groups. While the largest sector of New Faces® members are females between the age of 15 and 30, has over 100,000 male members and a wide variety of children and older talent as well. New Faces® can tailor sponsorship to age, gender, geographic location and professional category, depending on the mode of distribution chosen by the sponsor.

1. New Faces Boot Camps New Faces Boot Camps are full-day events, hosted by the New Faces® team, and featuring a variety of Industry speakers. Attendees are the most serious about breaking into the Industry – some of New Faces top members in the location where the Boot Camp is being held. New Faces’ first boot camp was held on April 25th at Nikki Beach in Midtown Manhattan and was a huge success. The event began at 1 pm and featured a variety of speakers until 8 pm when a networking reception was held with talent, agents, casting directors and photographers. Future Boot Camps will be held in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. All Boot Camp attendees receive custom gift bags – featuring new beauty, fitness, fashion and technology products and service coupons. Exposure to this market is multiplied through brand advertising on the highly trafficked New Faces® website (on the Boot Camp page) as well as distribution of an official press release to hundreds of PR contacts mentioning sponsorship of the event.

New Faces is looking for official sponsors for upcoming Boot Camps to provide product for gift bags to be distributed to all event attendees. 2. New Faces Runway Shows New Faces Runway Shows are evening events, hosted by the New Faces® team, and featuring up and coming designers displaying their collections on the runway. All models for the event will be cast and trained in runway techniques through Attendees will include talent, agents, casting directors, photographers, make-up artists, etc.

All Runway Show attendees will small favors and be eligible for winning raffle prizes – proceeds of which will be donated to charity. Exposure to this market again is multiplied through brand advertising on the highly trafficked New Faces® website (on the Events page) as well as distribution of an official press release to hundreds of PR contacts mentioning sponsorship of the event. New Faces is looking for official sponsors for upcoming Runway Shows to provide favors and raffle prizes. 3. New Faces Contests New Faces hosts a variety of contests, allowing members to compete for prizes to help them further their career. Currently is hosting a Best Success Story Contest which will feature beauty and fashion prizes, as well as a photoshoot as prizes. Additionally, this summer will host a Swimsuit Contest which will feature a tropical photoshoot as part of the prize. New Faces is looking for official sponsors to provide fashion and beauty products for The Best Success Story Contest. New Faces is looking for a swimsuit sponsor to provide swimsuits for the winning photoshoot. For a fee of $500, the swimsuit company will be able to purchase the rights to the photos for use in their upcoming marketing campaigns. New Faces is looking for a travel company interested in sponsoring a weekend trip to a tropical locale for the winner and a friend, to be the setting for the photoshoot. 4. New Faces Discounts New Faces is initiating a program to offer special product and service discounts to its members. For a monthly fee of $200, Sponsors can advertise a discount (minimum of 10%) on Sponsors can select exactly the types of members they would like the discount viewable to, from all site visitors, to all members, or particular ages or professions, etc. New Faces is looking for product or service sponsors in large metropolitan areas (mainly New York City, Los Angeles and/or Miami) or a National presence who are interested in advertising special discounts to New Faces’ upgraded members. 5. New Faces Newsletters With over 400,000 members, New Faces has an enormous database of email contacts. While New Faces does not resell its contact list as it is against the company’s privacy policy, New Faces has developed another method by which Sponsors can take advantage of this incredible exposure. New Faces is initiating a

weekly Newsletter program that will deliver the latest in modeling and acting news, updates and goings-on at As requested by Sponsors, will send out advertorial emails dedicated to informing New Faces members about certain products, etc. “Dedicated” newsletters can be distributed to the entire list, or portions of the list as segregated by demographic. New Faces is looking for product or service sponsors interested in utilizing this unique method of advertising. Advertorials are a more direct way to reach your target audience by adding a personal touch. They help Sponsors stand out from the typical banner ads. Fees vary depending on the amount of contacts Newsletters are sent to. Benefits for Sponsors 

  

Dramatically increased exposure for Sponsor in the Entertainment industry: o Exposure to modeling and acting demographic on New Faces o Word-of-mouth marketing through brand samples o Advertising on New Faces site as an official sponsor for the event (with link to Sponsor’s website) – exposure to 400,000 members o Mention as a sponsor in an official press release to be sent to hundreds of PR contacts Increased revenue for Sponsor as a result of increased exposure Improved brand equity and brand awareness Personalized and memorable forms of marketing and advertising to supplement traditional online advertising

Contact: Jennifer Hagan Director of Corporate Strategy 315 Bleecker St. Suite 103 New York, NY 10014 516-840-2653

New Faces Sponsorship Package  

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