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white fieldsNeWest spring nunatak first fiction series


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“These poems will take you home. Take you to bed. Take you straight into the wet heart of the wound.” s u s a n m u s g r av e

author of Origami Dove

ear-old Frieda Zweig is at an impasse. Behind her isLanghorst a string of “Barbara makes poetry d relationships and half-forgotten ambitions of being a painter; robe rt  kroets c h ont of her lies the dreary task of finding a real job and figuring what “normal” people do with their lives. Then, a classified ad e local paper introduces Frieda to Gladys, an elderly woman long ago gave up on her dreams of being a dancer.

Press 2012


a novel

catch? Gladys is a ghost.

ance, Gladys, Dance, Cassie Stocks tells the uplifting story of man whose uncanny connection with a kindred spirit causes o see her life in a new way — as anything but ordinary.

ovocative, compelling, and filled with unexpected mour, Dance, Gladys, Dance is a delightful read.” onna Milner

or of After River and The Promise of Rain $19.95

iSBn 978-1-897126-76 -9

ne w e S t pre SS.coM

9 781897 126769

12-01-13 3:11 PM

nd Mu


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[front list] Western Taxidermy by Barb Howard

A sneakily funny collection of stories featuring strong, contemporary western Canadian women

Roadkill stuffed and presented as art, an OB/GYN appointment gone horribly wrong, and government spies with a weakness for salmon bagels and Timmy Ho’s. Tender, satirical, and occasionally absurd, Barb Howard’s new story collection Western Taxidermy is a perfect introduction to one of Western Canada’s most highspirited literary voices. In these sixteen stories, Howard effortlessly balances wry social commentary and prairie gothic, pairing humans and animals in clever and unexpected ways. [BIO] Barb Howard received her M.A. in Creative Writing from the University of Calgary. In 2009, Barb received the Writers’ Guild of Alberta (Howard O’Hagan) Award for short fiction. She has also won contests in Alberta Views and Canadian Lawyer, and was also a finalist at the Western Magazine Awards. Barb’s first novel, Whipstock, was published by NeWest Press in 2001. Since then, Barb has published the novella Notes for Monday (Recliner, 2009), and the young adult novel The Dewpoint Show (Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2010). Barb currently lives in Bragg Creek, Alberta with her husband, a pair of easygoing sons, and one neurotic dog.


Digital Media 1. Barb Howard talks to NeWest

Audio clip

fiction isbn 13 978-1-927063-11-8 bisac fic000000 196 pp II 5.5 x  8.5 pb march 2012 II $19.95

Read more Barb Howard: Whipstock 978-1-896300-56-6

“Smart, funny, disturbing and sad, these stories will raise the hackles of your imagination.” —Marina Endicott, author of Good to a Fault and The Little Shadows

[front list] Geographies of a Lover by Sarah de Leeuw

like water evaporating and trees are breathing yellow haze in a southern

Drawing inspiration from such works as Pauline Réage’s The ontario sky, “A boldly erotic long prose poem that binds Story of O and Marian Engel’s Bear, poet Sarah de Leeuw uses into the rhythms of thea varied landscape of— Canada—from the forests of Northpine doomed love affair.” Sharon Thesen, The Good Bacteria Vancouver through Rocky Mountains, prairies, and allas trees perishing by the the millions in northern britishthe columbia a landscape theraw way Maritimes—to the highs lows of an redto andthe dying as quick thrusts, map the flashes of light,and shelves of turquoise explicit and raw sexual journey, from earliest infatuation toyou ice sun-slivered blue, shards stacked in the skeena river’s throat, when wet two fingers with spit andbeyond. slip them inside invisible passages imbedded insatiable obsession and in the lava flow and fire travels through to the rocky mountains and down again into the prairies, rest full on my ribs and lungs,“Geographies of a

Lover is a living map that journey [BIO]charts Sarah deaLeeuw grewinto up onthe sad and fiery experience of illicit love. Its writing Vancouver Island, Haida Gwaii (The is

pushed inward and catching halifax’s fire and itand stirsisincurrently you a great culturalgreat geography, fear of evaporation and then a greater need to leave, yelling the possibility an assistant professor with the of muscles aching, stand too close, rub me because i want you to, on Northern Medical Program at breast UNBC, “de Leeuw’s narrator gives herself elbow one hand touching my neck the Faculty of Medicine at the

to the the

throbbing joys within the room University of shuttered British Columbia. De and

to fill you with my tongue and teeth and fingers so open your mouth against my back against my ass loose enough that you work yourself in, and i too come apart, trembling $14.95

978-1-897126-78-3 9 781897 126783


w w w. n e w e s t p r e s s . c o m

newest press

of the is a two-time winner of the .” Leeuw — Betsy Warland, Breathing ReadingAwards, the Actwinning of Writing Creative Nonfiction category of the the Page: CBC Literary we do nothing at all but talk of weeping willow your breath on my lips first place for “Columbus Burning” in 2009, and second place for branches, defoliated, wide like the horizon after sunset reflects a city “Quick-quick. Slow. Slow.” in 2010. Her first book, Unmarked, was glowing in the distance pale blue-red haze on grey clouds, like my want published by NeWest Press in 2004.

1. Sarah de Leeuw discusses her writing. “These poems will take you home. Take you to bed. Take you straight into the wet heart of the wound.”

Audio clip

s u s a n m u s g r av e

author of Origami Dove


sa r a h de leeuw

rhythmic, intense, and passionate, a true Islands), Terrace, Queen Charlotte text that fuses the lonely carnality of body the vulnerable and currently liveswith in Prince George, vastness of continental landscapes.” — Nancy Holmes, Mandorla BC. She has a Ph.D. in historical-

Digital Media geogr a phies of a lov er

A this sexually charged travelogue ofa lake love, tender wound is my missing your body, standing on shore with the sun at my back we meet in the wet heat of summer when leaves appear lust, and loss.

poetry isbn 13 978-1-897126-78-3 bisac poe000000 64 pp II 6 x  9 pb april 2012 II $14.95

Read more Sarah de Leeuw: Unmarked: Landscapes Along Highway 16 978-1-896300-88-7

Sarah de Leeuw

“These poems will take you home. Take you to bed. Take you straight into the wet heart of the wound.” —Susan Musgrave, author of Origami Dove

[front list] Restless White Fields by Barbara L anghorst

Digital Media

An unflinching collection of poems detailing a violent past

1. Barbara Langhorst discusses the true life events at the heart of her poetry.

such a bullet of fears love’s anaesthetist cried by her ear as she slept all hope lost

*** How do you rebuild a life? In this unsentimental collection of poems, Barbara Langhorst revisits a violent personal tragedy through startling imagery that rends even as it heals. Restless White Fields is unique, unexpected, and impossible to ignore. [BIO] Barbara Langhorst was born and educated in Edmonton, Alberta. How do you rebuild a life? In this unsentimental  collection of poems, Barbara Langhorst revisits a  She holds a Ph.D. in English from the violent personal tragedy through startling imagery   University of Alberta and Fields teaches at Restless White    that rends even as it heals.  is unique, unexpected, and impossible to ignore. St. Peter’s College, SK. She and her husband are empty nesters who share $14.95   isbn 978-1-897126-79-0 their acreage with several pets and the local wildlife. Restless White Fields is her first book of poetry. 9 781897 126790


r e s tle s s   wh i t e   f i e ld s       b ar b a ra  la n g h o r s t

the one clear way to raise the dead may be to absolve the living

p o e m s  b a r b a r a  la n g h o r s t

re‚less white fields “Barbara Langhorst makes poetry new.”  robe rt  kroets c h

Audio clip

poetry isbn 13 978-1-897126-79-0 bisac poe000000 96 pp II 6.75 x 9 pb april 2012 II $14.95 “Barbara Langhorst makes poetry new.” —Robert Kroetsch

[front list] Dance, Gladys, Dance by Cassie Stocks

Digital Media

A sparkling comic fable—with a supernatural twist—of dreams abandoned and reclaimed

nunatak first fiction series


nc e iS a wi nn er . g.” “Da nc e, Gl aDys , Da o p re a d in n: a w n t to St atoo Yo u d o n ’t in Sask er. he Girl urd

27-year-old Frieda Zweig is at an impasse. Behind her is a string of failed relationships and half-forgotten ambitions of being a painter; in front of her lies the dreary task of finding a real job and figuring out what “normal” people raph for ad in the local paper phonaogclassified do withBEtheir Then, UL old AU TIFlives. cellent Ex r. ye pla 78 record introduces to Gladys, an elderly woman who long ago sale. Frieda esn’t dance Gladys do nditio gave upcoon hern.dreams of beingmatodancer.

r of T

,a tho a l a au ship, Memory n But d S h a r o ation on Frien edit

In Dance, Gladys, Dance, Cassie Stocks tells the uplifting story of [BIO] Cassie a woman whose uncanny connection with a kindred spiritStocks causes was born in her to see her life in a new way — as anything but ordinary. Edmonton, Alberta. She’s been a

biker chick, a university student, an “Provocative, compelling, and filled with unexpected humour, Dance, Gladys, Dance isactress, a delightful andread.” a rich man’s gardener; — donna Milner she’s worked as a waitress, an office clerk, an$19.95 aircraft cleaner, has iSBn 978-1-897126-76-9 SS.coM e S t pre raised chickens, and has even been ne w the caretaker of a hydroponic pot factory.

author of After River and The Promise of Rain

9 781897 126769

Cassie currently lives in Eston, SK, with her son Julian. Dance, Gladys, Dance is her first novel.


Audio clip

fiction isbn 13 978-1-897126-76-9 bisac fic000000 356 pp II 6 x  9 pb may 2012 II $19.95

The catch? Gladys is a ghost.

The catch? Gladys is a ghost.


the roo anymore. She needs . 254-9885. Ph er. off bake. Bring

In Dance, Gladys, Dance, CassieBehind Stocks 27-year-old Frieda Zweig is at an impasse. her istells a stringthe of uplifting story relationships and half-forgotten ambitions of being a painter; of afailed woman whose uncanny connection with a kindred in front of her lies the dreary task of finding a real job and figuring spirit herpeople to see her life a new way—as anything outcauses what “normal” do with their Then, a classified ad the local paper introduces Frieda to Gladys, an elderly woman but inwho ordinary. long ago gave up on her dreams of being a dancer.

nd M

1. Cassie Stocks talks about writing her first novel.

a novel

“Dance, Gladys, Dance is a winner. You don’t want to stop reading.” —Sharon Butala, author of The Girl in Saskatoon: A Meditation on Friendship, Memory, and Murder

Those Who Know [front list] [media center] 20th Anniversary Edition

by Dianne Meili

A seminal First Nations title revisited

The elders in Those Who Know have devoted their lives to preserving the wisdom and spirituality of their ancestors. Despite insult and oppression, they have maintained sometimes forbidden practices for the betterment of not just their people, but all humankind. First published in 1991, Dianne Meili’s book remains an essential portrait of men and women who have lived on the trapline, in the army, in a camp on the move, in jail, in residential schools, and on the reserve, all the while counselling, praying, fasting, healing, and helping to birth further generations. In this 20th anniversary edition of Those Who Know, Meili supplements her original text with new profiles and interviews that further the collective story of these elders as they guide us to a necessary future, one that values Mother Earth and the importance of community above all else. [BIO] Dianne Meili, the greatgranddaughter of well-known Cree elder Victoria Callihoo, was born in Calgary in 1957. After studying journalism at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, she worked as a newspaper reporter, public relations officer and was the editor of Windspeaker—Alberta’s bi-weekly Native newspaper—for two years. It was during her time at Windspeaker that she became aware of the need for a book that would preserve the thoughts and experiences of Alberta’s native elders. She spent the following eighteen months travelling throughout Alberta interviewing elders from many different tribes. Dianne currently lives in Peace River.


Digital Media 1. Dianne Meili discusses the 20th anniversary of her seminal work.

Audio clip

biography isbn 13 978-1-927063-13-2 bisac bio000000 312 pp II 6 x  9 pb may 2012 II $24.95

[media center] seal intestine raincoat Complete List Non-Fiction alberta Robert Kroetsch

the frog lake reader Myrna Kostash

alberta politics uncovered Mark Lisac

the aberhart summer Bruce Allen Powe

the far away home Marci Denesiuk

978-1-896300-91-7 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us

from mushkegowuk to new orleans Joseph Boyden 978-1-897126-29-5 I $9.95

aldershot 1945 Bruce Allen Powe

fishing for bacon Michael Davie

all of baba’s children Myrna Kostash

gone but not forgotten Elizabeth Mclachlan

the almost meeting Henry Kreisel

gerbil mother D.M. Bryan

always someone to kill the doves F.T. Flahiff

mothertalk Roy Kiyooka / ed. Daphne Marlatt

arrhythmia Alice Zorn

the goat lady’s daughter Rosella Leslie

an american critic in canada Morton L. Ross 978-1-896300-44-3 I $22.95 cdn I $14.95 us

the old lost land of newfoundland Wayne Johnson 978-1-897126-35-6 I $9.95

better than life Margaret Gunning

grayling cross Gayleen Froese

any other woman Monica Kidd

pacific rim letters Roy Kiyooka

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house of spells Robert Pepper-Smith

the arbutus/madrone files Laurie Ricou

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paddling south Rick Ranson

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the blood girls Meira Cook

icefields Thomas Wharton

back roads Ted Ferguson

ride the rising wind Barbara Kingscote

the bone cage Angie Abdou

incident at willow creek Don Hunter

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river time John Firth

breathing water Joan Crate

misshapen Robert Budde

big rig 2 Don Mctavish

smoke in the cockpit H. J. Smith

butterflies in bucaramanga Tanna Patterson-Z

moon honey Suzette Mayr

the bottom line D. Gibson & C. Fuller

978-1-897126-10-3 I $9.95 cdn I $6.95 us

snow bodies Elizabeth Hudson

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canadian literature at the crossroads of language and culture Barbara Godard

transcanada letters Roy Kiyooka

crisp R. W. Gray

running toward home Betty Jane Hegerat

unmarked Sarah De Leeuw

dance, gladys, dance Cassie Stocks

santa rosa Wendy McGrath

978-0-920897-31-7 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

978-0-920897-11-9 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-896300-83-2 I $34.95 cdn I $28.95 us

978-1-897126-30-1 I $19.95 cdn

978-1-897126-21-9 I $22.95

978-1-896300-54-2 I $12.95 cdn I $9.95 us 978-1-896300-71-9 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

978-0-920897-57-7 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

978-1-897126-36-3 I $36.95

chance Anne Metikosh

978-1-897126-20-2 I $24.95

diamond grill Fred Wah

978-1-897126-11-0 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

the doomed bridegroom Myrna Kostash 978-1-896300-38-2 I $21.95 cdn I $13.95 us

edmonton on location ed. Heather Zwicker 978-1-897126-02-8 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

an elk in the house Beverly Lein

978-1-896300-99-3 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

fallen empires John Orrell

978-1-897126-16-5 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us



978-1-897126-46-2 I $26.95 cdn I 26.95 us

978-1-896300-76-4 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us 978-1-896300-24-5 I $16.95 cdn I $13.95 us

978-1-897126-05-9 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us 978-1-896300-66-5 I $29.95 cdn I $24.95 us 978-1-897126-07-3 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

978-1-897126-82-0 I $21.95

978-1-896300-68-9 I $34.95 cdn I $28.95 us 978-1-896300-88-7 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

where we buried the sun A. Tumanov / G. Olson

978-1-896300-25-2 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-896300-77-1 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-896300-90-0 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-897126-80-6 I $21.95 978-1-896300-69-6 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us

978-1-896300-28-3 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us 978-1-897126-17-2 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-920897-60-7 I $12.95 cdn I $8.95 us 978-1-897126-70-7 I $19.95

978-0-920897-53-9 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us

978-1-897126-25-7 I $17.95

978-1-897126-59-2 I $17.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-897126-76-9 I $19.95

978-1-896300-79-5 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-897126-37-0 I $22.95 978-1-897126-24-0 I $19.95

978-1-897126-06-6 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-897126-73-8 I $19.95 978-1-897126-87-5 I $14.95

978-0-920897-87-4 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-897126-41-7 I $19.95

978-1-896300-22-1 I $13.95 cdn I $11.95 us 978-1-896300-00-9 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us 978-1-897126-13-4 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us 978-1-897126-38-7 I $19.95 978-1-897126-01-1 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-897126-81-3 I $15.95

978-1-896300-05-4 I $25.95 cdn I $22.95 us

978-1-896300-82-5 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

displaced persons Margie Taylor

seal intestine raincoat Rosie Chard

wild daisies in the sand Tom Sando

drift child Rosella Leslie

talon Paulette Dubé

with unfailing dedication Elizabeth Mclachlan

drowning man Dave Margoshes

touch Gayleen Froese

with unshakeable persistence Elizabeth Mclachlan 978-1-896300-11-5 I $24 cdn I $19 us

encounters Michael Trussler

western taxidermy Barb Howard

working north Rick Ranson

extensions Myrna Dey

west wind, north chatter Deanna Kent-Mcdonald

978-1-896300-51-1 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us 978-1-896300-48-1 I $24 cdn I $19 us

978-1-896300-73-3 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

978-1-897126-71-4 I $19.95 978-1-896300-57-3 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-897126-00-4 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-897126-68-4 I $22.95

978-1-897126-44-8 I $19.95 cdn I $19.95 us 978-1-896300-47-4 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us 978-1-896300-93-1 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us 978-1-927063-11-8 I $19.95

978-1-896300-86-3 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

Complete List the wheel keeper Robert Pepper-Smith

beyond spite R.F. Darion

a thirst to die for Ian Waddell

978-1-896300-17-7 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

whipstock Barb Howard

body traffic A. Domokos & R. Toews

undercurrent Anne Metikosh

978-1-897126-71-4 I $14.95

a whiter shade of pale/becoming emma Caterina Edwards

business as usual Michael Boughn

west end murders Roy Innes

the cardinal divide Stephen Legault

First Nations

978-1-896300-49-8 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us 978-1-896300-56-6 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

978-0-920897-21-8 I $14.95 cdn I $11.95 us

the widows Suzette Mayr

978-1-896300-30-6 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

wonderfull William Neil Scott

978-1-897126-19-6 I $22.95 cdn I $17.95 us

Writer as Critic

978-1-896300-96-2 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us 978-1-897126-91-2 I $22.95

978-1-897126-32-5 I $22.95

the darkening archipelago Stephen Legault 978-1-897126-63-9 I $ $19.95 cdn I $19.95 us

a deadly little list K. Stewart & C. Bullock 978-1-896300-95-5 I $11.95 cdn I $ 8.95 us

from ice to ashes Jessica Simon

apocrypha Stan Dragland

978-1-897126-47-9 I $19.95 cdn I $19.95 us

faking it Fred Wah

978-1-896300-09-2 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

978-1-896300-63-4 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us 978-1-896300-07-8 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

in flux Roy Miki

978-1-897126-93-6 I $24.95

in visible ink Aritha Van Herk

978-0-920897-07-2 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

labyrinths of voice eds. S. Neuman & R. Wilson 978-0-920316-39-9 I $ 8.95 cdn I $6.95 us

guilty addictions Garrett Wilson

healthy wealthy & dead Suzanne North 978-0-920897-55-3 I $9.95 cdn I $6.95 us

a hummingbird dance Garry Ryan

978-1-897126-31-8 I $11.95

the lucky elephant restaurant Garry Ryan 978-1-896300-97-9 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us

a magpie’s smile Eugene Meese

lyric/anti lyric Douglas Barbour

978-1-897123-42-4 I $12.95

my beloved wager Erín Moure

978-1-897126-89-9 I $18.95

nothing but brush strokes Phyllis Webb

978-1-897126-69-1 I $19.95

readings from the labyrinth Daphne Marlatt

978-1-896300-89-4 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us

signature event cantext Stephen Scobie

978-1-896300-41-2 I $9.95 cdn I $6.95 us 978-1-896300-14-6 I $7.99 cdn I $5.95 us

978-1-896300-50-4 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us 978-1-897126-45-5 I $24.95 cdn I $24.95 us

malabarista Garry Ryan

murder in the chilcotin Roy Innes

978-1-896300-55-9 I $9.95 cdn I $6.95 us 978-1-896300-87-0 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us 978-1-897126-27-1 I $12.95

buried in the silence Connie Sampson

978-0-920897-85-0 I $15.95 cdn I $12.95 us

playing dead Rudy Wiebe

978-1-896300-67-2 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us

return to the drum Miggs Wynne Morris 978-1-896300-31-3 I $24.95 cdn I $18.95 us

those who know Dianne Meili 978-1-927063-13-2 I $24.95

trail of the spirit George Blondin

978-1-897126-08-0 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

weasel tail Michael Ross

978-1-897126-28-8 I $32.95

writing the circle eds. J. Perreault & S. Vance 978-0-920897-88-1 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

yamoria the lawmaker George Blondin

978-1-896300-20-7 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us


14 tractors Gerald Hill

gangson Andy Weaver

geographies of a lover Sarah de Leeuw 978-1-897126-78-3 I $14.95

holding pattern Shane Rhodes

978-1-896300-60-3 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

letters from deadman’s cay Nina Berkhout 978-1-896300-65-8 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

moving to the clear Jason Dewinetz

978-1-896300-58-0 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

nightmarker Meredith Quartermain 978-1-897126-34-9 I $14.95

restless white fields Barbara Langhorst 978-1-879126-79-0 I $14.95

the spaces in between Stephen Scobie

978-1-896300-96-2 I $19.95 cdn I $15.95 us

this way the road Nina Berkhout

978-1-896300-61-0 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

vancouver walking Meredith Quartermain 978-1-896300-81-8 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

were the bees Andy Weaver

978-1-896300-85-6 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

the wireless room Shane Rhodes

978-1-896300-15-3 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us


the aberhart summer Conni Massing

murder in the monashees Roy Innes

978-1-897126-39-4 I $19.95

nine dead dogs Murray Malcolm

978-1-897126-60-8 I $14.95 cdn I $14.95 us

978-0-920897-68-3 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

plane death Anne Dooley

978-1-897126-14-1 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

so this is the world and here i am in it Di Brandt

queen’s park Garry Ryan

978-1-896300-94-8 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

ethnicities ed. Anne Nothof

the collected works of pat lowther ed. Christine Wiesenthal

harvest and other plays Ken Cameron

978-0-920897-89-8 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us 978-1-896300-34-4 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

978-1-897126-09-7 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us


baser elements Murray Malcolm

978-1-896300-32-0 I $ 8.99 cdn I $6.00 us


978-1-896300-52-8 I $9.95 cdn I $6.95 us

978-1-896300-84-9 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us

reunions are deadly D.M. Wyman

978-1-896300-98-6 I $10.95 cdn I $7.95 us

smoked Garry Ryan

978-1-897126-62-2 I $18.95 cdn I $18.95 us

aphelion Jenna Butler

the bindery Shane Rhodes blue feast Shawna Lemay

978-1-897126-61-5 I $24.95 cdn I $24.95 us

978-1-896300-40-5 I $13.95 cdn I $9.95 us

at the zenith of the empire Stewart Lemoine 978-1-897126-15-8 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us

blood relations and other plays Sharon Pollock 978-1-896300-64-1 I $19.95 cdn I $14.95 us

978-1-896300-03-0 I $18.95 cdn I $15.00 us 978-1-897126-67-7 I $19.95

fluttertongue 4 Steven Ross Smith

the hungry spirit Elsie Park Gowan

fragmenting body etc Douglas Barbour

martin yesterday Brad Fraser

978-1-897126-12-7 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

978-0-920897-19-5 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us 978-1-896300-26-9 I $13.95 cdn I $8.95 us

[media center] seal intestine raincoat Complete List metastasis and other plays Gordon Pengilly 978-1-897126-40-0 I $19.95

the minor keys David Belke

978-1-896300-19-1 I $13.95 cdn I $9.95 us

naked at school Chris Craddock

978-1-896300-46-7 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

nextfest anthology ed. Glenda Stirling

978-1-896300-37-5 I $18.95 cdn I $12.95 us

nextfest anthology ii ed. Steve Pirot

978-1-897126-04-2 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us

poor super man Brad Fraser

978-0-920897-81-2 I $13.95 cdn I $8.95 us

the room with five walls Byrna Barclay

978-1-896300-78-8 I $16.95 cdn I $12.95 us

scraping the surface Lyle Victor Albert

978-1-896300-33-7 I $12.95 cdn I $ 8.95 us

snake in fridge Brad Fraser

978-1-896300-27-6 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

a teatro trilogy Stewart Lemoine

978-1-896300-80-1 I $18.95 cdn I $14.95 us

the ugly man Brad Fraser

978-0-920897-43-0 I $13.95 cdn I $ 8.95 us

witness to a conga and other plays Stewart Lemoine 978-1-897126-86-8 I $19.95

the wolf plays Brad Fraser

978-0-920897-49-2 I $14.95 cdn I $9.95 us

Environmental earth alive Stan Rowe

978-1-897126-03-5 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

home place Stan Rowe

978-1-896300-53-5 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

landscapes of the heart eds. Michael Aleksiuk & Thomas Nelson 978-1-896300-62-7 I $24.95 cdn I $19.95 us

listening to trees A.K. Hellum 978-897126-33-2 I $22.95

salal Laurie Ricou

978-1-897126-22-6 I $34.95 cdn I $28.95 us

9 8

watershed Grant MacEwan

978-1-896300-35-1 I $19.95 cdn I $14.95 us

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