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We know that choosing a Post 16 pathway is an important decision and we hope that this prospectus will give you a flavour of the wide range of opportunities that are on offer for you at Sir John Leman Sixth Form. On the subject information pages you will see that, as well as level 3 study across a broad range of areas, we also offer a level 2 pathway. Added to this, all Sir John Leman Sixth Form students participate in a range of enrichment activities be it running their own businesses as part of the Young Enterprise Scheme or organising whole school charity fundraising events: Sixth Form life at Sir John Leman High School is certainly much, much more than just academic study. The Sir John Leman Sixth Form ethos is about both academic and personal success. We take great pride in supporting all of our students to progress to the next steps in their lives and the destinations of our students reflect the vibrant diversity of our community. Students from Sir John Leman Sixth Form go on to top universities, apprenticeships and exciting career opportunities. So, whatever your aspirations are we look forward to helping you succeed and realise your ambitions.


Mrs S Silvers

Mrs V Fairhill

Mrs J Stimpson

Mr T Gorbould

Director of Sixth Form

Deputy Director of Sixth Form

Sixth Form Co-ordinator

Sixth Form Academic Mentor



Applied Business


Computer Science

Fashion & Textiles

A vocational course that aims to give a practical understanding of the operation of businesses covering topics such as marketing, business plans and finance. Assessment is through both coursework and examination.

A subject of huge relevance in the modern world which will prepare you for both university study and a wide range of careers. You will look at topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, human resources, the impact of technology and business finance.

This subject is practical, academic and creative. The course covers areas such as computing principles, algorithms and problem solving.

Suitable for anyone who enjoys working within the wide arena of textiles, whether viewed from a creative, scientific or commercial background. You need to enjoy practical and theoretical activities and be keen to extend your knowledge and understanding of textile materials and components, market influences and manufacturing processes.


Applied Science This course allows students to study all three general sciences, before focusing on the application of science in the field of either Forensics or Medical Science. Without the need to sit final examinations, students are assessed throughout the two year course by completion of coursework.

Art & Design An exciting and stimulating subject that encourages creative self-expression exploring a wide range of individual solutions to problems. Great emphasis is put upon developing the creative and expressive content of your own artwork as well as your ability to analyse and evaluate your work and the work of others.


Chemistry Chemistry touches every aspect of our lives. Even the soap you use and gel in your hair have been designed and made by chemists somewhere. Studying chemistry increases your understanding of the material world around you and will help develop your transferable skills.

Classical Civilisation This course allows students to understand the ancient civilisations that gave us the foundation of western thought and ideas. Students will study the ancient world through text and objects in order to recreate the world in which Romans and Greeks lived. This will include pre-reading of set texts, learning the ideas and features of the material and considering the themes of the ancient world. The work can take many forms, including exam-style questions or mind maps.

You will use logical thinking and detailed analyses to understand the way both the domestic and global economy functions. Areas you will study include competitive markets, key measures of economic performance and the use of demand/ supply policies as ways of managing the economy.

English Language Looking at topics such as how men and women use language differently and how institutions use language to influence us. Learn about key linguistic methods and gain skills that are sought after in a range of careers.

English Literature Love reading? Want to develop your ability to read texts critically? You will be introduced to a range of texts and genres, and will be taught to think about the ways in which narratives are constructed.


Film Studies

Offering students the opportunity to engage with a wide range of different films, challenging and enriching their appreciation. A variety of films will be studied including British, Hollywood and world cinema. The subject will develop students’ approaches to: class discussion, research, critical analysis, creative writing and film journalism.

Food Science & Nutrition A course for students who enjoy practical and theoretical activities and who are keen to extend their knowledge and understanding of food materials and components, market influences and manufacturing processes as well as developing skills in the design, development and manufacture of food products.

The course is academically rigorous and provides an excellent pathway to undergraduate degrees in: life science, medicine, environmental science, forensic science or similar related courses.








The emphasis at A Level is very much on speaking in terms of students being able to articulate their opinions. This builds on what has been learnt at GCSE by enabling students to form an opinion on varied topics such as the Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living and Relationships.

A highly regarded and academically challenging subject which will develop your transferable skills including essay writing, research and reaching sustained judgement. A History qualification is highly prized by Universities and employers.

Music is a highly regarded subject due to the range of skills required and the self-discipline of learning an instrument. You will study topics such as composing and arranging music and will also have the opportunity to perform solo and/or ensemble (instrument or voice) or to present a technology-based performance.

Further Mathematics

IT (Application Developer)

A challenging subject; you will look at areas including: sequences and series, integration, radians, and other algebraic techniques. You will also meet the new topic of Differentiation, a very important tool in higher level Mathematics. Studying Mathematics can be the first step into a wide range of careers such as engineering, code-breaking, accountancy, mathematical modelling, statistics and many more.

If you are looking for a career in Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or Engineering this would be a good choice for you. This course is suitable for gifted mathematicians who enjoy challenging and stimulating work.

The Cambridge Technical course is a very practical course and is portfolio based in terms of assessment. As part of this course you will be based in the school’s Mac Suite.

Geography The intellectual, analytical and technical skills developed through studying Geography are highly sought after by employers. This is a course for people who have an interest in the natural world and are seeking to stretch their abilities through the application of research and academic knowledge.

Health & Social Care This course provides a wide base of experience for those students interested in a career within the health, social care or early years sectors. It can be studied as either a single or double subject and you will be assessed by a combination of both coursework and end of year examinations.


Law Law will provide you with grounding in the main principles of English and Welsh law and their development. You will develop knowledge, understanding and critical awareness of the structure, personnel and functions of the English legal system and Criminal Law.


Music Technology Mathematics in Context This subject supports a wide range of subjects including Applied Sciences, Biology, Business, Economics, Computing, Geography, Health and Social Care, ICT and Psychology. The course is designed to help students who do not choose A Level mathematics. Four content areas will be covered: • An application of statistics • Probability • Linear programming • Sequences and growth

Media Studies This is a course for creative, practical people who are seeking to stretch their abilities through the application of research and academic knowledge. Students thinking of taking this course should be open to experiencing forms of Media outside of their usual habits and they should expect to become active rather than passive Media consumers.

This course provides opportunities to embrace recent developments in the field and involves much practical work which encourages the cultivation of a wide range of skills. You will have opportunities to sequence MIDI and audio, record live instruments, produce CDs and compose using music technology.

Performing Arts (Acting) A vocational course which offers the chance to build on your enthusiasm for creating high standard performances within a dynamic group. You will be encouraged to demonstrate your commitment, energy, self-discipline and time management skills as well as your performing talents. Students will also need to be prepared to attend lunchtime and after-school rehearsals.




Product Design


Delivered in conjunction with ‘The Cut’ at Halesworth, students will spend some of their time learning off-site. You will explore a range of photographic techniques using traditional and new technologies. This course is suitable for anyone who enjoys the creative process using lens-based media.

Your knowledge and understanding of design, materials and manufacturing processes will be developed through both theoretical and practical activities including product analysis exercises, focused skill tasks and design based assignments.

The study of society and human behaviour. This course is designed to equip students with knowledge of how our society works by looking at various aspects of our lives using both classical and modern theories of Sociology and by examining the effect of social class, ethnicity, gender, age and other factors on life chances.

Physical Education A challenging and engaging course with a focus on both practical and theoretical study. You will look at topics such as Anatomy and Physiology, Sports Psychology and Socio and Cultural issues.

Would you like an insight into many aspects of the human mind? Learn about the effect that the mind and the environment has on the way we behave together with the reasons for people acting as they do, in terms of both normal and abnormal behaviour.


Religious Studies

Physics is a broad and creative subject involving experiments, observations, theory and mathematics, computing, technology, materials and information theory. Physics seeks to answer fundamental questions about what, how and why things are as they are.

Religious Studies will help you to be openminded and able to understand, explain and discuss theories about ultimately unanswerable questions. A great course for developing transferable skills (understanding, analysis, communication, reflection).

Politics Ever wondered why people should vote or whether or not we live in a true democracy? Investigate the main beliefs of the major political parties and look at the role of Parliament as well as the powers that the Prime Minister has.


Psychology Spanish This course builds on what has been learnt at GCSE by enabling students to form an opinion on varied topics such as The Media, Popular Culture, Healthy Living and Relationships. Emphasis is also very much on speaking in terms of students being able to articulate their opinions about the topics covered.

Level 2 Pathway Students who have just missed out on Level 3 Sixth Form entry requirements maybe suitable for the Level 2 Pathway which is a bespoke course of study designed to prepare students for either employment, further education or apprenticeships. All students will work towards completing the WorkSkills Level 2 Diploma with some also resitting GCSE English and Maths and studying towards the Level 2 Higher Project Qualification.


Enrichment CHINESE (MANDARIN) Students learn the language to a level where they can make basic conversation. LATIN Students can learn Latin as beginners or continue their study as well as explore the world of the Romans. YOUNG ENTERPRISE This year long venture sees students setting up and running a business of their own. LEARNING SUPPORT Students can act as learning support assistants in lower school lessons through liaising with a department of their choice in order to set up a timetable. WORK EXPERIENCE Students must liaise with the school’s Careers and Aspirations Manager in order to organise a relevant work experience placement. EXTENDED PROJECT Year 13 only. This rigorous level 3 qualification is highly regarded by many universities as it sees students undertaking a significant research based project of their own choosing. RECREATIONAL PE This is an opportunity for students to use the facilities on offer at The Venue in order to keep fit and/or develop sporting skills. SIXTH FORM NEWSLETTER With this option, students work together undertaking a variety of roles, in order to produce a termly newsletter for our Sixth Form students. Content is given by student voice.



Student support

How to apply

The transition to Post 16 study can be tough for lots of different reasons as can the day to day hard work of keeping up with assignments and aspiring to meet challenging target grades. In light of this, we feel that student support is key in ensuring both the academic success of Post-16 Students and also looking after their wellbeing.


Academic Support

Look out for our full prospectus to find detailed course information and come along to our Sixth Form Open Evening on November 9th, 2017 where you can speak to staff and students. If you are unable to attend our Sixth Form Open Evening or would like to find out more then just give us a ring to arrange a tour and possibly even sit in on some Sixth Form lessons.

The Director and Deputy Director of Sixth Form oversee the progress of all Sixth Form students. A team of specialist Sixth Form tutors meet with students on a daily basis ensuring that a focus on academic progress is maintained. Our Sixth Form Academic Mentor meets with students who may be struggling academically for any reason. Peer support is also on offer with some students arranging tutorials amongst themselves in order to pass on their expertise.

Wellbeing The Deputy Director of Sixth Form and the Sixth Form Coordinator provide pastoral support for students in a variety of ways. Our Sixth Form Coordinator is the first point of contact for students in the office where we operate an ‘open door’ policy and encourage high levels of communication between staff and students. Daily tutor time means that Sixth Form tutors get to know their form groups really well and are an invaluable source of further pastoral support. The Sixth Form Associate Coordinator liaises with Sixth Form Council in order to create a student led feel in Sixth Form with lots of activities on offer for students to get involved with and feel at home. Undoubtedly the biggest strength of Sir John Leman Sixth Form is the students themselves and the community atmosphere means that students are always helping each other out.

Other Support The Deputy Director of Sixth Form holds particular responsibility for overseeing applications to university. At any time students can request a careers interview with an Independent Careers Advisor who will meet with them in school. In addition, students may be eligible for financial support.


How to Apply


STEP 2 Application Form These will be available at our Sixth Form Open Evening, via our website or call to request a copy. Please ensure that applications are posted back or handed in to us before the Christmas holidays. Once we have your application you will get written confirmation from us that we have received it.

STEP 3 Guidance Meetings/Offers Applicants to Sir John Leman Sixth Form are invited to meet with a member of the Sixth Form Team in order to discuss their applications in full. Meetings will take place from February 2018 onwards. Following your guidance meeting we will write to you with further details. All you need to do then is return your reply slip to us and work hard until the end of Year 11! ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: LEVEL 3 = 5 A* - C GRADES/GRADE 4s ACROSS AT LEAST 4 DIFFERENT SUBJECT AREAS. THIS SHOULD INCLUDE A GRADE 4 FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND MATHEMATICS.


PLUG IN YOUR MIND Sir John Leman High School Sixth Form Ringsfield Road - Beccles - Suffolk - NR34 9PG Sixth Form Office and Absence Line - 01502 719948