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By Ed Travis and Golf Gear Weekly staff It’s the end of the year and time for our picks of the clubs in seven categories to receive the Awards for 2016 season. There may be a couple of surprises for our readers with some of the selections however, our criteria in each category were very straight forward. First: was a unique and/or breakthrough design or material used? Second is the consistency of performance and distance and third the popularity with golfers. We did consider the market price of each in relation to comparable clubs from competitors but that wasn’t a determining factor. The cost of a club is really a measure of the price compared to the results it produces and that of course is subjective, different for each player and up to each to figure out. 58 | | November / December 2016

November/December 2016  

Our Holiday Gift and Travel Guide is loaded with some of the very best in holiday gift choices and travel destinations. It is the time of ye...

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