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Crash Course on Pitching


Pictured Mike Harbour at Metacomet CC. First hole with 2nd hole in background.

Shots on the golf course is the 25 to 75 yard shot. The first thing we do is to have our students place 75% of the weight on their lead leg ( if your right handed it’s on your left leg and if your left handed it will be on your right leg) next we decide how long your swing is going to be based on the length of your shot. We like to use the CLOCK as our example of how much of a backswing and follow thru you will use. For example, if you have a 25 yard shot you may use a swing say from 8 to 4 and if it’s 50 yards it may be a swing from 9 to 3 with your weight distribution remaining on your lead leg thru out your swing. Lastly we have you concentrate on rotating your chest thru the impact area to avoid using your arms and wrist to strike the ball, which usually results in a skull shot or fat shot.

Keys to Pitching: 1. Weight distribution 75% on lead leg 2.  D ecide on length of backswing and follow thru using a CLOCK as your guide. 3.  Rotate your shoulders and chest thru the impact area to your finish. atch the complete inW struction video and more at

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