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New Vegas Golf 10-chip “On The Course” Gambling Game This exciting game levels the playing field for all golfers. Only 1 game is needed per foursome.


The game begins by golfers agreeing on a value for the poker chips before teeing off on the first hole. Each player begins the round with no chips. Golfers want the positive chips and want to avoid the negative. The player that has the game hands out the chips as they are earned. The payoff is determined by the last golfer holding the chip at the end of 9 or 18 holes.

90 | | March 2016

If someone hits their ball into the sand, he would receive the sand chip. He can pass it when he sees another player go into the sand. He must do this before he walks off the green! If he waits until the next is too late! Same rule applies for positive chips. If someone is holding the Birdie Chip and a player birdies after...that player must ask for the chip before he walks off the green for that hole. These are authentic poker chips, each with a different character. This new 10 chip game comes with our latest and most popular BEER CHIP! Beer Chip rule: Every Par 3 whoever has the worst tee shot gets the BEER CHIP. If the BEER CHIP is in your pocket when the “beverage cart” comes by…. guess who is buying? It all comes down to the 18th. Make sure you try to get rid of the negative chips and earn the positive. The game can take place over 18 holes or be broken into 9’s. The payoff is determined by the last golfer holding the chip at the end of 18.

March 2016  

Buyer's Guide featuring Club Champion and Ben Hogan and the National Golf Expo Issue.

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