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Golf on a Bungee Rope

e Rope It offers the most realistic full swing shot you can achieve in your own backyard. Hitting nets are expensive and annoying, while practice balls don’t feel real. You could even argue that e Rope It offers a better experience than a hitting net because of the visual response of the balls flight. As a golfer using e Rope It you can tell if you push or pull your shot, skull or hit it fat, and there is even some feedback on slices and hooks.

Setup of this Gimmie Featured Product takes less than a minute. Better yet, The Rope It is so light and compact that it can be taken anywhere. For example, the golf course that doesn’t have a driving range as a warm up tool. When we say the product is portable, it is ultra portable, and it has great versatility in terms of where you can hit it. You can be very creative and turn some of the most unexpected places into a driving range. The Rope It is most definitely a product you just have to pick up and not just for its features but also for its price tag of only $20. With the holidays coming up it is the perfect stocking stuffer for a golfer of any skill level.

The Rope It (305) 767-3481 | The Heater Holder Golfer’s Cigar Holder

Cigars and golf, what a great combination! ere are many golfers that never strap their clubs on a cart without having packed at least one cigar per side. Having a good cigar on hand is one of the essentials to having a great day on the course. e mere thought of having forgotten their “heaters” causes more jitters than standing over a 3 foot birdie putt. Golf courses use tons of fertilizers and weed killers to keep their courses green. Sure, this makes for ideal conditions, but you wouldn’t think of putting those same chemicals in your mouth or inhaling them. Truth is, that’s exactly what happens to golfers everyday…bad

Heater Holder

things happen to good people! erefore, a product you just have to pick up is a HeaterHolder. e HeaterHolder, from SW Burke is an innovative cigar holder that clips directly onto your golf bag using the already existing rain-hood snaps. What makes the HeaterHolder a Gimmie? e product features an“intriguingly simple” design and convenience (Cigar Aficionado, 2007). Since it’s attached to your bag, you won’t forget it at the end of a round. If you use a pull cart or stand bag, it’s even self-leveling! Proudly made in the United States from stainless steel, SW Burke’s cigar holder is guaranteed not to rust, break, or burn during normal use. e Heater Holder is available online and in catalogs for under $20. is perfect gift is also available in gold or silver. Orders placed directly from HeaterHolder receive free laser engraving on select models, and most orders ship within 24 hours.

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New England Golf Monthly - September/October 2010  

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