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Rickie Fowler, U.S. Rider Cup captain recent selection by Corey Pavin, may not have finished in the top position in the tournament, he has landed the number 1 spot on the fashion leaderboard with a fresh, edgy look. Best dressed in head-to-toe Puma attire, he has sharp sense of style and at the young age of 21, has earned his right to play with the pros.

e majesty of the event inspired these players to sport these colorful styles like a finale of a firework display celebrating the fleeting bold looks of summer. With such a beautiful, sunny summer what better way to usher in the gorgeous colors of autumn in New England than with a boom.


At the number 5 spot, Phil Mickelson donned classy black pin striped pants and black shirt he truly portrays the classic look of golf fashion. It used to be Gary Player but is Phil becoming the new Black Knight?




Native New Englander and N.E. favorite Tim Petrovic with several fabulous outfits throughout the weekend ranks in at the number 6 spot. I had the pleasure of conversing with him regarding his apparel choices at the same time last year and he seems to continuously step up his game.


Whether scoring low or high Tiger Woods with his athletic look and Nike apparel line, ranks in at the lucky number 7 spot on the fashion leaderboard. What is more intimidating on a golf course, a 350-yard drive or that red and black power walk over the horizon? Statistics show that when Tiger is wearing his power colors he outperforms compared to when he does not.


Matt Kuchar tied Tiger


Martin Laird appropri-


finishing the tournament at 11 under. ey have also tied on the fashion leaderboard. While Matt may not be devoted to fashion, by wearing the Red Sox B proudly on his hat he receives bonus points in my book for believing “for better or for worse” actually means something.


ately wore gray plaid pants, as they are both native to Scotland. e matching silver and white shoes, silver sunglasses, and beautiful blue shirt, ranks him number 9 on the fashion leaderboard. He finished in the 25th position.




Justin Leonard

came in last but not least in the number 10 spot wearing the excellent color combination of gray and bright yellow, Justin also played well finishing in the 30th position.

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New England Golf Monthly - September/October 2010  
New England Golf Monthly - September/October 2010  

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