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8th – 12th December 2014 Come to Bermuda and enjoy the camaraderie and competition that is the Bermuda Goodwill Golf Tournament

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This four person, team event includes one professional and three amateurs from your home golf club, scored in both gross and net divisions. Come and play Bermuda’s best courses, Port Royal Golf Club, Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club, Mid Ocean Club and Tucker’s Point Club. Enjoy catching up with old friends and making new ones while you vie for the title of the Bermuda Goodwill Chamt hFantastic accommodation t hpackages available at some of Bermuda’s finest hotel properties. pion.


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December, 2014

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THE CHOICE IS YOURS. At PGA Golf Club you decide. Of all of the golf and lifestyle amenities available to you, what combination best suits you? Each day, tailor a golf experience uniquely your own. PGA Golf Club — Choose Better.

nd competition

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at your choice of courses

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Golf PEI Vacations are easier and more flexible than ever to book. New for this year, four incredible end-of-season packages offering your choice of any of our 16 courses. Just pick the package that’s for you, and let Golf PEI book your unforgettable golf vacation on this exceptional Island of ours.

1 866 GOLF-PEI

Visit today to book your Golf PEI Fall for Golf Getaway!

Prices based on quad occupancy (Cottage Package) and double occupancy (Hotel Packages), standard room or

2 bedroom cottage. Subject to availability, plus applicable taxes. 6 | Subscribe at | August 2014

Packages booked for Sept. 23 to Close to receive a further $60 per person discount.

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From the Editor

The Spirit of Competition

Amateur and The British Amateur.

Bobby Jones once said, “Competitive golf is played mainly on a 5 ½ inch course…the space between your ears.” He often alluded to the game within the game that most of us have a very difficult time mastering. Throughout his career, he measured his ability to compete in the game by his strength of focus and concentration that allowed him to be almost unbeatable. In 1930 Jones, as an amateur, won what was, in its purest form, the greatest Grand Slam ever in golf: The United States Open, The British Open, The U.S.

That same year, at the age of 28 and at the height of his career, Bobby Jones retired from tournament golf. A nation that idolized him for his success grew to respect him even more for his decision to treat golf as a game rather than a way of life. This respect grew with the years. “First comes my wife and children,” he once explained. “Next comes my profession - the law. Finally, and never as a life in itself, comes golf.” His record, aside from the grand slam, was magnificent. He won the United States Open Championship four times [1923, 1926, 1929 & 1930], the British Open three times [1926, 1927, & 1930] and the United States Amateur five times [1924, 1925, 1927, 1928 & 1930]. “Jones is as truly the supreme artist of golf as Paderewski is the supreme artist of the piano, “ George H Greenfield wrote in The New York Times in 1930. Competitive golf at every level of the game today is how we measure our talent against other players. So often what we are really measuring is our ability to work through problems and solutions that are common in golf and life. The lessons and skills of the game of golf are universally applicable to life and the challenges we all face along the way. The game instills integrity, thoughtfulness and responsibility in everyone who plays. There are few other sports in the world today that return so much to all of us who get to play this great game. Play Golf America,

Timothy R. Branco Editor/ Publisher

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Good Looks on the Course //

by Elle Brec

The Way You Make Me Feel

Green Grass Apparel

Fashion is way more than just the look of the apparel, but how it makes us feel. Especially where movement is so important on the golf course, one slight tug from arms or back of the shirt can change the direction of the ball from straight down the fairway into the fescue. If shirts continually become untucked not only does it add an annoyance to your game, country clubs with strict dress codes can kick you off the course. In the hot summer sun, fabric can change your mood from being gung-ho about completing a full 18 to 9 holes will do today. We are not materialistic but we are fabric snobs and found some amazing companies that jive with our style.

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Robert Brunner inspired by a passion for fashion and golf created Devereux, a line of men’s golf apparel with proper threads, indeed. His expertise after sewing, cutting, and studying at fashion school combines the best of both worlds, the highly desirable, luxurious pima cotton with sweat wicking technical fibers. Robert says, “It’s just something more subtle that you can walk around the streets with or go to a bar with, in a certain shirt or a pant that isn’t screaming, I just got off the golf course!” This fabrication has a lustrous, resilient look with high performance functionality. Quite often today, contemporary golf fashion means loud oranges and fluorescent greens. Devereux has a different view of what makes contemporary golf fashion classy, cool, and modern. Two pieces from Devereux’s current collection caught our eye. The Brunner signature piece is a luxurious lightweight jersey features a four-button placket, signature pocket and a button down collar. It’s avail-

able in a cool color palate of White, Steel, Navy, Caviar, Coral and Sea Green. The chest pocket is a signature design element for Devereux, which used the influences of the old and put a modern twist to the design. The Devereux Pique has a unique Pima cotton and spandex blend with great cooling effect. Spandex allows for ease of movement during the swing while retaining the overall shape and fit of the shirt. “We find that we are priced exceptionally well, especially for the fabric we use and the attention to detail we give when designing our garments,” stated Devereux. Devereux is priced on the high end of the middle pricing tier. ($84.95 US) Devereux has been working on adding other pieces to its collection as it has been designing contemporary blazers, sleek vest and technical pants. The company will be adding different garments throughout its collection season to season. For more information on Devereux, visit

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ARISTO18 ARISTO18 is a collection of men’s luxury golf apparel featuring the finest craftsmanship, classic natural-fiber fabrics, and elegant designs that honor the rich heritage of the game. For country clubs where shorts are not allowed, these naturally breathable yarns provide a lustrous drape that rubber like polyester can not match. Polos, sweaters, and trousers are knit from the world’s finest yarns like pima cotton, royal alpaca from Peru, superfine cashmere, or Italian merino wool. ARISTO18 sets an unprecedented benchmark for quality, value, innovation and performance. Ensuring this concept by controlling every step of the process from creating the design, to weaving fabrics in their own mills to their exact specifications, and then tailoring them in their own factories. Perfect for country club pro shops because the color ways of the collection are coordinated. For summer, light gray matches virtually any color an has a classy appeal. Warm tan hues complement both seasons, summer into fall as the bright salmons and the cool beautiful sky blues make a great transition. Aristo18 clothing complements the active lifestyle of a person who is always on the go and needs to look polished at any given time. They aren’t completely new to the game, the Nanshan Group’s motto is “Either achieve the best or do nothing at all”. This motto has served the multi-business, trans world, company for the last 25 years. pieces to its collection as it has been designing contemporary blazers, sleek vest and technical pants. The company will be adding different garments throughout its collection season to season. For more information on Aristo18, visit

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March 2013

Criquet Golf

Once you purchase a Criquet golf polo, you may just become an unofficial brand ambassador as many do by calling their country club pro shop to inform them they need to carry these shirts! You no longer need to search for the perfect polo, from shankers to bankers, the Players shirt improves all games. What makes them so comfortable is their super soft 100% certified organic cotton and a fit that is not too baggy or skinny. The four-button placket gives a modern finished look, along with sleeves perfectly cut for the golf course as they do not hang below the elbow interfering with your swing. Stay looking crisp and fresh with collar stays, making an important difference as collars can sometimes go in any direction or gets ragged over time. With their golf experience, a detail like little slot on the pocket for pencil or tee is a fantastic bonus. Surrounded by high fashion in New York City growing up, Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown quickly began to notice the power of the polo: the approving nods from parents and the lingering glances from the ladies. Attending private school in Connecticut with a dress code where they sometimes had the ability to take a break from class and play three holes, they have extensive experience sampling polos of all shapes and sizes. Throughout this odyssey, there were some constants- perfectly worn hand-me-downs

that their grandfather’s wore playing golf in the 70s along with some thrift store treasures. Thus the inspiration behind the vintage preppy vibe with subtle details, built to last and be inherited. With a nod to the past and the hope of a more sustainable, stylish future, they created Criquet. We always trust companies in the southwest because if it can stand up to the 100 degree heat there, it will be comfortable here in New England. The company based in Austin, Texas portrays their personality in their showroom called the Criquet Clubhouse where not only can you try on the polos, you can hang out, practice your putting on the greens in the back, or attend a Major Tournament viewing party like Master’s or U.S. Open. Have a cold beverage there or make one at home as their shirt tags have fun cocktail recipes. Aligning with a more environmentally friendly lifestyle as organic cotton means no chemicals equaling better conditions for workers, not polluting our water and eco-systems. Our favorites are the Players Shirt ($75) and Striped Players Shirt, but Criquet’s line up also includes button-down models and a long sleeve version of the Players Shirt as well as shirts for boys. As a fervent supporter of friendship and comradery, Criquet offers embroidery and deals on group shirt purchases. So next time you and your buddies go on an epic golf trip or throw a company event, they’ve got your back. Literally.

Need to Know What To Wear On and off The Golf Course in 2014?

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Lizzie Driver Designed especially for women, the elegant golflifestyle fashion brand offers sophisticated clothing for the country club, fairway, and everyday. Key elements are the longer, to-the-elbow fitted sleeves because women’s arms are smaller than men’s so they created sleeves less square and boxy. Featuring a 1” notch at the hem for extra flexibility so as not to interfere with the swing. Their classic tops feature a soft, luxurious feel and beyond-comfortable fit. A cute five-button placket frames the neckline. Dressed up or down, this top plays well, but goes anywhere. We’ve searched high and low for a true versatile golf outfit. No matter how hard brands try, if we wear the proclaimed “on or off the course” apparel somewhere other than the course, the first thing people ask us is if we are playing golf that day. Thank you Lizzie Driver! Finally, for the first time ever this did not happen. They

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functioned amazingly on the course on a sunny, hot summer day, yet fit in perfectly with other Boston commuters one morning. Congratulations to Brand Ambassador Mo Martin 31-year-old earned her first LPGA Tour victory with a remarkably clutch eagle on the 72nd hole at the 2014 Women’s British Open. She wore a variety of its distinctive garments en route to her victory such as the Nightingale short sleeve shirt from Lizzie Driver’s Autumn 2014 collection, as well as the Adair, Elisa and London short sleeve shirts, and Aspen shorts. Each features the flattering cuts and draping that are signatures of the line’s aesthetic. In an era of disposable fast-fashion and consistent price compression, Lizzie Driver has staked out a premium position by offering the very best fabrics, fit and style. Its collections are distributed through 225 better shops in more than 30 states and several international markets.

Aristo18: Interview with Joesph Puskarich

What is the history behind the company, how did it form?

We’ve been an apparel producer for over 25 years, with one of the largest wool spinning mills in all of China. We are known for being a tailored clothing factory producing suits, sport coats, and trousers for a lot of famous brands in America. Paul Betenly is the tailored clothing brand, and in recent years, we decided we want to have our own golf brand so we created Aristo18 and A18.

What is the difference between Aristo18 and A18?

Aristo18 pure golf lifestyle brand with all natural fibers, and A18 is the luxury technical line with a focus on easy care fibers.

What inspired the name Aristo18?

The word “aristo” means “the best” in Greek and 18 is obviously the best of golf.

Where are you based out of and where are your fabric mills?

Our company is located in Ontario California. We really wanted to create something spectacular so while it maybe cheaper to produce apparel in China, we said let’s produce the absolute highest quality garment possible and let the price fall where it may. So, we have a separate production line here in America so can control the entire process and make sure it is up to the highest standards.

Has it always been a golf inspired brand?

Yes, we started strictly as a golf brand. The Betenly lifestyle company was bombarded with golf clubs calling to carry the line so a light bulb went off. Being an avid golfer myself, we realized there was a real need for our type of trouser. What makes you unique? We’re unique in that we design from the bottom up so the result is an entire look that is perfectly coordinated and great for in-stock programs. We really want to meet a need in the market, we have a respect for our competitors like Peter Millar and Bobby Jones so it’s not a pick us over them.

What’s new for the 2014-2015 collection?

Aristo18 wool is created with luxury in mind combined with true golf performance features like our nano treatment to repel water and stains. Our trousers either have a natural stretch caused by a special finishing process or a me-

chanical stretch using 3% spandex. This season we launched new fabric called Evolution, a super lightweight wool, luxurious fabric special blend of super140 wool, with a small percentage of mechanic stretch for extra comfort. A18 has an amazing new piece where we were aiming for the wow factor when we designed it. It’s called the Marino ultimate and it is a dual layer where on the outside is a plated Serona polyester fabric and on the inside a Merino wool for ultimate moisture wicking properties. A18 is a luxury tech line for men who love our cotton trousers or wool trousers but need easy care features to play golf in everyday.

What type of client is a good match for Aristo18?

Upper end private country clubs, high-end resorts, and men’s specialty stores.

Which Country Clubs carry your brand?

Largest Palm Springs, The Vintage, El Dorado, Los Angeles, Congressional Oakmont, Waldorf Astoria, Lake Nona, and Isleworth. There aren’t any in New England yet but hopefully very soon as I went to Babson and have a fondness for the area.

Do any PGA players wear the brand?

Vijay Singh started wearing our product a year and a half ago now. He’s never signed an endorsement deal because he’s very particular about what he likes to wear. We’re close to Cleveland Golf and while he was there, they suggested we send a few samples to him. He fell I love with quality and a handshake sealed the deal but we hope to sign something next season with him where we can use his image to promote the brand.

How successful are shows like the PGA Merchandise and Market?

Extremely successful, all the best clubs talk to each other so word of mouth is our best avenue. Especially when we do a member guest event and people get a pair of our pants, almost consistently the next week members have gone back to their own club to tell them they need to carry the brand. It’s a real testament to our product and service and it’s popular among many golf directors, heads of golf, and golf pros.

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Couple of Travelers //

by Alice and Danny Scott

Traverse City

Cherry-Picked Golf in Michigan

Cherry-pick your summer golf vacation in Traverse City, Michigan. Stay at the Traverse Grand Resort and Spa where the Wolverine Course by Gary Player is a nice prelude to Jack’s Signature Bear Course, famously one of the toughest in the country. Jack’s wacky greens cause undulating conundrums while cattails lining ponds purr disaster. It’s a gorgeous walk in the woods with light antics from parading cranes but it is a heavy load with marsh to carry on many holes. Stop and smell the cherry blossoms or milkweed flowers, but don’t let the fragrance fool you. It is a rigorous run. Grin and bear it, then just grin. This is pure Michigan. Hurry to experience LochenHeath Golf Club, three miles away, as the privatization plan limits outside play. This first class fun starts with a dramatic scene from the elevated terrace over the course and lake. Dinners are a sell out for the knockout view and outrageous cuisine. Kudos to the chef for Firecracker shrimp, varied selections plus a health bar on the cart that provides sustenance needed to traverse this layout. Forecaddies give tips on best targets, distances and ball

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tracking around blind curves and a tip of the hat for extraordinary shots. Soar with the resident eagles. Hit the lakeside fairway slot on six and you might score an eagle yourself. Wine down after golf at one of the nine wineries on the Old Mission Trail along the bay. 2 Lads is a window to the vineyards, water and subtleties of reds and whites, cleverly depicted. The sparkling Riesling and cabernet franc stand out. Wine weaves stories and every sommelier has a tidbit of wine trivia or a tale, none delivered with more charm than by Brys’ Estate winemaker Coenraad Stassen, bringing decades of experience from South Africa’s wine industry. He must charm the grapes as well, for the dry whites and reds are all delightful. The new spacious deck overlooks the vineyard and distant lake, a perfect afternoon spot for sipping and sharing cheese and charcuterie boards with friends. Back at the Traverse Grand, relax poolside or shuttle to their beach club, yes, a sandy beach with volleyball and parasailing, close to downtown. Streets are lined with boutique shops and restaurants. Smooch the moose on the wall of Sleder’s Family Tavern and get the tee shirt or fill up on pizza and brew at the Filling Station – originally for trains, not gas. All aboard! Dining at Aerie, atop the highest structure in northern

Michigan, the resort tower of the Traverse Grand, delivers succulent servings and a bird’s eye view of the east bay and golf below. Cherries appear on every sign and menu in appetizers, salads, sauces and drinks. It’s the Bubba Gump product of Michigan. So many cherries might send a subliminal message to play the slots. If so, hop on the shuttle to Turtle Rock Casino. Just north, A- Ga- Ming, Native American for “on the water”, Golf Resort brings out your A game on 3 courses. An unheard of polar vortex pelted rain on the Sundance course but could not dampen the spirit of play on these beautiful and tough finishing holes. Dry out or whet your appetite at Short’s Brewing with taste flights from the Bellair Brown, an Irish Guiness flavor, to the Soft Parade, a fruity champagne beer available in bottles. Next up is Shanty Creek with 3 villages, ski runs and 4 courses. Roost at the Lakeview Hotel next to the ski tow with spacious rooms including a huge whirlpool and balcony. Their Legend GC by Arnold Palmer exemplifies northern Michigan golf contouring through the woods with deer. Schuss Mountain GC at the alpine village has ten dogleg holes, one a blind zigzag for a dog day afternoon. Tom Weiskopf’s Cedar River GC has exceptional routing through nature’s tranquility. Forget the snack cart on any of these courses when the raspberries are in season. The final Summit course is nine par 3s with a golf cup and giant Footgolf cup. Popular after the World Cup, soccer balls are kicked from tee box to hole with scoring and rules same as golf, but just $10/round. En route to the Cherry Capital Airport, lunch at Dockside as boats cruise by, then stop at Doug Murdick’s Fudge for a sweet ending. Lakes, golf, wine and brew - once learned you will return to the allure of Pure Michigan where life is a bowl of cherries after all. www.

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by Katherine Dyson

Casino & Golf Getaways

Near & Far During his lifetime (in the early 1900s), Alvin “Titanic” Thomson won and lost millions of dollars. He gambled, played pool, dice and bet on the golf course and on anything else for that matter he fancied. He hustled golfers big time. He is reported to have driven the ball 500 yards and Ben Hogan called him, “The best shotmaker I ever saw.” Golfers are known to love to bet. Even Gerry McIlroy, Rory’s father, recently cashed in on a £100 bet he made 10 years ago that his son would win the (British) Open by next year. So let’s not be surprised that an idyllic golf getaway for many combines golf and casino action. Those looking for this dynamic duo have a lot of choices. Here are a few destinations near and far to check out. Connecticut

With three casinos, a 1,200 room luxury hotel tower, world-class spa and 40 restaurants, Mohegan Sun in Uncasville is an incredible gaming venue. Add an 18-hole championship-caliber golf course, and you have a win-win. The resort’s Swing & Stay package includes overnight accommodations, two rounds of golf on the Mohegan Sun Golf Club

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course and a $25 beverage comp to use at the club. Nearby in Ledyard, another casino resort, Foxwoods, has two stunning Rees Jones courses, Lake of Isles North and South that wind through 900 acres of wooded Connecticut countryside and around a lake. With six casinos, close to 40 restaurants and two spas, Foxwoods is one of the largest casino

complexes in the country. A Foxwoods Golf Package gives you lodging, golf, use of the practice facility, gift package, $15 food voucher, $25 Match Play Voucher and complimentary drink at Shrine starting at $199. A Member for a Day Golf Package from $299 also includes golf on the private Lake of Isles South course.

New York

About an hour east of Syracuse, the 3,400-acre Turning Stone Resort Casino delivers round-the-clock action with three highly-rated courses Kaluhyat, Shenendoah, and Atunyote, venue for past PGA Tour events and the sweet swinging par 3 Sandstone Hollow. Turning Stone has two spas, several dining venues and accommodations in the Tower and the quietly elegant Lodge. A Golfer’s Getaway Package includes lodging, unlimited golf after 4 pm on arrival afternoon on Kaluhyat or Shenendoah, 18 holes the next morning, lunch at the turn and a drink at the 19th holes. The Champion Package includes two nights lodging, three rounds of golf at each course, replays on same day (Kaluhyat, Shenendoah), and free golf at Sandstone Hollow.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Set along the east coast, an easy drive from New York, Atlantic City appeals to golfers looking for action on and off the course with a wide variety of accommodations, more than 150 restaurants and bars, world-class spas, top name concerts and comedy show. You also have designer shopping, beach, boardwalk and casinos. Eighteen golf courses including many on Atlantic City’s golf trail and seven on the Garden State’s top 10 public tracks, feature classic gems like the historic Atlantic City Country Club; Seaview Golf Club, home to an exceptional Donald Ross links gem; Shore Gate with its many bunkers and tall trees; and Twisted Dune, a creative layout with a more open routing. Check out Casino hotels like Harrah’s Resort, Tropicana Casino & Resort, Trump Taj Mahal and Bogata Hotel Casino and for a variety of play and stay packages taking in both casino accommoda-

tions and golf, log on to While in town stop at the “White House for a belly busting sub sandwich. AC is famous for them.


If Nevada is the southwestern hub for casinos, Mississippi could be called the southeastern capital where you’ve got to get hooked on southern charm, catfish, hush puppies, and great southern barbecue. It is after all, the third largest gaming destination in North America as well as the birthplace of blues, rock’n roll and country music. And the state has something more: year-round great golf on more than 170 courses clustered primarily in the north and south. Find plenty of casino action in the south at places like Harrah’s Casino Hotel and the Island View Casino where golf at Grand Bear Golf Club, a Jack Nicklaus course, lends an aura of the grand outdoors and Fallen Oak Golf Club, a Tom-Fazio beauty is enjoyed by high rollers and guests of the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi. In central Mississippi, The Choctaw Nation developed the Pearl River Resort complex with two casinos, Silver Star and Golden Moon, a world-class spa and two hotels. The Nation also brought in Tom Fazio and Jerry Pate to build two fabulous golf courses, Dancing Rabbit’s The Oaks and Azaleas. Weekday Hotel Golf Packages start at $126 for your room, tax, golf, and breakfast. In the Pines region, stay on site in one of the villas, cottages or condominiums and you get to play Old Waverly Golf Club in West Point. It’s a class act that could put your Mississippi golf vacation over the top. Host to the 1999 Women’s Open Championship and this year’s ISPS Handa Cup on the Legends Tour, Old Waverly which is listed on “America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses”, is a superb Jerry Pate/Bob Cupp-designed course recalling some of the fine Scottish Highlands tracks, yet typifying the gracious

August 2014 | Subscribe at | 19

demeanor of the Old South with fairways lined by majestic oaks. Not too far away is the gracious campus of Ole Miss Mississippi offers a variety of stay and play packages incorporating five different regions in the state, The Hills, The Delta, The Capital/River, The Pines and The Coastal. For example a $200 offer from Gold Strike Casino, a MGM Resort in Tunica includes two rounds of golf at Tunica National, a Mark McCumber course, two nights accommodations, cart, lunches and preferred starting times. With a 50,000 square foot casino, after the sun goes down, the lights beckon in Gold Strike’s dazzling casino.

mous for it floating island green and very cool golf carts with heated seats is featuring its most popular package giving you lakeside accommodations, golf, Lake Shuttle to course, forecaddie service, use of golf cart, use of practice range, pre-round warmup sports massage, club storage, and personalized bag tag.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Tee up at the Circling Raven Golf Club adjacent to the Coeur d’Alene Casino Hotel in Idaho. Voted Number One Tribal Golf Course in America, Greatest American Golf Courses (Golf Digest, 2009) and in the Top 100 Courses You Can Play (Golf Magazine (2008-2010), Circling Raven reveals huge vistas of mountains, wild flowers and rolling terrain. After

The lights of the Las Vegas strip beckon with promises of outrageous entertainment, wedding chapels, countless restaurants, the chink chink of slots and game table buzz. Everyone has heard of “The Strip,” the place where colossal casino hotels rise and fall, where the fountains of Bellagio send water dancing high into the air and an Egyptianlike pyramid rises dark and looming. An erupting volcano announces The Mirage and a 45-foot tall bronze lion statue stands guard at MGM Grand. Wedding chapels range from Elvis tawdry to MGM Grand’s elegant mirrored baroque rooms with white pews edged with gold. Yes, here in Vegas everything is over the top — in Vegas there is no morning, no night. Just 24 hours of fun. From your room in THEhotel at Mandalay Bay, an MGM resort, watch a movie on your 42 inch plasma screen tv and take a bubble bath in your large tub. A 24-hour Shark channel allows you to tune into what is going on in the shark tank — kind of like white noise. In keeping with the understated minimalist elegance of THEhotel, The Bathhouse spa is pure art with steam rooms, rainfall corridors and cool-to-hot pools.

golf head to the classy casino that all started with a bingo parlor and has now morphed into a first-rate casino facility with 100,000 square feet of gaming space. Hotel rooms are luxurious and like the public areas, furnished with beautiful Native American arts and crafts. The high-end Coeur d’Alene Resort Course fa-

When they call a hotel with more than 1000 suites (THEhotel at Mandalay Bay), a boutique hotel, you know they’ve got to be talking about Las Vegas. The golf courses surrounding this land of delicious pleasures are likewise over the top. The country’s most expensive course — yes more than Pebble— is here, the Tom Fazio-designed Shadow Creek where the green fee hovers around $500. But for ordinary folk there are several good deals combining hotel stays with golf such as the seven night/6 round deal rolling our six rounds of golf at different courses and hotel from $749 (Harrahs) up to $1,249 (Bellagio).


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Mesquite, Nevada

Mesquite, Nevada, is altogether different from glitzy, brash Las Vegas that rises out of the desert about an hour’s drive to the east. With a population of about 16,000 and a mere handful of casino resort hotels, Mesquite enjoys a more laid back pace and seven of the dozen or so area golf courses are within a five to 10minute drive from the city center. In Mesquite you get a winning combo of great golf, good prices and accessibility to everything from golf to food and entertainment. It’s a “must play” destination for golfers visiting the region with top shelf courses like Wolf Creek, CasaBlanca, Palms, Conestoga, Falcon Ridge and the Oasis. What makes Mesquite even better are its affordable accommodations and casinos like Eureka Casino Resort, a mid-sized, familyowned hotel with a lot of style. Check out Eureka’s play & stay packages at eurekamesquite. com or contact

French Lick Resort, Indiana

Maybe you don’t know where French Lick is and maybe you think it even sounds kind of naughty. But the resort, set on 3,000 acres of drop-dead beautiful land, has a grand old tradition history dating from 1845 when guests used to come here for the soothing mineral springs. You have a choice of two hotels: French

Lick Springs Hotel and the quieter and a tad more expensive grand West Baden Springs Hotel where the six-story domed atrium (circa 1902) was in its day, the world’s largest freespan dome causing the hotel to be called, the “Eighth Wonder of the World.” Gaming action takes place in the 51,000 square foot casino while golf is accommodated on three golf courses: the restored Donald Ross course; a stunning Pete Dye course; and the original 9-hole Tom Bendelow track, easy to walk.

West Virginia

Who hasn’t heard of The Greenbrier, a bastion of civility and old world elegance in White Sulphur Springs? It’s the place where Sam Snead used to spar with notable guests and anyone who would take a bet. It’s the home of the historic Old White TPC, venue for the Greenbrier Classic, PGA Tour event, along with two other tracks. Off-course guests can head to the very posh Greenbrier Casino where champagne toasts are offered on silver trays by white-gloved waiters. The Greenbrier’s Unlimited Golf Package gives guests as much golf as they want plus accommodations. Whatever you want to bet, you can bet a vacation where you get to play golf and hit the tables and slots after holing out. Some might call it the “Perfect Storm.”

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Met Golf Guide // By NEGM Staff

In 1897 just a few hours before April Fools Day the Metropolitan Golf Association was formed in NYC at Delmonico’s, a famous restaurant in lower Manhattan. There charter was written to allow all USGA clubs within 55 miles of NYC to become members of the Association. The met now represents over 500 clubs in Greater NYC, Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey and is one of the largest golf associations in the world with over 140,000 Golfers.

New York City is comprised of five counties or boroughs: Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island, none of which is known for its golf. Manhattan has no course but does have a hi-tech range on the Hudson River at Chelsea Piers. The Golf Club at Chelsea Piers is an amazing place to practice you game with 52 heated and weather protected hitting stalls on four levels. New to NYC is Golf & Body, an amazing state of the art golf gym that offers all the amenities of a high-end gym with the feel of a country club. The notable amazing feature is the ability to have the

same services as a touring PGA Pro. You May Love New York... but not so much for public access golf Downstate New York is a treasure trove of golfing riches. To name a few, Long Island boasts Shinnecock Hills, National Golf Links and Garden City, Westchester has Winged Foot, Quaker Ridge, Sleepy Hollow and Century, The New Jersey suburbs have Mountain Ridge, Plainfield, Ridgewood and Baltusrol, and in nearby Connecticut you will find Stanwich, C.C. of Fairfield and Tamarack. The foregoing list barely scratches the surface of the good to great courses that can be found in the

22 | Met Golf Guide | Follow All Year at

New York metropolitan area. There is Bethpage State Park on Long Island. The famous Black Course at Bethpage, that has now recently hosted two U.S. Opens, is the pride of New York public golf. The Black is one of the greatest, if not greatest, public course in the U.S. and is also a good bang for the buck, even for non-residents. Its sister, the Red Course at Bethpage is also excellent and a bit less brutal while maintaining the challenge and interest. The Red is also less expensive. While not in the same league as the Black or Red, the Blue, Green and Yellow at Bethpage courses are less expensive options for a nice day of golf. Another good choice on Long Island is the Red Course at Eisenhower Park. This Devereaux Emmet design dates back to the early 20th Century and was originally a private club that was taken over by Nassau County during the Great Depression. It is a solid layout that has hosted PGA Tour events and is preferred over the Robert Trent Jones designed White and Blue courses at Eisenhower Park. Westchester has dozens of terrific private courses. Unfortunately, it’s only public options are the six counties owned courses. Green fees are around $40 without cart, except for Hudson Hills which is more expensive. The cream of the Westchester muni crop is Hudson Hills in the Town of New Castle (Northeast of Ossining). The non-muni public option is the recently opened Pound Ridge Country Club, a semi-private, “Country Club for a day” Pete Dye layout about an hour North of the City. It is a great facility. Rockland (15-45 minutes North of the GW Bridge): Rockland is on the opposite side of the Hudson from Westchester and is easily reached by car via the George Washington Bridge or Tappan Zee. Rockland has nine courses open to the public, Spook Rock, in Suffern is generally recognized as the best Muni course in the area and used to be rated in the national magazine rankings of top public courses in the U.S. Patriot

Hills in Stony Point opened less than ten years ago. Northern NJ (North of Route 80): The West Course at the Knoll Country Club in Parsippany is a semi private club operated by the town of Parsippany. It is a classic Charles Banks layout originally opened as a private club in the late 1920’s. This is a top choice and well worth the drive from the City. The Crystal Springs Resort in Hamburg, NJ has 5 courses. Balleyowen, a faux links is the most popular. The other choices there, Crystal Springs, Black Bear, Great Gorge and Wild Turkey good choices as well. Orange County Mansion Ridge is probably the most popular public course in Orange County. It is an up-scale semi-private Country Club for a day type of course. It is the only Jack Nicklaus designed course in NY. The West Point golf course is a nice option. See What Your Golf Game is made of in the Constitution State Eighty-nine public courses and 81 private clubs are sprinkled throughout the Nutmeg State. The annual Buick Championship (formerly the Greater Hartford Open) is played just 10 miles south of Hartford at the TPC at River Highlands, a private course well worth trying to get access to. For Public play, the Crestbrook Park Golf Course in Watertown always rates well. It may be in view of New York City, but a day trip to Liberty National Golf Club, the waterfront golf course that opened in Jersey City in 2006, feels like a true escape. That could be because the easiest way to Liberty National from Manhattan is by catamaran. The club’s custom-built, 47-foot boat makes hourly trips from Chelsea Piers and the Financial District, and there are televisions and snacks on board to occupy members during the 15-minute ride. For a course that was built on a former landfill, Liberty National gets high marks. It hosted the prestigious Barclays Golf Tournament in 2009 and 2013. Fifteen holes on the par 71, 7,346-yard course face the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline.

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By NEGM Staff

New York Golf Centers The New York Golf Center has three locations in New York City and has managed to create a unique niche in the golf retail world. Started by the Rhee family 25 years ago the flagship store on West 35th Street has now grown to a two story facility which includes a Golf Digest rated top 100 fitting center. The private fitting studios can be found in two of the locations; the Herald Square (W 35th Street) and the Grand Central (Park Avenue) facility and are a unique factor in that they have state of the art fitting technology thus giving the customer custom fit and custom built clubs under one roof. Josh Chervokas, COO of New York Golf Center explains “We feature world class custom build services through our partner Cool Clubs in Scottsdale Arizona who’s state of the art build shop is responsible for the crafting the tools of choice for more than 75 PGA tour professionals. Fittings feature only Trackman launch monitors and offer the latest premium golf equipment from Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, Miura and more. All specifications can be customized to a player’s specific needs to insure maximum performance and the best golfing experience.”

There has been a shift in the way golfers are purchasing they are making decisions to buy everything from clubs, footwear, balls and clothing from the perspective of technology rather than brand. One of the areas where there is a noticeable difference is in club fitting and the technology available. It is no longer one size fits all as Chervokas explains “You would never go out and buy one side clothing or shoes and just fit into them. That is what people were doing prior with golf clubs. The one size fits all is on longer the best option when we can help people get what is best for them then they play better golf and have more fun on the course and isn’t that the objective for all of us”. The goal at the New York Golf Center is to provide a premium golf experience and that also includes top of the line merchandise including things for the discerning golfer like a special case of Scotty Cameron limited edition putters for sale. They also have a pro shop at Chelsea Piers providing golfers the opportunity to try clubs while playing in the state of the art multi-tier hitting facility that overlooks the Hudson River and the Statue of Liberty. Truly a New York experience.

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Copake Country Club Love Where You Live, Live Where You Golf!

Four spectacular home sites remain at Copake Country Club. Imagine the breathtaking views of Copake Lake, the Bershires & Catskills. All lots include Lifetime Family Membership to Copake Country Club, lifetime landscape maintenance (original owner only), and a new 2014 Yamaha Golf Cart. Lot 1 - $595,000 Situated at the midway point of the 10th hole fairway, encompassing views of holes 1, 9, 10, as well as the pond and 1st hole fountain. Access for this lot is from Red Fox Lane. Deeded lake/dock rights accompany purchase.

Lot 5 - $875,000 | Lot 6 - $850,000 Golf Course Road is being re-directed so that two new waterfront lots are made. Both lots will be bermed and planted to ensure privacy. Adjoining parcel is also for sale with savings offered if both lots are purchased simultaneously. Lot 6 - .82 acres & Lot 5 – 1.2 acres.

Lot 4 - $625,000 Perched atop the highest point of Copake Country Club. Positioned majestically behind the finishing hole #18 green with course views of holes 1, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 18 makes this a golf-lover’s gem. Deeded lake/dock rights accompany purchase.

The Red Barn - $2,000,000 This 1827 post and beam Barn was most recently renovated in July of 2012. Attention given to respecting the original details, while featuring an Adirondack ‘chic’ style. Appointed with Mitchell Gold furniture, a custom built 6’ round dining room table, concrete counter-tops and island/bar, stainless appliances and induction cook-top. Furnishings negotiable. Sited on over 4 acres, which includes waterfront across the street on Zeky’s Pond.

Lindsay LeBrecht - Broker Copake Lake Realty Corp. 285 Lakeview Road, Craryville, NY 12521

518-325-9741 | 518-325-7361 (Fax)

Two Good Rounds // By Elisa Gaudet

Sweet Summer New England Style Summer usually holds great memories for many of us and a great deal of these are from our childhood and the moments that shaped our youth. Just like an old song on the radio that instantly brings back memories and a familiar smile to our face so too are the images, sights, sounds and experiences of summer. An outdoor shower after a day on the beach, digging your toes in the sand looking for clams, the sound of children laughing with great joy while running in the beach, a day on the boat, BBQ’s, the taste of salt on your skin and the warm sensation your body has when you go to bed at night from the day’s sun. I can now add golfing in the cranberry bogs to my list of uniquely New England summer experiences. Willowbend Contry Club in Cotuit Massachusetts played a very gracious host. The course is made up of three nine hole tracks the Bend/Old Course, the Bay course and the Bog course. A number of the elevated tees on the “Bog nine” provide for truly iconic vistas most notably on hole number five, a par three overlooking a New England red barn with an American flag on one side and the cranberry bogs surrounding the green.

Like any great club it also has its share of fish tales which in this case literally involved fish. The feeling around the club was fun, family and friendship. Members were engaging and my partner on the course, Director of Golf, Michael Vidal was the consummate guide and instructor. He gave me the history behind the club including the three nine hole course that make up Willowbend and when needed golf tips to improve my extremely sporadic golf shots which like many of us boarder on looking like I have no idea how the game is played to a great “sandy”, a shot out of the sand and one putt into the hole. Much of this is a trickle down from David Southworth’s management and style; relaxed, engaging and dedicated. Weather in corporate America or on Cape Cod I am always amazed with any organization that has the ability to retain employees for long periods of time. To me this speaks volumes about management and the happiness of the employees and the environment they work. Jim has been tending bar at Willowbend for 22 years and like

26 | Subscribe at | August 2014

any great bar man he has a specialty drink and great stories. It is no secret that I strongly believe the bar to be the beating heart of any great golf club. The Willowbend coffee is a signature drink made with Jamison Irish Whiskey, homemade whipped cream, and cream de mint to give it a green look. Jim’s story; he spent the day after the 2011 US Open at the bar in Willowbend with Rory McIlroy’s Dad and the 2011 US Open trophy while Rory graciously kept his commitment to a corporate outing being held at the club by Fireman Capital the day after his spectacular record setting 16 under win at Congressional. I read a quote recently that said “If life gives you lemons and you make lemonade hopefully you can find someone that life gave them vodka and you can have a party”. Since the course really comes alive in September when the bogs are flooded and the cranberries rise to the top and are harvested I am thinking I may return with a great bottle of vodka and see if we can make a few Cape Codders and some autumn memories.

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A Must Play Cape Cod Golf Course Three Easy Ways to Book Your Cape Cod Round of Golf

2 Days in Advance - Call 508-430-7560 10 Days in Advance, Pre-Pay - Call 508-430-5234 Online at

• 18 Holes of Championship Golf • Fully Stocked Pro Shop • New Practice Facility • Club Rentals & Lessons

183 Oak St. Harwich, MA

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Try our...

Indoor Club Fitting Our expert staff will help you find the perfect equipment to improve your game. Try our indoor custom club fitting with a portable launch monitor, a great way to learn about your swing!

10% OFF * One per customer, mention NEGM at time of purchase. Excludes all PING products except G25. Good through August 30, 2014

1019 Iyannough Road, Hyannis, MA 02601 (508) 771-4653

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By Jim Hammond

An Invitation from

Segregansett Country Club

For the Pro at Segregansett Country Club it is all about getting back to the basics. “You won’t find a dozen uniformed guys at a designated bag drop area at our club. There is a simple locker room available but no locker room attendant is on duty. We prefer to put our focus on providing the best golf experience possible at a reasonable price.” Rob Baxter is the head Pro at Segregansett and brings a wealth of experience to the private club that is located in Taunton, Mass. Rob had worked as a professional at some of the most prodigious clubs in the area including Wannamoisett and Rhode Island Country Club in Barrington. Segregansett Country Club began as a three hole course in 1893 and soon grew into a nine hole course at its current location at 85 Gulliver Street. In the 1970’s famed architect Geoffrey Cornish made some changes and extended the course to the 18 holes that exists today. Like all of Cornish’s creations it is challenging but also very fair. Most people would think that in order to play at a private course you have to make a very expensive financial commitment up front before you can tee it up. But that is not the case at Segregansett. A special introduction to the club is made possible through the “member for a day” program.

30 | Subscribe at | August 2014

Pick a weekday (Monday-Thursday) and you can enjoy the finely manicured fairways and greens for only $40.00. Many public courses charge more than that for a round of golf and cart. On Weekends (Friday-Sunday and holidays) the course is yours for only $50.00. I have played the course several times and I can attest to the fact that the fairways are plush and the greens are fast. There is a grass practice range with a tee that is over fifty yards wide. A practice green and bunker is provided to help you fine tune the all important short game. A very welcoming lounge and restaurant and banquet hall overlook the first fairway at Segregansett Country Club. If you decide to become a member at the club there is more good news. Single memberships start at $2,950 and family memberships are also reasonably priced at $3,200.00. Pro Rob Baxter goes the extra mile to welcome new members and make sure they socialize with other golfers. Rob has set up a “Skins” game where golfers of all skill levels can be partnered with other members and develop friendships that will surely last long time. Give Rob a call at the Pro Shop at 508- 824-9144 to get a tee time and experience the “Member for a Day” program. For additional information about membership call Gary Palmer at 508-9425873 or email Gary at

Segregansett Country Club

Drop In For Some Of The Best Golf in Southern New England!

Summer 2014/ 2015 Prime Time Membership Promotion Pay $250 for a 30 day Trial / Full Single or Family Membership Join after the Trial period and the full $250 will be credited towards your full year membership *Available in July and August $2950 Single Membership, and $3200 Family Membership. Annual dues will be pro-rated monthly using July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2015 fiscal year.

Limited Time Promotion Call Gary Palmer for details 508-942-5873 Or Call Segregansett CC at 508-824-9110

Come Play Segregansett with Your Friends Member For A Day Summer 2014 Pricing $40.00 with Cart weekdays / $50.00 with Cart Weekends

Segregansett Country Club Family Golf Program Coming Soon Call Pro Shop For Details & Times | Enjoy Golf Evenings at Segregansett with up to 4 players | Special “Family Member for a Day” Pricing | Play Golf with Your Family and Enjoy the Clubhouse Facilities

Call the Pro Shop @ 508-824-9144

Segregansett Country Club | 84 Gulliver Street Taunton, MA | 508-824-9110


Fall River Country Club

Implements the “Tee It Forward”

Initiative to Attract New Members

Fall River CC has implemented the “Tee It Forward” initiative by placing an additional set of of tee markers (white) on each hole to provide more manageable distance for junior, senior and female golfers. The

PGA advocated this initiative a few years ago to help “Grow the Game” by making it more fun, decrease playing time, recoup older players who have left the game and attract female and junior golfers.

HIGHLIGHTS OF FALL RIVER COUNTRY CLUB'S | MEMBERSHIP PROMOTION GREAT DEALS on ALL available Fall River CC Membership Categories! | The dues for each membership category are reduced by 20%! | ALL-NEW Membership Category: Ages 27-35! NO assessments OR initiation fees! | NO Restaurant Food Minimums for months 1 through 6! "Play Now, Pay Later" Program Available (0% interest!)

Fall River Country Club | Membership Information Clubhouse Phone: (508) 678-9374 | General Email:

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Member For A Day Rate Reduced to $55.00 With Cart Call The Pro Shop for A Tee Time for your Group @ 508-677-9828

Fall River Country Club 16 Month Membership Special Save 5% off the promotional rate and no food minimums for 6 months Promotional Rates

• Category A Full Single Membership for as little as $205.00 Monthly • Family Memberships for as little as $335.00 Monthly • Young Professional 27-35 Ages for as Little as $146.00 Monthly • Young Adult 19-26 Ages for as Little as $102.00 Monthly • Corporate Memberships for as little as $206.00 Monthly Financing Available at Bay Coast Bank for 1 Year at 0% Interest Rate

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53 Eagle Drive $845,000

ExTR AO R d i N A RY LiviNg ON C APE COd

56 The Heights $1,295,000

57 The Heights $1,295,000

Cape Cod’s premier private club community Championship 27-hole golf course, tennis club, fitness center and pool Luxury custom homes from $759,000 • New villas and townhomes from $625,000 To view these and other Willowbend homes, call 508.539.5200 or visit 130 Willowbend Drive, Mashpee, MA 02649 • Access to and use of recreational amenities are not included in the purchase of real estate at Willowbend and require separate club membership which is subject to application, approval, and payment of applicable fees and dues. Obtain and carefully review the offering materials for Willowbend before making any decision to purchase a membership.This is not an offer to sell property to, or solicitation of offers from, residents of NY, NJ, CT, OR or August 2014 | Subscribe at | 35 any other state that requires prior registration of real estate. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

Allendale a Great Place To Play

Allendale CC

Allendale is Now Semi-Private *Pro Rated Memberships Available for 2014 Weekday Rates – AM $55.00 12–3PM $50.00 | After 3PM $40.00 Weekend Rates - AM $65.00 PM $55.00 Select Rates for Large Groups & Outings

Call Pro Shop for details 508/992-8682 5 Rounds for the Price of 4 Only $225.00 includes a bag of Range Balls (May be applied to 2014 Membership) *Limited Availability for Golf Outings and Small Groups

2014 / 2015 Full Member Special Programs Single Membership - August 2014 - March 2015 – $999.00 Family Membership – August 2014 – March 2015- $1555.00 * Pro- Rated Memberships Available in all Categories – Call for info

Allendale Country Club 1047 Allen St. North Dartmouth, 02747

508-992-8682 | August 2014 | Subscribe at | 36

Dine +GOLFER Nine A SPECIALWine FOR & EVERY – OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! 9 Holes of Golf with Cart for Two 2 Entrees Bottle of House wine $110 For Two Includes Entrée up to $28


Wine, Dine & Nine PROMOTION

- 9 HolesSATURDAY of GolfTHRU with Cart for Two MONDAY

BOOK YOUR TEE - 2 Entrees Play & Pamper Package


9 Holes of Golf with Cart 15 Minute Massage

Bottle of House wine HOLES WALKING $12 $110 for9Two


Day Pass Wine & DinePool + Nine

9 Holes of

includes entrée up to $28, can’t be combined with other coupons and available Monday Lunch Golf with Cart for Two thru Friday. (Includes Glass of House wine or Draft Beer)

$55 Per Person 2 Entrees

Available Monday - Friday. Cannot Be Combined With Other Promotions or Coupons.

Bottle ofPackage House wine Play & Pamper - 9 Holes of $110 Golf For WithTwo Cart - 15 Minutes massage Includes Entrée up to $28 - Pool day pass Play & Pamper Package - Lunch (includes Glass of House Golf with Cart wine 9orHoles DraftofBeer) 15 Minute Massage $55 per person Pool Friday Dayand Pass available Monday through cannot be 82 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth MA combined with other promotions or coupons Lunch

TWILIGHT GOLF The Tiki BarPromotion Twilight Golf PROMOTION Full Dinner Menu - Saturday Through Monday SATURDAY THRU MONDAY & Bar Bites - Book your tee time for Available BOOK YOUR TEE TIME FOR 5pm or later 5PM OR Live LATER Music Thursday –Saturday - 9 holes walking $12 Daily$12 11am 9 HOLES WOpen ALKING - 9 Holes with cart $24 9 HOLES WITH CART $24


(Includes Glass of House wine or Draft Beer)

$55 Per Person

The Tiki Bar

Available Monday - Friday. Cannot Be Combined With Other Promotions or Coupons.

Open Daily 11am - Full Dinner Menu - Bar Bites Available - Live Music Thurs. – Sat. 82 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth MA


The Tiki Bar Full Dinner Menu & Bar Bites Available Live Music Thursday –Saturday Open Daily 11am

82 Hillside Ave, Rehoboth, MA | (508) 252-9761 | For News, Specials & Events Sign Up Online or Like Us on Facebook


The Quechee Club _______________ Quechee, Vermont

40 | Subscribe at | August 2014 2014

Couples Invitational

Friday, September 19th - Saturday, September 20th, 2014 ___________________________________________

Join us in beautiful Vermont during peak foliage season for The Quechee Couples Invitational

Hit the links on two of the best courses in New England! Participants may play a single day or register for an Exclusive Quechee Stay & Play package. Single-day event entry is $80 plus tax per person Stay & Play participant entry is

$599 plus tax per couple

Stay and Play Packages Include:

• A two-night stay in a two bedroom, Certified Quechee Condo. • Entry for two into the Couples Invitational. • Lunch Friday, September 19th. • Award Ceremony and Dinner Friday, September 19th. • Continental Breakfast on Dewey’s Deck on Saturday, September 20th. • An additional round of golf for two on the Highland Course following breakfast on Saturday. For more details or to register for the Quechee Couples Invitational, please visit or contact The Golf Pro Shop at 802.299.2175 August 2014 | Subscribe at | 41

2014 Technology Guide //

by Greg Sampson

Changing Your Game

For the Better

There is an abundance of new technologically based products that claim to make the game more fun and improve your score. Some are affordable and other pricy, but some will pay any amount to reach the holy grail of full golf potential. Here are the technology products we tested by category and our favorite characteristics of each. Thank you to all of the companies that submitted their innovating designs so that New England Golf Monthly readers/subscribers could be in the know!

Rangefinders Bushnell Pro X7 Jolt & Tour Z6 Jolt

Known for being the #1 rangefinder in pro golf year after year and sponsor of Rickie Fowler, these models were quite impressive. Both models we tested were light and sleek looking with their patented jolt technology producing a vibration when you zero in on the flag. We noticed a closer magnification, further ranging performance and horizontal shooting position in the X7. However, both were extremely fast and easy to read no matter the conditions. Both are legal in tournament play and are waterproof. $370 & $599 –

42 | Subscribe at | August 2014

Laser Link XL 1000

This is the company’s first hold to your eye unit and they did not disappoint. Like others, the unit features technology to capture the closest target regardless of the background but switches easily into scan mode to capture various targets. The unit is USGA legal, water proof, light, perfectly sized and easy on the eye with its green faceplates against its black body. $329 -

Leupold GX-4i2 and GX-3i2

Both models were extremely impressive. However, the GX4i2 was hard to put down as it offers every bell and whistle you can feature in a range finder. A golfer can go from the unit to measure slope, altitude and temperature to provide a suggested club based on their ball striking ability or switch to the GX-3i2 chrome faceplate and become USGA legal by measuring only line of sight. Both units feature the brands PinHunter 2 and Prism Lock Technology as well as Digitally Enhanced Accuracy up to a 1/10th of a yard against backgrounds. We also felt that both units were more durable than any we have tested and these units are ready to take the beating the average golfer will put on them. $499 & $625 -

Nikon CoolShot

This unit features a modern white/blue casing. Our favorite feature was its First Target Priority Mode, which we found useful because most pins have backgrounds or woods behind them in our region. We also found the 8-second continuous movement helpful considering most of us have shaky hands when lasering an object. Also quite useful is its long eye relief design for the eye glass wearing golfers out there. $280 -

Precision Pro V4000

Finally a USGA legal rangefinder featuring the same look, accuracy and speed as others on the market for a fraction of the cost. Fine, it may be only accurate to a yard, and doesn’t come in fancy packaging but who cares. This unit is a must buy for the golfer that has held off due to price. A great feature that other rangefinders don’t offer is corporate logo branding for tournament gifts or your pro shop. $200 -

August 2014 | Subscribe at | 43


Bushnell NEO XS Watch

This GPS watch is one sweet unit. Its availability in three colors, 33,000+ courses in 30 countries, and a battery life for over 3 rounds are some of the advantages that the NEO XS provides. However, our favorite features were the up to 4 hazard/layup distances per hole feature, its easy to read display and comfort. To top it off, there will never be any membership or download fees ever. $200 -

SkyCaddie LINX Watch

Known for its error corrected courses in its GPS units, this rangefinder watch comes with 35,000 preloaded courses. The LINX was extremely legible and considered to be the best on the market but its Bluetooth capability paired to its SkyGolf 360 Mobile App is truly revolutionary and is what sets it apart. Golfers can post scores, stats and download course updates with no membership fees. The watch has upgradable features and allows users to view green shapes, target precise pin yardages and lists up to 40 hazards, carries and layups per hole. The watch also has a built-in odometer and with its interchangeable bands/bezel, it can match any outfit! $250 –

Voice Caddie T1 Hybrid Watch

The T1 Hybrid Golf Watch not only comes with 30,000 courses and distances to the front, center and backs of the green but we noted two distinct features that separate this watch from others on the market. It measures how far you hit your shot and tracks your swing tempo showing you your back-to-down swing ratio. It also features a digital scorecard that stores into a built in golf history and also acts as a fitness watch as well. $189 –

Voice Caddie VC300 Voice Guided GPS

This unit is one of our favorites out of all the technology products we tested. It’s tiny, light and best of all hands free but that’s not even the best part. It clips onto your hat or belt and with a simple touch the unit provides the distance to the front, center and back of the green at 30,000 courses. It automatically recognizes the course and hole your on, tracks your shot distances and even supports 8 languages for the world traveling golfer. All of this at an ultra low price! $150 –

44 | Subscribe at | August 2014

Swing & Distance Analyzers SkyPro

The slogan is “See, Groove and Improve” which is exactly what this swing analyzer, which has been endorsed by the 2012 PGA Teacher of the Year Michael Breed, does! By placing this tiny unit under the grip, the SkyPro captures valuable swing data and transfers it instantly to an iOS device. We fell in love with its distinct tech features such as the unit’s ability to interface with your music library for tempo practice, has a special mode for use indoors without a ball and allows you to share your swings with your friends or instructor. The best part is that it measures putting as well. $200 –

Voice Caddie SC100

This is an extremely affordable launch monitor for the range or course. The unit’s measures carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factors like other expensive units do on the market. There are three “play” modes: practice, target and random with an accuracy scoring system to make improving more fun and help you track your improvement. The SC100 also has a remote to change your club and also tracks stats as well. This is a great technology to add to your club fitting process of choosing the right shaft and/or ball combo for your game. $270 –

Golf Tunes - Wireless Bluetooth Speakers & Ear More and more golfers are practicing and playing while listening to their favorite playlists. Not only does it make golf more fun, but many believe that listening to music can help improve one’s rhythm in a golf swing. Music is definitely coming to the links with the younger generations and governing bodies of the game that are trying to make the game more fun. When do you think we will have walk up songs on the first tee of a tour event or have a speaker built into golf carts? We say it’s not to long off!

Puma Soundchuck

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is a golfer’s dream for tunes on and off the links. The speaker was inspired by martial arts “nunchucks” with two speaker cylinders connected by a cord and equipped with magnets to easily connect to a bag, cart or anywhere else. We loved the sound quality and vibrant color choices. We were also extremely impressed that they are voice activated and have a built in microphone for phone calls. $130 –

August 2014 | Subscribe at | 45

Ultimate Ears 900s

These Noise-Isolating Ear Buds are no joke. The packaging and attention to detail of the product is simply impeccable. The sound quality is unmatched with four precision-balanced armature speakers per ear (two for low ends, one for mid and 1 for high) producing a detailed sound we have never heard before. We assume it is the UE patented dual bore audio paths which keep signals separate for as long as possible allowing the ear to hear each instrument. Within the world’s best ear bud package are 9 pairs of specifically designed ear cushions, six silicon and 3 memory foam cushions for the perfect fit to your ear as well as up to 26 dBs of noise isolation. They even come with two braided cables, one with a mic and one without along with moldable ear loops. If you love music on or off the course this investment is well worth it! $400 –

#1 GOLF CLUB CLEANERTM “Best New Product”

2014 PGA


Accuracy Distance Club Maintenance

Request to Have Your Course Scanned | By NEGM Staff


The World’s Best Putting Aid Sometimes, well most of the time our putts miss the hole on the first try, and oh what a frustrating reoccurrence. What if we told you there was a new technology that will provide you the “prefect read” time and time again? The new technology called StrackaLine, sponsored by Callaway Odyssey feeds the precise line of your putts or the pros on television directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod. This isn’t just another app, StrackaLine picks up the topography of the greens that you are playing on to tell you not just every single break on the green but the line of the actual putt! This app takes human error and guesswork out of the question to provide you with the most accurate answer the experiment that is reading putts! Currently StrackaLine has over 150 courses scanned that are located all over the United States. In fact, many of the courses played by the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour have been scanned as well. PGA Tour SirusXM announces have even used the StrackaLine app to read putts on air. By the end of the year, StrackaLine will be scanning over 1,000 more courses. But if your course isn’t on the app? Do not fear StrackaLine will send someone from the company out for a Green Scan! Included in the app are tons of features! The favorite feature by subscribers is giving you advice on the best approach shot to the green. Putting in golf is truly underrated and is not practiced enough. Own the app. Own the green.

StrackaLine Had the Famous “Better Than Most” Putt Right! Tiger Woods, on the 17th Hole at TPC Sawgrass 2001 PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP Tiger’s putt was a triple breaker: • First it moved left up top • Then is broke hard right going over the ridge • Then it broke left at the hole


Time to set the record straight! What is a REAL club fitting? When it comes to getting fit for golf clubs, in order to do it absolutely to the best of your ability, you need to look at four key things: Demo Equipment: How many brands of heads and shafts can you hit during your fitting session and even better, can you mix and match

Technology: There’s many good launch monitors, but Trackman is still the de facto launch monitor the pros trust and so should you. For putting analysis, the Science and Motion PuttLab is still second to none in terms of the data it delivers to help you decide which type of putter is best for you. Our Advice: You cannot fit a putter by eye or with an app on your phone. Get the data from SAM PuttLab.

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them? If you’re only getting fit with one or two fitting carts and/or demo bags, you are not getting even close to the breadth of equipment combinations available today. Our Advice: You need a universal connector that matches every head and shaft of every brand and allows you to try it.

Your Fitter: Reading a launch monitor and saying “You’re spin is too high, try this” is not sufficient. There is an art to the science behind all of this, and if you suspect your fitter is just feeding you some lines, they probably are. Our Advice: If your fitter doesn’t charge you for their time, it’s likely worth what you paid for it.

Club Building: If your clubs are built in the ‘custom shop’ of a manufacturer (ie assembly line), your odds of getting the clubs built exactly to your specifications decrease considerably. No two sets should be alike, and you need someone to get those lofts, lies,

lengths and swing weights dead-on. Our Advice: Ask if your clubs are going to be built by the fitter you’re buying them from, and if not, run. Fast! If your fitter doesn’t charge you for their time, it’s likely worth what you paid for it.

So there you have it. Keep an eye on those 4 key elements and you’re golden. They’re all equally important, so don’t skimp on one or two and think you’re going to get the optimum equipment for you.

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New England Amateur Golf //

by Ben Larsen

U.S. AMATEUR HAS LONG HISTORY WITH NEW ENGLAND The U.S. Amateur Championship heads to Atlanta Athletic Club this month but the game’s biggest amateur event remains tied to the northeast and New England through an expansive recent and far off history. The event, of course, was first held at the Newport Golf Club and was won by one C.B. Macdonald (ever heard of him?) way back in 1895. It has since graced the New England region on many occasions in many ways. Most recently, the U.S. Amateur took over The Country Club in Brookline last August and displayed some of the most phenomenal play we’ve ever seen from amateurs as England’s Matthew Fitzpatrick prevailed. But there’s plenty of history in between. And, as the amateur golf world prepares to crown another U.S. Amateur champion, here’s a look at some of the moments that have defined the USGA major here in New England.

1928: Bobby Jones wins 4th title at Brae Burn Country Club At the height of his appeal, infamous amateur Bobby Jones claimed No. 4 of his impressive five U.S. Amateur titles at the pres-

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tigious Donald Ross-designed West Newton, Mass. club. Two years before he would famously win the game of golf’s Grand Slam -- U.S. Open, British Open, U.S. Amateur and British Amateur -- Jones dominated Scot Philip Perkins 10-and-9 in the championship match.

1982: Sigel wins first title at The Country Club The Country Club in Brookline hosted its fifth U.S. Amateur Championship in 1982 and it helped add to the legendary amateur resume compiled by Jay Sigel. Prior to joining the Senior PGA Tour in 1993, Sigel enjoyed one of the most dominant amateur careers on record. Amidst his prime, he would win multiple titles at the Porter Cup, Sunnehanna and Northeast and won twice each at the U.S. Amateur and the U.S. MidAmateur. His victory in Brookline was a dominant one as he topped David Tolley 8-and-7 in the championship match.

1995: Tiger Woods wins at Newport Country Club Who can forget the 1995 U.S. Amateur? The event came back to the place it started for its centennial celebration and, boy, did they put on a show. In the end, Woods would win the second of his three consecutive U.S. Amateur titles in what could perhaps be the most thrilling finale in U.S. Amateur history. Marucci, then 43, took Woods -- the can’t miss kid from Stanford -- to the limit. Marucci, who captained the 2013 U.S. Walker Cup team, took an early 3-up advantage and went toe-to-toe with Tiger before Woods pulled it out on the match’s 36th hole. 2000: Massachusetts represented well at Baltusrol The event wasn’t held in the area but New England -and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in particular -sure was represented well at the 2000 U.S. Amateur. Lee, Mass. native and former University of Rhode Island star Jim Salinetti, earned co- medalist honors during stroke-play qualifying before reaching the Round of 16 in match play. Match play was exactly where Brookline native James Driscoll turned it on. The Univer-

sity of Virginia star made it all the way to the championship match before falling to Oregon’s Jeff Quinney in 39 holes. 2010: Uihlein wins at Chambers Bay New Bedford-born Peter Uihlein won one

for the region in 2010. As part of his terrific amateur career, Uihlein, the son of Wally Uihlein, the Chairman and CEO of the Acushnet Company, Uihlein topped the field at Chambers Bay in Washington. It was merely a starting point for Uihlein, who would become the world’s top-ranked amateur before beginning his professional career, which includes a win on the European Tour. Get your free 6-month membership to with code NEGM which gives you full access to the site and our tournament database, player rankings and more! Go to

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Guest Pro Tips // By NEPGA Members

Course Management by Tom Tobey, PGA The Bay Pointe Club

The decision on what club to hit off the tee is something we are faced with on every hole. As we watch many players, we often see people swinging a driver off of every Par 4 and Par 5-regardless of the length of the hole. We also witness people getting into a lot of trouble with this decision to always hit a wood. This is where better course management can help lower scores. Especially on shorter Par 4’s, or on Par 5’s that you are not going to reach in two shots, try hitting a club that you are comfortable with to keep the ball in the fairway. On a short par 4’s, The main goal is to hit it in play in order to have a chance at getting the ball on the green in regulation. Forget length and think of accuracy of the tee shot, not just overall distance from the tee. Use a club that you can keep in play and gives you a shot to hit the green in regulation. Having an iron in your hand should allow you to make a smooth swing without the fear of hitting the ball wildly into the woods or marsh. Better club selection off the tee will help you to hit more fairways and a well-hit iron will still leave you inside of 150 yards to the green. Although you may be a little further from the green for your second shot with this approach, the lie you will find in the fairway will help you to get more shots on the green in regulation. If there is trouble lining the fairway such as trees, bunkers, hazards, play away from the trouble, hit a club off the tee that cannot reach the trouble. One of the best players that ever played this game, Jack Nicklaus, had incredible course management. If he could reach the bunkers with driver, Mr Nicklaus would hit a 2 iron to lay up short. Keep your ball in play off the tee and your will see your scores start to drop.

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Kevin Walsh, Comcast Sports Net

Short Game by Mike Harbour, PGA Mulligan’s Island

There are many short game drills that we as golfers can do and put into our daily practice routines that will help lower our scores. One drill I like to have my students do is the practice like you play drill, this you take the amount of balls to the chipping green that there are holes (such as 9 holes 9 balls) so you put the balls around the green in 9 different lies then you chip the first ball to the hole that you would like to and then you proceed to putt the ball in as if you were playing a real round of golf. You proceed with the next 8 balls to the 8 different holes until you are done. The goal here is to not keep chipping one ball after another to the same hole and just developed a rhythm chipping to the same hole. Also your goal here is to chip and one putt each of the 9 balls as a game because you are simulating a real game, which is what you’re trying to do as you play. This drill helps you concentrate as if you were playing and definitely will help lower your scores.

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Molori Unplugged //

by John Molori

Patriot players share gridiron and golf For some, the NFL preseason is a mere dress rehearsal for another pro campaign. For others, it is a time to fight for a job and an NFL paycheck. Two New England Patriots players fit these respective descriptions. Stephen Gostkowski is a 9-year NFL veteran, and one of the most consistent kickers in NFL history. Jake Bequette is entering his third NFL season, fighting for a spot on the roster in a career hindered by injury and inconsistency. Their status on the Patriots is very different, but they share a common love: golf. “I’ve grown up playing the game,” says Bequette, a Little Rock native who had a stellar career for the Razorbacks. “My dad (Jay) is a huge golfer and he had all of us out on the course at a very young age. I’ve been playing my whole life.” Gostkowski’s introduction to golf came much later in life. The Mississippi native and University of Memphis standout relates, “The first time I really played was when I got to the NFL (2006). Our punter at the time, Josh Miller, took me out couple of times. “I had to get into it because I needed a hobby in the off-season. When I was a kid, I always moved from sport to sport. When I got to the NFL, I started taking up golf and bowling.” The golf journeys of Bequette and Gostkowski crossed paths when Bequette was drafted in the third round of by New England in 2012. “Stephen is a member at Spring Valley and he was nice enough to bring me out there,” explains Bequette. “I’ve also played with

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(Pats’ tight end) Michael Hoomanawanui at the International. As far as nationally, I played Pebble Beach the last two off-seasons and it’s a great course. It has lots of history and is a lot of fun.” Gostkowski favors his home course at Spring Valley with Red Tail as another local favorite. He also raves about Spring Creek Ranch in Tennessee. Regardless of the course, golf provides a needed respite from the pressures of the NFL. “I like to be good at anything I do,” says the most accurate kicker in Patriots history and 6th best ever in NFL history, “But I look at golf as a break, a way to get my mind off of things. “I enjoy the competition part of it, but with two kids, I don’t have a lot of time to practice. I just try to have fun. The more fun I have, the better I play, so I try not to take it too seriously.” Bequette, a multi-time SEC Honor Roll scholar, agrees, “Golf is an escape. It seems like when you’re on the course, that’s the only thing you are thinking about. I take it seriously and I love to play well, but it’s truly an escape.” When you play for a driven franchise like the Patriots and a football-focused coach like Bill Belichick, there is not a lot of time to ponder putts during the season. Says Gostkowski, “I really don’t get to play at all once the season starts. I would say that I get in a good 30 or 40 rounds a year, but then I put the clubs away for six or seven months and have to start over again.” Adds Bequette, “During the season, it’s football all the time, so I try to maybe sneak out to the range on an off day or take some practice

swings in my apartment.” Gostkowski has participated in charity events with Tedy Bruschi, Joe Andruzzi, and Robert Kraft among others. His love of golf is akin to his love of kicking. “Golf is such a mental game. I think it’s extremely relatable to kicking field goals. If you’re confident about your shot, you will hit a

Kevin Walsh, Comcast Sports Net

good shot. The same goes for kicking. “It’s fun to clear your mind and just hit a great shot or a birdie to win a dollar off of your buddy. Just thinking of the shot and not the consequences of the shot is the key. Mentally and with regard to controlling your nerves, golf and kicking are similar.” Unlike Gostkowski, Bequette will be grinding and gasping for a roster spot as New England prepares for the 2014 season. His golf outlook is just as passionate. “Golf is the ultimate individual support in my opinion. You’re out there against yourself. “As they say, it’s a game that cannot be won, only played. You try to perfect your craft and have fun with it. The game is a tremendous individual battle.” John Molori is the co-author of “The Cracker Jack Collection: Baseball’s Prized Players.” Like him on Facebook at John Molori, Twitter @MoloriMedia. Email

Palopoli’s Picks: The PGA Championship

On August 7th, Valhalla Golf Club will host it’s third PGA Championship. Over the years since it first opened in Louisville, Kentucky in 1986, Valhalla has been the host of some big events. Most recently the 2011 Senior PGA Championship, and before that the Ryder Cup in 2008. Since the Senior PGA Championship in 2011, the track has undergone a major modernization which includes the rebuilding of all 18 greens. Last year Jason Dufner captured his first major victory at Oak Hill Country Club, beating veteran Jim Furyk by two strokes. The victory was certainly a sweet one for Dufner who two years earlier lost in a playoff at the same major to New England native Keegan Bradley.

1. Keegan Bradley Bradley, who already has a PGA Championship under his belt, is heading into Valhalla ranked 23rd in the World Golf Rankings and 24th in FEDex Cup Points. In the past 3 years, Bradley has finished the PGA Championship in 1st, a T3 and 19th. Keegan ranks among the top 15 in driving distance on tour which will come in play at Valhalla which measures about 7,500 yards. If he can drain some putts, he may just win his 2nd major.

2. Rory McIlroy

His dominance and wire to wire victory at the Open Championship should be the only thing you’d need to know here. However, the 2012 PGA Champion has his own good track record at this major as well. Also, only five appearances but has two T3’s and a T8 to go along with that victory. Ranks 1st in Birdie Average and 2nd in Scoring Average.

3. Sergio Garcia

Sergio had many people wondering if this year’s Open Championship would finally be the time for him to capture his long awaited first major. If it wasn’t for Rory’s utter dominance, it

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would have probably been the case. Garcia’s game looks incredibly sharp and his results on TOUR this year show it. He’s coming off of two straight T2 finishes (Open Championship and Travelers) and also has two solo 3rd place finishes as well. Ranks 1st in Scoring Average and 2nd in the All-Around Ranking.

4. Adam Scott

Scott hasn’t finished worse than T9 (US Open) since winning the Crowne Plaza Invitational back in May. He quietly finished T5 at the Open Championship, closing with a final round 66. Scott has four top 10 finishes at the PGA, most recently last year’s T5

5. Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler is proving to many that he shows up and can contend in the big events. He hung tough with McIlroy throughout the Open Championship and didn’t go down quietly firing all four rounds in the 60s, which included a Sunday 67, to finish two back of McIlroy. Oh, and I should mention that Fowler placed T2 the US Open and T5 at the Masters. The 25 year old isn’t having too bad of a year and it won’t be long before he captures his first major.

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Team NE UPDATE: August 2014 Tracking our players on the tours //

by Steve Riggs

The tours are closing in on the end of their respective seasons. The PGA Tour’s FedEx Playoffs get underway in a few weeks with the Barclays. Not a particularly good season, overall, for Team New England, there promises to be a shakeup with some of our players in jeopardy of losing their cards only to return to Q School. That said, we do have a couple of bright spots as players from the Web.Com and LPGA Symetra Futures tours look forward to moving up to their respective major tour circuits in 2015.

PGA Tour Keegan Bradley, (VT) has made 10 cuts in 23 starts in an up and down season. His 2nd at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and T-4th at the U.S.Open are his best finishes to date. Keegan has made 17 cuts in 21 starts with a scoring average of 70.079 that has generated earnings of $2,389,889. Although most would think this a good year, by Keegan’s standards it could have been better. Scott Stallings, (MA) has 10 cuts in 23 starts with earnings of $1,299,114 courtesy of a scoring average of 71.9. Scott won the Farmers Insurance Open early this season. Since then his best finish has been a T-32nd at the St. Jude Classic. Stallings needs work on driving accuracy and putting if he hopes to advance in the FedEx Playoffs. Jim Renner, (MA) rejoined the PGA Tour this year. Thus far Jim has a T-2nd at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-am and T-24th at the Shell Houston Open as his best finishes. Renner has made 6 cuts in 23 starts with 1 W/D. His scoring average of 71.767 has generated earnings of $763,978. He is 108 on the Money List as the Playoffs loom. JJ Henry, (CT) has 15 cuts in 25 starts and 1 W/D. Henry has had a long season earning $492.822 with a scoring average of 71.259. Currently 139th on the Money List, JJ’s problems seem to be tied to his Putting and Sand stats. Henry has his work cut out if he hopes to retain his Tour Card for 2015. James Driscoll, (MA) has made 11 cuts in 23 starts with his best finish being a T-14th in the Puerto Rico Open. James’ earnings of $371,404 have him ranked 159th on the Money List via a scoring average of 71.399. Driscoll appears headed to Q School this Fall.

Tim Petrovic, (MA) continues to play where he can on the PGA and the Web.Com tours. His combined earnings are 131,372 as he has made a, (combined), total of 8 cuts in 17 starts.

Champions Tour Brad Faxon, (RI) has played 12 events earning $86,689 with a scoring average of 72.50. Ranked 12th in the putting, Brad is in the middle of the pack with his other stats leading me to conjecture he needs work on his driving stats. Brad also gives of himself tirelessly on behalf of the CVS Charity Classic. Billy Andrade, (RI) is having a good rookie season earning $350,357 with a scoring average of 71.14 in 12 events. Ranked 26th on the Money List, Billy leads the TNE contingent after being away from competitive play for some time. Billy’s play is in addition to his selfless work on the annual CVS Charity Classic. Dana Quigley, (MA) has not competed in a couple of months as his main focus remains on the recovery of son Devon’s slow recovery from a traumatic brain injury. The Ironman’s earnings are $13,857 for 5 events at this writing. PH Horgan III, (RI) is playing a limited schedule on the Champions Tour. Playing in 6 events, PH has earnings of $23,111.

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LPGA TOUR Alison Walshe, (MA) has made 16 starts making 8 cuts earning $76,576 with a scoring average of 73.208. Alison’s GIR rank has slipped and while she is ranked 22nd in Driving Distance her Accuracy is not so good indicating work is needed as the LPGA Tour also winds down for 2014.

European PGA Tour Peter Uihlein, (MA) continues to struggle this season on the European PGA Tour. He is ranked 85th competing in 14 events thus far. In the Race to Dubai, Uihlein is ranked 85th with total earnings of $284,657.

WEB.COM TOUR Jon Curran, (MA) is ranked 5th on the Web.Com Money List and is headed for the PGA Tour in 2015. Jon won the Brasil Champions and has made 7 cuts in 15 starts with a scoring average of 69.79 that has generated earnings of $226,977. Struggling with his driving stats, we hope he can increase his diving distance by the time his PGA Tour season starts. Jeff Curl, (CT) has 7 cuts 12 starts earning $77,183 with a scoring average of 69.64. Jeff’s play over the past month has improved as a result of his stats that are in the upper 3rd of the Web.Com field. Curl, ranked 45th on the Money List, has a good shot at cracking the top 25 to get his PGA Tour Card for 2015. Brad Adamonis, (RI) has not competed since May. Brad missed the cut in this 2 starts this season.

Trevor Murphy, (VT) has made 6 cuts in 10 starts earning $39,884 with a scoring average of 70.83. His best finishes are T-9th at the WNB Classic and T-8th in the South Georgia Classic. Trevor’s stats seem to be slipping a little with 8 events remaining in the season. Fran Quinn, (MA) has only played 2 Web.Com events this season making just one cut earning $1,984. Combined with the $22,649 he made at the U.S.Open, Fran’s earnings are $24,633. Making the cut at Pinehurst, Quinn and son Owen, his caddy, took center stage on Father’s Day as the pair walked up the 72nd hole of the U.S. Open Championship. Rob Oppenheim, (MA) has made 3 cuts in 9 starts with earnings of $42,539 with a scoring average of 69.92. Rob’s Driving Distance and Accuracy need work. Rob played in the U.S. Open this year the result of his T-1st in the Sectional qualifier.

LPGA Symetra Futures Tour Brittany Altomare, (MA) has made 12 cuts in 12 starts with earnings of $27,053 with a scoring average of 71.79. Brittany is headed for the LPGA Tour in 2015 as she is ranked 8th on the Symetra Money List in just her second year out there. We wish Brittany continued success as the season winds down. Molly Aronsson, (VT) has 6 cuts in 14 starts including a win at the Island Resort Championship. Earnings of $21,287 have Molly ranked 18th with a good chance of gaining her LPGA Tour Card if she stays in the top 25 on the Symetra’s Money List. Aronsson’s scoring average is 74.636. Natalie Sheary, (CT) has made 6 cuts in 9 starts earning $4,500 with a scoring average of 74.417. Having earned her LGPA Tour card for this season, Natalie is struggling with her game/swing and as such has missed the cut in the 4 events she has played. A most talented young player we’re sure Natalie can work things out.

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Celebrity Golfer //

by Leigh MacKay

Tim Wakefield The popularity and 17-year legacy of Tim Wakefield have earned him a pre-eminent position in the Boston Red Sox pantheon. When Wakefield retired in 2012, he and his signature knuckleball had compiled 200 wins, 186 with the Sox, ranking third in all-time team wins behind Cy Young and Roger Clemens, both with 192. Also, he was the AL Comeback Player of the Year in 1995 and an All-Star in 2009. He was instrumental in 2004 in winning that magical World Series, and he added another Championship ring in 2007. Off the field, Tim Wakefield has devoted much time to charity. Nominated eight times for the pres-

tigious service-above-self Roberto Clemente Award, he won the honor in 2010. Wakefield, now 48, grew up in Melbourne, Florida. He was drafted as a first baseman by the Pittsburgh Pirates but developed his deceitful flutterball when he realized he would not make The Show as an infielder. Wakefield and his wife Stacy are busy raising their two children, Trevor and Brianna. A low-handicap golfer, Wakefield plays at Black Rock CC in Hingham, MA, a celebrated Brian Silva design. Currently, Tim Wakefield is an analyst for NESN and transfers his expertise of the game to the Red Sox Nation.

NEGM: What’s it like working with Mark Harmon again?

has had a lot to do with why Mark and I are together again. Also, Mark Harmon was an outstanding

RC: Just great! I feel very fortunate that Mark and I have reunited and are working together again. I have been with CBS now for 20 years. The network has always tried to build and solidify successful relationships and

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NEGM: How’s life after baseball? TW: Just great! I do miss the competition and the camaraderie with the guys, but I don’t miss

the daily grind, the travel, and being away from my family so much. The best part is that I get to play golf basically whenever I want.

NEGM: What’s it like to be in the broadcasting booth? TW: I enjoy it. It’s a way to stay in the game. When I took the job, I told myself, “Don’t forget how hard the game is.” This way I can be a voice of the players and as analytical as possible. I try to give the viewers what it’s like to be on the inside.

NEGM: What will you always remember about the 2004 World Series? TW: Oh, wow! Just being able to share it with the generations and generations and generations of Red Sox fans as well as so many former Red Sox players. One of the most important aspects for me was being able to hand the trophy to guys like Johnny Pesky, Jim Rice, Dwight Evans, Yaz, and so many of the big names before I got there and just see the delight in their faces.

NEGM: What about the 2007 World Series, where your injured shoulder kept you out of it? TW: It was so depressing for me. A couple of days prior to the opener, I literally could not throw the ball in the bullpen. I had to face that harsh reality and make the decision that I just could not participate. It was so hard to give up those starts.

NEGM: Who were the toughest hitters you had to face in your career?

where, do you enjoy? TW: Old Sandwich and The Country Club. Augusta National, Pine Valley, Pebble Beach, Valhalla, The Ocean Course, and Frederica.

NEGM: Where do you spend your winter? TW: I was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida, and I return to that area where I belong to Orchid Island and Suntree CC.

NEGM: Dream Foursome of today? Of any time period? TW: Jack Nicklaus, Arnie Palmer, and Lee Trevino. Ted Williams, who I never got to talk with, and Bobby Jones, and President Eisenhower.

NEGM: Tell us about the 22nd annual Tim Wakefield Celebrity Golf Classic in Melbourne. TW: I had been involved in fundraising for the Space Coast Early Intervention Center even before I turned pro. It is a premier pre-school for children up to five years old who have autism, developmental problems, and special needs, and their work is something I am passionate about.

NEGM: With what other charities are you involved? TW: I used to run Pitching in for Kids, a program designed to improve the lives of children across New England. One of its sponsors is the Red Sox Foundation, the official charity of the team, and I have become the honorary chairman.

NEGM: What goals lie down the road for you?

TW: Every one of them! I never took anybody lightly. Because I was throwing the ball at 65 miles per hour and was facing the best batters in the world, I had to be dead on. So I never had the attitude that this guy was an automatic out.

TW: To be the best father and husband I can be from now on. I don’t have a lot of goals outside of raising my kids the right way. Sportswise, I want to be a better golfer and try to play more competitively.

NEGM: When did you take up golf? Current handicap? Strengths of your game?

NEGM: What has winning the Roberto Clemente Award meant to you?

TW: I played as a kid but didn’t take it up too seriously until I was in the minor leagues. I’d play in the morning and then go to the ball park in the afternoon.

TW: I was very pleased. It honors the memory of a great role model in Hall-of-Famer Roberto Clemente. I was very well aware of Roberto and the award when I was with the Pirates. I’ve always felt that I had a need to give something back to the community I played in as well as the one I grew up in, which is why I have devoted my efforts to charity work in Boston and Melbourne.

My Index is 1.8, and my iron play is the best part of my game although I’m working on my short game right now. I’m also trying to be more consistent with my driver. Getting off the tee is the most important shot in golf—like getting the first batter out in an inning.

(Photos by Michael Ivins & Julie Cordeiro/Boston Red Sox)

NEGM: What other courses, in New England and else-

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ROSS’S RULES // By Jack Ross


If you delve deeply enough into the rules, even seemingly routine tasks in golf can become complex. Most golfers mark, lift, and replace balls throughout their round with little thought to the rules. But even this simple procedure can be fraught with hazards. First, never lift your ball without first marking it, or you incur a 1-stroke penalty. Although the rules state that a “ball marker, small coin, or other similar object” should be used to mark the ball, players may employ other marking techniques. Although not recommended by the rules mavens, you may place the toe of a club behind or at the side of the ball, use a tee or a loose impediment, or even scratch a line. (My son never carries any of the commemorative ball markers I have given him over the years and habitually uses a tee to mark his ball, which I find annoying even though it complies with the rules.) Although the rules recommend that the marker be placed behind the ball, it is permissible to place the marker in front of the ball provided that nothing is done to improve the line of putt. If a ball or ball marker is accidentally moved in the process of marking, lifting, or replacing, there is no penalty provided that the movement was “directly attributable to the specific act” of marking, lifting, or replacing the ball. So if you accidentally move your ball while picking up your marker, you are not penalized as long as you replace the ball.

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Unfortunately, there is no relief for overt clumsiness that falls outside of the process of marking, lifting, or replacing. If your playing partner requests that you lift your ball because it interferes with his play and you accidentally kick it while approaching it, you are penalized one stroke because the kick was not directly attributable to marking or lifting it. The same result applies if you drop your putter on your ball while approaching it to lift it. You are also out of luck if you step on your marker and it adheres to the sole of your shoe. But if it adheres to the sole of your putter when you tamp it down you are not penalized, as the tamping was directly attributable to the marking process. Make sense? There is no penalty if wind or casual water moves your marker, or if your marker is removed by an outside agency such as a group you let play through after you marked your ball on the green. (This is of little consolation if some ungrateful golfer snatched your favorite Pebble Beach marker.) In such cases you replace your ball as nearly as possible to its prior position. I often do not mark my ball if leaving it on the green does not interfere with another player; why bend down if I don’t have to? Plus, there is always the chance I might kick or drop my putter on my ball. Jack Ross completed an intensive PGA/USGA golf workshop, and also contributes rules articles to


r mother Tara and he y Fund m at their Jim ment Golf tourna

Jimmy Fund Clinic patient Tara Daniels

leukemia leu

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New England Golf Monthly

Equipment REVIEW // by Ed Travis

Max the Second Shot Best Fairways & Hybrids of 2014

Fairways and hybrids seem to keep their positions in the lineup—and golf bag—longer than other clubs. Maybe it’s because once we find one we like the trust level just keeps building plus since they don’t seem to be making use of a lot of technology, “latest and greatest” probably doesn’t even enter our thinking. Fairways and hybrids have been changing however, taking on many of the same advances used in drivers, so if you haven’t taken a look at the newest “second shot” clubs you will be in for a pleasant surprise. For this issue we surveyed the 2014 models and here are summaries we hope will be useful to you.

Adams Tight Lies Fairways & Idea Hybrids

The Tight Lies brand has always been a favorite and the new fairways add to its reputation. There are two Tight Lies versions both with Adams’ Cut-Thru Slot design for more face flex at impact with the Tour model having a smaller head and lower face height to match the needs of better players. Idea hybrids are extremely easy to hit— Adams says the easiest on the market—so recreational golfers should take a look. They also use the Cut-Thru Slot construction and Adams’ familiar proprietary Upside-Down design in a selection of six lofts.

66 | Subscribe at | August 2014

Callaway X2 Hot Fairways & Hybrids

The X2 Hot and X2 Hot Pro hybrids have a thinner face than the previous X Hot models with the X2 Hot Pro having a much lower weight placement for less spin. X2 Hot fairways also have a thinner cup face construction for more ball speed compared to the 2013 version. Fairways are available in a regular model plus a Pro version with slightly smaller clubhead and the X2 Hot Deep that’s become popular with Callaway players on tour.

Cleveland 588 Fairways & Hybrids

The 558 fairways have a larger sweet spot than previously and an updated version of Cleveland’s Variable Face Thickness Technology, the goal being to create a hotter face and more distance. We particularly liked the look at address, ease of alignment and the stock Matrix Ozik 6Q3 Shaft. The 588 hybrids have a nice compact head with a rear sole plug and more weight lower for higher launch. The sole also has two, what Cleveland calls, Gliderails for smoother turf interaction especially from thick lies.

Cobra Bio Cell Fairways & Hybrids

The Bio Cell fairways offer eight user-adjustable loft settings and Cobra’s E9 face design in a very thin forged face insert, just like some drivers employ. The hybrids in the line are of similar construction with the same loft adjusting sleeve as the fairways. The Baffler XL hybrid is reweighted compared to the 2013 model for higher trajectory and have new sole weighting for lower ball spin. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Baffler without the dual rails on the sole to help the club through long grass.

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Ping i25 & G30 Hybrids & Fairways

The i25 hybrids for better players have more of the look of an iron than most other hybrids with less face bulge and roll and a relatively straight leading edge in a very compact forward-hosel design head. The first thing golfers will notice about the i25 fairways may be the reduced head size but more likely the “racing stripe” pattern on the crown, a scheme shared with the i25 driver. Not merely cosmetic the stripes are a useful alignment aide for this variable face thickness adjustable hosel fairway that’s especially good off the tee. The i25 fairways also have a taller face and repositioned center of gravity compared to previous models. The newest from Ping, the G30 series have adjustable fairways with what the company calls “turbulators” on the crown as an alignment aid. Along with a slightly larger face area G30 fairways have also had the weighting redistributed to raise the MOI and allow additional forgiveness. The hosel adjustment has four settings to add or subtract up to one degree of loft. The companion G30 hybrids have also increased MOI for help on off center strikes and the center of gravity has been moved lower and further back to help get the ball in the air. They are available in five lofts between 17 degrees and 30 degrees.

TaylorMade SLDR S Fairways & Rescues

The SLDR brand has been a real success for TaylorMade and now the SLDR S fairways and Rescues (TMaG’s name for hybrids) have been added to the lineup all with a silver crown, hence the S designation. The fairways use the distance-enhancing Speed Pocket or slot behind the clubface in a low profile, shallow face clubhead but lack the hosel adjustability of the original SLDR fairways nor the sliding weight of the SLDR driver. The SLDR S Rescues share the low and forward center of gravity with the fairways for better trajectory and lower ball spin, again with the goal being added distance with control. Though the S variant fairways and Rescues do not have the adjustable hosel of the SLDR, they do come with a very nice Fujikura shaft as stock and sell for $20 less.

68 | Subscribe at | August 2014

Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro Fairways & XCG7 Hybrids

The CB Pro fairways produce standout performance from the tee or fairway with a smaller clubhead and the newly designed sole to lower turf interaction. Featuring a beta titanium cup face and hyper-steel body this one is really long but it does carry a premium price. XCG7 hybrids have been modified from the previous successful model to make them even easier to hit and a higher ball flight. The sole has the Exotics Power Grid to allow for additional flexing at impact to give more distance. There are also four unique sole weights— hexahedron shaped—and cavity to push weight towards the heel and toe.

Wilson Staff Fairways & Hybrids

The Staff M3 fairways and hybrids share a good looking matte black finish and each has a version of Wilson’s Multi-Fit System. The fairways have six loft settings and three sole weights of 3-, 7- and 11-grams for players to individualize their own preferences. The hybrids also have the three sole weight options and an adjustable hosel allowing for plus or minus one degree. Wilson has also received favorable reviews of the D-100 fairways and hybrids. Both are super lightweight which Wilson says helps produce higher clubhead speeds and more distance. The fairways have a chemically etched crown allowing weight to be moved lower in the clubhead giving a higher launch for more carry. The hybrids in the D-100 line also have reduced overall weight plus have a progressive bulge and roll to help keep off center hits on line. Wilson has also created better playability from thick lies by making a more rounded sole.

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WHAT’S NEWS | August 2014

Paying homage to our armed forces

Having grown up as the son of an Army veteran, Tiger Woods has always had a supreme appreciation for the men and women who protect the United States by serving in our nation’s armed forces. As such, Woods and the Tiger Woods Foundation have made it a goal to celebrate our nation’s military heroes at each of the tournaments that the foundation is associated with throughout the year. As it has since the tournament was started 12 years ago, the 2014 Deutsche Bank Championship features a series of programs and giveaways that are designed to recognize and honor our nation’s veterans. That starts by offering all active, reserve and retired military service member personnel and their dependents complimentary admission (with a valid Common Access Card or Retired Military Card) each day of the championship, starting Wednesday, Aug. 27, and continuing through to the final round of play, Monday, Sept. 1. While at the tournament, military service members and their dependents will be able

70 | Subscribe at | August 2014

to enjoy the championship from the Military Patriot Outpost. Located next to the No. 17 tee box, the outpost provides military spectators with a spectacular viewing spot from which they can take in all the action. The enhanced vantage point will give guests an up-close view of some of the world’s greatest golfers as they come down the stretch. The outpost will also serve as the spot for the tournament’s Opening Ceremony that will take place Aug. 27 at the No. 17 tee box in front of the Wedgwood Club and Military Patriot Outpost. Representatives from the Massachusetts Army National Guard will be present along with veterans and other local military branches. During the ceremony, those volunteers who have dedicated 10 years of service to the Deutsche Bank Championship will be recognized. The ceremony will conclude with a ceremonial tee shot by a PGA TOUR professional and a WoundedWarrior.

WHAT’S NEWS | August 2014 John VanDerLaan Wins 85th New England Amateur Championship

18 year-old John VanderLaan of Southbury and the Country Club of Waterbury won the 85th playing of the New England Amateur Championship on Thursday with a 72-hole score of 278, six under par. VanDerLaan fired rounds of 67 and 70 over the final 36 holes and claimed the biggest victory of his young career by three strokes over Nicholas Pandelena of New Hampshire. VanDerLaan has won several junior tournaments including the 2012 CSGA Junior Amateur Championship, but his latest victory is his greatest golfing accomplishment to date.

Evan Russell Wins Vermont Amateur Championship

Congratulations Evan Russell! The final 18 holes was a see saw battle between Evan, Bryan Smith and Drake Hull. It took 5 more holes after that to claim the Vermont Amateur Championship title! Great playing by all!

Zach Zaback Wins 112th Connecticut Amateur Championship Fairfield Ct- Frank Bensel who trailed by one stroke going into the final day of the CGA Open Championship fired a 4 under 66 to capture the 80th Connecticut Open at Rolling Hills Country Club Wilton, CT. The Open carries one of the largest purses in of any in the country with a $50,000 purse , Bensel winners share was $12,500.

GOLF THE “PEARL OF THE ATLANTIC” Madeira, is home to three spectacular golf venues; Santo da Serra, Palheiro Golf and Porto Santo. Whichever course you choose, you can look forward to stunning views, exotic flowers and challenging layouts. Each spring the island plays host to The PGA European Tour’s Madeira Island Open at Santo da Serra Golf Club. Experience golf as it should be played, within totally natural surroundings and a challenging terrain, combined with an excellent golf climate year-round provided by the Gulf Stream influence. Madeira is fast becoming the definitive choice for both amateur and professional golfers alike. Call Sagres Vacations for more information on accommodations and golf packages in Madeira.

761 Bedford Street Fall River, Massachusetts

(508) 679-0053

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WHAT’S NEWS | MARCH 2014 Evan Grenus Wins 73rd Connecticut Junior Amateur Evan Grenus, 17, of TPC River Highlands made just one bogey in the final match and was able to overcome an early deficit to defeat Max Theodorakis of Ridgewood Country Club and capture the 73rd Connecticut Junior Amateur Amateur Championship.

John Kelly Wins the 106th Massachusetts Amateur Championship; Defeats Doug Clapp by a Score of 3 and 2 at Kernwood Country Club

Salem, MA — It was a dream that played out in his head for many years, but the reality was so much sweeter for John Kelly (Twin Hills CC). Under perfect playing conditions at Kernwood Country Club on Saturday, the 25-year-old Kelly claimed an impressive 3 and 2 victory over Doug Clapp (Old Sandwich GC) to become the 106th Massachusetts Amateur Champion.

Bobby Leopold wins the 109th Rhode Island Amateur at Montaup CC

Bobby Leopold from Portsmouth, Rhode Island earned his second Amateur crown Friday at Montaup. Winning over Andrew Fiorenzano, 4 and 2, this Rhode Islander was ranked at the top in R.I. Golf Association history! Leopold won in 2009. “What’s more, he reached the semifinals in three of the years between his titles.

- 2014 Weekday Special Monday-Friday 7am-12pm

Rehoboth Country Club

155 Perryville Rd | Rehoboth, MA | (508) 252-6259

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$36.00 Includes Cart & Lunch **Tee Times Recommended League Openings on Tuesday & Wednesday Our Restaurant is Open to the Public for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 8am-9pm Daily

WHAT’S NEWS | MARCH 2014 Andrew Slattery wins Maine Amateur Falmouth, ME - Andrew Slattery fired a 2 under score of 214 to capture the 95th Maine Amateur at The Woodlands. After leading off with a bogey on his final round he rallied in the end to seal the deal. He edged out Joe Walp , a junior at Bryant University in Rhode Island by one stroke in the final round.It came down to the 18th hole where Walp missed a 15-footer for birdie and a chance to tie and force a playoff with Slattery.

Brad Valois Wins RIGA Stroke Play At Pawtucket CC

Pawtucket CC- Brad Valois edged out Bobby Leopold ( 2014 RIGA Amateur Winner)in a playoff at this years RIGA Stroke Play Championship adding one more victory to his already impressive list of RIGA titles. The four-time State Amateur winner captured the Stroke Play title for the first time in dramatic fashion after a 54 hole tie on the second playoff hole. After starting the day 4 holes back Valois carded a 5 under round of 64 in the morning round for a 3 stroke lead then forced the playoff with a birdie on the 36 hole of the day.

Frank Bensel Wins 80th Connecticut Open Championship

Congratulations Evan Russell! The final 18 holes was a see saw battle between Evan, Bryan Smith and Drake Hull. It took 5 more holes after that to claim the Vermont Amateur Championship title! Great playing by all!

August 2014 | Subscribe at | 73

WHAT’S NEWS | August 2014 Rich Werenski Wins Vermont Open Killington, Vt. — The perfect golfer doesn’t exist, although Richard Werenski is doing his best to prove otherwise. He stayed that way with the perfect finish to win the Jeff Julian Memorial Vermont Open at Green Mountain National Golf Course.

Andrew Mason fires 62 to Capture Maine Open shootout

Andrew Mason from Pennsylvania teed off in the only round of the Charlie’s Maine Open. Less than five hours later he was being presented the trophy as the 2014 Charlie’s Maine Open Champion using 10 threes en route of an outstanding score of 62 to win by two. Tuesday’s single round of plays was necessitated by Monday’s deluge, which left the course unplayable. With only 15 of the 156 players finished with their round, the decision was made to cancel the round under Rule 33-2d of the Rules of Golf.

Brittany Altomare Wins Women’s Mass Open

Meadow Brook Golf Club hosted the Women’s Massachusetts Open and it was Symetra Tour player Brittany Altomare, a 23-yearold Shrewsbury native, who won the event shooting 73-69—142 to come in at 6-under and win the tournament by three strokes. The Symetra Tour, previously known as the LPGA Futures Tour, is the official developmental golf tour of the LPGA. Tour membership is open to professional women golfers and to qualified amateurs.

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WHAT’S NEWS | August 2014

Sisk Wins 79th New Hampshire Open on 3rd Playoff Hole Geoffrey Sisk of Marshfield, MA who is a legend in New England Professional Golf with 6 MGA Opens, 4 New England Opens, the Maine Open wins on his resume added the NH Open to his resume by defeating David Chung on the 3rd playoff hole at Owl’s Nest Golf Club. Sisk shot rounds of 67 – 66 – 67 for a 16 under total in regulation.

Rockland’s Megan Khang & Scituate’s Mary Mulcahy Advance at 2014 U.S. Women’s Amateur Sectional Qualifying Held at Haverhill Country Club Norton, MA — A handful of hopefuls took to the course at Haverhill Country Club on Thursday in hopes of punching their ticket to the 2014 U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship which will be contested at Nassau Country Club on Long Island, New York, next month. Sharing medalist honors were Anne-Catherine Tanguay (Quebec) and familiar face Megan Khang (Thorny Lea GC). Khang, the 16-year-old from Rockland, will add another USGA Championship Proper to her already impressive resume.

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Gorman vs. Geary // by Tim Geary

It’s the oldest cliché in golf; You drive for show and putt for dough. Everyone loves the long ball. People ooh and aah over 300-yard drives, 400-foot home runs, 70-yard passes in football, 35-foot jump shots in basketball. Folks went nuts to watch Evel Knievel attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon on his motorcycle in 1973. Length is sexy and exciting, especially in golf. Go to any driving range and the odds heavily favor seeing the majority of those hitting a bucket of balls doing so with............................ ........THE DRIVER!. That commercial that shows Tom Watson picking up golf balls in a cart does not show a single person swinging the second most important club in the bag............................THE WEDGE. The most important club? It’s the putter stupid. If you can’t put the ball into the hole then you can’t score. The putter is number one. Both Gorman and I agree on this point which is why it’s not part of our debate. But we disagree strongly on the second most important club in the bag. Tom thinks bombing the ball off the tee is the key to golf while I, the more cerebral player, understand that the club that gives you the best chances of holing putts, is the wedge. I love hitting my driver. I love it when it actually goes some distance and lands in a fairway, especially the one I’m playing. I’ll admit that the driver is more fun to hit, both on the course and at the range. The wedge is boring. The wedge is like

driving a Volvo instead of a Miata. You look really good in the Miata, on the road in July, but when the weather is foul and the roads are treacherous, you want a vehicle that stays on the road. The wedge is that club. Now while it is a huge advantage to be able to hit the ball a long way off the tee, something that neither Gorman or I know anything about, you still need a club that can hit the ball close enough to the hole to get those birdies and pars that make you a winner. That club is not the driver. Did you know that 64 percent of all golf shots take place from 100 yards and in? So just what club would you use for the final 100 yards and in, or at least until you reached the putting surface? Sure ain’t gonna be the big dawg. Of course the wedge is not a singular club. Most people carry at least two wedges in their bags and some have three. The gap wedge has become very popular in the game. Phil Mickleson has four wedges, including the Harrier Jump Jet of golf clubs, the 64 degree wedge. If you get in high grass you reach for your wedge to get you back into play. If you find yourself in a bunker you normally use a wedge to blast out. If you are up against the collar of the green a very good play is to blade a wedge (please practice this first). The wedge gets used many more times in a round of golf than even the putter, unless you putt like Gorman. Just for the sake of argument consider this scenario. Two golfers of even ability play a nice little nine-hole match. Player A uses nothing but a driver and a putter while player B has a pitching wedge and a putter. Player A is going to be well ahead of player B off the tee on every hole, but then what? Yeah, right. That’s exactly my point.

The Rip or the Chip. What shot is more important?

Tim Geary is a R.I. based freelance writer. He once shot even par for nine holes using

Gorman vs. Geary // by Tom Gorman

Lee Trevino once quipped, “There are two things that won’t last long in this world, and that’s dogs that chase cars and pros putting for pars.” Statistics don’t lie when it comes to defining what’s the most important club in your bag. Case in point. In 2011 Luke Donald ascended to the No. 1 spot in the world golf rankings. It wasn’t through driving. Donald ranked 127th in the PGA Tour’s Total Driving category, which combines distance and accuracy. Contrast that with his Total Putting rank, second, and you clearly see what it takes to be successful. Throughout his 26-year PGA Tour career, Brad Faxon was a horrendous driver of the golf ball. However, he always ranked in the top 10 in Total Putting, amassing $17 million in career earnings with 8 wins. Does anyone not think that the putter is the most vital weapon in a 14 club arsenal? Seems to me that when we analyze the game’s greatest players, the discussion is divided into two groups - great putters or drivers. Greg Norman, Tom Kite, Nick Faldo and Mark O’Meara were consistently outstanding drivers. Ben Crenshaw, Loren Roberts and Tiger Woods dominate in the near-perfection putting category. Unless you’ve run into Timmy “the Dunce” Geary lately, whoever talks about great chippers? The only name that comes to mind when the conversation turns to great chippers is Seve Ballesteros. Other than that, if a player is relying on his chipping game to deliver low scores, then that career is similar to dogs chasing cars. Its over! Those type players can mostly be found on The Golf Channel’s Big Break, because they simply don’t have solid driving

or putting games. Golf is a torture chamber for me when my driver is not working. Maybe I use it 14 times a round but it has to be my go-to club when a big match is on the line. I think that if the average amateur hit driver to his typical distance, and that drive put him in the middle of every fairway, he’d better his handicap but several strokes. According to TaylorMade, which dominates the golf club manufacturing market at about 47 percent, there is nothing more satisfying than the sound and feel of a well-struck tee shot. How many driver ads promise Distance, Control, and Forgiveness? Distance is the sexiest thing they offer for a $400 driver, but not all swings are alike, which means not all distances will ever be the same. And if you believe the millions spent on advertising, 2014 is “the year of the driver” just like years 2001 – 2013! Another reason that the driver is more important than the chipper is from an aesthetics standpoint. Other than the putter, it’s the one club you’re going to look at the most times in an average round, and like your putter, the only club you’re probably going to show off to your friends. There are many choices of drivers and you want to be comfortable with the coloring and branding marks that go into it. You can only hit a driver you’re comfortable with, and that includes the shape of the head, the size and any alignment marks on the crown. My personal golf agony, or good walk spoiled, erupts when I’m hitting the driver long and straight, but walk off the green with bogey. Oh, the pain of repeatedly making bogey from the middle of the fairway! And, oh, yes, the cuss words fly! Bogey is a great score for guys like Geary, but it often makes me wonder, what the heck would I score if I wasn’t hitting fairways with the driver? My new slogan this year is “putt for show and drive for dough.” Unfortunately, it’s not earning me any pro shop credit! Tom Gorman uses a 4-year old TaylorMade Burner 10.5 degree loft driver, his longest and most powerful club, that has several small dents on the crown, from being tossed many times.

The Rip or the Chip. What shot is more important?


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