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Fall 2013 2

PRESIDENT’s MESSAGE I am happy to report that things are going quite well at New England College and we are thrilled for autumn and a new academic year.

We welcomed over 350 first year students, one of our larger class sizes and the most diverse in the

College’s history. 32% of the freshman class are

non-white, a noticeable and celebrated statistic

when compared to the State’s 6%. Just last year NEC was second to Dartmouth College for overall diversity, and reported the highest African American percentages of any college in New

Hampshire. I believe our environment of learning, culture of inclusion, and style of education is a large part of more students choosing NEC.

Realizing the importance of first impressions, we’ve made a few improvements to campus and are planning for more. Our historic Administration Building has been repainted and inside we offer a complete selection of student services, such as admissions, financial services, and class registration. The lobby is updated and comfortable and sets a nice example for students, parents, alumni, and visitors.

We are preparing for the grand opening of our Concord location, an important element of our strategic plan and vision for the future. There we will increase our visibility and access to leaders and professionals in the State. In

addition to upgraded classrooms upstairs, there is no limit to our multi-purpose and dynamic location proudly located

on Main Street, just a block from the State House. The operation will accommodate admissions services, graduate classes, internships, business partnerships, public speakers, community groups, and more.

Over the past few months our College has enjoyed positive media coverage regarding our strong admissions indicators, 12-month academic calendar, business program, financial assistance, Concord presence, and NEC’s polling service. We are consistently looking for ways to communicate the benefits of the school and appreciate learning of your own success stories and experiences that may help promote the NEC brand. Please stay in touch and thank you for your continued support.

With warmest regards,

Michele D. Perkins, Ed.D. President 3 Fall 2013


How can parents get more involved at NEC? Join Parents Council:

Meet other parents. Share ideas for improving the NEC experience and participate in various activities.


Join others in supporting college activities and student events.

Host An Event:

Host a simple event for parents, alumni, and/or incoming students at your home, office, or club. A friendly face makes such a difference.

Career Advise:

Help the NEC leaders of tomorrow by providing students with informational interviews on your industry, sharing internship information, or even recruiting an NEC student for your company. For more information please contact NEC’s Associate Director of the Annual Fund, Jeremy Picchierri, at 603.428.2249 or e-mail


Fall 2013 4


Heather Lynn McFarlane, ’15 Major: Health Science

1. What brought you to NEC?

I was looking for a small school where I would be able to complete my undergraduate studies in PreVeterinarian Medicine. I wanted a school with a small class size so I could have a more hands on education that would allow me to build a strong and sound foundation for my education. Instead of being a number in a large university, I am treated as an individual with a personal connection to my professors. This allows me to ask as many questions as I want in class or in their office. I know everyone in my class which helps socially and with study groups.

2. What three words would you use to describe NEC? I would use charming, quaint, and timeless.

4. Who is your role model and why? My sister is my role model.

Concentration: Pre-Veterinarian

In my eyes, my sister is beautiful, intelligent, and witty. Her dry humor never fails to put a smile on my face. Her intelligence knows no bounds which inspires me to push myself harder. If she can do it, why can’t I do it too? 3. What’s your passion, interest, hobby? I have two passions: Exotic felines and soccer. I am on New England College’s Women’s Soccer team. I have played soccer ever since I was old enough to walk. It is a common joke in my family to say I learned how to play with a soccer ball before I learned how to walk. My other passion is exotic felines. I have always known I would be going into the medical field, but I didn’t know what exactly I was going to do. One day a National Geographic documentary about lions got me hooked. I have fallen in love with tigers too while working at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center. They are social, interactive, and aren’t the least bit shy to greet you.

Homecoming & Family Weekend October 4 - 6, 2013 todaytoday

Summer/Fall 2013 2013 55 Fall

5. What’s your dream job? My dream job is opening up my own veterinarian practice that will one day evolve into a rescue center. Working at the EFRC has fired my passion to not only help the felines medically, but to personally get involved in the fight against abuse and neglect. I want to commit my entire life to rescuing as many exotic felines as possible. In addition, I want to bring awareness to the public and hopefully get stricter government laws against owning exotic pets. §

NEC PRODUCTIONS For reservations or more information please call 428.2382 or e-mail

A Midsummer Night’s Dream November 21, 22, 23 at 7:30 p.m. November 24 at 3 p.m. Location: NEC Mainstage Theatre — 58 Depot Hill Road, Henniker

Julius Caesar | A Staged Reading February 11 at 7 p.m. Location: NEC Simon Center Great Room — 98 Bridge Street, Henniker

Inspired By May 1, 2, 3 at 7:30 p.m. May 4 at 3 p.m. Location: NEC Mainstage Theatre — 58 Depot Hill Road, Henniker


Fall 2013 6


7 Fall 2013



During Spring Break ‘13, nine New England College students and two faculty members embarked on an 11 day trip to India. This trip blended service learning with cultural studies and allowed students to step outside their comfort zone to immerse themselves in a different culture. One might describe the slums of India by focusing on the smell of burning garbage, the unclean water, or the millions of people crammed into villages with only a tarp to protect them from the elements. Another way would be to describe the innocence on the faces of the children sprinting through the narrow lanes, the smiles provided by the old women as we sat down to talk with them, the children creating art through the volunteer art program run by a local community member, or the seemingly content expression shown by the mother of four who sits outside her hut as we walk by. The people of India are some of the most beautiful and wonderful citizens of the world. The women dress in extravagant saris, coloring the dirt covered streets with a rainbow of colors. The streets are crammed with every form of transportation, such as, camels to Tuk Tuks, bicycles, tour buses, and taxis all navigating the traffic with chaotic precision. Our time was spent learning about the culture from a local guide, while at the same time, working with various organizations in an effort to establish partnerships for future visits. Our group spent a morning working with a non-profit organization located in a slum area of South Delhi that runs youth awareness and vocational programs. We also spent a day working with the Kids for Tigers organization, picking up garbage in Ranthambore National Park. Interspersed in these projects were opportunities to interact with the local, nomadic Mognia tribe, safari to catch a glimpse of elusive tigers, and watch the sunrise at the Taj Mahal. This trip provided NEC students with a transformative opportunity, allowing us to do things not normally available to tourists. Students arrived home with knowledge of India’s many cultural groups, conservation issues within local communities, tiger survival in the National Parks, and the challenges of India’s role on the global stage. § Bryan Partridge, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Writing


Fall 2013 8



Polling Institute Since its founding in 2003, the Center for Civic Engagement at New England College has enjoyed considerable success. Through the Center’s efforts, New England College has hosted numerous debates for Congress and Governor, town hall meetings, open forums, and guest speaker programs. Indeed, the Center for Civic Engagement has made NEC a must-stop on the campaign trail, or, as its Director, Dr. Wayne Lesperance likes to say, “Where the Road to the White House begins.” During the Fall 2012, the Center expanded its list of activities to include the New England College Polling Institute. Interestingly, despite its prominence on the national political landscape, New Hampshire was home to only one non-partisan polling organization. After being approached by concerned Granite-Staters active in the political world, Drs. Ben Tafoya and Wayne Lesperance agreed to create the NEC Poll. The NEC Poll’s debut was met with immediate success with results of the Poll’s surveys carried by local, regional, and national news outlets

9 Fall 2013


like CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and the Washington Post. Indeed, by the time the final analysis was being written about the 2012 Presidential election, noted pollster and New York Times blogger, Nate Silver, described the NEC Poll as one of the most accurate state wide polls of the 2012 election cycle. In addition to polling on the 2012 Presidential election, the NEC Poll has surveyed Granite-Staters about both congressional races and the gubernatorial election with great accuracy. Our polling isn’t limited to elections, though. The NEC Poll has also contributed to the public conversation about gun control in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut, proposals to establish a casino in New Hampshire, and levels of support for public officials in the state. The NEC Poll is not limited to New Hampshire. Recently, we surveyed Massachusetts voters about the Gomez-Markey special election for US Senate. Our results were carried throughout the Commonwealth and in national news outlets as the nation focused on the hotly contested special election.

The future for the Polling Institute is bright. This fall we will go into the field to poll voters in New Jersey and Virginia about their respective races for Governor, which many analysts see as strong indicators for where the country is heading for the 2014 mid-term elections. We will be tracking voters here in New Hampshire about their choices for Governor and Congress in 2014. And also, lest you think it’s too soon for the 2016 Presidential contest to begin, New Hampshire is already being visited by prospective candidates. And the NEC Poll is already asking voters about early preferences for President!

How the NEC Poll Works There are a number of different ways to conduct a poll. No doubt you’ve had that call at the dinner hour from some earnest pollster wanting to take a survey of your favorite toothpaste or asking who you’d like to support for local dogcatcher. Or you may have had the automated call asking you to press a button on your phone to indicate your satisfaction with your cable or telephone provider. In some cases you may have even had survey takers come to your door armed with a clipboard, pen and a


smile to ask you about your views on some issue or organization. All of these are different ways of gathering information that some group, business or campaign is interested in knowing. It is our belief that the NEC Poll has been very effective because of our particular methodology. Here’s how it works. First, all of the questions used in our polling are written by our polling team. Drs. Tafoya and Lesperance review the questions to make sure they are not overly wordy, leading, and that they get the information we are hoping to learn from the respondent. The survey questions are recorded and provided to a partner organization that specializes in polling services. We control when the survey goes into the field and when it ends. We can see results as they come in live time. In terms of who we call for a political poll, we purposefully target registered voters who are ‘likely’ to vote to get as close to actual Election Day results as possible. We also strive to mirror current registration and demographic trends in the state or district where we are polling. Checking party registration through

the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office, we can make sure we are accurately polling likely voters by party and not over-sampling one particular party or those who selfidentify as independents. Once we reach our target sample number, usually from 400-600, we end the poll and compile the results. Analysis is provided by our team and we then share our results with the world.

What Else Does the Polling Institute Do? Our process is a highly accurate and fast form of market research. We provide private, unbiased polling for businesses, non-profits, and interest groups and it’s fast to prepare, fast to collect and fast to provide results. It’s also incredibly affordable. § Need to know more about your customer? Want to know what your customers need from you? Contact us at

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ATHLETIC REVIEW Women’s Basketball

New England College Women’s Basketball finished their 2012-13 season with a second consecutive 18 win season, which included a home North Atlantic Conference (NAC) tournament game and the advancement to the NAC semifinals for the first time in school history. Leading the way for the Pilgrims was sophomore guard Kayla Lawlor (Cocoa Beach, FL) who led the Pilgrims in scoring, averaging 14.2 points per game and earning NAC Second Team All-Conference honors. In addition to scoring, contributed 78 assists and 47 steals. Senior forward Kate Levy (Woods Hole, MA) finished the season averaging 11.9 points and 3.9 rebounds per game, joining teammate Lawlor on the NAC Second Team All-Conference.

Men’s Basketball

New England College Men’s Basketball earned a second consecutive trip to the NAC playoffs. Senior guard Abdirahman Mohamed (Biddeford, ME) earned NAC Second Team All-Conference honors. Mohamed started all 26 games for the Pilgrims and led the team in scoring averaging 15.2 points per game.  Mohamed’s senior season was highlighted on Feb. 8 in a win over Maine Maritime as he became the fourteenth men’s basketball player in program history to reach the 1,000 point plateau, for his career he finished ranked ninth all-time in scoring with 1105 career points.

Women’s Ice Hockey

New England College Women’s Ice Hockey earned eight wins in 2012-13 making their eleventh Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference (ECAC) East post season appearance since the program’s inception in 2001. Leading the way for the Pilgrims was sophomore forward Madyson Moore (Dubuque, IA) who led the team in total points with 22, including a team-high 13 goals and five assists. NEC welcomes Kristi Kehoe as the new Women’s Ice Hockey coach for 2013-14. Kehoe joins New England College after serving two seasons as assistant Women’s Ice Hockey coach at SUNY Cortland. 

11 Fall 2013


Men’s Ice Hockey

New England College Men’s Ice Hockey posted a record of 9-13-4 in 2012-13, earning a trip to the ECAC East post season. Leading the way for the Pilgrims was ECAC East Second Team All-Conference goalie Shawn Sirman. Sirman (Blezard Valley, Ontario) started 24 of the Pilgrims’ 26 games in net and collected eight wins, including one shutout win. Sirman finished the season ranked fourth in the ECAC East in save percentage with a .903, and a goals against average of 2.98 for the season.


New England College Softball had an impressive 2013 campaign finishing the season with an overall record of 17-16 and a conference record of 13-3 grabbing the second seed heading into the NAC tournament.   First-year head coach Ben Master earned NAC Coach of the Year honors while first-year outfielder Kiley Williams (Salem, UT) was named NAC Rookie of the Year and NAC First Team All-Conference. Williams led the team and the conference in batting, finishing the season hitting .527 with a team-high 40 runs scored and 10 runs batted in.  Williams was also the team-leader on the base paths stealing 18 bases on the season.  On the defensive side of the ball Williams split her time between centerfield and third base and finished the season with an impressive .956 fielding percentage. First-year Rebecca Allen (East Pachogue, NY) earned NAC Second Team All-Conference for her play at first base this season. Allen started all 33 games for the Pilgrims at first base and made just one error all season finishing with a .995 fielding percentage. Allen’s bat was impressive as well, as she finished the season second on the team with a .411 average and a team-high 31 runs batted in and nine extra base hits, including seven doubles and two homeruns.


New England College Baseball finished the season with six wins falling just shy of the NAC playoffs. Leading the way was junior catcher Kevin Caputo (Taunton, MA) who earned NAC Second Team All-Conference for the first time in his career. Caputo started all 29 games for the Pilgrims this season hitting a stellar .282 for the year.  Caputo hit five extra base hits for the Pilgrims including four doubles and a homerun, driving in seven runs and scoring six runs. Joining Caputo on the NAC Second Team was junior outfielder Brandon Adorno (Ft. Myers, FL).  Adorno played in 21 games for the Pilgrims and finished the season with a team-high .343 batting average, including a team-best nine doubles and 12 runs batted in.

WINNING!~ Women’s Lacrosse

New England College Women’s Lacrosse advanced to the NAC Semifinals for the second straight season upsetting University Maine Farmington in the opening round. Four New England College Women’s Lacrosse players earned North Atlantic Conference (NAC) All-Conference honors for their performance, during the season.

Men’s Lacrosse

NEC senior goalie Rebecca Harvey (Natick, MA) earned NAC First Team All-Conference honors for the second straight season. Harvey started 14 games in net for the Pilgrims leading the NAC in both saves with165 and save percentage with a .452.  Joining Harvey on the first team was senior defender Morgan Abbott (Newton, MA). Abbott was a constant leader on the defensive side of the ball for the Pilgrims starting all 19 games and finished the season second on the team with 23 caused turnovers.

New England College Men’s Lacrosse finished their 2013 season with an overall record of 10-7 and an impressive NAC record of 7-1. Seven Men’s Lacrosse players garnered NAC All-Conference honors for their performance this season, including five named to the NAC First Team. Senior attack Brian Gillis (North Vancouver, BC) picked up NAC First Team AllConference honors for the second straight season. Gillis led the Pilgrims and the NAC in goals with 69 on the season and was fourth in the NAC in assists with 22.  Joining Gillis on the NAC First Team was the midfield duo of Adam Shute (Calgary, Alberta) and Pat Miles (Brampton, Ontario).  Shute led all Pilgrim midfielders in scoring with 31 goals this season, while long stick midfielder Miles was second on the team in assists with 26 on the season.  Miles led the team with 90 ground balls and ranked third in the NAC with 39 caused turnovers.

The midfield duo of Eleni Hatsis (Norwalk, CT) and Meredith Merce (Oakhurst, NJ) garnered NAC Second Team All-Conference honors. Junior Eleni Hatsis started 17 games and finished third on the team in scoring with 33 points, including 20 goals and a team-high 13 assists.  Hatsis gets it done on defense finishing with a team-high 25 caused turnovers and a team-best 46 ground balls.  Senior Meredith Merce started all 19 games for the Pilgrims and led the team in scoring with 38 points, including a team-high 29 goals and nine assists. 


New England College Men’s and Women’s Indoor and Outdoor Track competed in 13 meets over the 2012-13 season. Leading the way for the Men’s indoor team was freshman Bill Lane (Rye, NH) who set school records in both the 60m and the 100m. Leading the way for the men’s outdoor team was freshman Avery Rudder (Boston, MA) who set a school record in the 100m. Leading the way for the Women’s indoor team was junior Lauren O’Grady (Georgetown, MA) and freshman Rachel Orlando (Westerley, RI) who performed well in the 1000m and the 3000m respectively.   Leading the way for the outdoor team was freshman Shannon Younge (Derry, NH) who has school records in the 100m and the 200m.

Rounding out the NAC First Team AllConference honors for the Pilgrims was junior defender Matt Hebert (Burlington, MA) and senior midfielder Andy Crozier (Montville, NJ). Hebert was a force for the Pilgrim defense finishing second on the team in caused turnovers with 22 and had 36 ground balls.  Crozier played in all 17 games for the Pilgrims and collected 29 ground balls and 16 caused turnovers. Sophomore goalkeeper Chris Galluzzo (New London, NH) was named NAC Second Team All-Conference.  Galluzzo played 14 games in net, starting eight of those games.  Galluzzo posted a record of 7-2 and a NAC-best save percentage of .609.  First-year attack Tim Reilly (Hanover, MA) was also named NAC Second Team All-Conference.  Reilly finished second on the team in scoring this season with 60 points, including 22 goals and a team-high 38 assists. 


Fall 2013 12


JANUARY / FEBRUARY / MARCH 2013 RECAP NEC Faculty & Staff Alumni Reception in Henniker We are so fortunate to have more than 35 hard-working and loyal faculty and staff alumni who work at the College. We’re making it a point to honor and celebrate you at the Currier Alumni Center each January to kick off the New Year.

NEC Alumni Receptions in Manchester, Chicago, San Diego, and Florida Alumnus Dave Tille ’89 graciously hosted a gathering of local alumni in Manchester. Among those enjoying an evening of cocktails and conversation were Alumni Board President, Kristen Bell ’05, VP, Autumn Pepin ’03, Erica Cote ’97, Al and Sheila Sewell ’88, Walter Kahn ’85, Patrick Rivard ‘04, Jodi Leombruno Doody ’89, and Julie Nicknair-Keon ’88. We were also able to meet undergraduate and graduate alumni in California, Florida and Chicago, all of whom enjoyed reconnecting and reminiscing about NEC memories at a variety of events and receptions.

Winter Carnival in Henniker A creative ice sculpting contest, a surprise visit from the LL Bean Bootmobile, skiing at Pat’s Peak, and après ski Trivia in the Pub all combined to make Winter Carnival a great success. The Phi Mu Delta and NEC Ambassadors teams truly represented NEC team spirit.

APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2013 RECAP NEC Alumni Receptions in Concord, Boston, Worcester, and the Outer Banks Special thanks to Leonardo Anguilo ’03 for hosting a successful gathering of alumni, current students, parents and friends of New England College in Worcester, MA. We were also able to meet undergraduate and graduate alumni in Concord and Boston, all of whom leveraged the event to network and reengage with the College. And would you be surprised to learn of Alan Goldfarb ’64 and his large group of alumni friends renting three mansions in North Carolina for a week of reunion?  A true picture of NEC pride!

NEC Rugby & Alumni Reception in Colorado The NEC Lions Rugby Team had a great season and went on to compete at the national level in Denver, Colorado. Alumni supporters, rugby players, coaches, parents, and friends enjoyed a celebratory reception after the game. Gary DeSimone ’85, an alumna who attended the matches stated, “The NSCRO championship was obviously a very special weekend for everyone. Rugby has a way of creating instant lifetime bonds among those connected to the sport. The camaraderie and personal relationships developed between the team, the parents, and the NEC alumni over the weekend is unique. The NEC alumni who have supported rugby over the past few years are incredibly proud of this team, and look forward to keeping this spirit alive for many years to come.”

13 Fall 2013


APRIL / MAY / JUNE 2013 2013 RECAP Shakes and Smoothies for Graduating Seniors in Henniker To help with the transition from student to alumni, we hosted the Class of 2013 during Senior Week. The Currier Alumni Center welcomed students to check out all the NEC memorabilia, play lawn games, listen to music, and enjoy refreshing Shakes and Smoothies from Ben & Jerry’s.

26th Annual Golf Classic NEC student scholarships are supported by the generosity of Golf Classic golfers and sponsors who are a diverse group of alumni, NEC friends, faculty, staff, students, and corporate partners. This year’s Kilgore Cup winners are from the Eastern Propane team comprised of Cider Berry, Brad Therrier, Dan Hanson, and Jack Lupo. Second place was awarded to NEC faculty member Cindi Nadelman, Elbridge Gerry, III, his son Elbridge Gerry ‘13, and George Gingell ‘12.  In third place, Matt Toy ‘97, David Brenner ‘00, Lincoln Ford ‘98, and Josh Delisle.  The event reconnected friends and raised more than $43,000 for student scholarships. 

Alumni Award Recipients On Friday, October 4, 2013 New England College will honor alumni and friends during Homecoming Weekend. The Evening of NEC Excellence will take place in the Simon Center beginning at 7:30 pm. This year’s Athletic Hall of Fame inductees are former Men’s Soccer student-athlete James Palumbo ’08, Women’s Lacrosse goalie Megan Merklinger ’97, and former Women’s Basketball and Field Hockey coach Robin Gail Joseph. The Alumni Association Awardees this year include David Currier ’72, of Henniker, NH, receiving the William Troy Award, given in recognition of dedicated service to the College, community or nation. Alan (Goldie) Goldfarb ’64 will be recognized for his tireless commitment to his classmates and peers as the Lee Clement ’49 Outstanding Alumni Volunteer. Long time friend and former member of the first class at New England College, David Coffin, will receive the Honorary Alumni Award, posthumously, for his demonstrated interest in, and loyalty and service to, the College. We are delighted to announce that we are renaming the Outstanding Alumni Achievement Award in honor of Deborah Spring Reed ’60. The newly minted Deborah Spring Reed ’60 Alumni Achievement Award will be awarded to Deborah who was a pioneer for women at NEC as one of just two female graduates of the class of 1960, and the first alumnae elected to the NEC Board of Trustees. Deborah worked for Ford Model Agency and Young Rubican advertising agency at a time when young women were just starting to break into the world of marketing and advertising. Congratulations Alumni Award recipients!



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27th Annual New England College Golf Classic June 6, 2014

Calling All Greeks New England College would like to hear from you! We are looking to reconnect with our Greek alumni and hear your memories, stories, and experiences. A friendly Greek Challenge has been issued by Jeff Kantor ‘68 and Gene Fox ’72 of SAB/SPE to see which fraternity or sorority can raise the most money for the Annual Fund this year. Bring back past rivalries and put your allegiances to the test!

15 Fall 2013


For more information please contact NEC’s Associate Director of the Annual Fund, Jeremy Picchierri, at 603.428.2249 or e-mail


The quaint atmosphere of Henniker and the supportive nature of the NEC faculty and staff created a positive experience for me. Diana Sutherland Bren ’03, ’04 G I transferred to NEC after spending my freshman year at a large inner-city state school campus. The small town setting, small classes and ability to get to know my professors drew me to NEC and I knew that was where I needed to complete my degree. The quaint atmosphere of Henniker and the supportive nature of the NEC faculty and staff created a positive experience for me. Since graduating, I have spent a lot of time giving back to my community in Mansfield, MA as part of a local woman’s group. This spirit of giving back to my community extends to giving back to NEC and I am proud to be a past member of the Alumni Board and a member of the Young Founders Society. I look forward to being part of the new “Founders Under Forty” group. This new group focuses on young professionals who give leadership gifts to help strengthen NEC. After completing my undergraduate and graduate degrees with NEC, I worked in a few different positions and was excited to accept a new position at Covidien this year as an OpEx Leader in the Corporate Operational Excellence Department. This is a huge stepping stone for me to achieve my dream career. I am already a certified Green Belt in Lean Sigma and am now working toward my Lean Sigma Black Belt certification. I plan to build off all the training, mentoring and operational experiences I will have in this job to grow personally and professionally to take on even greater leadership roles. NEC not only provided me with a strong educational background, it also helped me meet my husband Ethan Bren ’05. We have been married for over three years now and are excited to be doing well in our careers, community, and with our ability to continue to give back to NEC. I would never have been able to find my own academic potential and realize my own leadership strengths without the educational experience I had at NEC and the support and mentorship of my wonderful parents. They have always worked hard and have supported me at each phase of my life. They showed me the importance of family, working hard, giving back to the community, and to having fun while doing it all. I am also grateful for the great professors that helped me find my potential and that I can continue to strive to achieve more in my career because of their teaching. §


Fall 2013 16

FACULTY NEWS Alex Picard, Assistant Professor of Theatre • The Hope Project : An Exercise in Listening Presented at the New England Narrative Conference on June 14, 2013 at New England College. The Hope Project is a production created from the true stories of New England College students. Kevin Harvey, Professor of English • Contributing writer for Muddy Waters Magazine. Cynthia Carlson, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science • Coauthored an article “Social Capital and Walkability as Social Aspects of Sustainability” that is available for free download from the journal Sustainability. • Along with Professor Deb Dunlop, received a $5000 seed grant to collect macroinvertebrates (bugs!) in the Contoocook River and explore the use of macroinvertebrates as an educational tool for college and high school students. • The podcast of a talk Cyndy gave this past spring is now available at the Portsmouth Science Cafe website. Martha Andrews Donovan, Professor of Writing • Presented with Professor Maura MacNeil through the New Hampshire Humanities Council “Humanities to Go” program, the “Family, Memory, Place: Telling Family Stories” at North Hampton Public Library (March 5, 2013). • New England Narrative Conference Presentation, “Dangerous Archaeology: Photographs, Artifacts, and Ephemera in Visual/Textual Narratives” at New England College (June 14, 2013).

17 Fall 2013


Maura MacNeil, Professor of Writing • Presented through the New Hampshire Humanities Council “Humanities to Go” program the “Family, Memory, Place: Telling Family Stories” at North Hampton Public Library, North Hampton, NH, co-led with Professor Martha Donovan (March 5, 2013). • Co-chaired the 1st Annual New England Narrative Conference at NEC on June 14. • Had two poems published in the Adanna Literary Journal’s issue on “Women and War: A Tribute to Adrienne Rich.” (Winter 2013). • Received the 2013 Outstanding Teaching in Postsecondary Education Award by The New Hampshire College & University Council. Gavin Henning, Associate Professor of Higher Education and Director of the Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and Doctorate of Education programs • Published a chapter entitled “Demonstrating Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness” in the Monograph Accreditation and the Role of the Student Affairs Practitioner (May, 2013). • Provided a keynote address entitled “Leveraging Student Engagement for Individual and Institutional Success” at the National Association for Campus Activities Annual Conference (February 2013). • Coordinated three presentations at the American College Personnel Association Annual Convention (April 2013). 1. Using the CAS Learning Outcome Domains and Dimensions. 

2. With Dan Bureau and Susan Sullivan “Do It Yourself CAS Assessment.”

3. With Marybeth Dreschler Sharp and Heather Shea Gasser “Using the CAS Standards for Program Development and Assessment”. • Provided the keynote presentation entitled “Integrating and Systematizing Student Affairs Assessment” at the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators Region I Assessment Drive-In Conference (March 2013).

• Provided a keynote entitled “Assessment Isn’t An Activity. It’s a State of Mind” at the Second Annual International Forum on Student Affairs held in Monterrey, Mexico (June 2013). • Served on the conference faculty of the Academic Impressions Conference entitled “Systematizing Assessment in Student Affairs” (February 2013). • Received the Diamond Honoree Award from the American College Personnel Association for outstanding and sustained contributions to higher education, (March 2013). • Was elected to Executive Council of the Board of Directors for the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (June 2013). Debra Nitschke-Shaw, Professor of Education • Has been appointed to the New Hampshire Council of Teacher Education and has been an active member of the Institutions of Higher Education Network of Teacher Education faculty. Ben Tafoya, Assistant Professor of Political Science • NEC Poll: Completed the first outof-state polling for the Massachusetts Senate Special Election garnering publicity for New England College in national outlets such as Reuters and CNN plus regional recognition by WBZ Radio, WBUR Radio and numerous newspapers. John Achorn, Associate Professor of English • Publication: “The War of Love.” Henniker Review. A Literary and Artistic Journal. (2013): 71. Heather Chabot, Professor of Psychology • Co-presented at the 2013 New England Narrative Conference with students Christine Westgate and Katherine Anthony. “From bystander to responder: The relationship between written narrative and physiological response to observed violence.” • Co-presented four posters with students at the Association for Psychological Science, a national psychology conference in Washington, DC in May 2013.

1. Bystander Sex and Anxiety Trump Victim Sex in Interpersonal Violence Intervention Decisions — Edward W. Brand, Michael P. Amirault, Heather F. Chabot. 2. Do Victims Help Victims?: Victimization-Identification, Perceived Barriers and Intimate-Partner Violence Intervention Likelihood — Katherine A. Anthony, Heather F. Chabot, Ivan Delic. 3. Reduced Effectiveness of Aggressive Bystanders’ Physical and Emotional Responses to Interpersonal Violence — Ivan Delic, Katherine A. Anthony, Heather F. Chabot. 4. Bystander Intervention Likelihood Does Not Differ by Transgender Status of Violence Victims — E. Faith Page, Heather F. Chabot.

Susan Nagelsen, Writing Program Director and Professor of Special Education • Publication: “The Swing” Epiphany Magazine (May 2013). • “The Hat Lady”  New Plains Review (March 2013).

Meredith Bird-Miller, Associate Professor of Education • Co-presenter at the New England Narrative Conference with Diane Eno: “Embodied Narratives of the Land: Innovation in Practice and Research.”

Sarah Thomsen Vierra, Assistant Professor of History • Publication: “At Home in Almanya: Turkish-German Spaces of Belonging in West Germany”, 1961-1990, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, no. 52 (Spring 2013): 55-73.

Diana Moore, Director of Online Learning and SGPS Faculty • Joint publication: Hamm, S. E., Drysdale, J., & Moore, D. (2014). Towards a mobile learning pedagogy. In D. McConatha, C. Penny, J. Schugar, & D. Bolton (Eds.), Mobile Pedagogy and Perspectives on Teaching and Learning (pp. 1-19). Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-4333-8. ch001.

Glenn Stuart, Professor of Theatre • Stage Manager and Director of the Twelfth Night production (August and September 2013). The production featured several NEC Theatre alum: Alex Picard, Michael Tucker, Adam Boisselle, Ian Allan, Keri Bresaw (who composed original songs for the production) and faculty member Russ Rattray. Stage managed by another alum Kayla Morello.

Retired Faculty News H. Clapham [Cope] Murray, Faculty Emeritus, contacted NEC with the following news. “I came to NEC in 1962 and started a theatre program, which in time became a department.  In 1971 I was part of the opening of the Arundel campus in England, returning to Henniker in 1976, where I remained until I retired in 1990.” “During my retirement I have devoted my time to creative writing.  I have recently published a novel, “The Making of Daniel,” which is available at Amazon, printed or kindle.  So far I have received three 5 star reviews.”   DESCRIPTION OF NOVEL: Set in the backdrop of the post Civil War South is the story of Daniel, a mulatto. Searched for by his father and pursued through the snake-infested Okefenokee Swamp by a voodoo priest, “The Making Of Daniel” is an epic novel, a generational saga from 1880 to 1940s, that comes full circle to its explosive interracial origin.


Fall 2013 18


AWARDED FOR EXCELLENCE Professor of Writing at New England College, Maura MacNeil, ’82 received the 2013 Outstanding Teaching in Postsecondary Education Award by The New Hampshire College & University Council, the first in NEC history. The selection committee of the New Hampshire College & University Council cited Professor MacNeil’s tireless work providing her students with innovative, experiential, and creative learning opportunities. Students in her class are provided with a dedicated, encouraging, supportive and talented teacher, a faculty member who has exceptional skills in the classroom, and one who will work hard to provide outstanding learning opportunities. “A hallmark of Professor MacNeil’s teaching is that she brings her students into local communities to make what they are learning applicable to real life situations,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs, Mark Watman. “I am delighted that Maura has been chosen to receive this year’s Education Award,” said Dr. Michele Perkins, President. “She has made many contributions in her 12 year tenure and is a professor who genuinely cares for her students and their success.”

19 Fall 2013


The New Hampshire College & University Council annually participates in the New Hampshire Excellence in Higher Education Awards, informally known as the “ED”ies awards. The selection for Outstanding Teaching in Postsecondary Education Award is a competitive process which involves nominees from various colleges and universities. §

Color Guide: Primary Thank you to all our alumni, parents, and friends who helped NEC this past year.


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Fall 2013 20

NEC Remembrance

Obituaries of Faculty, Staff, and Friends David L. Coffin (NEC friend) passed away on July 14, 2012, age 87. Priscilla “Sally” Kingsbury Frechette Maynard (former member of the NEC Board of Trustees) passed away on February 6, 2013, age 93.

Alumni In Remembrance Gary Breslin ’80 passed away on December 27, 2012.

Stephen H. Langill ’60 passed away on May 5, 2013, age 78.

Thomas Patrick Reaves ’05 passed away on January 4, 2013.

Jacquelyn Brill Crothers ’74 passed away on April 13, 2013, age 63.

Hudson “Bard” Lemkau III ’96 passed away on February 9, 2013, age 42.

Stephen Proctor ’91 passed away on February 5, 2013 age 53.

Paul Lovejoy ’77 (Former Board Member) passed away on August 26, 2013, age 58.

Douglas A. Remington ’76 passed away on May 27, 2012.

Roger E. Bull G ’10 passed away on January 18, 2012 at the age of 53. Richard N. Carnale ’96 passed away on May 17, 2013, age 39. Laurence “Larry” M. Curtis, Jr., ’67 passed away on January 9, 2013. Dean S. Dimitriou ‘79 passed away on December 4, 2012.

Leon Luger ’51 passed away on December 27, 2012. Gail (Bunny) Mcleod ’05 passed away on March 6, 2013, age 73. Neil Moody ’50 passed away on January 10, 2013, age 86. Craig V. Morrissey ’91 passed away on May 8, 2013, age 45. Eileen M. (Kinch) Palladino ’76 passed away on March 11, 2012. age 68.

Richard Rivard ’76 passed away on November 25, 2012. Pierre Schoenheimer ’53 (Former Board Member) passed away on January 25, 2013, age 79. Paul “The Strelz” Strelzin ’63 passed away on April 27, 2013, age 75. Michael Tatko ’70 passed away on February 15, 2013, age 64. Norman B. Therriault ’58 passed away on November 25, 2011, age 79. Fred A. Tiedemann ’61 passed away on April 26, 2012. William Russell Watson ’84 passed away on November 29, 2012.

21 Fall 2013


Plan to make a difference You can help support NEC’s future with a gift from your will, trust, or retirement plan. Financial resources from bequests and planned giving provide support for scholarships, professorships, buildings, and technology.

If you are interested in learning more about augmenting your legacy at NEC, please contact:

Meghan Hallock Director of Development Programs 603.428.2394


Fall 2013 22


Over 250 graduates received degrees at the 66th Commencement of New England College held on May 18, 2013. The College awarded the honorary degree to U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte for her work as the State of New Hampshire’s first female Attorney General, for her service to the State of New Hampshire as our Senator, and for her commitment to the citizens of New Hampshire to provide responsible government.

The day was particularly special for student speakers Amy Levesque and Erin Faith Page. Amy, who graduated with a Masters in Human Services, encouraged graduates to find their own path. “When I was younger, I wanted to move to a big city, get some heels and chic business suits, and work for someone important in a tall fancy building. At that age, all I knew about success was based upon what I had read about in my favorite books where the main character always lived happily ever after. So, I pursued business management because it sounded important, and I paid close attention to my advisors, who I counted on to tell me exactly how to go about my life’s work. Thanks to them, I landed a very appealing Big Girl Job working at a major university in Boston, in a building that wasn’t tall but a little fancy. At last, I had the makings of a career that from all external appearances looked exactly like what I had imagined all those years before - even the pointy-toed heels. But, two years later, I realized that the big city apartment was far too expensive, the job was mighty boring, and those heels hurt. After doing exactly what everyone had told me to, I didn’t understand why I had ended up broke, bored, and with sore feet. Although the city girl experience had not worked out like I had planned, it turns out that it was the best case scenario, because in those moments of quietly unfulfilled desperation, I heard the call of transformation. Thanks to learning what I didn’t want, I learned that what I wanted was still out there waiting for me to discover it on my own.”

23 Fall 2013


In her address, President Perkins shared her own personal perspective. “Over the past few years, you have stretched in your own personal way. You have challenged yourself – intellectually, socially, and maybe even spiritually. I’m guessing you have had periods of impatience and frustration, and struggles with maintaining a consistent discipline. You have tried different courses, debated with professors, read many books and articles, taken tests, written papers, and discovered what you like and dislike. You have formed and changed opinions. Your scope of understanding and reasoning has enlarged. Each stretch has increased your reach and given you a little more confidence in knowing your strengths. Each stretch has made you better. As the President of your alma mater, I’m proud to tell you that the process of stretching is the very essence of higher learning and the very essence of NEC. I know you will take this quality with you throughout your lives. Keep running, graduates, stay strong, and never stop stretching.” §


Fall 2013 24


Sandy (Burger) Hayes is enjoying the beaches and teaching on Cape Cod. She hopes to visit Henniker in the near future.



Walter Cemel states that on the 50th Anniversary of New England College, he, along with seven other members of the class of ‘48/’49, were recipients of the first Honorary Bachelor of Arts degree. Though he was not able to attend, he was honored to be included in the ceremony and to be a member of the first graduating class of NEC.


William Sabo and his wife Donna (Hankin) are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year. “We received a postcard from NEC announcing the 50th Reunion for the Class of 1963. It made us wonder what other couples out there will also be celebrating their 50th?”


Bill and Diane (Katzman) Siengendorf attended the Outer Banks mini reunion May 11 - 18 and were thrilled to see a great turnout of old friends. “We picked up right where we left off 50 years ago.”


Harold Messenger is semi-retired helping his wife with their bed & breakfast and outdoor weddings. They are loving life with their 9 grandchildren ages 1 to 10. “I am grateful for the preparation received at NEC. Thank you!”


Wayne Pruitt says “Hola” from sunny Spain! Looking for Kyle Van Saun, Ian Murray, and others!


Sandra Narinian is still in contact with her sister-in-law and former roommate Ellen Turner Narinian, Lorrie Beachen Brown, Kathy Jones, and Jane Hartig Houle. She is looking forward to the 40th reunion this fall and hopes to see people from classes of 1972 & 1973.


TJ BaRoss proudly announces the publication of his novel, Thai Lies, on Amazon as a Kindle e-book.


Sue Blumberg Szkola, Susan Evans Posiff, and Kathi Kuhlthau Woodard had a mini-reunion in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. “We laughed while re-reading the letters we exchanged in 1973.”

25 Fall 2013



Jonathon Wachtel is looking for Heather Hammil, Tom Morency, and Peter Malloy


Charles Bred celebrates his fourth year as Director of Dining Services for Chartwells at Manhattan School of Music in New York City. He and his wife Tereza, daughters Maiana and Kely and sons Maximillian and Thallis live on White Pond in Kent Lakes, NY. Their oldest son, Christopher, is in California. Richard B. Kimball was named Managing Director of New England operations for the Toronto based real estate firm of Avison Young, Canada’s largest independently-owned commercial real estate services company. Rick will also join Avison Young as a Principal. In his new role, Kimball will focus on overseeing the growth and development of Avison Young’s New England region, servicing new and existing clients, and managing the day-today operations of the Boston office.


Jill (Hoffer) LePage ‘89 and Pete LePage’s ‘87 daughter, Brooke, is currently a sophomore at NEC. She is studying elementary and special education and plays on the women’s soccer team. Their other daughter, Emily, is a sophomore in high school and also plays soccer. Anne-Kathrein (Klemp) Perreault and family have relocated to VT after living in CT for 22 years and are in the process of building a home. She is homeschooling the youngest since the oldest two have graduated.


Thomas Savoie and Naomi Potter Savoie ‘93 have been married for almost 20 years. They have two beautiful daughters, Hanna and Heather. Tom is currently Director of Contracts and Purchasing for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government.

Also see Glashow news under 2013.

James Fuller: “Hello NEC! I want to let the alumni know that NEC Biology majors are out there doing well. I was elected to the office of President for the North Carolina Academy of Science in 2013-2014 with my term as President of the academy starting next year for 2014-2015.”





Bill Delano and his wife, Beth Becker Delano, have moved to Coronado, CA.

Harold M. Tanner announced the publication of his book, The Battle for Manchuria and the Fate of China Siping, 1946 on Indiana University Press.


Jeff Pruyne is currently employed at Great Bay Community College, Rochester Campus as Enrollment & Outreach Counselor. At sunset on December 5, 2011, Rae Woodsum married Mark Musial in a small outdoor ceremony just north of Fairbanks, Alaska. In attendance were: Joe Henderson (the Marriage Commissioner), good friends Alice and Nathan, and nine Malamute dogs including the two “Best Dogs of Honor” Farmer and Bear. The ceremony was followed by a celebration with champagne, salmon, and moose steaks around a bonfire. The newlyweds spent the night riverside in a tent. Rae and Mark reside in Anchorage, AK.


After over 20 years in New England, Frank Dwyer moved to Newport Beach, CA with his wife Tami and their 13 year-old daughter Caitlin. Caitlin played the role of Kasie Ward (Mark Wahlberg’s on-screen daughter) in the movie The Fighter and is actively pursuing an acting career in the Los Angeles area.

Matt Nucci is the owner of Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA.

Brian Demers married his best friend and soul mate of 14 years, James (Jim) May, on December 31, 2012.


Wendy Coen completed a post graduate certificate in education and is now teaching English and Dramatic Arts to grades 8 through 12 at a high school in Randfontein, Gauteng, South Africa.


On December 29, 2012 Mary Ellen (Carpenter) Detri married Freddie Detri. In attendance were Matt and Theresa (Allen) Westgate, Nicole (Richardson) Brisson, her husband, Aaron and Rachel (Alyward) Johnson and her husband Brett. Mary Ellen graduated with her Masters in Analytical Chemistry from Northeastern University and is currently working as an analytical chemist at Precision Dermatology in RI. They are expecting their first child in September.


Erik Dey and NEC Professor, Wally Pineault, enjoyed a diving adventure at Lake Winnipesaukee in NH.

Call for Class Agents New England College needs your help! We are looking for volunteers to serve as class agents. What does that mean? It means you can help organize your class and increase their connection to the college. With the help and support of the Alumni Office, you can strengthen the NEC network and make an important and rewarding impact for all. For more information, please contact Shirley English-Whitman at 603.428.2398 or e-mail


Rebecca (Rivard) Good and James L. Good of Titusville, Fl were married on February 8, 2013. They welcomed 6lbs 10oz son, Anthony James Good, in April 2012.


Barbara Lynne Callanan is the owner of JCB Gluten-Free Consulting Services. Together with her sister and partner, Joan Schmidt, RN MBA she provides dietary solutions to the hospitality, healthcare, and education sectors. They develop comprehensive programs that teach foodservice venues to safely serve patrons who suffer from food allergies and gluten sensitivity. They have also launched the Golden Apple Rule™ initiative that assists schools in their anti -bullying efforts – but, with a unique twist. This program supports children with food allergies and dietary intolerances. Specifically, the initiative provides administrators, teachers and fellow students with the critical tools to interact with the growing population of children that are shunned by their peers for adhering to medically-necessary dietary constraints. The consulting firm was started as a personal quest. Barbara maintains a gluten free lifestyle because she has celiac disease and her niece suffers from food allergies. She believes that education is the key to understanding and tolerance. She would love to hear from fellow NEC graduates that share her passion at


Bethany Forshaw graduated with a Master of Science in Athletic Training in May 2013. “After playing sports for four years at NEC, I learned that I had a passion for Sports Medicine. I feel that my time at NEC has shaped me into the person and professional I am today.” Megan McDevitt is currently working on her Master of Science in Justice Studies with concentration in terrorism and homeland security at Southern New Hampshire University. She works at the Bristol Police Department and completed the 159th police academy along with fellow alumni Bri Gerrior, Sean Benoit, Tiffany Lawerence, and Chris Buker.


John Gabriel is attending Whittier College in Whittier CA, where he is a graduate assistant pursuing his Masters of Education degree. He is also the assistant lacrosse coach. Monica Rico is proud to announce her new Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) to the college community. Her farm, Terra Organics, is a mother-daughter operation located on the banks of the Blackwater River in Hopkinton, NH. Everything is grown using organic methods, and they are in the process of becoming “Certified Organic.”


Morgan Abbott could not ask for a better graduating class! ”Good luck to everyone with your future endeavors.” Ariel Abbott is heading to Franklin Pierce University to earn a doctorate degree in physical therapy. “Thanks to all who supported and helped me to get there.” Patricia Als reports she is on her way to see what the real world is like and off to become stronger than ever. Corey Barbo plans to work as a salesman for his family furniture business on Cape Cod. Ryan Beausoleil “Go NEC!” Jiksa Bedada plans to go to graduate school to become a clinical or compound pharmacist. Daniel Blackman wants to move to an island and open up a youth hostel and make all the buildings out of shipping containers. “I thank my mom and dad for the helping me get through college.”

Chelsie Boroski will be heading back to Michigan to pursue a career in physical therapy. Sasha Bounchanh-Reith will be attending Rivier University and working towards a Nurse Practitioner Masters in the fall. “Thank you to my family and husband for all of your continued love and support while I make my way in the world.” Johnathan Boxill will be heading back to the UK to play professional ice hockey and get his MBA at Edinburgh University. He plans a career in finance and banking. Tracy Broderick recently started working at Crotched Mountain Rehab and loves it. Mitchell Carney says, “Thank you mom and dad for the past 4 years. I would never have made it without you. Erich Caron says, “Make good choices, or well-informed bad choices.” Benjamin Chasse is heading back to Vermont to work. He is also going to apply to different police departments in both New Hampshire and Vermont. Michael Coe is “…so grateful to New England College for giving me the skills and knowledge to grow and succeed.” Nicholas Conner says, “Congrats to all my classmates and to my friends who walked before me, I love you all.” Patrick Corcoran plans to move back to Philadelphia, PA and begin a career in sales or marketing. Patrick Cremin: “I did it!!!” Kristin Dehm is heading to graduate school! Safiya Elkady says, “Thank you to all who stood by my side through this adventurous rollercoaster ride!” Megann Ferrell: “How exciting to think about the 4 years that have flown by. The next chapter of my life includes marrying Brandon Reynolds. Thanks to NEC for helping with the best proposal ever. Class trip to India in 2013, we got engaged in front of the Taj Mahal! I look forward to opening “Cooking with Kids,” in Tiverton RI, starting a family, and coming back to NEC for alumni weekend each year. Class of 2013, go big or go home!”


Fall 2013 26

CLASS NOTES 2013 (Continued) Erin Gebo states, “It sounds cliché, but these past four years have been some of the best years of my life. I met people that have bettered me and inspired me. I have been able to travel to some amazing places, and truly understand what is happening outside the borders of the classroom. Because of the amazing faculty and staff at New England College, I graduated with a 3.8 GPA and have been recognized for my dedication to political science. I was also a class marshal at the commencement ceremony. NEC has given me the tools to do whatever I want in life, and to be successful.” Elbridge Gerry hopes to get a job in computer support or a film editing job. “NEC has provided me with the top of the line skills needed to pursue this goal.” Mackie Glashow will be attending graduate school at the medical college of Wisconsin and pursuing her Ph.D. in biomedical research. Jamie Glashow will be heading to Syracuse University College of Law. Alexa Golden did research with INBRE this summer and plans to attend graduate school soon. Melissa Gray plans to attend graduate school and get a Masters in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. She also plans to stay in Henniker for the next few years! Brett Hartigan says, “Thank you to all of the creative writing and English department faculty.” Hakan Hasdal says, “Thanks to NEC for everything. As an international student, this place taught me how to live in a small community. After NEC I will go to military service back home in Turkey.” Alyssa Hoot is moving back home to Ohio and in the fall she will start coaching a girls’ elite ice hockey team out of Columbus. She looks forward to getting a personal training certificate. Akane Ihara will be working at Disney World in the business office for a year. Lilja Jonasdottir is going to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science to become a physician’s assistant. Abigale Jones is graduating half a year earlier than expected. “I have many internships lined up in the field of communications. I became a member of the broadcasters association. I also made the first promotional videos for New England College.”

27 Fall 2013


Call for Class Notes Send in your class notes for the next issue of Today! Contact Alexa Kade South Africa, “Here I come.”

Jacob Noyes: “Can’t believe it’s over!”

Josiah Kapp says, “Thanks to my friends and family for always being there for me.”

Cameron Nyblom thanks everyone for a great 4 years. “It’s been real; see ya’ll down south, ‘cause that’s where I’m going.”

Robert Kitami is really glad to have graduated from a college in the US. “I am really proud of myself. I will apply to grad school for accounting.” Samantha Levine: “Thanks mom and dad, I hope I made you proud!” Matthew Malone will be working for the Londonderry YMCA. David Marks will be going back to Texas to train as a paramedic. “My dream is to open a second ranch in Texas and raise exotics and cattle. I thank my parents, family, girlfriend, and friends for the encouragement and love they provided me during this journey.” Karl Marston will be finishing his teacher certification by student teaching at John Stark Regional High School. “I am looking forward to beginning a career in education as I have been trained by super faculty who did not allow me to fail.” Karen Mason is looking forward to graduate school and can’t wait to keep in contact with the friends made at NEC. Travis Matteuzzi: “Hard work gets you places.” Caitlyn Mattil says, “Thank you to my amazing professors, grandparents, friends, Brenda, and Jon.” Donagh McKean: “Hi class of 2013! Congratulations to everyone for moving forward in their careers. I plan on going to Bridgewater State University to complete my Masters in Athletic Training. I hope to work as a trainer at a college or professional level. I can’t wait for our reunion so I can hear about everyone’s adventures! Go Grims!” Abdirahman Mohamed: “I’d like to thank my wonderful parents who raised me to become the man I am today.” Bryan Morissette was a Student Marshal at commencement. “I’m excited to be continuing my education and going to graduate school at Franklin Pierce in Manchester, NH. I will be completing the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program.” Justin Muniz had the opportunity to go to Glendale Colorado to play for a rugby national championship! He also received All-American honors and made the Dean’s list.

After an incredible experience at NEC, Erin Faith Page will be going on to graduate school. “I hope that my presence on the NEC campus has impacted and improved the community as much as they have positively changed me. Congratulations to the class of 2013; keep on transforming yourselves!” Catherine Plummer will be pursuing her passion of working with young children who may suffer with developmental or educational challenges. Christopher Proctaska: “Thank you mom, dad, and friends for all your support. If it weren’t for all of you I would not be here now.” Katie Roberge is off to travel the world! “Thanks mom and dad.” Brittany Romano: “Thank you to my dad and brother for continuously supporting me in all of my endeavors. I love you.” Shawn Sirman: “Thank you to mom, dad, my sister, and grandparents for making the 20 hour trip to Henniker to see me graduate.” Heidi Waugaman-Page: “After receiving two associate degrees, I wanted to continue with a Bachelors degree to ensure my working knowledge. Working and taking classes at NEC was a perfect combination. As a marketing student, I got to witness professors of the school first hand. I’m taking a graphic design skills class and will build on those skills by going on to a Masters of Business in Digital and Social Media.”

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