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4 Toy Car Project

Alex Newell

Minimalism Research


Minimalism Understanding Minimalism in relation to the brief In order to create a sucessful solution I will also need to follow the Minimalistic scheme of thought and apply it to my vehicle, the MG MGB. During my research I will attempt to annalysie and examine key features that makes the vehicle identifiable as the MGB.

Specificaton: Body style: Dimensions: Wheelbase Length: Width: Height:

2-door roadster 2,312 mm 3,886 mm 1,524 mm 1,219 mm

Notable Feature: Grille - The highly detailed chrome grille

Notable Feature: Rear - Details including the rear bumper,

does not follw the minimalist school of thought. In order to create a minimalist grille I could look at creating a bar that wraps around the front of the model and cut a few verticle cuts through it, again making this feature easy to identify as a grille.

the angled brake lights and the sloping boot all create the character of the MGB, as I need to capure the essence of the vehicle I will need to encorperate a sloping rear end to allow my car to be identified as an MGB.


Wire Rim


Originally this style of wheel was used in conjunction with the first generation of the mini. The minilite was developed as a magnesium competition wheel, this gives the style an iconic aesthetic and a key feature of any 1960’s sports classic.

These wheels are mainly associated with the likes of the Jaguar E - Type and the Aston Martin DB5, however MG did release many models with wire rims, these wheels provide a more elegant aesthetic as opposed to the minilites and the rostyle wheels. In this project it may be difficult to produce a wheel to this style from acrylic. I will need to investigate wheel styles when I come to designing the wheels for the model.

The Rostlye started in America used on a number of muscle cars such as; Pontiac GTO and the Shelby Mustang. These wheels are made simply from pressed steel form with raised spokes, these wheels were designed so that there was no need for a hub cap or covers, almost a minimalist approach within its self, due to this, the project may be suited to this style of wheel.

Toy Car Project Minimalism Research

Alex Newell DE0830

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