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You’ve taken care of something new and something blue. let us do the rest. Located in the heart of the Haymarket District, Graduate Lincoln is the ideal venue to host your special day and all the festivities leading up to it. We offer a variety of distinct venues sure to make your wedding celebrations memorable including grand ballrooms, intimate spaces, a bridal suite and an on-site restaurant. Book your event or room block today!



141 North 9th Street Lincoln, NE 68508

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the choice is simple ... it's Tiburon! OutdOOr CeremOny Site

Seating fOr up tO 400 gueStS

rehearSal dinner & reCeptiOn Venue

lOCated Off Of i-80 and hWy 370

10302 SOuth 168th Street, Omaha, ne | 402.896.1323 | WWW.tiburOngOlf.COm


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We’re so happy you found us! Meet our new 2018 Edition of Nebraska Wedding Day! This edition marks the 15th anniversary of NWD and to celebrate, we’ve packed these pages full of our most compelling work to date! Each of our four new seasonal

contributing writers NWD Staff

issues are designed to inspire and inform, bursting with fresh editorial content +

Holly Lafferty

all the essentials. NWD offers you wedding resources across both print and digital

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platforms with our magazine, website and blog. The best part . . . it’s all LOCAL! From our editorial styled shoots to our vendor partners, we aim to inspire you with the

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best the local wedding market has to offer.


Our top job here at NWD is to do all we can to be your best planning partner! What

profession a l m odel s prov i ded

would make us most happy is for you not only to be able to smoothly plan your ideal

by S a sh a Model s

wedding, but to actually enjoy this experience in your life without getting bogged down in the stress of it all. So we’re here to help! While stress may inevitably creep into the intensity of wedding planning, it’s nothing you can’t handle now that you’re equipped with the most comprehensive local resource. In these pages, you’ll find a mix of chic inspiration, handy info, helpful planning tools and local wedding vendors. As the perfect complement to our print edition, NWD also offers an array

CONTRIBUTORS special t h a n k s to a l l of our nwd v end or pa rtn ers for c on tri buti ng your ti m e & ta l en t

of digital resources through our website and blog, which is updated regularly with fresh inspiration.


Through our website, you can access local vendor profiles, virtual tours, contact

vendors directly and use interactive planning tools. We encourage you to register

on the site so you can maximize your planning by accessing budgeting + checklist

tools and saving favorites as you browse through our inspiration galleries and


vendor profiles. Also, check out our interactive ONLINE VENUE GUIDE for easy navigation in finding your perfect venue.

Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this happy time in your life! We hope you love what we created just for you and that it inspires + informs.

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O M A H A , N E B R A S K A | A S H L E Y @ A S H L E Y- N I C O L E . N E T | 4 0 2 . 8 5 0 . 8 9 3 3 W W W. A S H L E Y- N I C O L E . N E T


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ElEgaNt iN E v E ry D E ta i l We offer 9,000 square feet of luxury space + outstanding amenities including beautiful ceremony and reception areas, new bridal suites to get ready in style, cutting-edge audio/visual systems, outdoor garden patio, all caterers welcome, and hotels within walking distance. Available for ceremonies, receptions, parties, corporate events and business meetings


aDDrEss 7040 N. 102nd Circle | Omaha, NE

C O N ta C t 402.934.4910 image by Photography by Bethany



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Make your wedding dreams come true

it all begins with...

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get gussied up

Im a ge by L a uren Deni se P h otog ra p h y

working out your wedding day style

Once the budget, venue and vendors are decided, you can move on to selecting the

Wear Your Everyday Makeup

final details of your menu, flowers, décor and most importantly, your look. Between

On the day of your consultation, wear your everyday makeup to your appointment.

follow-up phone calls, dress fittings and finishing up handcrafted details, you may be

Your makeup artist will see how much makeup you wear on a day-to-day basis and

distracted from your hair and makeup for the big day. So, rather than considering

can discuss with you any facial features you might like to accentuate. If your daily

your beauty consultations as simply items to check off your list, use them as a time

routine includes only wearing concealer and mascara, discuss some neutral eye

to relax and be pampered. When deciding on hair and makeup styling, remember

shadow colors and light lip gloss options. If you love to wear eyeliner and darker

that your fiancé fell in love with YOU and wants to see YOU walking down the aisle,

shades, your makeup artist will see that you do not shy away from a bold look and

not someone hardly recognizable. By following a few easy suggestions, not only will

can consider this when discussing options for the day of your wedding.

you be well-prepared for these sessions, you will truly enjoy them! Bring Photos BR I DA L M A K E U P CONSU LTAT ION

Bring a few inspiring images with you, such as photos of celebrities or Pinterest

When considering your wedding makeup, remember less is more. Your wedding

finds. Do not hesitate to pick and choose certain elements from different images!

day is not the time to debut a new smoky eye shadow or bright red lip color if

Explain what you like and do not like about each. You may love the rosy cheeks on

you’ve never worn these dramatic looks before. Your makeup artist will get a great

one and a full lash line on another. Most women have a difficult time describing

read on your beauty routine if you follow these few steps. It is important to show

their makeup wishes, so bringing along an image or two can illustrate for your

your true self on your wedding day.

makeup artist what look you would like to achieve on your big day!

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images by Katie Jo Photography

Your personal destination to indulge in luxurious services, as well as enjoy the necessities. We have created a nurturing environment that not only promotes your health and beauty, but gives you a place for total relaxation.

c r E at i v E

h a i r

d E S i g N

salon and spa Voted #1 Best of Omaha since 1993

12025 Pacific Street | Omaha, NE | 402-330-5660 |


Plan a Night Out The best way to test the longevity of your makeup and to fully enjoy your consultation is to plan an evening out with friends or go on a date with your fiancé that evening. This will not only serve as a test to see if you love sporting those false lashes for a few hours, but you will enjoy an extended wear time, giving you a feel for your makeup. Snapping a few images of yourself is also a great way to see how comfortable you feel with the results. You want your makeup to look flawless, all the while highlighting your gorgeous features. Be certain to take note of any changes you would like to make after this test. BRIDAL H AIR CONSULTATION Much like your makeup, your wedding-day hairstyle should be comfortable and reflect your personality and fashion sense. Your fiancé fell in love with you and expects to see your radiant self walking down the aisle without a last-minute bang cut or extra-long extensions. Be true to yourself and wear your hair in a style that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Hair Care Many hair stylists will agree that your “day-after” hair is typically the best to style. By not

SHeddIn’ before the WeddInG!

arriving with freshly-washed, squeaky-clean hair, your stylist will have some texture and body to work with. As always, when scheduling your consultation, ask your stylist for his/her

pamper + prepare all at once - get yourself ready for your wedding and honeymoon!


experience our Suddenly Slender Body WrapS ... Come One, Not All

inch loss

Since most salons are smaller spaces, it can quickly become distracting and intimidating


for a stylist to practice your wedding-day style with a crowd surrounding the chair. By only bringing one or two guests, you will relieve the stress and boost the enjoyment factor of your


session. Remember this is a practice run-through. While you should be very satisfied with


your bridal hairstyle before leaving the salon, it is not the time to obsess over every bobby pin

402.476.7855 | lincoln, ne |

in your updo. Focus on (a) how comfortable you feel with the style, (b) how long the look will last throughout the day and (c) if you have any desired changes, such as more or less volume or curl. Bring Your Accessories


If you plan to wear a veil or other hair accessory, don’t forget to bring it along to your

smilE . . .

the appointment on your wedding day will be a breeze. Plus, you will have the chance to

consultation. Allowing your stylist to practice with the piece in advance will ensure that try different positions for your veil or accessory and then snap a few photos of these looks to decide which you prefer.

BE st.

Wear Makeup


If you are not able to schedule your hair and makeup consultations back-to-back, at a minimum wear your everyday makeup to your hair consultation. Wearing makeup will allow


you to feel more comfortable visualizing your bridal look and your hairstylist can consider your personal beauty routine when styling your hair.


Let me help your entire bridal party get ready for your special occasion! DUNDEE DENTAL

Dr. Raymond Grove, Jr.

Brittney McKentry Conveniently located at 90th + Dodge in Omaha, NE // 402.343.0202

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Independent It Works! Distributor • Omaha, NE 231.670.4998

For a consultation, call 402.330.8460 2727 S. 144 th Street, Suite 235 | Omaha, NE | 18









a day-to-night styling collection

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hair & makeup Amber Jackson for Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa

manicure Molly Graham for Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa

blue velvet cocktail dress Dream Dress Express

jewelry Michael Tish Jewelers



Im a ge by Ash l ey Ni c ol e P h otog ra p h y

picking a ring within your style and budget

You have probably heard that it is important to consider the 4 Cs – cut, color,


clarity and carat weight – when it comes to selecting a diamond engagement or

Classic rings are still all the rage and for good reason – they stand the test of time.

wedding ring. A diamond’s cost is based on these elements of quality as these four

While white gold is increasing in popularity, yellow gold remains a highly-popular

characteristics are graded and categorized by the diamond industry. The higher

characteristic of a classic ring. A simple round- or square-cut solitaire diamond with

the grade, the rarer the diamond and the more expensive it will be. However,

a simple metal band conveys a very classic feel.

equally important to these factors is how it makes you feel when you are wearing it. This can only be determined by you, regardless of the grade. We understand


that shopping for your engagement and wedding rings can sometimes seem

Emerald-cut diamonds are more unusual than the ever-popular princess cut.

overwhelming when considering the 4 Cs, the price, as well as your emotions. Let

Selecting an emerald-cut diamond will set you apart from the crowd. Since these

us guide you through the basics so that when it’s time to make the final decision, it

stones are also more affordable than other shapes, you can usually purchase a larger

will be a comfortable one for you and your fiancé.

stone for the same price as a smaller stone in another cut. However, take note that flaws are more visible in an emerald-cut diamond, so it is important to pick a top-

There are numerous trends and styles available in engagement and wedding rings,

quality gem when selecting this cut.

and some of the most popular have real staying power. If you are not sure where to start, consider whether any of the current styles reflect your own personal tastes.



your personal style. Considering a colored stone certainly broadens your options.

One extremely popular and truly timeless trend is vintage-inspired rings. Vintage-

While many brides opt for a colored diamond, it is totally acceptable to choose an

or antique-inspired rings usually feature intricate details, such as gemstone

entirely different gem for your ring. Brides are choosing anything from rubies

baguettes or floral accents. A vintage ring will never become outdated because

to sapphires to opals as either the primary stone or as accent stones. Anything is

Selecting a colored stone for your engagement ring is another way to showcase

of its timeless character and, often times, the nostalgic sentiment it provides the

possible, and a unique gem will definitely draw attention to your distinctive sense

person wearing it.

of style.

29 nebraska wedding day

hhi is s + + hh ers ers


h i s

5305 O Street | Lincoln, NE | 402.483.4866 5305 O Street | Lincoln, NE | 402.483.4866

5 305 O



LincoLn, ne







While solitaire settings are still enormously popular, many brides are choosing a large

Once you have settled on your dream engagement ring, you and your fiancé should go

diamond framed by tiny diamonds. Such a design gives a nod to vintage styling while also

shopping together for wedding bands. While engagement rings are still an ideal way to show

creating the illusion of a larger stone. Brides also love the look of either three-stone or five-

off your individual style, wedding bands are becoming more personalized as well. Here are

stone settings, which provide a traditional yet glamorous quality. The broader range of design

some tips when making your selections.

options available with multiple diamonds adds to the appeal of choosing this style of ring. + Mix it up. Do you and your fiancé have different tastes in wedding bands? No problem! A MODERN S T Y L E S

matching set is not necessary – although you may save money if your jeweler offers a package

Think clean and simple, usually in platinum- or white-gold settings. Tension-set diamonds are

discount. You each should be able to wear a style you love!

characteristic of this look. Modern rings have a sleek appearance that border on plain, but

Also, the mixed metal trend is very popular in jewelry, freeing brides up to incorporate

work well for everyday wear. If you desire something cutting edge, a modern design might

different metal types into their accessories. Do you love rose gold as much as platinum? No

be the right style for you.

need to choose just one! Have fun mixing it up!


+ Incorporate your personality into your selection. Consider including a special engraving on

An emerging trend in the jewelry world that is appealing to the younger generation is

the ring or adding another meaningful detail. Designers today can do just about anything you

man-made, lab-grown diamonds. New to the market within the last year or so, you'll find

can think of to make your ring more personal. For instance, you can have the jeweler custom

these diamond varieties available at select jewelers. Created in a lab, rather than formed

design a new ring with stones from your great-grandmother’s ring.

by nature, these new diamonds alleviate concerns for those worried about the ethical and environmental consequences of the worldwide mining process. As a bonus, these stones cost

+ Think about what you will be doing day-to-day as you wear your ring across the years.

on average roughly 30 percent less than the traditional mined diamonds. Not only will these

Consider that certain stones or softer metals combined with an active lifestyle can diminish

stones provide peace of mind as to their origins, but they'll give your pocketbook a break too!

the beauty of your ring over time. If your fiancé is in construction, simple is probably better because the ring will endure significant wear and tear.

PL AT I NUM Platinum is still the precious metal choice of many brides. Platinum is much stronger than

+ Stick to your budget. Decide on the maximum amount you can spend before you go shopping

gold, which makes it a better investment in the long run. It is pricier than gold, which is why

and don’t sway from that amount. It is easy to be tempted when you see the vast offerings,

some brides who are attracted to the silver color of platinum end up choosing white gold.

so it is important that you and your fiancé hold one another accountable on price. While a

White gold offers the look of platinum without the higher price tag. However, if durability is

common rule-of-thumb is that the wedding rings should account for about 3% of your budget,

very important to you, it is probably worth the added expense of platinum to ensure your ring

it is up to you and your fiancé to decide what the right budget is for you.

will withstand the test of time. + Think long term. When narrowing the choices, a key question to ask yourself is if you will love it as much in thirty years. If not, continue your search. + Take your time. Visit several jewelers and never feel pressured to buy anything until you are certain it is a good match. + Plan accordingly. To allow for sizing, engraving or any other modifications that will need to

be made, purchase your rings two to three months before your wedding date. Don’t wait until the eleventh hour and risk not having a wedding band to slip on your finger for your big day! The best advice when shopping for your rings is to always keep in mind that your engagement and wedding rings are an important symbol of the commitment between you and your partner. Long after your flowers have wilted and the music has faded, your rings will still be on your fingers as reminders of the vows you made. Remembering their significance during NWD


the selection process will help you make the best possible decision.

coordination | ceremony site | catering | bar service linens | setup | av equipment 402.346.9116 | |

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xoxo B L A C K B I R D


33 nebraska wedding day




35 nebraska wedding day




pearls of wisdom

Im a ge by Ki m berl y Dovi P h otog ra p h y

sorting through the right advice for you

Have you ever felt like something was both a blessing and a curse? Well, that is

all, if the Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t mind her maid of honor wearing a white

how you might feel from time to time about the well-intentioned advice offered

dress, why should you give it a second thought when your cousin shows up in white?

as you plan your wedding. How will you possibly determine the good advice from

Ideally, close family members should check with the bride before selecting a white

the bad advice – the right information from the wrong information? It’s true that

dress for the occasion.

what is acceptable now could be very different from what was appropriate at your grandmother’s wedding over 50 years ago. Since the wedding industry is forever

When it comes to your wedding party, thankfully there is a wide selection of colors,

evolving, even some advice you receive from a bride of five to ten years ago may no

fabrics and styles available to choose from. It is entirely up to you whether your

longer apply. But we are here to help you sort out the misconceptions and to guide

bridesmaids are decked out in the exact same dress or different shades of your

you through the most common wedding myths.

favorite color. You can even mix and match similar styles and hues, as long as the end result is tasteful and coordinated. Regarding shades of white or ivory – as long

Wedding Myth #1 // A wedding planner is an unnecessary expense.

as you are comfortable sharing your color, everyone else should be as well!

Often times the additional cost of a wedding planner will be money well spent! A wedding planner can offer invaluable advice, assist in making decisions and

Wedding Myth #3 // A DIY wedding will save you money.

ultimately save you from a multitude of headaches. Additionally, a wedding planner

If the truth be told, handmade details can be time-consuming and expensive. If

may end up saving you money due to his/her business connections within the

you take on too many DIY projects, you could well find your head spinning! But

industry, such as negotiating a group rate with a hotel for your out-of-town guests.

that’s okay because you are saving money, right? Well, not always. Sometimes it

She can use her business relationship with the hotel sales manager to negotiate a

turns out that the materials for your beautiful project ended up costing much more

satisfactory rate while saving you time and effort.

than intended. When factoring in both manpower and materials, suddenly a DIY wedding doesn’t seem so wonderful after all.

Wedding Myth #2 // Only the bride should wear white. Thanks to the high-profile wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the

Cheer up! Handcrafted details do not have to overwhelm, as long as your plans are

tradition of white being worn only by the bride is no longer a steadfast rule. After

realistic and achievable. Also, keep in mind that there are hundreds of fantastic

37 nebraska wedding day

wedding vendors waiting to do the job for you. Their sole purpose is to help ease your burden and give you what you desire for your special day. These vendors have years of experience to draw upon in creating a perfect product for your wedding day. Instead of taking on

G eSr mOa nC-IAEmTe rYi c an

everything yourself, pick a few handcrafted details that truly speak to you and then decide if those projects are something you can tackle. If not, delegate those details to the professionals. They are always happy to be of service! Wedding Myth #4 // Seating charts are a waste of time. While seating charts are not the etiquette requirement they once were, there is still a huge benefit to creating one. Also, keep in mind that if you hire a wedding planner, she can do much of this work for you. Assigned seating shows your guests that you put great consideration into caring about their comfort at the reception. There are many neat options for seating charts and escort cards! Do you do amazing hand




M O M E N T ...

lettering? You can always DIY this element! Or utilize the awesome skills of an artsy friend or relative if you have one. You can also always talk to your paper goods vendor about incorporating escort cards into your wedding suite package if you would rather farm it out. There are no rules so have fun playing with a unique design, size, or shape. Even play with the placement of the card, trying something unique rather than just the standard plate placement. Just remember to always be considerate of your guests as you build the seating chart. It is wise to have your parents and others close to the family review the chart to make certain you have not overlooked an old feud or uncomfortable relationship, thereby unknowingly placing those guests at the same table. Wedding Myth #5 // Buffets are cheaper than plated dinners. It is often assumed that buffets are a money-saving option for dinner receptions. While buffets can be fantastic for offering guests a variety of choices, some food options can still be rather costly, especially when including one or more carving stations. While a self-service buffet

make lasting impressions 3717 S O UTH 120 TH ST R E E T , OM A H A N E - 402.3 3 3 . 6 6 1 5 C HE LLE @ GER M A N A M E R I CA N S OCI E T Y.OR G 39 nebraska wedding day

veramae photography wedding & lifestyle photographer | 402.915.0842

minimizes wait staff, it does not allow for portion control. If not properly managed, a selfservice buffet can also leave the last guests in line with food that is past its prime, cold or even without food at all. One option to control portions is to have your caterer provide wait staff to “serve” portions from one side of the buffet to the guests as they move through the line on the other side of the buffet. This not only provides portion control, but it also allows wait staff to monitor when food needs to be replenished. Another meal service concept growing in popularity is the “family-style” meal. This food service style is typically less expensive than a plated meal and your guests will feel the reception is more personal with this style of service. It also eliminates people standing in a long buffet line. A family-style meal is a little less formal – with the food brought to each table on platters and serving dishes to be passed around the table for each guest to serve themselves. The serving dishes remain on the table to be refilled by wait staff as needed. It is important to secure the services of a chef, wedding planner or venue that has experience with this style of service. Having an experienced wait staff will make all the difference. Also, keep in mind the logistics of the table as you plan room for serving dishes. With this style of service, you will want to keep tabletop décor to a minimum so that serving dishes will fit comfortably. Finally, don’t count out the benefits of a plated-meal, which can still allow your guests choices while bringing an added level of elegance to your reception. There’s nothing quite like being served a beautifully-plated meal to make guests feel pampered and satisfied. Be certain to include the entrée choices on your response card and track the selections for your caterer. There are no steadfast rules as to proper decorum for today’s weddings. The best advice is to always be tasteful in your choices and considerate of your wedding party, family and guests. Make your decisions based upon how best you can celebrate your love on this very special day with people that truly care about you.


Michael Herod Photography

there is no dream too big or event too small

Wedding Consultations Complete Wedding Planning



Event Design & Decor Rentals Day-of Wedding Coordination

402.913.8083 • •


covering the tab

Im a ge by L a uren Deni se P h otog ra p h y

setting a realistic plan for your wedding expenses

You’re engaged – YAY! But once the excitement of the engagement settles down

conversation to ensure that they’re on the same page. The traditional arrangements

a bit, it’s time to discuss the nuts and bolts of planning the wedding. Instrumental

have not been replaced with just one alternative; but rather, couples are taking a

in that discussion is developing a realistic budget for all parties involved with

more customized approach based on a variety of factors. Considerations include

hosting the various events that surround this special occasion. There are a variety

financial resources and capabilities, the age of the couple as well as the family

of approaches to handling expenses. With no one-size-fits-all, each engaged couple

dynamics. If the engaged couple has divorced parents or a blended family, these

needs to thoughtfully consider what is best in their particular situation.

factors also play a role in the allocation of wedding expenses.

Traditionally, the parents of the bride pay for the majority of expenses with the

The next step is for the engaged couple to meet together with each of their parents

parents of the groom contributing only to certain minor expenses. But is that still

to explore what each parent has in mind to contribute. It will eliminate stress for

the case? What is the “new norm” for financing weddings? Considering that the

all involved if the couple comes to those meetings prepared with any high priority

average wedding in the Midwest can cost upwards of $30,000, engaged couples

must-have items for the wedding. This information will provide a needed point of

are setting aside the traditional standard in lieu of establishing a budget based on

reference for all parties about an appropriate budget and necessary funding of the

a variety of factors.



Following the initial discussion with your parents, you will be able to develop a

The first step in managing the budget is for the engaged couple to have a candid

more specific game plan and thereby allocate financial responsibility for each

41 nebraska wedding day

element of the budget. Having these details reduced to writing will eliminate concern and frustration for the couple as they navigate through the decision-making process. FI NANC I NG T HE W E DDING Some of the more common formulas for allocating the wedding budget include: (1) the

Tailor-made hairdressing and airbrush makeup artistry for the discerning bride.

traditional arrangement, (2) the 50/50 split and (3) the three-way split, but there are clearly other options. With the traditional arrangement, the bride’s parents pay for the vast majority of the wedding. A recent sampling of area brides indicated that about 40% of weddings continue to be paid for in this manner. The 50/50 split is an arrangement in which the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom each pay one-half of the wedding costs. The survey found that about 16% of today’s weddings are financed this way. The three-way split is when the costs are paid for equally by the wedding couple, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents. The sampling results reflected that about 22% of today’s weddings share expenses in this way. Other methods include the wedding couple paying for the majority of wedding expenses IMAGE BY THE MULLERS

themselves or the groom’s family paying for most of the wedding expenses. Whether you are planning a small affair or a full-blown soirée, the details of who will be handling the costs are critical in making the transition from engagement to wedding one of enjoyment rather than frustration. The approach can be customized to fit your situation and should always include open and honest communication. The key to a solid plan is that it is understood and agreed upon by all parties responsible. While determining the financial arrangements for your wedding day may initially seem uncomfortable, having the conversation with your parents upfront to develop budget guidelines will certainly help relieve financial stress. There is no clear common standard for financing today’s weddings, so choosing a realistic approach that suits you and your families will ensure that you will have the stress-free wedding of your dreams!




devil in the details

Im a ge by T h e Mul l ers

capturing your wedding day style through your paper goods

Whether formal or casual, contemporary or classic – the first impression of your

and your guests will be excited to discover what type of wedding you have planned.

wedding is made by your invitations. In addition to the styling, you will want to

So choose carefully when selecting your invitations, and remember to have fun

consider paper selection, font type and color palette. All of these elements factor

with them! Your invitations should be a reflection of your style and personality as

into making a splash with your invitations and setting the tone for your guests on

a couple.

what to expect for your wedding! Traditionally, wedding invitations utilize two envelopes, an inner and an outer We have outlined here are some of the many details that are part and parcel of

envelope. If your selection includes an inner envelope, the invitation is inserted

your invitations. Your paper goods vendor is an expert in his/her field and can

into the inner envelope facing the back flap, with the names of those invited

answer questions or make recommendations for the best way to accommodate any

handwritten on the front. The inner envelope is addressed as follows and if

particular need.

children are invited, do not use “and family.” Each family member should be listed by name, such as:

S AV E T HE DAT E A save-the-date announcement notifies guests to mark your wedding date on

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett

their calendar well in advance. It allows out-of-town guests time to plan early for


travel arrangements and to plan for time away from home. You can send save-the-

Pearl, Emily and Loralei

date announcements anytime between five to twelve months in advance of your wedding date. A save-the-date can be a postcard, magnet or any other creative medium of your choosing.

Keep in mind the inner envelope can be ordered with a colored liner, which may increase the cost slightly, but adds a splash of color and style. An address is not included on the inner envelope. Also, this envelope holds other pieces


of the wedding invitation such as a reception card, RSVP card with envelope,

About four to six weeks before the wedding, guests should receive your invitation in

accommodation card and a map or directions card. After the inner envelope is

the mail. Upon opening that special envelope, your wedding style will be revealed

properly addressed and stuffed, it is slipped into the outer envelope.

43 nebraska wedding day

All envelopes should be handwritten. If your handwriting is not legible, consider using a calligrapher or asking a friend with pretty handwriting to address the invitations. If neither option is available, run the envelopes through your computer printer selecting a cursive font that coordinates with your wedding style. It is best to have your return address pre-printed on the outer envelope flap. I NV I TAT ION V E R BIAG E When deciding on the appropriate verbiage for your wedding invitation, you will want to be mindful of both families. Using the proper language is important as your family circumstances may be a delicate matter when parents of the couple have separated or


divorced, passed away or are no longer part of the couple’s lives. It is also helpful to take into

D A N AO S B O R N E D E S I G N . C O M

account the role each family is playing in the wedding as far as hosting responsibilities when deciding on the invitation verbiage. Note that the more formal phrase “the honour of your presence” is traditionally reserved for weddings held in a house of worship. For less formal ceremonies, “the pleasure of your company” or “the honour of your company” usually indicates that the ceremony will not include a worship service. When deciding on the use of “honour” versus “honor,” consider the style of your wedding and your personal preference. Be sure to remain consistent by using “favour” instead of “favor,” when utilizing a reply card. While informal wording is becoming more common, remember to make it perfectly clear


whether guests are being invited to a wedding ceremony or to the reception only. An example is, “... would be delighted by your presence at the marriage of their children” or “invite you to join them at the wedding reception of ...” The key to properly wording the invitation is to be socially appropriate while remaining comfortable with the verbiage. When the bride’s parents are divorced, the invitation is often issued by the parent who raised the bride. If both parents raised the bride, the names are listed on separate lines with

hel lo@letterlane desig w w w. l e t t e r l a n e d e s i g n s t u d i o . c o m

A landmark venue in the heart of Lincoln 12th and R Streets University of Nebraska Lincoln, NE 68588 402.472.1170 @SheldonMuseum Photo by Karen Obrist Photography


the mother always named first without “and” between them. If the mother of the bride is remarried, use her married name. RE CE P TION LINE OR CARD When the ceremony and reception are being held at the same location, a single invitation can be issued. If the reception is held at a different location, a separate card is helpful, but not required. NOTE: It is not considered acceptable to invite guests to the ceremony but not the reception. RS VP LINE OR RE PLY CARD It is best to include a reply card with a stamped, self-addressed envelope to encourage guests to respond in a timely fashion. Even though it is not required by traditional etiquette, doing so increases the probability of receiving a reply. If you choose to use an RSVP line on the invitation, proper placement directs it to be printed in the lower left corner. You can also include a mailing address, phone number, email address or website for their response. If you prefer to use a separate card, the traditional fill-in-theblank version provides the first letter of Mr. or Mrs. or a more casual option reads, “Please let us know whether you will join us” with space for writing. If your reception includes a plated meal wherein the guests choose from a selection of entrées, those options should be printed on the reply card, one per line with a short blank line preceding each selection to fill in a number. SPE CIAL DE TAILS ON TH E WE DDING INVITAT ION If your reception will not include a meal, it is courteous to inform your guests by using a phrase such as “and afterward for cocktails” rather than the classic “at the reception.” If you wish to stress the importance of the style of dress, for example black tie or casual attire, print that notation in the lower right corner of the invitation or on the reception card. For instance, a New Year’s Eve wedding invitation might state “New Year’s Eve attire is encouraged!”, signaling to guests that you wish for them to dress festive for both the holiday and the occasion. It is important to note that your registry information should never be indicated anywhere on the invitation itself. Rather, you may optionally include such information as a footnote on one of your invitation suite inserts, displayed in a tasteful and discreet manner, for the convenience of your guests. Before ordering your invitations, verify that it contains all critical pieces of information, such as the (1) host, (2) request, (3) couple’s names, (4) date and time, (5) ceremony location, (6) reception location and (7) RSVP. This information can be arranged in a variety of ways to reflect the style of the occasion and the couple. While it is always important to consider proper etiquette, also consider your personal style when selecting your invitation and the appropriate phrasing.

NWD 8510 K Street • Omaha • 402.331.5404

30% off wedding invitations when you mention this ad

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8720 countryside plaza • omaha, ne • 402.991.1881 •

the paper company blackbird photographie

Letter Lane Design Studio

47 nebraska wedding day


49 nebraska wedding day

Dana Osborne


libby rae studio

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Tara’s Designs

55 nebraska wedding day



Im a ge by E m i l y Jessen P h otog ra p h y

finding your gown among an array of choices

Reality television is developed with one purpose in mind – to produce interesting

just won’t work. It may sound like a great idea to have your entire family and all

programming by maximizing drama. While you may be familiar with the reality

your girlfriends there to help you choose your gown, but inevitably the situation

show Say Yes to the Dress, it obviously is not always an accurate depiction of the

will cause more confusion and stress, making the entire experience less enjoyable

ideal bridal gown shopping experience. More drama equals more stress, so most

for you.

brides are seeking the exact opposite. We welcome you to a more accurate reality when shopping for your wedding gown.

You will find that everyone has their own opinion. As the bride, you know the only opinion that truly counts is your own. So while it is nice to receive feedback from

It is completely within your control to make your bridal gown shopping an

one or two loved ones, bringing along multiple people could create unnecessary

experience that dreams are made of. In the reality show, brides flock to a popular

anxiety. Set yourself up for success by taking along a select few that will provide the

bridal salon with close friends, family members and assorted others to select a

quality feedback you seek.

wedding gown. As the bride slips into different dresses, her large entourage gushes over each gown. Usually the bride enters the salon with a budget in mind, but often

There is a simple solution to limiting your shopping crew. Inform friends or family

ends up blowing the budget when the gown of her dreams is significantly more

who wish to come along that your mother and your maid (or matron) of honor are

expensive than her budget allows.

going to be helping you with your gown search. Often that will stem the tide of volunteers as they realize those are the women closest to you who will be helping

While the show is highly entertaining, it is not the best model to follow when

you shop.

shopping for the gown of your dreams. So we are here to set the record straight on a few key misconceptions that have arisen as a result of the portrayal in this popular television series.

For friends or relatives that still persist with being included, simply ask them to support you later at a gown fitting or join you to shop for bridal accessories. If your resolve begins to weaken with an insistent few, find courage to gracefully


decline by remembering that having an unplanned guest along is often much more

When you are dealing with a smaller bridal boutique, bringing a large entourage

stressful than helpful.

57 nebraska wedding day

KNOW YOUR LIM ITS Before you set out for gown shopping, make certain you set a budget that reflects the exact amount you can afford. If setting a higher budget for your gown is a top priority, look for other areas of your wedding budget to trim, thereby allocating a little more for your gown. Just be cautious about eliminating any of the necessary elements of your wedding simply BLOOMS

to increase your gown budget. Ultimately you will not be happy if you have not allocated


properly to pay for the cake or to provide sufficient tips for the wedding vendors who worked so hard to make your day perfect. If your dress is a priority, make it one of your top budget items. This can work as long as you realize you may need to make other sacrifices – like rethinking those delicious mini-cakes you wanted to provide as guest favors or the expensive orchids you were having flown in for the centerpieces. If you have a strict budget, you need to honor it. Trying to negotiate

Jessica Blex Photography & Design

more money for a gown with your fiancé or parents can cause stress in other aspects of your wedding planning, as well as add tension to the relationships. BE HONE S T ABOUT YOUR M AX IM UM BUDGET Nothing causes more frustration for both the bride and the bridal boutique as when you are uncertain about what you can truly afford. If you tell your bridal consultant that your budget is around $4,000, she will bring out breathtaking couture gowns within the $4,000 budget. But, if in reality your maximum budget is $3,000, you risk falling in love with a gown that is beyond your means. At some point, you will have to be honest with the consultant – and

Voilà! is your first stop for bringing your wedding dreams to life - from the smallest details up until your grand finale, we provide attention to each part of your special day to create a memory that will last forever. Let us design a blissful and swoon-worthy wedding day for you!


yourself – about your true budget and then the process must begin again with gowns that fit your budget. Sadly, you may then find yourself frustrated because you are longing for that $4,000 couture gown you simply could not afford. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment and frustrate your bridal consultant by wasting time on gowns you can't consider purchasing. You will benefit greatly from building a relationship

 

with your consultant. When it comes to shipping, measurements and all the details, you will

images by lauren denise photography

5 0 1 2 3 rd A v e n u e | K e A r n e y , n e b r A s K A | 3 0 8 - 7 0 8 - 0 6 7 8 | h e l l o b e A u t i f u l b r i d A l . c o m 59 nebraska wedding day

want to make sure you are getting the best service possible. A good relationship goes a long way toward that end. Taking up unnecessary time not only costs the boutique money, but it


is also disrespectful to other brides waiting to shop for their gown. Many salons work on an appointment-only basis, so those brides with appointments following yours must be delayed or rescheduled to another day if you are not shopping with a purpose. The best approach is to always be honest from the very beginning, with both the consultant and yourself! The bridal boutique will work within your budget – no matter how high or low it may be. Above all else, they want you to leave a happy bride. Being straightforward ensures your gown-buying experience will be a positive one. Nebraska has so many wonderful bridal boutiques with knowledgeable consultants looking forward to helping you find the perfect gown at the perfect price. Simply come prepared with a list of your wants and needs. Above all else, cherish the experience!


Image by Twisted Lens Photography

Bridal Traditions a traditional bridal salon with a modern twist


507 N. Broad Street | Fremont, NE | 402-721-7645 2737 South 140th Street • Omaha, NE

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Im a ge by T h e Mul l ers

celebratory events before the big day

From engagement parties to bridal showers, you will have many opportunities to

the wedding. Both sides of the family should be invited unless due to geographical

celebrate your engagement with friends and family. Not only is this an excellent

location, separate parties are held. Some grooms discuss the engagement party

time to share good food + drinks with great company, but it also provides a unique

plans with the bride’s family prior to the proposal and then surprise the bride

opportunity to spend quality time with those closest to you. The team here at

immediately following the proposal with a party.

Nebraska Wedding Day has compiled this go-to guide for special events leading up to your wedding day, complete with creative party ideas and proper party etiquette.

Couples are encouraged to create a preliminary gift registry before the engagement party so guests who wish to bring a gift to the party can access the


couple’s selection of gift ideas. For your registry, it is best to select items of varied

Your engagement is an unforgettable and exciting event! The party celebrating

price points to give guests the most flexibility in choosing a gift. Please note that

your engagement is where all of your family and friends have gathered in honor

it is not appropriate to list the gift registry on the invitation. However, since it is

of you and your new fiancé. It can often be the initial meeting for most of your

likely that some guests will wish to bring a gift, it is perfectly acceptable for you

family and various groups of your friends. The engagement party is typically

to inform close friends and relatives of your registry preference in case someone

thrown shortly after the proposal and is traditionally hosted by the bride’s parents.

inquires. Keep in mind that unless all of your guests bring gifts to the party, it is

However, it is entirely acceptable for the couple’s friends or the groom’s family to

best to open packages after the festivities to avoid embarrassing anyone who did

host an engagement party, should the bride’s parents decline the opportunity.

not bring a gift.

There are many options for an engagement party. The guest list may be short,

Also, it is proper etiquette for the engaged couple to give the host(s) and/or

providing for a more intimate gathering, or you may opt for “the more, the

hostess(es) of the engagement party a gift as a token of thanks and appreciation.

merrier” with a large cocktail-hour event. Whether it’s a simple cocktail party, a

There will be many people who lend you a helping hand along your wedding-

special dinner party or even a casual backyard barbecue, the event should above all

planning journey, assisting either with planning or celebrating. It is important to

reflect the couple’s style and personalities. It is important that the guest list for the

remember to acknowledge those special individuals along the way, even if it’s only

engagement party should be limited to only those guests who will also be invited to

as simple as a sweet handwritten note expressing your gratitude.

61 nebraska wedding day

BRI DAL S HOWE R Bridal showers have been a tradition for many years and are a terrific opportunity to gather with friends and family to honor the bride and shower her with gifts. It is common for the maid of honor and bridesmaids or friends to host the bride’s shower. A bridal shower should typically be hosted months or weeks prior to the wedding and only wedding guests should be

your dream wedding

our personal touch

invited. Also, this is the one occasion that it is appropriate to list where the bride is registered on the invitation. There are many traditional games and activities for bridal showers. However, themed showers are becoming very popular. Themed showers are fun and provide a unique way to entertain the guests. Below are some of our favorite themes and activities to consider when planning a shower.

Baking Theme If the bride enjoys baking sweets, encourage guests to bring a shower gift inspired by baking. Set up a buffet of three to four desserts or baked goods for guests to sample. For the invitations, include a recipe card for each guest to jot down their favorite recipe to bring along to the shower for the bride to include in her recipe box. Send guests home with a jar of jam and a loaf of bread tied with some colorful string or simple jute and the recipe.

Date Night The couple will love this theme, as it will supply them with months of activities and ideas for date nights throughout their first year of marriage. Encourage guests to bring a datenight themed gift pulled together with items from their gift registry. For example, movie passes and popcorn bowls or a blanket and bottle of wine. As a shower activity, supply guests with note cards and markers to jot down date-night ideas. Suggestions may range from free activities, such as a walk at sunset, to more expensive options like a date night at a fine-dining restaurant. Put each note card in a sealed envelope and mark it with an estimated cost. After

315 commercial street loomis, ne


their wedding day, the couple can pick from the envelopes to find a unique date-night idea.

Brunch Brunch showers are great for larger gatherings and can be a hit when you pull together a yummy brunch menu. Host a parfait bar for guests to build their perfect parfait with different yogurts, fruits, nuts and granola. This allows guests to mingle and also provides an easy food option for the hostess. This theme could carry throughout the party by pairing a variety of cut fruit, fruit juices and champagne to create a mix-and-match mimosa bar. This is a deliciously light and easy self-serve beverage option. Guests preferring a non-alcoholic beverage could simply opt for the fruit juice. C OU PLE S S HOW E R Bridal showers have been evolving over the years into couple showers. Friends of the engaged couple often host a shower where the couple’s friends are invited to celebrate their upcoming nuptials. These showers are typically more casual and relaxed and are ideal for couples who already share many household items. Yard games and refreshing beverages are perfect for this type of shower, allowing guests to get to know one another and mingle. B AC H ELOR E T T E PA RT Y Image by J.Swim Photography

Many brides are shying away from bachelorette games for this special event with their closest girlfriends. Some brides are gathering their friends to participate in a local cooking class while others might head out of town to relax by a hotel pool. The most important element of the bachelorette party is for the bride to feel comfortable with the plans, especially since this is a time for her to truly kick back and relax before the wedding day. Looking for some fun and creative activities that are a bit out of the ordinary? Below are a few of our favorite bachelorette party ideas.

Cooking Class Perfect for the bride who loves to spend time in the kitchen, invite a small group of girls to participate in a cooking class. This gives the bride an opportunity to spend quality time with her friends while the guests are entertained and may even pick up a cooking tip or recipe.

Unforgettable MeMories Undeniable style Lincoln, NE • 402.261.5615


Lasting Memories . . . Preserve the beauty of your wedding dress for generations to come!

Vineyard Tour + Wine Tasting This is a simply fabulous way to host a relaxing bachelorette party. Invite guests to a local vineyard to taste wines while catching up and chatting about wedding plans. The scenery itself will provide a relaxing experience for the bride and her guests.

Receive 25% off when you pick up your preservation package within 2 weeks of completion.

Art Class Give guests an opportunity to create a gorgeous piece of art without the need for any true artistic talent. At some area art classes, guests are given step-by-step instructions to help each guest create a memorable painting, while also affording the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine in celebration of the occasion. As you can see, the possibilities are endless and only limited by the imagination of the host and the guests. Have fun with it!


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formal wear rental & sales 2807 South 108th Street, Omaha NE 402.397.3933 LincoLn, nebRaska 402.464.7447 |

63 nebraska wedding day

An Unforgettable Event

The Players Club Golf & Country Club

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12101 Deer Creek Drive | Omaha, NE

protecting your pocketbook

Im a ge by Jessi c a B l ex P h otog ra p h y

drafting a plan to tackle your wedding expenses

Setting your budget is an important first step when beginning the planning

example, the bride may have her heart set on top-of-the-line wedding photography,

process. It sets the stage for every element that is included in your special day.

while her parents may feel that an open bar during the reception is essential. Once

Properly managing your budget is crucial in achieving your ideal wedding full

the parties are aware of each other’s wishes, delegating the budget to specific areas

of all your must-have wishes. In addition, tracking your budget by recording your

of planning will be easier. As wedding vendors are researched, the budget will be

expenses regularly throughout your planning is critical to avoiding surprises.

a helpful guide in narrowing the various options, as it may be necessary to exclude

While tradition calls for the bride’s family to pay for most of the wedding, from

some vendors that would exceed your budget.

time to time couples have relied on alternative methods for allocating their wedding budget. Simply follow these straightforward steps for easy management

Parents of the Couple

of your wedding budget while preparing you to handle any obstacles along the way.

If both families are contributing to the wedding budget, separate conversations


first topic of discussion is the monetary amount each family feels comfortable

Parents of the Bride

contributing. Some families would rather contribute to the budget by paying for

should occur between the engaged couple and their respective parents. The

If the bride’s parents are paying for the wedding, it is recommended that the

specific elements like the alcohol, entertainment and floral design rather than

bride sit down with her parents to agree on a specific monetary amount they feel

allocating a specific dollar amount towards the total budget. Once this is decided,

comfortable contributing. Once this amount is established, the bride’s parents and

both families will feel more comfortable with the wedding budget. The couple

the engaged couple should create a list of their top three wedding priorities. For

and their families should discuss a payment plan for contributions to the wedding

65 nebraska wedding day

our goal is to mesmerize eveRy. SINgle. tIMe.

Raelyn Ramey Photography

Surrounded by beautiful North Downtown city lights is the perfect choice for your wedding and reception! Invite up to 450 guests and experience our state-of-the-art amenities while you celebrate the night away.

Raelyn Ramey Photography

Creating Atmosphere

MAK Images Photography

Omaha’s premier banquet & events facility 605 North 13th Street

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and delegate a single person to track the budget and any balances throughout the planning process. If the couple is overseeing the budget, be certain to clearly communicate necessary

Great Events

Begin With greta’s

obligations to both families throughout the wedding-planning process. Each respective family will then know their current balance owed and any upcoming payments well in advance of the due date.

The Couple It is not uncommon for many couples to pay for their own wedding, especially if they have been independent for several years or are planning a second wedding. Establishing a realistic budget for yourself is critical when paying for your own wedding. Many financial planners suggest formulating a budget that can be paid one-half before the big day and one-half within the twelve months following. Your wedding budget should never put you in significant debt. You do not want to start your new lives together buried under a mountain of wedding bills! Smart budgeting upfront will prevent that from happening. Simply review your plans and make cuts to expenses that are not essential. The best way to uncover areas that could be considered for budget cuts is for the couple to each write down their top three wedding priorities. Anything outside of that list should be considered for cuts. For the groom, this could be a live band, special transportation and a signature drink. For the bride, this could be floral design, her wedding gown and a professional makeup artist. Once considered, it is easier to stay focused on what each other desires most, thereby allowing each to be more respectful of the other’s wishes when making necessary cuts. Also, it often reveals areas you both do not feel strongly about, making the budget cutting much easier. Finally, it may be helpful to hire a financial planner or wedding planner if you are handling the budget yourselves. A financial planner not only can assist in creating a realistic budget and payment plan, but can also establish helpful financial goals and tools for your future as a married couple. A wedding planner can assist in establishing a budget, in monitoring your budget and in assisting with making necessary cuts. The wedding planner may also be able to

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67 nebraska wedding day

work with vendors for discounts or specials, which in turn could more than recover the cost of



hiring the planning specialist. T WO | F OR E C A S T ING T H E BU DG ET It is often difficult to establish a wedding budget when you have no point of reference. The most important thing to remember is everyone views budgets differently. One bride may want to spend a large percentage of the overall budget on her wedding gown and opt for a cake and punch reception. Another bride may want a large wedding with a plated dinner for 400 guests and would trim her budget by purchasing a lower-priced gown. Prioritize your wishes. If you are still unsure after attempting to outline a budget, consider these approximations for local weddings: (a) 44% of wedding budgets typically are spent on the venue, catering and rentals; (b) 6% of the budget is typically spent on florals and décor; (c) 21% on attire and jewelry; (d) 5% on music and entertainment; (e) 4% on paper goods; and (f ) 10% on photography and videography. Nebraska brides usually have large weddings of 170

The Club at Indian Creek combines natural beauty and stylish settings to provide the best in casual elegance and

guests or more, thereby shifting the budget toward accommodating a higher guest count. If

unsurpassed service. Our caring, experienced staff will

you are looking at a smaller budget but a large guest list, it may be best to revisit your list and

help you create a unique event that reflects

consider cutting some guests to stretch your dollars.

your own personal style.

It is best to breakdown your total budget amount into categories to better forecast how much money you believe each element will cost. This will keep you focused on the smaller dollar

Contact The Club at Indian Creek

amounts that you have allotted when working with each vendor. If you are “under” budget in

and transform your vision into reality.

certain areas, either delegate that amount to another area of need or put that amount aside. Typically, most brides spend 10% to 20% more than budgeted. So it is wise to place the money aside, rather than finding areas to spend it. This will ensure that you come in on or under budget after all expenses have been paid.

Lane Weddings

T H R E E | S TAY I NG ORG A N I ZED During your planning process, you will accumulate many contracts, brochures, menus and other paperwork that needs to be organized. Delegate a close family member or trusted friend to be in charge of charting and managing your wedding budget and all associated information. This includes forecasting the budget, tracking payments, documenting all down payments and scheduling when upcoming payments are due. It is important to have periodic meetings about the status of your budget, addressing areas where you exceeded the target budget and areas where you came in under budget. You will be more comfortable meeting with vendors when you know the status of your budget as a whole and how much money you are able to spend. Anytime you become stressed or overwhelmed by your wedding budget, just remind yourself of the bigger picture – your wedding day! Remember your priorities and stay focused on the end result. Most couples have to sacrifice a few elements to afford their dream wedding. Trust in your wedding vendors and allow them to assist you in getting the most for your allotted budget. Finally, if your parents are contributing to your wedding, it is essential that you remain grateful for any financial assistance they provide. By following these simple steps, you can achieve your dream wedding on any budget, large or small!




TO YOUR DOOR a n d b a c k to t h e sto re !

See it, feel it, try it on in our store. When you’re sure you have what you’re looking for, have it delivered to your door. You will have your tux the week before your event. If there is anything that doesn’t fit, we will ship a replacement out to you in plenty of time. Return shipping is absolutely FREE!


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199 nebraska wedding day

m o d e r n

m a s c u l i n e

ki m berl y d ov i ph ot ogra ph y / t h e d urh a m m useum

75 nebraska wedding day

m e n s w e a r / ti p top tux j e w e l r y / bors h ei ms


m e n s w e a r / m r. t u x e d o b o u t o n n i è r e s / ke a r n e y fl ora l c o .

77 nebraska wedding day



Im a ge by Jessi c a B l ex P h otog ra p h y

a symbolic gesture to demonstrate your bond

You and your spouse may choose to demonstrate to one another and all your guests


that you are truly committed to the union. This symbolic gesture represents the

Similar to the braiding ritual, you can have your officiant gently tie you and your

joining of you and your partner as a team – a united front. Lighting the unity

spouse’s hands together with a decorative cord, ribbon or special strip of cloth.

candle to represent two becoming one can be a uniquely intimate moment during

This gesture symbolizes the act of marriage – binding you to one another. Hand

the wedding ceremony. But if the thought of marking this special moment with

fastening is an ancient Celtic wedding tradition and also a wonderful way to honor

the typical candle lighting seems outdated to you, there are more modern options.

your Celtic heritage.

Consider utilizing an equally poignant gesture in a way that better represents you as a couple. Here are some creative ideas on alternatives to the traditional unity


candle, all the while honoring the significance of this special moment with your

Consider having you and your fiancé’s mother each bring a small vase of flowers to

guests serving as witnesses to you bond.

the front at the beginning of the ceremony. During the unity tradition, you and your beloved can transfer the small bouquets into a larger vase, symbolizing the


beauty of your relationship and your union.

For this simple gesture, use a decorative cord or rope, selecting two different complementary colors or styles of rope for your materials. Fastening the two


pieces together at the top, intertwine the strands by overlapping them creating a

You and your fiancé can each bring a sampling of soil from your childhood homes or

decorative braid. This can even be a décor item for your home.

other special location to pour into a beautiful receptacle or pot. The soil will signify

79 nebraska wedding day

your childhood dreams being realized with the two of you having found one another and becoming one in a new life together. A variation might include having a special plant or tree sapling already planted in the pot to which you add your soil. Later the plant or tree could be transplanted when you purchase your first home. For example, a jasmine plant denotes love or a lavender plant signifies protection, love and longevity. PL ANT Another variation includes planting a tree or other shrub together after the ceremony. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, this is a wonderful way to create a natural lasting bond between you and your beloved. As a bonus, it is a perfect gesture for couples hosting an earth-friendly wedding. T I ME C A P S ULE Another unique option includes you both bringing a variety of items that represent different elements of your relationship – a ticket stub from your first movie date, a photo of the two of you together and notes written during the courtship. You can place the items in a time capsule to be opened on your tenth wedding anniversary. Rediscovering the items long forgotten so many years later will be a special moment for the two of you to share. W I NE If permitted at your ceremony venue and as long as you don’t mind making a little noise, you and your spouse can place a bottle of wine into a special box and together nail on the lid. This is another tradition that can be celebrated on your tenth anniversary. Like a fine bottle of wine, your marriage only gets better with age. On your anniversary, open the box and enjoy! There are an endless number of ideas for representing your unity at your wedding ceremony. Variations on these ideas to make it your own are perfectly acceptable. If you have a unique idea, go for it! If it honors the relationship between you and your spouse, it is guaranteed to be a special moment you will remember forever.


The perfect setting for the wedding of

your dreams.

From simple to luxurious, the one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive setting of Lied Lodge and Arbor Day Farm’s 260-acre property showcases the day you’ve been dreaming about.

n Personal Wedding Manager n Indoor and outdoor ceremonies and receptions at seven unique locations including the Historic Morton Barns, Steinhart Lodge, and Arbor Lodge State Historical Park n Rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches n Award-winning food n Fully renovated guest rooms and suites For complete details and to view our photo gallery, visit

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plum perfect

Im a ge by Ash l ey Ni c ol e P h otog ra p h y

finding a good match in your planning partners

Selecting your wedding vendors is a crucial step in the planning process, and

allowing them to incorporate those wishes into your wedding dress selection

can also be great fun imagining the possibilities with these planning partners.

whenever possible. They are knowledgeable on brands, fabrics and silhouettes,

With all that is to be considered, it is easy to forget about asking key questions or

offering great advice and options to create your unique bridal look.

expressing concerns you may have. When meeting with a vendor, always bring along information about the basics of your wedding plans (date, time, locations) and

Whom to Bring // Your bridal gown selection process is the most sensitive and

keep an open mind to suggestions your vendors may have. We have laid out some

special time during your wedding-planning process. You may have dreamt of your

simple tips for ensuring you have a successful meeting with each of your wedding

wedding gown for years, but here is where your dreams meet reality. Remember


the importance of feeling stunning, yet comfortable in your gown. By only inviting one or two close friends or family members to your appointment, you will feel


more at ease. We suggest bringing your mother, sister or maid of honor with you as

No doubt you have flagged pages from your favorite bridal magazines or scoured

they know your style. They can also gently remind you of your price point. Avoid

the web to save images of your favorite wedding gowns. If you have a favorite

bringing any small children, as they may distract you from the task at hand.

designer, research where that line is sold. You will want to keep those images handy for your visit to a bridal boutique. However, keep in mind that your favorites may

Be Upfront // While absolutely loving your final selection is a top priority, a

change once you begin to try on dresses. You will see how flattering certain styles

critical consideration is staying within budget. Always be honest with your bridal

look on you. Tap into valuable expertise by telling the bridal consultant your wishes,

consultant about your price point. She will be able to select gowns without breaking

81 nebraska wedding day

the bank or breaking your heart. Also, be upfront with your style and fashion preferences. If you dreamt of an all-lace trumpet silhouette, tell your bridal consultant that lace is very important to you. She will appreciate your honesty when pulling gowns for you to try on. But also remember to give other styles a try. Wedding dresses usually look very different on your body than they do on the rack. Stay open-minded during the selection process. Even if you try on a dress that is not really you, it will ultimately give you greater confidence about your final selection.

Raelyn Ramey Photography

What to Wear // Nude undergarments are encouraged when trying on bridal gowns. They do not distract and look the best under sheath gowns. Also, wearing makeup and doing your hair will allow you to feel more confident when trying on dresses. Be certain to bring along heirloom sashes, broaches or other items you wish to incorporate into your look. FL OR AL A N D DÉ C OR Finalizing your décor and floral designs often is one of the most difficult areas of wedding planning for many brides. After dreaming of your perfect wedding, it becomes challenging to commit to ideas and designs, fearing you may change your mind. Keeping an open mind to suggestions made by the floral designer and event planner will allow you to create a wedding day exactly how you pictured it – often times better!

Rocking J Imaging

Selecting a Designer // It is difficult to compare floral designers side-by-side without asking very detailed questions regarding supplies and labor. When interviewing floral designers, be upfront about your budget and what elements are important to you. Be sure that the floral designer’s natural aesthetic fits well with your styling of the wedding. Keep an open mind to their ideas and vision; trust in their knowledge and expertise as designers. They know what type of flowers will be in season, what will last through your wedding day and they will have fresh ideas and designs that you may love. The best designers work within your vision to create your perfect day. Remember, you are not paying for just a floral designer, but rather you are paying for an event-design partner who will help formulate a key element of your

Andrea Nuxoll Photography

wedding-day décor. What to Bring // As always, arrive prepared with your wedding details in hand. Gather information beforehand about what is available to use at your ceremony and reception sites. Have a ballpark budget in mind to share with your floral designer during the first consultation and stay true to that figure. This allows your designer to offer options on how to create your ideal arrangements within budget. You can also bring along any images of floral arrangements and bouquets so your designer can gain a sense of your taste. Come prepared to discuss what you like about each image so the designer can pick up on any trends or styles you favor. Remember to focus on the overall look you wish to impart, rather than the specific flower. This will dramatically expand options for the designer to create what you truly desire,

Erin Petersen Photography

all within your budget. Your vendors are your trusted partners in executing the details surrounding your special day and the key to a successful partnership is clear and timely communication.


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filled to the brim

Im a ge by T h e Mul l ers

arriving at a balanced guest count for your venue & budget

The guest list is a significant element in shaping your wedding day and compiling

Discuss your vision for the wedding day and the number of guests you wish to have

a well-curated guest list can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning your

in attendance. Also, establish a reasonable number of guests to be invited by each

wedding. With parents and other family members requesting the inclusion of

set of the couple’s parents. This will eliminate any misunderstandings and will

coworkers and distant cousins, it can quickly become a bit challenging to navigate

relieve additional stress.

the “in” and “out” lists. But by following a few simple guidelines, you can avoid any social blunders as you develop your ideal wedding guest list within the parameters


you find most fitting.

It is ideal to have settled on your budget and your guest list before selecting your


assist you in making a final decision on appropriate sites. If you have your heart set

The most significant wedding budget item is the amount spent on your guests’ food,

on a country chapel wedding, your guest list should reflect the intimate size and

ceremony and reception venues. This will provide you clear guidelines that will

drink and entertainment. A traditional buffet or plated dinner will cost anywhere

feel of the location. Think realistically when coordinating the size of your guest

between $15 and $50 per person, depending upon the meal selection and venue.

list with the capacity of your location. Ask yourself what is most important – the

After you decide the budget for your reception food and drink, you will need to

venue or the number of guests. If the number of guests cannot be scaled down to

do the math with your guest list. If you are over budget, reevaluate your guest

accommodate your dream venue, look for a larger space. It is better to relocate

selections and make the necessary cuts. If your parents are paying for the wedding,

the reception than to crowd guests around tables with little room to move and

they may wish to include their friends on the guest list.

potentially no room for a dance floor.

83 nebraska wedding day

C R E AT I NG T HE LIST The first step after reaching an estimated guest count is to divide that number by three. List the names of all the people you wish to invite on one of three worksheets. (Microsoft Excel is common software used to organize these lists and allow for easy changes as needed.) The first sheet should represent the couple’s guest list. The second sheet should include one set of parents’ guest list and the third sheet should delineate the other set of parents’ guest list. In the first column on each sheet, enter the guest’s name. In the second column on each of the three lists, designate “A”, “B” or “C” next to the name. The names designated as “A” are musthaves that include siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. Your “B” names are should-haves, such as good friends, distant relatives, etc. This is the most difficult category to decide. Many couples struggle with coworkers or friends from high school or college. The final category, “C,” is like-to-haves that may include neighbors, former coworkers, and the like. Should it become necessary to trim the guest list, sorting the names by category will allow you a clearer picture of who could be omitted. Also, as RSVPs are returned, you may find some expected guests cannot attend. At that time you can reevaluate your cut list to reconsider extending an invitation to any of those guests. You could send out a second group of invitations, but only if just a brief time has passed since mailing the first group to avoid hurt feelings for those not included in the first mailing. If you need help organizing your guests’ contact information, consider opting for a digital address book via Postable ( This site allows your guests to electronically submit their contact information to your confidential online address book, which allows you to stay organized by keeping all the information in one place. Once you’ve collected all your guests’ addresses, you can then export the information to an Excel document, transfer to another address book or print them directly on your paper goods. The best part, it’s free! E S TI M AT ING T HE R S V PS The invitation RSVP will assist you in estimating the actual attendance at the wedding. The standard RSVP estimation tool calls for you to double the number of invites you send (since an invitation usually includes two people) then subtract 33%. In other words, two-thirds of your guest list will most likely attend your wedding. While this rule of thumb usually rings true, there can be factors that affect attendance. If your guest list includes a high percentage of out-of-town guests, your rate of attendance may be a bit lower due to guests not being available to travel. One thing is certain, there are always a few surprises when receiving RSVPs. When guests are asked to write in their names and the number attending, they may add a friend or child that you were not including on your guest list. Should this occur, do not despair as most likely it will not affect your budget. Should a guest add multiple children’s names and you do not wish for children to attend the wedding, politely call and explain your wishes. Just be certain to make no exceptions for other children attending, as this could cause hurt feelings among your guests.



Image by Karyn Rae Photog raphy

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h a p p i l y e v e r a f t e r b e g i n s h e re

Step away from the ordinary and celebrate your wedding at Hotel Deco. Situated in downtown Omaha and constructed in 1930, Hotel Deco pairs the opulence of Art Deco with a captivating blend of mid-century modern design. Smart, sophisticated, and stylish, Hotel Deco provides a wedding experience unlike any other for you and your guests.

1504 Harney Street, Omaha, NE 402-991-4981 a picturesque location for your wedding 402.694.3934

www.TLCaurora .org


weak in the knees

Im a ge by T h e Mul l ers

kicking off the wedding celebration with your rehearsal dinner

The dĂŠcor has been selected, the arrangements made and the plans set in motion.


Time to savor each moment as the wedding weekend unfolds. The rehearsal dinner

The hosts of the rehearsal dinner decide the number of guests to invite. The

is often the first scheduled event of the weekend. Depending upon the guest list,

soon-to-be newlyweds, wedding party, parents of the couple, officiant and spouse,

budget and wishes of the hosts, the rehearsal dinner can be anything from a formal

readers and their guests must be invited to the dinner. However, you may also

affair to a casual barbecue.

wish to include out-of-town guests and close friends to make the event more of a welcoming party for them. Written invitations are not required; however, it is a


good idea to send invitations when the guest list includes more than family. Unless

Traditionally, the groom’s parents are the hosts of the rehearsal dinner. However,

all wedding guests are invited to the rehearsal dinner, no information regarding

given that many couples are paying for their own weddings, the dinner can be

the rehearsal event should be placed on your wedding website.

hosted by both sets of parents, grandparents or close friends and family. It is recommended that the host confer with the couple regarding the theme, menu,


decorations and location. This assures that the event does not conflict with any of

Rehearsal dinners can be a terrific way to give guests a warm and welcoming

the other wedding plans. The cost of a rehearsal dinner can vary widely as there

experience for the weekend festivities. It can be a plated gourmet dinner, a tasty

are several factors to consider. Some factors include the size of the wedding party,

backyard barbecue or anything in between. It is often a great time for out-of-

the size of the families, the venue for the dinner as well as the menu chosen.

town guests to visit with family and spend time with the couple before the big day. Stumped on what type of dinner to host? Here are some of our favorite ideas.

WHE N T O S C HE DU LE Rehearsal dinners often follow the ceremony rehearsal the evening before the

Backyard Barbecue

wedding. However, the rehearsal event can be a brunch or lunch and is most often

Hosted at a family member’s home or acreage, this option is relaxed, budget

found to be a casual and informal event. If it is a dinner event, it is recommended

friendly and perfect for couples with large families and small children. To make

that the festivities conclude relatively early in the evening to allow the couple,

things easy and enjoyable, consider including yard games, setting up a self-serve

wedding party and family an opportunity to relax and unwind before the big day.

beverage stand or hosting a bonfire for roasting marshmallows.

85 nebraska wedding day

Food Truck If your ceremony is at an outdoor location such as a public park, it is a welcome change of pace to hire your favorite local food truck to arrive after the rehearsal to treat everyone to a yummy meal. Paired with some refreshments that you can bring, along with picnic blankets for guests to relax on the grounds, you can enjoy a relaxing dinner, picnic style!

Restaurant For small rehearsal dinners, hosting the meal at a restaurant is ideal for the parents of the couple. This option minimizes any stress or mess the evening prior to the wedding. Either allow guests to select their meal off a limited-selection menu or ask them to RSVP with their favorite option. It is always recommended to include a note on the dinner invitation addressing dress code. Additionally, some restaurants even offer the option to rent the entire space for your event, in which case they’ll close it to the public so that you can enjoy a private rehearsal dinner at your favorite spot!

cinematic wedding films

P ROPE R PRO T O C OL Toasts are often a large part of the evening and can sometimes be spontaneous. In this casual setting, guests feel more comfortable sharing memories, stories and well wishes for the couple. If the groom’s parents are hosting, the groom’s father will often greet guests and offer a toast to the couple. The father of the bride can toast next, followed by any of the attendants or guests who wish to speak. The newlyweds also have the opportunity to greet guests, to say a few words of thanks to everyone for their support. The best advice is to always focus on your guests’ comfort while showing appreciation for their time commitment. Your wedding day is about your vows and celebrating with friends and family, but your rehearsal dinner should honor the loved ones present who may have invested in lengthy travel to celebrate and support your marriage. Treat your guests to an evening of fun entertainment, tasty food and refreshing beverages to kick off a weekend that they will never forget.



An Ur ban Chi c Ev ent Sp a ce

Seats Up To 400 • Pre-Event Space • Private Bridal Suite • Outdoor Green Space Awa rd Winning Catering • Ample Sur face Parking Dow ntown Omaha • 1915 J ackson St. • 402.558.3272 •


forgo the formalities

Im a ge by bl a c k bi rd p h otog ra p h i e

a fresh take on the traditional

Like many special occasions, a wedding is full of traditions that date back

contributions. Regardless of tradition, no one should pay beyond what they are

generations. Often these common customs can be key in making your wedding

able to afford.

day meaningful. You don’t need to feel bound by any of the “wedding rules” if the tradition doesn’t hold meaning for you. Whether referred to as rules, guidelines


or traditions, we have outlined some common wedding customs that are okay to

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of the bride wearing white on her

dispense with if they are not a good fit. At the end of the day, your wedding should

wedding day originated? This custom dates back to the white lace gown worn by

be unique to you and your partner and a true representation of your taste, style

Queen Victoria in 1840. The Queen selected white as most brides wore gowns of

and personality as a couple.

color during that period. Current trends indicate that many brides are backing away from true white and turning to designers who are showcasing an array of


bridal gowns in blush tones and light grays. Whether you opt for a subtle shade

Traditionally, the parents of the bride are expected to step up to cover a hefty

of blush or decide to turn tradition on its heels with a bolder color or pattern,

portion of the wedding expenses, leaving the rehearsal dinner and a few minor

remember to keep your wedding-day details in mind. Before finalizing your choice,

wedding-day essentials for the groom’s family to absorb. Keep in mind you don’t

be certain to ask yourself if your dress choice coordinates with the style and theme

have to follow this tradition. In fact, many would agree that it is common to find

of your wedding-day décor. No doubt, you will be the star of the show, so select

the couple paying for much of their own wedding, especially if the bride and groom

a color or pattern that will complement your wedding style rather than to gain

are a little older, more financially established and settled down on their own. This

attention. If you choose to step outside of the traditional boundaries with color,

doesn’t mean parents can’t contribute to the wedding expenses. The bottom line

consider opting for a classic style for balance to ensure an appropriate bridal look.

is that there are no steadfast rules that must be followed. The discussion of who will contribute how much should be addressed early in the wedding-planning


process and should be revisited if a significant change in budget or circumstance

It is time to focus on your leading ladies. We all know the traditional look for

occurs. Depending upon ability and willingness to pay, the couple should have a

bridesmaids is to outfit them in the same color, style and look. However, choosing

conversation with each set of parents to discuss the budget and their respective

one dress style for all of your maids may present some challenges due to the variety

87 nebraska wedding day







© 2016 Humiston Studios, LLC / Umbrella Photo Booth

Image by Mae Small Photography

of body types, ages and even personalities. Instead, consider offering your maids a choice. This allows your gal pals to choose the style and shade of dress that best complements them individually. Remember to set boundaries and don’t complicate the process with too many choices. It is important that your bridesmaids still maintain a coordinated look. By sticking to one color palette and letting your bridesmaids mix and match from a selection you provide, your supporting cast will be excited to participate in the decision-making process and also be outfitted in a fashion that thoughtfully considers their opinion. NO PE E KING BE FORE Is it bad luck for the couple to see one another before walking down the aisle? There was a time when it was common for the bride and groom to avoid seeing one another in their wedding attire before the moment the bride walks down the aisle. This tradition stems from a time when arranged marriages were common and the bride was not allowed to show her face until the final moment before the ceremony. Many couples still follow the “no-peeking” tradition to build anticipation before the ceremony, yet others embrace the opportunity to steal away a quiet moment together. With that, just the couple (and the photographer) step away from all the commotion for a few minutes, simply to concentrate on this momentous occasion. A first-look session with the photographer before the ceremony often provides some of the most precious memories of the occasion, captured to enjoy for years to come. So why is a “first look” so important to many couples? It not only gives you that unique photo opportunity with a beautifully-completed look, it also gives you time to pause and catch your breath while sharing a moment alone with your soon-to-be spouse. If you are a traditionalist, but still yearn for those first-look photos or a chance to hold hands with your

Your exciting journey begins here! day-of or partial/month-of coordination + full planning services


beloved for a minute, you can arrange to meet with a door separating you or consider each wearing a blindfold. This allows you to take a moment to catch your breath and relax before the ceremony without losing the anticipation and excitement of your first look while walking down the aisle. It is as simple as talking it through as a couple to determine what best fits both your wishes when it comes to this custom.

89 nebraska wedding day

W H I TE W E DDING C A K E If a traditional white wedding cake with white frosting does not tickle your taste buds, do not despair! Options abound with flavors, fillings, colors and styles. From layer cakes to cupcakes to specialty cakes, the choices are endless. If wedding cake isn’t your style or if you happen to have an insatiable sweet tooth, you could consider treating your guests to a wedding-day dessert bar that serves up a mix of your favorite sweets. There are many options available to complement or replace the traditional wedding cake at your reception. Be certain to keep Image by The Mullers

your budget in mind when choosing your dessert alternatives as some sweets may actually have a cost per serving greater than you anticipated. If you are having a larger wedding, consider having a dessert bar with only bite-sized goodies. This will allow your guests to mix and match whatever small-bite desserts catch their fancy. Have as many desserts as your heart desires, but just remember to incorporate a cohesive element of décor to tie your choices together. Wedding-cake alternatives can be as original as your personal style. For example, if you and your fiancé have a fond habit of making Sunday morning donut runs, create a charming donut stack for you and your guests to enjoy. You can even add a single-tier cake to the top for you and your spouse to cut. Select donut decorations that incorporate your wedding style with the color of frosting or sprinkles. It will add a little flare that your guests will love! Other sweet ideas include pies, macarons, meringues, cookies, brownies, bars, cheesecakes, tarts or cream puffs – the sky’s the limit! Other non-traditional options include a fruit tower, cheese tower or even a wedding cake made of crepes. If you choose a creative alternative, consider ordering a small cake or dessert you and your partner can cut to symbolize the beginning of your life together. So whether you follow traditional wedding customs or decide to redefine the norm, it is your day and should reflect the true style of you and your fiancé.


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love notes

Im a ge by T h e Ey e & Ha nd P rojec t

working out your wedding day music

Did you know that you are able to influence the mood and actions of your guests?

casual banter or announcements. If you wish the deejay to only announce your

Music can be used to cue guests for room movements, mood changes or program

entrance and the toasts, remember to provide an itinerary on each table so guests

transitions. Consider the tone you would like to set when making musical selections

know when to expect the cake cutting and first dance.

for your cocktail hour and reception. Use music to set the tone for each progression of the reception and to guide your guests throughout the evening.

TIM E LINE The standard sequence of events begins with a cocktail hour filled with light,


soothing music, followed by dinner. Keep the volume of the music low so guests can

While it is not necessary to develop an extensive playlist, it is a good idea to discuss

enjoy their meals and converse with one another. Following dinner, the Father of

genres, decades and artists with your deejay or band. If you are hosting an elegant

the Bride will address the guests, thanking them for coming. He will then turn the

ballroom reception, light jazz plays wonderfully. If you are hosting your reception

microphone over to the Maid of Honor and Best Man. Once the toasts are complete,

in a barn and want to keep the tone casual, consider playing light country tunes.

the first dance takes place.

Giving guidance can be helpful, but don’t construct such a detailed playlist that

The best time to shift the mood and encourage guests to dance is following the

your musical professional does not have any flexibility. Give your professional

first dance. Upbeat music will encourage guests to take to the dance floor for the

deejay or band their own creative license and let them use their expertise and

remainder of the evening.

experience when reading the crowd for your event. TAKING CARE OF YOUR PROFE S SIONALS ON T HE M IC

Regardless of whether you hire a live band or a deejay, there will be breaks needed

If you prefer that the deejay is not involved in announcing activities or releasing

throughout the evening. Bands typically take a few 15-minute breaks to rest and

tables, be sure to speak up. Often deejays may mingle throughout the reception

refresh between sets. Your deejay is able to take short breaks throughout the

and interact with guests. Many guests will be reuniting with family and friends

evening while still keeping the music playing with an automated system. Also,

and might prefer not to be disturbed throughout dinner with the distraction of

please don’t forget to feed your musicians! Be certain to notify your caterer to

91 nebraska wedding day

provide food for them during dinner. These professionals work long hours on the day of your wedding with setup and sound checks in the early afternoon, music throughout the entire



event and then late-night tear down. Not only will your music vendors greatly appreciate this gesture, but it will be paid forward to you to have your hard-working vendors fed and energized to provide great jams through the entire party!


BE P REPA R E D Ask your vendors in advance about any additional equipment rental fees, in addition to any need-to-know information about making arrangements for their equipment setup at your venue as well as sound checks that would need to occur before guests arrive. Also inquire about their contingency plan should a band member or DJ not show or become ill. Remember to address what the deejay or band plans to wear as they should be properly dressed for the wedding’s level of formality. When planning an outdoor reception, design a contingency plan should the weather take a turn for the worse.


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Nestled in the rolling hills of the Platte River Valley and conveniently located between Lincoln & Omaha, our venue is the place that provides you with the perfect space for your wedding reception.

Dependable, detailed, caring, professional and always passionate.

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ground rules

Im a ge by L a uren Deni se P h otog ra p h y

setting the expectation for social media on your wedding day

Living in the digital age provides the opportunity for every bride, groom and guest

be certain to take a few moments to soak in the occasion and truly enjoy this special

to have immediate access to social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

time with your fiancé. While you are certainly excited to share your boundless joy

and Snapchat. Wedding plans can be shared in the months leading up to the big

and good news, remember to pause and embrace the joy you are both feeling – just

day, as well as the big day itself. Some couples will revel in the idea of sharing this

one-on-one before announcing the engagement to your family and friends.

precious event through social media, cherishing every Tweet, Instagram photo and Facebook post from their wedding day. While others may prefer not to have their plans unfold on social media.

After you have taken in the moment as a couple, you can then take a deep breath and consider how best to communicate the news. You definitely do not want your parents, siblings, grandparents and closest friends to find out through social

For couples who embrace social media as a priceless tool in sharing the news and

media. Make a list of those that you need to talk with, in person or by phone, before

events of their wedding plans, social media can play a helpful role in wedding-day

releasing your social media announcement. Those closest to you will appreciate

preparation. We have laid out some tips to easily navigate the role that social media

hearing the big news from you and your fiancé personally.

will play in your big day. Once the news has been shared with loved ones, consider how you’d like to T HE E NG AG E M EN T

announce your engagement on social media. Posting a creative photo of you and

Your beloved has popped the question and you have accepted the marriage proposal

your fiancé with the obvious inclusion of a beautiful ring on your left hand is one

– CONGRATULATIONS! Now before rushing forward with getting the word out,

way to go. Remember that your Facebook and Instagram friends want to share

93 nebraska wedding day


this amazing occasion with YOU, so make the social media announcement about this special


flowers... dreams! portraying your

moment in your life and not just about your ring. After the well wishes start coming in, take the time to individually respond and thank those who are sharing in the excitement. It is important to write a personal response to each message. The response does not need to be lengthy, but the personal touch goes a long way toward making them feel included during this special time. PL ANNING The emergence of social media and online inspiration boards has changed the weddingplanning process for many couples. After the engagement, some brides turn to Pinterest and wedding inspiration blogs in search of inspiration. Clearly, it is important to develop a wedding style that truly represents the personality and taste of the couple. Wedding blogs and inspiration boards are a great starting point for brides to begin sorting out different elements of their personal style. Pinterest offers an endless array of ideas for wedding-day details, so it may sometimes seem overwhelming. Obviously no two couples are alike, so in the early stages of the planning process it is best to simply absorb the information you favor and later sort through what is truly a best fit. Some brides enjoy using Pinterest as a helpful tool to share ideas with the wedding party, family members and wedding vendors so they can weigh in on different options. Visit and for the latest wedding inspiration and information on local wedding professionals. As a registered member on our website, you can SAVE favorites to revisit as you continue planning.

Blossom Khardt

When done tastefully and in moderation, sharing information on social media during your

2315 Court Street, Suite C • Beatrice, Nebraska 402.228.2278 •

wedding-planning process is a wonderful way to keep your friends and relatives feeling included and in touch with this momentous occasion. You might consider posting progress updates, registry information or an occasional photo of you and your partner enjoying this uniquely special time in your lives. TH E WE DDING DAY Some couples are using social media throughout their wedding day to document the joyous event. Creating a wedding hashtag for your guests to use on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is the first step. Then share your hashtag via appropriate signage to notify your guests. Creating a hashtag unique to your event will allow you to go back after your wedding day and take a look at your wedding from the perspective of your guests! Using social media during your wedding will also allow you to share your special day with guests who could not attend. UNPLUGGE D WE DDING A social media wedding may not be the best fit for all couples. You may prefer to see the faces of your guests during the ceremony instead of the back of their smart phones. An unplugged wedding also limits the chances of your guests interfering with your photographer capturing

welcome to the suite life

Large one and two bedroom suites, perfect for brides and bridesmaids to get ready for the big day. Meeting rooms for bridal showers and rehearsal dinners.

those must-have photos. Restricting social media during the ceremony and reception may be the best option for couples who want their guests to remove themselves from technology and simply enjoy the special day. If you choose to have an unplugged wedding, what does that mean? Do you want to have just an unplugged ceremony where your guests tuck away their phones only for the vows? Or

Daily Menu Changes

Laundry Facility

Buffet Style Breakfast

Complimentary Wi-Fi

their phones for the duration of the festivities? Once you decide, you will want to find the

Fire Pit

Onsite Gym

or all of the following: (1) include the announcement discreetly on the wedding program, (2)

Suite Shop

the word and (4) ask your officiant to make an announcement once everyone has been seated.

Outdoor Pool Pet Friendly

do you want to have an unplugged day, where your guests are asked not to take photos with best way to communicate your wishes to your guests. You can consider implementing one create signage to place at the entrance to the ceremony, (3) have your wedding party spread

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Whether you have a full-blown social media wedding or a discreet unplugged ceremony, the key is to tell your guests so they aren’t left guessing whether they can share your day online. Be clear about posting special moments while in attendance. Your guests will be happy to follow your request and enjoy your wedding day with or without social media.

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Have a destination wedding without leaving town. Say “I do” at the Zoo. Celebrate your day in the Education Conference Center at the Suzanne and Walter Scott Aquarium, featuring a 24’ tropical reef aquarium. For rental details, call (402) 738-2088.


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Im a ge by Jessi c a B l ex P h otog ra p h y

making the most of styling your wedding day with rentals

When it comes to weddings, rental pieces have the power to enhance your venue

Consider decking out your head table or sweetheart table with different rentals

in ways that you never imagined. Regardless of the space, they can add a special

than the guest tables. Have fun mixing & matching – as long as you opt for

touch or be completely transformational. Rental pieces can revamp the venue into

selections that coordinate, you’ll still achieve a balanced look. This is a great way

a stylish and personalized atmosphere! Our rental walk-through will assist you

to incorporate some finer, high-end details that would otherwise be unaffordable

in selecting pieces, outlining what to expect and illustrating why it is all worth it.

to do on a large-scale basis.


Know Your Numbers // Always ask if they have enough of each item to

Here are a few general tips to guide you through the process of considering

accommodate the size of your guest list. If you have a large guest list, consider

wedding rentals.

combining two colors to get the volume you need. Don’t forget to confirm when the rental company will need a final number from you for items selected.

Limit Your Helpers // Bring along only one or two others when selecting your rentals. In fact, it may be best to make the visit solo or only with your fiancé. There

Ask About Delivery // Clarify your venue’s rules and guidelines on rental delivery

will be many choices to consider and decisions to make. Selecting rentals can

and pick up. It is likely that your venue and the rental company have worked

become more difficult when too many opinions are interjected into the process.

together on prior events, so they are probably very familiar with the protocol and

When in doubt, keep it simple because even little touches do make a difference.

the space. Also, inquire about rental company delivery fees and late fees.

Know Your Needs // Ask your venue what is included in the facility fee. If they


provide the tables, chargers and china, budget dollars may become available for

A fresh trend when it comes to ceremony seating for small weddings is to arrange

upgraded rental chairs and linens.

your rental chairs in a spiral formation with the couple situated in the center -

Mix & Match // Love the look of luxe details and décor but don’t have the

road! This seating layout will give every one of your guests a great view as you say

pocketbook to afford it? No worries – you can still have your ideal tablescape!

your vows .

picture the scene of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as she starts on the yellow brick

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The most important consideration when formulating your perfect reception is to envision the tables in the space. What will be the size and shape? If you are working with a large venue, consider using rectangular and square tables to give you a sleek look while seating guests comfortably. If you are planning an intimate wedding with 75 guests or less, long banquet tables will give guests a more interactive experience. Consult your wedding or reception planner about the options. They will know what will work best in the space and with your guest list. For seating options, there are many different styles and treatments to transform reception chairs. The most popular chair rental is the Chiavari, an elegant spindle-back chair that can be rented in a variety of colors. Although these chairs are a fabulous option for completely transforming the space, they may not be one of your top budget priorities. If this is the case, consider chair covers. There are many different styles and treatments to choose from in chair covers. You can consider covering the entire chair or just the back. If you plan on covering your chairs, again keep your guest count in mind. Completely covering a large numbers of chairs (150-200) can quickly make your space look like a sea of fabric. It is important to consider the entire scene, all the while keeping the table centerpieces the main focus. BE YOND TA BL E S + C HA IR S While the foundation of your layout begins with placement of the tables and chairs, event rental companies have so much more to offer. From table linens to centerpieces and backdrops to cake stands, consider elements that will prove to be a cohesive complement to your space and your style. TABLE T R E AT M E N T S The options for table linens are endless. Tablecloths and napkins are available in a rainbow of colors and a variety of fabrics. You will find a multitude of options in standard linen fabrics along with a varied selection of colors in textured or specialty linens. Simply covering tables in floor length linens will dress them up and add significant interest to the space.

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Many reception venues include china in the facility fee. If you are looking to save on china rentals, simply dress up the standard white china with colored napkins and plate chargers. If your vision includes stepping it up a bit more, consider renting china and flatware. Utilizing gold flatware and gold-rimmed china will create an elegant and sophisticated ambience. Remember to bring along your menu when selecting china rentals to ensure you are including all the appropriate dishes. Whether you choose round, rectangular or square tables for your set up, the centerpiece design is truly at the heart of the tablescape. Be certain to ask about the various options and confirm quantities available for each. All your centerpieces do not need to be identical; however, they should certainly complement one another. Consider mixing it up while maintaining a coordinated look with tall centerpiece options on some tables and shorter versions on others. This combination creates a more dynamic landscape. Keep in mind that renting the perfect container rather than purchasing can ease your budget and save you from dealing with disposing of them after the event. The best way to make guests feel special is to pay attention to the details. Providing a unique table experience will leave a lasting impression. It is easy to add special touches through napkin rings, menus or small tokens of thanks. Having your guests find a thoughtful detail at their place setting will make them feel welcomed. FILL THE SPACE Many reception venues are large, open rooms. To create a cozier atmosphere, separate the space into smaller sections. Consider renting backdrops and lounge pieces to create unique areas for guests to gather after dinner. Another rental essential is an assortment of welldressed cocktail tables, allowing guests to easily socialize during the cocktail hour. VINTAGE RENTALS Vintage rentals are very versatile and can be used with any theme or style of wedding. If you

For The FinesT renTal accessories tables - chairs - linens - china arches - chafing dishes candelabras - cake & cupcake stands margarita machines - glassware party canopies - dance floors Taylor Wintle Photography

Taylor Wintle Photography

christine McGuigan Photography

Honeyman RenT-aLL

11226 Wright circle, omaha ne

located 1 Block south of 114 th & center 402.333.2882 - 800.949.3608

www.Honeyman 99 nebraska wedding day

love the rustic look, renting vintage suitcases, lanterns or beverage dispensers would be a great way to incorporate that look and feel. Looking for a more refined reception? Vintage rentals often have gold and silver pieces that can be used for floral centerpieces or serving trays, imparting sophistication and charm. Regardless of your style, vintage rentals can add a unique look to your dĂŠcor. OUT OF THE ORDINARY There are many rental items available that would never come to mind prior to planning a wedding. When it comes to the outdoors, you can rent tents and even portable restrooms for venues that do not have bathroom facilities. Many rental companies provide dance floors, partitions, and lighting. Special lighting can be a great enhancement to your venue. Consider spotlighting elements such as your wedding cake or simply lighting the walls with your wedding colors to pull guests into your distinctive atmosphere. You can use lighting to showcase elements that you want guests to notice or to disguise aspects of the space that you wish to downplay. FINAL DETAILS Damage to rental items is always a concern, but there are a number of ways to limit that exposure. If you are using wax candles, be certain to purchase dripless candles and place all candles in candleholders. Also, let the soft wax cool before removing the holders from the tables. It is also a good idea to have the same person unpack and repack your rental items to ensure they are all accounted for and packed properly for transport. It is smart to ask your venue for the best place to store the rental boxes during the reception so they are not accidentally thrown away. Last but not least, do not forget to line-item read your rental order carefully at least one week before the event to confirm the accuracy of the order. This should assure that any errors are caught well before your big day. When reviewing the order, remember to confirm the delivery and pickup time noted on the order.



smart staples

Im a ge by Ki m berl y Dovi P h otog ra p h y

setting up a gift registry for your future together

With so many options to choose from, your registry experience might be a bit like

for those who live in the area. Registering with a store that provides either option

being a kid in a candy shop. From basics such as linens and cookware, to potential

is an added convenience for guests.

heirloom pieces like silver candlesticks and serving platters, your gift registry will cover an array of household wants and needs. As you plan for your home together,

An important step in determining where you wish to register is to educate yourself

this part of the wedding-planning process can be fun and exciting!

on the store’s registry set up and return policy. Large retail stores are able to record your guests’ purchase history and any shipping addresses, thereby making


thank-you notes a breeze. However, some stores may limit the number of returns or

Consider registering for a few items immediately after you announce your

exchanges without a proper gift receipt, making it difficult to return or exchange

engagement. These selections provide close friends and family with ideas for

duplicates. A one-of-a-kind boutique or smaller store may have a printed copy of

engagement gifts and is especially helpful if you are planning an engagement party.

your registry available in the store, but not available online. Ask the store (1) about

If you are not planning an engagement party, you can create your gift registry six

their return policy, (2) if they keep a purchase history of your items and (3) how

to nine months prior to any showers or your wedding date. Keep in mind that many

guests will be able to access your registry selections.

products may become unavailable over time, so periodically check on your registry accounts to determine if you should select additional items.

Another option increasing in popularity is online-only gift registries. There are a variety of sites offering services – some with a niche appeal, such as a site for the


environmentally-conscious bride. On this site, a couple can register for gifts from

It is best to select two to three stores when registering for your wedding. Since

green merchants as well as cash gifts, such as donations to charities. Many sites also

guests will need to follow their own budget when selecting your gift, it is

include a “partial” gifting option to accommodate the couple that wishes to include

thoughtful to include options across a wide array of price points. Also, keep in mind

more expensive gifts. Some sites even include the option for guests to contribute a

where your guests are located. If you select retail stores that are not located within

cash gift to the wedding couple’s honeymoon fund or house fund. Whether using

driving distance to your guests, it will force them to purchase your gifts online.

a cash or product-driven online registry site, a benefit is that guests can save time

While this may be convenient for out-of-town guests, it may be an added expense

and money by avoiding busy stores, expensive gift wrapping and possibly shipping

101 nebraska wedding day


costs. Should you decide to register with an online service, remember to (1) make certain the


site is user friendly, (2) fully understand the associated fees for the site and (3) understand the

Remember to check back with each store from time to time to add items that you missed

site’s registry and return policies.

the first time around or to rebuild the list after receiving items from your showers. When receiving gifts prior to the wedding day, it is proper etiquette to send a thank-you note within


a week or two, so the guest knows their gift arrived and is deeply appreciated.

Start by taking a thorough inventory of your belongings and those of your fiancé to determine your needs. Take note of any items you are missing or that need replacing.

If there are gifts on your registry after your wedding, many stores offer a completion program

Envision your home in five to ten years. You may not host dinner parties now, but will you in

via discounted pricing on items remaining on your list. Some stores send a completion coupon

a few years? Do you see yourself hosting holiday events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas?

several weeks after your wedding date, so it may be wise to hold off splurging on big ticket

Before skipping over certain areas like serveware, anticipate your future lifestyle.

items until then.

Just like wedding planning, you should first cover your basics when developing your gift

For dozens of must-have items to include on your wedding registry, check out our “Registry

registry. Items like sheet sets, mattress pads, towels, pots and pans, cutlery and stemware

Collection” in the FROM OUR NOTEBOOK section at the back of this issue.


are everyday needs that you will use for many years to come. When looking at the basics, we suggest sticking to neutral colors. Crisp white sheets and towels match any décor and are easy to treat and protect. Investing in a neutral palette will extend the life of your gifts.

Castle Unicorn

After your basics, move on to items you wish to acquire like slow cookers, kitchen mixers, coffee makers, laundry baskets and decorative lamps. Selections should include low, medium and high price points. TIP: Compile your list categorized by room so you can easily remember these items when you hit the stores. The last items that you should add to your registry should be unique and special gifts like china, silver serveware or engraved picture frames. These items may appeal to close family members and friends who wish to give you a wedding gift that will become a true keepsake. These items should be classic and timeless in design, thereby assuring you will use them over and over again. If you can’t resist, by all means select a few fun and charming items that strike your fancy.

S i m p ly


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20 mins from Omaha


Nat u r a l ly

Beautiful. © Lane Weddings

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“ T h e u lT i m aT e culinary experience” Dinner 4 Two offers culinary demonstrations to teach engaged couples how to cook fast, healthy + tasty meals at home. We are dedicated to creating memories in the kitchen where you live, laugh, love and cook. It’s a dining experience unlike any other and there’s no cost to you. Join us for a fun + entertaining demonstration and taste our delicious food yourself!

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5 1 5 - 9 7 1 - 57 07


S I M P LY P E R F E C T , S I M P LY ‘ R I T E



* Images by Gleason Photography C A L L TO D AY F O R Y O U R P E R S O N A L TO U R 202 South 20 Street | Omaha, NE | 402.342.1300 | th


105 nebraska wedding day














2 2 2 N O R TH 1 0 TH ST R EET , OM A H A N E


T : 402. 807. 8000 D O W N TO W N O M A H A M A R R I OT T . C OM O M A H A W E D D IN G S @ M A R C U SH OT EL S. C OM @ D OWNTOWNO M A H A M A R R IO TT   @ O M A H A M A R R I OT T DT 





333 SOU T H 13 TH ST R EET , L I N C OL N N E T : 402. 473. 2186 T H EC OR N H U SK ER . C OM W EDDI N GS@ T H EC OR N H U SK ER . C OM # C ON N EC T A T T H EC OR N H U SK ER

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real weddings

nwd FALL 2018


phot o g r a phy :


venue :


nwd / fall inspiration

gown :


tipi + rattan :


nwd / fall inspiration

gown :


florals :


nwd / fall inspiration

gown :


jewelry :


nwd / fall inspiration

gown :


boho ottoman + lantern + glass pedestal plate :


nwd / fall inspiration

gown :


sheepskin throw + pillows :


nwd / fall inspiration

gown :


hair :


makeup :



For your life every day to life’s biggest moments. CREATE YOURS TODAY in-store or at the all new DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRY APP

It’s more than a ring, more than a gift. It’s a symbol that shines bright, reflecting its origins, the methods of its makers, and the heritage and service that brings it all together.




an autumn floral collective phot o g r a phy venue





pottery bowls

nwd / fall inspiration



VOIL À! BLOOMS & DECOR IN DUNDEE farm tables + chairs




wooden bowl nwd / fall inspiration







cutting board

nwd / fall inspiration


florals match striker


aglow photography >



nwd / fall inspiration

nwd / fall inspiration

nwd / fall inspiration

nwd / fall inspiration

nwd / fall inspiration

florals > BOU•QUET FLORAL DESIGN STUDIO paper goods > DANA OSBORNE DESIGN jewelry > MICHAEL TISH JEWELERS gown + cape > DREAM DRESS EXPRESS menswear > TIP TOP TUX b r i d e s m a i d d r e s s > E L LY N N E B R I DA L h a i r + m a k e u p > K E N Z I E K E N K E L for C R E AT I V E H A I R DE S IG N S A L ON A N D S PA leather chair + fur pillow + lounge table + leather-strap hurricane lantern + sheepskin throw + glass vase + river grass baskets + agave plants + salt cellar pottery > AMETHYST HOME farm table + bench + boho wooden screen + sweetheart table and chair set + macramé ottoman + decorative glass goblets + tinted glass plate + geometric votive > NOSTALGIA RENTALS

authentically capturing love stories, always + foreve�  

W W W . K E L S I G R A C E P H O T O G R A P H Y . C O M

nwd / fall inspiration

a new modern + intimate venue every detail of nuri was designed to give you complete control & creative freedom to make your event yours

402-991-9088 • 3623 north 129th street, omaha, ne 68164 •

getfit +


with ie n a h p e st

 


l e t u s h e l p yo u c e l e b r at e

Shane & Sunny Portrai t Artists LLC

E m b A S S y S u i t E S b y H i Lt o n - L i n C o L n

Amanda Kohler Photography

w w w . l i n c o l n . e m b a s s y s u i t e s . c o m | 4 0 2 . 4 74 . 1 1 1 1

E m b A S S y S u i t E S b y H i Lt o n - o m A H A L A V i S t A H o t E L & C o n f E r E n C E C E n t E r

www.embassysui | 402.408.5470

t w o awa r d - w i n n i n g

h ot e l s i n n e b r a s k a

Steph and Tom omaha , nebraska

From meeting in medical school to their first date at the Joslyn Art Museum, a shared love of medicine, the arts and the great outdoors paved the way for this love story. Tom’s mountainside proposal to Steph after a day of hiking and sunset views - we couldn’t imagine a more authentic proposal for these two. With wedding planning in the works, throwing a stellar party for their guests full of good food, hand- picked libations and live music was paramount. To honor their love of nature, it was a must to host their event at a venue that would maximize their outdoor experience. They found the perfect spot for their modern, organically styled wedding at the Holland Performing Arts Center, spending nearly every moment outdoors enjoying the fantastic weather. Balancing the modern architecture with soft lighting and lush florals, they delivered on hosting a brilliant party. Their favorite memory – the dance floor! With an energetic band and the perfect playlist, no one wanted the night to end. As things wrapped up and the band stopped playing, everyone kept singing and dancing. You know you’ve thrown a good party when no one wants to leave! Steph and Tom’s words of wisdom – “Look out for your guests and think about what they would enjoy .... Have fun!”

photography by T H E M U L L E R S

< S

nwd / fall inspiration

+ T >

local vendors ri ng s Borsh eims brid al jewel ry & a c c essori es Borsh e ims + J. Cr ew gown a l tera tion s S e n’s Ta ilor hair Ange l a Renner for Nove l H a ir Sa lon & Spa ma k eup Kale igh Ha nson for Nove l H a ir Sa lon & Spa men sw ea r J. Cre w + A llen E dmond s event d esign & p l a n n i ng + p a p er goods L ove st ruc k Event s flora l desig n bou•qu e t Flor a l D esig n St u dio d écor + re n ta l s + l ig hti ng Blo oms & Bouqu e t s Event P roduc t ions r en ta l s Uni ted Rent - A ll ca teri ng Guck enh eimer cake H ap p y Hollow Clu b ceremony & rec eption m usi c S om e t h ing B lu v id eog ra p h y Krih a Fil ms transp orta tion E m e rald Limou sine guest acc om m oda tion s M agnolia O ma h a celebrant s & of f i c i a n ts I Ti e t h e Knot s v en ue Holl and Pe rfor ming A rt s Cent er

Step 7:

Decide Where to Register Make sure your gift registry checks all the boxes.

✓ Easy to Use ✓ Lots of Options ✓ Shareable on Social ✓ Group Gifting ✓ Accessible on the Go


Pro Tip!

try 6-12 months Start your regis ecial day, then before your sp ing date it with vary up to ue in nt co d categories. price ranges an appreciate all Your guests will has to offer. the options NFM

Nebraska Furniture Mart’s Gift Registry is waiting for you in store, at & on our app – available now from the App Store or Google Play


nwd / fall inspiration

Lindsay and Alex omaha , nebraska

Lindsay and Alex’s love story is proof positive that Tinder matches really can work out! After meeting on the dating app, the instant connection between these two would eventually lead to a romantic proposal years later with Alex surprising Lindsay on their annual trek to Arizona. Just looking for some R&R, Lindsay was blown away as Alex sprung an elaborate plan into action, enlisting the help of their resort staff and a live singer, as well as a photographer and videographer to capture the memorable moment when he asked Lindsay to be his wife. The same chic, romantic vibe of the proposal carried through as inspiration for the couple’s wedding style. Calling upon a soft palette with muted hues for inspiration, their goal was to craft a memorable celebration for their guests. Their favorite wedding- day memory is of those few moments alone as they walked into the reception tent before guests arrived - seeing the stunning lights strung overhead and the band playing just for them before everyone else joined in the party. Best words of advice ever from Lindsay – “ It is so easy to get caught up in the business of wedding planning that you can quickly forget what the day is truly about. After the wedding is all over, now your real journey begins!”

photography by J E S S I C A



< L

nwd / fall inspiration

+ A >

local vendors rings + g if t reg i stry Borsh eims bri da l gow n Rh y l a n L a ng hair + m a k eup Ki rby Keom ysay + Kri sten Roz mia r ek for Kont empo . men sw ea r Li ndley Clot h ing event d esign & p l a n n i ng + p a p er goods L ove st ruc k Event s pap er goods Inclosed Letterpress Co. + Cheryl Dyer Calligraphy + Lettering call ig ra p h y M i ran da Wr it es flora l desig n H i lli s & Compa n y d ĂŠcor + re n ta l s + l ig hti ng Blo oms & Bouqu e t s Event P roduc t ions r en ta l s Uni te d Re nt-All + M i dwest Sou nd & Lig h t ing , Inc . cateri ng + sw eets At ti t u de on Fo od cake Cu p ca k e Isl a nd late-n ig ht n osh La Casa Pizzaria Food Truck + Hardy Coffee Co. + Proof Whiskey Bar & Craft Cocktails ceremony & di n n er m usi c Mahr Quartet + Karlyn Music vid eog ra p h y Bu e navic tor ia gue st fav ors Snowshoe Candy Co . + F a r ine + Fou r transp orta tion E m e rald Limou sine guest acc om m oda tion s Hilton Omaha + Omaha Marriott Downtown at The Capitol District second p h otog ra p h ers E m i ly Davi dson Photo graphy + Ha nna h Ver ene P hoto g r a ph y v en ue th e .di a mond .ro om

������ it

made -to -order seating, unique

your vision. our design. one dream wedding. contact us to bring your vision to life.



w w w. f l o w e r - i t . c o m


Courtney Perkins Photography



rugs & accessories for the home

FINE ART wEddINg & poRTRAIT phoTogRAphER nwd / fall inspiration | 402.502.9333

Stefanie and Dan omaha , nebraska

It was in New Orleans on St. Patrick’s Day where these two first met during a chance encounter - as it turns out, luck was on their side. Each in The Big Easy with friends, their groups crossed paths on busy Bourbon Street. Stefanie and Dan had no way of knowing as they chatted over bright green libations that their lives had forever changed. “All we knew was that we wanted to see each other the next day … and the next … and the next,” she recalls. Although they lived in different cities, these two would go on to experience many more days together – from romantic dates, like Dan’s first trip to visit Stefanie, to a sweet proposal by Dan at Stefanie’s favorite spot, Kansas City’s Union Station. After that, their days were filled with wedding plans as they set out to host an elegant autumn wedding. With top priorities of photography and videography to capture the day, this couple opted for a refined palette of classic ivory, regal green and gold metallic hues. Stefanie and Dan share that they couldn’t have dreamt up a more perfect start to their lives together, “The love and support we received from family and friends in celebration of our marriage was overwhelming. The beautiful venues and decorations were just icing on the cake to the best day of our lives.”

photography by B L A C K B I R D P H O T O G R A P H I E

< S

nwd / fall inspiration

+ D >

local vendors hair Je ssica A lyse D esig ns ma k eup Tawn y Ayal a for Model P er fec t A ir bru sh brid esma i d dresses Davi d’s B r ida l men sw ea r M e n’s Wea r hou se flora l desig n Vale t ta P r ic e déc or Hom e Go od s + M ic h a els r en ta l s Uni ted Rent - A ll ca teri ng Patrici a Cate ring a nd Co c kta ils cake Th e Ca k e Ga llery ceremony m usi c Ki m Carroll B oh a m, pia nist reception musi c + v i deog ra p h y A Fi nal Take Mu sic a nd Video transp orta tion O lli e t h e Trolley guest acc om m oda tion s Hyat t Pl ace O m ah a / D owntown- O ld M a r k et gift reg i stry Ne braska Fu rni t u r e M a rt + Ta rg et + Be d Bat h & B eyond rehea rsa l di n n er Wi lson & Wash bu r n v en ue S cou l a r Ba llro om

The newest wedding & event venue in the Nebraskan countryside.

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Our newly remodeled event space in Aksarben Village nwd / fall inspiration

Image by Shalista Photo graphy



Ashland, Nebraska

going to the chapel

Im a ge by bl a c k bi rd p h otog ra p h i e

a rundown on making your marriage official

A license to legally marry is required by every state in the country and obtaining a

copy of the license. A certified copy is required to execute any legal name changes

marriage license is the responsibility of the couple. In Nebraska, both parties who

and will be mailed to you after receiving the completed marriage license. Additional

are set to wed need to sign the application in person at the local county clerkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

certified copies may be purchased for $9.00 per copy. Nebraska no longer has a

office. Identification is necessary and proper proof can be fulfilled by a driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

requirement for a blood test. Also, Nebraska no longer has a waiting period. So if all

license, military identification, passport or birth certificate. Social security

required information is provided, you will leave with the license when you apply.

numbers must be included on the application and the marriage certificate. A validly

The license is valid anywhere in the State of Nebraska for a period of one year.

contracted marriage under the laws of another state or another country is effective in Nebraska.

HOW DO WE GO FROM LICE NSE TO M ARRIAGE? You have your license, so now you can get married! No particular elements are


required in the marriage ceremony, although each party must solemnly declare

In Nebraska, if you or your partner have been divorced or are widowed, the date of

in the presence of the officiant and witnesses that they take each other as partners

divorce or date of the previous spouseâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s death must be provided. A divorce decree

for life. The ceremony may follow the rites and customs of the religious society to

dissolving marriage becomes final six months after the decree was rendered or

which the parties belong, with the moderator or officiant completing and returning

upon the death of one of the parties. A new license will not be issued and you

the certificate of marriage to the appropriate county clerk. Every judge, retired

cannot remarry until at least six (6) months and one (1) day have passed from the

judge and clerk magistrate, as well as every pastor or priest authorized by the

date the divorce decree was signed by the judge and filed with the district court

church to solemnize marriage may perform marriage ceremonies in Nebraska.

clerk. The applicants will be required to submit the date the previous marriage ended. A divorce obtained in another jurisdiction is not effective if both parties are

After the ceremony, the newlyweds, witnesses and the officiant sign the marriage

Nebraska residents at the time the divorce proceedings were begun.

license. The officiant then files for a certified copy of the marriage license and a marriage certificate. The difference between the marriage license and marriage


certificate is that the marriage certificate is more of a keepsake. You will receive an

The fee for a marriage license is $25.00 with an additional $9.00 fee for a certified

original of both the certified license and the marriage certificate.

109 nebraska wedding day

HOW DO I C HA NG E M Y NAME? Changing your name is a very personal decision. You may certainly choose to keep your name. However, if you decide to change your name legally, you should complete the paperwork as soon as possible after you are married or after returning from your honeymoon. Below is a list of items that may need to be updated with a name change.

+ Social security card + Bank, credit union, investment accounts + Vehicle registration + Driver's license

emily jessen p h o t o g r a p h y

+ Mortgage + Medical and dental records + Health, life, auto and homeowners insurance


+ Credit cards + Deeds and property titles + Passport + Voter registration + IRS forms Many entities will require you to present a certified copy of your marriage license as proof of legal status to make your name change. We recommend that you request a few extra copies of the marriage license ($9 per copy) because when changing your name, many of these entities require you to provide an original copy. Please call your local county clerkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s office well in advance of your wedding date to confirm details about requirements. Check out our handy "Name Changing How-To" in FROM OUR NOTEBOOK at the back of this issue.



the little things

Im a ge by Meg a n Kova r P h otog ra p h y

incorporating details to make your wedding styling your own

Couples are discovering the truth behind the paint, glue and ribbon of handcrafted

and/or motif throughout your designed pieces to provide a common style across all

details. When you rely on your own crafting talent, it doesn’t always save you

signage. If you do not have the highest confidence in your own calligraphy skills,

money; and without a doubt, it requires an investment in time. So below we

you can hire a calligrapher to work on select pieces for a reasonable price.

have outlined some considerations to keep you sane while creating an event that incorporates your unique touches. We recommend simply focusing on just a few


distinctive design elements to incorporate your personalities.

Are plain white place cards not your style? Good news! There are literally hundreds


Some of our favorite double-duty place cards include wrapping a petite baguette in

of unique and cost-efficient ways to direct your guests to their designated tables. By adding interesting signage to your ceremony and reception space, you are

parchment paper or placing your favorite pastry item in a personalized muslin bag.

not only adding function, but you are adding style and personality as well. When

Just add a simple tag with the guest’s name tied on with baker’s twine and you have

determining signage options, take a good look at the space you are using. Are there

both a place card and a component of your guest’s meal! Another option would be

any remarkable focal points you would like to highlight? Did you catch yourself

to consider a fun and unique way to display traditional place cards. Incorporating a

missing a critical turn that attendees would need to recognize? If so, these are

large-scale installation that displays your seating cards can be both functional and a

great opportunities to create some signage for your guests. The key to successfully

showpiece for your guests to admire.

executing any handcrafted project is to focus on practicality. TABLE NUM BE RS Chalkboards serve well to greet guests, display menus or designate table numbers.

Grab your guests’ attention with unique table numbers. Use a numerical rubber

A larger version can even serve as a fun photo booth backdrop. Purchase a can

stamp on fabric or carry your chalkboard signage through to table numbers by

of chalkboard paint for less than $20 and transform a thrift store silver tray or

using small white ceramic dinner plates. Paint the center of the plate with the

ceramic serving platter into a menu board to be displayed at the start of your buffet

chalkboard paint and then use plate stands to prop up each plate on the table.

line. Certain fabrics, like canvas, can be painted with your names, monogram or

Purchase a neat set of dinner plates at a thrift store or collect unique plates from

even a simple “welcome” and hung from a hook. Remember to use the same font

flea markets or garage sales. Painted papier-mâché letters look great and can make

111 nebraska wedding day

a big statement as well. For a more rustic feel, scraps of wood can be simply stunning adorned

Making dreams happen since 1907

with white lettering. PL AC E S E T T ING S You do not need to break the bank to wow your guests as they arrive at their seats. Small details like sprigs of herbs or fresh greenery make a huge impact on white china or linens. Some of our favorite ideas include menus printed on craft paper or small muslin bags stamped with a monogram or emblem, then stuffed with salted caramels or salt water taffy and tied off with ribbon or twine. Using striped ribbon or twine tied around a simple folded napkin can also make a large impact for just a few dollars. FAVOR S Many couples are opting out of giving guests wedding favors due to the potential price tag; but here is one solution to that concern â&#x20AC;&#x201C; double-duty your guest favors to stretch your budget. Items like mini mason jars filled with fruit crisp or cobbler doubles as a favor and a the bags closed with ribbon or fold down and seal with a monogrammed self-adhesive sticker. Display them on a cake stand to add another dĂŠcor element to your cake table. This also allows guests to easily serve themselves and take their favor home with them. The key to keeping your handcrafted projects stress free is to know your limits and consider your timetable. Many brides become overwhelmed with the countless projects they have planned and often fail to calculate the true time needed to complete each project. Our advice is to simply focus on the basics. Use an idea you have seen and make it your own. The smallest detail added to a place card or menu may be all that is needed. Remember, often

Image by sarah gudeman photography

dessert. Another fabulous idea is to fill small bags with gourmet popcorn or chocolates. Tie

less is more. In the end, your guests will be impressed with the thoughtfulness behind your day rather than the extensive projects you have displayed in every corner.


210 West 21 st street | kearney | 308.234.1987

A Historic Venue for Your Future Event

Photos courtesy of The Leekers

Scoular Ballroom

2027 Dodge Street, Omaha



splurge or skimp

Im a ge by L a uren Deni se P h otog ra p h y

tailoring your budget around your wedding day priorities

Whether you prefer a grand event or an intimate affair with close friends and

Many reception locations provide rentals in their venue rental price. Items may

family, there are always opportunities to save a little cash during your wedding-

include tables, chairs, linens, basic china and stemware. However, if you’re looking

planning process. These money-saving strategies just might allow you to splurge on

at an outdoor venue or even a non-traditional location, you may be faced with larger

that amazing honeymoon you have always wanted.

rental fees. If you are pinching your pennies, consider celebrating at a location that provides all the essentials. This may save you some money that you can devote to


bringing in vintage china or allowing for an upgrade from your standard white

Rental prices for your reception venue may vary depending on the month you are

linens to something with a texture or pattern.

looking to wed. Typically, prices are lower in the off-peak months of November through April. So, if you don’t have your heart set on a summer or early fall


wedding, saying “I do!” in the cooler months may save you significant dollars on

Many couples select a buffet option for their reception because they believe they

your reception venue.

are getting a better value and the most food for their money. But often times they

Consider selecting a weekday or Sunday as your wedding day. Many couples are

plated dinners often less expensive per person because of portion control, but your

opting for a Thursday or Friday evening or even a Sunday celebration, simply to

guests’ dining experience is more relaxing without the interruption of standing in

save on wedding costs. Not only do many reception venues have special pricing for

a buffet line.

are spending more than they would if they selected a plated dinner. Not only are

weekday or Sunday weddings, but other wedding vendors also may offer discounts to couples who wed on a weekday or Sunday. Keep in mind that coveted vendors

Drink options are many and varied. For those couples who do not wish to have

may have more availability on these less traditional days.

an open bar at their reception, the perfect solution would be to provide guests

If you feel a single evening is just not enough, consider making your Friday

option is to host beer, wine and a special signature drink instead of a full open bar.

wedding into a weekend celebration with friends and family. It can be a great way

This provides your guests a selection of beverages without the risk of incurring a

to celebrate the occasion and gather the entire family together for a few days.

hefty price tag that would otherwise bust your budget. Work with your bartender

a complimentary signature drink during the cocktail hour and dinner. Another

113 nebraska wedding day

for a customized drink that reflects (1) your personality as a couple, (2) your wedding style and (3) the season. It is common practice to host a cocktail hour with appetizers between the ceremony and reception. Many couples shy away from a cocktail hour because they don’t have room in their budgets to spend an extra $5 to $8 per guest. But, if you are looking to save some cash without sacrificing your cocktail hour, ask your reception coordinator to have appetizers butler passed, rather than hosting a buffet table. This controls the number of appetizers needed to appropriately serve your guests, and in turn controls the cost. S PENDI NG S E C RE T S / / FASHION AN D AT T I R E If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a designer gown, but can’t afford the price tag, look into local trunk shows at area bridal salons. Often these events are posted on our website ( or you can even be notified by social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Trunk shows give you the opportunity to purchase a designer gown at a discounted price. If you have your heart set on a certain designer, visit their website for any listed trunk shows in the area. Another way to save some money when purchasing a wedding gown is to attend sales events hosted by local boutiques. In order to make room for new wedding gowns hot off the runway, boutiques often have blowout sales for gowns that are from the last season or two. Not only will you score a stunning designer gown, but you will also save money that you can put towards new wedding-day shoes or accessories. The tradition of “something borrowed” has taken on a modern twist when it comes to bridal

Arbor Hall

Your All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

jewelry. Rather than borrowing your grandmother’s string of pearls, borrow expensive and stylish jewels from websites like or Both of these sites offer weekend rental pieces that will make you sparkle at a fraction of the retail price.

Simplyis Ballroom simply the best! Up to 300 Guests - Outdoor Garden Ceremony In-House Catering & Bar Services Wedding Cakes - Custom Florals & Decor

The Magic of Midtown Crossing Located off I-80 at 27th & Farnam Service for 150 - 300 Guests Tables, Linens and Set-up Included Outside Vendors Welcome Free Off-Street Parking Lounge Area Nearby Hotels

Your ideal choice!

Simply Ballroom Dance Studio 2679 Farnam Street Suite 204 Omaha, Nebraska 68131 402.933.6678 - 402.884.2269 14040 Arbor Street - Omaha, NE Sweet Cakes and Roses, Inc.



You can double-duty your save-the-date announcements by reusing them as place cards

Rather than focusing on the type of flowers in your bouquet and centerpieces, focus on the

or even as a guest book at the reception. Some fun ideas include asking guests to jot down

color and shape of the blooms. Brides often set their hearts on certain flowers, such as peonies

their favorite recipe, love advice or scripture passage and then mail back their save-the-date

which only bloom in the spring. But by focusing on the hues of your favorite flowers, the floral

cards. Once returned, the cards can be displayed in a recipe box or on a wishing tree at your

designer is free to use different stems that may fit your budget better while still giving you

reception. This is a fabulous way for your guests to feel more intimately involved in your

the look and feel you desire. If you simply cannot imagine your special day without white

wedding and as an added bonus, can save you some cash by replacing the traditional guest

peonies, use them sparingly by limiting their use to your bridal bouquet. Most wedding


guests do not notice your bridesmaids’ bouquets, but their attention will be on you, the bride. Ask your florist to use a few stems in your bouquet and you will have the look you love without

The key to saving money while planning a wedding is to think outside the box. Work closely

blowing your floral budget.

with your wedding professionals and be upfront about your budget. It will cause undue stress

Using plenty of mixed greens is not only on trend, but can also help stretch your floral budget.

Finally, listen to their ideas and be flexible with design and décor. Local vendors hold a wealth

and will not serve you or your vendors well to agree to expenses that are beyond your means. Be open to using different textures and colors with your floral stems to create a unique and

of knowledge and expertise. Wedding professionals understand that couples are working

stylish centerpiece. Trust in your florist’s vision when discussing floral elements, but certainly

within a budget and therefore, they are willing to be accommodating.


ask questions if you are unsure of what they are suggesting. After all, they are the floral experts and may have some beautiful budget-friendly ideas that you will simply love. S PENDI NG S E C RE T S / / PAPER G OODS Paper goods add character and flair to weddings and often carry the theme from ceremony to reception. If your wedding budget is unable to accommodate much in the way of custom paper goods, get crafty with handmade embellishments. Opt for a simple wedding invitation suite and purchase some embellishments, such as baker’s twine, ribbon or a customized stamp. Not only will you have a gorgeous, well-printed invitation from a designer, but you are saving money by creating the finished product yourself. There are no rules when it comes to ceremony programs. If you are looking to cut costs, opting


out of a ceremony program can help trim your budget. If you still want something to outline

your ceremony procession, consider designing your own. Many websites offer free fonts for a customized look. After designing your program, take it to a copy center for printing.

Something old. Something new. Something bold and something you. hOlland perfOrming arTs CenTer Image by M. Stokes Photography

115 nebraska wedding day


Orpheum TheaTer

expert team of coordinators | eclectic menu | dazzling locale close to airport and hotels Celebrate your day your way, on any budget! | 402-345-0202

Image by Lane Weddings

A single day. A lifetime of memories. At DoubleTree by Hilton Omaha Downtown , we know your wedding is the TM

most important day of your life. So whether you’re dreaming of an intimate

gathering or a huge celebration, we’re committed to getting every detail just

right. After all, a romance as special as yours deserves a wedding just as special. DoubleTree by Hilton. Where the little things mean everything.




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inspiration for fashion-forward maids photography / The Mullers

fashion / Bridal Traditions jewelry / Borsheims


fashion / Bridal Isle florals / I Bloom.

121 nebraska wedding day

fashion / Adorned Bridal

fashion / Dream Dress Express hair / Eric Burden

+ Rebecca Forsyth for

BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing

makeup / Natasha Freeman for BUNGALOW/8 Hairdressing


fashion / Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear venue / 1316 Jones Street

125 nebraska wedding day

fashion / E l ly n n e B r i da l

by your side

Im a ge by Jessi c a B l ex P h otog ra p h y

advice for the maids on nailing their supporting role

You have just been asked to be a bridesmaid or maid of honor at an upcoming

+ Buy bridesmaid dress and accessories. While some brides may be able to purchase

wedding. After the tears of joy and squeals of excitement, what’s next? Whether

the bridesmaid dresses and accessories for her entire bridal party, it is traditionally

you’re a bridesmaid or maid of honor, there is a list of responsibilities associated

the bridesmaid’s responsibility. It is often common for the bride to cover the

with each role. Chances are you may have questions regarding etiquette,

expenses for your bouquet and some brides may even pay for hair and makeup.

responsibilities, attire and duties for the big day. So we have put together an easy-

Remember, if you have financial concerns, it is important that you discuss those

to-follow guide for potential bridesmaids and maids of honor to help you ace your

obligations with the bride.

supporting role! + Assist with planning the bachelorette party and bridal shower. While this is While there are some general guidelines for you to follow, every bride has her

generally a task left for the maid of honor, an aunt or a friend, bridesmaids are

own idea of what she expects from her maid of honor and bridesmaids. From pre-

always welcome to lend a hand.

wedding activities to day-of responsibilities, you may be unsure of your specific duties. So before jumping into the role of being a bridesmaid or maid of honor, chat

+ Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Even if you are an out-of-town

with the bride to discuss her expectations. Be upfront with her if you have any

bridesmaid unable to attend the bridal shower or bachelorette party, it is important

financial concerns. The bride will appreciate you taking the time to be certain you

that you are in attendance at the ceremony rehearsal and rehearsal dinner to get

are both on the same page. Here are some general guidelines to follow if you have

all the important details from the bride about the wedding day.

been asked to be a part of a bride’s special day. + Assist with out-of-town guests. The wedding party can be a big help to the bride BR I DE S M A I D

in making any out-of-town guests feel welcomed. This may include meeting guests

+ Help with pre-wedding planning. When the bride is preparing for her wedding

at the airport or possibly preparing and delivering gift baskets to guests’ hotel

day, she may ask her bridesmaids to help with a number of tasks in preparation for

rooms. Welcome baskets or totes may include a personalized note, a map of the area,

the big day. This could include stuffing envelopes, making wedding favors, helping

important phone numbers, a list of area activities and a few of the couple’s favorite

with DIY projects or addressing invitations.

local goodies.

127 nebraska wedding day

FLOraL experienced designers fresh designs for your wedding or event delivery & setup provided

Wedding Cakes always baked fresh to order choose from a variety of delicious flavors decorators trained in the latest trends

Catering offering appetizers, lunches, hot dinners, buffets, party trays & desserts for rehearsal dinners, dressing rooms & other bridal events

www.RussMaRket.coM ask us about our multi-department discount

17th & Washington, Lincoln: 402.477.1238 â&#x20AC;˘ 66th & O, Lincoln: 402.466.8111 | Floral: 402.466.2219 33rd & Hwy 2, Lincoln: 402.420.1414 | Floral: 402.420.2727 â&#x20AC;˘ Coddington & West A, Lincoln: 402.477.6236 | Floral: 402.435.7614 6th & Burlington, Hastings: 402.463.3574 | Floral: 402.463.3705 â&#x20AC;˘ Catering Hotline: 402.326.9821

+ Assist with last-minute details and errands. The bride cannot easily run last-minute errands on the morning of her wedding day. Offer to take care of those errands and to assist with final details with wedding vendors. M AID OF HONOR + Help with pre-wedding planning. Serving as the maid of honor is both a great honor and a great responsibility. You are the bride’s right-hand gal during the entire wedding-planning process, so be willing to help her in any way you can. This could include attending hair and makeup appointments, dress fittings, setting up appointments and even doing a little wedding-planning research. + Plan the bachelorette party and bridal shower. While the bridesmaids often assist with Megan MiChael PhoTograPhY

planning the bridal shower and bachelorette party, the primary planning is done by the maid of honor. Talk with the bride to make sure her wishes are fulfilled and the parties go off without a hitch. + Handle wedding-day details. It is important that the maid of honor be aware of the weddingday timeline to keep everyone on schedule – from hair and makeup appointments, to the ceremony details to the final dance. The wedding day can be very stressful for the bride, so to alleviate stress, be willing to keep everyone on track and act as the contact person for the day. + Assist the bride during the ceremony. It is the maid of honor’s responsibility to be sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and the bride looks her best during the ceremony. This can include making sure the flower girl and ring bearer make it down the aisle, repositioning the bride’s train at the altar, holding the wedding bands and holding the bride’s bouquet during the vows. + Make a speech at the reception. As the maid of honor, you have a special relationship with

Call Today for Your Complimentary Cake Tasting Consultation

the bride that likely will grow even closer during the wedding-planning process. You will be



C AK E C RE AT I ON S O MA H A .C O M 129 nebraska wedding day

by her side through all the preparations and you will stand beautifully next to her during the ceremony. The bride will be deeply touched as she listens to your reflections on your friendship as you toast the happy couple. Whether you are the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, you are an essential member of the bride’s support system as she is planning her wedding. There is no doubt that she will appreciate your love and support through the ups and downs of the planning process. Just remember to listen to the bride, make her laugh, tell her how much you love her and always be supportive as the big day approaches. You will both look back on this unique experience

express life with


with great love, affection and the fondest of memories. To be fully prepared to help, come equipped with some must-have items on the big day (lip gloss, hair spray, nail file, tissues, etc) to ensure you can assist the bride no matter what NWD

Image by L aur en Deni se P h otog ra p h y

Image by Taylor Wintle Photography

wedding-day oddities may pop up! 402.933.4158



Cakes & Cocktails

Jessica Blex Photography T he Landing at T he Pella at Blackstone

133 nebraska wedding day

T he Cake Specialist


Sweet Cakes & Roses

135 nebraska wedding day


137 nebraska wedding day

Cake Creations Omaha


Russâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Market

139 nebraska wedding day


141 nebraska wedding day

Cake Expressions, Inc.


Goldenrod Pastries

143 nebraska wedding day

select bar cart rentals from Nostalgia Rentals


getting schooled

Im a ge by Kayl i e Si rek P h otog ra p h y

sound advice for collecting the right information

We have all been in situations where we needed to gather information, but didn’t

Begin by requesting from each vendor at least three references. This step is an

have a clue of what questions to ask. After all, how can we be aware of what we don’t

important part of the process. From there, you can use the following questions

know? One of the challenges you will face during your wedding-planning process

as a guide. You will find the questions divided into categories by vendor type to

is how to best handle gathering and organizing the volumes of information you will

provide an organized reference guide. Keep in mind this list is not all inclusive. Just

compile relating to vendors and their services. How do you know if you’re asking

remember that your vendors want to ease any concerns you may have about using

the right questions or if they are providing you all the details you need to make an

their services, so ask away!

informed decision? E VE NT PL ANNE R QUE RIE S Luckily, we are here to help you! Below is a list of critical queries that will help

+ Will you come up with a timeline and communicate it to all vendors? This one is

minimize the possibility of incurring unexpected costs or enduring unpleasant

fairly basic, but many brides make the assumption a planner will do this without

surprises due to a lack of information. Consider this list simply as a foundation,

confirming it. When the big day arrives, the bride may be shocked to learn that

as you likely have a great number of questions rolling about in your head to add

her planner didn’t confirm set-up times with the vendors. Do not let this simple

during the interview process.

expectation be overlooked!


+ Are you willing to do the “dirty work” for me? In other words, if your future

Come to your appointments prepared. It is wise to review your questions shortly

mother-in-law is overstepping her bounds or your maid of honor is complaining

before the meeting. Bring along a notebook to jot down all the information rather

about helping, will your planner be okay with stepping in and addressing the

than relying solely on your memory for logging all the details. During the planning

situation so you don’t have the added stress?

process, you will have many appointments and dozens of conversations, so taking notes is a great way to stay organized. Once you have completed your research,

+ Do you have connections with other wedding professionals? Often the added

you will have a comprehensive set of organized notes for reviewing all the options.

expense of a planner can be justified simply because his/her relationships with

This information will be a lifesaver as you make decisions regarding your vendors.

vendors will provide you special discounts.

145 nebraska wedding day

+ Are you well versed in wedding vendor contracts? You want your planner to be familiar with

beforehand about all the shots that are meaningful to you.

a wide variety of vendor contracts. He/she should also be familiar with the fine print that may be part of a contract. It may save you significant grief if he/she catches something that would have resulted in substantial additional cost.

+ How does proofing/printing work? Many photographers provide access to online proofs from which you choose images for printing. Other photographers provide you a USB key of all images shot. It is important for you to know (1) exactly when to expect your images to

+ Will you stay within my budget? You don’t want a planner that tries to pressure you into

be available, (2) how you will be able to view them and whether others will be able to view

hiring his/her favorite photographer if that photographer costs more than you budgeted.

them, (3) how to order images and (4) what is included in your selected photo package. Find

Your planner should respect your budget limitations and work within them rather than try to

out what desired add-ons will cost, such as photo booths, digital archiving, wedding albums,

push you beyond your means.

etc. These questions apply to your engagement session as well. Be certain to ask whether the engagement session is included in the wedding package.

PHO TO G R A PHE R QU E R IES + What is your style? One style is classic/traditional with formal shots. Another style is

+ Have you shot weddings at this venue before? It is helpful when a photographer is familiar

photojournalistic with artistic, editorial and illustrative shots. The only way to get a true read

and comfortable with your venue. However, if a photographer has not shot a wedding at the

on a photographer’s style is to see their work. It is key to mesh a photographer’s style with

venue you selected, do not count them out. If he/she is willing to schedule a walk-through

your preferences. Caution: Don’t consider someone based solely on pricing, because you most

before the wedding, that should be enough to alleviate any concerns. Willingness to take the

likely will not be happy with the end result. Stay within budget, but remember pricing is only

time for a walk-through provides you reassurance that customer service is a high priority to

one consideration. Ask to see a full wedding portfolio rather than just the highlight photos.

the photographer and that she/he is motivated to do excellent work.

Consider how many usable photos the photographer captures when shooting 1,000+ images. Think about your style when reviewing the portfolio – do you like what you see?

VE NUE QUE RIE S + Is my wedding date available? How many people can the space accommodate? Will there

+ How many photographers will be shooting the wedding? If they have someone else

be other events going on during my wedding? Are outside caterers welcome? These are

shooting with them, this can be crucial to ensuring all of the special little moments are

important qualifying questions to ask at the very beginning of the interview. While they

captured. However, you also want to confirm you will not be charged extra to have another

seem obvious, it is very important to clarify these details before moving forward with the

photographer on hand. Make sure you inquire about potential hidden costs, such as for

balance of your questions.

overtime or the addition of a second photographer. + What is the inclement-weather contingency plan? If you are having a tented or open-air + Can you provide me with a list of photos to be taken? When it comes to posed family photos,

outdoor ceremony and/or reception, does your location have a back-up space available in

your photographer should either provide a list of common shots or accept from you a list of

case of inclement weather? You may not want to risk an outdoor ceremony/reception if your

the images you wish to capture. Since you cannot recreate the day, it is important to talk

venue does not have another option.

reheArSAl dinnerS | wedding ceremonieS | receptionS | 402-331-7575


I photograph because...

+ Are tables, chairs, linens and glassware/dishware available? If so, are you going to be charged extra to use them or are these items included in the rental price of the space? If not available, does the venue arrange for rental or will you need to secure these items? Rental companies can provide all the items you should need, but factor in the cost of outside rentals when selecting your venue. + What are your accommodations for entertainment? Does the venue have an area for a live band to perform or is there only room for a DJ? How large is the dance floor? How late can the band or DJ perform? Will the DJ annouce the agenda items for the night? Answers to these questions will impact your entertainment options.

Love and magic deserve Celebrating

+ What are the service charges? Be fully informed about all service charges, including those that may not seem necessary at the time of booking. You never know what may become necessary as the planning unfolds. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget to inquire about applicable taxes as well. Lastly, clearly understand all deposit and refund policies. FLORAL DE S IGNE R QUE RIE S + Will you be handling my floral design personally or will someone else? If you make a strong connection with your floral designer and you love his/her style, you want to be certain that particular designer will be the one creating your florals. If that particular designer does not work on the day of your wedding, that may or may not be a concern. If your floral designer works as part of a team, you will want to confirm that she/he is part of that team. + What floral recommendations would you make for my budget? You may have a specific floral design in mind, but your designer should be able to direct you to alternative blooms that will assure you stay within budget while maintaining the aesthetic of the design you envisioned. The designer should be knowledgeable about trends and also adept at incorporating desired details into your style. + Are you familiar with my ceremony and reception locations? It is important for your floral designer to be knowledgeable about your venue as you will want the floral design to enhance the positive attributes of the site, while accommodating your style. Similar to the photographer, the floral designer should be willing to tour the space if he/she is not familiar with the location. + How many weddings do you typically schedule for one day? This is a critical question when considering whether the floral designer or team can provide you the services you require on your special day. Some vendors are smaller operations that can only handle a limited number of events across any given weekend. However, a larger floral operation may be able to comfortably accommodate a multitude of weddings/events due to the large team of professionals involved in the process. Ask the question and listen carefully to how it is handled. If you are uneasy about their ability to make your day a priority, it might be best to consider other floral vendors. + What design styles are you comfortable executing? Every floral designer has a distinct style, so you will want to confirm that your visions align. If the floral designer leans toward modern and cutting edge but you are looking for something traditional, you may end up taken aback on your wedding day. The designer should have a portfolio of real wedding designs that are similar to your vision. Carefully considering the responses you receive when asking questions will help eliminate any surprises on the day of your wedding. CAKE ARTIS T QUE RIE S + How do you price your cakes? Some cake artists price their creations by the slice, with certain styles and flavors costing more than others. In addition, some cake artists have a required minimum per-person cost. With numerous options available, confirm that you are clear on the associated costs before finalizing your cake selection. 147 nebraska wedding day

+ What flavors do you offer? Nearly every cake artist provides traditional white cake, but these days a lot of cake artists also offer speccialty flavorings. If you want something outside

the norm, run it by your baker and test out new flavors. Without a doubt, taste tests are an

+ What do you recommend for my event? Given your guest list and the location of your

important and delicious element of the interview process!

wedding, your caterer should have suggestions about whether a buffet or plated dinner will work best. As a seasoned professional, the caterer will also have some suggestions for you

+ Are additional fees charged for delivery and setup of the cake? Many cake artists will include

about the type of food that would work well with the style of your event.

delivery and setup in the pricing structure. However, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t assume anything. Ask about these details as some vendors may bill such services as an additional charge. This is especially true if

+ How will you present the food? Most caterers will have put some thought into presentation

your venue falls outside the normal service area.

and how the food will be arranged on the buffet table or plated for service to the guests.

+ What happens if the cake is damaged during delivery or setup? While this is unlikely,

+ How much and what type of catering experience do you have? Find out how long the caterer

occasionally it occurs. Ask if someone will be available for last-minute repairs or touch ups.

has been in business. Ask how many weddings they cater per year. The answers to these

Also, inquire as to whether a refund or adjustment in price will be issued should such an

questions will provide insight into the depth of their experience.

unfortunate event occur. + Will there be someone to manage things on-site the day of the wedding? It is important for + Am I able to create a custom cake or are there specific designs from which I choose? If you

your caterer to have an adequate number of servers on hand and also to have an experienced

have a specific cake design in mind, provide photos to the cake artist. The artist should be able

banquet manager assigned to your event. This will ensure that everything runs as smoothly

to create the cake based upon the photos and description you provide. However, if you have

as possible. The banquet manager will coordinate with your wedding planner to make certain

nothing particular in mind, most cake artists will have examples to provide you inspiration.

food and drink service is executed at the designated time.


+ Do you provide a tasting of the menu items we are considering? If the answers to the

+ How is your pricing structured? This budget item can often be the most expensive. Ask all

previous questions are a good fit for you and your budget, you will want to arrange a time to

the questions you deem important to become comfortable with the decisions you need to

sample the menu items under consideration for service at your reception. Knowing how the

make about food + drink. Since the list of options may be long, it might be helpful to contact

chefs will execute those dishes will allow you to invite a conversation about making tweaks if

the caterer prior to the appointment to have them send you information. Many caterers have

there is anything that you decide you don't like. In short, there is a range of questions that are

a website with their menu options listed. (Note: Often pricing is omitted from online menu

important to ask your vendors. The responses will provide valuable information to aid in your

information.) Review any information prior to your appointment to narrow your choices

decision-making process and to put your mind at ease. This list is by no means all-inclusive,

and minimize the chance of leaving the appointment without all the information you need

but is a good start as you meet with prospective vendors. They understand the importance of

to make a final decision. A good place to start is by asking about a minimum cost per person.

outlining for you all the procedures, policies and details of their services. Once you become

Also, ask if the gratuity is included in the per-person cost or if it will be an additional charge.

comfortable with your vendors and their services, your mind will be at ease and you will have

It is critical that you fully understand the pricing structure and how your caterer will bill you.

confidence that your special day will unfold without a hitch!


Make Your Date



sitting pretty

Im a ge by Jessi c a B l ex P h otog ra p h y

creating a comfortable atmosphere for your guests

The main focus for your reception should be to make your guests feel comfortable

your family or friends, who are supporting you by being a member of your wedding

with their surroundings and to put them at ease with the event. Think of your

party, by excluding their significant other from your festivities. Not only would that

reception as a large dinner party at your home wherein you would want each and

put a damper on their evening as one of your guests, but it would likely diminish

every guest to feel at home, welcomed and completely comfortable.

your friend's enjoyment of your wedding as well.

Seating charts can be an essential element when creating a welcoming atmosphere

By including the wedding party and their dates at the head table, everyone will be

for your guests. Although it seems logical that guests would enjoy sitting with

more comfortable and will not be retreating to other tables to visit and check in

whomever they wish, an open seating plan may cause stress for many guests.

on their plus one. If your wedding includes a large bridal party, there are several

Assigned seating has the added advantage of putting your guests at ease since they

options for seating arrangements. The first option is to construct a large rectangle

will not find themselves in search of an open seat. Whether you design a seating

with your bridal party situated around all four sides. This can be arranged as a

chart or decide upon an open plan for your reception, there are some important

beautiful focal point within the reception, while still allowing you to converse with

aspects to keep in mind.

your bridesmaids and groomsmen.


The second option is to seat your maid of honor, best man and their respective

It is proper etiquette that your wedding party should never be separated from

dates with you and your spouse at a table. This lets you spend the dinner hour with

their dates or spouses during your reception. You would not want to offend any of

them, while allowing your bridal party to still sit with their dates at nearby tables.

149 nebraska wedding day

The final option is to have a sweetheart table. This table is set for only you and your beloved allowing for some private time together. Regardless of which option you choose, the head table should be the main focus of the reception space since the attention will always be on you – the couple – throughout the event. You can showcase the head table in a variety of ways, such as with a larger floral arrangement or a collection of candlesticks. Make certain your table décor is not too tall however, so guests can enjoy watching the special toasts as well as first dances from their various vantage points. R E SERV I NG TA BL E S If you are opting for an open seating plan, arrange a few tables for immediate family members or special guests near the head table. Your parents, grandparents, ushers, readers and special attendants should be the closest to you. By placing a few reserved signs on nearby tables, other guests will know that these should remain open. Prior to the reception, inform your family members and special guests that they will be seated at these designated tables so they know their seat has been prearranged.

Two all-inclusive venues, one unforgettable experience. Planning & Coordination | Floral & Design | Photography & DJ

S TAYI NG ORG A N I ZE D The key to any seating chart is organization. Start assigning guests to tables as soon as your

Glenwood, IA | Omaha, NE

RSVP cards come in the mail. Group guests by mutual friends, family members or simply common interests. A thoughtful hostess always thinks of her guests’ comfort first and foremost. If you know two family members often clash, simply seat them at separate tables to avoid any awkward situations.

| | 402.884.1177

When designating guest placement on your seating chart, only assign table numbers. This way they are free to select their seat at their assigned table and you will have less stress planning each and every seat. Keep the number of guests at each table low. The highest number of guests at each table should be twelve. Most often, you will seat eight at a standard round table. Guests should be able to sit comfortably and enjoy the meal without feeling crowded. When you plan a realistic number at each table, it provides an opportunity for guests to visit with each other around the table. S AV I NG S PAC E To ensure each guest has a place to sit at your reception, regardless of whether they have sent their RSVP or not, leave several spots open at tables while also planning an extra table for lastminute RSVPs. Keep track of any tables that have not reached capacity so you know exactly where to place any guest who attends your reception without notice. If your reception will have an open seating plan, it is especially important to provide extra space for guests. Since those in attendance will be able to select their own table, they may leave an odd number of chairs at some tables. By planning an extra reception table or two, you will ensure all guests have a place to sit even if they arrive late.



off the grid

Im a ge by T h e Ey e & Ha nd P rojec t

factors to consider when planning your outdoor celebration

Beauty is found in the most natural of settings. It’s hard to beat the Midwest

Depending on your outdoor site, consider all rules and regulations for the location.

countryside, city skyline or about anything else in between for a stunning wedding

A local park may make a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. However, before you

backdrop. Despite our beloved region’s reputation for variable weather conditions,

order a tent, tables, chairs and other necessities, check with your local parks and

outdoor weddings can offer a uniquely beautiful experience if you get Mother

recreation department. Many city parks require event permits and may have other

Nature’s cooperation. So if you have been dreaming of an outdoor wedding, here

regulations that you must consider.

are a few tips to consider while planning your big day with an outdoor element. OUTDOOR E LE M E NTS LO C AT ION

Serving refreshing drinks, such as iced tea, lemonade or water, as people arrive

When considering the location of your outdoor ceremony and/or reception,

at your summertime outdoor celebration will keep guests cool and comfortable.

determine where in the sky the sun will be positioned at the time of your event.

To avoid bug bites and sunburn issues, offer guests insect repellent wipes ($21 for

Download a sun-setter app on your phone to track the placement of the sun

48 individual packets on Amazon) and/or sunscreen wipes ($32 for 48 individual

throughout your wedding day. Also check the weather report for what to expect.

packets on Amazon).

If both the ceremony and reception will be held outdoors, think in terms of


functionality. How will guests transition through the day? What outdoor spaces

It is best to avoid serving heavy foods when hosting an outdoor reception. Guests

will provide shade for guests? Be courteous and avoid seating your guests in direct

will appreciate a fresh and light menu when trying to beat the heat. Replacing

sunlight or facing them into the sun.

potato salad with pasta salad or tomato selections, such as bruschetta, are great summertime food alternatives.

Also, depending upon the time of year, the temperature may be a factor. You will want to do everything possible to make your guests comfortable in an outside

You will also want to avoid serving fried foods as they will become soggy in short

environment. If covered or shaded areas are limited, consider having a mid-

order due to the humidity. Baked chicken and fresh vegetables are always a crowd

morning or early evening wedding to avoid everyone being subjected to the heat.

pleaser that will remain tasty despite a warm environment.

151 nebraska wedding day

If you are hosting a summer reception, guests will often drink more to stay cool. Be certain to

Sink , Soap, Satisfaction, our Standard

offer guests non-alcoholic beverages and keep plenty of ice water within reach. FL OW E R S A N D DÉ C OR Be aware of the challenges that the outdoor elements will create when selecting flowers. Choose blooms that will be able to stand up to the heat, such as orchids and roses. Keep

Restroom Trailers with heating + a/c, hot + cold water & full-size mirrors

arrangements in the shade and out of the wind to extend their life. Avoid tall décor pieces as they may become hazardous on a windy day. Elements like driftwood, clear lantern candles, low floral arrangements and heavy vases are great outdoor décor alternatives that should withstand whatever the weather presents.

two stall: $950 three stall  : $2450 four stall: $1450

LIGH TI NG Rent outdoor lights or hire a company to hang outdoor lighting to enhance the setting and to keep guests safe. Strings of Edison bulbs are a gorgeous way to add ambience to your reception space. Battery-operated lanterns look beautiful hanging over a dance floor. If you

Upscale Portable Stalls with sink, LED lighting & flushable toilet

plan to hang mason jars or tea lights from trees, opt for battery-operated candles to avoid any fire hazards. R E ST ROOM AC C OM MODAT IONS If your favorite spot does not include built-in restroom facilities, do not despair! Luxury

two units: $150 each four units: $135 each

restroom trailers can be rented and placed on the property at a location that is convenient, yet inconspicuous. You won’t even have to rough it as available options now include modern designs with all the amenities, such as private stalls with flushable toilets, heating and air conditioning, hot and cold running water, as well as lighting and mirrors. We recommend posting decorative signage pointing the way to the powder room for your

reserve your luxury restroom services at:

guests. You can customize the signage with a monogram or design element using your

designated color palette. Consider asking your floral designer to prepare a small bouquet to brighten the interior. Also, an easy way to add a little luxury is by creating a basket of essentials for the countertop including items such as hand lotion, breath mints, hair spray, insect repellent wipes, and a small sewing kit. FAVOR I T E OUT D O OR R ECEP T ION I DEAS

Tent Tents can be glamorous and perfect for a spring, summer or fall wedding. They offer protection from most weather elements while also allowing guests to enjoy the great outdoors. Tent rentals can vary, so discuss your ideas with your rental company. The multitude of options span from traditional white canvas tents to see-through roofs allowing you to dine

Barn If you have a friend or family member with a spacious barn, this can be an easy way to host a rustic wedding. If you don’t have a personal connection to a barn space, you can find venues that offer a barn for rent. The key to hosting a dinner in an old barn is to clean, clean and then clean some more! Sweep and power wash all floors if concrete; rake dirt floors for debris.

Image by Gregg Sutton

under the stars.

Hanging lights or large chandeliers will add sophistication to the venue and provide plenty of ambience and lighting for guests.

Image by Gregg Sutton

Garden For a smaller wedding, hosting your reception in a garden is as romantic as you can get. A long, family-style dinner table is very elegant and brings an intimate feeling. Renting lounge furniture and a dance floor will encourage guests to sit, relax and enjoy the evening surrounded by fresh flowers and the moonlit sky. No doubt outdoor weddings are beautiful, romantic and memorable. Be sure to think through possible weather threats in advance. Walk through your reception venue more than once, considering the experience from the vantage point of your guests. You will want to be assured of their safety and comfort throughout your special day. Finally, always have a backup plan if the weather takes a turn for the worse. Being prepared will allow your day, no matter the weather, to be everything you dreamed it would be.


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w essels f aRm @ gmail . Com | www . l iving h istoRY f aRm . oRg



Im a ge by Jessi c a B l ex P h otog ra p h y

kicking off the festivities with a pre-reception party

You have sixty minutes to set the tone for your reception and kick off the party. So

+ Incorporate yard games if your space allows.

do it in style! The cocktail hour is a lovely opportunity for your guests to seamlessly

+ Arrange food and drink to be easily accessible.

transition from the ceremony to the reception rather than trying to kill time

+ Keep the area well lit to encourage easy movement.

before the reception begins. TH E M E NU Create a relaxing atmosphere where guests can mix and mingle while the wedding

The cocktail hour is the perfect time to show off your personal style with “his” and

party makes its way to the reception. Consider this to be a little sneak peek for

“her” menu picks. This is an opportunity to infuse favorite foods and local flavor that

your guests as the evening begins to unfold. The cocktail hour can be styled in a

may not be included at your reception. Think in terms of food and drink pairings,

variety of ways. Here are a few pointers to help transform your cocktail hour into

such as wine and cheese, beer and burger sliders or margaritas and mini-tacos. Be

an unforgettable experience, as well as setting the stage for your reception.

creative by presenting your pairings with a little style. This bit of personalization will create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

T HE S E T T ING Begin by considering the space as a whole and then reflecting on the atmosphere

If you are working with a caterer, ask about specialty drinks as an addition to regular

you hope to create. For example, you may choose to have your guests stroll through

offerings. Some couples opt for an array of micro-brew beers, signature drinks,

the “countryside,” encountering a farmers’ market serving artisan cheeses with

mojitos or martini bars. Champagne is always a special option as it coordinates well

fruit, baguettes and complementary wine pairings. Setting up the cocktail hour

with most celebrations and is a tradition in toasting. Plus, champagne cocktails pair

with satellite drink bars and food stations will create a casual feel, versus utilizing

nicely with hors d’oeuvres as well as wedding cakes. For a jazzy presentation, serve

wait staff for a formal approach. As you plan, consider the following:

drinks in specialty glasses with customized stir sticks.

+ The space should be free-flowing so guests find it easy to mingle.

As you work through options, remember to consider the weather. A lighter drink,

+ Music can influence mood, so include appropriate background music.

such as wine or champagne, is preferred in warmer weather and a richer drink,

+ Situate rental pieces to create an open floor plan.

such as a cranberry cocktail, in cooler weather. You could even consider warm-drink

153 nebraska wedding day

blackbird PHOTOGRAPHIE photographer chasing love and light w w w. b l a c k b i r d p h o t o g r a p h i e . c o m

options in cold weather such as hot apple cider spiked with apple brandy. We recommend providing a variety of seasonally-appropriate beverage choices including a few non-alcoholic options, such as root beer floats, old-fashioned soda pop or lemonade. TH E ACTIVITIE S & E NTE RTAINM E NT Keep your guests entertained while they pass the time waiting for your wedding party to arrive. Perhaps hire a string quartet to enhance the mood of your cocktail hour. If a string quartet isn’t your style, consider an acoustic artist or instrumentalist to perform as your guests mix and mingle. Yard games, silhouette artists and photo booths are other fun options to entertain your guests. Remember to think outside the box. Consider adding an unexpected element to the occasion to maximize your individuality. Guests will be smiling and talking about it all night long! TH E TIM E TABLE Aim to keep your cocktail hour to sixty minutes. An hour is the perfect time frame for your guests to relax and mingle while the newlyweds regroup for the reception. Keeping your Jennifer Schultz Photography

guests waiting much longer is discourteous. TH E TRANSITIONS The planned transition from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and then to the reception can be conveyed to guests a number of ways. We favor including information about the cocktail hour on the wedding program. Verbiage might read something like, “Following the ceremony, the happy couple invites you to a Mix & Mingle Cocktail Party at 6:00 p.m. preceding dinner.” When it comes time to announce the wedding party, instruct the master of ceremonies (MC) or your DJ to invite guests to grab a drink, take a seat and welcome the newlyweds. The MC or DJ, a parent, a special friend or a spiritual leader should announce dinner after the

Jennifer Schultz Photography

wedding party has arrived.


Where style, elegance and experience meet value and caring service. Where culinary arts and décor options are personalized to your unique taste and need. Where your rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception will be a special event everyone will remember.


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Im a ge by Kayl i e Si rek P h otog ra p h y

evoking grace when handling the unexpected

The flowers have been selected, the menu finalized and the bridal gown fitted,

should feel welcome and comfortable. The key to accommodating unexpected

but now how do you properly handle those odd little occurrences that may pop

guests is to be prepared by assuming more guests will attend than have replied.

up? While most of the details are nailed down, a few elements to the planning

Rent three to five percent more of any linens, chairs, plate chargers and china. Also,

still require thoughtful consideration. These situations usually relate to proper

when designing your seating chart, don’t completely fill every table. This will allow

decorum and require just a little patience and poise to navigate.

room for a guest to join at the last minute.

Traditional etiquette and modern manners sometimes differ in the best approach

To accommodate children you did not expect to be in attendance, ask your caterer

to resolving such matters. So carefully consider what seems most appropriate to

to have a plan in mind for a simple children’s meal. It’s also a good idea to have a few

you in each situation. Below we have given you a guide to dealing with some of

children’s activities, such as coloring books and crayons, on hand just in case.

the most common social blunders, all the while maintaining proper manners and evoking grace.

WE DDING GIF TS Traditionally, gifts should be sent to the home of the couple. However, the majority


of guests usually present their gifts at the reception. To accommodate these gifts,

The overarching emphasis whenever handling surprises is to always make your

prepare a table in a thoughtful location. Many guests will bring a card, so it is wise

guests feel welcome. Regardless of whether your guest brought their date without

to prepare a basket, box or other decorative receptacle to collect them thereby

including them in the RSVP or you spot an uninvited distant relative – everyone

avoiding the chance of any being misplaced.

157 nebraska wedding day


JAMES KRIHA 4 0 2- 4 4 0 -138 5 KRIHAFILMS.COM


CE RE MONY AND RE CE P TION TIM E LINE There are many reasons why your reception may not begin immediately following your ceremony. Often, it is because the church will not allow wedding ceremonies to take place after a certain time on Saturdays. If you are facing a lengthy gap between your ceremony and reception, it is important to consider the comfort of your guests. If the majority traveled from out of state and are spending the night, they are able to retreat back to a hotel room to freshen up. If the majority live in town, they are able to return to their home for a few hours before arriving at the reception. However, if your guests do not have an appropriate place to go before the reception begins, consider hosting a trolley tour of the city. Arrange for guests to take a tour of local landmarks. It is nice to prepare bottles of water and some light snacks for the ride. Another option is to provide your guests a map with local highlights, allowing them to take a self-guided tour if they desire.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Scheme It!

RE CE IVING LINE Many churches do not allow a receiving line after the ceremony due to an overlap with services. If this is the case, consider greeting guests near the entrance of your reception venue or at their tables between dinner courses. It is important to make each guest feel welcomed and special. However, also take time to enjoy your new spouse and your reception without getting stuck in conversation the entire time. INTIM ATE CE RE MONY + L ARGE RE CE P TION Many couples prefer a small private ceremony, but would like to invite all of their friends and family to help celebrate at their reception. The key to having the best of both worlds is

Specialized personalization of custom or stock items giving you unlimited options for your big day!

proportion. To avoid any hurt feelings, keep the number of invited guests to the ceremony to a minimum. A good rule of thumb is to have a 1-to-10 ratio of ceremony guests to reception guests. For example, invite 15 people to the ceremony if you are expecting 150 to attend your

2350 O Street, Lincoln, NE | 402-476-3810 |

reception. However, keep the meaning of your wedding day in mind as well. Guests wish to share in your excitement, love and the promises you make to one another. By including them as guests at your ceremony, they will feel honored and blessed to witness your vows.

Warm Hospitality aWaits you and your wedding guests here at the days inn & suites omaha!

7300 Q St Ralston, NE | | 402.934.9966

ContaCt us today! 402-496-7500 or 159 nebraska wedding day

AS S IGNI NG WE DDING ROLES It is an honor to be asked to stand by your side as a bridesmaid or groomsman, or to serve as an usher or reader. Often brides try to include as many friends and family members in their wedding day to avoid any hurt feelings. However, unless the role is something truly special, think twice before reaching out to your cousins and distant relatives. Small children will be overjoyed to hand out bubbles or programs, but your 16-year-old cousin may not. Sometimes it is best to keep wedding roles to a minimum and allow your friends and family to enjoy the day celebrating. B AL ANCI NG G UE ST S A N D ALCOHOL If your family members love to indulge and really get down on the dance floor, you may want to pass on the open bar concept. Consider having a “hosted” bar instead, serving beer, wine and a signature drink. This will cater to all tastes without allowing guests to order strong alcoholic beverages or shots of liquor. If you simply must host an open bar, yet wish to ensure your guests do not overindulge, ask the bartenders to use a light touch when mixing drinks. During the last hour of your reception, consider shifting to only non-alcoholic options and stocking the bar with some simple snack options. This usually does not increase the cost of your reception as you are shifting alcohol expenses to snacks. Utilizing a snack bar will help sober up guests before they depart. Popular ideas include sliders or pizza. You can even have your favorite local food truck deliver a late-night snack!

Photography Videography Disc Jockey Photo Booth Event Lighting

Finally, don’t lose sight of your own alcohol consumption. Avoid having more than a few drinks and be certain to eat throughout the day and during the event. This way, you will enjoy your wedding reception while maintaining your grace and poise. To be fully prepared for your big day, assign your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to come prepared with a few essential items (safety pins, manicure scissors, lint brush, cotton swabs, etc.) ensuring you can tackle any oddity that may arise!


affordable elegance

Image by Mae Small Photography & Birdcage Release Collaborative

All-inclusive bAnquet fAcility with guArAnteed pricing And flAt-rAte food And beverAge pricing

full-service banquet and event venue 11830 stonegAte drive, omAhA


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an inviting space

Im a ge by L a uren Deni se P h otog ra p h y

sorting through the venue varieties

There are many uniquely beautiful reception venues available to you, depending


upon the size of the guest list and your wedding budget. The reception venue sets

If you dream of a classic space, a country club may be your most fitting option. Set

the tone for your wedding and is a crucial element in implementing your planned

on tailored greens, country clubs offer a sophisticated style and space. One of the

dĂŠcor and design. From a wistful blooming garden to a well-manicured country-

few challenges posed by this venue is that your event may not be totally private due

club lawn, here are a few options to help you discover your ideal venue.

to club members accessing the pool or grounds.



Some banquet halls provide full-service packages thereby making the planning

Nestled around fragrant blooms and a beautiful landscape, a garden reception can

process easier and more affordable. Others have a preferred list of wedding vendors,

be transformed into a dreamy affair. Allow the garden setting to speak for itself.

allowing for choices within certain parameters. Depending upon the space,

With nature as your backdrop, your table arrangements and other dĂŠcor can be

banquet halls are easy to transform into your dream wedding space. Also, the staff is

simple and subtle. For this reception venue, be certain to outline a rain plan, just in

experienced and have worked with local wedding vendors, creating an easier flow

case the weather is not in your favor on your special day.

of communication. The only challenge for this venue is the possible turnaround time for decorating, especially when an event is scheduled the evening prior.

HOTE L If you picture a large wedding in a grand ballroom, a hotel reception may be perfect


for you. Hotels are easily able to accommodate a large group and usually are able

Many couples love a rustic barn setting for their reception venue. It provides shelter

to arrange an appropriate space more suitable for a smaller guest list. The staff is

while also allowing guests to dance under twinkling lights or a moonlit sky. A barn

knowledgeable and experienced. The only challenge is that you may be sharing the

reception can also serve as a special nod to family history or a cultural significance.

venue with a neighboring wedding or other large event on the same day or evening.

The toughest challenge for this venue is arranging catering, restrooms and entertainment. Also, remember to consider the seasonal temperatures as usually a


barn is neither heated nor air-conditioned.

Surrounded by beautiful works of art, a museum is a stunning and sophisticated

161 nebraska wedding day

venue for your reception. Many museums have staff members who are experienced in

limitations and noise level during the time frame you are considering. If the noise inherent

executing weddings and can offer great insight for creating your ideal event. You may find

in a restaurant environment concerns you, simply inquire about the availability of a separate

that some museums may have a list of preferred vendors, which may limit your options

area for your reception, such as a private event room. Some restaurants may even offer the

for catering or dĂŠcor. The bonus with this venue option is that you can usually arrange for

option to rent the entire space for your event, in which case theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll close it to the public.

certain galleries to be open for a limited time during your event, which can allow your guests a chance to peruse the artwork during the cocktail hour.

TE NT A tented reception is a fantastic option that can comfortably accommodate a large guest


list. While providing guests with shade and cover, everyone is still able to enjoy the sunset

Depending upon your ideal landscape, a reception comfortably nestled in a park may

and dance into the evening under the stars. A tent company will have many options for you

be just the casual venue you are looking for. Arranging family-style tables, with your

to choose from, including lighting. Prior to finalizing arrangements, we encourage you to

ceremony location nearby, gives guests a wonderfully intimate feeling. Prior to making your

complete a walk-through of the land so you can provide any electrical outlet information to

arrangements, be sure to check with the city offices for any necessary permits or special

your rental company.

permission. Also, scope out the space to make certain there are adequate restroom facilities and sufficient resources to meet your electrical needs.

Check out our VENUE GUIDE in this issue or visit us online for more venue details.


P RI VAT E HOM E There are fabulous weddings arranged at private homes. This venue provides a special space,

showers | rehearsal dinners

uniquely your own. While most parents may shy away from the option due to the workload

ceremonies | receptions | special events

and preparations, hosting your reception at a family estate can be very intimate. The toughest challenge to overcome is arranging adequate kitchen space, restrooms and parking. If you are planning your event at a private home, inform the neighbors of your plans so they can anticipate the traffic and possible noise that evening. If they know what is going on, they will JM STUDIOS

be more understanding of the special occasion and not call law enforcement with a complaint. RESTAURANT If you are planning a small, intimate wedding, a restaurant is an excellent option. With possibilities for a unique menu and cozy ambience, this type of reception venue is relatively stress free. You could even allow guests to order directly from the menu. Prior to booking your reception, consult with the restaurant owner or general manager regarding space

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Regency Lodge Wedding Amenities Room Rental (includes set up and tear down) Full Banquet Staff Head Table Personal Butler Service Head Table Champagne Toast Dance Floor Use of House Linens, China, Silverware and Standard Glassware Complimentary Log Cabin Suite for Bride and Groom (upon availability) Ceremony Bridal Preparation Room (with rental of ceremony space) Signature Grand Staircase for Photos Beautiful Photo Locations Complimentary Guest Parking

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up and away

Im a ge by Kel sey B uss P h otog ra p h y

making an amorous escape in style

Once the reception has concluded, the bouquet has been tossed and the final song


has ended, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time for you and your spouse to make your grand exit. This timeless

Flower petals are no longer only for the flower girl to toss during the ceremony.

send-off tradition, which makes for a beautiful photo opportunity, dates back to the

They make a delightful alternative to paper confetti. Many couples are choosing

age-old custom of tossing rice at the newlyweds to symbolize prosperity and good

this as an alternative for their wedding send-off. You can have your guests toss

fortune for years to come.

petals customized to match your wedding color palette. For a personalized look,

This unique moment you share with your guests is one you will surely remember as

romantic wedding-day farewell creates beautiful photos of a stunning exit.

create customized paper cones full of petals to pass out to your guests. This all guests in attendance gather round to provide a joyous farewell! Couples are now opting for a more unique approach to this long-standing tradition. From confetti


to ribbons to sparklers, here are a few creative ideas to make your grand exit truly

A fresh trend in the toss category is paper airplanes! Whether you provide them

memorable with a little help from your guests.

already folded or as a create-your-own guest activity, this is a neat new way to interact with your guests at either your ceremony or reception. It is an especially


great fit for those aviators out there as a way to incorporate the love for flying into

Many couples love the look of a confetti send-off for their wedding day. Confetti

their special day. If you want to go all in, set up an activity station for guests to

provides beautiful pops of color for the wedding photos while allowing the

decorate their airplanes and adorn them with well wishes for the couple. After

newlyweds to completely customize the look of their grand exit. Include confetti

the launch, all the love and support of your loved ones will be visible in the pile of

in a couple different shapes, sizes and colors to coordinate with your wedding dĂŠcor.

landed planes trailing you as you make your escape.

Setting up a confetti bar can serve as a fun addition to your reception. Guests can enjoy creating the perfect blend of confetti to shower you with love! If this send-off


option appeals to you, first make certain your venue allows the use of confetti and

Ribbon wands are a terrific alternative that are completely mess free. Guests

be sure you understand any restrictions. You certainly do not want to forfeit your

can send off the happy couple by waving these graceful wands and they also

rental deposit due to a misunderstanding.

double beautifully as wedding favors! The wands can even be used throughout

165 nebraska wedding day

the ceremony and/or reception to create an interactive element to the festivities. With an unlimited number of ribbon styles, widths and textures to select from, customizing your ribbon wands to fit your color palette is a breeze. Your guests will have a blast waving their well wishes of love and joy throughout the day as well as when you make your grand exit. S PAR K LE R S HOW For a reception ending after dark, opt for a glamorous farewell with one of the most popular tried-and-true wedding send-offs. Present your guests with sparklers in a customized wrapper unique to your wedding dĂŠcor. The key to capping off the celebration in style is to purchase wedding sparklers that burn longer. It is also important to have venue staff or family members prepared with butane lighters to light the sparklers for your guests. A stunning display of the newlyweds surrounded by a sea of light will provide amazing photos as their guests shower them with love. W I S H L A N T E R NS For a breathtaking nighttime send-off, make a memorable impact with your guests by launching lanterns into the night sky. Traditionally used in Asia for celebrations and festivals, couples are using this romantic element as a means for their guests to present well wishes for the newlyweds on their wedding night. Gather your closest friends and family members to participate in this memorable farewell and create an incredible photo opportunity. You and

A unique upscale venue in the Railyard for the sophisticated, modern-day wedding

your spouse will be in awe as you take in the stunning nighttime visual with your loved ones. NOTE: If you are interested in this option, be sure to do your homework first. Lanterns are a potential fire hazard, making it important that you obtain approval from your venue as well as verify applicable laws within your community before planning a wish lantern send-off. No matter the method, you can be certain that your grand exit will be bursting with love and joyous best wishes from all in attendance!


up to 300 guests bar service included choose your own catering service decorating options available

incoln irefighterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s RECEPTION HALL

402.477.6001 241 Victory Lane Drive Lincoln, NE


closing time

Im a ge by Kayl i e Si rek P h otog ra p h y

wrapping up the final post-wedding details

A good time was had by all, yet a few tasks still remain. To wrap things up once the


wedding festivities have concluded, just follow these simple steps for stress-free

You spent significant time and money selecting and purchasing your wedding

handling of the final details.

gown. Before hanging it up and forgetting about it, take your gown to a professional


know how to thoroughly clean your gown, treat it for stains and preserve it,

You may have a few rental items, such as linens and cake stands, to return to your

allowing you to enjoy it well beyond your special day.

cleaner who specializes in stain removal and preservation. These professionals

rental company. If this is the case, designate a family member or friend to gather the rentals and return them on the first business day following your wedding.

TH ANK-YOU NOTE S The general rule for preparing thank-you notes is to handwrite and mail them no

If rented, your groom’s tux will also need to be returned. Often policies require

later than eight weeks following the wedding. If you receive gifts prior to your

all rentals to be returned the next day as most formal attire shops are open on the

wedding day, you should immediately send a thank you acknowledging the gift’s

weekends. Make certain to check any pockets for keys, money, or other items. Ask

arrival. Your guests have taken time to select a special gift for you, so mention

your father or father-in-law to return your groom’s tux along with his. If you plan

the gift and also how you plan to use it. If you wish, you can also include a special

to open gifts with family the day after your wedding, this is a perfect opportunity

memory you shared with the guest on your wedding day. Guests will recognize and

for the men to hand off their rentals to the designated person for an easy return.

appreciate the care and kindness that went into personalizing their note.



Items like picture frames, guest cards, table numbers and other décor will be left

Planning to take your partner's last name? If so, you will need to visit the

at your reception venue. Many venues allow you to store these leftover items

Department of Motor Vehicles, the Social Security Administration, your bank and

with them until the following day, allowing your wedding night to be stress free.

your insurance agency in the weeks following your wedding. Check out our “Name

Remember to ask a family member or friend to pick up these items and/or discard

Changing How-To” in FROM OUR NOTEBOOK at the back of this issue for simple

them following your wedding day.

steps to help change your name with ease.

167 nebraska wedding day



* images by nikki moore photography

* seating for up to 300 guests | 16-foot black marble bar | 40-foot elevated outdoor deck | full A/V capabilities | free parking

THE OMAR Omahaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Midtown Masterpiece 4383 Nicholas Street, Suite 200 402.614.3555 | 402.598.7600



Im a ge by T h e Mul l ers

expressing your gratitude with gifts

From the time of your engagement to the big day, the wedding-planning process

We suggest you take the time to truly show your leading ladies that you appreciate

may occasionally seem overwhelming. But remember that handling the highs and

them. An easy way to do this is to make the gift personal to your bridesmaid.

lows are much easier when you tap into the support from your closest friends and

Thoughtfully select an item with special significance in your friendship or consider

family. As your wedding day draws near, be prepared to thank those members of

personalizing the gift with a monogram, date or word that is unique to your bond.

your support team that truly helped make this special day possible. You will want to

Our go-to list of gift ideas for your maids:

give thoughtful consideration to selecting individual gifts for your family members and friends who were by your side throughout the entire process. As the planning portion of your wedding journey comes to a close, shift your attention to selecting gifts of thanks for your wedding party, your parents and

+ Personalized necklace, ring or bracelet + Monogrammed clutch or bag + Customized robe or button up for getting ready on the big day + Personalized stationery or note cards

possibly a few special others who were key players in making your wedding event the best it could be. We offer up these gift suggestions for your consideration to


express your thanks for their love and support.

Your leading gents may not express their love and support quite the same way the ladies do, but no doubt they will be there for you from the get-go! It’s important


to show your groomsmen how much they mean to you and how happy you are

While it’s a great honor for your leading ladies to be a part of your wedding party,

that they are sharing this special day with you. Your gift will not only serve as a

it’s also important for you to show them how much it means to you that they have

memento of the big event, but also as a constant reminder of your loyalty through

been by your side through the entire process – from dress fittings to planning the

thick and thin!

bachelorette party and everything in between. Your bridesmaid gifts should be personal and unique – specially selected for each of your maids. Each one deserves

Consider the personalities of your groomsmen when selecting gifts. You could even

a token of your appreciation for all their time, effort and support. After all, can you

pick a funny gift for one, while selecting a more practical gift for another. The key

imagine your wedding day without each and every one of them?

is to make the gift something he will use. Here is a list of gift ideas for your guys:

169 nebraska wedding day

+ Monogrammed card holder or money clip


+ Monogrammed leather wallet

When it comes to planning the big day, there are two particularly charming key players – the

+ Engraved beer glass or shot glass

adorable flower girl and the dashing little ring bearer. Since the big day will be an exciting

+ Personalized bottle opener and beer bucket

yet exhausting experience for the little ones, take special care to show them how tickled you

+ Bottle of wine with personalized label FOR YOU R L OV E LY MO T HER

are that they are a part of the festivities. Here is a list of gift ideas for your little ones:

For the flower girl:

If your mom and dad have played an important role in your wedding day and throughout

+ First initial bracelet or necklace

every phase of the wedding-planning process, be certain to thank them with a touching gift

+ Customized clothes hanger for flower girl dress

to mark the occasion. Say thank you to your mom with a uniquely special gift from you and

+ Monogrammed purse

her new in-law. Below is a list of gift ideas that will show your mom how much you BOTH

+ Personalized tote filled with her favorite goodies

appreciate her love and support.

+ Engraved music or jewelry box

+ Embroidered handkerchief + Monogrammed vase

For the ring bearer:

+ Personalized jewelry or keepsake box

+ Personalized money bank

+ Monogrammed necklace or bracelet

+ Personalized backpack filled with his favorite treats

+ Engraved jewelry tray

+ Engraved keepsake box + Engraved dog tags

FOR DEA R OLD DA D While you may honor your father with the traditional father/daughter dance, it is important to also select a thank-you gift for dear old dad that truly speaks to your relationship. Show your deep love and appreciation on this special day by selecting a unique gift from these ideas that will help express to your dad just how much he means to you.

+ Monogrammed wallet The most important part of personalizing each gift is to take a little time to handwrite a heartfelt note expressing your gratitude. Be certain in each note to reference a special moment of love or support that you recall from the previous months of planning.

+ Personalized leather travel bag or briefcase + Engraved cuff links + Engraved pocket watch + Framed photo of a father-daughter moment from your wedding, gifted later

If you take a few moments to reflect on the relationship when making your gift selections, you will undoubtedly choose meaningful gifts of appreciation that your family and friends will cherish for many years to come.






the venue partners of nebraska wedding day

This handy guide highlights dozens of the area’s premier wedding venues. A great quick-reference directory, it will introduce you to the best that local venues have to offer, allowing you to conveniently check info on capacity, amenities and more! These listings only



Located in Omaha’s Old Market, this venue puts you and your guests within walking distance of hotels, restaurants, bars & boutique shops. This historic building on the National Register of Historic Places has a simple, rustic charm with tons of personality. An awesome outside deck with great views of downtown can be used for ceremonies or cocktail hours. Our wedding specialist is a consummate professional who will help you plan the perfect wedding.

Anthony’s Steakhouse Grand Ballroom is the premier wedding facility. Our beautiful facilities can easily accommodate on-site ceremonies. Our lush landscaping and elegant décor offer the perfect backdrop for your special day. To complement our facilites, we customize each event to meet your exact needs and we provide a staff that cares.

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 350 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / N/A outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 135

402-415-8222 1316 Jones Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-331-7575 7220 F Street Omaha, NE 68127

provide a glimpse into these amazing venues. For a full look, visit our website to access our ONLINE VENUE GUIDE, which allows you to filter results based on your preferences. Be sure to also check out our VIRTUAL TOURS for many of the venues you see here!

W W W . N E W E D D I N G D A Y . C O M





With a spacious interior, outdoor garden, and ample parking, Arbor Hall is the perfect venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in stress-free weddings. Let us take care of all your wedding needs including food, beverages, cakes, DJ, and décor.

With its beautiful facilities and professional staff, Ashland Golf Club is the perfect site for any event. We specialize in weddings and banquets that provide excellent service for your guests and flexibility with your event planning from start to finish. Image by Shalista

Located in Southwest Omaha, the Aspen Room is a private venue perfectly suited for your wedding reception and rehearsal dinner. We can accommodate all of your wedding ceremony and reception needs, and offer allinclusive packages. Call or email for additional information and start planning your special day!

The Ball Room is located just 20 minutes from Lincoln or Omaha, set on the highest point in Cass County with a commanding view of the Platte River and the rolling hills of the countryside. We have plenty of free parking and easy access to I-80. So get out of the city and enjoy the country. The Ball Room… Your celebration central.

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / $12.95 + ad page / 103

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 97

maximum capacity / 200 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 450 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 83

402-884-2269 14040 Arbor Street Omaha, NE 68144

402-944-3344 16119 US Hwy 6 Ashland, NE 68003

402-502-1885 9809 M Street Omaha, NE 68127

402-944-9974 30801 East Park Highway Ashland, NE 68003

171 nebraska wedding day









The Beaumont Event & Concert Hall will amaze you and your guests from the moment you arrive at the 30-acre property. The newly constructed, temperature-controlled barn has tons of rustic charm and all of the amenities you’d expect in a new facility; such as a lavish bridal dressing suite, children’s room & fullservice bar. With multiple outdoor ceremony locations to choose from, The Beaumont is the unforgettable venue you’ve been looking for.

We’d like to start by saying “thank you” for considering Bella Terre! Our goal is to make each event as unique as the person who’s reading this. Bella Terre was designed to provide an enchanting atmosphere for wedding ceremonies, receptions, special dinners, corporate meetings and other events and celebrations - only 15 minutes from Omaha!

Located in Old Town Bellevue, the Bellevue Volunteer Firefighter’s Hall is the perfect place for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner and wedding. Off-site catering welcome. We offer catering, beverage, decorating and linen services. Let our expert team help make your day a memorable one.

High atop the Loess Hills, this breathtaking 400-acre wooded estate offers the area’s most incredible venue. This European-inspired brick Castle with adjacent Pavilion and sprawling manicured grounds provide for a beautiful and unique wedding and reception experience. Castle Unicorn’s beauty is surpassed only by its impeccable service, quality, and attention to detail. Amaze your family and friends with your dream wedding at Castle Unicorn.

maximum capacity / 750 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $1,500 + outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Varies ad page / Seasonal Section

maximum capacity / 400 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / Seasonal Section

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / No outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / 174

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Varies ad page / 94

402-369-6428 2611 N Hwy 15 Wayne, NE 68787

402-740-4176 23375 Barrus Road Glenwood, IA 51534

402-763-9127 2108 Franklin Street Bellevue, NE 68005

712-527-5930 57034 Deacon Road Pacific Junction, IA 51561




A place to celebrate life’s milestones Champions Run is the perfect place for your perfect day. We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind weddings and receptions of all sizes that reflect your personal style. From our spectacular views to delicious menu options, we offer unrivaled amenities and comprehensive event management services, all underscored by our signature and personalized service. Start planning with us today! Image by JM Studios

Discover the new vibe coming from within our vintage walls. We offer both catering and an event space. At your site or ours, Chez Hay caters to your inspired tastes. By mixing your imagination with Chez Hay’s chic ideas, we break new ground on every occasion bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, wedding receptions, luncheon meetings, holiday gatherings and tailgate parties. Contact us to set up your personal sightseeing tour today!

DC Centre is a classic, timeless venue. We work with you to create an elegant and affordable wedding that’s sure to impress. Upfront guaranteed pricing, all-inclusive rental fees and flat-rate beverage service are just a few things we are known for. We offer special booking discounts throughout the year to accommodate all kinds of dream weddings. Spring, summer, winter or fall, DC Centre will have something for you.

urban. chic. extraordinary. Experience what is an Omaha favorite! Featuring 10,000 sq. ft. of flexibe event space, can accommodate up to 450 seated guests to over 600 standing. Located in an extraordinary urban setting, it’s the perfect place for your wedding and reception. Image by Raelyn Ramey

maximum capacity / 400 + ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Email ad page / 152

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 50-1,200 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 149

maximum capacity / 450 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 61

402-498-8900 13800 Eagle Run Drive Omaha, NE 68164

402-489-7445 210 North 14th Street Lincoln, NE 68508

402-393-7431 11830 Stonegate Drive Omaha, NE 68164

402-915-0177 605 North 13th Street Omaha, NE 68102









When it comes to making your wedding special, DoubleTree by Hilton TM Omaha Downtown is committed to making every moment memorable. Our planners will help you create a wedding that is luxurious, personalized and unique. Offering upscale accommodations and amenities at our full-service hotel, we can accommodate weddings of all sizes. This is the day you have been dreaming of and we will create the spectacular day you so richly deserve.

The Downtown Club is a luxurious, allinclusive space located within the heart of North Downtown. The lavish, upscale aesthetic makes décor and planning a breeze. Accommodating events from 10-250 guests, we look forward to treating you and your guests to The Downtown Club experience.

Whether an intimate gathering or an elaborate affair, you will find the perfect setting at The Durham Museum. The breathtaking array of setting options ensures that your event will be both successful and memorable. One visit to The Durham Museum and you will see why it is considered one of Omaha’s most unique treasures. Create an event with your own special flair by selecting your preferred event planner, caterer, photographer and florist.

YOU SAID YES. LET US HELP YOU CELEBRATE! Embassy Suites - Lincoln would be honored to help you host your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, or reception. We can help you with the details, from the ceremony and reception to other important celebrations along the way. Our wedding planning tools can help you and your fiancé or wedding planner select the right location, reserve blocks of guest suites, manage your guest list, and more!

maximum capacity / 700 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / 105

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / Seasonal Section

maximum capacity / 1,000 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Email outdoor site / No catering price per person / N/A ad page / 137

maximum capacity / 20-600 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / $28.00 + ad page / Seasonal Section

402-636-4900 1616 Dodge Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-909-2016 1510 Cuming Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-444-5071 801 South 10th Street Omaha, NE 68108

402-473-4712 1040 P Street Lincoln, NE 68508


EMBASSY SUITES BY HILTON - OMAHA L A VISTA The Embassy Suites by HiltonTM - Omaha La Vista offers a beautiful setting for grand gala weddings as well as smaller intimate weddings. Available for ceremonies, wedding receptions, bridal showers and rehearsal dinners, the Embassy Suites is conveniently located at I-80 and Giles Road. Contact our professional and experienced catering staff to turn your big day into everything you dreamed it to be!





Founders ONE • NINE is an urban chic event space located in downtown Omaha and the most distinctive wedding venue in the metro area. With an outdoor green space, seating for up to 400, a bridal suite, experienced event coordinators and award-winning catering, you are sure to have the most unforgettable day!

Nestled in the picturesque Loess Hills is this unique wedding venue, designed as a blank canvas for you to create the wedding of your dreams. We’re not just a venue - we offer a variety of services including coordination, design, floral, photography, DJ and more!

Located in the heart of West Omaha is a unique wedding venue. Its warm, romantic charm allows you to create the wedding of your dreams. We’re not just a venue – we offer a variety of services including coordination, design, floral, photography, DJ and more!

maximum capacity / 1,000 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / No catering price per person / $32.00 + ad page / Seasonal Section

maximum capacity / 350-400 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $800-$3,000 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / $21.00 + ad page / 77

maximum capacity / 450 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 139

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 139

402-331-7400 12520 Westport Parkway La Vista, NE 68128

402-558-3272 1915 Jackson Street Omaha, NE 68102

712-526-2426 51496 230th Street Glenwood, IA 51534

402-496-3000 4714 North 120th Street Omaha, NE 68164

Image by Amanda Kohler Photography

173 nebraska wedding day





The German-American Society has the perfect setup to accommodate all of your needs. With beautiful landscapes, sceneries and large parking areas, we offer a full-service banquet facility with personal assistance to make your wedding uniquely you and very special. Our menu provides an endless amount of ideas and the ability to match your budget.

The Graduate Lincoln is part of a well-crafted collection of hotels. It resides in the city’s downtown Historic Haymarket District providing a flawless backdrop for your picture-perfect weekend. Our ballrooms have been designed to accommodate receptions for 500, while having the ability to transform into the most intimate spaces for smaller celebrations. You’ll find our team is dedicated to making your experience unique and one to remember. Image by Christian Horan Photography

We’re a fully decorated banquet hall with no room fee, featuring a full-service bar and diverse menu options including buffet, plated meal, hors d’oeuvres and desserts. Let our experienced staff take care of every detail allowing you to relax + enjoy your entire day. Conveniently located in downtown Lincoln, we can accommodate 280 guests with ample parking. Visit for a menu with pricing. Call Cristi for a tour!

We are dedicated to providing you with a worry-free reception. With over 22 years of experience, we can help you with every detail of your special day. We provide high-quality food, excellent service and reasonable prices. Amenities include a large dance floor, separate stages for DJ and wedding party, and a large private parking lot. We offer The Lincoln Room, accommodating 400 guests and The Havelock Room, accommodating 250 guests.

maximum capacity / 650 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / $10.00 + ad page / 34

maximum capacity / 500 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call ad page / Inside Front Cover

maximum capacity / 280 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / None outdoor site / No catering price per person / $12.00 + ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 250 and 400 ceremony site / No outside caterers / No room rental fee / $750 and $950 outdoor site / No catering price per person / $9.00-$18.75 ad page / 152

402-333-6615 3717 South 120th Street Omaha, NE 68144

402-475-4011 141 North 9th Street Lincoln, NE 68508

402-477-3444 1024 L Street Lincoln, NE 68516

402-467-3002 4538 North 62nd Street Lincoln, NE 68507





Whether you are planning a casual or formal event, our experienced staff at the Holiday Inn will help you plan a reception that is uniquely yours. Wedding receptions include a personal wedding coordinator, bridal suite, tables, chairs, linens, china, setup, and clean up. From special discounted room rates to our indoor water park, the Holiday Inn is the ideal location for your guests.

This modern and conveniently located performance center provides the perfect backdrop for weddings and receptions! Encompassing 175,000 sq. ft. and three levels, the Holland Performing Arts Center is brimming with possibilities for your wedding. Take advantage of our expert event coordination team for gourmet dining and effortless planning with a personal touch!

THE HILLS EVENT VENUE An absolutely beautiful venue for your perfect wedding! The Hills offers wonderful versatility for you to plan, complete with indoor and outdoor ceremony sites. Our courtyard holds 225 guests. Newly remodeled venue with upscale amenities and a 22-foot Grand Bar! Come and see our beautiful bridal suite with seven brand new makeup stations. Amazing! Image by Photography by Bethany


Elegance & Style - The perfect marriage at Hilton Omaha - the premier venue for weddings and receptions. We feature 39,000+ sq. ft. of flexible event space including the dazzling 10,000 sq. ft. Grand Central Ballroom and the stunning 7,000 sq. ft. Blackstone Ballroom. We provide a professional coordinator to assist with planning your special day. Other features include catering by our renowned chefs and spa options. Image by Image Society

maximum capacity / 400 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / $2,950 + outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / $10.00-$18.00 ad page / 7

maximum capacity / 700 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / Inside Back Cover

maximum capacity / 50-400 ceremony site / No outside caterers / No room rental fee / N/A outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 9

maximum capacity / 325 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 104

402-934-4910 7040 North 102nd Circle Omaha, NE 68122

402-998-3400 1001 Cass Street Omaha, NE 68102

308-234-2212 110 2nd Avenue Kearney, NE 68847

402-661-8419 1200 Douglas Street Omaha, NE 68102






Located in the heart of downtown Omaha, Hotel Deco is Omaha’s most luxurious hotel and the only AAA Four-Diamond Preferred hotel in Nebraska. Our beautiful event spaces are unique and trend-setting. Paired with our extraordinary in-house catering, we will ensure that your wedding is a magical, oneof-kind celebration! Image by Daniel Johnson

The Club at Indian Creek is the perfect choice for your wedding ceremony and reception. Our banquet facility will accommodate groups up to 400 with an outdoor veranda, beautiful golf-course views, and classic mahogany décor. Our professional event coordinators will give every detail of your event their personal attention to transform your vision into reality.

Simply elegant. Naturally beautiful. When a perfect event is ready to bloom, there is no better place than Lauritzen Gardens. Located in Omaha’s riverfront hills, timeless beauty is in constant evolution at this urban oasis. We offer a variety of stunning indoor facilities and ever-changing outdoor gardens. From small, intimate gatherings to large, festive celebrations, our experienced staff will work with you to customize your event details and bring your vision to life.

CONVENTION CENTER The Holthus Convention Center wants to ensure your special day is flawless. Start your night off with a cocktail hour in our main lobby, which offers a spectacular view of the sun setting to the west. Then move your guests into our elegant and versatile Grand Ballroom for dinner and dancing. This expansive room allows you to create a unique and memorable setting for you and your guests. A night like this is far too important to settle for anything less than perfect.


maximum capacity / 800 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 99

maximum capacity / 10-130 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / 75

maximum capacity / 400 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 63

maximum capacity / 10-300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $300-$4,750 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Varies ad page / 94

402-363-2675 3130 Holen Avenue York, NE 68467

402-991-4981 / Ext. 252 1504 Harney Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-289-0900 // Ext. 25 3825 North 202nd Street Elkhorn, NE 68022

402-346-4002 100 Bancroft Street Omaha, NE 68108







Outdoor, indoor, historic + inspiring - these are the spaces where your love shines. Say “I do” in the one-of-a-kind setting of Lied Lodge and Arbor Day Farm, the perfect backdrop for your wedding day. Our on-site wedding specialist and other experienced staff focus on the details that make your wedding an event you’ll cherish forever. Contact us today and let’s get started making your wedding day uniquely yours.

We offer modern conveniences and affordable elegance to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day! We have a dynamic entertainment space that can accommodate your reception and even your ceremony. Your booking includes all-day access, table + chair setup, choice of your own caterer and use of our kitchen. We also offer a projector/screen, bar service with staff, centerpiece items and more! Be sure to ask about our decorating and lighting services!

Host your celebration in our elegant ballrooms & event spaces for ceremonies, receptions + rehearsal dinners of all sizes. With menus focused on fresh, vibrant flavors and overnight accommodations, we create memorable experiences. Making your special day unforgettable - inspired by you - our Marriott Certified Wedding Planners provide distinguished service & attention to detail. We invite you to see for yourself all The Cornhusker has to offer.

maximum capacity / 400 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $1,000-$3,900 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / $13.00-$20.00 ad page / 75

maximum capacity / 250-300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 71

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / N/A ad page / 155

maximum capacity / 700 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call ad page / Seasonal Section TAB

402-694-3934 2211 Q Street Aurora, NE 68818

402-873-8705 2700 Sylvan Road Nebraska City, NE 68410

402-477-6001 241 Victory Lane Lincoln, NE 68528

402-479-8226 333 South 13th Street Lincoln, NE 68508


The Leadership Center is your destination for all things wedding! Located on a picturesque 43.5 acres, The Leadership Center provides the perfect backdrop for your ceremony and reception. With the capability to host small or large weddings, the possibilities are endless. Specializing in custom wedding packages, delicious food, lodging, and caring customer service, The Leadership Center will be proud to be a part of your happily ever after! Image by Karyn Rae Photography

175 nebraska wedding day




Envision your wedding against the backdrop of industrial brick, exposed ceiling timbers and clerestory windows. Our space offers beautiful natural light and plenty of space for every creative idea you want to incorporate into your special day. At The Living Room, you’ll find the industrial aesthetic you’re looking for and so much more! Image by Andrea

Lucile’s Old Market is truly an architectural gem and is one of the Old Market’s oldest buildings. The setting for your event includes 1,900 sq. ft. of elegant entertaining space, which includes the grand living room, the spectacular dining room, magnificent foyer and courtyard garden. The attached courtyard and elegant indoor space provides intimate ambiance for the ceremonies and receptions you are looking for.

The Nebraska Champions Club is 50 feet from the west entrance of Memorial Stadium. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the east side of the club provide guests with a close-up view of the home of the Huskers. Free parking, highdefinition video wall and an event manager on-site will make your day unique. Space is open to the public with discounts for NCC members and Nebraska Alumni Association Life members.

Our 20th floor view of downtown Lincoln, along with our outstanding kitchen and professional approach to events, has made The Nebraska Club a traditional location for events, banquets, rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions. From expert culinary advice to the flawless coordination of event details, we will help make your special day one everyone will remember.

maximum capacity / 200 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / $1,800-$3,000 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 73

maximum capacity / 50-100 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 325 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $2,500-$2,800 outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / 83

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call ad page / 144

402-739-9154 1111 North 13th Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-341-3100 510 South 10th Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-472-2841 707 Stadium Drive Lincoln, NE 68501

402-476-3228 233 South 13th Street, Suite 2000 Lincoln, NE 68508

Nuxoll Photography

THE OLD MATTRESS FACTORY We are a full-service restaurant with private rooms that can accommodate parties of 20-300. Amenities include on-site event coordinator, parking, linens (color of your choice), tables, chairs, setup, clean up, servers, bartenders, flatware, glassware, china, TVs, AV equipment and on-site catering. Let us make your event easy, stress free and unforgettable. Image by






Join us at Omaha’s most fashionable event destination! Our luxurious and flexible 30,000 sq.ft. venue can accommodate parties large and small. Décor includes polished concrete floors, sheer draping, 22-ft ceilings, 50-inch chandeliers, marble & granite countertops, and white-leather seating. We are fully equipped with all the extras including a beautifully-appointed green room and inviting patio. Our event concierge will help you make the most of your big day all within budget! 

A modern venue with a timeless atmosphere, t h e n e w ly o p e n e d O m a h a M a r r i o t t Downtown at The Capitol District is a popular destination for wedding ceremonies and receptions. As the anchor to the Capitol District, this hotel features a high-class culinary experience, devoted customer service, and beautiful event spaces both indoors and out.

The Omaha Wedding Chapel is a boutique venue perfect for weddings, showers, and dinners for up to 60 guests. We feature a full kitchen, bring your own food and beverage, or choose your own caterer. Our neutral colors, warm lighting, and laminate wood floors blend well with any décor you bring. Our rental prices include use of tables and chairs. Enjoy your day, your way!

maximum capacity / 20-300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / 26

maximum capacity / 2,000 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Varies ad page / Seasonal Section

maximum capacity / 900 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / Seasonal Section TAB

maximum capacity / 60 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Email outdoor site / No catering price per person / N/A ad page / 73

402-932-0721 501 North 13th Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-819-8792 1502 Cuming Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-807-8000 222 North 10th Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-575-7006 4501 South 96th Street Omaha, NE 68127

Complete Weddings + Events Omaha






Say “I do” at the Zoo and make your wedding a day to remember! Have your ceremony and reception at one of our unique locations. We offer upscale indoor and outdoor options for your special day including our newest venue, the African Lodge, the Durham TreeTops Restaurant & Lied Jungle, Scott Aquarium, Garden of the Senses or Aquarium Conference Center. Celebrate with us and make your dream day come true!

Omaha’s Midtown Masterpiece. Located in the Historic Omar Baking Building. Beautiful original brick walls, historic windows, skylights, 40’ elevated deck, 16’ black marble bar. Full A/V. Plenty of free parking. You have the space from 10 a.m. until midnight. Full catering kitchen. In our 5th year of excellent service. A venue like no other. Call today to reserve your dream event.

A restored warehouse in downtown Omaha’s Capitol District, One Thousand Dodge offers a spacious and versatile venue with amazing access to all of downtown’s amenities. The open floor plan can be configured numerous different ways – the sky is the limit! Envision your wedding against the backdrop of the industrial brick, exposed ceiling and open windows, as the gorgeous light filters through the east and south windows.

The ornate splendor of Omaha’s cherished Orpheum Theater provides the perfect backdrop for weddings and receptions! All events at the Orpheum Theater are customized to satisfy the specific needs of each client. Image by M. Stokes Photography

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $1,500-$5,000 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 87

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 157

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 40-230 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call ad page / 104

402-738-2088 3701 South 10th Street Omaha, NE 68107

402-614-3555 4383 Nicholas Street, Suite 200 Omaha, NE 68131

402-415-8222 1002 Dodge Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-661-8419 409 South 16th Street Omaha, NE 68102






The Paxton Ballroom is one of downtown Omaha’s premier wedding and reception venues - rich in character and Art Deco design. Offering a gorgeous ballroom for all types of events, this venue puts your guests within a few blocks of Omaha’s best boutique hotels.

Located in the heart of the revitalized Blackstone District, The Pella at Blackstone is a unique and spacious venue that blends elements of modern and historic architecture. The Pella at Blackstone boasts soaring ceilings and an open floor plan that is very versatile for a wide range of configurations and events.

Timeless elegance and beauty for your big day! The Players Club is a full-service, private country club that welcomes outside guests to become members for the day. Our 27-hole course provides breathtaking views from our wrap-around deck as well as gorgeous photo opportunities. We offer an in-house caterer and full-service bar that boasts many five-star reviews.

Create memories by booking your special day in our Banquet Hall or Side Room Lounge inside the Ralston Arena. Our professional team of event and catering personnel will guide you every step of the way into creating the perfect, one-of-a-kind setting that is truly all about you and your big day. Within walking distance of the Holiday Inn Express, we can accommodate guests both locally and from out-of-town.

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 81

maximum capacity / 325 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 59

maximum capacity / 450 and 150 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $1,500 and $750 outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call ad page / 148

402-342-1403 1403 Farnam Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-415-8222 303 South 41st Street Omaha, NE 68131

402-963-9950 12101 Deer Creek Drive Omaha, NE 68142

402-934-9966 7300 Q Street Ralston, NE 68127


177 nebraska wedding day




Distinctive surroundings, extraordinary events ... Regency Lodge is the perfect location to host your Omaha wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, enjoy exceptional accommodations in a unique atmosphere. Regency Lodge will assist you in creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We bring the ultimate event venue to the Railyard in Lincoln’s Haymarket, featuring three unique areas – Rooftop Patio, Spin Room, and Ultra Lounge. The Rooftop Patio is the perfect setting for a wedding reception or rehearsal dinner, with an incredible view and outdoor air conditioning/heating. We offer full-service event planning with attention to detail. Whether planning for 50 or 250, we can customize a food and beverage package for your special day.





Scott Conference Center is the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable reception. We’ll handle the details so you can enjoy your special day and all the days leading up to it. Our aim is to make your wedding day uniquely yours, while relieving some of the stress. Our professional and experienced staff specializes in providing quality customer service and guaranteed satisfaction. We have all the resources needed to make your reception your “Dream Come True!”

The historic Scottish Rite Masonic Center, completed in 1914, is the perfect place for an intimate affair or an elaborate wedding or reception. Whether you choose our proscenium arch theater or our ballroom, the Scottish Rite retains original architectural details while offering the modern amenities for a perfect and memorable affair. Celebrate your dream wedding with your own caterer and vendors. Contact us to help you create the event you’ve dreamed of. Image by Gleason Photography

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / 153

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / No outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / 155

maximum capacity / 500 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call ad page / Seasonal Section

maximum capacity / 350 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 96

402-991-3293 909 South 107th Avenue Omaha, NE 68114

402-238-5815 350 Canopy Street, Suite 300 Lincoln, NE 68508

402-778-6317 6450 Pine Street Omaha NE 68106

402-342-1300 202 South 20th Street Omaha, NE 68102




Scoular Ballroom shines as a hidden gem within the historic Scoular Building. Behold the sophisticated elegance - from magnificent marble floors to fairy-tale balconies overlooking the spacious ballroom. An adjacent banquet room may be used for a buffet or bar. Features include a lushlydraped stage, quaint corner loges, bridal suites, surround-sound and projection system, custom up-lighting, tables + black Chiavari chairs, reserved off-street parking + much more.

Sheldon Museum of Art is one of Nebraska’s most architecturally-stunning venues. As a ceremony site, reception facility, or a combination of both, Sheldon’s Great Hall and outdoor spaces provide a backdrop that is far from ordinary. Located on the UNL campus, Sheldon is situated near downtown hotels and restaurants, making navigation convenient for your guests. Contact our Event Operations Manager to learn more about customizing your day.

Simply Ballroom provides everything you need. Tables, chairs, table linens, table skirting, chair covers, centerpieces, backdrops, arches, pillars and more! Hire your own caterer, DJ and bartender. All taxes, gratuities, setup, clean up, banquet staff and security are included in our fee. We also provide a slideshow of photos on our big screen TVs, free parking for your guests, and hotel discounts with free shuttle service.

Situated halfway between Lincoln and Omaha. Inspired by the French countryside, your event includes access to 164 acres of beauty where photo opportunities abound. The Banquet Hall provides an indoor/outdoor space with a view, a covered veranda, and fireplaces for cozy comfort. SVE provides many services, including full food and beverage service, lodging and extended setup/ packup opportunities. Let’s visit about our individualized pricing.

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Email ad page / 101

maximum capacity / 250 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 39

maximum capacity / 300 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / $1,050-$1,800 outdoor site / No catering price per person / N/A ad page / 103

maximum capacity / 10-200 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Email ad page / 139

402-449-1424 2027 Dodge Street Omaha, NE 68102

402-472-1170 12th and R Streets Lincoln, NE 68588

402-933-6678 2679 Farnam Street, Suite 204 Omaha, NE 68131

402-267-5267 8925 Adams Street Nehawka, NE 68413







Best of Omaha Reception Venue and Banquet Facility 2015-2017, Wedding Reception Venue OWH Choice Award 2016-2017. Our exclusive caterer is Catering Creations, Best Catering 2010-2017. Our outdoor wedding experience is unsurpassed, accommodating 500+ guests. Patio cocktail receptions are popular. We offer two ballrooms (250 guests/each), ready rooms for brides & grooms, no other events scheduled during your wedding, along with a midtown location, complimentary parking and numerous amenities.

Tiburon is one of the largest banquet facilities in West Omaha, with rooms to fit all of your needs. We have a full-service kitchen, full audio/visual capabilities and professional staff. A formal setup, clean up, tables and chairs for up to 400 guests.

Housed in the Michael F. Sorrell Center on UNMC’s campus, the Events Center is an affordable and spacious venue that features modern architecture with neutral colors throughout, an atrium with large glass windows, the option to select from a preferred caterers list, and accommodates up to 350 guests.

Budget friendly. Bring your own food. Our two spacious ballrooms and garden patio include a dance floor, entertainment stage, private bar and ample parking. Our rentalroom coordinator is pleased to help with planning details and making sure your event runs smoothly. We offer internet access, bigscreen TV and sound system for wedding slideshows.

maximum capacity / 500 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Varies ad page / 173

maximum capacity / 400 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 1

maximum capacity / 50-350 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Email outdoor site / No catering price per person / N/A ad page / 63

maximum capacity / 10-500 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / $550-$650 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Varies ad page / 174

402-554-3368 6705 Dodge Street Omaha, NE 68182

402-896-1323 10302 South 168th Street Omaha, NE 68136

402-559-5192 619 South 42nd Street Omaha, NE 68198

402-943-9067 8904 Military Road Omaha, NE 68134



Wessels is a living history farm set in the 1920s. From spring to autumn, we have friendly farm animals + hands-on activities for all ages. Our 1905 church, farmhouse porch, lawn, horse barn and outdoor spaces are all available as the backdrop for your event. Full vintage charm with modern amenities including restrooms, catering kitchen, wheelchair accessibility and easy-to-find location. Wessels is that something different! Image by Gregg Sutton

The Wick Alumni Center is a hidden gem among Lincoln venues. Our contemporary design, soaring windows, dramatic cathedral ceilings and recently renovated garden provides the perfect backdrop to spotlight your big day. A prime campus location, multiple catering options, high-definition video wall and an experienced event manager on-site will help bring your unique vision to life! Space is open to the public with discounts available for NAA members. Image by The Leekers

From small, intimate dinners to showstopping affairs, Wilderness Ridge is your premier destination event venue. Situated on one of Nebraska’s most prestigious golf courses, Wilderness Ridge is a 37,000 sq. ft. log and stone lodge with several banquet rooms of varying sizes. The unparalleled beauty and ambience, combined with the professional, experienced staff and amenities for events of all occasions sets Wilderness Ridge above the rest. Image by The Leekers

Younes Conference Center is central Nebraska’s largest and newest facility and is the premier venue for your speical day. We provide a professional wedding consultant, delicious on-site catering, discounted room rates for your guests in one of Younes Hospitality’s six adjacent hotels, and a complimentary guest suite for the bride and groom. Younes Hospitality prides itself in offering a superior product at a competitive price.

maximum capacity / Varies ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / Yes room rental fee / Varies outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / N/A ad page / 141

maximum capacity / 275 ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / $1,500-$2,500 outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Varies ad page / 83

maximum capacity / 10-450 + ceremony site / Yes outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call outdoor site / Yes catering price per person / Call ad page / 71

maximum capacity / 100-1,000 ceremony site / No outside caterers / No room rental fee / Call or email outdoor site / No catering price per person / Call or email ad page / 9

402-710-0682 5520 South Lincoln Avenue York, NE 68467

402-472-2841 1520 R Street Lincoln, NE 68508

402-434-5118 1800 Wilderness Woods Place Lincoln, NE 68512

308-234-7300 416 Talmadge Street Kearney, NE 68845



179 nebraska wedding day






the most tried-and-true info, guides & tools from our notebook to aid your wedding-planning needs

the wedding to/do list

Here’s our chronological checklist for planning your wedding. Discover additional planning tools when you register online at

18 to 9 months out

9 to 6 months out

Announce engagement

Select and book ceremony musician and/or vocalist

Start gift registry, if having an engagement party

Select and book reception entertainment

Begin wedding workout routine

Select and order bridal gown

Research legalities, especially if choosing a destination wedding

Select and order bridesmaid dresses

Decide on the style, formality and size of your wedding

Compile names and addresses for guest list

Establish a budget

Create gift registry

Determine expense responsibilities for each event

Schedule engagement photography session

Select options for a wedding date and check with your top venues

Select and order groom attire

Set a wedding date

Select and order groomsmen attire

Reserve ceremony and reception venues

Discuss rehearsal dinner plans

Prepare tentative guest list

Select and reserve rehearsal dinner location

Select and book wedding planner

Finalize wedding guest list

Set rehearsal date and time with officiant

Consult travel agent and book honeymoon

Determine any pre-marriage requirements, such as marriage classes

Select and book paper goods vendor

Select wedding party members and invite them to participate

Select and order save-the-date announcements

Select and book event designer

Select and book photographer

6 to 4 months out

Select and book videographer

Schedule hair consultation

Select color scheme

Schedule makeup consultation

Begin shopping for bridal gown

Schedule skin care assessment

Begin shopping for bridesmaid dresses

Begin skin care regimen and schedule spa services

Research and reserve caterer, if not determined by reception venue

Meet with floral designer to complete selections

Select and book floral designer

Reserve accommodations for out-of-town guests

Select and book cake artist

Reserve accommodations for wedding night

Select and book transportation for wedding day

Select and order wedding invitations

Determine rental needs and book rental company

Mail save-the-date announcements





the most tried-and-true info, guides & tools from our notebook to aid your wedding-planning needs

the wedding to/do list

Here’s our chronological checklist for planning your wedding. Discover additional planning tools when you register online at

3 to 2 months out

2 to 1 week out

Shop for + purchase wedding rings

Confirm all appointments

Check status of wedding gift registry

Confirm all ceremony and reception details

Confirm plans for bachelor and bachelorette parties

Confirm guest count with caterer

Schedule hair appointment for wedding day

Confirm head count and delivery time with cake artist

Schedule makeup appointment for wedding day

Finalize seating arrangements and escort cards

Confirm bridal gown fittings

Finalize entertainment details

Confirm delivery date for bridesmaid dresses

Finalize photography details

Confirm accessory choices for bridesmaids

Finalize videography details

Finalize transportation needs

Confirm guest accommodations

6 to 4 weeks out □

Address and mail wedding invitations

Confirm honeymoon reservations

Confirm floral plans with floral designer

Check extended weather forecast for the wedding week

Finalize ceremony music selections

Finalize readings and ceremony details with officiant

wedding week

Design and execute signage for wedding décor

Pick up groom and groomsmen attire

Prepare song list for deejay or band

Assign post-wedding tasks to wedding party or family

Develop wedding day schedule and send to vendors

Prepare envelopes with tips and payments for wedding day

Compile RSVP guest list

Check weather forecast for your wedding day

Pick up wedding rings

Obtain marriage license


Pick up bridal gown

Return rentals

Return groom and groomsmen attire

Gather décor from reception venue

3 weeks out □

Call guests who have not replied

Ensure wedding vendors are paid in full

Create seating chart and escort cards

Write and mail thank-you notes

Purchase gifts for spouse, parents + attendants

Arrange for bridal gown to be cleaned and preserved

181 nebraska wedding day




the most tried-and-true info, guides & tools from our notebook to aid your wedding-planning needs

registry collection

Regardless of whether you’re in need of the basics or already have an inventory of household goods, your registry allows guests to easily gift you whatever you

blender coffeemaker coffee grinder electric kettle

drinking glasses (8 to 12) red wine glasses (8 to 12) white wine glasses (8 to 12)

pillows (4) pillow shams (2 to 4 sets) pillowcases (2 to 4 sets) flat sheets (2 sets) fitted sheets (2 sets)

champagne flutes (8 to 12)

bed skirt

mugs (8 to 12)

winter duvet

sets of silverware (8 to 12)

summer duvet

waffle maker

steak knives (8 to 12)

duvet cover

slow cooker

serving utensils

knife set

salad bowl and servers

skillets (2)

serving dishes

cutting board set

serving platters (2)

2-quart saucepan

chip & dip set

bath towels (6)

6-quart saucepan

cake stand

hand towels (6)

multipurpose pots (2)

pitchers (2)

washcloths (6)

glass bakeware set


bath rugs (2)

nonstick bakeware set


bath mat

cookie sheets (2)

cloth napkins (8 to 12)

shower curtains (1 to 2)

muffin pan + bread pan

napkin rings (8 to 12)

shower curtain hardware

round cake pans (2)

place mats (8 to 12)

lotion dispenser

cooling racks (2)

tablecloths (2)

soap dish

set of measuring spoons (2)

trivets (2)

tissue holder

b e d

can opener

cups and saucers (8 to 12)

b a t h


dinnerware settings (8 to 12)


food processor

d i n i n g

stand mixer

cotton or wool blankets (2) alarm clock bedside lamps (2) clothes hamper

set of mixing bowls

toothbrush holder

set of wet measuring cups


salt shaker/pepper grinder serving spoons (3) wooden spoons (2) whisk ice cream scoop & bowls ice cream maker

storage baskets (4 to 6)

storage baskets

candles and candle holders

magnifying mirror

wall clock


wall mirrors framed art photo frames coasters

spice rack

decorative bowls

oven mitts (2)

decorative vases

dish towels/cloths (4)

throw pillows

paper towel + napkin holder

throw blanket(s)

m i s c

set of dry measuring cups

d é c o r

k i t c h e n

might need. Aim to create a complete registry that provides a spectrum of items & price points. To help you along, we’ve listed a collection of registry essentials.

vacuum cleaner grill grilling tools gardening tools garden hose and hose reel handyman tools





the most tried-and-true info, guides & tools from our notebook to aid your wedding-planning needs

name changing guide

Planning on taking your partner’s last name? Changing your name can definitely be a hassle and requires you to contact many different offices to get the job done. Below are some simple steps to help you change your name with ease.

marriage license

financial planning

To change your name, you will need a certified marriage license with the official seal

Discussing your finances early on can be crucial to a successful marriage. Do you

and your new last name. You receive this document after filing for a marriage license

want to keep your individual bank accounts, share a joint account or both? What

with your local county clerk’s office. Don’t hesitate to call and follow up as needed!

are your financial goals? How much do you wish to invest or put away in savings? Chances are you just returned from a honeymoon and may wish to begin saving your

social security

money for a large purchase or new home. The key to any successful marriage is open

Fill out the Social Security application ( for a new Social Security

communication, so take this opportunity to discuss your future finances as a couple.

card. Your number will remain the same, but your new name will appear on your new card. You can visit an office near you or mail your application. This process takes about ten days.

driver's license Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office to obtain an updated driver’s license with your new last name and new address, if applicable. You must bring your current driver’s license and a certified copy of your marriage license with you.

bank account The most efficient way to change your bank account information is to visit a local

department of motor vehicles local office locations


grand island

2 910 N. 108 S t .

1 2 1 S . Pi ne S t.

Oma ha , N E 68 164

G ra nd I sl and , N E 68 8 01

pa p i l l i o n


1 2 10 G olden G a t e D r.

15 1 2 C e ntr al Ave .

Pa pi l l ion , N E 68 046

Kea rney, N E 68 847


north platte

500 Wes t O S t .

3 1 1 N. Vi ne St., STE 1

Li ncol n , N E 68 5 2 8

Nor t h P l atte , N E 69 101

branch of your bank. Bring your new driver’s license and official marriage certificate with you. You will need to arrange for new checks, new debit/credit cards.

social security administration local office locations

insurance After changing your last name, you will want to review your insurance needs. Meet


grand island

604 N. 109t h Ct .

1 15 N. We bb Rd ., STE 1

Oma ha , N E 68 15 4

G ra nd I sland , N E 68 8 0 3


north platte

with an insurance agent as soon as possible to combine any of your current insurance plans or to set up new coverage. You should also discuss life insurance policies and update beneficiary designations. You may not feel the need to cover this information so early in your marriage, but there is no better time to plan for your future together.

183 nebraska wedding day

100 Cent en ni a l Ma l l N, # 2 40

3 00 E. 3rd S t., # 2 04

Li ncol n , N E 68 508

Nor t h P l atte , N E 69 101

stitches by sALeM The Perfect Fit for Every Occasion™ It is our passion to help every bride

t h e

look + feel her very best! With owner

Market place

Complete Weddings + Events Omaha

Salem Nicole’s extensive 15 years of experience, you can expect professional quality every time!

scheduLe your consuLtAtion

Party Lyk-A Pro pa r t y r e n t a L s u p p L i e s for more information, contact Lyca at 402.980.9147 www. s u itan dt ie f il ms . n e t 402-450-7640


I Tie the Knots


flowers for special occasions 

blackb ird phot ographie

Professional Wedding Officiants

Experience Matters on Your Wedding Day! | 402.965.1060

Omaha’s Gown Care Expert! jennifer buehler wedding harpist

Omaha Lace Cleaners & Bridal Center Alterations • Cleaning • Pressing • Restoration • Preservation • 402-915-0512


elegant harp music for your wedding 4 0 2 - 3 2 7 - 8 1 4 6 • w w w. l i n c o l n h a r p e r. c o m / w e d d i n g s


Bellevue Volunteer Firefighter’s Hall

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If You Can Dream It, We Can Scheme It!


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Pablo Neruda

185 nebraska wedding day

Image by Christina Schmidt Photography | 402.304.2700

index of nwd vendor pa rtners

alterations & cleaners

event design & planning


Omaha Lace Cleaners 173

Dream Big Events LLC 35


Stitches By Salem 173

Indigo Wedding & Events 80

Michael Tish Jewelers 25

Williams Cleaners 58

Leadership Center (The) 75

Riddle’s Jewelry 33


Memrical Design Studio 139

art & dance

Occasion Designed 55


Simply Ballroom 103

To a T Decorating 62

BUNGALOW / 8 Hairdressing 37

bridal boutiques

floral design

Adorned Bridal 55

Blossom Khardt 86

Black Tie White Satin 55

Bou•quet Floral Design Studio 35

marriage preparation

Blush Bridal Boutique 57

I Bloom. 96

Lincoln Berean - Starting Your Story 173

Bridal Isle 57

Kearney Floral Co. 101

Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa 11

Bridal Traditions 55 Dream Dress Express


Ellynne Bridal 53

Mary Kay 12

Next...Flowers for Special Occasions 173


Russ’s Market 117

Gentleman’s Choice Formal Wear 174

Voilá! Blooms & Decor in Dundee 54

Mr. Tuxedo 58

Hello Beautiful Bridal & Formal Wear 54

Tip Top Tux 64


gifts & favors cakes & sweets


Cake Creations Omaha 118

Rixstine Recognition 148 / 174

music Complete Weddings + Events | Lincoln-Norfolk 149

Cake Specialist (The) 118

guest accommodations

Cool J DJ & Karaoke 174

Goldenrod Pastries 119

Cloverleaf Suites 86

Russ’s Market 117

Days Inn & Suites Omaha 148

Sweet Cakes & Roses 103

DoubleTree by Hilton Omaha Downtown 105


Cake Expressions, Inc. 119

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Lincoln

calligraphy Letter Lane Design Studio 39 Libby Rae Studio 40

Harris Academy of the Arts 83 Jennifer Buehler, Wedding Harpist 173


paper goods

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Omaha La Vista Hotel & Conference Center SEASONAL Graduate Lincoln

Cornhusker Beverage & Bridal 40 Dana Osborne 39


Hotel Deco 75


Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel (The)

Abraham Catering 81

Omaha Marriott Downtown at The Capitol District TAB

Attitude on Food 79 Catering Creations 80 Chez Hay 81 Green Gateau Reception Center 81 Greta’s Gourmet Catering 62 Russ’s Market 117

celebrants & officiants Hello Beautiful Bridal Officiant Services 54 I Tie The Knots 173 Omaha Wedding Chapel - Omaha Officiants 73

Master DJs, LLC 173

hair BUNGALOW / 8 Hairdressing 37 Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa 11

health & beauty Body Nouveaux Spa 12 Creative Hair Design Salon and Spa 11 Dundee Dental 12

Letter Lane Design Studio 39 TAB

Libby Rae Studio 40 RSVP 40 Tara’s Designs 40

parties & showers Ashland Golf Club 97 Graduate Lincoln


Holthus Convention Center 99 Nebraska Club (The) 144 Slattery Vintage Estates 139 Wessels Living History Farm 141 Wilderness Ridge 71

Facial Surgery Institute 13 It Works! Wrapping with Brittney 12


photo booths


Hotel Deco 75

Complete Weddings + Events | Lincoln-Norfolk 149

AAA Rents & Event Services 89

Indian Creek, The Club at 63

Elite Events Rental 90

Lauritzen Gardens 94

Honeyman Rent-All 90

Leadership Center (The) 75

Nostalgia Rentals 89

Lied Lodge & Conference Center at Arbor Day Farm 71

photography Amanda Leise Photography 136

Party Lyk-A Pro, LLC 173

Andrea Marie 173

Lincoln Firefighter’s Reception Hall 155

Stahla Services 141

Ashley Nichole Photography 5

Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel (The)

Blackbird Photographie 143

Living Room (The) 73


Complete Weddings + Events | Lincoln-Norfolk 149

Lucile’s Old Market 81

Leisure Limousine & Sedan 144

Nebraska Champions Club 83

Emily Jessen Photography 99

Nebraska Club (The) 144


Eye & Hand Project (The) 85

Old Mattress Factory (The) 26

Bellevue Travel 104

Jessica Blex Photography 120

Omaha Design Center

Kaylie Sirek Photography 93

1316 Jones Street 81

Kimberly Dovi Photography 26

Omaha Wedding Chapel - Omaha Officiants 73

Anthony’s Steakhouse 135

Kirstina E. Photography 159

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium 87

Arbor Hall 103

Lauren Denise Photography 37

Omar (The) 157

Ashland Golf Club 97

Love & Legacy Entertainment 174

One Thousand Dodge 81

Aspen Room 81

Megan Kovar Photography 58

Ball Room at Round The Bend (The) 83

Mullers (The) 3

Beaumont Event & Concert Hall (The)

P&W Photography 151



Omaha Marriott Downtown at The Capitol District TAB


Kelsey Buss Photography 145

Taylor Wintle Photography

Bella Terre Reception Hall and Vineyard

Orpheum Theater 104 Paxton Ballroom (The) 81 Pella at Blackstone (The) 81 Players Club Golf & Country Club (The) 59


Ralston Arena 148

Bellevue Volunteer Firefighter’s Hall 174

Regency Lodge 153


Castle Unicorn 94

Rule G 155

Omaha Lace Cleaners 173

Champions Run Country Club 152

Scott Conference Center

Chez Hay 81

Scottish Rite Masonic Center 96

DC Centre 149

Scoular Ballroom 101

Diamond.Room (the) 61

Sheldon Museum of Art 39

DoubleTree by Hilton Omaha Downtown 105

Simply Ballroom 103

Downtown Club (The)

Slattery Vintage Estates 139

Veramae Photography 34

Williams Cleaners 58

registry & home Amethyst Home Borsheims



Dinner 4 Two 95



Durham Museum (The) 137

Thompson Center (The) 173

Shopko 91

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Lincoln

Tiburon Golf Club and Banquet Facility 1

Voilá Blooms & Decor in Dundee 54

Embassy Suites by Hilton - Omaha La Vista Hotel & Conference Center SEASONAL

UNMC Truhlsen Campus Events Center 63

rehearsal dinners

Founders ONE • NINE 77

Wessels Living History Farm 141

Anthony’s Steakhouse 135

Fountains Ballroom & Vineyard (The) 139

Wick Alumni Center 83

Ashland Golf Club 97

Fountains West (The) 139

Wilderness Ridge 71

Graduate Lincoln

German-American Society 34

Younes Conference Center 9


Graduate Lincoln

Lauritzen Gardens 94


VFW Post 2503 174


Green Gateau Reception Center 81


Nebraska Club (The) 144

Havelock Social Hall 152

Old Mattress Factory (The) 26

Hills Event Venue (The) 7

Complete Weddings + Events | Lincoln-Norfolk 149

Omaha Marriott Downtown at The Capitol District TAB

Hilton Omaha

Dundee Digital Wedding Films 77

Holiday Inn Convention Center - Kearney 9

Kriha Films 147

Rule G 155

Holland Performing Arts Center 104

Suit & Tie Films 173

Slattery Vintage Estates 139

Holthus Convention Center 99

Wedding Storytellers (The) 91

Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel (The)

Wilderness Ridge 71

187 nebraska wedding day




image by leah b photography



multiple ballrooms for ceremonies + receptions high-end culinary offerings rehearsal dinners + parties + showers guest accommodations spa services professional wedding coordination



OMAHA, NEBRASKA * images by the mullers



image by the mullers 189 nebraska wedding day





Profile for NE Wedding Day

Nebraska Wedding Day Fall 2018  

Within these pages you will find a gorgeous mix of chic inspiration, helpful information, indispensable planning tools and wonderful wedding...

Nebraska Wedding Day Fall 2018  

Within these pages you will find a gorgeous mix of chic inspiration, helpful information, indispensable planning tools and wonderful wedding...


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