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Kiss Goodbye to Diabetes

Chapter 1


The increase in diabetes incidence is due to the rapid increase in type II diabetes (DM-II) which accounts for about 95% of all cases. The other primary type is generally referred to as type I diabetes (DM-1). It is a completely different disease and has a whole set of different causes. Type I is the result of the destruction of the pancreatic cells that produce insulin and is therefore irreversible. Fortunately diabetes type II is reversible. This is the disease that this book will address. Type II is associated with excess abdominal fat. It results from the bodies resistance to insulin combined with the “fatigue” of the pancreatic cells which leads to a decreased production of insulin. When these two metabolic disorders are combined, clinical diabetes is inevitable. This type of diabetes has been described as a “lifestyle disease”. It has only one cause. It results from poor lifestyle choicesprimarily wrong eating habits. So much for the bad news, let’s talk about the good news. The good news is that this kind of diabetes is completely preventable and totally reversible and if appropriate measures are taken all of these complications and catastrophic conditions can be avoided. So why is this good news about DM-2 not being shouted from every rooftop and universally disseminated in every clinic, doctor’s office, health advocacy group and governmental agency? The short answer: We have a broken healthcare system! One might even question whether

Kiss Diabetes Goodbye- Sample Chapter  

Sample of chapter 1 of upcoming book by Jon Shumway, Kiss Diabetes Goodbye.

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