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Kiss Goodbye to Diabetes

Chapter 1


more numerous than the combined residents of its top ten most populous cities combined! It is astounding to realize that Almost 27% of all Americans over 65 years of age are diabetic! What’s more, a full 50% of this age group are pre– diabetic! That leaves only a small minority of 23.1% of this population unaffected by the continuum of blood glucose disorder. Let me illustrate the magnitude of this destructive force. In the US the number of deaths in which diabetes was a contributing factor in the last decade was twice the number of Americans killed in all its wars since 1775. That is like a crash of a fully loaded Jumbo Jet with no survivors every day of the year, every year! That is like having a terrorist attack as deadly as 911, not just in one day, but every day of every summer, every single year. If it were a radical

Kiss Diabetes Goodbye- Sample Chapter  

Sample of chapter 1 of upcoming book by Jon Shumway, Kiss Diabetes Goodbye.

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