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Kiss Goodbye to Diabetes

Chapter 1


community has had to set somewhat arbitrary numbers to distinguish between “non-diabetics”, “prediabetics” and full-blown “diabetics”. The truth of the matter is that all of us who for some time have continued consuming the standard American diet (SAD) are either becoming “kind of diabetic” or have already slid down toward the bottom of the diabetes pit. Effect follows cause and because of our “rich” diets we are reaping poor health. A few statistics from the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other respected sources will suffice to give a telling glimpse of the scale of this wave of devastation. Here is a sample of the numbers. Almost half of all Americans 20 years of age or older are now either diabetic or pre-diabetic! That is - 11.3% of the population diabetic and 35% pre-diabetic. That makes the diabetic population in this nation

Kiss Diabetes Goodbye- Sample Chapter  

Sample of chapter 1 of upcoming book by Jon Shumway, Kiss Diabetes Goodbye.