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Kiss Goodbye to Diabetes

Chapter 1


No, I don’t see it all as a grand conspiracy perpetrated by some wellcoordinated sinister organization to keep us sick. But, I do see it as a trap that we have set for ourselves, and one that is fueled by vested interest, tradition and excessive self-esteem. I have a hard time putting the blame on those health care workers and professionals who find themselves in this dilemma. I work in this field myself. I work as an occupational therapy practitioner in a care center and am well paid for helping people recover their functional status after a catastrophic event such as a lower extremity amputation, heart attack, or stroke. It is much more lucrative to spend my days picking up the pieces and helping Mary or John try to get their lives back together than to teach a cooking seminar or conduct a healthy lifestyle course. In my off-hours, my wife and I do make time to do these things; however, we do not make any profit in doing so. I conduct wellness retreats at my home in the mountains and only ask that my guest contribute to pay for their share of the grocery bill. Maybe one day I will be able to suggest a donation, not in remuneration for my services, but to pay the expenses of the next guest, allowing for a sustainable effort. Or, maybe eventually, we would be able to give full time to our work; if our guests were encouraged to contribute 20% of what they would have paid for the medications their doctors take them off when they no longer need them. Though coaching people in healthful living would accomplish an inestimably greater amount of good in preventing and relieving suffering, debility and

Kiss Diabetes Goodbye- Sample Chapter  

Sample of chapter 1 of upcoming book by Jon Shumway, Kiss Diabetes Goodbye.

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