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Kiss Goodbye to Diabetes

Chapter 1


The experience told by lifestyle physician, John A. McDougall, MD gives us a revealing insight. . McDougall tells of his work at a hospital and healthcare center were he was employed at the attached wellness /lifestyle center. It seemed like the perfect setting. The medical center could refer appropriate and motivated patients from the hospital to him to help them reverse their coronary artery disease. The physicians at the hospital knew that the lifestyle program worked, but it turns out that they were not referring any of their cases, that is, except their loved ones and themselves. Why? If, they referred their patients to the lifestyle center in place of recommending bypass surgery, they would loose the $50,000 revenue the procedure would bring in! If such practices and institutionalized conflict of interests were found in any other field of service, there would be such public outrage and cry for reform that a grand jury would be tasked and Senate hearings would immediately ensue. The deafening silence regarding the simple, reliable remedy for diabetes II would be totally unconscionable if it were not for wide spread gross ignorance on this subject. But even then their remains a colossal load of guilt on the part of the largest players in the industrial medical complex, for the ignorance is often not only willful but also cultivated, promoted by premeditated promulgation of disinformation and corrupt suppression of the truth.

Kiss Diabetes Goodbye- Sample Chapter  

Sample of chapter 1 of upcoming book by Jon Shumway, Kiss Diabetes Goodbye.

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