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personal mentoring

Please send this completed application form to: Huw Lewis, Jesus Fellowship, FREEPOST, Nether Heyford, Northampton NN7 3BR Name of church you attend (if any): Title (tick) Mr. Mrs. Miss First Name

questions? can I stay for a shorter time than one year?

Yes. The length of stay can be tailor-made to suit the individual trainee. There are advantages in trainees signing up for the whole year, but three month modules are possible.

Do I have to live in a community house?

No, although this is beneficial in terms of building relationships and receiving consistent training. You can live in your own accommodation, preferably near to a community house.

how much will it cost me? Name and address of your church leader (if any):

Surname Date of birth

We ask that each trainee provides a weekly contribution of £85 (£95 in London). This covers full board & lodging and other travel expenses if you’re living in fully residential community - either by means of local employment or state benefits.

What if I have a disability?

We will do our best to arrange activities that suit the individual. Two key notes of the training year are flexibility and inclusiveness. We don’t want to rule anyone out who has a heart to serve God.

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Name and address of one other referee:


“It was one of the most challenging years of my life. a unique opportunity to grow in character. I gained a deep love for an ‘all things in common’ lifestyle and realised it is the foundation of the kingdom of God.”

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experience radical christian community living

Will I be expected to join the esus army at the end of the course?

There are no strings attached and although we do expect that some will want to join us and become church members, we realise that others will go on to commit themselves elsewhere in the body of Christ. We just want to pass on what God has given us.

how do I apply and what is the process of being selected? Postcode Email


IMPORTANT: On a separate sheet please explain your reason for applying for the modern Jesus army Training Year, and give a brief testimony of how you found Jesus and your Christian experience since then. FOR FURTHER HELP OR INFO: Jesus Fellowship/Multiply, Nether Heyford, Northampton NN7 3LB Tel: 01327 344533 Fax: 01327 344521 Email:

Fill in the application form below, putting down as much detail as you can about yourself. When completed, please send to Huw Lewis at the address on the form. We will then follow up references.

everything else...

All over 18s are welcome. It is especially suitable to those from EU countries because of availability of work. A certificate is given to show successful completion of course. All trainees are expected to work locally and support themselves for the course.


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Join evangelism teams

miriam enrol for the modern esus army training year

“I was pleased with the weekly mentoring. I was able to ask questions and go deeper as I learned to receive as well as give. I grew in love because every day I was challenged to go beyond myself.”

David “it was only when i began to open up every part of my life to other christians that esus was able seriously to get to grips with me. i grew up spiritually a huge amount during the training year and gained a number of very valuable friends and deeper relationships. training year200mm.indd 2

grow consistently

in personal devotions and spiritual gifts

the modern esus army training year involves practical discipling within a community lifestyle to equip you to be fruitful in your christian walk and witness. it offers a unique opportunity for you to stay in a esus fellowship community house for up to a year, being coached to live out a full-on christian faith. We are looking to find and release future leaders for building the church of Jesus. Part of the training will involve some study and devotion, but the bulk of it is a ‘hands on’ programme of activity designed to stretch you, preparing you for greater responsibility in church life. This includes a weekly mentoring time in which you will follow a schedule of spiritual and practical challenges.

reaching out to people with the good news of esus

GODLY CHARACTER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN GIFTING IN OUR SERVICE FOR JESUS AND THIS TRAINING YEAR BUILDS STRONG CHARACTER THROUGH ITS PROGRAMME OF ACTIVE EQUIPPING. character in overcoming fears of honesty and transparency in relationships. character in working with outreach teams sharing your faith with others. character in breaking through into new areas of ministry activity. character in living a simple, sacrificial lifestyle.

rebeccah “I was blessed by all the evangelising opportunities and was stretched as God taught me how to witness to all walks of life, taking me out of my comfort zones.”

character in rising to challenges and opportunities to show love in action. 06/10/2009 10:21:47