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When the Portable Document Format (PDF) was first introduced, it caused quite a stir as it allowed a file creator to share his files without worrying about others fiddling around with its contents. Its viewer software was easily downloadable and installed into any computer and bob's your uncle. Unfortunately, there was a hefty price tag attached to its editor software with stringent licensing terms at that point in time. As time went by, newer software was designed to deliver the functions of a PDF editor. Nonchargeable versions tend to come with limited functions but should be able to cater to most users' requirements. The chargeable ones come with extra bells and whistles for more professional needs, with possibly support and maintenance. Most PDF editor applications need to be downloaded and installed into the local computer. Once completed, you can immediately start using it to create and edit PDF files. For extra security, add a password to protect your file's contents. Whoever you've shared your protected file with are then prompted to enter the correct password in order to view, change or even print the file. Update your file's properties in terms of author, subject and keywords for easier management and reference in the future. In a way, its functions are no different from the common word processor software. Some variants of PDF editors do not require a download and install process. They are offered online for you to upload your existing PDF file to be edited. Once done, save the updated file into your local computer. When selecting suitable software, do note that some of their editing functions only extend to annotation. They are not able to edit PDF files by manipulating the existing document objects such as text and pictures. If you're not sure which editor software to use, check out the comments and feedback in user review sites. Unless you intend the software for professional use, save yourself some money as most of the free ones should be good enough.

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==== ==== Edit PDF Files and Documents with Magic PDF Creator Converter Software ==== ====

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