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Crossing Over


Power Food: Quinoa


I seem to be totally in a world of my own — one that’s joyful, full of exciting unlimited potentialities and discoveries that I can make on my own. This is who I am — a piece of God who hasn’t forgotten that God is love. As am I.

I Can See Clearly Now


By Wayne W. Dyer




t’s Christmastime 1941, a few weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. America has been drawn into war; two of my mother’s brothers are serving in the military, one in Europe and the other in the Pacific. My father is no longer in the picture. My mother is alone with three children under the age of five to feed. She’s taking her three boys to her mother’s house to be watched while she goes to work for the day. My two older brothers and I are waiting with our mother for the bus to arrive on Jefferson Avenue on the east side of Detroit. We’re dressed in our snowsuits, mittens, galoshes and earmuffs, standing at the bus stop next to what appears to us to be a huge mountain of freshly plowed snow. The road is littered with salt to melt the continually falling snow, and it



is one big nasty mess. A truck drives past the four of us, spraying us so hard with slush that we’re knocked off of our feet. We land safely but soaked on the gigantic pile of snow. My mother breaks down — she’s dressed for work and covered with dirty, salty slush. She is exasperated. Her life is obviously out of control with the departure of her former husband, and she’s doing her best to make ends meet. The lingering Depression, along with a world war, contributes to her



overall situation. Work is difficult to come by, and my mother must rely upon the meager help that comes from her family. My two brothers are very upset too. Five-year-old Jim attempts to console our mother; three-year-old David is crying uncontrollably. Me? I am having the time of my life. This is like a nice surprise party with a big castle of snow that we’re all lying on top of. We can have fun! I don’t quite understand why everyone is so angry and frustrated. My demeanor seems to be naturally inclined to look for the bright side and pay little heed to things that make everyone else dreary. According to my mother, I’m the most independent and inquisitive little boy she and her family have ever encountered. Apparently I arrived with this happy disposition intact.

Magic Pill? Healing the Body with Endorphins By Julia Schopick


s there a “magic pill” that can stop the progression of diseases by increasing endorphins — the body’s natural pain killer — making you not only feel good, but get well? I believe that low dose naltrexone (LDN) is, without a doubt, one of the most important medical discoveries of the 20th century. It certainly is one of the cheapest and most versatile of treatments. And that it works for so many conditions is nothing short of remarkable. LDN is an inexpensive nightly pill whose main side effect is “vivid dreams.” Since naltrexone has been “off-patent” for many years, no company controls it, it is inexpensive to create, and any compounding pharmacist can create it. A narcotic blocker, naltrexone was approved by the FDA in the mid-1980s for treating drug and alcohol addiction. Soon afterward, neurologist Dr. Bernard Bihari discovered that, in small doses, LDN has immune-system-modulating and endorphin-raising capabilities. Dr. Bihari

to his patients with HIV/AIDS. For a great many of them, it stopped their disease from progressing. He reasoned that since HIV/ AIDS was a disease that resulted from a compromised immune system, it would probably work on autoimmune diseases as well. So he began prescribing LDN for people with multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, as well as other conditions. Many of these patients too experienced no further disease progression. Dr. Bihari also had considerable success using LDN with patients with some can-


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reasoned that because of this, it could help patients with immunologically related disorders. He was right. When patients took LDN at bedtime, he found that it raised their endorphin levels, resulting in halting further progression of their diseases. Dr. Bihari first began prescribing LDN

I can’t count the number of times that my mother told me that sloshy snow-pile story. It was her favorite recollection of me just before she was forced to place David and me in a series of foster homes; while my oldest brother, Jim, went to live with our grandmother for the better part of the next decade. As I look back at the earliest days of my life in this incarnation, I can see clearly that the old maxim There are no accidents in this universe is a truism that applies right from the moment of our creation, and way before that as well. In an infinite universe there’s truly no beginning or ending. It is only our form that is born and dies — that which occupies our form is changeless and therefore birthless and deathless. As the father of eight children, I’m quite convinced that each individual arrives here with their own unique personality. We are intended here from an invisible field of infinite potentiality. That which has no form, has no boundaries — it’s the I that’s in the ever-changing body. Lying on top of that snowbank with the rest of my family, seeing them in a deep state of distress, and instantly deciding to try to make things a bit more bearable by making them laugh or inviting them to have fun instead of being sad, is — on a spiritual level — the same as writing books about breaking free of the trap of negative thinking and enjoying life to the fullest. The form is adult with a bigger and older body, but the same infinite I is Continued on page 19

cers that had failed to respond to standard treatments. Sadly, Dr. Bihari passed away in 2010. Dr. David Gluck, a childhood friend of Dr. Bihari, is one of today’s best-known champions of LDN.

Healing by Feeling Good

“LDN is absolutely unique. And that’s part of its problem, in that it’s a brand new paradigm, a new way of thinking of treatment. Instead of the medication actually doing the work, LDN goes into the body and essentially tricks the body by forcing it to double and triple its output of endorphins and Met-enkephalin, also known as opioid growth factor (OGF).



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Do You Absorb Other People’s Symptoms? By Judith Orloff


mpathic illnesses are those in which you manifest symptoms that are not your own. Many patients have come to me labeled “agoraphobic” with panic disorders, chronic depression, fatigue, pain, or mysterious ailments that respond only partially to medications or psychotherapy. Some were nearly housebound or ill for years. They’d all say, “I dread being in crowds. Other people’s anger, stress and pain drain me, and I need a lot of alone time to refuel my energy.” When I took a close history of all these patients I found that they were what I call physical empaths: people whose bodies are so porous they absorb the symptoms of others. I relate because I am one. Physical empaths do not have the defenses that others have to screen things out. As a psychiatrist, knowing this significantly changed how I treated these patients. My job became teaching clients to center and protect themselves, set healthy boundaries and let go of energy picked up from others. Discovering that you are a physical empath can be a revelation. Rest assured: You are not crazy. You are not a malingerer or hypochondriac. You are not imagining things, though your doctor might treat you like a nuisance. You are a sensitive person with a gift that you must develop and successfully manage.

Surrender Toxic Energy

Physical empathy doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Now that I can center myself and refrain from taking on other people’s pain, empathy has made my life more compassionate, insightful and richer. Here are nine secrets to thriving as a physical empath that I’ve learned so that it doesn’t take a toll on my health.

Evaluate. First, ask yourself: Is this symptom or emotion mine or from someone else? It could be both. If the emotion is yours, gently confront what’s causing it on your own or with professional help. If it’s not yours, try to pinpoint the obvious generator. Move away. When possible, distance yourself by at least 20 feet from the suspected source. See if you feel relief. Don’t err on the side of not wanting to offend strangers. In a public place, don’t hesitate to change seats if you feel a sense of “dis-ease” imposing on you. Know your vulnerable points. Each of us has a body part that is more vulnerable to absorbing others’ stress. Mine is my gut. Scan your body to determine yours. Is it your neck? Do you get a sore throat? Headache? Bladder infection? At the onset of symptoms in these areas, place your palm there and keep sending lovingkindness to that area to soothe discomfort. For long-standing depression or pain, use this method daily to strengthen yourself. It’s comforting and builds a sense of safety and optimism. Surrender to your breath. If you suspect you are picking up someone else’s symptoms, concentrate on your breath for a few minutes. This is centering and connects you to your power. Practice guerilla meditation. To counter emotional or physical distress, act fast and meditate for a few minutes. Do this at home, work, parties or conferences. Or take refuge in the bathroom. Meditate there. Calm yourself. Focus on positivity and love. Set healthy limits and boundaries. Control how much time you spend listening to

stressful people, and learn to say no. Remember, no is a complete sentence. Visualize protection around you. Visualize an envelope of white light around your entire body. Or with extremely toxic people, visualize a fierce black jaguar patrolling and protecting your energy field against intruders. Develop X-ray vision. The spaces between the vertebrae in your lower back (lumbar spine) are conducive to eliminating pain from the body. It’s helpful to learn to mindfully direct pain out of these spaces by visualizing it leaving your body. Say goodbye to pain as it blends with the giant energy matrix of life. Take a bath or shower. A quick way to dissolve stress is to immerse yourself in water. My bath is my sanctuary after a busy day. It washes away everything from bus exhaust to long hours of air travel to pesky symptoms I have taken on from others. Soaking in natural mineral springs divinely purifies all that ails. Keep practicing these strategies. By protecting yourself and your space, you can create a magical safe bubble that nurtures you, while simultaneously driving negative people away. Judith Orloff, M.D., is a UCLA psychiatrist, intuitive healer and bestselling author. Her new book, The Ecstasy of Surrender, releases in April. Visit Excerpted with permission by Harmony Books at www. See Dr. Orloff in the Northwest. In Seattle: April 25 at Seattle Town Hall and April 27 at The Center for Spiritual Living. In Portland: May 4 at Unity of Portland and May 5 at Powell’s Books. Details at

Are You a Physical Empath?

Take the following quiz to determine if you are a physical empath. Ask yourself: 1. Have I been labeled as overly sensitive or a hypochondriac? 2. Have I ever sat next to someone who seemed nice but suddenly my eyelids got heavy and I felt like taking a nap? 3. Do I feel uneasy, tired or sick in crowds and avoid them? 4. Do I feel someone else’s anxiety or physical pain in my body? 5. Do I feel exhausted by angry or hostile people? 6. Do I run from doctor to doctor for medical tests, but I’m told I’m fine? 7. Am I chronically tired or have many unexplained symptoms? 8. Do I frequently feel overwhelmed by the world and want to stay home?

If you answered yes to one to three questions, you are at least part empath. Responding yes to four to five questions indicates you have a moderate degree of physical empathy. Answering yes to six to seven indicates you have a high degree of empathy. Eight yes answers indicates you are a full blown empath. — Judith Orloff












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Animal Whisperer


ave you ever felt that your dog understands you better than your spouse? Or maybe your cat instinctively knows when you need some furry love? Madeleine Walker, who is the creator of Animal Whispers Empowerment Cards, is a true animal whisperer. She intuitively communicates with beloved pets as well as the beasts of the wild. From dogs and cats to buffalos and even flies, what does the animal kingdom want us to know? by “The common deVicky Thompson nominator seems to be about re-empowerment, about really helping humankind to be all that they are so they can start to heal themselves,” says Walker, who has swam with whales, communed with lions and trekked across continents to collect the wisdom of animals. You may even have a wise creature in your own home. In the dog versus cat ownership debate, dogs are still man’s best friend with more than 56 million U.S. households owning a Fido, according to the APPA National Pet Owners survey. Walker has found that dogs teach you about freeing yourself from guilt. “I had a lovely dog that passed over and her message was about allowing yourself to forgive yourself and to release the awful restriction and limitation of guilt. It provides no purpose except to drain our energy and to hold us back,” says Walker. What do cats teach us? More than 45 million U.S. households share a bed with these sleeping champions. Wild and domestic cats are true hunters, but they are also masters at the art of relaxation. The cat reminds you to listen to the needs of your body and give yourself permission to rest when your body is telling you to slow down.



Wild Wisdom

While at a farm in France, Walker met a special buffalo. This huge bull reminded her to run free and wild. Don’t let others impose limitations on your dreams and reclaim your magnificence. “If you never imagine doing anything, how can you create a fabulous reality for yourself? Let your imagination run wild and dare to create all the ways to materialize into your life now,” says Walker. “Look deep into the eyes of the buffalo as I did and allow him to guide you to freedom.” Wisdom comes to Walker from creatures great and small — even a humble housefly. While sitting in the garden, a fly landed on Walker’s arm. It seemed to be stomping

alking S tick In our own ways, we are all broken. Out of that brokenness, we hurt others. Forgiveness is the journey we take toward healing the broken parts. It is how we become whole again.

— Desmond Tutu and Mpho Tutu, authors of The Book of Forgiving


• This I Believe •

around to get her attention, so she tuned in to the tiny creature. “It said you have such a big heart for everyone and everything else but why don’t you let yourself in? I had been rushing around trying to help everybody else and I wasn’t looking after myself or loving myself,” Walker recalls. “This fly seemed to just look at me with all its eyes, stomped around a bit more as if to say, did you get it? Did hear me? Did you understand it? I think it is more proof that you should never underestimate the wisdom of any creature.” When you tune in to the natural world around you, your heart hears very clearly. Vicky Thompson is the editor of New Connexion. Visit for past blogs.

Listen. Author Madeleine Walker shares animal messages. Using a QR code reader app on your smartphone, scan the QR code with your phone’s camera. Or listen online at

• Community Spotlight •



daptability: The ability to change to fit the circumstances, flexibility, versatility, change for the better. At my yoga class today, the instructor began with a teaching story before our usual exercises. He had watched a survival TV series showing two men stranded on an island surrounded by caiman and piranha infested waters. Their mission was to leave the island using only a machete, twine and fire starter. One man found a large tree trunk, and decided to hollow it out using charcoal and the machete. The other man was skeptical, but he found twigs to sharpen and use as arrows to hunt the piranha for their food and protein source. After three days of labor, they dragged the boat to the water’s edge. The designer of the boat stepped in carefully, but it sank. The boat was too heavy to float and carry the two men. Here is the intriguing part of the story: They did not yell or blame each other. They did not name call or denigrate the other for stupidity, lack of judgment or wasted time. Instead, they each took a deep breath, carried the boat back to shore and flipped it over. Now their canoe could gather air in the hollowed area and float. They lashed boughs on either side of the upside-down boat, sat on it, and then floated over the treacherous waterway. Now that was adaptability: Taking a bad situation and finding a new solution. Adaptability is survival at a very basic level, but we can practice using this trait in our daily lives. When confronted with a difficult situation, first state the problem out loud. Identify it. Then state how you want to solve that problem out loud. Now step back physically a few paces. This will cue your body to redirect your mindset. Now restate your problem once more out loud, without any predetermined solution. Now close your eyes, letting different thoughts come to you, like daydreaming. Now write down the ideas. This is a personal brainstorm. This is adaptability.


Cover Artist

Living Out Loud

Healing Ganesha

believe in the existence of unseen councils of compassionate beings that are uniquely involved in each of our lives. I believe that these emissaries of the divine are out ahead of us on our path, orchestrating the experiences and circumstances on our Earth-walk. Organizing the perfect people, places, and things in our soul’s karmic and dharmic constellations, they reveal to those who pay attention to the divine perfection. The moment I fully integrated the belief in the compassionate companion spirits of my life, I began to see the gift in everything. My life’s circumstances, events, flow and textures began to make more sense. Epiphanies and powerful forward movement began in earnest. The acknowledgment and inner knowing of the spirit that flows through all things began to animate me in a way of which I became more conscious. In potent parallel, I believe in the creative power of intentional sound, which emanates from us through the use of our words, our prayers, our spoken intentions, our sacred sounds from our sacred voices. All of this intentional sound is out ahead of us on our path, orchestrating changes in energy and matter to create the events and states of being on our Earth-walk. Exploring the creative power of intentional sound has brought a magnificent vibrational brilliance and expansion to my beingness. I stand for, and have made a commitment to, sharing these beliefs with people as an outflowing of my personal mission. I believe that the more experiences we can have in communion with our authentic self and the divine, in a high vibrational intentional sound environment, the more we can call our dreams into being, the healthier we will be. The diseases of stress, exhaustion and overall densities of the world will ease and fall away, vanquished by light and love.

By Amy Livingstone


t has been said that in order to counter the ecological crisis, we need an aesthetic revolution. My life and work are a contribution to this vision. During the past 13 years, my artwork has evolved through a spiritual awakening that unfolded after a long period of grieving. Through the healing passage of time and graduate studies, I awakened with new insights and inspiration around the shared truths woven throughout our religious traditions and the earth-honoring spirituality of our ancestors. I believe there are many paths to God, the divine, and no matter what faith we choose or inherit, the Earth is likewise holy and worthy of our reverence. My devotional paintings of bodhisattvas, saints and mystics — including Ganesha, beloved god from the Hindu pantheon and revered as the remover of obstacles — are sacred icons that reflect back to the viewer their own divinity and invite a deeper contemplative state of being. Today with a heightened mystical awareness of my interconnectedness to the web of creation, my process is one of devotion. I dedicate my work daily to the healing of the earth. Amy Livingstone, M.A., is a visionary artist, spiritual activist, ceremonialist and workshop leader based in Portland. She created Ganesha on the cover of New Connexion. Visit www.

— Lauri J. Shainsky, shamanic sound healer,




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— Katherine Boyer, author of Mending the Net,






NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

NEW CONNE端ION March/April 2014



Helping Loved Ones Cross Over By Jan Engels-Smith


hat happens to a soul after it leaves the body? Does the transition of the soul from the physical plane to an alternative plane of existence always happen in a standard way? Shamans believe that we create our reality on this earth. What you may not have considered is that this altering extends into the afterlife. We create our continuing reality after our soul leaves the body. This is done through our belief system. Just as our belief system determines our current reality, it also determines the direction and nature of our future existence. As a shamanic practitioner, I have found that many people do not have a very refined belief system, so there is a lot of confusion once the soul or the divine essence leaves the body. Sometimes the soul just doesn’t know what to do. In my work, I have found that there are many lost, wandering souls that haven’t made it to the light. I personally feel that Western culture, with its hodgepodge of belief systems, creates this condition. Indigenous cultures have distinct belief systems that the entire tribe embraces. This not only gives the individual soul a template to follow, but also creates a powerful collective influence that is like rocket fuel to the soul of the transitioning person. A shaman has the capacity to journey to any soul and discover whether the soul has made it to the light or has somehow been derailed. There are typical situations that can alter a soul’s natural trajectory to the light and create an undefined belief system:

Sudden deaths. The soul is confused and not prepared to be out of the body. Violent deaths. A huge amount of soul loss happens, and again, the soul is confused and unprepared. Immense fear about death. A belief system that dictates severe judgment or punishment causes fear during passing. No plan for death. The absence of a plan in the consciousness of the person as to what will happen at the time of death. Death rituals are typically done to ensure safe passage to the light, to help those that are wandering or that have been derailed in the transition process, and to help the bereaved with a tangible experience of closure and well-being.

Pushing Over Ceremony

The pushing over ceremony is a death ritual that involves the entire congregation of mourners and those who are gathered to honor the person who has transitioned. Participants form concentric triangles in the room with the persons closest to the deceased at the apex of the triangle. If the immediate family is present, the spouse would be at the apex and the children would be behind. Rows are formed behind each of the three sides. Those in the inner triangle place their right hand on the person to their right to create a closed circuit. The people in the outer concentric triangles place their right hand on the person in front of them. Everyone is then connected and a collective current of energy can flow through everyone present. Each person has the left hand free for “pushing.” Energetically, this closed current connects everyone to the person at the apex. This individual is the one that the

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

World-Renowned Master Healer, Soul Leader, Divine Channel


Soul Healing Miracles™

with Master Roger Givens

Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Master Roger Givens Worldwide Representative

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Soul Healing Miracles for Healing Relationships with Master Roger Saturday-Sunday, March 29–30 • 10 am–5 pm • $150 USD

Soul Healing Evening with Divine Healing Hands™ and Master Roger Thursday, April 10 • 7–9 pm • Love Offering

Divine Healing Hands Certification Training Program with Master Sha and Master Roger

Friday-Sunday, April 11–13 • 10 am–10 pm • Master Sha to join via webcast! • $625 USD

Creating Inner Peace and Inner Joy with Forgiveness and Master Roger Saturday, April 26 • 10 am–5 pm • $75 USD

Location for these events: Opening to Life Studio, 407 N.E. 12th Ave., Portland

More than an invitation ... a sacred calling! Information and Registration: Linda at 971.344.7805 or Institute of Soul Healing & Enlightenment™ 888.3396815 • • 6

shaman will be communicating with during the ceremony. The shaman or a drummer on the sidelines will be drumming a shamanic beat to alter consciousness. An intention is set to make contact with the deceased and to help push them across to the other side. This ritual links the entire congregation to the deceased. Expressions of closure are shared in the form of well wishes, peace and farewells at this time. Upon the shaman’s charge, the directive is given to push the soul over. Each person with his or her free arm and hand is able to push forward. This is done several times with the drum accentuating the delivery of energy. The shaman then

determines when the ceremony is complete and the drumming stops. Often during this ceremony individuals in the group may receive many messages and this is the time to share. The shared messages provide evidence that the soul has passed into the light and help to bring closure for loved ones. Since the entire congregation participates, the feelings of trust, peace and well-being seem universal as well as personal. Jan Engels-Smith, LPC, ShD., author of Becoming Yourself, is the founder of LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. Visit www.lightsong. net and

My Life’s Pursuit of the Afterlife By Raymond Moody and Paul Perry


have stumbled onto many things in my life, and through this brief loss of stride I have found the world that I live in. It was through a student in my philosophy class who began to question me deeply about his own experience of almost dying that I studied and named the phenomenon known as the near-death experience (NDE). Had I not allowed the student to dominate my time with his story, I might have never examined NDEs, a path of discovery that led me to write Life After Life and led to my lifelong exploration of matters related to the afterlife. Had I not, literally, stumbled into a bookshelf and been hit on the head by an old book of research by Northcote Thomas, I would not have begun researching the fascinating world of facilitated visions. It is through this line of research that I have been able to recreate many aspects of the NDE in patients without them having to almost die. Better yet, I have been able to ease the grief of losing a loved one by helping people to see and otherwise interact with their dead relatives. And then there are past-life regressions. I tripped into that field of endeavor after listening to a patient who’d gone back in time while engaging in an ordinary session of hypnotherapy. These are all fields of endeavor that I have gratefully stumbled into. And yes, I believe Mark Twain when he said that accident is the name of the greatest of all inventors. Sometimes, though, I have just stumbled. And the worst of these stumbles have been the result of a disease that clouded everything for me, from my physical senses to my sense of humor to my sense of the world around me.

Doctor Becomes Patient

From my late 20s until now, I have lived with a disease called myxedema. This is a difficult affliction to diagnose. Simply stated, with this disease the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroxine, a hormone that acts in our body something like the volume dial on a radio. The result of this disease is a variety of peculiar symptoms that can lead to myxedema madness, in which the afflicted person gradually loses his mind. Although myxedema seems as though it should be an easy disease to diagnose, it isn’t. Residual thyroid in the bloodstream can trick test instruments into “false positive” readings, which make thyroid levels seem normal when they are not. As a result, my thyroid levels have been erratic over the years, and at times nonexistent. These have been the times when I stumbled the most. At times when my thyroid levels have been low, I have made major mistakes in judgment: given control of my financial life to people I shouldn’t

have; found myself in mental hospitals; worn thick woolen coats in the middle of a Georgia summer because I was terribly cold; locked myself in my house and refused to come out because I thought the world was against me. Over the years I have kept this condition quiet — or as quiet as I possibly could — thinking that it might affect the perception of me or my work. But now I have become wiser about my illness and its effects on my persona. Instead of working against me, it has made me more empathic and understanding of those who are faced with end-of-life issues. It has also made me look at illness as an altered state that changes our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us as much as, say, an out-of-body experience or even an NDE. Like those and other altered states, illness can make us feel both weak and powerful at the same time, depending upon our level of acceptance of the way things are and our ability to dig deep and find new sources of strength. When one man said to me — as others have said — that his NDE drained him of strength yet filled him with hope, I understood completely how that could take place. I also understand that to accept such a contradiction, one often has to experience an altered state as powerful as illness. Without such a near-fatal illness, I wouldn’t have the empathy for others necessary to continue my research in the field of the afterlife. And without it, I wouldn’t have had my own NDE, an event that taught me more in a few minutes than years of research and lecturing. Let me just say that I think this experience has made me more honest about myself and my work. Without it, I would lack that dimension that is not present in many doctors, the one that goes beyond knowledge and into the realm of actually being a patient. To paraphrase William Osler, the father of modern surgery, a man who has been a patient becomes a much better physician. That has certainly been the case with me. Raymond Moody and Paul Perry are the authors of Paranormal. Excerpted with permission by HarperOne at See Raymond Moody at the Afterlife Conference in Portland on June 5-8. Details at www. NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014


Turning 40 and Feeling Empty By Gregg Swanson


f life begins at 40, why am I feeling empty? If this sounds like you, it may be a comfort to know people from all walks of life share your pain. In a worldwide happiness study of two million participants from 80 nations, researchers found people are at their unhappiest during their middle age. According to the reGregg Swanson searchers, “something happens deep inside” and most reach a happier place during their 50s. Possibly by accepting feeling empty at 40 is normal, transformation can be easier. In Jewish mysticism, the gift of binah or understanding is received at age 40. Turning 40 is not the time for feeling empty, but for ascension. Middle age signifies completion as well as a new beginning —an understanding of life before and the prospect of reaching higher levels of consciousness from here. So why are we feeling empty? One of the big factors is societal poisoning. We are “supposed” to do life in a certain order. At 40, we should have a big career, big car, big boat, big house and so on. We put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. We had expected to become a millionaire, travel the world, write a bestseller and more. We may be experiencing empty nest syndrome or perhaps our self-imposed “failure” is dragging us into a dark abyss. However, some people begin to suspect there is something more to life. We want more. We just don’t know where to get it. And we’ve got questions: Why am I here?

live in the basement and kitchen. You can’t imagine all the beautiful furniture and artwork. If someone describes life upstairs, you don’t believe them. This example has a double-layered meaning: First, your journey to higher consciousness is personal. No one would believe you if you told them of all the wonderful things you discover anyhow. Second, most people live in the “basement” of life, never questioning whether there is more. They do not reach their highest potential.

Observation The key to awakening consciousness is observation. Study yourself, your beliefs, your negative habits — observe every facet that makes up the person you call “me.” Observe nature. Gaze at the clouds. Watch ants at work. Climb a hill and breathe in the gorgeous scenery below. Pluck a daisy and examine its smell and texture. What is my purpose? What is the meaning of life? Where do we go when we die?

Consciousness Stirring

In ancient mystery schools, students were taught humanity is mechanical. We do not even use the smallest part of our inner powers due to our sleeping consciousness. Visualize this: you have a huge threestory house, filled with fine things. But you

Keep asking your questions. Read holy books. Learn about amazing ancient spiritualities. For example, in old Hawaii, kahunas performed brain surgery without anesthetics! Stay present. One reason for feeling empty is that we tend to dwell in the past or worry about the future. Ancient masters taught their students to constantly affirm, “I am here.” Try this: I am here. I am here in the

kitchen. I am here putting water in the teapot. I am here getting a teacup from the cabinet. I am here putting a teabag in the teacup. I am here pouring water over the teabag. And so on. This is called self-observation. It looks easy but it’s not. See how long you can observe yourself without being distracted. Observe your thoughts, words and actions as long as you can and then repeat.

The Mentor

While, in truth, you must walk your chosen path alone, you will also need a mentor at some point. The mentor will push, pull and tug you in the right direction and be there to catch you when you fall. A mentor can guide you toward answers to your questions and show you that some things are unknowable to humans. A metaphysical truth says: “When the student is ready the master will come.” This means do not be anxious. When you get ready a mentor will appear, almost like magic.

The Dawning

It takes a long time and a lot of hard work before you eventually experience a metamorphosis. Some old things will no longer matter. They will be replaced by new, bright, shiny things. You will “shed” your old self to become a different person, your true self. Many people are called to walk the archetypical hero’s journey. It is written: Few are chosen. Maybe they were just more comfortable feeling empty. Tag — you’re it — you’ve just been called! Gregg Swanson, author of the free ebook Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit: Keys to Life of Fulfillment, is a transformational coach, life guide and spiritual awakener. Visit

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Dr. Raymond Moody,

best-selling author of Life After Life, and the world’s leading researcher on near-death experiences

Psychic mediums Suzane Northrop, Austyn Wells and Hollister Rand Special presentations on Conscious Dying, Home Funerals, Bereavement and more! W W W. S H A M A N I C S O U N D H E A L I N G . C O M NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

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Quinoa: Peruvian Power Food By Manuel Villacorta and Jamie Shaw


ower foods are hardworking functional foods that far surpass basic nutritional content. They are, quite simply, the cleanest, most powerful, antioxidant-rich, anti-aging foods available anywhere. These ingredients have been staple foods for centuries in South America — particularly Peru. Part of the reason Peru is such a culinary hot spot is because its cuisine is an incredible fusion of local abundance and global flavor, from Mediterranean to Asian influences. Peru also boasts three distinct microclimates. The rich topography spans the pristine coast, the fertile mountains and lush valleys, as well as the dense jungle rainforest. Quinoa has long been a staple of Peruvian cuisine. It is delicious, versatile and filled with health benefits. The ancient Incas, who discovered the grain, named it “the mother grain” as they believed it was a gift from their gods. The cultivation of quinoa dates back more than 5,000 years. Although we commonly refer to quinoa as a grain, it is technically a seed. And what a seed it is: one-half cup of quinoa contains 340 calories, no saturated fat or cholesterol, 12 grams of protein, 32 grams of carbohydrate and 10 grams of fiber. It’s an ideal perfectly balanced food source. Today, quinoa is quite commonplace in our markets and stores, and can even be found in red, white and black varieties. It’s becoming more and more popular for its nutty taste and pleasant, moist texture, not to mention its outstanding nutritional content. Quinoa is made up of a total of 21 amino acids. Eleven of these can be synthesized by our bodies and are therefore nonessential. However, the 10 remaining essential amino acids make quinoa a complete protein. Quinoa has a similar protein value to milk. Quinoa is a fantastic source of fiber — one of the key macronutrients needed for healthy blood-sugar regulation. It also provides outstanding protein quality, even in comparison to commonly eaten whole grains. Strong protein and fiber intake is a dietary essential for regulating blood sugar. Quinoa is rich in B vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, vitamins C and E, and zinc. Both vitamin E and vitamin C are antioxidants that help prevent freeradical damage. Quinoa aids in weight loss, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is healthy for your brain, heart and bones. Quinoa is extremely versatile. We love to make quinoa in advance and then add it

Probiotics: Five Ways to Heal Your Belly By Gregory Plotnikoff


Pico De Quinoa Quinoa is a perfect base for all kinds of cold salads, and one of the easiest, most satisfying combinations is this dish, which looks to Mexico for flavor inspiration. If you want an even heartier version, you can crumble some queso fresco on top or pair with shredded poached chicken. 2 cups cooked quinoa 1 cup diced tomato 1 cup diced cucumber 1/2 cup diced red onion 1/2 cup chopped cilantro 2 tablespoons lime juice 2 tablespoons sacha inchi oil Salt to taste Combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and enjoy! — Manuel Villacorta and Jamie Shaw

to all kinds of different recipes during the week. Toss it in salads, mix it with roasted vegetables, or serve it for breakfast with warm almond milk and blueberries for a protein-packed alternative to oatmeal.

eneficial or friendly gut bacteria are the new superstars of human health. Many of our greatest health challenges — anxiety, depression, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, autoimmune disease, cancer — are strongly linked to the trillions of bacteria that live in our inner ecosystem. The bottom line: our gut bacteria care for us. If they are happy, we are happy. If we take care of them, they take care of us. Any of the five forms of stress — environmental, physical, emotional/ spiritual, pharmaceutical and dietary —can disrupt the harmony of our inner ecosystem. For example, taking the antibiotic amoxicillin for just one week can adversely affect gut bacteria for a year. To counterbalance ongoing stressors, more and more doctors are prescribing beneficial bacteria for their patients. And a huge number of probiotic supplements are now promoted to the general public for supporting a healthy gut ecology. How do you decide what to take and how can you maximize their effectiveness? To get the most for your money (and your health), consider the following five guidelines:

water or bottled water. 4. Take at least 30 minutes away from warm food or drink. These bacteria are heat sensitive. Taking probiotics with a

cup of hot tea or a bowl of soup makes for a very expensive meal. Refrigerate if needed. Some products require refrigeration, others do not. 5. Tend your inner garden. Our gut is not a gutter, it is more of a garden. Our challenge is to be good gardeners. Probiotics are like seeds. Prebiotics are like fertilizer for the seeds. Prebiotic foods include fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi or kefir as well as cultured foods like yogurt, many fruits and vegetables, and all foods high in fiber. If your product is causing problems, consider a different product. Some people may not tolerate products that contain the prebiotic FOS (fructooligosaccharide). Side effects are very infrequent and are limited to gastrointestinal symptoms. The greatest health hazard is the potential misunderstanding that probiotics allow people to engage in bad health habits. Probiotics are one part of an overall health strategy. When considering your inner ecology, also consider your outer ecology. How do the five forms of stress apply to you?

1. Strains. Choose products with multiple lactobacilli and bifidobacterial strains. These will be listed on the label as a twoword Latin description Lactobaciilus acidophilus or Lactobacillus rhamnosus or Bifidobacterium lactis. Multiple strains exist and may be shortened to L. rhamnosus or B. lactis. Aim for at least seven different strains. Saccharomyces boulardii is a beneficial yeast found in many products. 2. Dosing. Choose products with at least 20 billion CFUs (colony forming units). Although this sounds like a large number, the actual gut bacteria numbers more than 10,000 billion. So 20 out of 10,000 is a mere drop in the bucket. Check that the amount is guaranteed for the shelf life of the product.

Gregory A. Plotnikoff, M.D., MTS, FACP, co-author of Trust Your Gut, is a boardcertified internist and pediatrician. Visit www.

3. Take your probiotics with cool unchlorinated water. The chlorine in city tap water is there to get rid of bacteria. Use filtered

Manuel Villacorta, MS, RD, is an awardwinning registered dietitian and co-author of Peruvian Power Foods with Jamie Shaw, a writer and brand expert who specializes in food. Visit Reprinted with permission by HCI Books at www.hcibooks. com.

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NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014


New Renaissance Books, Gifts and Events for Conscious Living 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. • (503) 224-4929 • March Events

Heal with Aboriginal Secrets Workshop Robbie Holz, Sat. March 1, 1-5 pm, $40

The remote Australian Aborigines use Source, spirit guides and the limitless mind to achieve miraculous healing. Learn the five Aboriginal essential steps for healing. Discover how to easily access help from your spirit guides and Higher Self, remove the root of an illness plus accelerate and sustain healing.

Rhythms of Change Diana Byrnes, Sun. March 2, 2-5 pm, $30

The Violet Flame Workshop: Working with the Ascended Masters to Raise Your Soul’s Vibration! Mark Dodich, Sat. March 15, 1-5 pm, $40

The Violet Flame is a tool of transformation. It is energetic alchemy used to change the frequency of energy in your life, relationships and work environment.This metaphysical workshop uses activation and meditation techniques, combined with working with the Ascended Masters, to bring this dynamic tool into the highest use in your life.

Resolve Inner Conflict Through Hypnosis Christa King, Sat. March 15, 7-8:30 pm, $15

Have you ever made a New Year’s resolution and, for some reason, not been able to follow through? Do you find yourself listening to the good advice of the experts, getting motivated, and then losing momentum by late January? The Rhythms of Change workshop is part of a series on Self Mastery that will initiate you in taking charge of your individual path and assisting you in finding new ways to embrace your own personal Course of Action.

We’ve all experienced that internal battle of wills where a part of us wants to do one thing, yet the other part is resistant or completely wants the opposite. Until these two separate parts are aligned, we continue to remain ‘stuck’ in our habits and patterns.Through hypnosis, learn how to allow each of these sides to fully express itself to then create a positive, common goal that’s in our greatest good.

Drop-In Meditation Ean McClane,Wed. March 5, 12, 19, 5:30-6:30 pm, FREE!

Teachings of the Triple Spiral Kathleen McKern Verigin, Sun. March 16, 2-5 pm, $30

Group meditation always helps you to go deeper! You’ve learned to meditate now you’re looking for opportunities to fit it into your life. NRB is offering a free drop-in meditation session each week. Drop by after work and enjoy a quiet session of peace with like-minded people. Bring your pillow, bench, shawl or other meditation supplies.

The Triple Spiral is an ancient symbol found throughout Ireland. Each spiral stands on its own: Courage, creativity, community. We will travel the triple spiral, in that order. We learn to embody courage as we stand in our own power. We trust the creativity that emerges when we interact with another.Then we are able to be in community in a new, inclusive way.

Inner Guidance:Your Divine Birthright Anne Archer Butcher,Wed. March 5, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Full Moon Drumming Circle: For Peace and Healing Connie Hill, Sun. March 16, 5:30-7 pm, $15

Swept out to sea and miraculously rescued by dolphins, cast out of her body in a near death experience after a head-on collision with a truck, author and award-winning producer Anne Archer Butcher shares edge-of-your-seat stories from Inner Guidance: Our Divine Birthright, her new book from Eckankar.

Divine Light Transmission Paramahansa Jagadish,Thurs. March 6, 6:30-8:30 pm, $15

Paramahansa Jagadish returns to Portland and New Renaissance! Divine Light Transmission is his unique ability to tap into the loving energy of the Divine and to transmit that energy directly to the participants in the room.This is a beautiful healing experience that ignites our True Self to awaken to the presence of God within the Sacred Heart.

Divine Heart Activation Paramahansa Jagadish, Mon. March 10, 6:30-8:30 pm, $30

Jagadish will clear your negative content such as doubts, worries and fears and replace them with the Divine Love and Bliss of a sacred heart.This has a lasting effect and is a new modality fresh from his travels to India. All in this Intensive will also receive deep multidimensional healing.

NCX Wellness Night Journey to the Afterlife Jan Engels-Smith,Tues. March 11, 7-8:30 pm, $12

What happens when we die? Can there be times that the crossing goes awry? Join Jan Engels-Smith, an acclaimed shamanic practitioner, for an evening of unraveling afterlife mysteries. Get answers to looming questions about the journey to the afterlife and experience a shamanic-style crossing ritual.

She: A Celebration of Greatness in Every Woman Mary Ann Radmacher and Liz Kalloch, Thurs. March 13, 7-8:30 pm, $15

Meet authors and artists Mary Anne Radmacher and Liz Kalloch as they explore the many women who represent the very best of the human spirit. In their new book, She: A Celebration of Greatness in Everywoman, they gathered together the best group of fierce and feisty females. and

Clear Your Fear Shannon Kaiser, Fri. March 14, 7-8:30 pm, $15

If you are stuck in old thought patterns and limiting beliefs it is impossible to move forward.You will get the tools you need to empower yourself to fully remove your fear so you can live the life your soul intended. Clear your fear for good!

Store Hours M–Th & Sat. 10 am–9 pm; Fri. 10 am–9:30 pm; Sun. 10 am–8 pm 10

Drumming and rattling help clear and shift energy, help release what is no longer needed in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and help us manifest new energy in our lives. We will clear our personal energy and then focus on how to replace what was released.

Truth Consciousness Sat Shree,Thurs. March 20, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Come join this informal evening with Sat Shree, founder of New Dharma.There will be a brief meditation followed by a talk on the nature of Truth Consciousness and the extraordinary experience of living in that state. Everyone can ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Be At Cause Sat Shree, Sun. March 23, 11 am-5 pm, $50

Be at Cause is a transformation process that arises naturally when you shift out of your conditioned world view of your ‘human’ life into a freer unconditioned domain of being, a ‘divine’ life.You will reorient your consciousness to be a frequent shifter of domains and a creator of new realities.

Special Wednesday Meditation Sat Shree,Wed. March 26, 5:30-6:30 pm, FREE!

Join us for a special meditation led by New Dharma founder, Sat Shree. He awakened in 1998, spending six years in India with his Guru where he was engaged in an intensive transformational process.

Original Intent Sat Shree,Wed. March 26, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Explore the principle of the Original Intent, the Current of Life and the nature of Truth.The Original Intent is the ‘Cause’ of Creation which arose from a ‘Will to Be,’ to exist, that is inherent in the original potentiality called the SAT.This ‘Will to Be’ is a Force or Current of consciousness called in Sanskrit, ‘Satchitananda.’ It is what brought all things into existence. We call this dharma.

Consecrated Life Sat Shree,Thurs. March 27, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Explore how to bring your life into alignment with Divine’s Original Intent, to tap into the ‘current’ within, to awaken it and to show you how, through the steady application of intelligent will, one can attain a new reality, a new paradigm for living that is aligned with the truth of existence.

Unconditional Love Sat Shree, Sun. March 30, 11 am-5 pm, $50

We are all divine in essence and as such can recognize and respond to the radiance of unconditional love. Learn the true meaning of the term ‘unconditional love,’ how to find it within yourself, and learn to live and act in this state.

Activate your Heart Chakra Tonight Terry McGill,Wed. March 19, 7-8:30 pm, $15

Your heart chakra is already open or you would not be reading this.Terry will lead us in a guided meditation to open our heart chakras further. He will also clear blockages that have prevented our hearts from opening even further as part of this event, for all who desire.

The Evolving Soul Dr. Linda Backman, Fri. March 21, 7-8:30 pm, $15

Soul Regression therapy allows you to access memories of past lives and the period between lives. Dr.Linda Backman, author of Bringing Your Soul to Light, discusses Soul Regression Therapy and Soul Evolution. Learn how to access your spiritual guides and take active steps in your soul evolution while clarifying your ongoing soul progress.

Past Lives and the Time Between: The Purpose of Your Life Today Dr. Linda Backman, Sat. March 22, 1-5 pm, $40

Does your soul evolve from one life to the next and why? Where to we go when we die? Does your life today have purpose that was determined before you were born? Have you had lives somewhere other than on Earth? How can you use your intuition to know about your past lives? All of these questions will be addressed in this workshop, assisting you to be of service to Humanity.

Spring Equinox Celebration: Rekindle the Inner Fire Rhea Wolf, Sat. March 22, 6-8:30 pm, $25

Using meditation, storytelling and guided writing exercises, we will connect to the seasonal energy; a time to connect with our bodies, reawaken our power and find the clarity to move forward in claiming our lives. Exploring the stories of the Goddess Persephone and the Goddess Artemis, both of whom are traditionally associated with Spring, we will gain insights into our own stories and ideas about this time of balance and

NCX Wellness Night The Evolution of Forgiveness Terri Daniel,Tues. March 25, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Knowing that we create our earthly experiences according to the lessons sought by our souls, explore the energies of judgment, fear, projection and attachment that cause us to experience the illusion that we are separate from the divine. Using guided visualizations, storytelling and ritual, connect with higher guidance to assist in ‘unjudging’ ourselves and others, a new form of forgiveness can emerge.

Enhancing the Mystical Experience: Introduction to the Astro-Soul® Program John Pease, Fri. March 28, 7-8:30 pm, $12

This overview of the Astro-Soul® program will examine the mystical ability that each person possesses to achieve their dream within, in an environment without philosophy or judgment. Mystical experience is the cornerstone of many of the world’s great spiritual traditions, these traditions often had shamanic origins that taught simple techniques.

Creating a Prosperous Spiritual Business Melissa Jaffe, Sat. March 29, 11 am-1 pm, $20

Healers, coaches and intuitives naturally generate valuable intellectual property through developing techniques, writings and processes. Come learn how to turn those valuable assets you’ve developed into a more sustainable prosperity model for your business. Learn how to serve your highest purpose and generate meaningful income.

Finding Your Heart: How Animals Transform Your Life Ute Luppertz, Sat. March 29, 2-5 pm, $30

Are you longing for a deeper understanding between you and your pet? We will look at how our pets affect us on an emotional spiritual level and how they help us change the course of our life. We will work with animal communication, healing exercises, special meditations and shamanic journeying to connect more deeply with our animal friends.

Enhancing the Mystical Experience Workshop John Pease, Sat. March 29, 5:30-8:30 pm, $35

The ultimate goal of Astro-Soul® is to show how easily human potential can be fulfilled by an on-going in-depth mystical experience. Learn techniques on mystical ability that include receiving intuitive impressions and inspiration through ‘inner hearing’ or clairaudience along with ‘feeling’ impressions or psychometry. Spiritually travel to the well-spring of all life – often called nirvana, the Tao or heaven – to help clarify the bigger picture of spiritual evolution. NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

Events to Enlighten, Educate and Entertain For full event descriptions and to register go to or call (503) 224-4929. April Events

Drop-In Meditation Ean McClane,Wed. April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30, 5:30-6:30 pm, FREE!

NRB is offering a free drop-in meditation session each week. Bring your pillow, bench, shawl or other meditation supplies.

An Evening with Anam Thubten Anam Thubten, Fri. April 4, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Through the essential wisdom of Buddhism and his personal experience on the spiritual path, Anam Thubten brings alive the timeless teachings.They point directly to the recognition of one’s true nature as boundless love, unfettered by a false sense of a self that is separate from others and free from any limitations of egoistic mind.

Honey Bee-Landia: Hope for the Honeybees Catherine Garvin, Sat. April 5, 11 am-1 pm, $20

The honeybees need our help.They need our support and our willingness to protect them since their way of life is so critical to our own. We will discuss how to observe, listen and learn by collecting data about bees city-wide and map the city landscape based on bees foraging for food. Learn what to plant in your own garden for a beefriendly environment.

The Way of Wyrd: Introduction to the Runes Jason Warrick, Sat. April 5, 2-5 pm, $30

Pull aside the veil and begin upon the path leading to uncovering the secrets of the Runes.You will be introduced to the most commonly utilized runic system, the Elder Futhark, the oldest and most commonly used today. Delve into the historical and the mystical aspects of this sacred divinatory system and discover how reading their meanings can create powerful changes.

Removing Your Own Glass Ceiling: Your formula for Unlimited Success! Martha Soria Sears, Sat. April 5, 6:30-8:30 pm, $20

Are you overwhelmed with working so hard to grow your business and just not getting the big results you want? One of the strongest limiting beliefs is what we think is possible.You’ll learn what limiting beliefs are, where they come from and how they hold you back; 3 steps to disarm and replace them with beliefs of unlimited success and how to develop your own unlimited success formula.

Calling All Earth Angels! Heather Straube, Sun. April 6, 1-4 pm, $30

Have you always felt you were meant for something brilliant, but aren’t quite sure what it is? Are you a highly sensitive person who has experienced a hard life, yet still look for the lessons and how you can be of service? If so, you could be an Earth Angel here to share your gifts with humanity.

From Fixation to Freedom Eli Jaxon Bear,Tues. April 8, 7-8:30 pm, $15

From Fixation to Freedom addresses the difference between ego and essence and the possibility of final liberation.Tonight, Eli presents a unique map of egoic identification as a vehicle for ruthless self-inquiry and final realization of true freedom.

Pluto: Your Phoenix Factor Paul Richard, Sat. April 12, 2-5 pm, $30

Is Pluto your path to pain, suffering and misfortune, or to your passion, power, and freedom? Paul rejects misfortune-telling astrology and shows you how to use Evolutionary Astrology and your natal Pluto and its transits to rise from the ashes of your wounds, defeats and deaths and rebirth yourself, rising to new heights of a more empowered life.

Energy Medicine: Is It Part of Your Health Care Strategy Yet? Linda Negrin, Sat. April 12, 7-8:30 pm, $15

There is a powerful source of health care available to everyone, right in the palm of our hands: Lifeforce Energy.The energy can be used for preventative care, common health issues, emotional issues, surgical support & recovery, and more. Learn how to integrate Energy Medicine into a daily health care program for yourself, family and community.

Create the Life You Want: Get Clear, Get Traction, Get Results Sonia Miller, Sun. April 13, 1-5 pm, $40

How can we create the life we really want instead of just getting by in the one we are given? You’ve probably set goals in the past but nothing really ‘stuck’ for the long-term. Now, learn to access your true and natural power and go beyond the Law of Attraction to become a master of manifestation. Get results now!

Full Moon Drumming Circle: For Peace and Healing Connie Hill,Tues. April 15, 6:30-8 pm, $15

Drumming and rattling help clear and shift energy, help release what is no longer needed in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and help us manifest new energy in our lives.

Why Would You Want To Forgive? Terry McGill,Wed. April 16, 7-8:30 pm, $15

There’s a theme that runs through many religious teachings and secular therapies: We cannot heal until we forgive.The deepest forgiveness can occur when we use the power of the soul. Experience three ancient and sacred practices to forgive at the deepest levels.

Obtaining Your Angel Codes® Linda Stirling, Fri. April 18, 7-8:30 pm, $20

Angel Codes® are the unique & powerful codes that can help people in their greatest area of need.Your code will be personally assigned and you’ll be taught the easy meditation that allows the code to work in the fastest manner.The Codes work even if you don’t

Clear Negative Emotional States to Improve Your Health and Life Deborah O’Brien, Sat. April 19, 10:30 am-1:30 pm, $30

There are many factors that govern total body health such as nutrition, environment, emotions, addictions, and thought processes. However, we often find it difficult to make changes. Experience techniques that clear the self-defeating emotional states from childhood, familial, ancestral, and past-life events held as programs in the electro-geomagnetic field. Events & Readers continued on next page.

New Renaissance

Books, Gifts & Events For Conscious Living

Water Ceremony: Healing Relationships Margo Brooks,Wed. April 9, 6:30-8:30 pm, $20

Experience the Water Ceremony releasing anger, guilt and grief while boosting the immune system.This ceremony creates a shift in frequency, healing relationships as you resolve your feelings with mother and father.

Dream Class & Clinic Katrina Wynne, M.A., Fri. April 11, 6:30-8:30 pm, $20

Dreams are the ‘window to the soul,’ the ‘royal road to the unconscious,’ according to Carl Jung. Dreams are one of our most direct and personal channels to receiving divine information and inspiration. Deepen your understanding of yourself and others by exploring the symbolism in

Kaleidoscope Healing: Soul Expansive Living, Free from Past Life Fears Lori Seeborg, Sat. April 12, 11 am-1 pm, $20

Considering our past life selves as ‘subpersonalities’ provides us with new avenues to address blockages in our life. Learn to send high vibrational energy to our fearful, angry or hopeless aspects. Integrate strengths and wisdom from past and future lifetimes into the present lifetime, simultaneously retaining the wisdom, soul lessons and growth. NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

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All Metal Singing Bowls

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**Over 1600 DVDs to choose from!


Readers Ralph Gardner, Intuitive Readings March 1, 6, 18, 31, April 2, 8, 16, 22, $100/hr. or $60/half hr.

Ralph uses his gifts of clairvoyance and intuition to align with your Guidance providing images and messages offering clear, concise directions. He will engage with you a powerful clarity enabling you to move forward in your life’s direction.

Carin, Psychic Readings March 1, 6, 22, 27, 29, April 3, 10, 19, 24, 26, $111/hr. or $60/half hr.

A reading with psychic clair-cognitive, Carin Kvinge, is always compassionate and upbeat. She’ll connect with your guides and hers to help you answer your deepest questions.

Anna Abraham, Chakra,Tarot and Archangel Readings March 3, 10, April 7, 28, $100/hr. or $60/half hr.

Anna sees into the visionary portals of the chakras and offers transformational readings combining chakra visions, mystical insights of the Tarot and the light inspired guidance of the archangels to help you on your soul’s journey.

Lauren Balin, Intentional Astrology March 3, 25, April 1, 16, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Intentional Astrology will help you discover and activate your deeper potential. A reading will provide you with a greater understanding of your unique nature and will help you make more empowered choices.

Theresa Carmody, Sacred Circle Tarot and Relationship Readings March 4, 9, 29, April 5, 18, 29, $125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Theresa has the ability to see into the realms of potential and discern information that assists you on your life path. To help with relationship questions, Theresa sees patterns of connection and ways create greater peace and harmony.

Jane Roberts, Life Purpose Hand Analysis Readings March 4, 7, 12, April 10, 19, 23, $110/hr. or $65/half hr.

Your formula for personal and professional fulfillment is written on your body in the form of your unchangeable fingerprints. If you have the courage to discover the answer to the question ‘Who am I?’ once and for all, come discover how your life is literally in your very own hands.

Luis Navarrete, Matrix Energetics Sessions March 5, 18, 26, April 9, 15, 30, $90/hr. or $45/half hr.

Matrix Energetics is a powerful consciousness technology using quantum physics to transform one’s life, health, career, family and relationships. Instantaneous and lifelong transformation at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels becomes easy and fun.

Jo Garceau, Shamanic Astrology Readings March 5, 17, 26, April 4, 22, $150/90 min., $115/hr. or $65/half hr.

Shamanic Astrology is based on the idea of ‘as above, so below, as within, so without.’ We will utilize archetypal imagery to look at what you brought into life, your current gifts and challenges, your life intent/ purpose and what’s keeping your from it. KnowingWoman. com

Veronica Granett, Chakra Readings March 7, 21, April 18, $110/hr. or $60/half hr.

The chakras are energy centers located throughout our bodies that help regulate different aspects of our lives, such as survival, and the flow of love. Veronica reveals the unique way that you navigate your inner and outer worlds.

Kelly Davidson, Astrological Consultations March 8, 19, 21, 31, April 3, 9, 15, 29, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Kelly will interpret the astrological influences currently affecting your life, show you how to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are coming your way, and align yourself with planetary influences.

Autumn Edwards, Energy Readings & Psychic Counseling Sessions March 8, 22, April 11, 26, 90/hr. or $50/half hr.

Melding multiple traditions from shamanism to alchemy into a unique practice, Autumn Edwards uses an intuitive process to bring through universal energy for spiritual healing and psychic reading. AnahataMedicine. com

1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove, 503-224-4929 11


Readers Ailynn Halverson,Tarot Consulting and Angelic Readings March 10, 23, April 7, 28, $111/hr. or $65/half hr.

Ailynn is certified in Angelic Healing, Angelic Reading and Mediumship and is currently a student of Aromatherapy. Ailynn has been reading the Tarot for the last 30 years and currently does Elemental Tarot Readings in conjunction with Aromatherapy.

Lori Seeborg, Psychic Intuitive Coaching and Readings March 11, 19, 28, April 8, 17, 30, $125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Lori’s intuitive coaching empowers you towards a balanced perspective, self-clarity, and wisdom. A session with Lori provides you a safe, relaxing and enjoyable space to release the struggles of life and bring you back to the peace of center.

Gabi Schoening, Intuitive Healings, Psychic reading and Energy Work March 11, 12, 25, April 1, 2, 4, $100/hr or $50/half hr.

Gabi Schoening is a Master Energy worker. Guided by her intuition and experience she will help you understand the patterns in your life and remove energetic blocks. Removing these blocks will encourage healing and wellness even at the quantum level. As a result you will feel a difference in your energy, emotions and approach to your life, relationships and health.

Raina Rowland, Cards of Destiny Readings March 13, 20, 27, April 11, 17, 24, $110/hr. or $60/half hr.

In a session with Raina the Destiny Cards reveal past, present and future information about your life, including love, finances, work and health.

Paul Richard, Evolutionary Astrology with Tarot Readings March 28, April 5, 25, $150/90 min., $125/hr. or $65/half hr.

Combining both astrology and tarot in his readings Paul helps you to hear the deepest longings, messages and wise guidance of your Soul as you face the challenges of the present and seek your highest good for the future.

Ute Luppertz, Animal Communication March 30, 120/hr. or $65/half hr.

Have you sometimes wondered what your animal is trying to communicate to you about her behavior, feelings and thoughts? That’s when we can facilitate a heart to heart dialogue between you and your companion with your pet’s point of view in mind. (Please leave your animal at home). PetsPointofView.

April Events (continued)

Reading the Grid of Light Gillian Holloway, Ph.D, Sat. April 19, 2-5 pm, $30

Learn to remember the future by perceiving the grid of light, a responsive matrix of choice points and probabilities that connect the individual to his or her soul plan. This grid is the intersection between the life you are creating and the outline of your soul’s plan. Perceiving the lines of probability and destiny nodes allows you to better recognize the soul purpose in present conditions, to prepare for speed bumps and decisions on the horizon.

An Introduction to Living Compassion Robert Gonzales, Sat. April 19, 7-8:30 pm $15

Beyond the basic Nonviolent Communication process of expressing and receiving our observations, feelings, needs and requests, lies the heart and root of compassion for ourselves and others. Since needs are the qualities of the heart, they manifest as longings or yearnings. Learn to live in the fullness of these qualities as a way to experience the fullness of life itself.

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 Books

1. E Squared — Pam Grout 2. Proof of Heaven — Eban Alexander 3. Untethered Soul — Michael Singer 4. Book of Awakening — M. Nepo 5. Love Poems — Pablo Neruda 6. Second Firsts — Christina Rasmussen 7. Celebration of Humanity — Kyron 8. Women Who Run With The Wolves — C. Pincola Estes 9. Unlikely Loves — Jennifer Holland 10. Desire Map — Daniell LaPorte 12

New Renaissance Books, Gifts and Events for Conscious Living 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. • (503) 224-4929 •

Special Guest Readers Linda Stirling, Intuitive and Past Life Readings March 2, 20, 24, April 6, 21, 25, $125/hr. or $70/half hr.

Linda has the ability to zero in on the core issues you need to resolve for wholeness and to quickly see one or more of your past lives. As a spiritual healer, she can help you resolve issues you may be carrying that affect your well-being or that needs to be addressed for the elevation of your

Katrina Wynne,Tarot, Lenormond and Dream Analysis Sessions March 13, 14 15, 17, April 12, 13, 14, $100/hr. or $60/half hr.

Katrina, combines over 40 years’ experience with the Tarot and other metaphysical traditions with 25 years as a mental/spiritual health counselor to support your most wonderful life. With wisdom and compassion, she assists you in integrating the challenges and blessings from your session.

AurorA, Energy Healing, Past Lives, Psychic Intuitive March 16, April 27, $130/90 min., $90/hr. or $45/half hr.

Working with light beings, AurorA helps clarify your purpose and potential for this incarnation. She answers personal questions, past lives, and helps you move forward. AurorA helps you raise your vibration and connect you with your guides. She also corrects and aligns your energy field for the newer human consciousness.

Jason Warrick, Shamanic Rune Reader April 23, $100/hr or $50/half hr.

Runes are powerful symbols that are rooted in earth wisdom, nature and the cycles of life. Each rune is a finger pointing to a principle, a law, a force or an energy in the Universe. Jason connects with the spirits of the runes asking them for information and guidance that will support you on your path.

NRB is closed for the Easter Holiday April 20th What Obituaries Don’t Tell You: How Death Shapes Our Lives Kathryn Weymouth, Fri. April 25, 7-8:30 pm, $12

It is no secret that each of us will die and before that we will be touched by the death of others. But what roadmaps or guidance do we have to show us the way through this ultimate journey? In her new book, What Obituaries Don’t Tell You, Dr. Weymouth chronicles the stories of 30 individuals who share the effect that the death of a loved one had on their lives. Hearing the stories gives us ways to process the loss and to heal from the grief.

8 Keys to Powerful Intuition Dawn Lianna, Sat. April 26, 11 am-1:30 pm, $25

In this wonderful and enlightening class you will learn how to develop accurate, reliable intuition, increase your clarity, self trust & follow through; learn how to ground, clear and protect yourself, connect with your guidance and inner wisdom, apply your intuition to enhance any situation including love, relationships, business, health and money.

Connect with Your Chakra Totem Animals for Self Healing Agnes Green, Sat. April 26, 2-5 pm, $30

Take a shamanic journey to discover the 7 powerful animal spirits that embody the qualities and the energy domain of each of your chakras. Find out how you can obtain deeply true information from your chakra animals regarding physical, mental or emotional matters and how you can enlist their aid in resolving and healing these issues.

Light Journeys: Encounters with Beings of Light Naomi Palmer, Sat. April 26, 6:30-8:30 pm, $15

There is danger in being swept away by the desire for extraordinary experiences of enlightenment.Yet, for Naomi Palmer, the extraordinary experiences, out-of-body travels and encounters with Light Beings who guided and changed her life, convinced her that there must be a Divine Plan shaping her life. Naomi shares her true story of incredible out-of-body experiences on the astral plane from her book, My Journey into Light.

Chanting Into the Feminine Megan Drake, Sun. April 27, 1-3 pm, $20

We must feel our way through our lives during these times of wildly exciting and unprecedented change. As more feminine energy permeates and balances our energy fields, we are challenged to develop receptivity and intuition. Chanting into the Feminine will deepen your practice of opening up to Spirit and to receiving the guidance available to you at every moment.

NCX Wellness Night Intro to Soul Spelunking: Expressing Our Authentic Self Gregg Swanson,Tues. April 29, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Transformational coach Gregg Swanson guides you through a process of bridging the gap between your soul and ego so that your authentic self can be realized.The self is the expression of wholeness, the end point of the individuation process and a result of closing the void between our soul and our ego. Join in this inner adventure of mystery and illumination — no headlamp necessary.

May Events

Meditate with Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi, Fri., May 2, 7-8:30 pm, FREE

Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj is a Self-Realized Yogi from the foothills of the Himalayas. Babaji will give a spiritual talk and teach us Jangama Dhyana, Meditation of Eternal Existence. Following the meditation, Babaji will answer spiritual questions.

Who’s Helping You? Linda Stirling, Sat. May 3, 11 am-1 pm, $20

Are there beings who watch over you, guide you, and support you on your soul journey? Learn about the types of beings who are here to assist you, methods to discovering them and how to best harness their abilities to aid you in your current incarnation as well as your overall soul growth.

Overcoming Fear Through Past Life Regression Dawn Michele Jackson, Sat. May 3, 2-4 pm, $20

Learn how Past Life Regression can help you discover where some of your fears started and how you can move past them to create a more fulfilling life.

Psychic Protection and Space Clearing Workshop Jai Medina, Sat. May 3, 6:30-8:30 pm, $20

Learn easy, practical techniques to psychically cleanse and protect yourself, your home, and those you love. Learn effective forms of shielding, cord-cutting, space clearing, and other protective mechanisms.

SoulCollage® Committee Suit: Know Your Animal Guides Melissa Yeary and Marilyn McDonald, Sun. May 4, 1-5 pm, $60

Use the creative process of SoulCollage® to connect with the animal wisdom within you and with the power, energy and lessons that await you. No experience necessary. All materials provided. and

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 Oracle Cards 1. Medicine Cards 2. Wildwood Tarot 3. Enchanted Map 4. Angel Tarot 5. Archetype Cards 6. Goddess Guidance 7. Kuan Yin Oracle Book and Deck 8. Universal Waite Tarot Bookset 9. Angel Cards Bookset 10. Archangel Power Tarot

Man is lost and is wandering in a jungle where real values have no meaning. Real values can have meaning to man only when he steps on to the spiritual path, a path where negative emotions have no use. – Sai Baba NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014




March MARCH 3 - APRIL 7

Metaphysical Fair 6-9pm at New Renaissance

Bookstore Event Center in Portland on March 3 and April 7. An evening of intuitive guidance and energy healing! Free admission. Services for donation or small fee. Many modalities available. Aurora: 503-332-1277, www.

chakras, the energy centers of the body. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, chakras.

I Can Do It!, created by Louise Hay, brings together your favorite spiritual authors, including Wayne W. Dyer, Caroline Myss and Bruce Lipton, to help heal your life.

MARCH 7 - 9

Eckankar Regional Seminar Guest speaker

Mark it: Friday-Saturday, May 17-18 in Vancouver, Canada. Visit www.

Anne Archer Butcher, author of Inner Guidance, shares miraculous story of being saved by dolphins. Unity Church of Portland, 4525 SE Stark St. in Portland. 800258-8730,, www.eckankar. org.

sacred sound and songs to heal self and others. Taught by Dr. Lauri Shainsky. 503-939-7174, www.

for massage therapists and other health professionals. March 20: Free talk and demo on energy healing for everyone. Oregon School of Massage, 9500 SW Barbur Blvd., Ste. 100 in Portland. 877-767-2425, www.



Mandala: Find Your Center 10am-5pm. This

experiential workshop guides you in a process of inwardly centering, while outwardly creating your own healing life mandala. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, MARCH 8 - APRIL 5

Adam Dreamhealer Workshop March 8:

Seattle. April 5: L.A. Experience two unique group energy sessions coordinated by Adam Dreamhealer, international author, speaker, molecular biologist, Native American healer and naturopathic doctor. Maximize your own healing potential by learning techniques to focus intentions embracing self-empowerment. All registration at: MARCH 8 - APRIL 19

Ananda Portland Saturday Morning Classes

March 8: Magnetism. March 15: Developing Intuition. March 22: Raising Kundalini. March 29: Restorative Yoga. April 19: Easter Retreat. Ananda Portland, 4855 SW Watson Ave. in Beaverton. 503-626-3403, www. MARCH 11

NCX Wellness Night 7-8:30pm. In “Journey to the

Afterlife,” Jan Engels-Smith gives answers to looming questions about the journey to the afterlife. $12 at New Renaissance, 1338 NW 23rd Ave. in Portland, www. MARCH 12 - APRIL 9

Free Talking Stick Phone Forum March 12

and April 9 at noon. Ask about your shamanic, spiritual and metaphysical questions or concerns. Offered by Jan Engels-Smith with LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. Must register online: courses/free-talking-stick-forum. MARCH 14 - 16

Painting From the Heart & Soul For artists and

non-artists: full-immersion painting workshop gives freedom to express your inner self without self-criticism. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, www.anandalaurelwood. org/program/painting-heart-soul. MARCH 14 - 16

Peace for Warriors Retreat Learn meditation,

yoga and martial arts to bring calmness, joy and peace into your life. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, www.

The (Un)Familiar Book of Runes

4-7pm. Ingrid Kincaid, the Rune Woman, is releasing her limited edition, handmade book of rune poems. Reception and signing at Pulp and Deckle, 7326 N Chicago Ave. in Portland. 415-652-3990, www.facebook. com/unfamiliarrunebook, MARCH 21 - 23

Ascension Immersion Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-6693013, MARCH 21 - 30

Meditation Teacher Training Deepen your own meditation practice and learn to teach meditation to others. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, www.

Develop your healing skills. March 19: Free mini-class



9am New Thought Center for Spiritual Living Celebration, connection, community. Services at 9am and 11am. Infants, children and teens at 11am at 1040 C Ave. in Lake Oswego. 503-296-9922, www. 11am Celebration at Open Spirit Center for Spiritual Living, a New Thought Church. Children’s Church at 11am and meditation at 10am. 10209 SE Division, Ste. 3, Portland. 503-730-7733,


7-9pm Pranic Healing Clinic at The Unity Center, 20255 Willamette Dr. in West Linn, OR. Short healing meditation, then Pranic Healers offer nontouch Energy Healing sessions. Donations accepted toward rent. Call Toni 503-697-8855,


10am-12pm Pranic Healing Clinic at Center for Spiritual Living, 6211 NE MLK Blvd. in Portland. Short healing meditation, then Pranic Healers offer non-touch Energy Healing sessions. Donations accepted toward rent. Call Karen 503-289-2858, www.pnwpranichealing. com. 5-7pm Group Acupuncture in NE Portland at Integrate Health & Wellness in NE Portland. Scheduled appointments available by contacting Melanie at 704995-9926. Online scheduling also available. Walk-ins are welcome. Please bring cash or check. www.melanielac. 7-9pm Drumming Circles Join us for Weds. night drumming at Cedar Mountain Drums at 2239 E. Burnside, Portland. Bring your own drum/rattles or use ours. $5 donation. 1st Weds.: Men’s Drumming. 2nd Weds.: Mixed Drumming (supervised kids welcome). 3rd Weds.: Women’s Drumming. 4th Weds.: Shamanic Journeying ($10 donation).

NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

APRIL 12 - 13

Advanced Sound Healing Training Go deeper

in sound healing with Dr. Lauri Shainsky. 503-939-7174, APRIL 25 - 27

Meditation for Starters Retreat This practical

and experiential weekend will help you develop greater peace and joy in your life. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, APRIL 26

Creating Inner Peace and Inner Joy with Forgiveness 10am-5pm. Divine Channel Master

Roger Givens shares how to forgive and heal. $75. Opening to Life Studio, 407 NE 12th Ave. in Portland. Linda: 971-344-7805, APRIL 29

NCX Wellness Night 7-8:30pm. In “Intro to Soul

Spelunking: Expressing Our Authentic Self,” Gregg Swanson shares how to integrate the self. $12 at New Renaissance, 1338 NW 23rd Ave. in Portland, www.



Shamanic Sound Healing A 10-week sound

healing class with Dr. Lauri Shainsky. 503-939-7174, MARCH 25

NCX Wellness Night 7-8:30pm. In “The Evolution

of Forgiveness,” Terri Daniel shares how to un-judge ourselves and others. $12 at New Renaissance, 1338 NW 23rd Ave. in Portland, MARCH 26 - APRIL 23

ReikiChat with Colleen Benelli A Reiki

community conversation. A free monthly phone session on March 26 and April 23. Ask Colleen about your Reiki questions. Join the conversation at

MAY 2 - 4

Sharing Nature Training Become re-energized

with one of the most dynamic approaches to nature education on the planet. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, MAY 16 - 18

Yoga for the Calm and Expansive Heart Retreat Discover the power of yoga to open your

Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, www. MAY 17 - 18

I Can Do It! in Vancouver, Canada. Mind-body-soul

retreat featuring Wayne W. Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Caroline Myss, Robert Holden, Sonia Choquette, Bruce Lipton, Anita Moorjani, Joe Dispenza, Alex Woodard, James Van Praagh, Dr. Eric Pearl, John Pierre and Nancy Levin. Register early and receive a free gift. 800-654-5126, MAY 19

Become a Certified Angel Card Reader in

Vancouver, Canada. Join Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine and take your readings to the next level! Register early and save! 800-654-5126, www.hayhouse. com/events.

June JUNE 5 - 8

Afterlife Conference Coming to Portland!

Learn about the world beyond death from mystics and mediums, ministers and medics, during one amazing, life-altering weekend! Featuring Dr. Raymond Moody, Dr. Eben Alexander, plus shamans, mediums, spiritual grief counselors and more! www.

Got an event to promote? Visit www.newconnexionjournal. com and click on Calendar to add your event online and in print.

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heart. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW

MARCH 29 - 30

The Transformative Voice Intensive A sound

healing intensive with Dr. Lauri Shainsky. 503-939-7174, MARCH 29 - 30

Soul Healing Miracles 10am-5pm. Learn how to heal

relationships with Divine Channel Master Roger Givens. $150. Opening to Life Studio, 407 NE 12th Ave. in Portland. Linda: 971-344-7805,

Meet new friends. Learn and grow. Be well.


Level 3: The Universal Shaman New class starts

March 30. Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013, www.


MARCH 19 - 20

Learn Energy Healing with Bear McKay


Where can you find bestselling Hay House authors gathered at one retreat?

MARCH 7 - 9

MARCH 7 - 9

Enlighte Event P ning lanner Pull Out &

Up-to-the-minute listings:

Drawing Upon the Chakras Retreat Explore the

Shamanic Sound Intensive Work with



Creating Spiritual Balance in Today’s World

8pm. Free lecture on the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda presented by Brother Nakulananda, a monk of the Self-Realization Fellowship Monastic Order. University Place Hotel, 310 SW Lincoln St. in Portland. 503-674-2855, APRIL 4 - 5

Advanced Compassionate Spirit Release

NEW CONNEüION Network with others in the community who are interested in whole living. Bring your flyers for our free information table.

Journey to the Afterlife with Jan Engels-Smith


Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013, APRIL 5 - 6

Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland Saturday

10am-7pm, Sunday 11am-6pm at the Oregon Convention Center. Featuring 120 holistic exhibitors and 70 free seminars. Weekend admission of $12 includes all lectures and demos as well as admission to the exhibit hall. Rejuvenate! for a $2 off coupon! 541-482-3722. APRIL 10

Soul Healing Evening 7-9pm. Experience Divine

Healing Hands with Divine Channel Master Roger Givens. Love offering. Opening to Life Studio, 407 NE 12th Ave. in Portland. Linda: 971-344-7805, soulpowerpdx@gmail. com. APRIL 11 - 13

Basic Shamanic Journey Skills Level 1 taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013,

Wellness AT N E W R E N



What happens when we die? Can a crossing go awry? Get answers to looming questions about the journey to the afterlife and experience a shamanic-style crossing ritual. Visit

The Evolution of Forgiveness with Terri Daniel Using guided visualizations, storytelling and ritual, connect with higher guidance to assist in “un-judging” ourselves and others. A new form of forgiveness can emerge. Visit www.

Intro to Soul Spelunking: Expressing Our Authentic Self with Gregg Swanson

During this evening of soul spelunking and integration of the self, learn how to bridge the gap between your soul and ego so that your authentic self can be realized. Visit www.

APRIL 11 - 13

Divine Healing Hands Certification Training

10am-10pm. Learn how to perform Divine Healing Hands with Divine Channel Master Roger Givens. Master Sha to join via webcast! $625. Opening to Life Studio, 407 NE 12th Ave. in Portland. Linda: 971-344-7805, APRIL 11 - MAY 4

First Timer’s Weekend April 11-13 and May 2-4.

Experience meditation, yoga, community and all Ananda has to offer with reduced fees for first-time visitors. Ananda Center at Laurelwood, 38950 SW Laurelwood Rd. in Gaston, OR. 503-746-6229, www.anandalaurelwood. org/first-timers-weekend.

Tuesdays at 7-8:30 pm • $12 at New Ren Participants receive a $2 discount coupon good toward New Ren purchase that day.

New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. in Portland • Details on the Calendar at 13


StarScope by Emily Trinkaus Finding the Path of Peace and Balance




Astrolog y

Mars, planet of action, passion and desire, is retrograde in Libra (March 1-May 20), asking you to pause, weigh your options, consider the impact on others, and identify the path that feels at a core level most peaceful and balanced. Relationships continue to be a major arena for growth and change, and ultimately are mirrors for your “inner marriage” — the balance and integration of your inner feminine and masculine. All this cosmic action is sandwiched between two high-pressure eclipses — a Libra lunar eclipse on April 15, and a Taurus solar eclipse on April 28. Eclipses, when the Moon or Sun temporarily goes dark, signify a resetting of energy, often correlating to powerful endings and beginnings.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Uncharacteristic indecision and confusion can cloud your clarity. It might simply be that you haven’t yet received all the information you need to decide the next step. You can learn a lot by listening to the people around you, and imagining they each reflect a different part of yourself. How courageously can you love all of yourself, as a practice for exchanging more love with others and with the divine?

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

The solar eclipse in your own sign marks a powerful turning point, especially if it falls on or near your birthday. What do you need to release to create an opening for what you really want? Don’t be afraid to imagine what you wish for, to dream your ideal future. Your visionary, creative powers are extra potent now, and want to be exercised regularly.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21)

Slow down and reassess your priorities. You may have gotten into a rut of juggling too many projects, and now you’re seeing where you’ve lost your balance. Look at your deeper motivation for having so much going on, and see what you can responsibly let go of. You’re learning about where you’re more attached than might feel comfortable to you, but ultimately you’re strengthening your resources and building stability.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22)

Don’t be so caught up in the drama of the moment that you neglect time to envision your dreams coming true. You’re clearing out old family scripts that told you what was safe, and what was possible, replacing regrets about the past with faith in your future. There’s so much stirring around that you might not yet be able to see the new path — your imagination sparks the light that guides your way.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

You might be noticing how your mind sometimes works against you — the way your thoughts and words may be less than loving, toward yourself and others. Consider a media fast, a day (or more) without speaking, or some other way to reset your thoughts and communication and restore peace of mind.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Your focus is on self-love and selfworth, learning to trust your body’s wisdom at a deeper level, shedding old mental tapes that say you don’t deserve to receive what you desire. Get to the root of the fear, shame and self-judgment blocking the flow of sensual pleasure and your creative power, and pay attention to the link between pleasure and creativity.

Libra (September 23 - October 23)

You’re getting to see how your 14

Springtime Renewal: Changing Relationships and Ambitions


rare and high-pressure cardinal grand cross, strongest April 20-23, calls forth your ingenuity, courage and compassion. The cardinal signs — ArEmily Trinkaus ies, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn — are the leaders and pioneers, catalyzing new beginnings into motion. Follow your inspiration to make radical life changes, but be wary of overly impulsive action.

Personal Sun and Ascendant Messages

AstroMark by Mark Dodich

own conditioned responses can hurt yourself or loved ones, leaving you feeling separate. More compassion may be the best way forward, both toward yourself and the significant others in your life. The lunar eclipse in your sign reveals what you’re ready to release, even as a long-term project comes to fruition.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Much is shifting behind the scenes, as you prepare for a profound rebirth — especially in the realm of relationship. People from your past may resurface, whether to heal what’s holding you back from the future you desire, or to remind you of who and what you once loved and valued. Discern where you might be holding onto old pain and resentment — now is the time to let them go.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21)

You may feel like your faith is on an underworld journey, as you’re called to release the beliefs and conditioning that cloud your natural attunement to magic and miracles. This may especially apply when it comes to intimate relationship. A willingness to sink all the way down into the depths of your feelings will lead you to a place of renewed trust — in other people, and in the greater flow of life.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20)

What drives you forward? Which goals do you passionately want to accomplish, and which no longer hold energy for you? Who are your true companions on your path, and how do you create an equal exchange of give and take with those allies? Are your goals in alignment with your deepest desires, or are you just trying to look good or please others?

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19)

Getting clear about your truth is trickier than usual right now, and you may be faced with paradoxical situations. Logic won’t get you very far. Instead, stop and look for signs, notice the synchronicities, consult an oracle. Look deep within to find the core of what inspires you, and follow that light.

Mark Dodich

Your relationships and ambitions are being pulled apart. They will either be released if you are done with them, or reassembled in an entirely new way. Odds are good you have felt this coming since winter solstice, most likely through a feeling of being tired of certain aspects of your life. It feels like you are so done with something or someone, and it gets harder to keep up appearances. The astrological expression of this feeling is a planetary pattern called a grand cardinal cross as it builds energy toward its peak on April 22. “Cardinal” means action. The signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn provide a constant barrage of action and reaction, like knocking over a cascading row of dominoes. In the esoteric books by Alice Bailey, it is called the cross of transcendence. You are pushed off your Humpty Dumpty wall because it is time to raise your vibration beyond your comfort zone. You must transcend your current life experience to operate at a higher frequency. It began on March 1 when warrior Mars turned retrograde in peace-loving Libra. Review your ambitions to determine if they are still valid or in need of readjustment. Look at the people in your life to see if you have outgrown them, or just no longer resonate with their direction. There is no judgment here. We travel life’s path with those who are temporarily on a similar course, and then we release when the energetic connection begins to diverge. Mars in Libra is teaching you to be assertive yet diplomatic, as you make shifts to your life plan. Remember that some people are consciously asleep and live under the illusion that they can stay right where they have been for a very long time. Be graceful, kind and loving as you take charge to rebalance your life. The other points in the cross are expansive Jupiter in Cancer, explosive Uranus in Aries, and death and rebirth Pluto in Capricorn. Spiritual destiny nodes of the moon have just started an 18-month path through Libra and Aries to help you create a healthy blend of partnership and individuality. You are learning to stay in your power while playing nicely with others. In a grand cross, all four sides want attention. Jupiter in Cancer wants to create a safe home base for you, and many people feel stimulated to relocate. Uranus in Aries wants desperately to be free, to throw the baby out with the bath water and start fresh. The Arab spring in Egypt is a good example

Pisces (February 20 - March 20)

Ask for what you want and need as simply and directly as possible. Any patterns of manipulating or being manipulated by others are ready to be recognized and healed. Stand in the power of what you know to be true for yourself, and trust that when you speak the truth of your feelings and intuition, everybody wins.

Emily Trinkaus has practiced astrology since 1999 and offers readings and Astro-BodyTalk sessions, her unique blending of astrology and energy work. Read her blog on current cosmic events at, and find out about her Full Moon teleclass at www.


o you know that feeling where your life is being pulled apart at the seams? It’s like the 18th century nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty: “All the king’s horses and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.” Well, get ready for a busy spring season. of the extreme nature of this revolutionary and inventive energy. Pluto in Capricorn wants change too, but it wants to do it in a safe and well-planned way. Mars in Libra wants you to take action now, but Libra wants a harmonious, nondestructive process. In spiritual astrology, Libra throws a revolution to move you into a higher balance. The beauty of a grand cross is that it actually does put you back together again in a more fully integrated way. You get to be one whole person living at a higher vibration, and prepared for the next stage of your life. The practical advice is to leave room in your busy schedule this spring. As unexpected events arise (or the desire to run into the woods for a few days!), you will not be trying to jam even more stuff into an already busy schedule. After all, you don’t want to overload Libra-ruled adrenals, Capricornruled back and knees, Cancer digestion problems, or get an Aries headache. As if all of that is not enough to keep you busy, April brings two eclipses to touch the depths of your being. The April 15 lunar eclipse is the first one in Libra since 2004. This eclipse takes you to your emotional depths to compare your relationship needs with your independent needs. If you have lost yourself in a relationship, then you get to reclaim your independence. If you are excessively alone, you will seek out sharing opportunities, be they romance, career, family or philosophical compatibility. The April 29 solar eclipse is the last one in Taurus until 2021. During the past 18 months, you have been exploring your changing value system, prosperity or poverty consciousness, and how your needs/ desires are being fulfilled (or not). Use this eclipse energy to get grounded in understanding your material world needs. As a child of creation, you naturally deserve to share in the abundance that is readily available. If you are feeling like Humpty Dumpty this spring, reframe your attitude to recognize that breaking apart is a good thing. You are being called to go to a new level of soul expression in your life, and the old you must be renewed. Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive consultant since 1980. His specialties include natal astrology, Astrocartography® relocation maps and seven ray spiritual purpose astrology. Receive his free Astromark newsletter and download a free Basic Astrology Primer at or call 503-252-1558.

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Reader’s Choice Join the Reader’s Choice Club and review books and CDs for New Connexion. The products you review are yours to keep—our way of saying thanks for volunteering and providing this valuable service. The club meets bimonthly to share insights on books and CDs reviewed. Email for details.

The Ecstasy of Surrender, Judith Orloff, Harmony Books, 2014, $26

Judith Orloff, M.D., a UCLA psychiatrist and beloved intuitive healer, masterfully explores how the power of letting go allows you to achieve personal and spiritual freedom. Combining mainstream medicine and beyond, Dr. Orloff blows apart old ideas about health, aging, sex, power, beauty and money by showing that surrender is not defeat — it is the missing key to true success. She defines surrender as the grace of knowing when to flow with life rather than fighting it or pushing so hard you sabotage yourself. I especially love the section on surrendering in relationships — how to surrender to love and let go of obsessive and “delusional” relationships that stand in the way of love. Also, you’ll learn the art of setting boundaries with toxic people and practice the mantra: No is a complete sentence. The great miracle of surrender is that you can live in the passionate zone of the heart and gain deep faith in yourself and the divinity of your life. Dr. Orloff writes, “If you’re like me — someone who wants to become everything you were meant to be and more — surrender is a doorway in.” Savor the wisdom and joy that jumps off of the pages. — Caroline Myss

Around the Wheel: A Shamanic Sound Healing, Lauri J. Shainsky, 2013, $13.97



Sound is the carrier wave of intention, according to shamanic sound healer Lauri J. Shainsky. Her first CD release, Around the Wheel, captures the healing sounds of two authentic healing sessions performed at her sound healing studio at Hidden Lake Retreat in Eagle Creek, Ore. Using chanting, bells, rattles and crystal bowls, Shainsky moves T O R’ DI the listener around the medicine wheel, calling upon the unique energies of the six directions (west, CHOICE north, east, south, above and below). At each direction, listeners experience three specific audio tracks: an invocation to form healing intentions, a “catalytic” releasing phase to clear obstacles, and a final filling phase to invite in wisdom and power. This is one power-packed sound healing CD that will change your life. The vibrations of Shainsky’s powerful yet soothing vocal move through your body, shaking out the cobwebs of stress and pain, and filling you up with a healing lightness of being. Available at — Vicky Thompson

The Sense of Being Stared At, Rupert Sheldrake, Park Street Press, 2013, $18.95

Author Rupert Sheldrake brings forth exhaustive and comprehensive new research into various phenomena. These phenomena are often considered paranormal, but the author explains how they are really normal, and part of our innate biology. Sheldrake postulates that there are evolutionary advantages of being consciously aware of one’s surroundings and other beings, without auditory or visual cues. He asserts that research reveals that our minds extend NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

into the world around us, and even into the future, and thus consciousness is not housed strictly within our brains. Much of the research was so highly statistically significant that skeptics would have a hard time refuting the evidence. This book seems to leave no stone unturned in its comprehensive overview of so many topics. It’s a fascinating read, and with a good index, the reader can zoom in on any subject desired. — Alice R. Berntson

The Spiritual Science of Emma Curtis Hopkins, Ruth L. Miller, Atria Books/ Beyond Words, 2013, $15

The Spiritual Science of Emma Curtis Hopkins is a book version of Hopkins’ influential essay “Esoteric Philosophy in Spiritual Science,” which ignited the New Thought movement. Alongside the original text, Dr. Ruth Miller offers an easy-to-understand modern interpretation of Hopkins’ teachings, showing how these principles are a part of the core beliefs of the world’s major religions. Dr. Miller provides simple and practical methods to practice the spiritual principles. As Dr. Miller writes, “Genius is simply the attention focused on one subject until the realization of something unusual is felt, then another realization, then another.” So you may find that with each small shift, you have taken a greater stride toward a new transcendent you.

sist with the transition. He describes how a spirit comes to understand the effects of beliefs and karma on human life, and how it’s cleared and healed. He then addresses the afterlife activities, learning and existence we can all look forward to in the great beyond. Afterlife helps answer ques-



tions about death and assuage our fears of the unknown and uncertainty about what comes after death. This is truly a heartfelt and often personal account of the afterlife, leaving the reader with a sense of certainty that the afterlife will be more than expected. — Kristy Musalo

Need a quick boost?

Listen to inspiring 10-minute interviews. Spiritual authors share practical tips for well-being. Tune in:


S E L E E A S R Discover new tools for conscious living • Read reviews and articles • Listen to interviews • Find enlightening events



Mending the Net Katherine Boyer

The Ecstasy of Surrender Judith Orloff Click on New Releases


— Rasheno Nejad

High-Altitude Woman, Jan Reynolds, Inner Traditions, 2013, $19.95

Jan Reynolds is a pioneering woman who set world records in skiing at high altitudes and mountaineering. A very athletic “farm girl,” she saw herself as just one of the guys — at a time when being the sole female in the company of men was unique. Eight chapters, eight stories, recount in detail her amazing adventures and journeys through brutally cold, snowy, high-altitude conditions during the 1980s. Reynolds took it all in stride. Interspersed with the nuts and bolts of daily life on the mountains are her perceptions and observations of gender behavior, as well as the cultures she interacted with around the world. There are several pages of gorgeous color pictures she took on her adventures. The book appeals to a broad range — adventure enthusiasts, anthropologists, gender studies students, writers, photographers — anyone who wants to experience heart-pounding adventure. — Alice R. Berntson

Afterlife, Barry Eaton, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2013, $16.95

Ever wonder what happens to us after we die? According to author and medium Barry Eaton, death is not the end but a passage into a new plane of existence. In Afterlife, Eaton describes his interviews and conversations with spirits that have made that passage while also sharing his own past-life regression death experience. He sheds light on the process of death and the journey to a new plane from a spirit’s standpoint, and how it’s a time of reflection and healing. He explores how a spirit adapts to no longer being in a body and how soul families as15


PACIFIC NORTHWEST RESOURCE GUIDE Oregon State: Portland Metro: 16–18 • Oregon Coast: 18 •

Oregon State • Portland Metro • BOOKSTORES & GIFT SHOPS


Change Your Life!

The Art and Science of Transformation Despite the popularity of goal setting, there is compelling evidence that, regardless of good intentions and effort, people and organizations consistently fall short of achieving their goals. More often than not, the fault is attributed to the goal setter.

According to neuroscience, the inherent problem with goal setting is related to how the brain works. Recent research shows that the brain works in a protective way, and is resistant to change. Therefore, any goals that require behavioral change or thinking-pattern change will automatically be resisted. I can help you break through the resistance to change.

Receive my new e-book free, exclusively for New Connexion readers, at

Gregg Swanson • Transformational Coach, Life Guide and Spiritual Awakener 541-678-2189 •



Astrology & Tarot by Mark F. Dodich ~ Since 1980


Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader Training

Licensed by Hay House, Inc. and approved by Louise Hay Are you ready to add skills to your existing career or create a new one? Become a licensed workshop leader in the philosophy of Louise Hay. Training facilitator Dr. Patricia Crane studied personally with Louise resulting in this transformational training program.

Small group sizes provide an excellent environment for learning. You will receive manuals and materials to lead up to 14 different Heal Your Life® workshops. There are now Heal Your Life® workshop leaders sharing Louise’s powerful work in 36 US states and 59 countries. The next training in San Diego is September 20-27. Early registration discount ends June 15.

An astrology chart is one of the most important tools for personal growth. Periodic updates help you take maximum advantage of changing cycles.

Laura Richard, Ph.D., Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient

Visit today for more information.

Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D. and Rick Nichols, Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC 800-969-4584 •

• Are you grieving the loss of a loved one?

Practical and Spiritual Coaching to Resolve Life’s Challenges Heal — Embrace — Create

Whether you’re experiencing a bump in the road or a major life transition, applying a spiritual perspective allows you to shift toward clarity, healing and empowerment. A spiritual life coach with her feet planted firmly on the ground,

Mary helps you identify areas in your life that may need healing, so you can achieve clarity in your personal and professional goals while exploring, enhancing and deepening your spirituality. • Learn to set realistic and attainable goals. • Learn new practical and spiritual skillsets to support lasting change. • Create a life that brings satisfaction and joy.

Call today to schedule an initial assessment and design a plan that meets your personal goals and financial needs.

Mary Kelly-Perez • Spiritual Pathways, 4660 NE Belknap Court, Suite 101P, Hillsboro, OR 503-593-5679 •

Organized Space Solutions

Return a Sense of Flow to Your Life Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by your stuff, and not sure where to start? Sharon Swezey’s thoughtful, systematic and skilled approach to organizing will help you regain control of your life and your space, saving you time, money and energy.

Easy to work with and a good listener, Sharon can help organize spaces from bedroom closets or garages to home offices and business environments—anywhere energy is stuck. “My strengths lie in seeing solutions and possibilities where you see chaos. I help remove the ‘overwhelm,’ replacing it with peace of mind. I work at your pace, coming up with solutions that work for you.” Call now for your free 30-minute phone consultation.

Sharon Swezey • Organized Space Solutions 503-231-0530 • •

Ultimate Manifestation!

Get Everything You Want from Life with Peace, Power and Predictability Shift beyond confusion, overwhelm and stuckness to live and have the relationships you desire, the prosperity that eludes you, the wellbeing you know is possible! Join life coach Sonia Miller as she shares what it takes to claim your power as the Ultimate Manifestor of your life! Sonia Miller, B.B.A., M.S.W. is an international speaker, life coach and the bestselling author of The Attraction Distraction: Why the Law of Attraction Isn’t Working for You and How to Get Results — FINALLY.

Check out our upcoming workshops and classes: • Create the Life You Want Journeys, Salem: March 15 and New Renaissance, Portland: April 13 • Become a Master of Manifestation Journeys, Salem: April 19 For details on these and other workshops go to

Sonia M. Miller • Success for the Soul 877-291-1199 • •

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Telephone consultations worldwide from Portland, Oregon 503-252-1558 • Weekly Astrology Forecast & Class Schedule at

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Natal Astrology with transiting cycles EARTHLINES™ (AstroCartoGraphy®) Mapping your best locations on planet earth Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology Relationship Compatibility, Business Astrology.

• Are you seeking guidance as you progress along on your spiritual path?

I offer readings, spiritual counseling sessions, past-life regression and intuitive development mentoring. I consider it a blessing and an honor to be able to share my intuitive gifts with you. It is a fascinating journey, and made more so when we seek that which is beyond the bounds of our normal perceptions to gain insights and guidance, allowing us the greatest experience of self. My hope is always that the experience of receiving this illumined information will be not only interesting, useful and inspiring, but healing as well.

For testimonials and more information visit:

Laura Richard, Ph.D. • 800-278-1927 •

Accurate Psychic

Are You Ready for a Rockin’ Psychic Reading? Noelani Rodriguez has been featured on numerous radio programs including Women’s Radio, Luscious Life and global favorite Para-X Radio. She is the author of How to Give Yourself Psychic Readings in 3 Days. Noelani conducts general readings, love readings, departed loved ones and Akashic Records readings. She does phone, Skype and email readings.

Client testimonials: “Noelani has a great talent for speaking truth with kindness and love.” — Luminaria Sanctuary “Your connection to Spirit is truly amazing.” “You rocked!” “Amazing!”

Try a reading and get 20 bonus minutes. Call 503-867-8439 or visit Noelani’s website today.

Noelani Rodriguez • Accurate Psychic 503-867-8439 •

The Oregon Astrological Association

Fostering a Community of Engagement in the Astrological Arts Since 1983 The OAA is a regional association of professional, non-professional and student astrologers serving the astrological community in the Pacific Northwest. We welcome all those interested in the study of astrology. Events are held at the Subud® Center, 3185 NE Regents Drive, Portland.

The Portland School of Astrology and OAA present: SYMPOSIUM ASTROLOGICA — An Interactive Workshop-Style Conference Saturday, March 15, 12-5 pm (Registration and welcome at 11 am) 3 beginner classes and 3 intermediate/advanced classes. • 1 class $20 or 3 classes $40 (OAA members) • 1 class $25 or 3 classes $50 (non-members)

For more details or to register visit Visit our website to sign up for email announcements. Membership is $30 per year.

503-489-8471 •

As Seen on TV

Kathleen Bridget Kathleen Bridget is a naturally born gifted psychic, tested and trained at California’s UCLA in a pilot program as a child. She developed into an amazingly accurate and gifted psychic known for her expertise and compassion.

“She knew things I’ve never told anyone.” “She had the answers I was looking for.” “I have recommended her to my friends and they have come back very happy thanking me for the referral.” Kathleen has been featured on TV and in newspapers, and has worked on several police cases. The joy in Kathleen’s life is helping others — she keeps rates reasonable and hours flexible. • 30 min. “mini” reading: $60 • 1-1.5 hr. in-depth reading: $90

Call Kathleen Bridget today and make an appointment 503-283-1120 • 16

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Arise School of Healing Arts

Are You Interested in Becoming a Healer, Energy Worker or Lightworker? We are offering a series of Apprenticeships to guide you to new levels in your work. • Level 1: Harmonics of Healing — Becoming an Energy Healer (will receive Reiki 1 & 2) • Level 2: Stepping into Mastery (will receive Reiki Master) • Level 3: Empowerment and Co-Creation (will receive Karuna Reiki Master and Language of Light Healing Master) • Level 4: Lighthouse Guide — Take your place in the global collective (will receive Spectrum Energetics training)


Linda Stirling

Spiritual Healer and Guide, Psychic, Bestselling Author Making sense of life as well as understanding paths yet to unfold can be confusing, sometimes challenging. That’s where having a spiritual guide can be of enormous benefit. Renowned for her work both locally and internationally, Linda works closely with each client to help them embrace joy, healing and attainment of Divine life blessings.

• • • • • •

Spiritual healing Past and future-life sessions Life-purpose readings Energy alignment Releasing past issues Angel Codes

For testimonials, upcoming events, and more information visit Author of Confessions of a Sunday School Psychic.

Each Apprenticeship lasts for 12 to 18 months. Know that you are invited! Call for an interview and step forward to answer your destiny call!

By appointment only. Weekdays, including some evening hours. First-time client rate $120 per hour or $70 per half hour. Email or call today to schedule an appointment. (Also available via phone or Skype.)

Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo • Arise Counseling & Energetics • Portland 503-430-0401 • •

Office conveniently located at 1507 NW 23rd Ave., Portland 503-260-3200 • •

Julia Ingram, MA, Master Hypnotherapist

Trauma Resolution, Past-Life Regression, Personal and Spiritual Growth Hypnotherapy is as much about going within as going back — going to the source of an issue where deep and lasting change is possible. My expertise is in helping you: Reverse negative life patterns such as poor relationships, limiting beliefs, fears, phobias, blocked

creativity, addictions, and health problems. With over 40 years of experience, I am very confident in my work and therefore my clients feel safe with me. Nothing is too far out or too deeply hidden. Julia Ingram is a NY Times bestselling author. Her latest book is Born Scared: When Anxiety was Created in the Womb, at Birth, or in Prior Lifetimes—and How Finding the Cause Leads to the Cure.

Hollywood Professional Center • 3939 NE Hancock St, #204 • Portland, 97212 503-936-0134 •

Make a Move Toward Wholeness

Befriend Your Body and Begin the Bodymind Adventure What if the chronic tensions, aches and pains in your body were actually attempts from your soul to communicate something of great importance to you? The messages your body sends you via pain and illness may indicate that you are ready to heal and move beyond your past. Patricia Keeler is an experienced Bodymind practitioner who can support you as you choose to move toward wholeness.

Using the Rubenfeld Synergy Method®, Patricia offers kindness and expansive acceptance to assist you on your journey of mind/body/spirit integration. Rubenfeld Synergy is rooted in gentleness, receptivity, openness, understanding and non-judgment. This holistic modality incorporates bodywork, insightful dialogue and deep listening to invite whole body and soul healing. “You cleared the highway between my mind and my body!” —Client Testimonial

New Connexion Special: Initial consultation $45, follow up session $55

Patricia Keeler, Certified Rubenfeld Synergist® 503-320-3229 • •

Struggling with Health Challenges? Explore Deeper Levels of Healing

Amy Kay is a holistic occupational therapist with 14 years of experience facilitating deep physical, emotional and spiritual work in her clients. Her eclectic practice includes traditional rehab training (including expertise in cancer,

pain management and women’s health) as well as advanced training in craniosacral therapy, therapeutic yoga, meditation/mindfulness training and spiritual counseling. Work with Amy to shift your health experience and enter the deeper levels of healing available to you. To learn more about Amy and to read her latest articles, please visit

Most insurance accepted.

Amy Kay, MOT, OTR/L, CLT-LANA • Optimal Results PT, 511 SW 10th Ave, Suite 101, Portland • 503-294-7463

Hypno-Chakra Sound Healing Group and Private Sessions Release Your Limitations and Integrate Your Intentions

Hypno-Chakra Therapy is a combination of hypnotherapy, chakra balancing and sound healing that uses 9 singing crystal bowls, tuning forks and a gong. Nicole Vanderhoff created Hypno-Chakra Therapy to help facilitate mind-body-spirit healing and alignment as well as focus on raising our vibrational level to embody our divine essence. This unique practice can help you release your limitations and integrate your desired outcome and intentions into each one of your chakras.

Events • Equinox Chakra Balancing Meditation: Thursday, March 20 • Full Moon Total Eclipse Sound Healing Meditation: Tuesday, April 15 For more details visit

Nicole Vanderhoff, C.Ht, ATP® • Awakenings Wellness Center • 1016 SE 12th Ave., Portland • 323-842-3589 •

Allow Your Body to Repair Itself Holistically

Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology and NET (Neuro-Emotional Technique)

Heart Centered Intuitive Relationship Counseling From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Your relationship needs help, but your schedules are too busy, or you’re not comfortable talking in a different environment, so you’ve been putting off getting the guidance you want. I offer confidential online counseling for your comfort and

convenience, so you can heal your love and move into the partnership you’ve always wanted. Learn new ways of thinking and feeling that will keep you on track and make your relationship more loving, strong and rewarding. I am a lifelong intuitive, certified Energy Psychology practitioner and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My holistic counseling approach is tailored to suit your specific needs.

For a bright new future filled with love and compassion call or visit my website today. Both online and office sessions available.

Tabatha Bird Weaver, L.P.C., L.M.F.T., D.C.E.P. 503-575-0625 •

Awaken Your Inner Gifts

Gain Clarity and Understanding through Your Spirit Guides A natural medium, intuitive and spiritual counselor, Reverend Shelley Dana can help guide you in developing your gifts to communicate with your spirit teachers and guides, and discover what may be blocking you from your highest and greatest good. With wisdom, love and compassion, she will help you overcome the barriers that block you, and

through your divine helpers bring you to a place of love, peace and understanding. Shelley’s spiritual counseling encompasses all avenues, with a specialty in helping people work through abuse and trauma. Rev. Shelley is now accepting clients at her office at The Center for Inner Awareness. Please call or email for an appointment. First-time clients: mention this ad to receive a special introductory session rate. Available in person or via Skype.

Spiritual Counseling 3® • 2111 Front St. NE, Bldg. 3, Salem 503-559-6109 • •

A board certified acupuncturist and herbalist, Yishan Sun focuses on a wide variety of health conditions such as insomnia, musculoskeletal pain, skin issues, digestive issues, menstrual syndromes, and mental/emotional stress. By correcting the root cause of symptoms, Yishan works with the innate intelligence of the

human body to facilitate its ability to heal. In conjunction with acupuncture, she uses modalities of Applied Kinesiology and NET (Neuro Emotional Technique). These profound methods of treatment allow for an open dialog between the practitioner and the client’s body, and help to find and remove neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. Removing the blocks to the natural vitalism of the body allows it to repair itself naturally. Call today to start healing your body naturally.

Yishan Sun, MSOM, L.Ac. • 971-276-8982 • Innate Healing Clinic, 1820 SW Vermont St. Suite C, Portland


Daniel’s Relieving Touch Massage Therapy

Bridging the Gap Between Recovery Therapy and Deep Relaxation Techniques Whether you suffer from long-term pain, personal injury or repeated stress, Daniel’s extensive knowledge of kinesiology and the muscular system combined with his compassionate care can help relieve your pain.

Specializing in: • Whiplash and personal injury therapy • Oncology massage • Hot stone massage • Cranial-sacral therapy Daniel’s deep relaxation massage methods focus on muscle rehabilitation by reeducating the affected areas and helping you to integrate mind, body and spirit for complete holistic well-being.

Mention this New Connexion ad and receive 50% off your first massage.

Daniel Carson, LMT #14250 • 1911 Mountain View Lane, Ste. 200, Forest Grove, OR 503-330-4915 •


Are You Feeling Isolated in Your Inner Journey? You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Need guidance? Help with healing? Want a spiritual workshop?

New Connexion’s online Resource Guide has what you need. Find links to intuitive counselors, alternative health practitioners, spiritual teachers and more.

There are many variations of the spiritual journey and each path is individual and valid. Our journey may call for stilling the mind, muting ego, developing our higher Self, using intuition, increasing awareness, opening the heart, staying grounded, exploring spiritual growth. If you’ve felt isolated in your inner journey, have questions or simply would like to talk about it in a safe, heart-centered space, you may consider contacting me. I offer guidance for walking the path and can provide tools to deepen, enhance and better understand your journey, such as:

• • • • • • • •

Active imagining/visualization Art Body movement Developing intuition Employing senses Increasing self-acceptance Invoking Angels/Guides Meditation

Call or email me today to set up your 60 minute session.

Janet Flores • Portland 503-598-0808 • • NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014



Mandala: Sacred Art of Centering


By Dana Lynne Andersen

Jung and the Mandala “Gurdjieff’s fundamental aim was to help human beings awaken to the meaning of our existence and to the efforts we must make to realize that meaning in the midst of the life we have been given. ” Jacob NeedlemaN Introduction to the Gurdjieff Work


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EarthTalk: Protecting Life in the Ocean By Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss


arine mammals along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington now have a fighting chance against naval sonar testing. Active sonar is a technology used on ships to aid in navigation, and the U.S. Navy tests and trains with it extensively in American territorial waters. The Navy also conducts missile and bomb testing in the same areas. But environmentalists and animal advocates contend that this is harming whales and other marine wildlife, and are calling on the Navy to curtail such training and testing exercises accordingly. “Naval sonar systems work like acoustic floodlights, sending sound waves through ocean waters for tens or even hundreds of miles to disclose large objects in their path,” reports the non-profit Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). “But this activity entails deafening sound: even one low-frequency active sonar loudspeaker can be as loud as a twin-engine fighter jet at takeoff.” According to CBD, sonar and other military testing can have an especially devastating effect on whales, given how dependent they are on their sense of hearing for feeding, breeding, nursing, communication and navigation. The group adds that sonar can also directly injure whales by causing hearing loss, hemorrhages and other kinds of trauma, as well as drive them rapidly to the surface or toward shore. In 2007, a U.S. appeals court sided with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), which had contended that Navy testing violated the National Environmental Policy Act, Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act. But within three months of this ruling, thenPresident George W. Bush exempted the Navy, citing national security reasons. The exemption was subsequently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court upon challenge, and the Navy released estimates that its training exercises scheduled through 2015 could kill upwards of 1,000 marine mammals and seriously injure another 5,000. Luckily, in September 2013 a federal court in California sided with green groups 18

Save the Whales from Deadly Sonar Ask U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to direct the Navy to adopt safeguards to protect marine mammals during training without sacrificing national security. Visit the NRDC at save-whales-from-sonar to send your email.

raise your voice and take action

in a lawsuit charging that the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) failed to protect thousands of marine mammals from Navy warfare training exercises in the Northwest Training Range Complex along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. In the opinion, Magistrate Judge Nandor Vadas ruled that NMFS’s prior approval of the Navy’s activities there failed to use the best available science to assess the extent and duration of impacts to the marine mammals. As a result of the ruling, NMFS must reassess its permits to ensure that the Navy’s activities comply with protective measures per the Endangered Species Act. “This is a victory for dozens of protected species of marine mammals, including critically endangered Southern Resident orcas, blue whales, humpback whales, dolphins and porpoises,” says Steve Mashuda, an attorney with the environmental law firm, Earthjustice, which represented the coalition in the lawsuit. The recent ruling will no doubt be challenged. Also, the Navy still has the green light to use sonar and do weapons testing off the East Coast despite the risks. EarthTalk® is written and edited by Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss and is a registered trademark of E - The Environmental Magazine at


andala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle,” signifying the primordial shape that represents wholeness, completeness and unity. The circle, and the sphere is symbolizes, encompasses the totality of the world. Even as a two-dimensional shape it “travels without leave taking,” as the line of its circumference journeys endlessly around an eternally unchanging center. The mandala takes us to the center, revealing what is at the core. It catalyzes the transformative process. I’ve been working with the mandala since 1980 and I have seen its magic revealed in the experience of hundreds of students. It can be as simple as coloring within a circle — expressing the energies of what is on the surface, what lies deeper within, and what is at the core of our lives. It can be experienced spatially in walking the dromenon labyrinth (as seen on the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France) or dancing within a circle. When we work with the mandala, the flux and chaotic maelstrom of our lives is left on the surface as we move through progressively deeper layers of being. This ancient and enduring archetype resonates deeply within the human psyche. It is found in all cultures and time periods. In the creation myths of many civilizations we find the world begins in a cosmic egg — the universe unfolding from the rich nucleus at its center. We now know that the universe does indeed expand spherically from a tiny dimensionless point into the magnitude of time and space. And, as in the big bang, the radical exponential expansion of the fertilized zygote grows the human body as spherical cells divide their wholeness into form. From ovum to womb to our mother ’s breasts, we are nourished within spheres. As an archetype, the mandala resonates with these principles that span from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Its shape becomes a cosmic diagram modeling the organizational structure of life itself. As a template in sacred art, it represents the centering of the self in alignment with the cosmos. Life itself unfolds inside out — carrying its pulse at the center of its forms. At the core of all plants and animals is a hollow space through which the fluids of life are pulsing, whether sap or blood. From root to trunk and limb to branch, sap flows through the tree just as chlorophyll flows through the center of the stalk and cerebrospinal fluids throb at the core of the mammalian spine. The very difference between natural fibers and human-made fibers is that natural fibers contain a hole through their center, which permits the life force to flow out to all parts of the plant. Artificial fibers have no passageway for the life force. Whatever is alive has an opening at the core where the life force flows.

To harmonize with life we need to live from our own center and the mandala is a vehicle for this centering movement. Carl Jung discovered that the mandala was a potent archetype of the human psyche, and could be used as an effective therapeutic tool. In his pioneering exploration of the unconscious, Jung observed the motif of the circle spontaneously appearing — both in his own artwork and in the drawings of his clients. He recognized that the urge to make mandalas emerges during moments of intense personal growth. Their appearance reflects a profound rebalancing process underway in the psyche.

Jung refers to the mandala as “the psychological expression of the totality of the self.” Within every human psyche there is wholeness at the core of our being. This seed of the self rests at the center, holding both the primordial unity “before the beginning” and the promise of a higher order integration at the end of life’s journey. Thus the archetype of the mandala resonates with both the primeval totality in the womb of creation, and the unification of opposites through which we grow into a mature self-identity. “The mandala serves a conservative purpose — namely, to restore a previously existing order. But it also serves the creative purpose of giving expression and form to something that does not yet exist, something new and unique. … The process is that of the ascending spiral, which grows upward while simultaneously returning again and again to the same point,” Jung wrote in Man and his Symbols. In the mandala, the polarizations and oppositions that are the grist of our identity are alchemically united so that the psyche can come to completion and peace. Symbolically, the polar aspects of the macro-cosmos and the finite individual are united. The inherent duality of creation is resolved. Creating and interacting with mandalas helps to recalibrate to our own harmony and integrity. The inner life is reordered and restored. Through the mandala we center ourselves in alignment with the cosmos. At this core of our being we tap into the unity from which the cosmos in all its manifold forms arises. In essence, we come home. Dana Lynne Andersen is the director of The Academy of Art Creativity & Consciousness. Visit She presents a mandala workshop on March 8 at Ananda Laurelwood in Gaston, Ore. Details at mandala.

NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

Seeing Clearly, from page 1

communicating through a brand-new set of eyes and ears. I’ve watched all eight of my children blossom into their own awakenings. They all showed up here at birth with their own unique personalities, perhaps from a series of previous lives — the mysterious possibilities are endless. But I know for certain that the one divine mind that is responsible for all of creation has a hand in this engaging mystery. Same parents, same environment, same culture, and yet eight unique individuals, all of whom arrived with their own distinct character traits. I think Khalil Gibran stated it perfectly in The Prophet: “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

You Are Now Here

We all have a mission of some kind to fulfill at the moment we make the shift from nowhere to now here, from spirit to form. I’ve long realized how important it is to allow my own children to live out their inner dictates, realizing that that’s precisely what I’ve done for my entire life, based on the stories that my mother told me of my life as a baby and then as a toddler. She was never surprised that my life unfolded as it did, because of what she observed in my infancy. Each of my children had their blueprint from God as well. My job has been to guide, then step aside, and let whatever is inside them that is their own uniqueness, steer the course of their lives. The greatest service that can be offered to children who show personality traits or inclinations that might not be understood by the adults around them is to allow them to express their own unique humanity. I was blessed to be able to live much of the first decade of my life in an environment where outside parental and other adult meddling in my life was kept to a minimum. I know that I came into the world with what I call “big dharma” — with a blueprint to teach self-reliance and a positive loving approach to large numbers of people all over the globe. I am ever so grateful for the circumstances of my life that allowed me to be pretty much left alone and to develop as I was so intended in this incarnation. Just as everything we need for our physical development is handled by a divine, mysterious, invisible force while we develop for nine months in utero, so too is all that we need handled by the same source for all other aspects of our being. We come from a state of perfect well-being — divine love — and our creator needs no assistance in taking care of this unfoldment. It is only when we interfere with this celestial programming that we get off the path of God-realization. I can see clearly today this entire universe is on purpose. I see now that our earliest personality traits and predilections are expressed because they represent our highest selves. Wayne W. Dyer, Ph. D., is the author of more than 40 books, including his memoir, I Can See Clearly Now. Visit Excerpted with permission by Hay House at See Dr. Dyer and other bestselling Hay House authors at the I Can Do It! weekend retreat in Vancouver, Canada on May 17-18. Details at NEW CONNEüION March/April 2014

Magic Pill?, from page 1 “Those endorphins and Met-enkephalin, in turn, cause the immune system to strengthen. A nice way to think about LDN is that it is not like any other medication whatsoever. It is a way to strengthen the immune system,” says Dr. Gluck, a board-certified specialist in both internal and preventive medicine who provides information on LDN at his website (www. According to Dr. Gluck, studies have shown that autoimmune diseases are all marked by a weak, dysfunctional immune system. The moment the immune system is strengthened by LDN, it remembers that its first and most important job is to never attack itself. “When you are stuck with a weak immune system, a dysfunctional immune system, you often get these autoimmune diseases. By taking LDN, the diseases stop progressing because the immune system now is strengthened, so it no longer attacks ‘self.’ No further symptoms, no further attacks. And that happens with the vast majority of people using LDN,” says Dr. Gluck.

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Low-Cost Treatment

In 1993, Malcolm West was diagnosed with MS. For years, he was treated with traditional MS drugs. As his disease progressed, he tried multiple treatments — estimates at one point put the yearly cost of his treatments at $40,000 — a hefty price, but his treatments were covered by insurance. However, none of these medications worked. It was only when he lost his job in 2008 — and with it, his health insurance — that West finally tried LDN. His condition began to improve almost immediately. “LDN has changed my life,” says West. “My MS-related symptoms have improved, and my disease does not seem to be progressing. However, because of the damage I experienced prior to starting LDN, I still walk with a cane or walker and require use of a wheelchair or scooter. [With LDN, there are] no shots. No infusions. No blood tests. No heart scans. No neurologists. My MS drug therapy [is] now costing me less than $500 a year.” Many medical doctors have personally observed positive results in their patients who are taking LDN, and some are now even conducting their own small trials of LDN. But the majority of doctors still opt to prescribe the more toxic, side-effect-laden drugs — many of which don’t work well for their patients. And many still refuse to prescribe LDN. Multiple studies have been conducted on the use of LDN treatment for patients with MS, fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease and HIV/AIDS. Studies have consistently found that LDN is safe and effective, but many experts agree that further research is needed to explore the beneficial uses of LDN in treating diseases. “I have come to think that LDN is one of the most significant therapeutic discoveries in 50 years,” says Dr. Gluck. West, who helped create the health advocacy group LDN Aware (www.ldnaware. org), agrees. “I continue to tell everyone I know about LDN,” says West. “My wife now takes LDN for her mild Crohn’s disease that is now in remission. My 83-year-old father takes LDN for a Parkinson’s-like disease that has now not progressed any further. His neurologist just shakes her head and keeps renewing the prescription. She has even started prescribing LDN for her MS patients who request it. They keep reporting positive results.”


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