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Finding Happiness: Exploring the Four Purposes of Life


Care Giver’s Tao 8

Using a Daily Practice to Connect with the Power of Your Spirit By Sonia Choquette


By Dan Millman

ith the pace of life accelerating, in a world of change, it’s not easy to maintain our balance and sense of direction. Yet we strive to do so, because a sense of direction, toward a meaningful goal, may be the better part of happiness. In this pursuit, the journey may indeed matter more than the destination — but without a destination to aim for there is no journey — we can only wander. We humans are goal seekers from infancy, drawn by the objects of our desire. But somewhere along the way, most often in the dilemmas and angst of adolescence, a sense of confusion obscures the simple desires of childhood. What we want is muddied by expectations about what we (or others) think we should do. We begin to doubt our desires, mistrust our motives, and wonder where we’re going and why. In my first book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, the old service station mechanic I called Socrates suggested that all seeking — for knowledge or achievement, for power or pleasure, for love or wealth or even spiritual experience — is driven by the promise of happiness. But the search only reinforces the sense of dilemma that sent us seeking in the first place. So he advised me to replace the search for future happiness with the practice of “unreasonable happiness” in each arising moment. When my seeking ended and the practice began, I came to understand that what we all need, even more than a happy feeling, is a clear purpose — a meaningful goal or mission that connects us with other human beings. As Viktor Frankl wrote in his book, Man’s Search for Meaning, this fundamental need for purpose and direction may be as important to our psychological growth as eating is to our biological survival. But the duties of our daily lives leave little time to contemplate life’s larger questions, except on rare occasions, in the silent hours or in times of transition or trauma, when we are compelled to ask: What do I really want? How would I know if I had it?


Your Dream Job 6

What would happen if I got it? Is getting what I want going to take me to where I want to be? And finally, What is the purpose of my life? Maybe you’ve wondered why you’re here on Earth or what you’re here to do — what the French call your raison d’être, your reason for being, an organizing principle and sense of direction that gives shape and meaning to your life. History provides numerous examples of iconic figures like Joan of Arc, Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, whose clarity of purpose drew others to their missions like moths to the light. I believe that we have four purposes of life — fundamental “reasons for being.” I once believed that my purpose was all about work, and I searched through my 20s and well into my 30s for a career and calling. It took another decade of exploration and introspection before I understood that career is only one of four primary purposes in life.

But Why Four Purposes?

Some might argue that our sole (or soul) purpose is learning to love — that whatever the question, love is the answer — or that spiritual awakening or surrender to God is our ultimate aim. Others point out that our primary biological purpose is family — bonding with a mate, and bearing and caring for children. Still others might propose three or five or more purposes, or even suggest that there are as many purposes as there are people. Yet just as we divide all the days of the year into four seasons, and points on a compass into four primary directions, sorting our experience into four fundamental purposes helps us to create a sense of structure to better organize our lives. These four purposes also prepare us for, and point toward, the ultimate or transcendental awakening promised by all the great spiritual traditions. The first of four purposes — learning life’s lessons — centers around the premise that Earth is a school and daily life is our classroom, and that our daily challenges (in the core arenas of relationship, work and finances, and health) bring learning, growth, and perspective. The value of our life experience resides in what we learn in the process. Difficult days may provide the most important lessons, helping us develop the awareness and self-reflection that lead to higher wisdom. The second purpose — finding your Continued on page 15

nless we maintain a daily practice of connecting with our spirit, we won’t feel its presence and support in our lives. My grace in life was learning early on how to connect with the Holy Spirit within on a daily basis. In fact, I was shown how to make it the foundation of my existence through many practices that have been so reinforced by repetition that they are now woven into the very fabric of who I am. One of my favorite daily traditions, for example, was first introduced to me when I was a child in Catholic school and reinforced years later while I was a student working with my spiritual mentor, Charlie Goodman. The practice was to recite the Lord’s Prayer — the Our Father — out loud every morning. I started doing this in the first grade, and it’s still part of my regular morning routine. This ritual immediately connects me to my divine source, my creator, and leaves me feeling grounded, balanced and confident as I begin a new day. Another daily practice is one my mother introduced to me when I was no more than six or seven years old: Before I go to sleep each night, I thank my unseen spiritual guides, ancestors, guardian angels and all divine helpers for the assistance, support and blessings they bestowed upon me throughout the day. These are just two of many practices used for connecting to spirit that have been handed down to me by my mother, my spiritual teachers and mentors, my wise elders, and at times by life itself. All have become a cherished part of my being. Some practices I’ve kept the same, doing them exactly as I was taught to, and others have evolved over the years. The constant, however, is that not a day goes by without my taking the time to anchor my awareness in spirit, with gratitude and wonder, and ask the great creator — the giver of all life — to lead me in this day. After much reflection on how I’ve been so lucky to have such an intimate and powerful connection with spirit, it became obvious that it was the result of my daily focus. Each day (sometimes several times a day), I pray to, invoke or meditate on spirit for guidance, direction and leadership, and then I completely surrender to its force.

Shift in Consciousness

Thankfully, these days more and more people are open to living a spiritually empowered, positive and peaceful life. We’re much more willing to entertain the notion that we create our own reality and aren’t simply victims of circumstance, as evidenced by the wildly successful films The Secret and What the Bleep Do We Know!?

We’re more willing to explore and even speak with others about spiritual possibilities. And yet, in spite of these encouraging signs, we’re still suffering with and causing some of the worst personal and worldwide violence and earthly destruction that humankind has ever known. Incidents of suicide and drug addiction have spiraled out of control, for example. The environment is under siege. Our relationships with each other (and among nations) are blasting apart. So even though the idea of spiritual awakening and personal empowerment sounds appealing and even possible, the actual shift in consciousness we need to make in order to go from victim to divine cocreator has yet to be made. We all must take a big step forward — if not a leap — to actually jumpstart the transformation that everyone desires and the world so desperately needs.

Focus Daily on Spirit

So how do you remain in constant contact with your joyous, loving spirit when life doesn’t feel joyful at all? There is only one way to succeed in connecting with your spirit, and that is to make it the most important thing in your life, because it’s the endless source of supply for all your needs, on all levels. This practice should become as automatic as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. You must anchor spirit in your life through daily, repetitive techniques such as breath awareness, Continued on page 19


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Editor’s Journey 2011:

• This I Believe •

Return to Balance

Transformed by a Hug

Step 3: Remember Your Inner Warrior

y friends in Manhattan joked that I’d left no stone unturned in my spiritual search. I channeled, affirmed, visualized, crystallized, meditated, levitated, twirled and stood on my head while looking for God. My yoga teacher told me to go meet all the great spiritual teachers and to test them by asking myself if what they said was true for me. I met a silent guru, a dancing guru and several Buddhist masters who spoke in poetry — and nothing happened. Then my yogi buddies insisted I meet a saint who hugged people. Shopping for God was making me jaded, but I agreed to meet her. When the conch shell blew and the swamis chanted a Sanskrit prayer announcing her arrival, my body shook. At the sight of Sri Mata Amritandamaya — Amma — I spontaneously wept with joy. Then a swami chanted a prayer that meant from darkness to light, from untruth to truth, and I knew I had found my truth — the teacher I had searched for. When I went up for a hug, she looked into my eyes then into my soul and enveloped me in her cloud-like white sari as she held me. I had a burning bush spiritual experience that my critical mind could neither comprehend nor negate. I quit my job and volunteered for organizations providing services to the homeless. Amma inspired me to start a Mother’s Kitchen Project in Portland and feed the homeless through selfless service. Other Amma devotees joined in and together we have helped to cook and serve over 25,000 meals at soup kitchens, recovery centers, under bridges and in parks. We’ve distributed clothing, blankets and compassion bags to the needy. After 12 years and seven requests for a spiritual name, Amma called me Gunaja. The swami translated it as “you can meditate on form or you can go beyond form that is Gunaja.” “She Who Is Beyond Form” has stopped shopping for God. I am home. See Amma in Seattle on May 27-30. Visit


he divine feminine may be seen as soft and loving, but underneath that nurturing energy is a fierce strength, a powerful commitment to ensuring the health and well-being of her tribe on Earth. When you open to the inner feminine warrior energy, you unleash integrity and honor in a way not seen before in our world. Since the 20th Century began, three streams of divine feminine energy have been slowly returning to change the world’s Vicky Thompson mindset: compassion versus domination, nurturing versus betrayal and strength versus corruption. In 2011, a fourth divine feminine energy is emerging: balance versus power. This final energy completes the four pillars of the divine feminine way: compassion, nurturing, strength and balance. Join us on the editor’s journey to create this new way of living. Returning to balance takes six simple steps: 1) Open to the balanced heart. 2) Affirm your commitment to peace. 3) Remember the inner warrior. 4) Create a new personal balance paradigm. 5) Practice the way of compassion, and 6) Celebrate the reunion of the masculine and feminine. Today, your task is to remember your inner feminine warrior. Picture the lioness, hunting for her cubs. She is fierce, strongly focused in providing for the pride. As she is stalking her prey, she is also alert to the dangers around her cubs. Would you mess with a lioness? She knows her power in the world, but she also knows her limits. She kills only what she needs to feed her family, knowing that to take more could threaten the pride’s survival. Fitting perfectly in the natural flow of give and take, and embracing her role as the destroyer as well as the creator, the inner feminine warrior steps forth to guide us today. Who is your inner feminine warrior? She is the energy of fierce compassion that steps up when help is needed. She observes and takes considered action, never taking or giving more than is needed. She is balanced in her energy — she knows when to push, when to hold back, and when to roar and let her dominance show. She is your integrity, your compass of truth, and she is asking both men and women to look within to feel this power. Try this today: Look for trouble. Do you see someone who needs help with the door or a hand with carrying bags? Does the salesperson at the counter look sad and in need of a kind word? Does your home-bound older neighbor need a few extra groceries? Trouble exists everywhere, from the minor to the extreme. Your inner feminine warrior knows that she can change the energy around her. But to do this, she has to engage in the world. She can’t close her door — she has to open to the suffering around her. Invite your inner feminine warrior to guide you through your day by saying: Let me be of service to my community. Guide me to be where I am needed. Now listen and feel the nudges, going where you are needed. When you spot trouble, step up in integrity and be of service. Act outside of your comfort zone as the inner feminine warrior, a being who is committed to the well-being of the tribe. Join editor Vicky Thompson on this year-long journey to balance. Find past steps at www.



— Clare Simons

alking S tick Efforts can bring miracles. Meditate and you will lose the ego and be realized. Faith can work wonders. Human life is a very rare gem. By using the human body, we can realize the self, and know who we really are. We are more than our bodies. We are immortal souls. — Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi

See Babaji in Portland on May 20–23 and in Washington on May 27–28. Visit

• Cover Artist •

No Failure, Only Feedback By Christopher Bibby


ackson Tower is one of the first watercolor paintings I produced when I arrived in Portland. I wanted to describe the city in the winter using the unique watercolor techniques I taught myself seven years earlier in Glasgow, Scotland. At the time, I was living on my sister’s couch. Addicted to selfhelp books, I picked up Quantum Learning, which told me that I can do anything. The only reason I had always failed was because I lacked the confidence to keep learning when I made a mistake. There is no failure, only feedback. Giving the book’s theory a try, I taught myself watercolor painting by creating up to 20 paintings a day for six months. After every painting, I would have a special critique session, finding both faults in the painting plus positive points. A year after I began painting, at age 22 I became the

• Community Spotlight•

Radiant Mind: Ending Struggle


adiant mind is Buddha mind or awakened mind. When we live in radiant mind, life is dynamic and always changing, yet it’s completely still and unchanging at the same time. We’re living in time but also connected with a reality that’s timeless and invisible. We’re experts in creating that “something is missing.” That’s why Buddhists say that samsara is so intractable. But it doesn’t have to be like this. It’s possible to be immersed in the world of sensations, feelings and relationships without needing things to be different, or wanting the good things to last for ever. So how do we escape the grip of samsara? We need some keys to walk through the gateless gate, as they say in Zen. The best key is to see that the gate is gateless. It’s never anywhere else and we don’t have to walk through it. If the gate is somewhere else we can’t walk through it. The gate is wherever we are. In fact, there is no gate. We’re already through it. Another key is to see that there’s no one to walk through the gate, no one who’s trapped or becomes liberated. This is the key of “self-inquiry.” We look for the “I,” the being who experiences everything that’s experienced. When we look for ourselves in this way, we can’t find ourselves as the experiencer, as the thinker or the seer. Suddenly there’s no me, and so there’s no boundary between ourselves and the world. We become no one and everything at the same time. Then you’ve touched the radiant mind. Dr. Peter Fenner presents a Radiant Mind workshop in Portland on June 4-5. Visit www. — Peter Fenner

youngest self-published artist in Scotland. I feel very fortunate that I took a chance on myself and succeeded. Christopher Bibby, a Portland-based artist, created Jackson Tower on the cover of New Connexion. For details about his paintings and art workshops, visit

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Release the Negative and Create the Life You Want By Marisa Russo


on’t leave life to chance. Instead, set a clear intention to create the life you want. Applying universal laws can change our lives to embrace empowerment and freedom. These laws have been in existence and practiced for centuries by many ancient cultures and spiritual leaders. In centuries past, knowledge of universal laws was kept secret by powerful and influential people. Today we have free access to this powerful knowledge. The universe is very fair. It responds and delivers what it registers as a match to our state of being, our vibration. This vibration may be different to what we are asking for in our lives. We can monitor the vibration we are emitting by assessing the state of our relationships, health, finances and other factors. These creations are an indicator of our belief systems that reside in our subconscious minds. The law of attraction suggests that we create our own reality. What we focus on and what we feel is what we draw into our lives. What we believe is literally created. It may seem a little simplistic, yet it is a fundamental principle underlying how we create the lives we really want.

Negative In, Negative Out

As a forensic healer, I have come to realize that the negative energies or negative experiences people encounter arise from negative vibrations within them. These emotions may consist of feelings of guilt, low self worth, resentment, anger, jealousy or disempowerment, or any emotion that is not constructive to progression. These lower vibrations act as a magnet for negativity to attach itself.

Marisa Russo For example, I see negative patterns with clients when they disempower themselves through feeling guilty about a person or situation. This opens them up to being vulnerable, allowing the other person to deflect negative emotions on them. Often this exchange is done unintentionally or unconsciously. Regardless of how it occurs, the negative impact is the same. When this negative exchange happens, the recipient may feel drained of energy, depressed, low self worth or even encounter bad luck or increased negative experiences. If you have someone directing negative energy toward you, instead of feeling drained and depressed, take a deep breath and ask yourself what you want and how you want to feel. This process alone will shift your state into feeling more empowered. It alters the flow of energy and intention around the problem. The focus becomes one of positivity and progression.

back to us. Karma bridges other lifetimes and can often solve unexplained situations or conditions of which people cannot make sense. Giving thanks for everything and forgiving others, and making sense of why something occurred will really assist with freeing your negative energy and creating positive attractions. The ho’oponopono statements, based on an ancient Hawaiian practice of “making it right” through forgiveness, can be used for negativity you feel is present in your life. When this occurs, repeat the following statements: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.” Understanding universal laws gives you

the power to create the life you want. You can attract people and opportunities to enhance your growth. Take ownership and acknowledge that you have created your own circumstances. You have attracted everything into your life. You can improve your creative processes and build a life with positive relationships and be a blessing to others. Live your life, giving to others exactly as you want to receive from others. Marisa Russo is an award-winning master healer and founder of Forensic Healing. She presents events in the Seattle area on May 17 and May 21, and in Portland on May 19 and May 22. Visit

Clear Your Karma

Another method to clear negativity when the law of attraction is not working for you is to clear negative karma. Karma, in essence, means what we give out comes

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ou woke up this morning with a new idea. You marinated in it before getting out of bed. You asked yourself: Is this the time to follow that dream? There has never been a greater time to follow that dream than now. When the conventional rules of career come crashing in around us, we emerge from the rubble holding onto our true selves — the divine potential we came to fulfill through our work. Nothing else remains. It’s time to embrace this great potential inside of you and launch your big idea. Or you can continue to apply for jobs you won’t get or would hate if you got. Are you still hoping for a security-blanket-job that will take care of your every need? That system is crumbing now. Embrace your big idea and move forward. Open your eyes. Do you see the gifted healer standing over there pretending to be a grocery clerk? Do you see the inspired inventor pretending to be a marketing director? Do you see the innovative engineer acting like a salesman? The question is, are you one of the few willing to believe your own inner voice, the intuition inside of you that has been whispering your mission for years? Or are you still worried about what people will think, and how you will live without benefits? I hear you saying it’s impossible. Everything is impossible. And yet you’re here anyway in this impossible world. The impossible has already happened. Perhaps it’s time to embrace the next impossible thing in your path — which is possible if you’ll just take a few steps in that direction. Perhaps it’s time to remember that this life is a dream — and you created it. You meant to be the hero in your story. The only courage you need is the courage to follow your truth, believe in your great potential, and bring your talents to

3. Listen to your intuitive guidance rather than your mind — and learn to tell the difference. Here’s how: Picture yourself doing a new job — one that you’re dreaming of doing. See yourself talking to people, sitting at your desk, or working from home. Pay attention to how that vision feels physically in your body. Does it make you smile and feel light? Do you giggle seeing it? Or does it make you feel heavy and tired? If it makes you feel heavy and tired, that’s your intuition saying, “No, this is not the right career for you.” Instead, it’s probably a career idea that your mind created — to pay the bills and be practical.

I See Your Dream Job By Sue Frederick the world through your work. If this means heading down the path less traveled, so be it. The time is now. Focus on these baby steps to help you remember who you are and bring your big idea to the world: 1. Strengthen your spirituality, however you define it. Bring it into your life everyday through prayer or meditation. This means learning a tried and true meditation technique and practicing it every day. This will open your pathway to inner guidance faster than any other practice. I recommend repeating the ancient and powerful Sanskrit words om namah shivaya which mean I bow to the divine self. 2. Understand that your pain is on purpose — it’s your greatest fuel to do your true work. Ask yourself: If I signed up for my painful experiences in order to bring my wisdom to the world through my work, how can my pain serve others? Whom can I help with the wisdom I’ve learned from my own challenges?

4. Realize that abundance will only come to you from doing your true work, which is the reverse logic from what you hear around you everyday. This law of divine order is always in action. Look around you and observe it in the lives of people you know. When people choose a job for the money, that money slips through their fingers like water. It’s not rightfully theirs. It didn’t come from doing the work they signed up for, so it never sticks. When they do their true work, the universe supports their efforts in every way bringing opportunities and people into their path who will help their work succeed against all odds. 5. Take three steps toward the big idea that you woke up with this morning. First, test it with your intuition (see step 3). If it still feels right, take three steps to investigate

this idea, such as calling someone who does this work and asking them how they got started. Or research this career on the Internet. Who else is doing it? How is your work different from their work? Write down your ideas. Take three more steps each week. 6. Identify the voice of your pitiful self getting in your way. This is your fear and doubt. That pitiful self exists in everyone. (Give it a name like Sad Sam or Doubting Debbie so you can tell it’s a different energy from your higher self). We choose to come into this dense realm to push past those negative emotions and evolve our souls — not to get stopped in our tracks by Doubting Debbie. Look around you. The people you admire have pushed past their fear and doubt or they wouldn’t be where you want to be. You’ve wasted time being stopped by your pitiful self. Picture how your life would look it this weren’t so. Take a step past the fear today. Get out of your own way, and start moving in the direction you already signed up for. Sue Frederick, author of I See Your Dream Job, is a career intuitive. Visit www.

Timeless Wisdom from a m AsTeR

learn to meditate with Baba shiva Rudr a Balayogi

Portland, Oregon May 20-23 NW Meditation Retreat, Washington May 27-28 Learn the ancient practice of Jangama Dhyana (meditation of eternal existence) from a self-realized Yogi. “Meditate and know that which is your true Self.” Discover the peace, happiness and well being that are within you. Shiva Rudra Balayogi, a meditation master from the Himalayas of India, will be giving free talks and instruction in meditation to all who wish to learn. He will answer spiritual questions and offer techniques to improve concentration, increase energy and enhance inner peace. We hope you can attend. Programs are free, deeply appreciated.


Portland, Oregon Friday, May 20, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Crystal Temple, 7525 N. Richmond Ave. Saturday, May 21, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm New Renaissance Bookshop Events Center 1338 NW. 23rd. St.

Sunday, May 22, 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm Crystal Temple, 7525 N. Richmond Ave. Monday, May 23, 9:00 am - 11:30 am — Morning meditation with Baba Call for info Portland Info: Laurie Day (503) 296-6224

Northwest Meditation Retreat - The Columbia Gorge, Washington Friday, May 27, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Yoga Samadhi, 177 W. Jewett St, White Salmon Saturday, May 28, 8:45 am - 6:00 pm Rock Creek Center,

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Food Sensitivities to Go By Durga Fuller


ummer is on its way. Can you feel it? We’re opening slowly but surely as the days get longer. For many of us, summer means vacation. If you’re living with food sensitivities, or other health issues that respond to a nutri-

tional approach, traveling can be daunting. You can get a smooth groove going in your home and familiar shopping venues, but vacation can feel like a nightmare of not knowing if there will be food you can eat that won’t make you or your family feel like heading straight back home. A little planning can go a long way. Here are some simple tips for traveling when you have food sensitivities. Supplements. If they’re part of your regimen, don’t forget them. A day or two off your regular doses of vitamins and other helpful nutritional powerhouses might be okay, but I find if we try to go too long without, we get into trouble. Count what you need into snack-sized baggies and label them with permanent markers. Air travel. If you’re flying, the snacks offered will not be health friendly, so pack your own healthy snacks. But remember, TSA doesn’t allow liquids through airport

checkpoints (and you can only bring pastes in three ounce containers). Fresh raw or steamed veggies, whole fruit, boiled eggs, whole avocados (you can ask for a plastic utensil from the flight crew to cut into it), some acceptable crackers, cheese if you tolerate it, or sandwiches with gluten-free bread stuffed with hummus, nut butters, or sliced organic or pastured meats are all foods that work for us. Road trips and car camping. Bring your cooler and pack it with the things you usually eat. Make double meals for a week or two prior to your trip and freeze the second half. You can use the frozen meals to supplement the ice in your cooler for a couple of days, and once thawed, they’ll be good for a few days after that. Back packing. This will take more planning. Most prepackaged dehydrated foods are packed with hidden additives that will ruin your day. Rice pasta packs well, and all other permitted grains, and you can buy plain dehydrated vegetables or make them yourself for soups. Bring some coconut butter or cream in a plastic bag for added richness and energy. Healthy meat jerky and nuts are good protein options. Hotels. Look for places with at least a refrigerator. If you can afford a place with a kitchenette, go for it. The money and headache you’ll save yourself in having to negotiate restaurants for every meal, or trying to create meals without access to any equipment will be worth it.

should be the easiest — you’ll have a kitchen available to you, people you’re looking forward to seeing will be there to take care of you, and you’ll be settling into a familiar environment. But let’s face it, most of us didn’t grow up knowing about our food intolerances, or how to eat healthy. This takes planning and sensitivity. Call ahead and explain clearly that things have changed: You or your children are sick in various ways, or have been diagnosed with allergies, and that you’re feeling so much better since you’ve made the changes that your health care professionals have recommended. Keep it simple and matter of fact. Ask for support. Offer to cook for yourselves. At the very least request an area in the refrigerator and pantry to keep safe products for your family to supplement meals that contain items that are off limits. Because I have cooking skills, a tack I have taken is to offer to shop for and cook dinners for the whole extended family. It has ruffled feathers a few times, but when I’ve explained how complex our family’s needs are, often people are happier handing the reins over to me. Durga Fuller is a whole health integration counselor and cooking teacher specializing in nutrient-dense, allergen-free foods. Visit

Staying with family. Ironically, this can be the most challenging situation we deal with when traveling. One would think it

Food to Go: Gluten-Free Almond Flour Muffins Makes 1 dozen muffins

Ingredients 2 cups almond flour (almond meal) 2 teaspoons baking soda ½ teaspoon salt ½ cup grass-fed ghee or coconut oil, gently melted 4 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1/3 cup coconut yogurt or alternative milk of choice plus 2 tablespoons lemon juice Alcohol free stevia to taste (1–2 droppers full, or a half cup coconut sugar or other natural sugar) Optional: Add a handful of berries. For a savory option, mix in ¼ cup pesto or tapenade (and exclude the sugar or vanilla)

Directions Preheat oven to 375 F. Grease a muffin tin. Mix dry ingredients together well. Add wet ingredients and mix. Put in muffin tins (about half to two-thirds full) and bake for about 15 minutes, until the muffins spring back to a gentle touch. Let cool a few minutes in the tins, then gently remove and let cool on a cooling rack. Serve with plenty of grass-fed ghee or butter, if you tolerate it. — Durga Fuller

Reconnective Healing® Are You feeling Disconnected? Do You want more Balance in Your life? Would You like to Realize Your True Potential? Reconnective Healing Frequencies offer extraordinary potential for whole healing and Your evolution.

Now is Your time!

Contact A Reconnective Healing Practitioner™ Today!

Hollis Baley

Joyce Staats

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Portland, OR

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Jewel Shield

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McMinnville, OR

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Portland, OR


Reconnect ReconnectiveHealing

(503) 434-6133

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Hillsboro & Newberg, OR

Reconnective Healing is a non-touch approach that facilitates healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Scientific research shows that Reconnective Healing frequencies are new, real and different than what we have known before. Appointments are available either in person or through Distance Sessions for people and animals. The Reconnection® is also non-touch and accelerates a person’s growth and evolution by reconnecting them to the fullness of the Universe. The Reconnection, facilitated in person, is needed only once and the benefits continue to unfold over one’s lifetime. Gift Certificates Available! The Reconnection LLC, in connection with The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing®, including but not limited to seminars, teachings, any information or people, including but not limited to practitioners, instructors, assistants, representatives, associates, employees, agents and assignees related thereto, make no promises, guarantees, representations and or warranties regarding medical diagnosis and or medical treatment, and are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for your own medical care.

NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011



The Caregiver’s Tao Te Ching By William and Nancy Martin


aregivers don’t lack for advice. Social, psychological and medical experts all contribute helpful understandings to the complex process of caring for another person. But sometimes we, who find ourselves at one time or another in the position of caregiving, can be overwhelmed by this well-intentioned William and Nancy Martin advice. Not only are we faced with the difficulties involved in unwanted life changes, but we also confront countless versions of “the right way” to handle these changes. At the risk of being one more of these advice-giving voices, we would like to suggest some compassionate perspectives contained in the ancient poetic text of the Tao Te Ching. This classic Chinese wisdom book provides a supportive set of principles for those caring for loved ones. It invites them to relax into their own unique path

through this difficult, yet deeply rewarding time. The same principles can be of great aid to professional caregivers, inviting them to look to their own inherent wisdom as the most valuable tool. Written over 2,500 years ago, the Tao Te Ching expresses in short poetic verses a wise and universal philosophy of life that can bring a fresh breeze of satisfaction and peace into the complex and difficult task of giving care to another person. The legendary sage, Lao-Tzu, who is credited with writing this classic book, saw life as a wondrous and mysterious process that expresses its truths in everything it does. Here are three insights from the Tao Te Ching that might be of comfort and inspiration to those of us who are giving care to another person. Caregiving is a direct experience. Talking about a path is not walking that path. Thinking about life is not living.

Lao-Tzu was not a follower of any religious system. He was a patient observer of the way life flows. He watched the rain soak the earth and the clouds clear to reveal the brightness of the sun. He watched rivers carve canyons and nurture fertile valleys. He saw the seasons come and go and watched animals and plants live out their lives in an intricate web of interdependence. He saw all things rise and fall, come and go, live and die. He understood that this mystery cannot be captured by words, concepts, beliefs or ideals. It can be talked about but never really understood. It can only be revealed by direct experience. The direct experience of giving care is new every moment and leads us in unfamiliar directions. We gather understanding along the way, but with each encounter we must show up, stay present with what is happening and notice what actually occurs. When we do this, a space opens in which compassion for everyone involved, including ourselves, can naturally arise. Caring for another person is not about orchestrating the day so that it goes according

to some idealized “plan.” It is about letting go of our ideals and making room for the two people who are here in this place, in this moment. This brings us the freedom to open our hearts to ourselves and to those in our care. Acceptance is the key. ... If we try to get rid of our pain we will suffer all the more. This is the secret of our path: gentleness and flexibility bring the results that force and rigidity fail to achieve. When we are confronted with circumstances that are not what we want them to be, it is natural to push back against them. We want to change them, deny them or make them go away. We communicate to the one in our care that she is not who we want her to be — someone who is whole, healthy and vigorous. We communicate to ourselves that we are not who we want to be — someone who is energetic, in control and at ease. We each end up discouraged and withdrawn. When we notice this tension and yield our attempts to change things, our experience is transformed. When we accept that this set of symptoms and these challenges are just what is happening in the moment, we find solid ground. When we acknowledge what is real, our vision clears. Now we can see what is possible, what our energy and our care receiver’s strength will allow today. The present moment is all we have. The present moment is all we have, so we are not constantly seeking a faster way to do things or a better place to be. There is no other time or place. There is nothing else that we should be doing in an attempt to make things other than what they are. This experience was always going to contain pain, weakness, uncertainty and fear. It is the product of a very specific set of relationships, experiences and perspectives. This is our life, not some distraction or diversion from it. There is not some “normal” life that has been put on hold for these weeks and months. If we allow ourselves to sink completely into this present moment of our life, we can find contentment in our giving of care. In time, we discover that we would not have missed this experience for anything in the world. William Martin and Nancy Martin are the authors of The Caregiver’s Tao Te Ching. Visit Reprinted with permission by New World Library at www.


NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011



May APRIL 29 - JUNE 18

Reiki I, II and Master Trainings April 29-May 1:

Up-to-the-Minute Listings:

Reiki Master Training. May 20-21: Reiki I. June 17-18: Reiki II. Michelle Christensen, MS, Ancient Wellspring, 503-5164001, MAY 4

Pluto demoted? “Absolutely not,” says British astrologer Alison ChesterLambert, who is the author of The Future in the Stars. The classification of Pluto as a dwarf planet caused the biggest shake up in the solar system since Galileo pointed a telescope at the sky in the 17th Century.


Lynne McTaggart Lecture in Portland

7-8:30pm. Unity Church of Portland hosts an upcoming lecture and book signing by investigative journalist and author Lynne McTaggart. 4525 SE Stark St., Portland, 503234-7441. Tickets: $15 through May 3, $20 at door. www.

Mark it: May 20 at the Oregon Astrological Assn. and May 22 at New Renaissance Bookshop. Visit

MAY 4 - JULY 27

Experience Raja Yoga Every Wednesday, 6:30-


Wild Feminine Reading in Portland 7pm. Find

power, spirit and joy in the female body with author and founder of Holistic Pelvic Care, Tami Kent. Reconnect to the sacred vitality in your core. In Other Words, 14 NE Killingsworth St., Portland, MAY 6 - 7

Dr. Joe Dispenza in Portland Learn how to

harness the most powerful tool in your body - your brain and mind - to create the life you want. Portland: May 6 lecture and May 7 workshop at Embassy Suites. Tickets at 970-443-0732 or MAY 7

Beyond 2012: Entering A New World 10am-

3pm. Ruth Miller, Ph.D., celebrated author and scholar, delves into the gifts and opportunities of the current transformation integrating culture studies, whole systems thinking, consciousness research and postrelativity physics. Embassy Suites Portland - Washington Square. $85 includes lunch. MAY 11

Dan Millman’s Four Purposes of Life 7:30pm.

Dan Millman, author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior, distills decades of experience into a concise map of the journey to discover one’s purpose. Powell’s Books, 1005 W Burnside, Portland.



9am New Thought Center for Spiritual Living Celebration, connection, community. Services at 9am and 11am. Infants, children and teens at 11am at 1040 C Ave. in Lake Oswego. 503-296-9922, 9am-12pm Morning Loving Kindness meditation group with Paul M Rakoczy, Reiki Master. Experience group meditation monthly on 4th Sun. Multiple sits with discussion in between. Register, no charge: 503-9978611. Wise Counsel & Comfort, 423 NE 60th and Glisan, Portland. 10:30am Celebration Church Services in The Celebration Center in The Conference Center at Stafford Woods. 25030 SW Parkway Ave., Wilsonville, OR. www. 11am Celebration at Open Spirit Center for Spiritual Living, a New Thought Church at 10209 SE Division, Ste. 3, Portland. 503-206-8027,


7pm Reiki Share: Exchange Energy with Paul M Rakoczy, Reiki Master. Monthly 1st Weds. No experience necessary. Register: 503-997-8611. Also initiations, classes, individual healing sessions by appt. See ad under Counselors. 7-9pm Drumming Circles Join us for Weds. night drumming at Cedar Mountain Drums at 2239 E. Burnside, Portland. Bring your own drum/rattles or use ours. $5 donation. 1st Weds.: Men’s Drumming. 2nd Weds.: Mixed Drumming (supervised kids welcome). 3rd Weds.: Women’s Drumming. 4th Weds.: Shamanic Journeying ($10 donation).

Enlighte Event P ning lanner Pull Out & Save

There’s Nothing Small About Pluto

Lynne McTaggart Book Signing in Portland

1-2pm at New Renaissance Bookshop. Author Lynne McTaggart signs copies of The Bond at New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland.

8:30pm at New Renaissance Bookshop. Yoga, meditation and teachings presented by Laurie Chadwick and Lorna Knox of Ananda Portland. $30 covers all Wednesday classes for a given month, or $10 drop-in per event. www. or


MAY 22 - 27

Wild Feminine Reading in Seattle 7pm. Find

Residential Level 2 Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with

MAY 13 - 15

Intimate Communication with Self Gilly Adkins presents how to find self honesty, self compassion and self forgiveness. May 13-15: Portland. 503-680-7020,

A LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013, MAY 24

New Connexion Wellness Night at New Ren

7-9pm. In “Solving the Success Puzzle,” master success coach Jeff Mays gives you the missing pieces to achieving your ideal life. $10 at New Renaissance, 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. in Portland, MAY 26 - 29

Experience Ancient Wisdom Rising in Port Townsend, WA. Learn from seven elders whose traditional ways of healing, ceremony, story, gratitude, sacred song and prophesy will change your relationship with the world.

NLP Certification Scholarship Training in Newport Beach, CA. Four-day NLP Practitioner Training includes NLP training course manual, prosperity induction CD and 5 principles of success DVD, and guide to writing ads and sales letters. Call now for $97 special pricing. Empowerment Partnership, 800-800-6463, www.

MAY 19 - 22

MAY 27 - 30

Forensic Healing with Marisa Russo Australian

AMMA Mata Amritanandamayi in Seattle. Free Public Programs: May 27, 10am and 7:30pm. Devi Bhava: May 30, 7pm. Retreat: May 28-30 (pre-registration required). Hyatt Regency Bellevue, 900 Bellevue Way NE. Details: 206-322-8337,, www.

MAY 19 - 22

master healer, Marisa Russo debuts Forensic Healing System in America - an advanced healing technique that identifies and resolves the real cause of illness. Hands on training free presentations/intensive workshops. Portland - May 19: New Renaissance Bookshop, free presentation. May 22: The Governor Hotel, free presentation, intensive workshop - $97. RSVP: 800-896-9136, www.marisarusso. com. MAY 20

The New Dwarf Planets: Five New Plutos

7-9:30pm. Pluto demoted? Absolutely not, says British astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert. In fact, he just got four mates. Tickets: $10 members, $15 nonmembers. Oregon Astrological Assn., Subud Center, 3185 NE Regents Way, Portland. MAY 20 - 24

Matrix Energetics in Seattle This ground breaking consciousness technology for insight and spiritual growth was founded by Richard Bartlett, DC, ND. May 20-23: Levels 1 and 2. May 24: P.C. Training. Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport. 800-269-9513, MAY 20 - 28

Learn to Meditate With Baba Shiva Rudra Balayogi Portland events on May 20-23. May 20, 7pm:

Crystal Temple, 7525 N.Richmond Ave. May 21, 7pm: New Renaissance Bookshop, 1338 NW 23rd St. May 22, 4pm: Crystal Temple. May 23, 9am: Morning Meditation with Baba, contact Laurie Day, 503-296-6224, Columbia Gorge, WA events on May 27-28. May 27, 7pm: Yoga Samadhi, 177 W. Jewett St., White Salmon. May 28, 8:45am-6pm: NW Meditation Retreat, Rock Creek Center, 710 SW Rock Creek Dr., Stevenson. Contact Charlie and Carol Hopkins, 509-493-5209, www. MAY 22

See British Astrologer Alison ChesterLambert 2-5pm. In “Brave New World: The Stars Are

Sending Messages About Our Future in the 21st Century,” astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert describes what the planets are foretelling for life in the 21st Century. $35 at New Renaissance, 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. in Portland,

24-26. Ancient Wisdom: July 22-24. Hero’s Journey: Sept. 16-18. Anamchara Stables offers riding lessons, and individual and group retreats in Hillsboro, Ore. 503-6475176, JUNE 25

Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop Learn

to journey to the three realms of Shamanic reality. Communicate with your personal spirit helpers and teachers. Michelle Christensen, MS, Ancient Wellspring, 503-516-4001, JUNE 25 - 26

MAY 12

power, spirit and joy in the female body with author and founder of Holistic Pelvic Care, Tami Kent. Reconnect to the sacred vitality in your core. Tickets: $5 (can apply to book purchase). East West Bookshop, 6500 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle,


Healing Horse Retreats Celtic Weekend: June

MAY 27 - 30

Sun Valley Wellness Festival in Sun Valley,

Idaho. Renew your body and spirit at the Sun Valley Wellness Festival. Keynote speaker Gregg Braden and more than 30 other presentations and workshops, movement classes and a large Wellness Expo. Come and get inspired to enhance your life! 208-726-2777, www.

June JUNE 10 - 12

Quiet Thunder Annual Retreat in

Eagle Creek, OR. Join us for a weekend of deep personal transformation. Hidden Lake, June 10-12, 45 minutes south of Portland. We will focus on the development of our energy body. Tzun Tzun’s energy transmissions will guide us. More info: 503-442-7177, JUNE 11

Adventures in Dream-Time 10am-

4:30pm at Methodist Church in Stevenson, WA. Sarai St Julien, author of DreamLines, leads fun, thought-provoking, day of dream exploration. Learn about lucid, psychic and healing dreams and understand symbols. Call: 503-412-9744, 509-4278755, JUNE 24 - 26

The Pacific Northwest Regional Labyrinth Gathering in Portland. Hosted by Labyrinth Network Northwest with featured speaker the Rev. Jill K.H. Geoffrion. Walk, learn, get inspired! For more info and registration:

The Way of the Shaman: Shamanic Journeying, Power and Healing 9:30am-5:30pm.

Taught by Leslie Conton, PhD as presented by Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Contact: Leslie Harris, 503-804-4621,, www. JUNE 28

New Connexion Wellness Night at New Ren

7-9pm. In “Primal Body - Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet,” author Nora Gedgaudas shares how to combine the wisdom of our primal ancestors with the revelations of modern human longevity science to achieve an optimal state of body and mind. $10 at New Renaissance, 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. in Portland, www.

July JULY 21 - 24

AMMA Sri Karunamayi in Seattle. Spiritual

discourse and Darshan: July 21, 7pm. Individual blessings and Saraswati Diksha: July 22, 10am-1:30pm. One day silent meditation retreat: July 23, 8am-6pm. East Side Baha’i Center, 16007 NE 8th St., Bellevue. Homa fire ceremony: July 24, 9am-1pm, Lake Sammamish State Park, 2000 NW Sammamish Rd., Issaquah. Details: 425337-2940,, www.karunamayi. org. JULY 23 - 24

Reiki at the Reiki Ranch Reiki 1-2-3 Reiki Master

Weekend: July 23-24. Free Reiki I: July 23 - no charge. Reiki Ranch is located near Chehalis, WA. Reservations: 360-748-4426,, www.reikiranch. com. JULY 25 - 31

Intensive Outdoor Experience Working with Nature Spirits Taught by Jan Engels-Smith with A

LightSong School of Shamanic Studies. 503-669-3013,

August AUGUST 6 - 7

Pathways to Transformation Holistic Health, Psychic & Crafts Fair. Saturday, Aug. 6, 10am-7pm, Sunday, Aug. 7, 9am-5pm. Yachats Commons Building in Yachats, OR. $3 weekend admission. Booth space available. 541-547-4664,, www.

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New Awakenings Bookshop, Gallery & Gifts

Check our events schedule for upcoming workshops @ NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011

Books Jewelry Clothing Incense Candles Audio Books Wind Chimes Relaxation CDs Meditation CDs Stones and Crystals And much more!

Over 4,000 unique and inspirational tools for transformation and growth. 404 E. Main St Battle Ground WA 360-687-7817 9

New Renaissance Bookshop Events for May, June and July! 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. • (503) 224-4929 • May Energetic Health for Healers Dewey Meyer, Sun. May 1, 2-5 pm, $35

Health care workers are constantly exposed to excessive discordant energy. Join Dewey Meyer in examining why this happens and what you can do to keep yourself and your work space free from energetic interference.

Book Signing Session for Lynne McTaggart’s New Book: The Bond Lynne McTaggart,Wed. May 4, 1-2 pm, FREE!

Lynne McTaggart, one of the preeminent spokespersons for the science of spirituality and author of the worldwide bestsellers The Field and The Intention Experiment signs copies of her latest book The Bond.

Experience Raja Yoga: Yoga, Meditation & Teachings Laurie Chadwick & Lorna Knox,Weds. May-July, 6:30-8:30 pm, $30 covers all Experience Raja Yoga classes for a given month, or $10 drop-in per event

Event includes a yoga and meditation session, followed by a presentation of the class topic. See topics below. May 4- Carrying Meditation into Daily Life May 11- Understanding the Chakras May 18- How to Have Courage, Calmness and Confidence; May 25- Magnetism and the Spiritual Path June 1- Finding Time for the Spiritual Life June 8- Meditation For the Curious but Uncommitted June 15- Meditation for Those Who Want to Know More June 22- The Transformative Power of Affirmations June 29- The Secrets of Energy and Spiritual Progress July 6- Devotion—Awakening the Natural Love of the Heart July 13- Inspiration and Guidance from St. Teresa of Avila July 20- Inspiration and Guidance from St. Francis of Assisi July 27- Masters of Self-Realization: Our Divine Birthright

Power and Purpose: Guidance for Embracing Your Life’s Work Aubrie De Clerck & Emily Trinkaus, Fri. May 6, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Experience the Work of Family Constellations Shantika Schnedler, Sat. May 14, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, $20 As we experience the hidden dynamics in our Family Constellation and life, reconnecting to the natural flow of love, we are strengthened and free to take our rightful place in the world.

Meet Your Feet: Finding Relief from a Host of Foot and Knee Problems Kathleen Porter, Sat. May 14, 3-6 pm, $35

Rediscover the correct, natural alignment of the bones in your feet that will bring relief from pronated ankles, fallen arches, bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and a variety of knee and hip problems.

The Divine Name: Sacred Sounding for Profound Healing Paula Starr, Sun. May 15, 10:30 am-5:30 pm, $60 Explore the function of sound in healing, learn the vowel systems for resonating the chakras, experience the sacred healing of the intonation of the Divine Name.

Full Moon Drumming Circle: For Light, Love and Well Being Connie Hill,Tues. May 17, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Drumming helps clear and shift energy, and helps release what is no longer needed in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Take Off Your Glasses and See Gene Younger, Fri. May 20, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Using whole brain learning, laughter and relaxation, Gene will help you accelerate your return to the clarity you once had in your eyesight. Many have seen immediate improvement after just one session with Gene.

Food Allergies & Sensitivities:The Hidden Health Robbers Kelly Hayford, Sat. May 21, 11 am-2 pm, $30

Learn how to find out if food sensitivities are an issue for you. And, if so, how to identify which particular foods are causing you problems and how to clear or reduce your sensitivity to them.

How can you respond effectively and thrive during these changing times? Join Emily and Aubrie to gain astrological perspective and practical tools for moving forward through the current and upcoming shifts. &

From Clutter to Clarity Linda Freya, Sat. May 21, 3-6 pm, $35

Consciously Crafting Self™ with Essential Oils Aileen Halvorson, Sat. May 7, 10:30 am-3:30 pm, $45

Meditate with Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi Maharaj Shri Shiva Rudra Balayogi, Sat. May 21, 7-8:30 pm, FREE!

Explore the concept of Consciously Crafting Self™ through the lens of five exotic essential oils and their resonant energies that stimulate our doshas, chakras, and subtle bodies, particularly the energies stemming from the oils’ associated mantras, yantras, archetypes, and rituals.

Recognizing the Paranormal Shirley Scott, Sun. May 8, 12-3 pm, $35

Learn about ghosts, demons, implanted energies and visitors from the other side. Shirley can explain significant paranormal events and take the Hollywood out of what is real and what is not.

Tibetan Energy and Healing Circle Francesca Fleming,Tues. May 10, June 7 and July 12, 7-8:30 pm, $12 per event

Francesca offers to teach the Tibetan healing energy forms (gentle, physical movement) to recharge and restore chakras and body health. Visualizations and group energy will be directed to helping our bodies, our DNA, and our mental/emotional bodies cope with the increased spiritual and cosmic energies.

Sound Bath Paula Hills Starr,Thurs. May 12, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Sound Bath is a nourishing inner journey of sacred sound. Close your eyes and go within, supported by the sounds of Tibetan bowls, rain stick, drum, crystal bowls, voice and more as your spirit relaxes and takes flight.

Astrological Signatures of Mental Illness Judith Hill, Fri. May 13, 7-8:30 pm, $12

With over 9,000 readings under her belt, Judith Hill has observed that charts of chronic depressives vary greatly from those of hyperactivity. Learn the astrological warning signs of mental health crises in the birth chart, known as “signatures”. 10

Develop a deeper understanding of the causes of clutter, learn inspired techniques for clearing clutter and ignite your motivation to just do it!

Baba Shivarudra Balayogi Maharaj is a master of meditation from the foothills of the Himalayas. Following a short talk by Baba we will sit together in silence. Afterwards, Baba will answer spiritual questions as time allows.

Brave New World:The Stars Are Sending Messages About Our Future in the 21st Century Alison Chester-Lambert , Sun. May 22, 2-5 pm, $35 From 2008–2016 the Cosmos describes the biggest transformation of the last 500 years. Learn what the planets are foretelling for our life in the 21st century.

New Connexion Wellness Night at New Ren Solving the Success Puzzle Jeff Mays,Tues. May 24, 7-9 pm, $10

Master success coach Jeff Mays gives you the missing pieces to achieving your ideal life. Success is like a puzzle: Without a picture to follow, it’s difficult to complete. The Success Puzzle gives you a clear goal to work toward.

Buddha and the Quantum Samuel Avery,Thurs. May 26, 7-8:30 pm, $12

The quantum: Buddha discovered it deep inside the mind and physicist Max Planck discovered it at the limits of the dimensional world. Avery demonstrates how to experience the quantum directly, and how it becomes the building block of mental and physical experience.

Store Hours M–Th & Sat. 10 am–9 pm; Fri. 10 am–9:30 pm; Sun. 10 am–6 pm

Self-Compassion: A Healthier Way of Relating to Yourself Kristin Neff, Fri. May 27, 7-8:30 pm, $12 Learn how to stop beating yourself up and leave insecurity behind. Based on ancient Buddhist teachings, self-compassion involves being kind and caring toward yourself rather than harshly self-critical, remembering that imperfection is part of the shared human experience.

Muscle Testing Workshop: Making Your Life Easier Robert Ciprian, Sat. May 28, 11 am-1 pm, $25

Muscle testing is a dynamic event and when used properly, it can make your life much easier! In this muscle testing workshop you will learn how muscle testing works, how to do it properly and how to apply it to important things in your life.

Help Yourself: Self Hypnosis for a Better Life Julia Ingram, Sat. May 28, 3-6 pm, $35 Journey to other realms. Rid yourself of negative beliefs, self-defeating patterns, and connect with your high-wise Self and Masters, using self-hypnosis.

Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society Karen Monteverdi, Sat. May 28, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Transformation doesn’t have to take forever, Karen’s book Living Consciously is offering a shortcut, by sharing with you her journey and what worked for her, offering you a possibility that might also work for you so you won’t have to wait years to “get it”!

Journey Circle: Explore the Magic Whitefeather, Sun. May 29, 11 am-1 pm, $15

Explore the magic of the journey and travel with Whitefeather (aka Anna Abraham) to higher realms of Awareness through the power of the circle and the 12 Chakra portals. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a sample of your pet’s hair.

Accepting Our Choices, Healing Our Stories: A Writing Workshop Jill Kelly, Sun. May 29, 2-5 pm, $30

Come find out: •Why we should tell our stories •How we can make peace and create art out of our choices •How we can use the past to write better stories for now and the future. No writing experience needed. Bring a journal.

NRB is OPEN Memorial Day, Monday, May 30. June

Experience Raja Yoga Yoga, Meditation & Teachings of Yogananda Wednesday nights in June See May 4 for details Guided Group Chakra Balancing with 9 Singing Crystal Bowls Nicole Asprocolas,Thurs. June 2, 7-8:30 pm, $12

While lying comfortably on your yoga mat and blanket (please bring them with you) the singing bowls and guided suggestions will help you be grounded within Mother Earth while connecting to the Source of All That Is.

You’re 50, 60, 70+, Now What? Sarah Stebbins & Mel Lee, Fri. June 3, 7-8:30, $12

Sarah and Mel guide you in the construction of a “life map” which helps you to start answering these critical questions: Now what? Where do I go from here? What are my desires for the future? What will it look like when I get there?

The Intuitive Path: Psychic Training to Guide Your Life Sara Wiseman, Sat. June 4, 11 am-2 pm, $40 Learn how to “open” your own psychic abilities, and utilize the amazing bridge between intuitive development and spiritual awakening. No experience necessary.

”Seldom do men realize how often God heeds their prayers. He is not partial to a few, but listens to everyone who approaches Him trustingly.” — Sri Yukteswar as quoted in Autobiography of a Yogi NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011


Events to Enlighten, Educate and Entertain For full event descriptions and to register go to or call (503) 224-4929. Myths and Mantras of Ganesha and Ganesha’s Abode of Bliss Meditation Margalo Ashley-Farrand, Sat. June 4, 3-6 pm, $35

Ganesha is the entire universe contained in a single form. Learn his rarely taught mantras to: • Invoke Ganesha’s help in every aspect of life: • Tune into angels and beings in higher realms • Stop someone from doing you harm • Remove energy blockages • Fix situations not working properly • Help the devas/nature spirits heal Mother Earth.

Past Life, Present Healing Sally Nelson, Sat. June 4, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Let the integration of breath work, body awareness, guided meditation, and chakra sound healing take you to a significant past life. Journeying can bring us inner awareness, compassion, self-love and acceptance. Take home methods for self-empowerment!

Touching the Angelic Realm Elizabeth Foley, Sun. June 5, 10:30 am-1:30 pm, $35

Learn the four forms of Divine Communication, enjoy exercises to help you to discover your natural style of communication, review some of the blocks that prevent you from connecting with the Angelic realm, and learn to recognize the Angel’s calling card.

Angel Readings for Beginners Elizabeth Foley, Sun. June 5, 2:30-5:30 pm, $35

An Angel Reading is an easy way to connect and talk with your Angels. Learn how to give accurate and healing angel readings, using psychic means and angel oracle cards through skill-building and experiential practice. An oracle card deck is required for the class (available at New Ren.)

Tibetan Energy and Healing Circle Francesca Fleming,Tues. June 7, 7-8:30 pm, $12 See May 10 for event description.

Tarot Spirituality Katrina Wynne,Thurs. June 9, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Explore with Katrina: • Spiritual, religious and philosophical influences upon Tarot and its symbols • Approaching Tarot as a spiritual teacher • Utilizing Tarot as a spiritual tool.

Vedic Astrology Predictions for the Second Half of 2011 Michael Vogt, Fri. June 10, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Learn the possibilities and predictions for you during the second half of 2011, as seen from the ancient Science of Light - Vedic Astrology. Discover the impact to our world of the rare and unique planetary transits from June through December 2011.

Beginning Tarot: Knowledge of the Cards Katrina Wynne, Sat. June 11, 10:30 am-5 pm, $65

Discover how the Tarot cards reflect the journey each of us travels in life, the “Hero’s Journey.” Learn their historical roots, easy ways to remember their messages, and a moving way to read cards. Bring your favorite deck or buy one at New Renaissance.

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Transcending Procrastination Chris Edgar, Sat. June 11, 6-8 pm, $20

Do you find yourself avoiding your work or running into creative blocks? Chris’s presentation will be packed with practices for finding focus, motivation and peace in what you do, and letting go of procrastination, without even leaving your desk.

Make Your Own Numerology Charm for Abundance and Health Rachel Zuses, Sun. June 12, 11 am-1 pm, $25 (includes materials)

Learn how to use numbers to bring growth, balance, and inspiration into your life. Numerology charms combine numerology and sacred geometry to focus specific energies for healing and manifestation.

The TaoSheba Technique: Energy Medicine for Pets and their People Anna Abraham, Sun. June 12, 2-5 pm, $30 Energy Medicine works for our pet companions too! Learn the power of natural healing and basic communication with your pet. Bring pet hair sample, pendulum and medium size stuffed animal.

Full Moon Drumming Circle: For Light, Love and Well Being Connie Hill,Tues. June 14, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Drumming helps clear and shift energy, and helps release what is no longer needed in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Inner Sustainability: Inspiration from Japan on Living a Rewarding, Ecologically Friendly Life Andy Couturier, Fri. June 17, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Couturier profiles eleven contemporary men and women that have made the transition to sustainable, deeply fulfilling lives in the mountains of Japan. He shows how we, too, can travel a meaningful path of living simply, with respect for our communities and our natural resources.

Uprooting the ‘Shoulds’:Transforming Your Negative Core Beliefs Carol Kline, Sat. June 18, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, $25 Our “shoulds” make us judge, blame, and criticize those around us (and ourselves). Learn a variety of hands-on exercises to turn frustrations, irritations, and anger into guideposts toward what’s really going on inside us.

Turn Back Time: Leveraging Intuition for AntiAging and Health Susan Wiley, Sat. June 18, 2-5 pm, $35

Learn about people’s experiences of altering their physicality just by changing their beliefs about themselves. Discover ways to think yourself physically younger through exercises designed to expand your mind and powerful creative nature. TheGreatAwakeningSaga. com/SusanWiley.html

Boost Your Vitality and Stamina: Intro to Energy Medicine Kathy Chambers, Sat. June 18, 6-8 pm, $20

The next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. Learn how to harness your body’s intelligence and energy to strengthen your immune system, manage stress, and enhance joy and overall health.

Shamanic Sound Healing: An Experiential Workshop Lauri Shainsky, Sun. June 19, 2-5 pm, $35

Join this joyful exploration of a blend of shamanism and sound healing. Rediscover the healing capacity of your voice, experience the guidance of the spirit world, laugh, and become attuned to using sound to heal and manifest.

Summer Solstice Sound Meditation Judith Kahealani Lynne,Tues. June 21, 7-8:30 pm, $12

25% OFF Crystal Bowls

New Renaissance Bookshop & Event Center

Using only our voices, we will sound in the “language that is before language.” From the place of the pure heart we will sound the divine symphony as it wishes to manifest through us in glorious song igniting the presence of ALOHA throughout the planetary grid.

The Conscious Living Store

1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove, 503-224-4929 or visit us at

NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011

Events & Readers continued on next page.

Readers Sara Wiseman, Clairvoyant May 1 & 12, June 5, 9, 15 & 29, July 13, 20 & 27, $130/hr. or $65/half hr.

Using divine intuition, trans-dimensional energy and compassion Sara provides you with a clear understanding of the next best steps to take on your life’s path.

Sara Wiseman, Intuitive Training May 1 & 12, June 5, 9, 15 & 29, July 13, 20 & 27, $130/hr.

NEW! Are you ready to walk the Intuitive Path? Author and intuitive expert Sara Wiseman offers custom, private training in psychic development, to students at all levels. Two or more sessions recommended. For FREE ebook-and music, visit

Autumn Edwards, Energy Reader & Intuitive Psychic May 2 & 23, June 18 & 22, July 18, $90/hour or $50/half hr.

Melding multiple traditions from shamanism to alchemy into a unique practice, Autumn Edwards uses an intuitive process to bring through universal energy for spiritual healing and psychic reading.

Ingrid Kincaid, Shamanic Rune Readings May 3, 5, 7, 11, 15 & 30, June 3, 16, 20 & 26, July 8, 24 & 30, $120/hr. or $70/half hr.

Ingrid Kincaid is a gifted intuitive reader of runes, a keeper of the old ways. When she reads she speaks in the voice of the ancient ones.

Ralph Gardner, Intuitive Reader May 4 & 17, June 1 & 24, July 6 & 15, $90/hr. or $55/half hr.

Ralph uses his gifts of clairvoyance and intuition to align with your Guidance providing images and messages offering clear, concise directions. He will engage with you a powerful clarity enabling you to move forward in your life’s direction.

Deborah Koan, Intuitive Tarot May 6 & 31, June 21 & 30, July 12, $100/hr. or $55/half hr.

Are you feeling frustrated or stuck? Do you lack direction or purpose? Deborah can help you find answers to questions about your relationships, career, family, health, even your children and pets.

Raina Rowland, Cards of Destiny Readings Fridays May 6 & 27, June 17 & 24, July 15 & 22, $100/hr. or $50/half hr.

In a session with Raina the Destiny Cards reveal past, present and future information about your life, including love, finances, work and health.

Shirley Scott, Animal Communication & Clairvoyant Readings May 7, $80/hour or $45/half hr.

Shirley is an animal communicator and clairvoyant. She communicates with animals as well as crossing the veil to talk to our loved ones on the other side. (Please leave your pets at home.)

Jerry Henderson, Intuitive Tarot May 8, 20 & 28, June 11, July 1, 16, 17, 29 & 31, $85/hr. or $55/half hr.

Jerry Henderson is a gifted intuitive reader who will lead you to find useful answers regarding relationships, career and your spiritual journey.

Anna Abraham, Chakra or Tarot Readings May 9 & June 27, $80/hr. or $50/half hr.

Anna sees into the visionary portals of the chakras and offers transformational readings combining chakra visions, mystical insights of the Tarot and the light inspired guidance of the archangels to help you on your soul’s journey.

Kelly Davidson, Astrological Counselor May 9 & 19, June 9, July 7 & 22, $125/hour or $65/half hr. Depending on the nature of your question, or particular challenge, Kelly will interpret the astrological influences currently affecting your life, and show you how to recognize and utilize the opportunities that are coming your way, and align yourself with planetary influences.

Lynn Buess, Numerology Readings May 10 & 25, June 28, July 19, $75/hr. or $40/half hr.

Learn the deeper meaning of your own numbers and better understand the life direction you have chosen. We examine strengths and potential within the personality and soul pattern and unconscious blocks that get in the way of what you really desire. 11

New Renaissance Bookshop 1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. • (503) 224-4929 •

For full event descriptions and to register please call or visit our website. June (continued)

Pain Free Workshop: Learn the Egoscue Method Martin McFarland, Fri. June 24, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Want to free yourself of chronic pain conditions such as: TMJ, carpal tunnel, neck, back, knee and shoulder pain? Learn how and why muscle imbalances cause pain. Utilize the book Pain Free by Pete Egoscue to master basic, corrective exercises for many kinds of pain. Portland.

Attracting Light Only: Balancing Duality’s Illusion Anlee Palmer, Sat. June 25, 11 am-1 pm, $20

Before we ascend, we must clear duality’s fearful, dysfunctional illusions which restrict the abundantly flowing, unlimited Love. This interactive class will help you overcome fear, and apparent loss with supporting Light. Knowing only Light, we balance duality.

Dream a New Dream Jan Engels-Smith, Sat. June 25, 2-5 pm, $35

Using personal development and human potential tools and practical exercises, you can learn to move through your life with understanding, tools and enthusiasm, to dream a new dream for yourself, your family and the world.

Nature, Soul, and Self: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Guidelines for a Prosperous Life Ruth Miller, Sat. July 2, 10:30 am-12:30 pm, $20 Learn about Emerson’s life and times, experience his love for the natural world and the One Soul that enlivens it, discover his specific guidelines for living a life of satisfaction and fulfillment, and walk through a process designed to bring these powerful ideas home. RLMillerphd. com

NRB is CLOSED on Monday, July 4. Experience Raja Yoga Yoga, Meditation & Teachings of Yogananda Wednesday nights in July See May 4 for details Wadjet and Osiris: The Cosmic Dance of Death,Transformation and Change Ruby Falconer,Thurs. July 7, 7-8:30 pm, $12

This summer, Wadjet (Uranus) which shatters and breaks through our resistance to change, will be square to Osiris (Pluto) who supports us as we move through the cycle of death and rebirth. Join Ruby to explore the window of opportunity provided by this transit and experience a shamanic journey.

Swami Aseshanandaji Maharaj: Portland’s Swami Without a Rolls Todd Thomas, Sat. June 25, 7-8:30 pm, $12

More than anything we long for loving relationships. Explore the dynamics of successful relationships. Romantic relationships, marriages, relationships with children, parents, siblings, friends, and co-workers, our relationship with our body, our culture, and our planet will all be covered.

New Connexion Wellness Night at New Ren Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet Nora Gedgaudas,Tues. June 28, 7-9 pm, $10 The secret to health lies in our past. Primal Body - Primal Mind combines the wisdom of our primal ancestors with the revelations of modern human longevity science to achieve an optimal state of body and mind. Not your mama’s paleo diet book!


Comfortable In Your Own Skin: Beauty Beyond Botox Candia Sanders, Fri. July 1, 7-8:30 pm, $12

This workshop is for women who want to be grateful for their bodies and responsible as they age. Join Candia Sanders to learn energetic beauty tips, instant attitude adjusters, and a guided visualization that can reprogram your subconscious anytime you need it.

New Renaissance Bestsellers

Top 10 Books 1. Book of Awakening - Mark Nepo 2. The Twelfth Insight - James Redfield 3. Taking the Leap - Pema Chodron 4. The Soulmate Secret - Arielle Ford 5. Buddha’s Brain - Rick Hanson 6. The Life Text - Steve Cohn 7. Mindful Eating - Jan Chozen Bays 8. Writing the Divine - Sara Wiseman 9. Pema Chodron Pocket Edition - Pema Chodron 10. How to Be an Adult in Relationships - David Richo


In our revolutionary world of uncertainty, complexity and choices, how do we know where we are going and how to get there? Experience, hands-on, the bestselling Voyager Tarot Deck as a universal proactive, holistic, intuitive, and archetypal guide for navigating your life.

Sustain Yourself: Recharge, Restore, Renew Yourself James Wanless, Sat. July 9, 2-6 pm, $45

James Wanless, Ph.D, creator of the best-seller Voyager Tarot, will unveil his new Sustain Yourself Cards, based upon the evergreen qualities of nature as a spiritual and practical path for living well and living long. See what Mother Nature has to say about your health, relationships, work and personal growth.

Creating Deeper Intuition: Make Your Mark and Connect to Spirit Whitney Ferre, Sun. July 10, 10:30 am-5:30 pm, $85 (includes materials and book The Artist Within)

Use color, line and shape to change your thought process and shift from our linear, hectic world pace, to a more intuitive, holistic state of mind. Learn Whitney’s paper weaving exercise, face collages, intuitive scribble drawings, mandalas, and her “drawing is energy” exercise.


To honor Swami Aseshananda’s memory Todd Thomas shares an overview of Swami’s life and teachings. You are invited to bring any questions you have about obstacles in your own spiritual practices.

One Soul, One Love, One Heart:The Sacred Path to Healing All Relationships John E.Welshons, Sun. June 26, 1-5 pm, $40

Voyager Tarot:The 21st Century Road Map James Wanless, Fri. July 8, 7-8:30 pm, $12

Readers Dawn Lianna, Intuitive Readings May 13, 23, 28 & 30, June 17, 19, July 2, 16, 25 & 29, $100/hr. or $60/half hr.

Using her intuition, Dawn looks “in” clairvoyantly and uses the pictures, feelings and sounds she picks up to give you insight into your direction and purpose and answers to your questions. She has a fun, enjoyable style.

Patricia Schaller, Pet Reader May 13, 14 & 18, June 14 & 20, July 5, 9 & 25, $95/hr. or $60/half hr.

Patty can help when you: • want to change a pet’s “bad” behavior • need to know why your pet’s behavior has changed • wonder about your pets’ lives before they came to you • or wondering if it’s the right time for your pet to transition to spirit.

Devika Battan, Intuitive May 14 & 21, June 18 & 25, July 9 & 23, $130/hour or $65/half hr.

Devika is an intuitive, offering advice to those seeking to understand the meaning of their life in the past, present, and future. Her guidance can help you transform your everyday experience to one of greater clarity, balance, peace, and happiness.

Rebecca Singer, Energy Readings based on Shamanic Healing Practices May 16 & 27, June 8, $85/hr. or $45/half hr. Using her hands as auric sensors Rebecca is able to observe the energy flow in and around your body and bring back information to you regarding physical health, ancestral or karmic issues and life purpose.

Jennifer Harbin, Motherpeace Tarot Readings May 21 & 22, June 11, July 2 & 26, $110/hr. or $60/half hr.

Down to earth, practical, and light-hearted, Jennifer’s readings provide immediate clarity and a renewed sense of trust in life’s passages.

Linda Cahan, Palmistry Psychic Counseling Sessions May 24, June 23, July 28, $100/hr. or $60/half hr. With the lines of your palm as a roadmap Linda helps you with any questions about relationships, and business, as well as spiritual and emotional issues.


Judith Hill, Astrologer May 26, July 14, $160/hr. (includes 2 hours of prep time)

An internationally recognized scholar, author and researcher, Judith offers you expert vocational, natal, spiritual, medical or transit readings.

Robin Hall,Tarot Readings May 29, June 25, July 3, $80/hr. or $50/half hr.

Robin’s readings are intuitive and down-toearth. With her counseling experience and intuitive skills, she works with you to shine light on your own highest good.

Sue Ridge, Inspiration Consulting & Intuitive Readings June 2 & 27, July 7 & 23, $85/hr. or $45/half hr.

Sue is a change specialist! Have some fun with Sue and discover what you really want to do, get clarity on what’s realistic, and feel like you have a renewed sense of purpose. You’ll walk away rejuvenated and enthusiastic about your future.

Elizabeth Foley, Angel Readings June 4, 6 & 7, $120/hr. or $65/half hr.

Your Angels want to help you with everything from sacred guidance to inspiration. They always speak from a place of love. A reading consists of using Angel and Fairy oracle cards and listening to the intuitive messages that are heard from your Angels.

Katrina Wynne,Tarot Counseling & Dream Analysis June 10, 12 & 13, $80/hour or $50/half hr. With wisdom and compassion, Katrina assists you in integrating the challenges and blessings of your life’s journey.

James Wanless,Voyager Tarot or NEW Sustain Yourself Card Readings July 10 & 11, $125/hour or $70/half hr.

James is playful, empowering, and a experienced teacher and reader. Bring your questions and issues, and James will help point you in the right direction. This is a unique opportunity to work with a true master of tarot!

NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011



High-Pressure Eclipses Catalyze Change By Emily Trinkaus

The energy is building toward a trio of eclipses — high-pressure catalysts for growth and transformation. What has been hidden beneath the surface now rises into awareness, and long-term changes that have been brewing behind the scenes are Emily Trinkaus

triggered into action.

The Gemini solar eclipse on June 1 is a super-potent new moon, instigating a major new beginning that will unfold over the next six months. The Sagittarius lunar eclipse on June 15 is an extra-emotional full moon, signifying the completion and culmination of past events. The third will be a Cancer solar eclipse on July 1.

Personal Sun and Ascendant Messages Aries (March 21 - April 19) At the June 1 solar eclipse, focus your thoughts and make a long-term plan. You’re preparing to present your ideas to the world in a bigger way. Gather the information you need and seek advice from a trusted friend. On June 4, lucky Jupiter enters your house of resources, bringing opportunities to cultivate your talents and strengthen your financial foundation over the next year.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Generous Jupiter visits your sign starting on June 4, initiating a year of expansion. Make the most of your enhanced confidence, optimism and enthusiasm by taking the risk of acting on your passions. June’s eclipses highlight the balance between holding on and letting go. Freeing yourself from what no longer inspires you creates an opening for what you truly desire.

Gemini (May 21 - June 21) The solar eclipse in your sign on June 1 signals a major turning point. Clarify your priorities and long-range goals, and streamline your commitments. Be willing to release versions of your identity that you’ve outgrown and that no longer feel authentic. At the June 15 lunar eclipse, a significant relationship may either grow or dissolve, in response to your new life direction.

Cancer (June 22 - July 22) A wave of change this spring and summer tests your ability to go with the flow. Clinging to the past or holding onto what feels familiar will increase stress rather than reduce it. Reinforce your inner world, while being flexible in responding to external circumstances — improving self-care habits is key. The July 1 eclipse in your sign signifies a dramatic rebirth, and May and June are your preparation period.

Leo (July 23 - August 22) June’s eclipses catalyze shifts in your social life. Plant seeds to attract allies who support your dreams, and let go of friendships that no longer feed you. Expansive Jupiter enters your career sector on June 4, putting your talents in the spotlight and opening doors to professional success over the next year. You’ve got cosmic support for finding a new job, getting a promotion, or making the move from employee to entrepreneur.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) The June 1 eclipse is a powerful time to launch a new direction in your work — speaking, writing and teaching are highlighted. If you’ve been juggling too many tasks and scattering your energy, this eclipse will also help you focus in on the goals that matter most. Starting June 4, joyful Jupiter will energize your desire to expand into unfamiliar territory, inspiring you to trust your instincts and take a leap of faith.

Libra (September 23 - October 23) Expand your perspective. June’s eclipses invite you to revamp your personal philosophy, and let go of self-limiting beliefs. The solar eclipse on July 1 will push NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011

the restart button in your professional life, and now is the time to release old perceptions of what’s possible, and open your mind to higher potentials. Unplugging from everyday routines, through travel or meditation, will help you access important inner guidance.

Scorpio (October 24 - November 22) June’s eclipses invite you to explore your financial options. Be willing to let go of an old income source that no longer inspires you, and utilize your talents in a creative new way. Generous Jupiter’s move into your relationship sector on June 4 brings opportunities for collaboration and partnership. If self-employed, take steps to expand your clientele — get out and network.

Sagittarius (November 23 - December 21) New possibilities in relationship arise at the solar eclipse on June 1. Flexibility, curiosity and open-mindedness are the keys that unlock this potential. The lunar eclipse in your sign on June 15 signifies the completion of an important personal project and puts you in the spotlight. You may also become aware of an aspect of your personality that you’re ready to transform, or a commitment that no longer fulfills you.

Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) The eclipses in June alert you to any ways you may be neglecting your self-care and soul-nurturing. June 1 is an ideal time to initiate healthy new routines that can support you in achieving your ambitions. Your ruling planet Saturn, retrograde since January, starts moving forward again on June 12. It’s easier to see your way forward in relationships and make progress toward work goals.

Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) Mental energy is high, as the eclipses awaken your love of learning and exciting new connections spark your inspiration. Talking about your dreams for the future attracts allies who can help you realize your goals. On June 4, Jupiter enters your domestic sector, initiating an auspicious year for upgrading your home and improving family relationships. Take steps to strengthen your foundation of support.

Pisces (February 20 - March 20) The balance between your personal needs and work responsibilities wants to be recalibrated by June’s eclipses. On June 1, you may gain a new insight into what truly nurtures you, and what drains your energy. A long-term work project, or professional path, could be coming to completion at the lunar eclipse on June 15. Trust the feeling of excitement to guide you through this time of change and toward a new future. Emily Trinkaus is a lifelong student of astrology and has practiced professionally since 1999. She is also a certified BodyTalk practitioner and Yin Yoga teacher. Visit www.virgomagic. com for details about sessions and events, or to read her weekly blog.


re you ready for the monly felt three months world to soften up? before and after they ocIn my New Year’s precur. Solar eclipses on June dictions for the coming year 1 and July 1 help you go (see the January/February to a deeper level of selfissue), I stated that there understanding in two would be raw, masculine different ways. energy combining with a The June 1 solar eclipse subtle influx of the divine is in the mental sign of feminine. The world has alGemini. You get to rethink ready experienced the masyour life to see the intelculine effects through revolectual box that has enlutions and earthquakes. gulfed your world view. If This forceful energy came you are willing to loosen through explosive Uranus up your perceived boundand expansive Jupiter movaries, you will remember By Mark Dodich ing into impatient Aries. that you are in an unlimNow it’s time for that softer feminine ited universe and there are a multitude of presence to make herself known. possibilities. Gemini has an uncanny way Compassionate Neptune recently of finding a way through even the most moved into spiritual Pisces to provide difficult situations, oftentimes combining early prophetic insights into 2012 and bemental anxiety with humor. yond. Between now and early August, you The solar eclipse on July 1 is in the are encouraged to bring forth your softer emotional sign of Cancer. It is time to power. Although the world is accustomed look at your life from a feeling-oriented to blowing things up to create change, the perspective. Nurture yourself and your initial seeds of a new (ancient?) method loved ones. for transformation are hinting at a new Tend to home improvement projects. way. Create a physical and emotional enviThis softer energy sneaks up on you like ronment that helps you feel safe and an incoming fog bank. It begins like a haze comfortable to carry you through the on the horizon, and then wafts around changes ahead. you until you are magically engulfed in Between these two solar eclipses is a a gentle, quiet cloud. The lesson is to surlunar eclipse on June 15. Where a solar render your intellectual mind so that you eclipse urges you to the depths to see can feel the intangible force that is coming where you need to start new projects, a your way. lunar eclipse pulls you apart emotionally. Neptune is just teasing us now with This lunar eclipse is in the signs Sagitthis intuitive energy, before fully moving tarius and Gemini. If you are excessively into Pisces in February 2012 and lasting bogged down in the mundane aspects through 2025. Make time during the next of your world, this eclipse reminds you few months to turn off your brain and disthat life is an adventure to be lived at the solve into the creative part of your being. fullest. The reality you currently see is meltGemini loves to take quick trips and ing like the bending clocks in a Salvador attend short classes. Sagittarius wants to Dali painting. If you hold onto old belief get out into the great outdoors to learn systems surrounding the way you earn great spiritual truths. Step out of your your living, participate in relationships, humdrum routines. A study quoted in a or pretty much anything that television recent Newsweek article stated that changcommercials tell you is true, then you are ing your routines is the best way to keep heading for disillusionment. If you want your brain active and healthy. Drive a difto make your life easier, allow this gentle ferent way to work, attend a group event energy to help you reframe the way you that is out of your normal path or try out look at yourself and your world. a culturally unique restaurant. There is an old Marlo Morgan book The next several months are preparing (Mutant Message Down Under) about her you to bring your dreams into reality, experiences traveling in the dreamtime even those dreams that are not currently with Aboriginal bush people. She talked in your conscious awareness. It is imabout how they would decide to change portant to step out of your comfortable who they were from time to time — the perspective now. Be willing to float in tracker decided to be a musician, or the a fantasy world, knowing that some of healer decided to become the storyteller. those dreams may very well come into Take time this summer to travel through reality in 2012. your own dreamtime reality. Make room Mark Dodich has been a professional in your busy life for uncluttered, clear astrologer and intuitive consultant since space. This creates an opening to revision 1980. His specialties include natal astrology, your current storyline. Neptune in Pisces relocation astrology maps and seven ray brings the dream to you when you open spiritual purpose astrology. Receive his free the gateway to unseen possibilities. Astromark newsletter and download a free To help you go beyond the veils of the Basic Astrology Primer at www.astromark. tangible world, three eclipses are now us or call 503-252-1558. building energy to help you adjust your reality. The effects of an eclipse are com-

Moving into the Dreamtime

Anamchara Stables Healing Horse Retreats Celtic Weekend • June 24-26 Ancient Wisdom • July 22-24 Hero’s Journey • Sept 16-18 Take time to contemplate the simple beauty of an animal, flower, or a tree. You will find the beauty of your own soul. Hillsboro, Oregon (503) 647-5176 13


Greater than Fire: Hydrino as New Energy Source


orget the stereotype of inventors of revolutionary energy breakthroughs — they aren’t necessarily garage tinkerers or lacking academic credentials. An outstanding example is Dr. Randell Mills of Princeton, New Jersey. He has a medical degree from Harvard and studied electrical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mills and his colleagues have had more than 80 peerreviewed science papers published about his new chemical process that releases energy from hydrogen atoms without combustion and without any harmful radiation. How could that affect our future? It could mean powering all industries, homes and vehicles with a source of clean fuel so abundant that it falls from the sky — water. Mills’ company, BlackLight Power, refers to its inventions as being greater than fire. BlackLight Power has recently negotiated multiple commercial agreements that license power companies to use the BlackLight process to make heat for generating electricity. Mills has a further invention that produces electricity directly. The route that brought this doctor into the alternative energy field began in a different type of field — growing crops on his father’s farm in Pennsylvania. Harvesting hay and corn from his own leased acreage while in high school taught young Mills to be resourceful and undaunted by setbacks. He also observed that nature is rich and complex but also understandable, predictable and unified. The energetic young farmer was making money and had no plans to go to college,

By Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon with a consequent release of energy. His despite having been considered the class experiments validated this concept. genius in high school. However, his outAlthough Mills’ theory is controversial, look on life abruptly changed when he fell independent laboratories have repliinto a glass door. The accident, and the cated his findings. A Rowan Universix hours of surgery needed to repair his sity team found that his hand and arm, shook hydrogen-and-catalyst up his thinking. While Breakthrough reaction produces far hospitalized from loss more heat than stanof blood and contemdard chemistry can acplating his mortality, count for. Other private he became determined laboratories have reto learn what he was cently obtained similar doing on Earth — and results, calling their how everything works. process “fractional hyMills had enough drogen.” profits from farming Since the process reto pay his tuition at a leases about 200 times local college, and he more energy than burngraduated at the head ing an equal amount of his class. Taking as a A series on of hydrogen gas, very role model the surgeon alternative sources little water is needed to who had saved his life, provide the hydrogen. he went on to Harvard of energy that can The company says only Medical School. His transform how we one-millionth of a liter plan, however, was to power the world. of water per second is develop new medical needed per kilowatt technologies rather of electric power prothan practice medicine. duced. The power density compares favorHow did he leap from medical field ably to that of coal and nuclear fission, so inventing to the effort to save the world the technology can be used for affordable from the effects of polluting fuels? Mathheating, electricity generation and powerematics was the bridge — Mills developed ing vehicles. his own unified physics theory. To test his By-products of the BlackLight process theory’s predictions, he experimented with include novel hydrogen compounds that ordinary water and a catalyst. Water is have promise as useful new materials, made of molecules, each binding an oxyperhaps preventing the need for destrucgen atom with two hydrogen atoms. His tive mining of various metals from the theory predicted that a hydrogen atom’s earth. Stable hydrino gas is also produced. electron orbit could be tightened, forming Lighter than helium, it floats harmlessly up a smaller atom that he calls a “hydrino,” through the atmosphere if released.


Direct to Electricity

The company now has an exciting variant to its thermal process that is said to be more efficient and cost-effective. BlackLight’s catalyst-induced-hydrinotransition technology (CIHT) is a unique electrochemical cell that generates electricity directly from the reaction of hydrogen and catalyst. Capital costs are projected to be only about two percent of the cost of building conventional coal-fired or natural gas-fired power plants, because fossil fuel power plants must burn fuel, boil water and make steam that turns a turbine to produce electricity. The CIHT process is much more streamlined in comparison. As with BlackLight’s thermal process, CIHT could allow efficient electrical

generators to be built in a wide range of sizes, from small appliance to large power plant scale. For vehicle applications, Mills pictures a concept long-distance electric car whose drivetrain would be powered by a clean onboard process without need for the expensive, bulky batteries and supplemental internal combustion engine that are common in the current generation of electric vehicles. The financial weight and political power of the dominant energy industries discourage some energy innovators but it hasn’t stopped Mills. He doesn’t report having suffered the physical harassment and threats that some inventors have endured. Opposition came instead in the form of public ridicule from the academic sector that relies on government grants. For instance, one physicist connected to the hot-fusion research establishment declared that science already knows everything about the hydrogen atom and that Mills’ work was junk science. However, Mills has continued to forge ahead, advancing his very real technology. A more serious obstacle occurred when, needing the patent protection crucial to winning investors, there arose evidence of behind-the-scenes interference with Mills’ patent application. Despite the interference, the inventive doctor found ways to raise funds for his energy research. Since Mills’ mathematics solves equations for figuring out the physical structure of electrons in atoms and molecules, a subsidiary of BlackLight sells a separate product that doesn’t threaten the energy establishment. Biological and industrial scientists buy that software product to map properties of various metals and chemicals. Meanwhile, BlackLight Power plans to continue licensing its thermal energy process, which will hopefully soon result in large-scale retrofits of existing polluting power plants, while creating new green jobs for specialists and workers in building clean energy plants that use greater than fire technologies. Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon are coauthors of Breakthrough Power: How QuantumLeap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World. Manning is also the author of The Coming Energy Revolution and Garbon is president of the New Energy Movement. Visit and

Has communication broken down in your relationship? Are you looking for more authentic intimacy in your (next) relationship?


This is individual work, couples are welcome but not required Intimate Communication helps uncover some of our deepest misperceptions about LOVE & SEXUALITY and how they affect our RELATIONSHIPS. We also address the wisdom of CONFLICT and the role it plays in our lives. Learn the language that your body uses to communicate with you and discover the wisdom that is always there, ready to guide you to greater inner freedom and joy.

Gilly Adkins, a senior instructor in the BodyTalk System, is a gifted teacher who uses humor and compassion to facilitate deep personal work. “Intimate Communication with Self ” evolved out of her own need to gain clarity in these areas of life. 14

Intimate Communication supports deep levels of self honesty, self compassion and self forgiveness. Upcoming class: Portland, OR • May 13–15, 2011 Class size is limited. Please visit or call 503-680-7020 for more details and/or to register. NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011


Finding Happiness, from page 1 career and calling — underscores the critical importance of self-knowledge, as well as integrating both logic and intuition, in making the wisest possible life decisions. The service you provide in the world can become a meaningful path of personal and spiritual growth. The third purpose — discovering your life path — addresses a hidden calling you’re here to explore, a personal path that for most people remains obscure. The strengths you possess and challenges you face highlight a deeper mission you’re here to fulfill. The fourth purpose — attending to this arising moment — brings the first three into sharp focus and down to earth, en-

abling you to integrate all the others with awareness and grace, here and now. For anyone seeking deeper insight into themselves and their lives, but especially for those at a crossroads, facing a challenge or change, when “business as usual” no longer applies, I invite you to explore the four key purposes that can provide meaning and direction in your life, and in a changing world. Dan Millman, author of The Four Purposes of Life, is a former world champion athlete and coach. Visit Reprinted with permission by New World Library at See Millman on May 11 at Powell’s Books in Portland.

Free Usui

Reiki 1 Training and Certification – 6 hour Value of class: $150.00 — Your cost: Zero! No obligation to take Reiki II or III This FREE Gift Certificate is brought to you by New Connexion and the Reiki Ranch. It entitles you and a friend to attend a 6-hour Energy Healing Workshop at the Reiki Ranch Energy Healing School on a Saturday. Registration at 8:00 AM, Class at 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Become a Reiki Master for only $200!

Taylore and Roi have been training Reiki Masters since 1994. 16 hours of CEU’s available. ™

Reiki 1 Dates: Free Reiki I: Saturday, July 23 – no charge Reiki 1-2-3 Reiki Master Weekend: • July 23 – 24, Saturday and Sunday

on International & Local Terrestrial Radio see website for more details

My mission and intention is one of positive dialog and communication while creating a safe environment, a playform and maintenance tool via the radio. All the while facilitating a positive change and living a life of contribution.

Sue Lundquist, Owner

Laser Reiki • Advanced Reiki Energy Training • Instant Pain Release • Rejuvenate Organs Learn Instant Pain Release 4-Day Extraordinary Laser Reiki Workshop given 3 times a year! If you’ve had Reiki before, there will never be a better time to polish that connection to Source. Reiki Ranch is located near Chehalis, WA — only 1½ hours north of Portland and 1½ south of Seattle. Email: • (360) 748-4426 Reservations



e to



of th

e reen country’s fi Chu rche rst s!”

r “G

You’re Invited To The Celebration!

Healing Our World Through Acceptance & Joy

10:30 am This and Every Sunday

JULY 21 – 24, 2011


Eastside Bahai Center

Homa (the sacred fire ceremony)

16007 NE 8th Street Bellevue,WA 98008 (425) 957-1919

Sunday, July 24 • 9 am – 1 pm

Spiritual Discourse & Darshan Thursday, July 21 • 7 pm

Individual Blessings & Saraswati Diksha Friday, July 22 • 10 am – 1:30 pm

One Day Silent Meditation Retreat Saturday, July 23 • 8 am – 6 pm

Lake Sammamish State Park 2000 NW Sammamish Rd. Issaquah, WA 98027

“Rev. Barry Dennis is the most dynamic minister/songwriter poet/humorist/musician/ spiritualist in the area today!” — Jim Hanson, Independent Journalist

Celebration Church is Christian-based & Non-Denominational, honoring all faiths who teach love. A place for those who love church ... avoid church ... and all of those in between! Including some of the world’s best Guest Teachers — Alan Cohen, Dr. Harold Bloomfield, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Rev. Kathleen Verigin and many more.

For more information on sponsorship of the puja, please contact (425) 337-2940 email:

Honoring All Faiths That Teach Love Conference Center at Stafford Woods 25030 SW Parkway Avenue, Wilsonville (East of I-5 at Exit 286) Info Line 503-705-5832

NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011



Reader’s Choice Join the Reader’s Choice Club and review books and CDs for New Connexion. The products you review are yours to keep—our way of saying thanks for volunteering and providing this valuable service. The club meets bimonthly to share insights on books and CDs reviewed. Email for details.

— Alice R. Berntson

Natural Abundance: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Guide to Prosperity, Ruth L. Miller, Atria Books / Beyond Words, 2011, $14

Emerson was an innovative thinker who created the foundation for the ideas be-


Dr. Gary Schwartz has doggedly pursued the truth regarding the survival of consciousness and the afterlife through rigorous experiments following established scientific protocols. Ethical researchers look for results to support or negate hypotheses, but even in the face of seemingly overwhelming evidence of the afterlife, Schwartz still maintains a small smidgen of healthy skepticism. Schwartz has often referred to a quote from William James, the distinguished Harvard professor of psychology who studied mediums in the early 1900s: “In order to disprove the law that all crows are black, it is enough to find one white crow.” Schwartz has found many white crows, especially as his continuing research yields even more startling results. His sacred promise is that the journey to spirit awaits us.

hind the spiritual New Thought movement in the late 19th Century. Using common sense and his love of nature, he was a forerunner in presenting the power of positive thinking. Ruth Miller, a T O R’ DI Northwest-based minister E

The Sacred Promise: How Science is Discovering Spirit’s Collaboration with Us in Our Daily Lives, Gary E. Schwartz, Atria Books / Beyond Words, 2011, $25

and scholar, presents the teachings of Emerson in a modern context. Miller’s CHOICE insightful interpretation makes Emerson’s tenets even more valuable and timely for the modern reader. Emerson’s recognition of the power of nature and the natural rhythm and flow of life ring true through Miller’s expanded essays on natural and spiritual laws. Natural Abundance shows how truth is eternal, and we can turn to these teachings again and again as we continue to evolve on the spiritual journey. — Vicky Thompson

When Tomorrow Speaks to Me: Memoirs of an Irish Medium, Bridget Benson, Llewellyn, 2010, $15.95

Bridget Benson relates how she has been a medium since the age of three, but didn’t really understand until she was older. For those of us in the U.S., her experiences growing up in rural Ireland provide an interesting glimpse into the Irish landscape and culture. Benson’s engaging writing style makes us feel her pain when she is given a

message that her father will die within five years, and in the tender family moments when a loved one is actually dying. Many mediums have written books about their experiences, so in that regard Benson’s book is not unique. But reading about her father’s continued presence in her life after his death reassures us that our loved ones never truly leave us. Just as Benson has been comforted by her father’s presence, we too learn that life is so much more than sometimes meets the eye. — Alice R. Berntson

The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse, Debbie Ford, HarperOne, 2010, $14.99

Debbie Ford’s consciousness cleanse helps you let go of toxic thoughts and behaviors. You are able to purge old emotions and move forward into transformation of who you really want to be. I was able to take each day and go through the cleansing rituals and morning practices at my own pace. This book is highly recommended to anyone in search of soul food.

negative karma and create new good karma.

— Alice R. Berntson

The Science of Making Things Happen, Kim Marcille Romaner, New World Library, 2010, $14.95

Science or common sense? If we want something in our life, wishing won’t make it happen. It makes sense to visualize and define what you want the end result to be, then make a plan on how to achieve it. Believing that what you want will happen and taking specified action steps toward achieving your goal will make it more likely. This sequence of events is Romaner’s basic premise that any possibility can happen. We just have to “amplify” the possibilities by taking the prescribed steps to accomplish our dreams. Romaner uses concepts from quantum physics, decoherence and the inverse zeno effect to explain that all possibilities exist — we need to act to pluck out those suitable to our goals. Taking progress measurements and recording them in inverse zeno reports help make goals happen. — Alice R. Berntson

— Annette Epifano

Karma and Reincarnation: Unlocking Your 800 Lives to Enlightenment, Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, 2010, $16.95

Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally, Judy Graham, Healing Arts Press, 2010, $19.95

Readers will likely see world history and current events from a new perspective after reading Karma and Reincarnation. Like pieces of a giant puzzle, each event throughout time fits together with other events for a reason. The authors assert that everyone has about 800 lives on this planet before we have learned all the lessons we need and experienced all sides of life before (finally) reaching enlightenment. Barbara Martin provides a fascinating tour of the afterlife, karma in human history and the reincarnation process. Dynamics of karma and free will are explored in several aspects of life, such as money, relationships, career and more. We are given many chances to improve ourselves, remove old

Multiple sclerosis is a maddeningly illusive disease. Symptoms vary greatly from person to person. New medicines can slow the disease and alleviate some symptoms, but there is no cure, and, for some forms of the disease, no treatment. In Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally, Judy Graham, an Englishwoman who has lived with MS for more than 35 years, provides an exhaustive overview of approaches to managing the disease — everything from diet, food sensitivities, vitamins, crystals, Pilates and other forms of body work to cannabis, canes and hyperbaric oxygen, to scratch the surface. An update of a book first published in 1984, Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally also probes possible causes and psychological pitfalls of MS, with plenty of information about research studies and dozens of resources listed. — Fran Gardner


S E L E E A S R Discover new tools for conscious living • Read reviews and articles • Listen to interviews • Find enlightening events

The Fountain of Youth Naomi Call

Learning Little Hawk’s Way of Storytelling Kenneth Little Hawk

Gathering of the Forces of Light Benjamin Creme

HumaniTrees Joan Klostermann-Ketels

The Path of Synchronicity Allan G. Hunter

The Whale Whisperer Madeleine Walker Click on New Releases 16



PACIFIC NORTHWEST RESOURCE GUIDE Oregon State: Portland Metro: 17–18 • Ashland: 18 • Oregon Coast: 18 • Washington State: 18 •

Oregon State • Portland Metro • BOOKSTORES & GIFT SHOPS


Soul-to-Soul Intuitive Consultations Do you want to embrace yourself from a deeper perspective? I can help you gain clarity around feelings, discover core issues, and guide you in understanding how the facets of your life weave the tapestry of your soul’s journey.

Addressing matters in emotional challenges, relationships, personal energy use, intuitive living, health and wellbeing, spiritual growth, career path, life decisions, business, grief recovery, and end-of-life concerns. Rev. Margaret LeMay, CCHt, RM Intuitive Consultant and Life Coach Spiritual Counselor Certified Hypnotherapist/Reiki Master Experienced • Professional • Affordable Sessions by appointment only • In-person, by phone, or email.

Intuitive Consultations/Readings • Soul History Regressions (Past Life) • Intuitive Soul Coaching • Spiritual Counseling and Guidance • Energy Wellness.

Gift Certificates Available 503-383-2800 • •


Astrology & Tarot by Mark F. Dodich ~ Since 1980


Journey into your new career & live into your greatness.

bout Call a ck st-tra our fa tion a rtific e c C AC ives! intens

* WPD Life Coach Certification * WSD Organizational Leadership Coach Certification Trainings Leadership Development & Coach Training Center

Changing the Economy Starts with Changing You! The best investment is an investment in yourself.

Working with a mentor allows you the ability to grow and expand yourself at an accelerated speed. We offer coaching and mentoring with five life changing programs, The Winner’s Image, Goal Achiever, Success Puzzle, You Were Born Rich and Mission in Commission, are all cutting edge proven methods to succeed.

Jeff Mays works with Bob Proctor as a LifeSuccess Consultant to teach the LifeSuccess Learning Systems programs. May/June Offerings: • FREE MasterMind groups starting each month. • Summer special pricing for the “Success Puzzle” 4-week mentoring program. Contact me for additional offerings.

Jeff Mays • Success for Life, LLC 360-450-6093 • •

Kendall School of Reflexology Are you looking for a new direction in life? Do you want to help people suffering from painful disorders?

REFLEXOLOGY is an ancient therapy which has helped thousands of people for centuries. The Kendall School has structured a fourpart course, teaching the theory and practical application of Re�exology. Weekend courses are held in McMinnville.

Re�exology Association of Oregon Re�exology Association of America

Full details: Chrys Kendall • re� • 503-583-5944 Janice Robertson • • 503-325 0458 www.kendallre�


SPRING into ACTION! You have a right to live a life of passion, power and purpose. Call now to �nd comfort, con�dence and success with the professional and experienced guidance of Lia R. Dunlap, CCHT; The Power Plan™ Author, Inspired Power Plan Coach and Certi�ed Clinical Hypnotherapist.

An astrology chart is one of the most important tools for personal growth. Periodic updates help you take maximum advantage of changing cycles.

Natal Astrology with transiting cycles EARTHLINES™ (AstroCartoGraphy®) Mapping your best locations on planet earth Seven Ray Spiritual Purpose Astrology Relationship Compatibility, Business Astrology. Call for FREE ASTROMARK Astrology Forecast Newsletter

Telephone consultations worldwide from Portland, Oregon 503-252-1558 • Weekly Astrology Forecast & Class Schedule at


Dialogue with the Energy of Spirit! Guided Counseling: Personal growth, careers, relationships, life changes Etheric Healing: Choose from 11 types including Activation and Ascension (newest!), Hero’s Journey, Healing Spectrums. Communicate directly with Loved Ones who have transitioned – or even new souls who wish to incarnate with you!

Sound and Cellular Healing: Dialogue with your Higher Self, Angelic Lineage, & Healing Masters. We sing your cells and your life into alignment and radiance. Energy Classes: Reiki 1, 2 & Master; Karuna Reiki Master™, Language of Light Healing Master™, Quantum Etheric Healer: Spectrum Energetics™ Mentoring: Quantum healing techniques for therapists, health care, energy workers

Dr. Lorelynn Mirage Cardo, Ph. D. • Arise Counseling & Healing Center • 503-690-7727 •

Michelle Christensen MS

Shamanic Counselor and Reiki Master / Teacher Shamanism is the most ancient healing method known to humankind. Our ancestors understood that dis-ease arose from a disconnection between the body and the soul. Through the Shamanic healing practices of Extraction, Soul Retrieval and the Shamanic journey, the gap between body and spirit is restored, personal power is reclaimed and dysfunctional behavior patterns are released.


Reiki Master Training: April 29-May 1


Reiki I: May 20-21


Reiki II: June 17-18


Basic Shamanic Journey Workshop: June 25

Questions? Call Michelle at 503-516-4001 or go to

Julia Ingram, M.A. Master Hypnotherapist

Personal Growth, Hypnosis, Past-Life Regressions Hypnotherapy is as much about going within as going back — going to the source of an issue where deep and lasting change is possible. My expertise is in helping you: Reverse negative life patterns such as poor relationships, limiting beliefs, fears,

phobias, blocked creativity, addictions, and health problems. With over four decades of experience, I am very con�dent in my work and therefore my clients feel safe with me. Nothing is too far out or too deeply hidden. Julia Ingram is the NY Times Bestselling coauthor of The Messengers and author of The Lost Sisterhood.

Hollywood Professional Center • 3939 NE Hancock St, #204 • Portland, 97212 503-936-0134 •

Paul M Rakoczy, LCSW, MSW, CADC III Humanistic Therapist, Reiki Master

At Divine Strategy you can: • Release negative habits or phobias • Maximize focus, study skills & sports performance • Create a plan for reaching your goals

Receive a FREE 30-Min Hypnotherapy or Coaching Consultation When you use the Book Now! link on our site.

419 NW 23rd, Suite 101, Portland • • Call now 503-928-7478

Experience talk therapy from a humanistic, relational perspective. For personal growth or human difficulties such as depressive moods, anxiety, addictions or conflict resolution. Also, Reiki energy work, individual sessions, attunements/initiations & Reiki shares.

• • • • • •

Humanistic Style Therapy/Spirituality Desensitization Training Licensed Clinical Social Worker Individual & Family Therapy Experience Working with Adolescents Most insurances accepted Free consultation Call for appointment or more information

Wise Counsel & Comfort 423 NE 60th & Glisan • Portland 97213 • 503-997-8611 NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011




Lightbody Integration & Ascension Facilitation

Keelin Anderson, LMT, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Keelin facilitates moments of deep stillness for the body, generating the potential energy necessary for the release of old holding patterns and the re-realization of intrinsic whole being health.


The current and unprecedented planetary shifts invite us to leave behind old selves to make way for full integration of our lightbodies. This process is physical and many of us are experiencing body pain, emotional upheaval, and challenging relationship transitions. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy can help.

Sliding scale available upon request. 503-544-9977 • • OR Lic#15741

Experience a Quantum Shift in Well-Being Through Shamanic Sound Healing With Dr. Lauri J. Shainsky, Shamanic Sound Healer & Reiki Master Intention x Love x Spirit x Sound = Manifestation and Healinge

Shamanic Sound Healing Sessions and Training • Reclaim your divine power & wisdom! • Heal the spiritual dimensions keeping you from optimal wellness! • Increase the vibrancy of your soul! • Re-empower your voice!

Spirit-guided sound through Lauri brings: Energetic clearing & balancing, recharging your true self with vibrancy & love. Soul retrieval & power animal retrieval, returning to you divine essence and power. Spiritual problem-solving and pattern transformation. Open Community Sound Healing Night: June 14, 6:30 pm (open and free to the public)

HEALTH & HEALING • 503-637-3407

Energy Healing Clinic E.H.P. Amber Kurt

Noninvasive healing for adults, children and animals.

You never need to tell us what is ailing you.

Your physical body is never touched.

Free or reduced cost sessions are available each month.

We can help heal most afflictions.

Please come and get to know me better by visiting my website.

Your privacy is always respected.


Crystal Wizard Gallery Enter this magical place by the sea … Browse its chambers, finding treasures at every turn … Go on, spoil yourself or find a special gift for a friend …

Visit or call 503-871-4911 435 NE Evans St. • McMinnville, OR

A Healing Approach Holistic Care Wellness Starts with You

Feel like something is missing in your life? Are you tired of living with constant anxiety, depression, or emotions? Want relief from chronic pain and illness? Seeking a therapy that will create positive changes and higher consciousness? Take the step today to grow and heal with this amazing, powerful and gentle technique.

Based on your intentions I work with the subtle energy systems of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body to strengthen and enhance your body’s natural ability to heal. • • • • •

Reiki Healing Sessions Healing Attunements Aura Clearing Chakra Balancing Reiki Courses

Call for your free consultation

Open Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm

• Crystals and Gemstones of every description • • Exquisite Jewelry • Books • Art • Music • Candles • Incense • Cards • Beautiful & Unique Gifts from around the world • Psychic Readings Available – call for information

7150 Gleneden Beach Loop • Gleneden Beach, OR 97388 541-764-7550 •


Tammy Slate • Usui Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher • • 503-784-4707


Blue Buddha Bodywork: Specializing in Pain Management For headaches, shoulders, feet and everything in between I offer intuitive, deep, energy-infused massage to relieve your aches and pains, reduce your stress, and increase your overall sense of well-being. I have created a wonderful relaxing healing space in my private home office in North Portland and I am also available for outcall.

• • • • • • •

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Cranio-Sacral Re�exology Lymph Drainage Reiki Energy Balancing Crystal and Sound Healing

Jonathan Moore-Garrison • Reiki Master LMT #13871

Blue Buddha Bodywork • 6343 N Vancouver Ave. • Portland, OR 97217 • 971-409-2919


Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center Rejuvenating Oasis for Awakening

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founded by Gabriel Cousens, MD, MD(H), is an Oasis for Awakening — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual! Gabriel shares the message here, around the world through bestselling books and his

own weekly Internet Radio Shows, and the Tele-Seminars. Our calendar of powerful programs includes: Spiritual Fasting, the Zero Point Process, the New Years Silent Meditation Retreat, Conscious Eating, Sacred Relationships, and the Educational Live-Food and Farming Education Apprenticeships.



Washington State HEALTH & HEALING

Jin Shin Jyutsu®

Trust in the Freedom to Be and Now Know Yourself Jin Shin Jyutsu brings balance to the body’s energies, promoting our own profound healing capacity. It is a valuable complement to conventional healing methods, inducing relaxation and reducing stress. It’s not a physical manipulation of tissue and uses only minimal pressure.

The hands are used as “jumper cables,” contacting 26 “safety energy locks” to redirect or unblock the �ow of energy along its pathways. In a session, after “listening” to the energy pulses in the wrists, a practitioner employs a harmonizing sequence or “�ow” to unblock pathways and restore the energy.

Judy Thomas • Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner • Reiki Master • 727-692-5002 • By Appointment

NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011

Daily Practice, from page 1 meditation, setting your intention, expressing gratitude and most of all, surrendering to the flow of life. Just as plugging a computer into an electrical source gives it the power it needs to run, you must also “plug in” to divine source regularly so that your heart remains fully charged. Remember that even though you might be sophisticated and clever, and perhaps are full of ideas and creative expression, you don’t generate your own power. No one does. You need to tap into a greater power source in order to function at optimal levels. Whether or not you believe or accept it, you depend on a greater source for your life force other than your limited “ego-mind.” That power also doesn’t come from other people (through seeking their approval), as you probably have been taught in the past. It’s no wonder that people distrust, feel threatened by, and fight with each other. Those who are disconnected from spirit often tend to manipulate and control others to feed off of their energy in order to sustain themselves. This is achieved through intimidation, guilt, shame, flattery, bullying and whatever else to which the ego resorts. However, authentic power comes from the divine creator, who loves everyone unconditionally. When we realize this and begin to plug into this true source of ceaseless power, we can heal all sense of unworthiness and separation. With daily practices that reorient your attention away from the fear that arises from the ego, your sense of inner peace returns. When you surrender your attention to this higher force and allow it to direct your life, magic begins. Synchronicity replaces struggle. Doors open instead of close. Your relationships improve instead

Join us at New Connexion’s

of break down, and you’ll notice that the people treat each other like friends instead of enemies. When you connect to source, you realize there is enough for everyone, so the need to be ready to battle disappears. This is a huge shift in perception for most people and takes more than a decision to fully accept and embody. Such transformation requires an entire reordering of your life. You must want to make this shift so intensely that you rearrange your priorities, examine and change your beliefs as needed, implement new habits and behaviors, and entertain different thoughts on a daily basis. You must create yourself anew. The way is not complicated once the decision is made, however. It simply involves a new set of personal priorities and committing to a daily practice of surrendering yourself to the guidance of the spirit within. Once you do so, your positive personal experiences will provide the motivation to continue. Each day surrendered to spirit is a day lived as an authentic and holy being, rather than another day endured as an artificially controlled and fearful soul. If you’re ready to reconnect with your kefi — your beautiful, peaceful, holy spirit — simply decide right now to leave the past behind and commit to the consciousness and daily practice that your transformation requires. Sonia Choquette, author of The Power of Your Spirit, is a world-renowned author, storyteller, vibrational healer and six-sensory spiritual teacher. Visit www.soniachoquette. com. Excerpted with permission by Hay House at

health, personal growth and conscious living.


of new ideas on alternative

Network with others in the community who are interested in whole living. Bring your flyers for our free information table.

• May 24 •

Solving the Success Puzzle

Master success coach Jeff Mays gives you the missing pieces to achieving your ideal life. Success is like a puzzle: Without a picture to follow, it’s difficult to complete. The Success Puzzle gives you a clear goal to work toward. Visit • June 28 •

Primal Body - Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet

The secret to health lies in our past. Author Nora Gedgaudas shares how to combine the wisdom of our primal ancestors with the revelations of modern human longevity science to achieve an optimal state of body and mind. Visit

Tuesdays at 7-9 pm • $10 at New Ren Participants receive a $2 discount coupon good toward New Ren purchase that day.

New Renaissance Bookshop

1338 NW 23rd Ave. at Pettygrove St. in Portland • Details on the Calendar at NEW CONNEüION May/June 2011


TRANSFORMATION Healing Ourselves — Healing Our Planet … Together The 15th Annual


Saturday, August 6, 10-7 Sunday, August 7, 9-5 Inside Yachats Commons Building ✧In Beautiful Yachats, Oregon ✧

65 Exhibitors ✧ 25 Seminars Practitioners ✧ Products Readers ✧ Crystals & Jewelry ✧ Crafts Come to the Coast Rejuvenate with the Renowned Healing Energy of Yachats $3 Weekend Admission Donation Includes Hourly Seminars Children 12 and Under FREE

BOOTH SPACE AVAILABLE ✧ • 541/547-4664 email to Proudly supported by


Wellness AT N E W R E N

monthly wellness sampler

Chuckling Cherubs Spiritual Ministry Presents

Rev. Julie Applegate

Rev. Cathi Condon

Open Spirit provides the tools and spiritual practices that transform lives and awaken individuals to the experience of Divine Love as a conscious reality.

Sunday Celebration Children’s Church 11:00 am

Meditation 9:50 am

10209 SE Division, Ste. 3 Portland, OR 97266 Lower level, behind building

Call 503-206-8027 for classes, retreats & Enneagram workshops

503-206-8027 We believe that the universe is spiritual and has intelligence, purpose, beauty, and order. Our beliefs are in harmony with all the world’s great spiritual teachings, and we honor all paths to God. Whether we call it God, Spirit, Energy, or Universal Intelligence, we are ever conscious that all people, places, and things emanate from this Universal Intelligence that is within us and all around us.


Food Sensitivities to Go




FREE 20 Years of Well-Being




May/June 2011  

New Connexion bridges spirituality and practicality for everyday conscious living. Readers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond look to New C...

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