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Newcomb Secondary College Newsletter 81-85 Bellarine Highway Newcomb Vic 3219 Phone: 03 5248 1400 Fax: 03 5248 3523 Email: Website: SMS student absences: 0428 602 270

Coming Events

Thurs 18th

Friday 19th

TUESDAY 16th April 2013


April Year Level Assemblies. Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences 4-7pm in the Language Centre. Student/Parent/Teacher Conferences 8.30 -12.30 in theLanguage Centre. (Student attendance today is to accompany parents at the Conferences)

Wed 24th

College Assembly.

Thurs 25th

ANZAC Day School Closed.

May Thurs 2nd

Bellarine Division Athletics.

Fri 3rd

Kayaking Periods 3 & 4

Tues 7th

Year 9 Indonesian Students Melbourne Excursion Kayaking Periods 1 & 2

Thurs 9th

Year Level Assemblies

Fri 10th

Kayaking Periods 3 & 4


great times. Photos and more stories to follow next week.

We hope that everyone had an enjoyable two week break. Today we had a short assembly to welcome everyone back and to reset ourselves before getting straight back into our learning programs.


STAFFING NEWS Mrs McNamara is on leave for the first 3 weeks of this term. Mrs Brennan will be the Assistant Principal supporting Year 7 students and Mr Bath will be the Assistant Principal supporting Year 8 students. Initial enquiries at both these levels can still be directed to Mrs Allen-Paisley (Year 7 Leader) and Ms Hedley (Year 8 Leader).

A N Z A C D A Y COMMEMORATIONS On Wednesday, 24th April our school leaders will conduct the ANZAC Ceremony at school, with the support of our music department. Two school leaders along with Mr Honeywell will represent Newcomb Secondary College at a ceremony in Johnstone Park with other Geelong schools on Tuesday, 23rd April.

If your young person has not already spoken to you about making an appointment for Thursday, 18th April from 4:00pm to 7:00pm or Friday, 19th April from 8:30am to 12:30pm please ask to see their diary, mark in your preferred time and have them show the classroom teacher to schedule a time. It is very important that you make the time to come and speak with the different subject teachers, along with your young person; so you can see how they are progressing and how you can support them. These conferences will take place in the Language Centre; at the rear of the College. Mrs Swan and Mrs Mahr are unavailable for interviews. On Friday the following teachers will be unavailable for the c o n f e r e n c e s M r s Adams, Mrs Bourke, Mrs Gillam and Mrs Stewart. Students are to attend these conferences with their parents.

LOMBOK TOUR The Lombok Tour wound up very successfully on 8th April. It was a full on and very satisfying experience that everyone enjoyed. We all had an amazing time, made a heap of new friends and had some unforgettable College Council: President: Vidas Kymantas Vice President: Jenny Speed Exec. Officer: Phil Honeywell

Mr Phil Honeywell, Principal Mrs Colette Brennan, Assistant Principal Mrs Liz McNamara, Assistant Principal Mr Stephen Bath, Assistant Principal

Student Leaders:

Student Leaders:

Joshua Walker Emily Belyea

Erik Kvietelaitis Rose Doole

James Carrodus

Jarrod Ramsay

NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST BULLYING The National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence is an opportunity for students, teachers, parents and the whole community to take a stand together against bullying and violence. This annual day provides a focus for schools who want to say Bullying. No way! and to strengthen their everyday messages that bullying and violence at school are not okay at any time. Newcomb Secondary College have held a number of events in the last week to raise awareness against bullying, including:  Brainstorm Productions Performance of Cyberia to all Year 7 & 8 students.  Year 7 Lunchtime Soccer Program.  SRC run BBQ to raise money for Headspace and distribute “Say no to Bullying” wristbands. There a number of activities that parents can be involved in to obtain information and raise awareness about bullying.  Visit the parent portal on the Bullying. No Way! Website to get ideas on how to support your child as a target or bystander of bullying, or if they are displaying bullying behaviour.  Visit the Cybersmart website to get ideas on how to safely guide your child's online experiences.  Encourage your child to visit the Kids Helpline website and let your child know its ok to contact them if they want to talk to someone else.  Encourage your child to download the FREE Take a Stand iPhone app which keeps tips and advice about bullying close to hand.

Lachlan, Grace and Brody wearing the “Say No to Bullying” wristbands.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Year Level Student Support Worker or a member of our Student Wellbeing Team.

2013 GEELONG BELLARINE PARENT NETWORK A network for parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Parent resource room at Clifton Springs Primary School Jetty Road, Clifton Springs. (Melways ref map 456 E8)


9 –11 last Thursday of month


Dyanne Jackson Phone 5248 7153

2nd May

Nyrelle Bade Art and Play Therapist, Drysdale Gallop House

Nyrelle uses Play and Art Therapy in her work with Children and Adults with ASD President of Australian Creative Arts Therapy Association 30th May

Jess Lenten, Speech Pathologist, Geelong Bellarine Network Language Skills, Scores and Queries

27th June

Visit Highton Primary School Inclusion Support Program, 218 Roslyn Road, Highton, VIC, 3216

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MYKI BUS CARDS From 19th April, students will no longer be able to pay cash to the bus driver for travel, they must get a MYKI card.


  

UNIFORM SHOP UPDATE Newcomb Secondary College Uniform shop closed at the end of Term 1 2013. All enquiries regarding collection of money and unsold clothing should be directed to Geelong Uniforms 164 Malop Street Geelong Phone 5224 2229.

Short Term Tickets will no longer be available to purchase on the bus. Travel will only be available by MYKI or a McHarry’s Student Travel Pass. MYKI cards must be validated by touching on when boarding bus. It is important to Touch Off when leaving the bus – otherwise you risk paying a higher fare. MYKI cards are available to purchase from all 7 Eleven outlets, Geelong and Corio Post Offices and online at or 1800 800 007. MYKI may be topped up on a bus, at 7 Eleven Stores or at Top up options include auto top up from a bank account, or manual tops up when required. Student passes can be purchased and loaded onto a MYKI such as the ‘Geelong Transit’ or ‘Victorian Student Travel Pass’ which provides an economical and easy option for students travelling regularly. Authorised Officers will be travelling on buses checking MYKI cards & Travel Passes and may issue Infringement Notices to anyone travelling without a valid MYKI/Pass.


What is M.E? M.E. is a chronic, complex, multisystem neuro-immune disorder which has a debilitating impact on the lives of people and those who care for them. ME is not ‘fatigue’ or ‘chronic fatigue’. The hallmark symptom that characterises M.E is Post Exertional Neuroimmune Exhaustion (PENE); an incapacitating feeling of ‘fatigue’ that incorporates the loss of cognitive and physical energy accompanied by a gamut of symptoms in multiple body systems. Activity levels can be reduced by approximately 50% or more. For information: ME/CFS Australia (VIC, TAS, NT) Office Address:

Suite 5, 106 Foster Street, Dandenong VIC 3175

Postal Address: PO Box 7100 Dandenong Vic 3175 Office: 03 9791 3100


Support: 03 9791 2199 Website: Page 3


Parents and community members may be aware of the changes to the recording of student absence, recently introduced. This now requires the College to enter reason codes for student absences that are now broader than the previous ‘parent choice’ reason. These codes classify parent choice absence into 2 areas:  

Approved eg: special circumstances, unavoidable cause, unforeseen circumstances, family member ill Unauthorised eg: shopping, visiting relatives, missed school bus, birthday

There has been an amount of media speculation as to how the state government will use this information in terms of supporting and enforcing student attendance; however that is not clear at this point. If we receive clarifying information on this matter we will inform everyone straight away via the newsletter. It remains important for learning that students attend every day and where that is not possible, an appropriate, detailed, timely correspondence to the office is good practice. NSC office telephone number 5248 1400 or *new*sms line 0434 728 159. Thank you.

YOUTH WEEK 2013 Students had an enjoyable lunchtime in the last week of Term 1 to celebrate Youth Week.

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OUTDOOR ED EXCURSION REPORT (Snorkelling) On 26th of the February, we drove to Torquay by mini bus, Mr Currie was the driver, it was around 20 degrees and no wind. From previous days coming up to our excursion the wind had been swirling the sand around and the sky was cloudy, so not much sun could get to the water to make it more clear. It affected our vision underwater, but we could still see a fair amount.

To prepare ourselves to do snorkelling we went to Eastern Beach promenade, there we had a swimming test; there was no time limit we just had to be able to swim continuously. Everyone passed and we were one step closer to being able to snorkel. The next test was a lifesaving test, everyone partnered up and took a yellow flotation piece of equipment that had rope attached to it with a red ribbon attached on the other end. I was partnered up with Travis Price. Travis and I completed the procedure. We took in turns pretending to drown and we would save each other by wrapping the distressed person in the yellow tube. We wrapped it around their chest and clicked in the lock so the person could float. Everyone passed and we were almost ready for snorkelling. Once we finished this we tried on our wetsuits to keep us warm and chose goggles that were able to fit on our faces. We took a few lifejackets and also took fins for our feet to make us swim better and be more manoeuvrable. On the day we waited for the usual bell time and went to the hall to all meet up and make sure we were prepared for the day. We all made sure we had our equipment and we loaded the mini bus and headed off down to Torquay. When we got there, we unloaded the mini bus and changed into our wetsuits. Once we were all in our wetsuits we located our snorkels and fins. Once we all had done that, we headed down to the beach. On the beach we talked about how far we could go out, we could only go out as far as the buoy (200 metres). We were told we had to stay to the left of the buoy and after a few stretches and leg kicks for when we would use the fins. We also walked into the water and swam about 30 metres to get used to putting our heads underwater while swimming. After all this we set off for the deep water, we split off in little groups staying in the area we were allowed in, to search for animals. While out swimming I encountered one problem quite a few times. The snorkel set I had was more expensive than the other snorkels. The difference is when you breathe too hard the top of the snorkel closes and makes it unable to breathe. When I would duck dive, the moment I come back up, I would have to take the mouth piece out and breathe. Besides this problem I was having a great time, swimming down and looking through the seaweed and investigating bigger seaweed reefs, even though I didn’t see any fish. I was afraid of deep water, but after this experience I am not scared anymore, I found it fun. Everyone had fun from my point of view. After we all finished swimming we came in from the ocean and changed back into our normal clothes. Then cleaned our gear, packed it all on the bus, then headed back to school. After checking we left nothing behind. All up, the excursion was great and I can’t wait for the next one! By Jake Clark

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ISSUE: 4 - 2013 / 16 April 2013

Career News WELCOME! Reminders  Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences 

Admission Test – registrations open early April ‘At Monash’ lectures continue: Design/fine art: 17 April; Psychology: 18 April; Law: 1 May; Health science/social work: 7 May; Teaching, sport and outdoor recreation: 8 May & 27 June; Info/ registration: 1800 MONASH or seminars La Trobe Uni: Years 10-12 students/families ‘Experience La Trobe’. Check out courses, facilities, workshops, meet staff. Bundoora: Fri 5 April; Bendigo: Fri 21 June. Free event with lunch and entertainment provided. Register: Melbourne University - ‘Access all Areas’ for Years 10-12 students; get an insight into the university. Fri 5 April; Information/registrationn: Zoo Keeper or Vet for a Day – a program where you can participate in hands-on experiences designed to provide you with an insight into the role of a vet or zoo keeper. Book: 9285 9406. ‘Age’ VCE and careers expo: Thurs 2 -Sun 5 May; Caulfield Racecourse

INTERESTED IN FORENSIC MEDICINE? The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine offers Year 10-12 students the opportunity to attend a VIFM Information Afternoon. Get an insight into the broad range of careers and forensic medicine and science. Experts from fields such as forensic pathology, toxicology, odontology (forensic dentistry) and DNA will tell you what it is like to work in these fields, and what paths they taken in their careers. When: 12.30-4pm, Fri 5 April; Where: Coronial Services Centre, 57-83 Kavanagh St, Southbank; Register: (see: Can I do Work Experience at VIFM?) INTERESTED IN STUDYING DESIGN? Yes….then the agIdeas 2013 Futures will interest you. Hear nine creative designers talk about their careers. Prior to the presentation there will be a

Design Course Expo where information booths will be set up by tertiary institutions providing details of their courses. The program is for secondary school students and their families. When: Course Expo: 4-6pm; Presentation: 6-8pm, Wed 1 May; Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre; Info/Registration: http:// w w w . a g i d e a s . n e t / uploadsDEFO041_Futures_Digital_Flyer_LR.pdf. NOTE: Many courses in design at TAFE and university require presentation of a folio of work and an interview as part of the application process in Year 12. Attendance at design exhibitions, and the ability to talk about what you saw there, can be an important aspect of the interview process.

MONASH UNIVERSITY NEWS Monash is one of the top 100 universities in the world according to the results of a ‘reputation’ survey of senior academics recently released by Times Higher Education (ranked in the 91-100 band). Vice-Chancellor Professor Ed Byrne said “Entry into the top 100 shows the growing reputation of the University through the impact and relevance of our research, the excellence of our facilities and our educational offering, and the quality of our graduates. The top 100 list represents only around 0.5% of the universities in the world, so all of those ranked are truly among a tiny elite of the world’s most highly regarded academic institutions”. (Note: The University of Melbourne ranked 39. Details: Monash and the University of Ballarat have announced a proposition to create an expanded, regionally-focused university. Under the arrangement, Monash Gippsland campus would join the University of Ballarat from 1 Jan 2014. If the proposition is approved, new students will be admitted into courses offered by the expanded university. Monash will not be admitting new students (except from agreed pathways) into Monash courses at the Gippsland campus.

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The Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is offering to support VCE biology and chemistry students by holding seminars designed to reinforce key learnings. When: Wednesdays, 4.306pm at Parkville; Biology: 5 June, 28 Aug, 9 Oct; Chemistry: 12 June, 4 Sept, 16 Oct. Two March seminars have already take place, however, there are places in the six above. Info: Sarah 9903 9594. Reg: RMIT NEWS RMIT, like Swinburne and Victoria Universities, has both a higher education (university) division and a TAFE division. It is therefore possible to move seamlessly from one to the other, gaining credits for relevant courses already undertaken. For example, an Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) can give a year’s credit towards the Bachelor of Architectural Design. P S YC HO L O G Y A ND CRIMINOLOGY – In the Justice Sector, mental health issues are a common thread. Victims, survivors, offenders, witnesses and family may have some form of mental health issues prior to an event which is exacerbated by an event, or the event may be the catalyst for a mental health issue. RMIT staff wondered why front line justice workers don’t have a better idea of psychology and mental health? Thinking about this question lead to the new, in 2013, RMIT degree with two interrelated streams – the Bachelor of Arts (Criminology & Psychology). This degree brings together the Australian Psychological Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited psychology major and the criminology major which has been a centre piece of the Criminal Justice Degree at RMIT for over 30 years. The psychology major is required for entry into Honours in Psychology, a mandatory stepping stone to become a clinical psychologist (with Masters). Graduates could eventually specialise as a forensic psychologist. Criminology provides a pathway into honours and masters in justice and criminology. Possible careers: victim support, police, counsellor, investigations, drug and alcohol services, policy, research, courts, customs, immigration, security, intelligence and so on. In 2013, 45 Year 12 students were admitted to the course, but it is planned to increase this number in 2014. The clearly-in ATAR was 88.20.

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RMIT SCIENCE IN THE CITY – LAB TOURS Students and parents are invited to visit the state-of-the art learning laboratories and see the range of sophisticated equipment and facilities and discover what science at RMIT is all about. Lunch provided! When: 1.30-4pm, Thursday 11 April; Register at: WHAT ABOUT GAMES AND GRAPHICS PROGRAMMING? RMIT offers a collaboration between computer science and the digital arts & design in its Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Graphics Programming). The typical career pathway is games programming, specialising in a sub area like artificial intelligence, 3D graphics or networking. Graduates can also gain a career in simulation, robotics, graphics and special effects or research. The degree has a strong focus on maths, has plenty of programming, and uses collaborative projects to develop communication skills needed to work with designers and developers. In Australia, Melbourne is the hot spot for games development, especially mobile games development. Graduates have jobs with Firemonkeys, Bluetongue, Krome, Atari and Big Ant Studios, while otheres have their own companies. The degree was built to allow graduates to get jobs in the mainstream IT industry as well. INTERESTED IN MATHEMATICS AND STATISTICS? Statisticians are involved in modelling, such as with the weather, fraud detection, crime rates and sports and gambling, and with analysing, such as in medicine, the environment, engineering and in banking and finance. Demand for mathematics and statistics graduates in the Australian economy has out-stripped supply in recent years and is forecast to continue to do so. Demand for mathematicians and statisticians was forecast by the Australian government to grow by 33% between 2006 and 2013, corresponding to an annual growth rate of 3.5%. At RMIT, the Bachelor of Science (Statistics) (2013 ATAR 82.5) offers work experience with the sporting industry, in finance and business, health and medicine, sciences and environment and in government. Mathematics and statistics can also be studied at other universities, such as in a Bachelor of Science at Melbourne and Monash.



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The new Number is 0434 728 159

We have a NEW number for our SMS system.

Could you please put Student Name, Home Group and Reason for Absence in the text message. Thank You

Newsletter 9 16th april 2013